Two Summers (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 [waves splashing.]
[seagull squawks.]
No, I'm serious.
I could never vote for a leftist again.
Oh? What about him? Yeah, but Mowgli is a leftist in the right wing party.
Oh, yeah? And why do you feel that way? I'd really like to know.
Is it because the left is taking too much money from you? As an entrepreneur? Due to the difficult times, of course.
Look, I think it's only a few people, really, who don't wanna pay any taxes.
Oh, sure, we got a small benefit a while ago.
But there comes a point when you say, "I'm sorry, this stops here.
It's enough.
" And you think, "Why am I still doing this?" But, uh, you're still doing okay? [scoffs.]
I mean, of course.
Of course, yeah.
Of course.
In our 20s, we were all leftists, right? So, what changed? When we were 20, we had nothing to lose, right? - It was easy to be a leftist then.
- I'm still leftist.
When you're rich, it's cooler to be leftist, huh? - Everything's cool if you're rich, right? - Yeah.
- Everyone on the ground! Now! - [men exclaim.]
Come on, Sofie.
Oh, my God, I was only messing with you guys.
There's a clay-pigeon machine back there.
Honey, come on.
God damn it.
What? I just thought you guys would think that was funny.
I'm sorry.
- Oh, very amusing.
- Not even a little amusing, Sofie.
What's this? Guilty conscience or what? [woman 1.]
Sofie? - [woman 2.]
Where are you? - I'm here.
- [Luk.]
A skeet machine? - Yeah, 300 yards from here.
Here you go.
Be careful with that.
Oh, man, that's so cool.
Skeet shooting.
Here, I'll go change.
Be back in a minute.
[Mowgli sighs.]
Sofie doesn't know about it.
She hasn't been acting strange at all lately? - [Didier.]
No, of course not.
- Are you sure? Of course, I'm sure.
What is this? My God.
[opening theme song playing.]
- Hey.
- Hey.
Couldn't sleep, huh? I had to go to the bathroom.
Cigarette? Thanks.
- [exhales.]
- Sometimes I can't let go of things at night.
I just focus on all my problems.
Then I feel it, here.
It feels like there's a giant sumo wrestler on my chest.
Do you ever feel that way? Sometimes, yeah.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
At night, I feel like sometimes I believe all the problems I have can be solved before the sun even comes up.
But yeah, we can't.
So, then we panic.
But it's not necessary because we can spend the rest of our lives trying to solve our problems.
I feel safe with you.
[clears throat.]
[chuckles softly.]
Those other guys should follow your lead.
I don't know about that.
No, but I do.
You can have anyone or anything you want.
Time will tell.
Yeah, you'll see.
I can feel it.
You're in love with Saskia, right? [sighs.]
- I have to go to the bathroom.
- [chuckles.]
- [chuckles.]
Sleep well, huh? - Sleep well.
- [Sofie chuckles.]
- [Romée.]
And? Happy as a bunch of little kids, I take it? A gun's a lot cooler than a ball.
Oh, my.
I surprised them with that gun.
You should've seen their faces.
They looked so scared.
[Saskia and Sofie chuckle.]
Seems they get more afraid with each passing year.
Because their testosterone is decreasing.
- Is that true? - I think so.
It is.
- Right? - Why are you looking at me? Well You're a former professional.
I'm so jealous of you at times, you know? No, I'm serious.
In that area, I'm just so [scoffs.]
Yeah, I get that.
- It's actually a good time.
- [Saskia.]
The sex? - Yeah.
- Yes? But did you really enjoy it back then? Not always, but sometimes I did.
Were there female clients? And couples.
They were my favorite.
Why? Well It's a pattern that I noticed.
Usually, the man takes the initiative at first and the woman is reserved.
But nine times out of ten, if they have me back, it was her choice.
- [chuckles.]
- [Saskia.]
So how about you? Do you orgasm? Yeah, I think I do.
You think you do? - Yeah.
- [chuckles.]
And you? [Sofie.]
Not always, but it usually depends on Didier.
Um, sometimes he wants to do kinky stuff, but I don't really - [Saskia chuckles.]
Didier? - What do you mean, kinky? I'm not telling you.
In any case, when I do it myself, I always climax.
- We know ourselves.
- There you go! [chuckles.]
And Stef? Don't you connect? - [Saskia.]
Um - Attractive man, isn't he? Yes.
Yeah, yeah, he's very handsome.
Don't look at me like that.
Go on, tell us more about those couples.
I'm still thinking about that kinky stuff.
- [Saskia laughs.]
- Don't start.
Come on.
- Here? - Here.
Uh, guys, now that Luk's not here Enough.
Please stop talking about Luk.
But this isn't about Luk.
It's about me.
What is it? I've, um I've had an affair with Lia.
What? [Didier.]
Sofie and I were having some problems then and - I couldn't tell you last night - Luk's Lia? [Luk.]
Booze, booze ♪ [softly.]
Don't say anything to him.
I swear it's not water ♪ You're welcome.
We'd have dehydrated out here.
What's wrong? Nothing.
[bird screeching.]
- [Luk.]
Should I launch the pigeon first? - Yes.
Take these.
Are you ready to shoot? [Mowgli.]
When you're ready for me to launch, you'll yell, "Pull," okay? - "Pull.
" Yup.
- "Pull.
" Very simple.
Yes! You had an affair with Luk's Lia? Does Luk know about it? I don't think so.
It was, like, ten years ago.
- That was long before Luk - Did you tell Sofie? - No.
- Perfect.
Ready? And, um, there's more.
I paid her by the night.
You mean, she's a hooker? [Luk.]
Hello! Just wait a minute, Luk! [Didier.]
An escort, yeah.
Except her name wasn't Lia, it was Angel.
Oh, great.
We have a hooker on the island.
- Escort! - [Luk.]
Can I do it? Wait! Pull! - [gunshot.]
- God damn it, man! - Dear God.
- Son of a bitch! - You all right? - Oh, my ear.
That's really bad for your ears.
Oh, man.
You missed it by a mile.
- What's that? - Here, these were by the machine.
- You bring these now? - Aim with your eyes open this time? Luk, hold on.
Here, you put those on.
- You shoot, we'll launch.
- Seriously? All right.
- My ear, dude.
- I can't hear you.
Sorry! Hey, uh, to launch it, you have to press the button.
Yes! Does Luk know she used to be a hooker? - No idea.
- You sure it was her? Yes, absolutely.
Why absolutely? It's been ten years.
Your memory can by fuzzy.
I was shocked when I saw her at the airport.
I'm sure you were, but what about her? Yeah, I think she was too.
Pull! [gunshot.]
My God, it's her.
Anyone that does that for money will do anything for money.
Ah, so the sex worker's suspect right away? But it's usually someone who needs money.
Why else would she do it? [Mowgli.]
Maybe back then.
But how long's it been? Now she's working as, what is it, a nurse? - A nurse, yeah.
- Yeah.
Oh, Didier.
- What? - I just never knew you slept with hookers.
- Escort! - [Mowgli.]
Sex worker.
- Whatever! - It doesn't matter.
- I did it for a year and stopped! - [Luk.]
Pull! [gunshot.]
- I want to erase it from my mind.
- Another thing to forget.
I feel incredibly guilty for doing that to Sofie, okay? - Okay.
- [Luk.]
Pull! We went through a rough patch for a while.
Pull! - [machine whirrs.]
- [gunshot.]
Must always be roses with you and Romée.
No problems at all.
It never got as rough as that.
You just throw some money at it.
Is that what you think? Rich people never have any problems? - [Luk.]
Pull! - Yes.
Money really is a motive.
That's true.
And Lia's background isn't doing her any favors.
But I'm also thinking, where did she get the video? However However.
- What? - [Mowgli chuckles.]
- She's living with your brother.
- [Didier.]
No, guys, the only one who wasn't in that room is Luk.
It's true.
He's not in the video.
So he has nothing to lose.
He's innocent.
Come on.
It's not Luk.
He doesn't fit the profile.
But Romée fits it? Or Sofie? Huh? And Saskia, of course.
Come on! [Luk.]
Pull! Everyone knows Luk invested too much money in that driving school.
And Saskia, she doesn't have cash lying around.
And their divorce, that can't have been lucrative.
- Didier, enough! - Why aren't we looking I didn't expect Luk to extort us, but that goes for everyone else on this island.
But we're still being blackmailed, and he's a suspect.
Switch! He's the prime suspect for me.
- [Peter.]
Our Luk? - Yup.
Oh, man.
Yes, and Lia of course.
Lia because of the money.
But Luk owned the camera in 1992.
- [Luk.]
Hello! - Wait! He never had the tape then.
We burned it together.
And if Luk needed any money, he'd just ask me for it.
He'd ask Romée and me.
I'm not so sure about that.
When it comes to brothers lending brothers money, there's a sense of pride involved.
It has to be Luk, guys.
I guarantee it! I bet you he's totally jealous of your money.
- Bullshit.
- I'll talk to her face to face.
Time to take the stinger out.
- [Luk.]
You gonna shoot? - No, I'm going back.
Hey, it's a blast, dude.
Good God, what's with him? We're not allowed to have too much fun, or what? - Don't point that at people, Luk! - Sorry! Come on.
- Who's gonna shoot? - I'll go.
- You're both leaving? - [Mowgli.]
Are you serious? You have to aim in front of the disc a little.
We saw how that worked out for you.
Or Luk's being incredibly clever and pulling the wool over our eyes.
- Come on.
- [Luk.]
Hello! Ready? Mowgli, Luk doesn't even know what a Bitcoin is.
Ready! - Pull! - [gunshot.]
[dramatic music playing.]
Hey, Didier.
[door closes.]
That was quite a shock at the airport.
So you do remember.
I've changed my life, not my memories.
Why are you here? Because Luk invited me here.
Does he pay you? - [chuckles.]
See? I knew it - We've been together for three years.
While you're here, you won't play any games, right? Angel.
- Hey.
- [Mowgli.]
[Didier sighs.]
- What happened? - She slapped me in the goddamn face! [Didier exhales sharply.]
Of course she did, Didier.
What did you expect? [Didier sighs.]
Should I speak to her? Come on, Mowgli.
Like that will change anything.
You all right? Can I see? [sighs.]
It was quite the slap, man.
Ow! Shit! [gulps.]
[exclaims softly.]
[mournful music playing.]
Hey, sweetie.
Hey, what's wrong? [retching continues.]
Leave me alone for a while? - Yeah? - Yeah.
You're sweet, but leave.
- I just need to be alone.
- You'll be okay? Mm-hmm.
I'll be downstairs.
I feel terrible.
Me too.
- Maybe it's from all the drinking.
- No, Mark, it's not from all the drinking.
You know what I mean.
Me too.
I feel like shit.
- Anybody see Sofie yet? - [Mowgli.]
I think she's still asleep.
Okay, um We have to tell her everything.
And what if she doesn't remember it? And what if she remembers it all? [Mark.]
Oh, fuck.
The the video tape is still in Luk's camera.
[Peter sighs.]
Fuck! - [Luk.]
Good morning.
- [Peter.]
Good morning.
Have any of that chocolate stuff? Uh, yeah.
In that cupboard there.
- And, uh, did you sleep well? - [Luk chuckles.]
I slept really well.
Guys, all I ask is that you don't play with my camera.
Always ask first.
Accidents happen in a heartbeat.
Yeah, yeah.
- [Romée.]
Good morning.
- [men.]
Good morning.
Had a rough night, I heard.
Uh, what do you mean? Did we wake you? Yeah.
Why? No, it's just, uh, you missed a great party.
I wish you were there.
[chuckles softly.]
What were you doing in Didier's parents' bedroom? [Mowgli.]
We brought Sofie to bed.
- She was knocked out from pills.
- [Peter.]
Yeah, and the booze.
- [Mowgli.]
- [Mark.]
Plus the weed.
Yeah, that wasn't a good combination.
No, I'd say not.
I think I'll go back upstairs.
Say, uh, Mowgli Uh, shouldn't you go and take the first shower? Huh, why? I mean, because the - The bathroom should be free now.
- [mouthing.]
So this would be a good time for you to shower.
Uh, yeah, yeah.
You shouldn't bully him like that, you know? "Take a shower," as if he stinks.
He can handle it.
- Right.
- [Luk.]
I'm not so sure.
- No, seriously.
- He's okay.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[footsteps in distance.]
[tape clattering.]
Feeling better? - Yeah.
- Yes? - I'll join you for a swim.
- Ah, sounds good.
Did the boys actually bring you to bed last night? Yeah.
- Oh.
- Yeah, I think so.
Why? - [chuckles nervously.]
- What's up? I couldn't sleep and I heard all kinds of noises coming from the room and I just thought [chuckles softly.]
It got a bit out of hand, I think.
That's all right.
It sounded a little like, uh, well It didn't get weird, right? Was it weird? In there? - With the boys? - Yeah? - No.
- Yeah, okay.
No, it wasn't weird or anything like that.
- I'm never gonna do those pills again.
- No, me neither.
Not a chance.
I'm with you.
- You all right? - Yeah.
I think it's so sweet that you always try to protect me.
- Fellas.
- [whispering.]
Put that away.
- [Sofie.]
Good morning.
- [Peter.]
Put it away.
Working on a movie, Mowgli? Huh? Yeah.
No, no.
- You all right? - [Sofie sighs.]
I'm just lucky my body's so strong.
What the fuck was that? - Intense night, huh? - [Sofie.]
Oh, man.
Are you sick? [Sofie groans.]
Yeah, I just threw up, but You guys are all right? Feeling pretty good.
- You only took one pill.
- [Mowgli.]
I still got really high.
Oh, my, I feel terrible.
All of a sudden, those pills just completely blacked me out.
I even fell asleep in the wrong bed.
Am I interrupting you guys? Is it because I look like hell? [Peter.]
No, you don't.
Our heads are throbbing.
We all feel your pain.
Yeah, it's a combination we won't be doing again.
- [Mark.]
Just some pints, right? - [Sofie.]
Yeah, just some pints.
She doesn't remember.
[Peter shushes.]
[pensive music playing.]
- [Peter.]
Hey, Luk.
- Oh, damn it! Don't scare me like that.
So you're smoking now? - No.
- No? - Okay, I am.
- Oh.
What's up, bro? Luk, listen, bro, this is awkward, man, and, um, I I'm asking with your best interest in mind, so, do you know the profession that Lia was in? [sighs.]
- Yeah.
I do, yes.
- Okay, you know.
Yes, of course.
And that's That was way before she met me.
She's been a nurse for seven years now.
It was a deliberate choice, and she quickly climbed the ladder.
Honestly, she'd be worse off if she hadn't done that.
She's such a fighter.
You can't even begin to imagine.
[chuckles softly.]
What? - Are you serious? - What? She wanted a better life.
I expected you to understand.
- Yeah.
I'm not judging.
- You are, though.
- And who else knows? - No one.
- Saskia? - No one else knows? - No? - No.
Oh, okay.
- Where'd you hear that? - Doesn't matter.
It does matter.
How'd you hear? It was Didier.
Didier? Why would Didier know? You're kidding.
He was shocked beyond belief when he saw her at the airport.
- Did she recognize him? - Mm-hmm.
Oh, my God.
Poor Lia.
It will haunt her forever, huh? Hey.
It doesn't matter, right? We're all friends, right? I just I happen to know about it, and Didier knows, and Lia of course.
- And then Mowgli - Oh, not Mowgli.
No, no, but Mowgli [chuckles.]
I'm sorry.
Mowgli knows.
Didier told him.
- He wasn't with her.
- Yeah, yeah.
- [chuckling.]
- Just laugh about it.
It's incredibly unpleasant for her, Peter.
I'm sorry.
It's just that This is unreal, right? [Luk clears throat.]
- Poor girl.
- Yeah, you're right about that.
- [Romée.]
Here you go.
- Oh, thanks.
Cheers to your birthday again.
Many blessings.
- [Sofie.]
Good, huh? - [Didier.]
Wanna swim? - [Sofie.]
Hmm? - Do you wanna swim? [Sofie.]
No, not now.
Are you having fun? Of course.
Why? It's just I haven't seen you at all today.
- Or over the past few weeks.
- Hmm.
[Didier chuckles.]
- What? - Nothing.
It's nothing.
All right.
I'm going for a swim.
When you've been together for so long, the filters disappear, huh? - [Saskia.]
- [Romée.]
And what have I missed? Oh, well, we were just saying that For you, love.
I've noticed that at our age, things seem to get Whoa, wait.
If we're talking age, please allow me to just [women chuckle.]
I need a big sip first.
That you become more blunt instead of beating around the bush.
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
But you don't really do that anyway.
You get to the point.
What does that mean? - [Romée.]
It's just something I've noticed.
- Sure.
- Why beat around the bush, right? - No, do what you like.
I have a feeling maybe 30 years ago, my choice wasn't the best.
No, don't say such a thing.
You had been happy with Luk for a long time, right? Yeah.
That's true, yeah, but I Uh Yeah, and trust that in that moment, the path chose will inevitably lead you home again.
- Is that from those coachings? - Mm-hmm.
Well, people can move, right, Sofie? Move where? - To a different - [chuckles.]
Oh, yeah! - It's all good.
- [women chuckle.]
Yeah, yeah.
[thrilling music playing.]
Peter, where are you? Peter? Didi.
- [gunshot.]
- [rooster screeches.]
Go, Didi! Didi! It's coming your way! - [gunshot.]
- [Didier screams.]
Didier? Didi, where are you? [Didier groans.]
Didi! What the fuck, dude? - [grunts.]
- Oh, man.
- Hey.
Oh, fuck, dude.
- [Didier.]
Dumbass! - Oh, I can't see! - Put this on it.
Put it on your eye.
Put it on your eye! - You all right? - I can't see, you dumbass! [Romée.]
We have to go to the ER.
We won't be able to fix it here, Didier.
No way I'm going to the hospital.
Everyone knows my dad there.
Then we'll have to explain what happened.
And then we're totally screwed, guys.
I think I can see something.
But but it's a little fuzzy.
Can you find that that eye ointment? Yeah.
That Maxitrol stuff.
Does it hurt when I touch it? Ow.
I was really scared that I was going to be blind.
Wave goodbye to my pilot career.
Well, even with one eye they'd hire you as a pilot.
- [Didier.]
Right, I don't think so.
- Didier, I'm really sorry.
I It's all right.
It's an accident.
Not like you did it on purpose.
No, but still.
Hold that there for now.
Keep pressure on it, okay? - [Didier.]
- Yeah? [mouths indistinctly.]
- We'll be right back.
- [Didier.]
All right.
If that eye is damaged I won't be responsible for ruining Didier's dream.
- We should go to the ER.
- But he doesn't wanna go.
Romée! Yeah? [Didier.]
Could you bring me to the hospital anyway, please? Coming, Didier.
[gentle music playing.]
I want to apologize.
For what? For Didier.
That he's here.
He already told Peter and Mowgli.
- Great.
- You know, you could have told me.
- It's nothing to be ashamed of.
- I'm not ashamed about it.
[Lia sighs.]
How crazy.
With Didier.
[clicks tongue, sighs.]
[wistful music playing.]
It's baked at 100 degrees, and then - [Saskia.]
How? - [Peter.]
That's how they make tea that's so [Romée.]
And there's real vanilla in there.
Hey, um, there's something I wanna say.
Uh I'm happy that, uh, apart from my female friends, apparently everyone knows about my past now.
I worked as an escort for about a year.
Uh, that was about ten years ago.
I want to be clear that it's behind me.
It was my choice.
I never had sex against my will.
And I used that money to put myself through college, so Yeah, I mean, that's And Didier was a client of hers.
- [Lia.]
- What? [Luk.]
It's the truth, right? - [Lia sighs.]
- [whispers.]
And you didn't tell me? [Luk.]
Didier? [clears throat.]
Is there another glass? - Yes, of course.
- Of course.
No, I got it.
- Uh, rosé? - Yeah, thank you.
Oh, God.
Sweetheart [Sofie.]
Why didn't you tell me? - Because it didn't mean anything.
- [scoffs.]
If it didn't mean anything, then why did you do it? [sighs.]
Honey Get your hands off me.
It's just so nuts that Luk Shut up about Luk.
You know whose fault it is.
At least he's an open book.
[Didier sighs.]
Sofie, you have to believe me.
It didn't mean anything.
It was just [sighs.]
for a little while.
A little while? You asshole.
This is so ugly.
Is this ongoing? Oh, no, it was nothing.
- Nothing? - Nothing.
This was ten years ago.
Oh, there's an expiration date? That must mean it never happened.
We'll just forget about it! God damn it! [sighs.]
I will never play the part of the wounded woman.
I'm not the clown here.
You are, paying for sex.
Jesus Christ.
You know what, Didier? Everything comes to light eventually.
You never know when, but it always does.
[tense music playing.]
What was that? I don't know.
I just blurted it out and - Sometimes I'm too - Honest? Rude.
Are you mad? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm mad at you.
- No, you're not.
- [chuckles.]
I don't want pity and I don't want to talk about it now, okay? Do you want rosé, babe? - A lot.
- [Saskia chuckles.]
I'll get a bottle.
I suppose no one brought cigarettes? Luk.
Oh, man, it's been 20 years.
- Thank you.
- I'll take one as well, Luk.
What? - No? - Nothing.
Go for it.
Anyone else? No.
On second thought, why not? - [Luk.]
- [Saskia.]
Light me up.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have outed Didier.
That was wrong, and it didn't do us any good.
I'm really happy that you did.
I mean it.
I'm glad I know.
That you run around like some fucking tourist and aren't helping.
No problem.
You bring this up even once and I'll run out of patience.
You better get on your fucking moped, get lost for a while! - Go, man! - Peter - Not sure I wanna be friends.
Leave! - [Mark.]
You kidding me? [Saskia.]
What was that? - [Peter.]
Just a fight.
- [Saskia.]
About what? - [Mark.]
God damn it.
- [Saskia.]
What did Mark do? [Mark screaming.]
- Hey, Mark, calm down.
- Shouldn't you be dead, cancer boy? What? Say that again, man! I recently saw Mark's parents.
- [Mowgli.]
Who? - [Romée.]
I saw his parents.
- They were on a flight to Malaga.
- Really? - His father hasn't changed a bit.
- [Saskia.]
Really? The thing I wanted to say was they still receive flowers every year on the 18th of July.
- They asked if they were from us.
- You don't say.
You're getting me teary-eyed.
That's so nice.
It's true.
It's unbelievable he's been dead for so long.
I dream of him sometimes, about Mark.
That I run into him on the street.
That happens to me too.
And he hasn't aged one bit.
- [Mowgli.]
- [Saskia.]
Really? [Romée.]
He was gonna start a repair shop.
- [Mowgli.]
A Saab repair shop.
- [Peter.]
He would've gone bankrupt.
- [Mowgli.]
Saab went bankrupt.
- [Saskia.]
Yeah? I have something to say.
Because Saab's actually an airplane manufacturer.
- Lot of people don't know - [Luk.]
Didier Um [exhales.]
[clears throat.]
Hey! [door closes.]
On the night of the fire I locked the door of Mark's bedroom.
And if I hadn't done that, he'd still be with us today.
And I feel so guilty.
I do.
Oh, honey [Saskia.]
Why didn't you tell me? - Luk.
- [Romée.]
Come on, Luk.
He could have just kicked the door down.
It's not your fault.
- Oh, my God.
- [Romée.]
Don't beat yourself up.
Brother, listen.
Awful you've been holding onto it.
You weren't responsible for it, at all.
They did an autopsy, and Mark didn't even get out of bed.
He suffocated in his sleep.
But if he had woken up, he could've gotten out, right? It doesn't matter because that's not what happened.
It didn't happen that way.
What's gotten into you, huh? Come here, bro.
It's okay, Luk.
Have you been sending those flowers? Oh, Luk.
[Luk sighs.]
[melancholy music playing.]
Sleep well, Sofie.
I'll be right there, honey.
You don't need to rush.
Hey, I didn't know they did an autopsy for what happened to Mark.
Oh, I see.
Oh, Didier, what a mess, huh? [glass thuds.]
All right.
Sleep well.
Luk shouldn't have said that about Lia.
I shouldn't have slept with Lia.
[inaudible conversation.]
[serene music playing.]
[indistinct chatter on video.]
How do you turn this thing on? [indistinct chatter continues.]
[video playing in other room.]
Come on.
[video continues playing.]
Oh, fuck.
[objects clattering.]
[breathing heavily.]
Oh, I'm in the mood to have sex.
- Here, film this! - Oh, come on, guys.
Stop it.
[video camera chimes.]
You're not gonna play chess with me, buddy.
Because you'll lose.
I just can't take it anymore.
I do think it's very brave of you.
Can we please agree that we're keeping this between us?
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