Two Summers (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 [mellow music playing.]
[waves splashing.]
How did you feel when you watched that tape for the first time? [Luk.]
Um Yeah, it kept me up at night.
What really upset me was what I'd discovered about Jens.
Um, I wasn't myself.
I'm Yeah.
I wanted revenge.
[opening theme song playing.]
Are you coming? - Uh, I'm looking for that red dress.
- The one that's hanging there? - Hmm? - There.
Come on, honey, is this for real? Romée.
God damn it.
[sighs softly.]
Is this really necessary? [sighs in exasperation.]
It is necessary.
Romée, I gave up all my dreams, all my ambitions to make sure you could achieve yours.
And what do you do now the time has come to enjoy it together? You toss me aside? How is that fair? - That's not true.
- No, it is true.
You're kicking me off my own team.
I would've preferred it if you'd made your own way.
Oh, yeah? You'd have done everything on your own? Uh, yeah.
But, Romée [chuckles.]
When we first got to America, you were too shy to talk to anyone.
And when we were introduced, you were a lot cooler.
You were independent, a man of enterprise.
- At least you had life goals.
- We were little brats! Yeah, but we were little brats with ambitions! So, what's your point, Romée? You're just such a [sighs.]
- What? - Sorry.
A nothing.
[melancholy music playing.]
You're just so spoiled.
I still love you.
Do you love me? [Romée sighs.]
How would we do it? Don't tell me you haven't thought about it.
We don't have kids.
We just go our separate ways, I guess.
I worked just as hard as you.
You were able to build your career because of my support.
Your whole life, you never worked.
Not once.
This life you've built for yourself is thanks to me.
And you actually believe that? You're not gonna play dirty with me, are you? Okay Fine.
I'll pay for an apartment for six months.
It'll give you time to find your own place.
Wow, you're so generous.
I can't believe what I'm hearing.
Yeah, I can't believe what I'm hearing either.
- Did my flip-flops gave me away? - Yeah.
Yeah, they did.
[both chuckle softly.]
What were you thinking? I was thinking thinking Hmm.
I think it's sexy you were mysteriously staring at the ocean.
Mysterious? I don't like to act mysterious.
No, no, no, no.
- Why is that? - No, no, I mean I'm trying to say I prefer I prefer things that are open, clear.
So Hmm.
You like having control.
Hmm, a little.
[chuckles softly.]
- [sighs.]
- What? What are you afraid of? Afraid Yeah, maybe I am.
Maybe I'm afraid to be let down.
Don't be afraid.
Shall we make a pact? Nothing's standing in our way now.
So we better just enjoy it.
And things will only get better.
Well, I think so.
Mowgli! Come here please! - Now? - Yes, now.
- [sighs.]
- [both chuckle.]
- Sorry.
- It's fine.
- Back in a bit.
- Yeah, no worries.
[dramatic music playing.]
I'm afraid Romée's gonna tell the rest of the women about the video.
Didn't you say she wouldn't do that? No, no, she won't do that.
I think Romée has a different idea about what's best for Sofie.
If you know what happened, you can deal with it and move on with your life.
You think Romée should tell Sofie what happened 30 years ago regardless of the consequences, because Sofie "should know"? Seriously? - Huh? - I'm not thinking that.
But Romée might be.
I'm I'm scared Romée's gonna tell her.
So I'll tell her, and make her promise to keep quiet.
No, no, Peter.
Hey, that's wrong! Peter, don't do it.
[wistful music playing.]
[Lia exhales.]
And then we slowly roll onto our side and on your own time, sit up.
I swear I feel 100 years old.
- [Saskia laughs.]
- [Sofie groans.]
- Ooh! - Thanks, hon.
That was wonderful.
Yeah, I actually made it through.
My stamina's much better than I thought.
Yeah, that's good.
- Good, huh? - Yeah.
Probably because I'm always lifting Jens from his chair.
- I bet you're right.
- He's a grown man.
My back hurts sometimes, but right now, it feels strong! I must say, it's pretty nice not having to take care of him for a few days.
I hear myself say that and feel so guilty.
- No.
- Come on, don't be ridiculous.
It's like we have to feel guilty just because we're taking a two-minute break? - Yeah.
- No.
The fact you love your children more than yourself doesn't mean you can't get fed up with them.
- [chuckles.]
- [Saskia.]
So true.
- You don't miss yours? - No.
[all laughing.]
At least not for this weekend.
Why don't you have any kids? People never understand when couples don't have children.
They should teach in school never to ask about it.
Because you either can't have kids or you're trying, which means you don't want to talk about it.
Or you don't want kids, which isn't considered normal.
[Romée sighs.]
So, uh, it's a question you should never ask me again.
It's all right.
Hey, thanks.
- Great class.
- You're welcome.
- See you later.
- See you later.
[soft suspenseful music playing.]
[inhales sharply.]
Yeah, Romée really wanted to have kids, but Peter didn't.
That's why.
What's up? - [sighs.]
- Listen, Sas, um What we had together, it's great that it happened.
I hope you don't regret it.
No, I don't have any regrets.
We agreed to be friends.
I thought you were cool with that.
Uh I'm ten days late for my period.
[Peter breathes deeply.]
And, uh Is that Is that long? Ten days? - Yeah, that's ten days too many, yeah.
- Okay.
Um, it's probably nothing.
I just wanted to If it's nothing, you wouldn't tell me.
- Don't worry about it.
- No, I just [chuckles nervously.]
You do realize we wouldn't be able to keep it, right? We're just We're too young for Okay, come here.
Hey, come here.
Saskia Van Dessel, a 20-year-old with a little baby.
[Saskia chuckles softly.]
Who'll be the life of the party then? Making all the boys fall in love? You don't want give up that life, do you? You said it yourself, it's probably nothing.
Do you have a test? Uh, yeah.
I'll go get one in town.
Okay, good.
Probably nothing, seriously.
It's nothing.
Sas It'll be all right.
Okay? [breath trembling.]
What does it say if I'm pregnant? [Romée.]
Two lines.
Think of it like one line per person.
So if it's one line, it's still just you.
And if it's two lines [Saskia sighs.]
I knew it.
I knew it.
I knew it.
Hey, we'll work something out.
- I'm so stupid! - No.
It's only bad luck.
Do you know who the father is? Are you gonna keep it? Saskia Van Dessel having a baby at 20 years old.
I'm not going to ruin my whole life.
Um Yeah.
Wasn't easy back then.
But I certainly don't regret it.
Make the wrong decision at that age and you'll regret it for the rest of your life.
Look at that.
What's he doing? It's not that hard to remember that area's too dangerous.
Hey, Luk! It's dangerous over there! The current! Get away from there! What? [Stef.]
Get away from there! Come in! It's dangerous! [Luk.]
What? [Luk.]
The current's really strong over there.
That's how the women got in trouble.
What were you doing on the water? - [fabric ripping.]
- Ooh, easy! - Oh, God damn it! - What was that? [Luk sighs.]
And now it's all because of me.
Oh, yeah? And what were you up to? Huh? I just went for a row.
I didn't know it was dangerous.
Chill out, dude.
- What's up? - Tell me, and you better make it quick.
What's in there, huh? Take those stupid sunglasses off! Well, what's in there? Just my stuff.
Just tell us what's in there.
Let's get it over with.
My my stuff! Hey? Hey! Hello? Asshole.
What's this all about? [stutters.]
Why binoculars, man? Luk, are you gonna say something? - Why are you blackmailing us, huh? - What? Back off! Hey! Hey! Guys! - What the hell are you doing? - Didier! Didier, God damn it! Relax! Calm down.
- Enough! You, too.
- Hey, man! Motherf [coughing.]
Maybe you tell us? [panting.]
What? - Traitor! - Hey, you need to cut it out! Relax.
Just everyone, calm down, okay? [breathing heavily.]
I was looking for tawny pipits! And then these two made me row over here.
They started interrogating me out of nowhere! You were looking for something For what? The tawny pipit! It's incredibly rare in Europe! If you approach them on land, they fly away! It's a bird.
Cool? What did you think it was? I've never even heard of a dawny pipit.
Sounds to me like the perfect excuse to spy on us! But why would I spy? [Peter.]
Okay, guys, seriously, can you just leave us alone for a minute? Huh? This conversation isn't over, man.
It's not over, do you hear me? What is all this? What's happening? [whispering.]
The dawny pipit.
Ridiculous! It's tawny pipit.
You keep saying it wrong.
It's tawny pipit with a "T".
That tawny pipit, by the way, is a bird of this island.
It's a very striking bird with a beige chest and brown wings.
Yes, I know, I'm sorry, but I've seen it.
Uh, it's just I'm all alone at night.
[in normal voice.]
Look at them.
The brothers, huh? [Stef.]
Peter will probably be broke after the divorce, right? Yeah, but he didn't know that before the weekend, right? You see a thing like that coming.
Don't underestimate him.
And Luk? Luk took out huge loans for his driving school.
A few years from now, everyone'll have a self-driving car.
Who'd want to blackmail Peter? That's what I'm wondering.
Mowgli, you're being blackmailed too.
We're all being blackmailed! I know it sounds crazy, but what if Peter came up with this himself? You know him.
What if starts asking for €50,000? Or €100,000? - It could happen.
- [scoffs.]
That's a lot for such a small amount, Didier.
Because you have enough! But if you don't It's like they said in that movie, if you want to steal a man's horse, act like you're there to buy the farm.
You don't get it? I mean, this is the ideal set-up.
Everything here is paid for by Romée! He's acting like he's rich, but he's really after your money.
Our money.
- Do you have anything to tell me? - I really don't.
Luk, honestly, tell me what's up.
Uh, nothing, Peter.
- What's that? - Here.
[Mark on video.]
Was that it? - Hey, wait your turn.
She's mine now.
- [man.]
Fucking hell.
What? That's my tape.
That's what? - Where'd you find this? - That's what? What exactly is your tape? It was my plan.
Your plan for what? - To blackmail you.
- Fuck you! Oh, my God.
Fuck, dude! You're not making my life any better, bro! Hey, and you did? You have to explain what you did.
What you saw there, little brother, is what happened after a lot of booze and a lot of drugs.
It can't be forgiven, and I'm not asking for that.
What I do know is that what you're seeing isn't what you think you're seeing.
Luk, I kept Sofie safely away.
It may look like it, but I didn't do anything to her that night.
I hope you never have to explain this to anyone, Peter, because it looks like you did.
You don't think I know that? Why do you think my life is so fucked up right now? What now, Luk? That is your film? Honestly.
There was only one person who did something to her.
It was Mark.
Didier, Mowgli and myself didn't do anything to stop it, okay? And that's incredibly shameful.
But I didn't do anything, I swear.
That wasn't me! It wasn't me.
[breathing heavily.]
Peter So, it is your video? But how did it end up on your phone? Someone's using it to blackmail me.
Who do you think it is? I don't know.
Is it one of us? Why would you want to screw me over? What did I do to you? What could I have done wrong? You don't know? Look at me.
You really don't know? I I need to know.
Tell me.
I really wanted a kid with Lia.
And when that didn't work out, uh, we had ourselves checked out.
With Lia, everything was all right.
But mine was off.
"Your sperm is non-existent, Mr.
Van Gael.
" That's what he said.
I drove right over to Saskia to confront her.
She said she didn't want to hear about it.
And I pieced it all together.
I began to think, right, "Who was Saskia dating before me?" What? And then I retrieved that stupid wig from the attic.
- That can't be true.
- And I cut some hair from our Jens.
I put it in a bag together and sent it to a lab.
What are you talking about? What? Are you serious, man? Is this for real? - You really didn't know, huh? - [stutters.]
You're telling me I'm Jens's father? Yeah? Um I didn't know.
I didn't know.
I didn't I really didn't know.
I didn't know, man.
[Luk sobbing.]
When you learn that your only kid never was yours I felt so betrayed by Saskia, but especially by you, my brother.
There's no way I could have known.
Then I wouldn't have left to America, right? But you understand, don't you, Peter? When you're mad and your mind starts playing tricks on you, paranoia kicks in.
And I just wanted revenge.
I wanted to take revenge on you.
It's okay.
I'm sorry for trying to take it out on you this way.
You're sorry? Huh? Hey, Luk I love you.
It can't have been easy on you, either, to hear that Luk is sterile.
[clears throat.]
And Luk was even worried that I would leave him because of it.
But I wouldn't have left him.
Luk gave me everything.
Love, peace, security.
And he's always honest.
How did Luk behave when he finally told you about Jens? He was angry.
He wanted revenge.
Were you afraid of him? Afraid of Luk? [chuckles.]
I asked him, "Isn't Jens the biggest love of your life, regardless of who the biological father is?" "How can you take revenge for someone you love so much?" - And? - Hmm.
- I think he understood he was wrong.
- About wanting revenge? Yeah.
I thought it was strange.
That wasn't like Luk.
He was like a different person.
He was so depressed.
Luk's the kind of person that wants harmony and peace for himself.
And for others as well.
My, my, what's this? I'm guessing no one confessed to anything? Well, apparently Jens is my son.
And, uh, not Luk's.
Saskia didn't think that was important to tell me.
Ah, Luk.
I see what's up now.
- The video's mine.
- I knew it.
You fucking asshole.
But I'm not blackmailing you guys, Didier.
Lia wants revenge on me, and you want revenge on your brother.
A match made in heaven.
What a couple, a whore and a loser! How did that tape not get burned? It seems to have survived, Mowgli.
You probably burned a different tape.
It's obvious.
I thought it was just Saskia and me on that tape.
That's my camera.
- No.
- [Luk.]
Yes, it is.
Oh, yeah.
You have no idea how much this thing cost.
[dramatic music playing.]
[bottles clinking.]
[door closes.]
A couple months ago, I opened up that box again because I needed that wig.
That's when I came across it.
And I don't know about the rest.
I swear.
I don't believe you, Luk.
What do you want, man? What'll you do if we don't pay? - You'll ruin our lives? - [Stef.]
Can I talk, please? And Saskia, does she know that Peter's the father? I don't know.
Let me go talk to Lia.
She has a better grasp on it.
What's that mean? Did you show Lia that tape? No, of course I didn't.
If your brother doesn't pay a ransom of Bitcoins by tomorrow, it'll be all over the newspapers! You don't think Lia's behind all this? You're living together.
Who else could it be? Asshole.
Do you know the saying, "When there's bad news, if you don't tell anyone it's like it never happened"? So you have yet to show the video to Lia? I showed her, but not immediately, of course.
Uh, so Lia saw the video as well? From the screen on the camera? No, I recorded it on my phone and uploaded it to my computer.
So, it would've been easy to send it to anyone? [Romée.]
It's so weird.
My sunglasses look crooked in the picture, but look, they're fine.
Can you try again? - [Luk.]
Romée? - [Romée.]
Yeah? There's a leak in the boat.
Do you have a patch kit? I'll repair it.
In the rubber boat, you mean? - Yeah.
- Uh, yeah, in that shed, I think.
- Where's Lia? - Inside, maybe? - [Stef.]
Romée? - Yeah.
- Do you have a sec? - Yeah.
Now? We're Okay.
Is everything all right? What's wrong? I think you know what's going on.
I know that you know we're being blackmailed.
Peter showed me the video.
Took me by surprise.
- Wait.
- Hmm? We're not gonna play any games with them, right, Romée? Come with me.
Let's just talk about this and and think about how we How we can resolve it.
[Romée sighs.]
- Should we tell Sofie everything? - Oh, come on.
You're frightened.
Do you regret it? Oh, Stef.
That poor Sofie.
Of course I feel terrible about what happened back then.
It wasn't me who did it, but I feel terrible about it.
It's the same story again.
Everyone was there, but no one was actually involved.
Give me a break.
Very convincing.
We can't change what happened back then.
We can't make it disappear.
We can't But we we can talk about the future, and right now.
- That's what I really want to do.
- Hmm.
What I'm gonna say now is It may sound terrible.
I wanna get it out.
There's only two people here who will be taken down by this.
It's you and me, isn't it? If this goes public, I'll be front-page news all around the world.
- My life will be over.
- Mm-hmm.
You can forget about major deals going forward, [stutters.]
and you'll be toxic.
Until you've recovered from this, forget it.
Honestly, do you think, in this day and age, that people will distinguish between you and Peter, hmm? Do you think getting a divorce absolves you of all this? Think again.
Yeah, and Sofie has nothing to lose, right? Her reputation, her job, her relationship, her kids.
What's the point? Not if you don't tell her.
And I mean, that is that is totally different.
That's true.
Yeah, it's worse, isn't it? I mean, for 30 years you've had no problems after she was raped.
You've been building a career for 30 years, and now you're worried about your reputation? Do you know what a normal person would have done in that situation? He would have acted responsibly in that moment.
Or a few months later, when his sense of guilt would've become unbearable, God willing.
But what did you do? What did you do? And how? How do you think I can help? Well, that video must be on someone's phone here, or it's on their computer.
So I thought, with your expertise, that maybe you could find it.
To find out who, or what, or how.
- Stef, come on.
- Yeah, what? How lucky you get to play a secretary who's competent.
You think you're above everything and everyone, don't you? You have it all under control.
You don't even know your best friends.
You think they tell you everything? I know for a fact, actually.
[eerie music playing.]
- [Luk.]
What are you doing? - Jesus.
[door closes.]
What? What's wrong? Have you told anyone that Jens is really Peter's son? No.
'Course not.
Thought about it when I first saw Peter, but no.
I've told him.
Why? You'd never do something without telling me, right? You share important things with me, right? 'Course.
Do you love me? - Yeah.
Why would you ask me that? - Okay.
[Luk breathes deeply.]
You're sure? [Sofie.]
Oh, wow, that glue smells good.
[Romée chuckles.]
It's methyl methacrylate, it's so How would you describe it? It smells so sweet, right? Yeah, smells good.
I'm sure it's harmful if you keep your nose over it too long.
Yikes, really? I'm impressed at all you're doing around here.
You just come down here all alone and fix a boat.
An hour of exercise later.
You'll probably prepare dessert for tonight, and in between, you're reading a super-complicated book.
If I did even one of those in a day, I'd feel like a rock star.
You're sweet.
All done.
Now the boys can play with their little boat again.
I do wonder, what will you do once you've sold your business? There's always something to do, I guess.
There's only one thing I regret.
What's that? I wish I had someone to share it with and pass it on to.
Can't complain about it now.
Complaining isn't the same as being sad.
Come on, let's go inside and see if we can make anything there.
Would you like to work with a brush again? [Sofie.]
[serene instrumental music playing.]
[toilet flushing.]
- Hey.
- Hey.
I did a test.
And? It was nothing.
Oh, my God.
Fuck, man.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- You're relieved too, right? - Yeah, I am.
I'm with Romée now.
[Saskia scoffs.]
Oh, come here.
Good news.
It's great.
[both urinating.]
I think I'm in love.
Did you sleep with Saskia last night? It was fantastic.
That was my first time, man.
Is that weird? - I don't know.
- We did everything.
I was surprised.
And she just kept going.
Yo yo, dude, I'm happy for you.
Roos was our teacher in third grade, not second grade.
That's right.
And, uh, I I had a coat hook with a little elephant, and Romée had a The little bunny.
And that made me so jealous.
Wow, I'm amazed you remember.
What was mine? The little train or something? The little train.
Want a pint, Sas? Yeah.
- Oh, you want one? - Yeah.
[melancholy music playing.]
- Hey.
- [Peter.]
- [sighs.]
Wonderful, isn't it? - Yes, wonderful.
Saskia, I will never forgive you for what you've done.
- Excuse me? - With Jens.
How do you lie like that? You lied to me, you lied to Luk, you lied to Jens.
You lied to yourself.
How do you do it, Saskia? - [sighs.]
Peter - What? What do you want me to say? - I wasn't lying.
- Oh, no? No, I was surviving.
[Peter scoffs.]
And I know that it was a terrible thing to do.
I'm sorry.
I should've told you then.
I know.
Saskia, back then, you told me you weren't pregnant.
I was in a terrible panic back then.
And I felt so Those days, abortion was almost illegal.
It's the truth, come on.
I wasn't getting away with that in my house.
You know that.
I couldn't be honest with you, because I knew you wouldn't want it.
I was still in love with you.
And suddenly you were with Romée, and Yeah.
Yeah, anyway.
I buried my head in the sand and put off making a decision.
- Then Luk came along.
- Yeah.
And it was too late.
But I still think Jens has an incredible father in Luk.
And me? No.
- What are you trying to do? - Well Do you really think it would've been better if I'd confessed everything? Then I would have had an abortion.
[Peter sniffles.]
Then our Jens wouldn't have been born.
[melancholy music playing.]
[glass shatters.]
None of us could have imagined that the weekend would go like that.
Not even me.
It was a game.
No, that's not right.
We just wanted to get our point across.
We didn't intend to do anything more.
Yeah, and then Then we lost our grip.
And I'll carry that burden for the rest of my life.
[waves crashing.]
The longer you keep lying, the more everything goes to waste.
And if you wait too long, it can't even be repaired.
He made me feel like I was just a whore.
Did he become hostile? Can I confide in you without worrying about you telling them? [Peter.]
Are you proud of yourself? Using your girlfriend's accident for your own sad personal war? [sobbing.]
Not everything in life can go according to plan.
If you don't realize that at 50 years old, you're a lost cause.

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