Two Summers (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 Yeah, it's pretty simple, huh? I mean, there's right and wrong.
Zeroes and ones, right? And what took place that night was wrong.
I don't follow.
Zeroes and ones? Sorry, that's because I've been coding software all my life and no matter how complicated the code gets, in the end it's just a binary series of zeroes and ones.
So, simple.
In my work, I've learned the line between right and wrong isn't always clear.
Yeah, well, what exactly is this? To be crystal clear, this is about whether or not any crimes were committed on the island on August 13th and 14th.
Yeah, so then it's about wrong and right.
And your part in all this? A zero or a one? - Come on, honey.
- One sec! No, Didi, no.
No, that's impossible.
Everything all right? Yeah.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, fuck.
- Honey, we'll miss our flight.
Let's go.
- Coming.
Peter? All right, we're off.
- You all right? - Yeah.
You should know that, apart from Jens, I've never loved someone as much as Lia.
And secrets in a relationship are like sand in an engine.
Yes, go on.
Well, yeah, you can go on driving for a while, but the longer you do, the more everything starts breaking down.
Until the engine is broken beyond repair.
I don't want any secrets in my relationship.
Luk decided to show me that video back then.
If someone can't give their consent before sex, it's always wrong.
That goes without explaining, right? And then you decided to do something? - With that video.
- Eventually.
Are you happy that you did something with it eventually? Well, I do want to make one thing very clear.
After this, I don't ever want to hear about that video again.
I don't want to talk about it either, so I don't want any charges filed.
A prosecutor can open an investigation in a case like this without charges being filed.
Yeah, then I hope the prosecutor will use common sense in this matter.
I wanted to keep it a secret at first.
Luk told me in confidence, and what good would it do now? Luk wasn't really involved and he was so sweet to confide in me about it.
And the damage was done already, right? It's 30 years later.
So I decided not to tell anyone.
For Luk.
But also for myself.
But then I saw who her husband was, and so, it broke my heart.
How so? Um, after yoga class, I was waiting for Sofie.
Sometimes we walked together.
But her husband was driving from work and he picked her up.
The I saw her climb in with him.
- You knew Didier? - Yeah.
How? From the video.
He was pretty young in that video.
Listen, I haven't been a nurse for my entire career.
Before my studies, I was a sex worker for a while, and Didier my client.
What kind of client was Didier? He wouldn't ask his wife to do what pleased him.
He arrived horny and finished quickly.
I felt like a whore when he came around.
He seemed angry at the world.
Later I realized he was probably in pain but back then, I didn't know.
He just scared me.
Was he aggressive? - No.
- Okay.
But I hated the feeling I got from him.
So, after a few times, I stopped taking his requests.
And I assumed that's where my experience with Didier would end.
When Lia showed me that video, that was Yeah, I Somehow I knew, but Yeah, it's what happened to me, but I didn't really remember.
And I I kept it all to myself for so long.
I didn't tell anybody.
I felt ashamed.
It was all a blur.
It really was.
I thought I may have caused it.
I thought I brought it on and it was my fault.
I felt ashamed then.
And I remember feeling dirty.
Yeah, so then you stay quiet for one day, and another one, and another, and then, you keep quiet until eventually you start to believe it didn't happen.
And then you just move on.
But when, after all these years, a tape shows what you've suppressed for so long, then - That's when I called Romée.
- Why? Uh, why? Romée, she's I mean, she's like a sister to me.
Whenever it's good news or bad news, we call each other.
And back then, I thought she had she had Knew about it or at least some suspicion.
It didn't get weird, right? Was it weird? In there? - With the boys? - Yeah? - No.
- Yeah, okay.
No, it wasn't weird or anything like that.
You didn't confront your husband? Didier? He was at a training.
He wasn't there.
He was away.
And you couldn't call him? I'm not trying to judge.
I'm just want to understand.
I didn't know Peter was in that video too.
I didn't Romée immediately knows exactly what needs to be done, and I was overwhelmed with emotions and and and whenever something like that happens, she looks at things like this rationally, and yeah, I needed her.
- Romée? - Mmm? I'd understand if you wanted to put a stop to it all.
Why? Yeah, now that you're getting divorced? But it's unrelated, right? I mean I I mishandled it.
I should have been able to keep that quiet for a little longer.
I don't want you to worry about that.
Is something wrong? - You sure? - Mm-hmm.
- Yeah, what? - Don't feel tied down to anything.
I'm serious.
I get it if you want to talk to Didier alone.
Just tell me.
It'd be very weird to do that now after everything It's about more than just us now.
It's just that I don't know.
I guess I thought I'd enjoy it in some way or another, to scare the guys like that.
I guess I thought it would make it right.
But now, I I feel terrible and it scares me.
- Sorry.
- Come on.
Don't say you're sorry.
Of course I understand.
That's why I always tell you to make decisions with your gut feelings, as well as your head, yeah? And once the decision's been made, keep your emotions in check.
They only get in the way.
- That's true.
- Yes, you bet it's true.
All right, how does this stupid thing work? - Come on, we don't need it.
- What are you going to - That's cool, right? - Yeah.
Sofie, Romée and Sas have known each other for their entire lives.
They're a clique.
And I knew Romée and Sas before this.
We all went to a spa together and spent a weekend in Venice.
And you were welcomed into the clique? - Yeah.
- And Saskia? She didn't care? Yeah.
Well, it wasn't easy at first.
Yeah, I'd be lying if I told you it was, but, um, humans are a jealous bunch, aren't we? Such a beautiful woman.
A lot younger.
But then I got to know her and as it turned out, we really got along.
Damn, girl! - Have you guys seen Saskia? - No, why? She's running around like a headless chicken.
Oh, there you are.
- Here she is.
- Speak of the devil.
- Would you like to try this? - No, thanks.
It's awesome.
Come on.
So guys, yeah, I don't want to be rude, but haven't we done enough now? Hmm.
Enough for whom? I don't like what we're doing.
It's been so long since the entire group came together like this.
We should focus on enjoying this weekend instead of carrying out this stupid plan of girls versus boys.
Oh, sorry, Sofie.
I I didn't mean that to sound so cruel.
I mean it.
But I do think the guys have been through enough.
Yeah, is that right? Yes.
I want to focus on the future.
There's something wonderful blossoming between Stef and me.
Yeah, I don't want that ruined because of something that happened to you 30 years ago.
Oh, Romée, what's with that look? We've known these guys since they were this tall.
Well, apparently not.
Your opinion doesn't really matter, Lia.
- You weren't there.
- But I was.
Yeah, I'm not sure either, Sas.
But to be honest, there are times when I get so angry.
And then there are times when we're all sitting at the table together and I think, "Okay, but these guys are my friends, I've known them for so long.
" "That that's still my husband.
" So yeah, to tell you the truth, I'm not really sure either.
Do I feel like a victim of a gang rape? I don't know.
I really don't know.
After a while, I just feel numb, really.
Okay, do you regret what we're doing now? No.
Although I am getting tired of playing pretend, you know? Saskia, honestly, I do want you to be happy.
- So if you find that with Stef, go for it.
- Sofie.
That goes for all of us.
One doesn't cancel out the other, right? Hey, we're not gonna lock them up or kill them.
No, but it's ugly and mean.
What a beginning for Stef and me.
He can't trust me from the get-go.
I can't.
Work it out.
They're your husbands.
I mean, talk things through.
Go see a therapist or go to the cops if necessary, but Are you being serious? I actually am, yeah.
You understand what I'm trying to say, Romée.
Yeah and, Sofie, you should know that we will always be here for you.
- Okay? - Okay.
- Okay? - Yes, of course.
- It's cool if I go for a swim? - Of course.
See you later.
- Yeah.
Call me when it's time.
- Yep.
- Hey, Sas.
- Hey.
- Oops.
I almost fell in the water.
- Hey! Careful.
It's hard to get some alone time on a small island like this.
Oh, sorry, should I leave you alone? No, no, no, I thought you came here wanting to be alone.
No, no, I wasn't.
Have you recovered? From what? - From Peter.
- Oh.
It's been a long time coming.
- You wanna talk about it? - That's sweet.
But I came to terms with it a long time ago.
- I'm fine.
- Mm-hmm.
You're trustworthy, right? If you can't see a stain, what's the point in scrubbing? My mom used to say that.
- Yeah? - No.
You're so silly.
- I missed you.
- Mm-hmm.
Can you swear to keep a secret if I tell you something? Yes, of course.
Really? Yes, I promise.
I know about the video.
And the blackmailing.
But I don't have anything to do with it, Stef.
I swear.
It's a really long story.
Are the others allowed to read what I'm saying? If they want to.
After the investigation is over.
Should I tell you my thoughts on the video? Please do.
Well, what's there to say? Things started out as a wild party and it got out of hand.
Well, horribly out of hand, is what I mean.
I know.
What happened to Sofie, that, um, yeah, that shouldn't have happened.
I know that, but But can we be real for a minute? How much did she really suffer? And you did? Well, yeah.
Not directly.
I mean, I'm sitting here, right? If they had thrown out that stupid video, then, um You do things like that when you're young.
Stupid things.
What's the point of being young if you don't? - I'm ending this within the hour.
- Huh? I'm gonna tell everyone at dinner.
- No, you're not.
- Wait, Didier.
Don't do it.
It'll explode.
Yes, of course it'll explode, Luk.
The question is, when? Tomorrow? Tonight? We need to take matters into our own hands.
That's important.
Right, Peter? We're driving straight into a ravine at 100 miles an hour.
It won't get worse than it already is.
For us, maybe.
How about Sofie? Absolutely.
Didier's right.
Thanks, Luk.
But this isn't about being right or wrong.
It's about not allowing others to put an end to us.
That's what it's about.
And, yes, Didier's right.
What happened to Sofie is awful.
But we can't make that disappear.
We have to focus on what will happen to us as well.
That's important.
Right? Come on, Peter, say something.
I want to tell them myself.
I don't think that's a good idea, Didier.
Dinner's ready! It's that or nothing.
All right.
Okay? Okay.
That little breeze is nice.
Right, Mowgli? That little breeze? Yeah.
Where's Saskia? Oh, she'll be a minute.
She said not to wait.
- Everyone - Come on, let's eat already.
What are you doing? I'll never forgive her.
Write that down in your book.
- What is this? - Really? Now you don't know? Turn it off! That's not how it went, honey.
- Hey.
Hey! - Get off her! Get off.
Stop it! Enough.
Please turn it off.
You all right? - Get out of my way.
- Guys.
Come on, can we just talk about this? All of us? What a great idea.
The whole gang can chat about a gang rape.
Okay, friends, please.
Maybe it helps if we told you what really happened that night? - Yeah, that's a good idea.
- Okay.
- Okay, well? - Well.
All right.
What we just saw was, uh, what happens when a lot of little things go wrong, and And add up to something atrocious.
And you fell victim to that, Sofie, and I'm truly sorry.
- Mark wanted us to join in.
- Hold on.
You guys always did what Mark wanted, right? - Sure it wasn't you, Peter? - No, but it looked like it.
Emphasis on "looked like," okay? Um - It's what Sofie wanted.
It looked like - Excuse me? Yeah, it looked like she wanted me in particular.
- You in particular? - Yes.
- Oh.
- I know how bad this sounds.
But I'm just trying to explain what happened that night, yeah? We didn't have bad intentions.
It wasn't premeditated.
- That has to count for something? - Yeah.
And I'm sure that the thought of using her as a living sex doll would never have even crossed your mind.
Just two hours before, she told me she wanted to have sex.
Yes, sex! She did not want to be gang raped while unconscious.
That's what I think.
Sofie, did you want four men to sexually assault you? - There seems to be confusion about that.
- That's not what happened.
No? Wow, Peter.
What a surprise.
Honey, look at me.
Honey, look me in the eyes.
It wasn't like that.
It looked like all we wanted to do was hurt you.
And and it was crazy how Mark thought it was completely normal.
And he just happens to be dead.
What a shame, huh? So, none of you deserve all this? - No.
- No? No, this kind of punishment? No.
Look, I'm not trying to justify what happened, but I didn't do anything, huh? I only pretended to do it.
- Peter, come on.
- No, Luk.
I No, let him speak.
I really want to hear this story.
- Okay.
I pretended to have - Pretended? to have sex because I thought pretending would be better than doing nothing.
Can't you understand that? Seriously? I don't believe you.
Oh, yeah? How well do you know Peter? I'm seeing what I'm seeing, aren't I? You're seeing what you want to see.
Know what you didn't see, huh? That Mowgli went back into a burning house to save a friend.
That Peter rescued me from that same fire.
I wouldn't be alive right now.
None of us would be! And did we screw up? Sure we did.
Especially me.
Perhaps even most of all.
Because I said to try the pills.
We all took those pills, except for Luk.
And at that very moment, we gave up control.
We all chose to take those pills, but what happened later is unforgivable.
No one could've could've foreseen what happened that night.
No one.
No? So, I'll ask this question again, all right? So, none of you men are guilty? No one? Nobody? I just think it's strange.
Some people go right to sleep, while others rape a girl.
Romée, you could've spoken up 30 years ago instead of now.
- You saw something.
You told me you did.
- Yeah.
And I came to, and I remember your response.
- You treated me like I was a stupid girl.
- That's how it went? Do you remember everything from 30 years ago? Because I don't.
What I remember is you took pills.
The same pills as everybody.
Enough with the pills.
Millions of people take pills, but they don't rape young girls.
Neither did I.
Back then, we should've given it more thought.
You're damn right, you should've.
Especially considering how it's changed Sofie's life.
That's not true.
It's so obvious you'll just go on denying everything.
Has it been that bad, huh? Look around, huh! You think this made anything better, huh? Take a long, hard look.
Because you've destroyed our friendship.
- Didier - You're as much to blame as that video.
We can all see who's truly responsible for all of this, huh? Stop denying your role in it! We can try as hard as we can, but it's of no use.
We don't even want to deny it.
That's not what we're saying.
But I'm just saying, there's nuance there.
- Oh, my God! - "Nuance"? Interesting word choice for a rape.
Romée, how long have you known me? Forty-two years this September.
This September.
Forty-two years this September.
And have you ever seen me make such a huge mistake during those 42 years? No, but, taking part in a gang rape equates to a lot of big mistakes, right? Oh, no, I'm sorry.
My bad.
You didn't take part.
You just watched and recorded.
That's not such a big deal, right? Everyone but me took those pills? Hmm? - Saskia did too, right? - What did Saskia do? What's all this? - Hey, you didn't wait for me? - Wait for what? - Romée - Luk, what's your point? - Nothing.
- Wait for what? - It's nothing.
- Uh-huh.
That was the first night we slept together, right? - Luk? Luk.
- Uh, yeah? - And so? - And so Well, it doesn't matter.
This isn't the right moment.
Actually, it's the perfect moment.
For 30 years, you had me believe that's where you got pregnant with Jens.
- Stop.
- No, listen to me! For 30 years, I thought all our problems with Jens stemmed from us being drunk.
- Luk.
- Or those pills you took.
- Shut up! - Or maybe defective sperm from me.
- Peter! - But what do I hear 30 years later? That he isn't even mine, but Peter's! I'm sorry, bro.
What? - Romée, I didn't know.
- What do you mean you didn't know? You filthy fucker.
And who else knew about this? - Romée - Why wouldn't you tell me that? Why didn't anyone ever tell me? God damn Are you serious? This is This This can't be! - My God, it's Ah! - Romée.
Leave me the hell alone! What? What have you done? Guys, we made a huge mistake.
But if that video is sent out into the world, our lives are just over and done with.
There's a lot more we can say.
But friends, I think we all agree that we're better off if that horrible tape that horrible video would just disappear forever.
- I suggest - I almost forgot.
This Friday, I sent the video to the three largest press agencies, including Belga.
- Sorry.
- What have you done? The entire world knows about it.
- Saskia, did you know about this? - No.
- Yeah, she knew all about it.
- No, that's not true.
What are you It's not true, Stef.
Hey! How dare you, you nasty bitch? - Nasty bitch? - Yeah.
You have lied to me this entire time.
Only because I didn't want to cause you pain.
About the tape, they'll realize I lied when they turn their phones back on.
Those bastards didn't even have the guts to admit it's their fault.
That was not what we planned! No, and the fact your son is my husband's, that was also not the plan.
Well, not everything in life goes according to plan.
It's pretty pathetic if you still don't realize that at 50.
Hey, Peter, have you seen Sofie? Didier, are you all right? I should've said it right away.
To take the wind out of their sails.
Didier, they've been playing tricks on us for days.
Time to see that.
Well done, Romée.
- When did you learn about Jens? - This morning.
This morning.
Seriously? You're such a liar.
Okay, Romée.
- I never want to see you again.
- No problem.
Are you proud of yourself? Using your friend's sorrow for your own sad little war? Well done.
Well done.
It's not all black and white, huh, Romée? And your money, you can keep it.
I hope all of it makes you happy.
You just go ahead and ruin everything.
Hmm? It's what you're good at.
Just ruin everything.
Oh, God.
Stef? Stef, are you all right? Open up.
Stef, open the door.
Nothing that Romée said is true.
There's no press release, Stef.
Honestly, you don't have to worry.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Stef, I need you to open up, please.
Hey, hold on.
We promised that we would always tell each other everything.
- You should've told me.
- I couldn't.
- If you'd told Peter, then it all - No, Lia.
Don't you know me better? Luk.
How can I ever trust you again? Luk, trust can grow again.
Go away.
No! Mowgli! This, being an adult, no one really knows how to go about it.
We just roam.
Everyone on their own.
We lost someone and he'll never come back.
And no matter what, you try and rationalize it as much as you want, it'll never make it better.
I keep trying to figure it out, you know? Um We've known each other since we were in the Scouts.
Uh We played lots of games together.
But, uh, like with all games, sometimes, accidents can happen, and the price we paid for it this time was, uh But I don't think anybody had any bad intentions.
I don't think that, uh anyone's to blame for all this.
But I don't think anyone's innocent either.
What should I write about your part in this? A zero or a one? I think it's pretty clear that what I did there was wrong.
Even if you think you're right, it doesn't mean there aren't consequences.
It's never that simple though, right? I can grasp that I will have to answer for my part in what happened.
You'll receive a letter informing you whether or not this will lead to a criminal trial.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
File number 83-944.
An investigation into the potential blackmailing and unintentional manslaughter of Stef Van Gompel.
Well? - Hi, Uncle.
- How are you? - Good.
And you? - Good.

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