Ultimate Spider-Man (2011) s04e15 Episode Script

The Symbiote Saga - Part 3

SPIDER-MAN: Beautiful, isn't it? Carnage is destroyed, everyone is safe and catching up on their nap time.
I've known you forever, Harry, but even I'm surprised you could do all this.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, you're one to talk about surprising people, - Spider-Man.
- Touche.
It's been a day.
Morbius and Hydra caused an outbreak with their brilliant idea, the Carnage Bomb.
Which, I have to admit, was pretty accurately named.
It took over most of New York until Harry, my best friend, managed to destroy it with the Anti-Venom symbiote.
And in the process, I kind of revealed my secret identity to him.
I couldn't have done it without your inspiration, Peter.
- Seriously.
- Hey, let's not get all sincere here.
It goes against our pizza and videogames friendship.
(GRUNTING) Flash, you can have pizza too.
I'm not opposed to group activity.
(GRUNTS) The Carnage symbiote.
What's it doing? It's New York.
I've seen some pretty crazy parades.
But this? (GRUNTS) Oh, come on.
Really? What's it take to beat this thing? Anyone still trying to evacuate, the Brooklyn Bridge is open and clear.
I repeat, the Brooklyn Bridge has not been blocked or damaged.
Harry, we gotta get you to safety.
I'm gonna help, like MJ.
She's safe at Midtown High.
You're in too much danger out here without the Anti-Venom symbiote protecting you.
You and Venom might be the only two heroes this city has left.
I'll see if I can find you some help.
I hope he doesn't do anything stupid.
It's coming back together.
I don't know what that thing's doing.
But I'm gonna go out on a limb and say we need to stop it before it starts.
It's just a big ball of goop.
It can't be that dangerous.
(ROARS) I think it can.
(ROARING) So, this is happening.
Carnage is chaos.
(GRUNTING) Any ideas, Spidey? Just one.
Stop this thing with everything we've got left.
Oh, why didn't I think of that? (GRUNTS) In your face, ugly.
(GRUNTING) Let's wash that down with some missiles.
That'll teach you to mess with (GRUNTS) (YELLS) (GROWLS) VENOM: Where's he going? Everything over there should be evacuated, except for Oh, no! Midtown High! I almost lost one of my closest friends to this thing.
It's not gonna take another.
(SHOUTS) Chew on this! Carnage is chaos.
Ugh! Did we do that? SPIDER-MAN: We didn't hit it that hard.
You're saying he gave up on his own? Ha.
Something drew Monster McUgly to our old school.
I think there's more going on here than it seems.
We gotta find MJ.
This is just like that dream I used to have where our school turned into a vampire's stomach.
You had that dream too? - I was joking.
- Oh.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, me too.
The Media Lab's this way.
(SQUELCHING) You hear that? Uh, yeah.
Be careful.
Could be some kind of gross Carnage egg sack or Stan? I didn't work my way up to principal just to use a mop again.
But my new janitor couldn't come in today.
Why? They said the city's under attack.
(CHUCKLES) I said, "Yeah, just sounds like a Thursday to me.
" (SHOUTS) (GRUNTS) You gotta get out of here.
The school's come to life, and it is not happy.
No way, Spider-Man.
I'm no coward.
I'm an educator.
(GRUNTING) (GRUNTS) No! Getting shoved into a locker? I probably deserve this.
(SCREAMS) Oh, come on.
Carnage turned this into the world's most disgusting dodge ball game? (GRUNTS) Taste a little mop-fu, creepy-crawlies.
Never let it be said that old Stan tried to shirk his academic responsibilities.
(BELL RINGS) Aah! The school bell? Really? Now, this is just annoying.
(AGENT VENOM GRUNTING) Uh, is your buddy okay? Oh, boy.
If there's one thing he hates, it's loud noises.
(GROWLING) (RINGING CONTINUES) (GRUNTS) (RINGING STOPS) I hate you, stupid bell! I always hated you.
Always ringing and making me late, and it ends now! Yeah! I'm gonna have to write you up for that.
(CACKLING) Stan, I'm serious.
It's time for you to get to safety.
You know, I think I'm seeing the wisdom in your advice.
Still haven't forgotten the SHIELD exit plans in this place.
Good luck, Spider-Man.
Excelsior! (GRUNTING) Ouch.
(GROANS) For little guys, these things hurt.
They're affecting you like the Anti-Venom did.
Looks like Carnage got some kind of makeover.
Just great.
I always dreamed my return to Midtown High would be triumphant.
But this? This is just the worst! (GRUNTS) (SIGHS) Well, let's hope that's the last of those guys.
Now Wait.
Footprints? MJ? ( GRUNTS) SPIDER-MAN: Mary Jane Watson? We've gotta get you out of here.
This whole place Uh-oh.
Morbius? You, uh, do something new with your hair? Where is she? I promised Hydra a masterpiece.
- What's he talking about? - No clue.
Guess his looks weren't the only thing distorted.
You dare mock me? If you do not have what I need, then I have no use for you.
(GROWLING) Oh, boy.
Watch out! Morbius has gone batty.
Did I really just say that? Remember when you wanted a sample of my symbiote? Let me give you one.
(GRUNTING) I used to get so much lunch money with this move.
The metamorphosis Dr.
Octopus put me through changed more than just my appearance.
For example (GROANING) I can now drain the life energy from any being.
(GRUNTS, YELLS) Somehow, I doubt that party trick makes you many friends.
Two spiders for one? How efficient.
You'll stand in the way of my greatest creation no longer.
(GROANING) Huh? Just another high school bully.
Patrioteer? (YELLS) (GASPS, GRUNTS) You're done, B-movie reject.
Another young hero.
So full of life.
For now.
What? I don't understand.
It's not magic, Morbius.
You're just using the science of energy transfer.
And guess what? This armor's designed to protect from all kinds of power drainage.
Don't worry.
You'll have plenty of time to analyze that data where you're going.
(SNARLING) Ah, the cavalry.
Huh? How many flavors of Carnage are there? Just as I hoped.
They're evolving on their own.
Good luck, Spider-Man.
Let's get out of here! (GRUNTS) This won't hold them for long.
I will find her.
I will search this school until I find the Queen.
Queen? Prom's not for another two months, weirdo.
Here they come.
Let's move! (GRUNTS) Harry, not that I'm not grateful for the save, but what are you doing here? I told you I was going for help.
I'm the help.
I got my armor from Oscorp and got here as fast as I could.
You've kind of been through a lot today.
This is probably not a good idea.
Mary Jane's my friend too.
(GRUNTING) (LAUGHS) This is awesome! Awesome? Are you in a different fight than me? Because I'm in the really, really gross one.
I mean it's awesome that the three of us are here, in our old school, reunited to fight side by side to save one of our own.
Hey, can we call ourselves the Midtown Marauders? You've been saving that name for years, haven't you? No.
There! The Media Lab.
That's where MJ was supposed to be.
(GRUNTING) Stand back.
And stay out! Uh, did we just shut them out, or did we just shut ourselves in? PATRIOTEER: Are those hives? Ugh! And I thought today had already maxed out on creepiness.
We have to destroy this place before more of those things hatch.
WOMAN: Who's there? Mary Jane? We came to get you out of here.
Your friends are really worried about you.
We have to get out of here.
The Carnages are out of control.
Not anymore.
The Carnage Queen is in complete control.
Carnage is order.
Another one of my friends has been drawn into my fight.
Flash, Harry, Miles, even Aunt May.
Now MJ's turned into a a something.
Oh, it's official.
Being friends with me is the most dangerous thing you can do.
Are you the ones angering my pets? Mary Jane, I know you're in there.
You've gotta fight this.
Harry was able to conquer his symbiote, and you can too.
(GRUNTING) I am not just another symbiote.
(GROWLS) (GRUNTS) (YELLS) (GRUNTS) (GROWLS) Huh? There you are.
My masterpiece.
Do you recognize me? I am your creator, Dr.
Michael Morbius.
Your host body had contact with Venom, Anti-Venom, and Carnage, making you the perfect vessel for the Queen.
I am not a creation.
I am a creator.
Attack all the intruders! All the intruders? You should know, we're not with that guy.
No one will survive my wrath.
(GRUNTING) Not sure how to tell her, but I'm not really into Mary Jane's new look.
- I kind of like it.
- BOTH: Huh? What? I don't want her to be the Carnage Queen.
It's just a cool look.
I like what I like.
(GRUNTS) We all know Mary Jane's got a will of iron.
If we can somehow reach her inside the Carnage Queen, we have a chance.
Relying on "ifs," Spider-Man? That is why you fail where I succeed.
(GRUNTS) (SHRIEKS) I thought you'd be uncontrollable, so of course I have a contingency.
What is your bidding? Huh? Subdue our tormentors.
Mary Jane, stop! Mary Jane, you can fight this.
There is no Mary Jane.
Only the Carnage Queen.
(YELLS) Aah! You cannot take away my weapons.
I am a weapon.
(YELLS) Where do you think you're going? Aah! Quit hogging the remote! I hope this works.
MJ, uh, Carnage Queen? (SCREAMS) What is your bidding? I command you to leave Mary Jane Watson's body.
You fool.
The pair are bonded for life.
Not even a direct command could tear them apart.
Bring me Spider-Man.
(YELLING) No, Mary Jane! I don't want to hurt you.
(YELLS) You can't.
The SHIELD base.
CROSSBONES: Hidden under Midtown High.
You think we didn't know about this place? And what Fury stored here? Is this the part where you do the villain-gloating thing? (SCOFFS) Who am I, Doc Ock? Spilling my plans, giving you a chance to escape? Not my style.
(SCREAMS, GRUNTS) COMPUTER: Identify, SHIELD student instructor, Spider-Man.
Access granted.
No! No granting! Computer, shut down! Give me some credit, Spider-Man.
As if I wouldn't disable voice recognition.
Everything is now live.
Hail Hydra.
SPIDER-MAN: The old Hydra missiles SHIELD confiscated? (SCOFFS) Joke's on you, Morby.
Those were disarmed decades ago.
Now rearmed, with Carnage drones.
Our global Carnage campaign will secure the planet for Hydra.
Ah, there we go.
That's the villain-gloating I was looking for.
We got what we needed from Spider-Man.
That's your cue, Morbius.
My Queen, destroy Spider-Man.
Look, Queenie, you don't like being told what to do.
I can see that.
Your host, Mary Jane, she's the same way.
Maybe if you work together The Queen obeys for as long as she wears the crown.
What are you waiting for? I command you! Attack! (GROANS, GRUNTS) Thanks for the hint, MJ.
Huh? Aah! (GRUNTS) (GROANS) No one controls me.
No! This isn't according to my plan.
If you think you can reason with this thing, you're a bigger fool than Doc Ock ever was.
Hydra, the missiles are launching.
I'm sorry to do this, my creation, but you give me no choice.
(LAUGHING) Draining the life from me? I am not life.
I am Carnage! What? (GROANING) How can you (GRUNTING) (BOTH GRUNT) Thanks.
That was getting awkward.
(BOTH GRUNT) Huh? You also tried to control me.
- A fatal mistake.
- (SCREAMS) Whoa! MJ, fight it.
It's not working, Spidey.
There's only one way out of this.
If I can get enough power to my repulsor That'll destroy her.
There's gotta be another way.
You of anyone should know that, Harry.
I do.
MJ, it's me, Harry Osborn.
When I was in the Anti-Venom coma, you never gave up on me.
- Huh? - I'm not giving up on you.
- Come back to us.
- What are you doing? Are you crazy? She needs to know her friends want her back.
Just like I did.
We can do for her what Spider-Man did for me.
Destroy them.
Okay, guess we're doing this.
MJ, it's Flash Thompson.
I know you remember me 'cause everyone remembers me.
(GRUNTS) I was MVP three years in a row.
It's Peter.
I'm one of your best friends, and I miss you.
(GRUNTING) I know you're in there.
Come back to us.
Guys? Is it really you? Yes.
But we can't stop Carnage.
Only you can.
You helped an entire city escape pure chaos.
Now you have to destroy Carnage once and for all.
But I know you well enough to say, you've got this, Mary Jane.
(YELLING) (GRUNTS) Mary Jane! (GRUNTS) MJ! MJ, talk to me! Oh, please, say something! (GROANS) You guys started a superhero club without me? Jerks.
(BEEPING) Oh, no! I gotta stop the (POWERING DOWN) missiles? Flash? What? I'm a SHIELD agent, too, remember? Midtown Marauders rule! Yeah, I didn't exactly mention that the advanced science immersion school I went to was SHIELD.
You think I didn't know something was up? I am studying to be a reporter.
I never wanted to hide the truth from you, but I was worried if my identity got out, my enemies would go after the people closest to me.
Like you.
Don't worry about it, tiger.
- I can handle myself.
- And then some.
You're the only way people got to safety during the Carnage outbreak.
I like to help out.
Looks like that's something we have in common.
Speaking of which, there's a city to clean up.
I better get back to it.
It's really great to see you again.
Let's do it more often.
(GRUNTING) How's MJ? She's a lot tougher than I realized.
All your friends are.
That's a good thing.
Since just knowing me is a liability.
You've got it all wrong, Spidey.
Knowing you, that's part of what makes us heroes.
So what's next? Let's go get this city back together.