Ultimate Spider-Man (2011) s04e16 Episode Script

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 1

VOICE: Round one! Fight! I'm gonna totally de-Morales-ize you.
(CHUCKLES) There is no universe where you beat me at this game.
I don't know.
I've seen some pretty strange universes.
The dude here about to get schooled by my gaming skills Miles Morales, a Spider-Man from another universe.
He helped save our world, but in the process, shattered the gizmo that made dimensional travel possible.
The Siege Perilous.
So Miles is kind of stranded here.
I promised I'd get him back home.
Well, I'm still working on that.
(PIG SNORTING) - Did you get a new ringtone? - (SNORTING CONTINUES) Or buy a pig? You really think I would buy a farm animal? I never know with you.
(SNORTING CONTINUES) Unless Aunt May's starting a farm and didn't tell me.
That's odd.
(YELLS AND SNORTS) Spider-Ham? What are you doing in Aunt May's closet? Spider-Monkey.
What's her closet doing around me? Why aren't you in your own weird little alternate universe? "Weird"? Wait.
What's a universe? - (CLICKING) - MAN: Egads! Spyder-Knight? Alas! Friend Spider-Man! By what sorcery doth small ceiling torch shine forth? It's called a light bulb? A bulb of light? What an ingenious incantation.
WOMAN: What? Where am I? Mom? Miles? Mom! Mom! These paintings are very lifelike.
Who is the artist? Okay, that's gotta be the limit on weirdness that can happen in a day.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) - Huh? - (GROWLS) - Whoa! - (SCREAMS) (GRUNTING) Wrong! It can always get weirder! (SCREAMING) - Miles! - (GRUNTING) A little help with this Irrationally angry whatever this thing is! (YELLS) Ki-yah! Spider, you okay? Other than being attacked by a monster in my aunt's house? Fine.
So, I don't suppose you being here is just a coincidence.
There is no such thing as coincidence.
Nick Fury sent me to get you Both of you.
We do not have a moment to spare.
K'un-Lun, a secret city in the Himalayas.
Land of mysticism and home of Iron Fist.
Move it, Web Warriors.
We've got work to do.
(SCREAMS) (SCREECHES) You picked the wrong day to mess with me, ugly.
(GRUNTS) So, something tells me you might know what's going on here, Fury.
We'll have a debriefing.
(GRUNTS) (GROANS) - Debrief away! Anytime! - It's complicated, Spider-Man.
Strange! That's an understatement.
I said get over here, Strange.
We have a level-three incursion on our hands.
Oh, Dr.
By the Grimoire of D'Amour, I cast the cosmic healing of Cenobus! Iron Fist and Dr.
Strange? What could be this serious? - Leave the Gamma Spiders.
- "Gamma Spiders"? K'un-Lun stands at the border between realities.
That's why it's easier for them to infiltrate our universe at this location.
- Those things are from another universe? - Yeah, remember Madame Web? SPIDER-MAN: The S.
agent who sees all potential futures, yet oddly never plays the lottery? We set up our current operation here.
Which is where you two come in.
- (DOOR OPENS) - We do? (BOTH GRUNT) This is the Web of Realities, Spider-Man, by which I can glimpse into all possibilities and worlds.
Madame Web has summoned you here because great and catastrophic forces are afoot, due to your actions.
What did we do? You shattered the Siege Perilous.
Yeah, to save our world from going kersplooie.
(CHUCKLES) I said, "kersplooie.
" Perhaps so.
But on impact, the shards of the Siege scattered into many dimensions.
Now the fragments are pulling themselves together, bringing along whatever alternate dimension they happen to be in, - smashing them into each other.
- And let me guess.
Universes banging against each other Bad.
Only if you don't want to destroy all of reality.
- Now let's get you prepped.
- For what? To travel between dimensions, Spider-Man.
You are the two that shattered the Siege Perilous across dimensions.
Only the both of you can gather the pieces and bind them back together.
You want us to recover the shards before they destroy everything.
- That one's quick on the uptake.
- Yeah, he Wait.
Is that a dig at me? We pulled this shard out of the ruins of an Inhuman city.
This one will act as a compass, guiding you to the location of the other shards.
- Keep it safe.
- I will use the power of K'un-Lun to join with the consciousness of the infinite and open a portal.
I, too, must use all my magics to help power the web.
You have one chance at this, Spider-Man.
Good luck.
You okay with all this, Miles? Save all of existence, including my mom? Yeah! More than okay.
The light! The light shall cleanse and restore them all! Uh Okay.
Good to know.
- What the what now? - Go.
- This is making me queasy! - Whoa! You get used to it! Huh.
Some kind of New York.
But not nearly as noisy.
Seems nice.
Classy, even.
Iron Fist? Did he get pulled through too? (BOTH GRUNT) Hey, Danny, what (SCREAMS) A vampire? (GROWLING) SPIDER-MAN: Power Man and White Tiger Vampires? Uh, sorry.
Thought you were someone else.
My mistake.
(HISSES) Your last mistake.
(GROWLS) Any chance we can go back home now? (GROWLS) (GRUNTS) I knew I should've carried garlic in my spider suit.
(GRUNTS) Ugh! (GRUNTS) A vampire in New York? And I thought people were rude where we were from.
Let's make like the Invisible Man and disappear.
Easier said than done.
(ALL GRUNTING) Are all the heroes in New York bloodsucking fiends now? (GRUNTING) They're about to be.
(HISSING) (ALL GRUNTING) We'd invite you all out for a bite to eat, but something tells me you're on a liquid diet.
(ALL GRUNTING) No! Not the Blood Spider! Did you expect someone else, Iron Fang? (GRUNTING) Stop! Even if they're vampires, those are my friends Kind of.
I won't let you destroy them.
"Destroy them"? I wish.
I dust them every night.
They just re-spawn later.
I don't know who you are, but they were my friends and teammates.
Now they're the most powerful vampires in the city.
(GRUNTING) The Master will have you.
- Maybe someday - (GRUNTS) But not tonight.
That's over.
Now, who are you? I'm not all that sure it's over.
(HISSING) (GRUNTS) Flash grenade.
It'll blind them temporarily.
- (GRUNTS) - Follow me.
(HISSING AND GROWLING) So, you're the Spider-Man here? I was.
They've given me the name Blood Spider, 'cause they want to feed on me.
I'm the last superhero in Manhattan.
But who are you, and why do you have my powers? I'm Spider-Man, too.
We both are, but from different universes.
I know.
It sounds strange.
Well, I've had to believe some strange things in recent days.
- This way.
- No.
This way.
How do you know where to go? This is not your world.
Yeah, you're not gonna believe this, but to make a long story short, we need to find another piece of this.
It's called the Siege Perilous, and it Well, it's kind of science-y.
Let me guess.
That shard has quantum properties, and it's searching for the missing piece of itself.
We have science here, too.
Lead on.
Curious to see what this Siege thing can do.
SPIDER-MAN: So, have vampires always been a thing here? - They're not in your universe? - Not like this.
(GRUNTS) We've had them for eons, but it's only since the Lizard King forced all the vampire factions under his rule that they became so powerful.
So they took over the city.
Half the planet, and spreading.
If sunlight didn't stop them, they'd be in complete control.
Did you say "Lizard"? The Lizard in my world was tough, but now he's just a friendly scientist.
I can't imagine what he'd be like as a scaly Victorian vampire.
(ALL GRUNT) I think we're here.
Thank you for bringing more food.
That's the Wolf, Lizard's new hunter.
He's made this whole surviving thing more difficult.
I gave at the blood bank.
I'll handle these.
Get them! Drain them! (GRUNTING) (HISSING) No! Uh-oh.
Not even gross.
Not even gross.
Yes! (GRUNTS) (ALL GROANING) (GROWLS) Whoa! I guess the shards act differently in this dimension.
Cool! Ugh! Also, ew! What did I stick my hand into? Feels gross and (SNIFFS) Oh! I don't wanna know.
We have to go before they regroup.
(SQUEAKING) How did you induce the shard to illuminate in that manner? When I held it up, it seemed to create something we all know destroys vampires Sunlight.
May I? Scientific curiosity.
If I could create my own sunlight, I could eliminate the vampires' reign once and for all with this.
Destroying them forever? Not an option.
Those are innocent people.
Uh, you do know that "vampire" means they're already dead, right? We don't know that.
It could just be a virus or something here.
Permanent end is not how we roll.
Besides, some of those vamps were our friends.
There must be some way to help them.
I'll take that back now.
I'm sorry.
(GRUNTS) (GROANS) I cannot abandon my world, not when there's a chance I can save it! Now what do we do? Blood Spider knows these tunnels too well.
We'll never catch him Is what I would say if I didn't know we still had this.
(GRUNTS) Lizard King, your time has come! (GROWLS) (GRUNTS) (ROARS) (GROWLING) (HISSING) (GRUNTS) (GROWLS) (GROWLING) Here, my master.
(GROWLS) We've been expecting you.
My Wolf here informed me of this strange object and its powers.
An object that destroys my people? It could be more than that.
If it can generate light, maybe there's a way it can drain light as well.
(GROWLS) Then perhaps it could darken the very sun, allowing us to roam freely in the day.
I suspect so, sire.
Certainly with your knowledge of alchemy, you'll be able to repurpose that fragment.
- (STRAINING) - You were right.
My time has come, and yours has ended! (ROARING) No! (GRUNTS) (GROWLING) (HISSING) Probably should have thought this one out a little better.
(GRUNTING) Let Blood Spider go! - Or what? - Or this! (GROWLS) Get them! (GROWLS) (GRUNTING) So, Blood Spider, how's stealing the shard working out for you? I thought I could end it all, but instead I've put cosmic power in the hands of the Lizard! (YELLING) (HISSING) (GRUNTING) (HISSING) (YELLS) (SCREAMS) (ALL HISSING) Finish them, while I finally claim this world in our name.
(YELLS) (GRUNTS) (GROWLS) (HISSING) (GRUNTING) This isn't a blood drive.
Back off! (GROWLING) (GRUNTS) Huh? (GROWLING) That vamp! It turned human for a second! (GRUNTS) (SCREAMS) The shard! See? This vampirism is a virus, which means they can be cured.
I need a vampire blood sample to test on.
There's too many.
(HISSING) Did you hear me? We can save them! Did you hear me? I do not want you to perish as well.
(GRUNTING) Darkness.
(GROWLING SOFTLY) It is as you suspected, my Wolf.
And now, the crowning stroke.
(GROWLS) (ALL GRUNT) Is it my imagination, or is the sun getting Darker? The Lizard's shard.
And we didn't even get the vampire blood samples you needed.
Yes, we did.
In a few minutes, I'll be your sample.
I've been bitten.
- KID ARACHNID: Is this a lab or an armory? - Both.
Before I became a full-time vampire hunter, this was my lab.
(GROANS) The change is almost complete.
Web me up, now.
(GRUNTING) Now for that sample.
Want to know something ironic? I hate the sight of blood.
The shard changes the vampire blood back to normal, but only temporarily.
What was that thing Madame Web said? "The light shall cleanse and restore them.
" (SCREAMING) That's an ultraviolet lamp for disinfecting rooms.
But exposure to skin does cause an effect similar to Sunburn.
Miles, try the shard together with the light.
Yes! It's a one-two combo! Contact with the shard and UV light.
Oh, problem is, the shard's not big enough to cure everyone.
I think I know how to solve that problem.
- (WHIRRING) - Okay.
I hope this works.
(SCREAMING) Oh, yeah! Mission successful.
Too long have we suffered under the tyranny of daylight.
No more! Soon, we will rule the planet.
For I bring you now eternal night! SPIDER-MAN: You know what, Lizzy? Yah! You need to lighten up.
(GRUNTS) SPIDER-MAN: We don't want to hurt you guys.
(GRUNTING) (GROWLING) To me, my subjects! Vanquish them! (HISSING) (GRUNTING) (GROANS) Yah! (GROWLS) (GRUNTS) (GROWLS) (STRAINING) What do you say now, whelp? Spider-Man! (GRUNTS) You're gonna get it, Lizzy! (SCREAMING) (ALL GRUNT) (SCREAMING) (GASPS) (ALL SCREAMING) (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) (SCREAMS) KID ARACHNID: The cure's working! Blast it wide, Spidey! (HISSING AND GROANING) (ALL GASP) (GRUNTS) Huh? You made us human again.
I do not know what to say.
As long as you're not hissing at me, anything you say is fine.
I was ready to give up, Spider-Man, to destroy my friends, but you proved to me that there was another way.
A better way.
No matter how dark it gets, Blood Spider, you can't ever lose faith in your friends.
Sometimes they're all you've got.
Thank you for showing me that, Spider (SCREAMS) (GRUNTS) (GRUNTING) (GROANS) Finally, the shard is mine! - Don't even think about it.
- What? I definitely blasted you.
You should be cured.
Cured? I'm not a vampire.
On my world, I'm called the Wolf Spider.
(YELLS) Spider powers? You didn't think you were the only ones traveling the dimensions, hunting down the shards of the Siege Perilous, did you? Well, I did till just now.
We can work together, save the universes.
Save them? I'm going to rule them.
Now, you two have something I need.
- That other shard is mine, Peter Parker.
- (BONES CRACK) How do you know my name? (YELLS) - Whoa! - (GRUNTS) You will not escape! The shard's glowing! I take it this is our cue? Less questions, more portals! (GRUNTING) (YELLS) We don't only take down vampires, you realize.
I'll waste my time in this world no longer.
We didn't even get the shard.
No one told us there'd be another Spider looking for it.
One thing's for certain This trip just got a lot more complicated.