Ultraviolet (2017) s02e11 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 11

[metal clanking.]
[knights marching.]
[shields rustling.]
[all clamoring.]
- Ola? - Antoni, right? - Yes.
- Okay, then jump in.
- Will it fit? - Of course.
Everything will fit here.
- Do you need help? - Take the shield.
- Please.
- [Ola.]
I'll take the helmet.
- Okay? - Yes.
Let's go.
- [Ola.]
You're in a hurry, right? - Pretty much.
Just out of curiosity, are you going to some kind of crusade? Can you go a little faster? I'm already late for the battle.
I'm taking part in reenactments.
So you're an actor? We record all of it, we have scripts, but believe me, it is not acting.
I beg you, go a little faster.
- Okay.
I'm doing my best.
But you know - I know.
On the other hand, it's a pity we have so little time.
[crowd clamoring.]
Stop! Stop! [man.]
One participant of the reenactment was probably hit with a sword.
He died at the scene, due to his injuries.
The police are investigating the circumstances of his death.
It's hard to believe he died accidentally during a reenactment.
I took a client there today.
Dariusz Lewandowski was the chairperson of the reprivatization committee.
This controversial committee, an object of attacks by politicians, lost its chairperson and charismatic leader.
Reprivatization, a tenement house That smells like Ilona from miles away.
- Ola, I know it hurts, but you can't - Be quiet.
The committee says that reprivatization was deeply corrupt.
Time and investigation will show us what will happen next.
For the time being, Lewandowski will be replaced by Ilona Serafin.
I just said that.
Ola, calm down.
I'm calm, I'm very calm, Henryk.
But this horrid woman killed my brother, uncle, and she's going to kill anyone who will try to stop her.
I bet she was involved in it.
How do you make it louder? Let me do that.
to the question: who stabbed Dariusz Lewandowski to death? [theme song plays.]
- Ultraviolet? - Yes.
Very interesting, but I'm not sure that we can behave like we're police.
But it's me doing this, not you.
We need your materials.
GoPro camera, the battle plan, everything.
We? Wait a minute.
[phone chimes.]
Hello, hey.
This is Antoni from the battlefield.
I mentioned him.
- Hello.
- Hey.
If you need it, I have a lot of footage from different cameras.
I will be in Lodz at my friend's, who has great equipment for video analysis.
So send what you got.
We find the murder, and he gets us to Ilona.
- Ola.
- What? We don't know if it was or wasn't an accident.
I know you see connections, but Wait, wait, wait.
There are connections.
That's a fact.
Who's Ilona? The woman who killed my brother, my uncle, and your friend.
Ola, calm down, we don't know that.
Stop calming me down! My brother, my father's brother, the tenement house that Ilona wanted to take over.
You forgot all of that? And Dariusz? First of all we, have to find out how Dariusz died.
Dariusz was the noblest.
Like a real knight from the past.
- His oath - What oath? The knights' code, which we all swear.
Most of us treat it as a joke, but he he really followed it.
It was sacred for him.
Each knight is required to follow these values in their lives.
At least I think so.
What values? Honor, obedience, self-discipline, fairness, loyalty.
Jeez, where did you come from? Everybody thinks it's old-fashioned, and that there is no chance to uphold these values in real life.
But he did it.
Okay, we're going to check the battlefield.
- It's very hard.
- Right.
I can imagine - Listen - Hmm? Wait for me and I will talk with them.
Kuba! We have to go.
Beata, please.
What do you know? Almost nothing.
Adult guys are dressing up and pretending they are fighting.
I'm not so sure they're pretending.
- Ola, that could be an accident.
- Yeah, right.
Kuba, we have to go.
By accident, a guy who uncovered some reprivatization scams dies.
And also by accident, Ilona replaces him on the committee.
- Ilona? Your sister-in-law? - Yes.
- I get it.
- No, don't tell me that I'm telling you to let us do our job.
- [Beata.]
Kuba! - Coming! The whole world is not trying to trick you.
If it was a homicide, we will find out.
Ultraviolet? - Yes, hi, I'm Ola.
- We checked you out pretty thoroughly.
We respect your actions.
Are you using the Internet? The knights? Yes, and we feel that you'll find the truth.
- Uh-huh.
- Want to look for the truth? We will help you.
The truth will always win.
- Although there are obstacles everywhere.
- That's right.
Why do you need these swords? We gathered here to make an oath that we as the brotherhood will do what we can to find out who killed Dariusz.
We will find out who killed Dariusz.
And I need a list of people who took part in the battle.
Have you got that? We organized the battle this year.
I will send the list to you.
And the script.
Yeah, the script! So everything is planned? - Right? - Each move, each detail.
We have to be real, precise.
We have to do it as it was done in the past.
Each move is planned? Really? Is there any choreography? Maybe not every move, but there is choreography.
For example, we know who will fight against each other.
So that means If you know who you will fight against, and all of this is planned, then mistakes happen very rarely.
But they happen.
Bravado takes over.
There are injuries, breaks.
- You know, arms, legs - I know, I know.
It's very rare, but these injuries are acceptable.
There is always an ambulance.
Just in case.
Uh - Did someone die before? - No.
We swear.
To uncover the truth, and help bring it to light.
We swear.
Okay, I also swear.
We have almost everything they recorded, and they recorded almost everything.
Mieszko, thanks for allowing me to stay here.
Okay, give it to me.
It will take ages with your old equipment.
[Mieszko hums.]
I'll show you something.
- What? That guy's death? - No.
Not yet.
Everybody follows a plan.
We got the script.
Did you see that? I'm not sure What? Okay.
Once again.
And look, here.
Here! Did you catch that? You have an eye, hands down.
Fuck! - How is that possible? - The guy does not exist on the Internet.
It's not possible.
Regina, what are you doing? Wait, shampoos.
No Facebook, no Twitter, no friends, nothing, null.
He's a politician, so it's impossible he does not exist on the Internet.
How would he contact his voters? [man.]
A good, righteous, and noble man.
It seems he died by accident while doing what he really loved.
Incredible hobby or maybe something more? Maybe his value system did not match our times? Everywhere the same.
A noble, righteous man.
Generally the best sort.
Like Ola.
Ilona killed her brother.
It has to be really hard to move on.
What was he like? Noble.
The first thing that comes to my mind.
Did you often work with him? Pretty often.
I really liked talking to him.
He was just a good man.
Par excellence.
I even thought that I would miss him when we move out.
What move? I got an offer in Warsaw.
Kuba also submitted an application.
We are moving out.
Didn't he mention? I can't imagine what will happen with the committee.
It makes no sense without him.
And Listen Did you know that Dariusz had this kind of a hobby? Knights? It was his passion, not a hobby.
He really tried to live according to these rules.
People say that if we don't know what the deal is, then the deal is money.
But that was not the case.
Dariusz wasn't like that.
Money meant nothing to him.
- Not bad.
- Not bad? It's amazing.
If they have so much film, they must have caught the murder.
This has to be him.
How did he get enrolled? They say they check everything.
This has to be a scum.
- Ola, I need - Be quiet.
- We need everything they have.
- Okay.
Hurry up your squires.
And make them send the list of people from the battle.
Dariusz died because of the reprivatization committee.
And now you have to, as soon as possible, provide me with all the materials, and you have to tell me who the White Eagle is.
I'd never come up with something like that.
It's an unworthy trick.
I totally agree.
But listen to me You have to do something, because you didn't give me everything.
There has to be more.
- Milady? - Yes? Dariusz was not only a friend, he was also our brother.
A noble man should not die due to a trick in an unjust fight.
I totally agree.
That's why we have to uncover that bastard.
Ola, respect all human beings.
I know, but these are your rules, not mine.
I do not respect murderers.
Did Dariusz say anything about his work? No.
Uh Ilona Serafin.
Do you know her? Did he mention her? No.
Um Any ideas about the identity of the White Eagle knight? Okay.
Any friends of Dariusz, family, girlfriend? Every knight has their own network.
Heir, squire, cook, - tailor, armorer.
- Armorer, those people are like family.
Sometimes even more.
For example, my family Keep love in your heart.
Natan, remember that.
I don't get something.
Dariusz had his own cook, squire, armorer? His armorer, Drog, is a very important person.
I'm not sure he will want talk to you.
Dariusz totally trusted him.
Give me his contact info.
Where does he live, where is he now? HQ is taking over the knight's case.
What? Twenty-four hours ago, it was an accident at some freakshow, and now HQ takes over? Kuba, you know who he was and what he did.
Unfortunately, politics takes precedence.
And he messed up a little.
No compromises.
He shit on everything.
So if it wasn't an accident, they want the case.
He had something on everybody.
Okay, but it's our city, our case.
Doesn't that apply here? Fuck! [Ola, whispering.]
One, two, three.
None of them were here.
They knew the address, just in case.
These knights tell you everything? They are cool.
Awkward, but noble.
Nice armor.
- What? - Here.
Ola, come.
- You know what? - What? Maybe he was a monk in his previous life, as all of this is so - What? - So clean, right? - No dust at all.
- Mm-hmm.
There is a computer.
Wait a minute.
Do you know the password? What are you talking about? Try I don't know - Zawisza the Black.
- Why? Because that is the only knight I know.
What is that Wrong.
- Listen up.
- What? "Respect every human being.
Always keep love in your heart.
Your lips and heart should speak the truth.
Protect goodness and righteousness against evil and injustice.
Be faithful to the given word.
Eliminate impetuosity.
" The tenth is for me.
"Do not exercise your anger with unreasonable action.
" - Nice.
- Yeah.
I think it's their oath or something.
Those knights I know use similar phrases.
- I like it.
- Yeah? Ilona would like it less.
She uses a different moral code.
[rustling at door.]
- [exclaims.]
- [clattering at door.]
Seriously? - Did you hear it? - Close the door.
How could they forget the computer? I can't imagine.
That fucking officer.
- They sucked.
- Stop complaining, okay? I will stop when we leave this shitty city.
[Henryk whispering indistinctly.]
- Who are these guys? - Police? But not from here.
- Shit, we should have taken the computer.
- We were investigating, not stealing.
- One more, wait, one more.
- [camera snapping.]
And? Where is Ilona? - No news on a promotion.
- Ola, take it easy.
Don't go too far.
All of these are connected.
We have to find out what Dariusz knew that caused Ilona to want him dead.
Watch out, I'm sending a photo.
There is no Dariusz on the Internet at all.
There are some articles, but there are no personal accounts.
Maybe he really came from medieval times.
He might be a genius or a paranoid guy, or he lead an analog life.
- He was.
- But he has a computer.
He used it.
I have to talk to these three knights.
Girls, can you find some info on them? Listen, I think I found something.
I checked changes in Google Docs where they write their lists.
One name appears twice, and the digital footprint is checked twice.
It could be a mistake, but not now, I guess.
- Yo, team, are you sitting? - We're standing.
Your knights did a great job.
And here.
Fuck! [Piast.]
Accident? I don't think so.
Rather, cold-blooded murder.
Anyway, we have it.
- We have it.
We have it.
- We have it.
- Are you driving? - Yes.
- You? - Yes.
Did Waldek say something? Did HQ agree? No answer yet.
But you asked him? Hey.
What was the agreement? Sorry.
Okay, you know I think you shouldn't work for the police.
You could do many cooler things in Warsaw.
But I don't want to do many cooler things in Warsaw.
- Do you want to go with me at all? - [phone buzzes.]
- Sorry.
- [buzzing.]
Yes? Two robots at Dariusz's house.
They looked alike.
I didn't know them.
- Who are they? - I know.
They're experts from Warsaw.
It's not our case anymore.
HQ took it over.
- What? - They took the case.
Ola, I can't talk right now.
Tell Piast that the video is cool.
And find out who the White Eagle is.
Before those robots get him.
What? [gasps.]
Private area.
You're trespassing.
I want to talk about Dariusz.
Press? No.
Police? No.
How can you think so? No.
I I'm looking for the truth.
I I want my heart to speak the truth.
- And what more? - What do you mean? From the code? Uh Be faithful to the given word.
And? And Keep love in your heart.
- You have a pure heart.
- Yes, I do.
Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.
I do.
[Ola chuckles.]
I do.
You don't have to mock yourself.
You're allowed to be serious.
Who is the White Eagle? I don't know.
But I will try to find out.
Has Dariusz ever mentioned Ilona Serafin? I'll give you all the documents Dariusz left me.
That is the only copy.
The only one.
It is known that a proud man, guided by his honor needs respect.
To deserve that respect, he lives his life following the sacred rules of knights.
Am I totally crazy? Armor, to protect the weak and to warn the unjust.
I can't believe this is happening.
Piast, open up.
No way.
Are you crazy? It's not my fault, Mieszko doesn't allow anybody to come in.
Holly smokes.
Tell him that Dobrawa came.
Who? The wife of Mieszko I.
- Are you crazy? - Apparently.
Listen, I have a USB stick with Dariusz's documents.
These are the rules followed by Dariusz.
Do you understand that? Do you respect that? I do.
- What? - Nothing.
Anyway, slide that USB stick under the door.
Holly smokes.
Fuck, they've hacked us! But do you vouch for her? - We don't have time for that.
- Piast, what's up? [knocking at door.]
[door buzzes.]
Hallelujah! Here? Okay.
Let's start from the beginning.
Very precise, the whole system is down.
The moment I connected the stick.
There is nothing on the computer, and the USB stick is burned.
Fuck! I lost everything.
This has never happened to me.
It just doesn't happen to us.
Okay, but who could do that.
Mieszko, do you have any idea? I don't know.
I don't know, but that's It's just Genius.
Some serious talent, for sure.
But this virus wasn't on the USB stick? The stick is just a coincidence.
Just coincidence, the same moment.
And that's a totally different connection.
The attack with different methods.
Got it? Unfortunately, there are other ways.
- Got it? - Yes.
I have just a moment for you.
- What's up? - You have plenty to do, with your move.
You're moving to Warsaw, right? It sort of happened.
What's up? Someone hacked us.
We lost everything.
Piast is devastated.
Did you report that? No, of course not.
But we have talked a lot.
And those materials You saw them.
Why did you give it back? We didn't.
Waldek gave us tacit permission.
Nobody likes when someone else enters their house.
But they tell us nothing.
She keeps them on a lead.
- Who is "she"? - Ilona.
- Ola - Why did they take the case from you? Maybe here in Lodz she doesn't control all the police, but in Warsaw she does.
- In my opinion - Analyze me later, okay? What did you manage to find out in Dariusz's case? I checked all the guys related to this knight stuff.
And? I found out that the armor of the White Eagle was stolen.
The guy from whom it was stolen said that he reported it, so it will be in our records.
Some information or something.
That's all.
Can you give me his contact? I wanted to sell this armor.
It was too heavy for me.
I put it up for 50,000, but there was only one person interested.
- Is it a lot for that kind of armor? - I don't know.
Fair price, I guess.
The interested guy came, saw it, complained about the price, and two days later, it's gone.
Then I saw a video on the Internet.
Someone was fighting in my armor.
I was totally astonished.
And who was the one who came to buy it? A big, boorish, lisping guy.
Okay, I don't know how we got started talking about that suit of armor.
You would like to buy insurance, right? You know, not really.
- Maybe next time.
- Really? No? - Maybe some other time.
- Maybe you would? [twins chuckle.]
- Goodbye.
- [twins.]
Your shampoos.
Shampoos and a dress.
Maybe we should prepare a special episode on medieval care.
- [overlapping chatter.]
- [woman.]
Please, calm down.
It was an incredible tragedy for all of us.
The committee was doing great work.
This tragic accident ruined a lot of plans.
Good morning.
My name is Ilona Serafin.
And I will do my best to help the reprivatization committee.
I am honored that I may be part of a case so important to our country.
Justice and pursuit of the truth I can't listen to that.
[TV powers off.]
Ola, I know you're right, but you must cut yourself off.
But how? We will get Ilona when we find out who killed Dariusz.
It's important.
We have to focus on that.
We have a description of the guy who stole the armor.
Tall, rude, and lisping.
You have something at least.
I still have nothing.
And Mieszko is looking for those hackers on the dark web.
And nothing.
I think I've got something.
Look closely.
Maybe I'm crazy.
I watched it 200 times.
Look! I think I've been sick lately.
They hacked me, and I didn't even notice.
What a shame.
But Piast, come on, we got it.
We may get DNA of the killer.
We just have to find that knight.
Yeah, but we have to check all the ERs in Lodz and the vicinity.
And who is that knight? The Black Bear.
Please, are they living in the Wild West? Well, that's his coat of arms.
Maybe he calls himself the Knight of Black Bear's Lair? Anyway, the coat of arms is pretty distinctive.
- Okay, I'm calling Antoni.
- Mm-hmm.
We have a lot in common, you know? Your group and mine.
Our values are the same, as a matter of fact.
You're right.
I talked to Drog.
And? He's wonderful, right? Yeah Right Yes.
But you know, we lost his most valuable evidence when were hacked.
And that is why you don't call him? Did he ask you about that? He asked about you.
I told him about the hackers, but you should call him.
Or go there.
Okay, I will do that.
Of course I told the police that the White Eagle did not follow the script, that he was a stranger and was sneaky.
And what did the police say? Nothing.
They even didn't record that.
I was talking to two strange guys.
I can't imagine how someone could kill someone in front of everybody.
Tell me, those battles are pretty aggressive, right? There is no aggression.
There is respect to tradition and culture.
There may be some emotions in the heat of battle.
- [Ola.]
- People don't get it at all.
It's not just waving a sword for an adrenaline rush.
There are more important values, like devotion, honor, respect, friendship.
Your heart should speak the truth.
That's the only way.
That code is not so bad.
In my opinion.
Yeah, there is no aggression in our fights, but I couldn't stop myself.
Do what you need.
[phone chiming.]
- Yes? What's up? - [Kuba.]
They've arrested him.
- Who? - The White Eagle.
The robots.
From Warsaw.
Here you will find the DNA of the killer, probably.
We will check it, but at night.
We don't want them to take it all.
What do you mean? The Warsaw officers are leaving.
They're closing the case.
Everybody is waiting for them to go.
Waldemar first.
- Kuba, wait - Okay, Ola, I know.
There's no trace of Ilona in the case.
We are working on that.
- Exactly.
- We are working on that.
I will check that.
I will get proof soon that she killed my brother.
You can't let revenge be your only drive.
- Yes, I can.
Revenge is very good.
- No.
Reflection is good.
And do you feel anything? - Yes, but I keep it in check.
- Me too.
All of it? That is a very personal question.
Of course.
Can't I? I don't know.
Not now.
This is an important battle for me.
Did you know that it's better to fight when you have someone at your side? - Someone with a shield or - I know.
But this is It's more of a duel.
One on one.
Do you understand what I mean? Mmm.
So when you win you know where to find me.
I will win.
Dariusz Lewandowski's investigations were Excuse me.
Dariusz Lewandowski's investigations have been suspended.
There is no evidence.
Everything he did or discovered Unfortunately, he did not pass any of it on to anybody.
So there is nothing.
I assure you that I will do my best to complete his awe-inspiring search for the truth.
I also guarantee that we will investigate each suspicious transaction.
And we will check all tenement houses, guided by the welfare of their residents.
I will always help you, but - Can I tell you something? - Sure.
I think you're obsessed with Ilona.
Seriously, and that is destroying you.
Whatever we do Ola! This will not give you your brother back.
Besides, I don't see the connection with Dariusz's case.
Dariusz's case is very closely related to my brother's death.
How? Maciek had rights to that tenement house.
Maybe he didn't agree to her taking it, and that's why she killed him.
Then she wanted to take it over through my father's brother, Daniel.
He did not agree as well.
She killed him too.
Now Dariusz.
He found out and had to die too.
That's what I'm saying.
But I still don't know what we are doing here.
Ewa mentioned Dariusz had a whistle-blower.
Maybe someone from here.
I will trust your intuition.
Do you know this guy? My favorite one.
Hey, do you know him? No? Of course not.
- Good morning.
Do you know him? - No.
- No.
- Oh.
Jacek has a daughter, but he preferred to be quiet and go to prison.
You mentioned during the interview that seemed to be all he cared about.
Maybe that was the reason why he didn't want to talk? So Jacek was the whistle-blower who provided information to Dariusz.
- Ola, let's go.
- Right? I guess so.
No? I don't know.
- I will start and then - No.
What? No.
I will go alone.
Ola, that guy killed Michał.
I know, but I need him.
I can do this.
It'll be fine.
I promise.
I can do it.
It'll be fine.
Dariusz? [Jacek.]
Yes, I met him.
But I wasn't his whistle-blower.
I know a lot.
What do you mean? I can leave whenever I want.
I have a trove of information.
I secured all I know.
That's the only thing keeping me alive.
Me and my daughter.
If Dariusz had published it, we would both be in danger.
We had a deal with Dariusz.
He kept my daughter safe, and I would fill in the blanks.
Connect everything.
He was missing a lot of connections.
And? Find out where Dariusz hid my daughter, keep her safe, and I will tell you everything.
The whole truth about your brother's murder, too.