Ultraviolet (2017) s02e12 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 12

Dariusz! PREVIOUSLY ON Lewandowski was the chairperson of the reprivatization committee.
The reprivatization turned out to be an extremely corrupt process.
For the time being, Lewandowski will be replaced by Ilona Serafin.
The investigation of Dariusz Lewandowski has been halted.
Everything he did and found out Unfortunately, he did not pass any of it on to anybody.
I will give you all the documents that Dariusz left me.
A day ago it was an accident at some freaks' party, and now HQ takes over the case? Unfortunately, the politics take precedence.
Holly smokes.
Accident? I don't think so.
Rather, it was cold-blooded murder.
We had a deal with Darek.
Find out where Darek hid my daughter, make sure she's safe, and I'll tell you everything.
Fuck me! Stop, man.
We've talked about that.
It's crazy.
It's a little child.
A girl.
She's ten years old.
Her father's in prison serving a life sentence.
If we were able to find Jacek's daughter in only a few hours, how much time do you think Ilona's guys will need? How will you know That's her.
She's here.
Hi, honey.
Your father sent us.
You have to come with us.
She's scared.
Hey, listen.
Would you like to be an elephant or a giraffe? I would like to be a giraffe, since they can see more.
Come on.
Open the door.
Yes, come.
Give me your hand.
- Super.
- Hi.
What's with the giraffe? Jacek used to tell her that before bed.
It's a password.
He taught her safety procedure.
He used to be a commando.
Absolutely nobody may know this.
Go on, boss.
I have just talked with Warsaw.
The BSW called.
And? They confirmed what we got.
The DNA on the sword we got from the Ultraviolet guys belongs to their man, Bruno.
- Bingo! - Bullshit.
Bruno and his friend, Olaf, didn't return to Warsaw.
How come? They left Lodz.
HQ has not seen them.
There is no contact with them.
Wait a minute.
The boss of the committee overseeing the city's biggest case of fraud dies, killed by a cop from the capital city, and then what? He disappears? Internal affairs is taking over the case.
They will inform us on the progress.
I was ordered not to inform anybody about what's going on.
That stinks.
They want to hide it.
Officially, you are not allowed to run any investigations.
Hey! Hi! Hello.
That's a must.
I will always recognize you because of that smell.
Kuba, do you want to take this with you? It's fine with me.
You can hang it even in the bedroom.
Ewa, I can't go now.
Darek's case is a mess.
I have to stay.
- I start working in Warsaw in three days.
- I know.
- You submitted your application.
- I know.
- We made a deal.
- Honey, I know, but I just need a few days to finish the case.
Warsaw is not so far away.
- Kuba - Ewa We'll do it like this.
I will do what I have to do, and I will come tomorrow.
We were supposed to go together.
I know that, but what can I do? I told you once.
Do not force yourself.
- Ewa, please.
- No, if you don't want this, it's not a problem, but I do not want another relationship that isn't serious.
Ewa, who said that? This is for real.
No, Waldek is for real, the police station is for real, even Ola is for real, but me? Us? No, it's not for real.
Ewa, fuck, I'm sorry, I work for the police.
I'm a cop.
I'll do what I have to do, and then I'll join you.
Call me when you're there.
We will go for coffee, as old friends.
- See ya.
- You gotta be kidding.
Ewa! Seriously? Ola, fuck! What's up? - We got her.
- Who? Winnie the Pooh.
The girl.
How is that possible? Piast found out that Darek saved a children's center from eviction when some huge developer wanted to buy that area.
They became friends.
We stole data from social welfare, and it turned out that at that center Okay, I don't want to know the details.
What's next? You have to organize one more visit to Jacek.
Jesus, Ola.
Listen, we both know that's the only way.
Listen to me.
It's much deeper than you.
But listen, Jacek is the only person who can finish this.
Do you understand? He has proof of everything.
- Documents, connections.
- And your brother.
Yes, but it's all connected.
Real estates, frauds, murders.
And your brother.
By the way.
Those files on his homicide you gave me I didn't give them to you.
Just borrowed, violating regulations.
I will keep them a little longer.
Ola What are you doing here? You should have stayed away.
No! Sorry, I had no time to buy rolls.
What's the time? Almost 10:00.
Did you find anything? I read a hundred pages on your brother's death, - and there is - Listen, we're going to find something that will be connected to Ilona.
Did you send it to Piast? Listen, I get it, he's a little genius, - but - But you're the city's bravest.
- Are you packed? - No.
- But you said that you and Ewa - Mucha, Jacek Mucha.
Let's focus on him.
I'm going alone, since he needs to trust me.
He doesn't trust you, since you're a cop.
- That's it.
- Why do you trust him? Because he has nothing to lose.
It's not true.
That fucking guy knows that you're obsessed with Ilona, and he wants to win something.
I'm not obsessed.
Ola Just be careful.
- Go.
- Take the keys.
A giraffe.
She picked it herself.
Is she safe? Nobody can find her.
I promise.
You said you have proof about the fraud.
I do.
Then give it to me, please.
This is my lucky charm.
If I lose it, they will kill me and Zosia.
- But she's safe.
- For how long? I will give you everything when I put her in a safe place myself.
What place? My brother lives in the USA.
Zosia knows him.
But I need to prepare everything.
If they stop her at the airport, they can do whatever they want.
That's not the deal we had.
I was to tell you how your brother died.
Did he tell you how he met Ilona? - Something happened? - Let's go.
Ola! Ola, fuck, stop! What did he tell you? That my brother was involved, just like everybody else.
I can't believe that.
A hoax, Mum, his whole life.
That marriage was planned from the very beginning.
She knew Maciek would inherit the tenement house.
She planned it all.
Ola, do you want a drink? Yes, please.
Okay, once again from the beginning.
Jacek said that the mob faked the inheritance documents, right? Then they removed tenants and And that way they got a huge part of the area.
They plan to destroy everything, and create a city within the city.
Our tenement house is in the middle.
That's why she needed Maciek.
But since they forged other docs, why did they need the real heir here? It makes no sense.
Not necessarily.
Most of the buildings they acquired before the war were owned by Jews.
And we all know that most of them died during the war.
Some went abroad.
Heirs could be anywhere in the world.
But nobody was going to do that.
But Ola's grandfather He survived the war, had two sons.
Any court in Poland could check that.
That's exactly what Jacek said.
And Maciek? What did he say about him? That Maciek knew about that, and that he was involved.
That there was so much money to earn that That even a saint would go for it.
And that it was not Ilona who shot Maciek.
I don't believe that.
Why would he lie? Not lie, but maybe he doesn't know everything.
Ilona called Jacek when Maciek died, so Jacek helped her clean the flat, prepare it for the police.
When Jacek came, Ilona was alone, but earlier there was someone there, and that person shot Maciek.
- Who? - He doesn't know.
Ilona told him it would be better if he didn't know.
He doesn't know that.
I promise you, Mum, I will get her.
It's We're very close.
Jesus Christ.
What? Jesus Christ.
Can you stop always promising me everything? Can you start thinking? Think! The case is closed, the investigation is finished.
There is no proof.
And you're going to prove that she killed him? Think! - Think! - Calm down.
Take it easy.
We can try to prove something else.
Which is? It's been a while since we met, right? I'm sorry.
The reprivatization committee started its proceedings today with its new chairperson, Ilona Serafin.
The committee interviewed one of the foreign developers, but there were no new facts.
It seems the case has stalled.
Our reporter talked to Ilona Serafin.
The committee has worked for 11 months, but it didn't present charges to anybody.
For me it's also painful.
I will do whatever it takes to change it.
The committee starts its work over.
Unfortunately its previous chairperson, the late Dariusz Lewandowski, did not leave his colleagues any info regarding the investigation, and - Hi.
- Hey.
What's up? Here you are.
- But be quiet.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, Basia.
- Thanks.
Her son was returning from Morocco with a clump of hash in his pocket.
He wants to be a lawyer I thought, "It's not major smuggling.
" The human face of the police? Bravo.
And? Oh, my gosh, Piast, you believe in paper things? I though you were only interested in screens.
These are numbers of mortgage registers, with a list of addresses that were noted over 25 years ago.
I suggest we take ten numbers each.
- Cool? - Fine.
How is Zosia? She's lovely.
She helps put Staś to sleep.
Dawid Rozenberg, born July 5, 1924.
The tenement house at Targowa 12.
Who has him? Hey, I have tasty sandwiches.
- Me, me.
- Here you are.
They just look awful, but they are delicious.
I have him.
Dawid Rozenberg, the will is dated 1998.
Ah, he died in 1974 in Rio De Janeiro.
He was a professor at a university, and they have a note on him detailing the ghetto in Lodz.
That gives us ten.
Ten tenement houses acquired based on false documents.
Piast found that info in just a few minutes.
Did they notice that the wills were signed by dead people? Maybe they didn't want to notice that? And what about Kuba? Did he check those heirs? Anna, please, try them.
Piast? - Yes, please.
- Me too.
Are you sure it's here? What do you want? Marian Kowalczyk? Who is asking? Police.
If this is about that child alimony, I have no money to pay it.
But when I'm back on my feet, be my guest.
Six years ago you sold a tenement house in the city center.
You should have money.
Poor investment decision.
I lent money to some friends.
Be quiet, for Christ's sake.
- Anything else? - Ten years.
You may be sentenced for ten years for being a front man.
I know that if you had any proof, you would not come to discuss over the fence.
Fiona, guard.
And? Listen.
You were right, I guess.
Get used to that.
Go on.
We checked those heirs.
Small flats, ruins.
None of them look rich.
All of them say they spent money fast.
Can't you push them somehow a little? I tried.
But they're not afraid of the police.
Or they're more afraid of someone else.
- Who? - You tell me.
I have to go.
Waldek organized another briefing.
We have a homicide, we have no killer, we can't prove that the wills were forged.
No track of Maciek and Ilona.
In any document.
But there has to be something that connects them all.
There has to be.
All frauds are always connected by a person who certifies documents.
- Bronowicki, Kucharski, Włodarczyk.
- Magiera, Rosłoń.
Sławiński, Bracki, Fabiański.
What's his first name? Harold.
He signed deeds for six tenement houses.
Last one in 2013.
Fuck, Harold was Maciek's best friend.
- He was the best man at their wedding.
- Henryk, well done.
- You could be - Yeah.
And I'm just an unemployed insurance agent.
Harold Bracki, notary public.
Harold! - Ola! Long time! - Hey.
- What's up? - Hey.
Listen, I know everything.
About the wills, about Ilona.
I know they made you sign those documents.
Sorry, I don't know what you're talking about.
Dude, we have no time for that.
You have to help me.
The truth will come out.
Besides, you owe that to Maciek.
The committee did not find any irregularities regarding the purchase of the tenement house and the lot at Piotrkowska 76.
The Budlen Company acquired these rights from the legal heir, Dawid Rozenberg.
Excuse me.
Does the committee know that Dawid Rozenberg wrote his will 23 years after his death? Does the committee know that its chairperson, Ilona Serafin, was involved in taking over these buildings? Mrs.
Serafin, comment please.
These are ridiculous accusations that stem from a grudge against me.
Serafin is my ex-husband's sister, and she believes I'm responsible for his death.
This is nothing personal, but taking over dozens of buildings is a crime.
Please, do not disturb the proceedings.
Can you be more precise? I'm not able to explain it using the proper legal language.
I'm not a lawyer.
But I know one who is willing to talk about that situation in detail.
He is a notary who certified forged contracts on these tenement houses.
His name is Harold Bracki and he's here today.
Maybe the committee would like to hear from him? Harold, come here, please.
Thank you very much.
You were very brave.
If anything is to change in this city, we can't be afraid.
That's correct.
When will you press charges against her? I promise we will investigate what you found out.
Of course, for the time being we will suspend the chairperson.
And if the charges are proved, the committee will punish those guilty.
That was its purpose.
Give us some time, please.
And after the elections, if I win, I would love to see you in my office.
I'm serious.
Lodz needs women like you.
Thank you.
Tenants' rights! After the shocking statement from the reprivatization committee, hundreds of people are gathering in front of City Hall to protest.
- It's all because - It's happening.
explanations by the new chairperson, lona Serafin What's up, Mieszko? I did it.
I tricked that Urugway horse.
You must be kidding.
I'm the king of the world.
You will always be my squire.
They usually are smarter than kings.
But still Our package with the access file was mirrored.
So our Trojan is on his computer? But I can't get there, because Why? He expected us, so he blocked our IP.
Watch out, smart squire! I'm wondering how long it'll stay there.
If he has such a security system, then he will find us in a few minutes.
And when he finds out what we have done, then It will be too late.
Boss, give me your computer.
Is that safe? They won't find out where we are? I mean, the children You will be untraceable.
I promise.
Giraffe what do you see? What's going on? Whoever published it has contacts within the media.
It appeared on every website within the last few hours.
"Credibility of such a witness must be doubted.
Reprivatization fraud is outrageous, but it doesn't mean that the most astonishing conspiracy" "is necessarily true.
" What's that shit? I got you, dick! I managed to get to his computer.
Do you know him? No, as his computer is configured for hacking.
I decoded his connection via the TOR network, but based on the mere IP address, it's impossible to find him.
- Is it possible to find us? - Good question.
Easy, we currently have an IP address from the Dominican Republic.
The Dominican Republic? Really? Dariusz Lewandowski? Yes, that's it.
All the materials collected by Darek.
I have to copy that.
That's it.
Take it.
These are statements from people.
Ilona substituted them as heirs.
They received money for that.
Now I understand why they didn't want to talk to anybody.
Fuck! Aunt Gienia and Aunt Ilona.
Do you know them? Sure.
I was at Aunt Gienia's once.
She has a beautiful garden there.
Zosia, you're great.
You're very brave.
Can you deal with everything a little bit longer? It'll end soon.
- So? - It's pretty cool here.
I like it.
I know, it's a cool place.
High five.
Kuba Szeląg.
Send SMS as I won't check voice messages.
Fuck! Fuck! She won't pick up.
- Don't you know where she might be? - She borrowed my car.
She said she had something to do.
She went to Ilona.
You don't know that.
- Maybe she's with Kuba.
- I know that.
She's my daughter.
I know that when hormones operate, she stops thinking.
I got it.
Who's that? What's up? Where is Ola? I don't know.
May I? Sure.
I'm sorry.
It's not my idea.
I didn't want to someone else to do it.
- Do what? - Arrest you.
One moment, what about me? Good morning.
- May we? - Yes, please.
Good morning.
City police.
Tomasz Malak? - That's me.
- And Huan Nguyen? Yes.
I have to arrest you and take to the prosecutor's office.
Let's go.
I know everything.
About Eugenia, your deal.
You can't run away.
You don't get it.
Yes, you're right.
I don't understand one thing.
Why did you kill Maciek? Are you fucking crazy? I didn't kill anybody.
Just admit it.
Just say it.
Say it.
What are you doing? You're right.
I'm crazy and I'll kill you.
You won't do it.
You know how many times I wanted to do it? To shoot you as you shot him? - But I didn't shoot him.
- Then who? I didn't want him to be involved.
He was supposed to sign some papers and waive his rights to the tenement house.
Then we would have money for the rest of our life.
Tell me that you fucking loved him, and then I swear I will shoot you in your knee, then your head.
Our marriage was planned because of that tenement house.
But I loved him.
You know he was tough, you know that.
But I loved him! If he hadn't snooped around Nobody would've gotten hurt, if he had signed that fucking document and done what Harold asked him.
Who shot him? Tell me! Who? That night That night he came home drunk.
I was with Eugenia.
He told her that he would tell the press everything.
And that it was the end for her.
She She killed him.
- You're lying.
I don't believe you.
- It's true.
She said that she knew he had been drinking and that we had been arguing, and she asked me to admit to it, - and say it was self-defense.
- And you agreed? She shot your husband in front of you eyes and you just agreed to that? I couldn't do anything else.
The truth would come out, and I was involved in everything.
You tell that to the police.
I can't believe you let them do it.
If it wasn't me, HQ would do it.
Do you have a warrant for anyone else? - Where is Ola? - I don't know.
Nobody knows.
- She won't answer.
- Jesus.
Maybe she was also arrested? They will come for us any minute.
They know we broke into that hacker's computer.
Piast said that the guy would find out in an hour.
They know we have all the data from the Darek's case.
We have to put it online before they arrest us or But it's on Tomek's computer.
They must have taken it.
- I know.
- Tomek's wife took it.
- And then she gave it to me.
- Great.
Here you are.
- That's it.
- Okay.
Can we put some of it online? So that everybody can read it? I'll check.
Shit, the file is big.
Police, open up.
Take it easy.
I'll take care of it.
- Easy.
- Okay, thanks.
Hurry up.
Yes, chief, I read it.
My people as well.
The whole fucking nation read that.
That's enough to arrest her.
I'm holding the wrong people here.
Those violet freaks? They deserve it.
But thanks to them the whole nation knows about all these cases of fraud.
Leave them for now.
We will send backup from Warsaw.
You did that once.
We can deal without it.
I'm not asking for your opinion.
You just have to listen.
With all due respect, chief, too many people tell me what to do.
What's going on? What? All of them arrested? My mother too? I told you the police were holding them.
It would be better if you take me to the cemetery.
What are you doing? You know what? I really wanted I really wanted you to die, but I need you.
I have no time to explain.
You don't have to.
All of it is on the Internet.
Are you alone? Where's Ewa? She left.
What is she doing here? She will testify against Woźniak.
You have to keep her safe.
But not at the police station.
I'm not sure she would be safe there.
Come here.
- Ola.
- What? Okay, we'll do it like that.
You'll stay here.
No way! Waldek has a warrant to arrest you, as well as everyone from UV.
In prison you're useless.
I will hide Ilona somewhere and will let Waldek know.
No, Waldek may be involved.
I don't agree.
Waldek is on our side.
Ola, please, stay here.
Okay? Trust me.
- Yes? - Where the fuck are you? I'll explain that later.
Eugenia Woźniak managed to escape.
We're at her place.
With all that money she could be anywhere.
Have you got any idea where she could be? Waldek says she hid somewhere.
The story is all over the media, so she won't risk walking in the street or going to an airport.
- Where could she hide? - You stay with her.
Don't let her run away and don't let them kill you.
I'll call you back.
Ola! Ola! - Hey.
- Hi.
Do you know what's going on? How is Tomek? - It's good.
- But they arrested him.
It'll be fine.
Where is Zosia? I hid her.
I was afraid they might come back.
When they took him Honey, you can come out now.
It's OK now.
What a hideout Auntie made you.
Honey, I have one more important question.
You remember you said that you were at Aunt Gienia's house? - Do you know how to get there? - I don't remember.
Do you remember anything around it? - There is a large stable - Yeah? - Horses - Yes? A stable and a lake.
Shit, there is no lake near Lodz.
Do you remember anything else? There is also a fast road with four lanes.
- Beltway road.
- The lake by the beltway road.
I have to go now.
But I'll be back, okay? Your dad said that you have an uncle in the USA.
Uncle Wojtek.
He's great.
I know.
I promise you'll visit him soon.
- Okay.
See you soon.
- Bye.
You're very brave.
What's up? Kuba, I know where she is.
I'll give you the address, but don't tell anybody, especially anyone at the station, as we don't know who we can trust.
Wait for me.
Apartamentowa next to the bay.
Wait for me before you enter.
Promise me.
Okay, I promise.
No, you can't die now.
Do you hear me? You have to pay for all of that.
Get down! Drop your weapon! Get down! Stay down! Down! - Are you okay? - She jumped in front of my car.
I didn't notice her, honestly - I wanted to wait for you.
- I know.
It's OK now.
Run away.
- What? - Run away.
You were not here.