Unauthorized Living (Vivir sin permiso) (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

¡Llamadme Nemo!

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES The first time I heard Nemo Bandeira speak was in one of those bars with a pool table.
He pointed at a map with the cue and asked us all Hey! Hey! Where are we? Of course, nobody answered, and he said, Here! Here! North-west quarter west! Here we are.
Here we are, and we've got a fantastic coast, it's infinite, full of hiding places.
A secret sea protecting us.
We've got everything.
We've got fuel, we've got a coast, we've got boats, we've got men.
And the most important thing of all We've got balls! Youth! Look after this boat well, it's yours now.
And don't be like him Don't forget you're living with permission.
Because some people forget they're living with permission Right? With the permission given to them By Nemo Bandeira.
Shall we go for lunch? But I want octopus, I've gone right off mussels.
So you're Galician? From Marín, but I've lived in Madrid for a long time.
And do you go to Galicia often? Whenever I can.
My parents and family still live there.
- Is that my diagnosis? - Yes.
Go ahead.
Don't worry.
Whatever I hear, he hears.
Mr Bandeira I'm sorry to tell you that you're suffering from Alzheimer's.
Thanks for coming.
Hello! How are you? - Don Esteban! Thanks for coming! - Thank you.
No, thank you.
Make yourselves at home! Carmiña The President of the Regional Government is over there, look after him.
Mr Mayor! - Mario! - It's an honour you could come.
See if you can speed up the port entrance reforms for us.
- If they'll let me.
It's complex.
- That's not what I heard.
Carlos! Hey, Mario! How are you? How's it going? - It's great to see you, Carlos.
- Likewise.
- Your dad'll be pleased to see you.
- I'll let you know how it goes.
- Alejandro.
- Hello.
It's exactly the same here.
You haven't done anything.
- But you look better.
- Thanks.
- Little brother, you came! - Hey! - Hi! - How's it going? Chon! Where's Nemo? It's about to begin.
His plane's delayed.
I ask you! Why did he need to go to Madrid today? I'll go and fetch him.
Are you still not ready? Everybody's waiting downstairs! Yes, sorry, I'll just get changed and then I'll be down.
Come on, don't make a fuss, you look great.
But how much? How much are we talking about? Hey, isn't that Lara Balarés? Yes.
How do you know her? From the clinic.
I bump into her when I go to pay her mum's bills.
Was she invited? - No, she's not invited.
- Hold on, I'll sort it out.
Hello? Hello, we we know each other from the clinic.
I'm the one who works for Nemo.
- I'm afraid you weren't invited.
- Hello? Hello everybody.
Can I have your attention, please? First of all As soon as the speech is over, you'll have to come with me to the gate.
Today we're celebrating a birthday.
Luckily, it's not mine.
Hello, everybody.
First of all, thanks for coming to this dreamlike occasion.
Sixty years old! Well, I can see all of my family is here.
You know Chon, my wife.
Without her, I wouldn't be what I am.
My daughter, Nina, has come back from Paris and is going to open an art gallery here.
Because culture is important.
Those of us who don't have much know this better than anybody.
How silly! And yes, it looks like sixtieth birthdays are important, my son Carlos has come Unbelievably.
And I mustn't forget My godson.
Mario, where are you? When his father died, I promised him I'd look after his boy, but it's been the other way round.
I don't know what we'd do without him at Open Sea, our company.
And now, I'm going to talk about Oeste, where I was born Where I started working in what brings us all together in Galicia: the tidal rivers, the sea We've always earned our living from the sea.
We've earned our crust by fishing, building the best boats, or transporting merchandise faster than anyone else.
I've worked hard all my life, and now I can look back and say that Oeste's greatest resource is its people.
Loyal people, who keep their word, always ready with a helping hand.
Specialising in teamwork, because what benefits one of us, benefits us all.
When I die and go to heaven, or, more likely, to hell, I'm sure almost all the Galicians I meet will have been my employees at some point.
Well, I never, the police! Hey! I've worked since I was a child, and I must've been good at it because one day, my father-in-law, Mr Moliner, put me in charge of his canning factory and his daughter.
I invested my money in the most advanced technology to revive the old factory and give it a new image.
And that's how I made our conserves essential in the houses of rich and poor.
In every larder in the country, you'll find Moliner conserves.
And a celebrity, who I won't name, told me, after a few drinks, that he prefers one of our humble tins of tuna to a tin of caviar.
I carried on working, and made Moliner Conserves the biggest company in Oeste.
Some people refused to see the great opportunity Open Sea represented for the area.
However, we persuaded them with our convincing words.
One thing I'm proud of, is that I've always surrounded myself with the best.
People who'd give their right arm for me.
Loyal people I can look in the eye and be sure they'd never betray me.
As lots of you know, I can't sit still, so as soon as we could, we opened up abroad.
Open Sea now operates in 12 countries.
We've developed links with our brothers in Latin America, who have welcomed so many Galician immigrants.
Thanks to institutional support, we've managed to diversity and today I can say with pride that we're a reference point in logistics, the hotel business and construction.
Do you want a receipt? Winning the elections will be enough.
We've also supported endless social projects.
From football teams, music schools, day centres for the elderly, because money is only useful in good hands.
It gives me great satisfaction to know that I've done all this for my people, for you For Oeste.
Sixty! Sixty years old! Unbelievable! I've never liked celebrations, and much less gifts, but this time, I've made an exception, haven't I, Chon? This time I've asked for gifts A glass of water.
And now, let's all drink And eat.
Mario, what's she doing here? Throw her out, don't let her spoil the day.
I've taken care of her.
Leave me alone! Don't touch me! Mario I need to talk to the boss.
Right now.
- Have you seen the state you're in? - I need to speak to Nemo.
Don't drink any more.
Don't touch me! Lara? I haven't seen you round here for a long time.
It's the first time I've been round here.
I mean round here in Oeste.
I was away studying.
Who are you? I'm Mario Mario Mendoza.
Don't you remember? I lived two streets from your house when my parents died.
- Until in the end Nemo - Until you turned posh, no? No, I don't remember.
Hey, can you get me to speak with Nemo? I'm his lawyer.
Tell me what you want and I'll tell him.
You're his lawyer? My mum's been in a coma for eight months and that bastard Nemo won't let me switch her off.
Nemo's paying for your mother's clinic.
You shouldn't talk like that.
Oh, so I should be grateful? She shouldn't have been in that clinic months ago.
The doctors have said that she's not going to wake up.
Do you understand? I'm sorry.
If you're his lawyer, tell Nemo he can't make me keep my mum plugged in to a machine.
- That's for a judge to decide.
- Nemo pays off all the judges! Didn't they teach you that at university? - I'm truly sorry.
- The hell you're sorry.
Clown! Can I help? - How did you do it? - Us posh people are like that.
Out the way.
Everything all right, boss? Promise me one thing, Ferro.
Whatever you want.
The day I don't remember my children's names, shoot me.
Promise me! I give you my word.
Malcolm, do me a favour.
Return this to its owner.
We haven't had chance to speak since I got back from Paris.
Your father keeps me very busy, as you know.
I see - Did you come alone? - Yes - You too, no? - Yes, I have today.
I have today.
Your dad gave a great speech, don't you think? I've heard it lots of times before.
Beautiful dress.
Thank you.
You look good in that suit too.
I remember the first time my father brought you home, your clothes looked borrowed.
They were borrowed clothes.
I'll see you later.
- So your mum talked you into coming.
- Nothing to do with me.
It was Alejandro.
- Of course.
Thank you, Alejandro.
- He wasn't difficult to persuade.
You're a bad liar, considering you're the son of a policeman.
Our children only imitate our bad points.
Well, we'll leave you to it.
You've got a lot to talk about.
Don't go far, Alejandro.
I'll see you soon.
- I need to ask you - Not now.
Ah OK.
OK Sorry.
Don't give me that look, Dad, please, I'm fine.
I'm fine, really.
Let's see how you are in three hours' time.
This is as awkward for me as it is for you, so I'll say what I came to say, and I'll leave you alone, OK? - First of all, happy birthday, Dad.
- Thank you.
And secondly, I need a loan from you to buy a horse.
A stud.
Are you still involved with that? In the clinic they treated my addictions, not my hobbies, Dad.
They could have done both for what they charged.
Horse breeding is my life, whether you like it or not.
So don't be like that.
Well, no, as you can see, I don't like it.
The answer is no.
And if I'd asked for an art gallery like Nina? Would you have given me the money? - That's different.
- It's exactly the same.
The difference is how you treat your two children.
But I'm used to it, don't worry.
SANITARIUM Your daughter's a treasure, Ada, she comes every day, poor thing.
Not like some other children, who are ungrateful.
You'll make me blush, Celina.
I'm going for a coffee.
You here again? Back to pay more bills? You dropped this.
Someone at that party who isn't a thief.
- You haven't kept the money? - There wasn't any.
So you looked.
Well, thank you very much.
I dislike Nemo as much as you do.
I just follow orders, so I'd like you to stop seeing me as an enemy.
Is that what he told you to tell me? Lara, I want to help you.
- What's your name? - Malcolm.
- Malcolm? - Yes.
No, seriously, what's your name? My parents are Galician, but I was born in Scotland, and it was their idea.
And what are you doing in Oeste? I like the climate.
And I thought the strangest thing about you was your name! Excuse me, I've got to take it.
It's my lawyer.
Yes? Yes, yes, yes, I can talk.
What is it? What? But is that for certain? So they can't Thank you very much, thank you very much, really, thank you! The judge has authorised me I can unplug you from these machines now, Mum.
I can do it now! You're not going to suffer any more.
You made me promise that you wouldn't go through the same thing as Grandma.
Slowly being consumed in a bed.
You're going to go like a person, like the greatest person who ever existed.
- How did it go? - How's it going, Alejandro? You've taken some.
You promised me you'd stop.
It's to make my old man happy, don't worry.
There's nothing he likes more than being right, so I've made him right.
He's got a drug addict for a son.
Give each employee a bonus of 300.
Give Carmiña double, she's earned it.
Bad news.
The local newspaper's writing an article about you.
They've spoken to a lot of people.
- Who's writing it? - Nobody knows him.
A freelance journalist, but he's got a lot of information.
And where did he get it? Somebody on the inside? Lamas wanted to talk to you.
Maybe this is why.
You should talk to him He hasn't got his head on straight, he's like the weather.
Regardless, Lamas was superintendent He has contacts.
I'll talk to him.
Nemo The journalist is asking a lot of questions about Ada, and about your daughter, Lara.
Dissuade him from writing.
- When? - Don't know.
I'll have to talk to the doctors.
- Will you do it yourself? - Are you daft? How would she do it? I know it's what you wanted, and it's best for your mum, but it gives me the chills.
Me too.
What's going on? You arrive late and then you start chatting and distracting others.
- I'm not distracting anybody.
- That's for me to decide.
Come on, get stuck in.
And I arrived late because of my mum and you know it.
But I've caught up on my hours.
- Look at the timesheet.
- Look at the timesheet.
I'm sick of hearing about your mother.
Arsehole! What the fuck did you say? Say anything about my mother again and I'll cut your balls off.
Just 'cause you're the boss's half-daughter - I'm my mother's daughter.
- You should know.
Idiot! Come on, get to work.
Look, you know what? I'm off.
You can stick the canning factory up your arse! Arsehole! Don't come back! What are you lot looking at? Get cracking! Good evening.
Carmiña, a glass of water, please.
- Mario, one question.
- Yes.
Do you know how to get half a million euros by Friday? - Ask your dad for it.
- My dad? I'll wait for my inheritance, thank you.
Good, home alone at last.
- My daughter! - Hello.
Carlos, don't smoke, please, you know your father doesn't like it.
It's the only vice I've got left! - Thank you.
- Thank you, Carmiña.
Before dinner, I want to tell you something.
You're very talkative today, Dad.
Mario and I have worked hard so that Open Sea can be quoted on the Stock Exchange.
I'm very proud, but also worried, because being on the Stock Exchange is serious.
I need I need you to be aware of what this means.
To put it another way I need one of you to get ready to take control of all this in the future, to take my place.
But do you really want me to manage your company, Dad? You or your sister.
It can't be anybody else.
I thought it'd be Mario.
I think we all thought that, especially him.
You're his children, of course he had you in mind, blood is thicker than water.
Thank you very much for everything, Mario.
The party was a success.
Nemo was happy.
You organised it wonderfully.
There was nothing to it.
Are you sure you don't want to sleep here? Carmiña can prepare the guest room.
I'm going home, really.
Are you sure you won't stay? It's very late - and you've been drinking.
- I'm fine.
- Sleep well.
- You too.
Thank you.
Darling, are you listening to me? He's left me out, he's left me out of everything.
He's pulled a fast one on me.
- Out? - Yes, out! Out! He's going to retire and he wants one of his children to take over.
- Never mind me.
- He's gone mad.
- What have you done, love? - Obey him.
Obey him since I was a kid! Do everything he asked me! What for? For nothing! Open Sea is mine more than anybody's! I created it! I created Open Sea! We created it.
Both of us.
When you get back we'll see what we can do.
But first of all, calm down.
Don't let Nemo know you're pissed off.
Yes, but it's not that easy, mami.
It's not that easy.
Mario, listen to me.
What have I taught you? Never stop smiling, dear.
A good smile is like a dagger.
Don't ever forget that.
I've got to go, dear.
I love you.
What a shame your father can't see what you've become.
What a surprise, Nemo.
I didn't know you were coming.
I was just about to phone you.
He didn't have as good a head as you.
But nobody was more loyal.
If he was your friend, he was your friend till death.
We had a great time dodging the Civil Guard along the river.
He spoke highly of you too.
- When he was killed, you were nine.
- And 11 when my mother died.
I recall what I said to you both times.
I said, "Mario" That you'd always look after me like a son, I'd never want for anything, and you'd pay for my studies.
And have I kept my word? More than kept it.
You've done your bit too, Mario.
You've taken every chance I've given you.
You graduated and became the best lawyer for Open Sea, none of this would exist without you.
This is a family business.
Chon's dream is for Carlos or Nina to be company manager.
You don't have to explain anything.
Open Sea is virtually broke.
I've been fiddling the accounts for months to keep the banks at bay.
We're afloat thanks to the coke money.
That's got to end.
I want to leave the family a clean business.
The only solution is to be quoted on the stock exchange.
But it's a bad time to take this step.
I know.
I know they're not ready.
But trust me, I know what I'm doing.
I know you don't understand.
But I want you to know that nothing'll change for you.
This is yours.
And it always will be.
My children are going to take my place, not yours, Mario.
What did you want to tell me? The judge authorised Ada's disconnection.
- What? - The magistrate retired three weeks ago.
And his replacement gave the authorisation.
- Why didn't Lamas tell me anything? - He must've forgotten.
As usual.
Spending his money in the casino.
There he is.
How come you didn't know Judge Oteiro was going to retire? I didn't think it was very important.
You didn't think it was very important? Not very important? The new judge is going to unplug Ada! I'm sure we can appeal the decision.
You'd better hope so, or I'll unplug you! - I'll sort it out, boss.
- It's a bad day to piss me off.
Wait! I need an advance because - Fuck off! - This conversation is over, Lamas.
The conversation is over.
This is no good, they mustn't see you like that.
They can't unplug her.
You hear me? They can't.
Sort it out, by any means.
- When are they going to explain it? - That's up to the doctor, not us.
But you told me it'd be quick? I need to know when, I need to get organised, get ready.
Calm down, love.
As soon as I hear anything Hey! What are you doing here? Do you like the coffee here or what? Fuck! Good afternoon.
Can we talk? When I wanted to talk to Nemo, he didn't have time.
Now you want me to speak to you? No, thanks.
Lara, listen to us.
It'll just take a moment.
As you can imagine, your father's heard about the judge's decision.
Your father knows he was unjust with you and your mother.
And he knows he should have behaved better.
I couldn't care less what Nemo thinks, least of all me and my mum.
- Can I go? My mum needs me.
- Lara, just for a moment, please.
Your father wants to speak to you about your mother and the situation.
And he wants to apologise for hurting you.
Tell him I'm not interested.
Lara, Nemo is very generous.
We know you're out of work, and we want to offer you a good job in another of your father's companies with a salary for life.
I'm going to Santiago.
I've got a job there.
Are you sure? You've been away for eight months.
Malcolm, please.
Here are the details of the financial offer.
Look, see? We're going to give you everything you want.
All you have to do is sign this contract agreeing not to unplug your mother.
Go to my so-called father and tell him he's ignored us all his life.
He knew my mother worked herself silly at the canning factory.
Tell him he's no one to tell me what to do with my mother.
You all fucking disgust me! - Lara! - What? What do you want? I remember you and your mother from the barrio, when I lived there.
I was dying to leave.
Your father's offering you a chance, like me.
What makes you think I want to be like you? I like myself as I am.
Don't you? I'm a lawyer.
The only thing that matters is what my client wants.
Lara, think about it.
It's a good offer.
Think about it.
I don't like charity.
Charity lets the plague in.
Mr Bandeira? How long have I got left? To be who I am? You're entering the second phase of the disease.
What does that mean? You'll be able to remember moments of your past perfectly, little by little, you'll forget more recent memories.
Day-to-day things, places, dates, and you'll struggle to recognise faces of loved ones.
That'll make your confused and irritable, maybe even violent.
I know it's hard, but I have to be honest with you.
Alzheimer's is incurable and terminal.
I'm sorry, Mr Bandeira.
Mr Bandeira? Yes? Who paid you to tell me that? That's lots of bastards after me, any way they can get me.
But they won't get me! Tell me who paid you to tell me that, Doctor! - Hello, good morning.
- Not that good.
What terrible weather, it was like the Great Flood! Not even the apostle Saint James can free us from the rain.
Nice flowers, what are they? Hydrangeas.
I've always liked hydrangeas, haven't I? Yes, sir.
- Always.
- There's something about them.
Heard anything from Lamas? What are you doing? You're the journalist who's writing about Nemo Bandeira, aren't you? Very good.
From now on, when you want compromising information about Nemo, talk to me.
Stop, stop, stop! - I was on my way to your house.
- Have you sorted out Ada? Yes, it's sorted out.
I spoke to the judge and told him what's what.
Has he forbidden the disconnection? Yes, he'll do it.
I told him who you are, told him about Oeste, he didn't even know where he'd been stationed, but I gave him a lesson.
- You'd better have! - Everything's sorted, but listen It's that I need that money, I'm up to my neck.
When the judge has corrected his ways.
I need almost a million! - Get a mortgage.
- I've already got two! And last night I gambled the house away in a card game.
Don't do it for me, do it for my wife, she appreciates you.
And I appreciate her.
But I give jobs, not charity.
Charity always lets the plague in.
If you don't give me the money, I'll have to do things I don't want to.
You haven't got the balls.
If you had any, you'd have killed me a long time ago.
Take no notice of me, take no notice of me.
I'm drunk.
Forgive me, Nemo.
Go and sleep it off.
And don't forget the pistol.
It could be useful for ridding you of your worst enemy Yourself.
- Help me, Nemo.
- Let's go.
Help me.
Son of a bitch! Three chickens, please.
Hello, sweetheart.
- How you doing? - Can you talk? - I'm at work.
- OK.
And you? Have you finished your shift? No, I didn't go to work.
I've left.
But I'm OK.
I was sick of the smell of dead creatures.
- No way! Will you get dole? - No, but don't worry.
I'll ask the bank for a loan to get by and To repay that son of a bitch Nemo.
I don't want to owe him anything.
It's almost impossible not to owe Bandeira something.
Ha! You said it.
- Almost.
- I've got to go, I'm busy.
- OK, love you.
- See you tonight, OK? - OK.
See you later.
- Love you.
Math is of no use when you've grown up.
Math is of no use! Who told you that? Math is essential for any trade.
- Well - No way! OK, let's do a test.
What do you want to be when you grow up? - Nothing.
- Who cares? What do you mean who cares? I don't believe you.
Nobody knows? I know for sure.
I'm going to be a drug dealer.
One moment, silence.
- Very good, drug dealer.
- Yeah.
Why? Tell us.
For the girls, the money.
- What, what? - The money.
- The money.
- Of course.
Well, there you are.
Even a drug dealer needs to know math.
Otherwise how will you calculate how many grams for each wrap? Kids, math is useful for everything.
For a bridge to stay up, to go shopping at the supermarket, or to work out how long you'll go to jail if you become a drug dealer.
Have no doubt, if you become a drug dealer you'll get rich and poor at the same time.
Rich in money, and poor in spirit.
Because your wealth will be made of others' misfortune.
The police! They've come for you, Tamar.
One moment.
- Something wrong, Dad? - No, son, nothing's wrong.
I need a favour.
Go on.
- I'm a bit ashamed.
- What's wrong, Dad? I need money.
I'm not asking you, I know you haven't I need you to talk to your boyfriend to get him to soften Nemo up - What? - Listen to me, son.
I'm in a mess.
I need that money.
That bastard Nemo won't give me it, despite what I've done for him.
Dad, Dad.
I'm sorry, but no.
Of course.
Of course, you're right, son.
Get back to class.
And forgive me.
- Dad, explain.
- Don't say anything.
It's good to see you teaching.
Hey! How you doing? Look who's here, Superintendent Lamas.
Ex-Superintendent Lamas! What's up? Did you miss me? Since I retired, they make you work.
Not like in my day.
Paper, like the old days! No internet! Look at those tits! Where's the boss? He went for a coffee.
Don't give it back with the pages stuck together, I know you! I'm off for a piss.
- It's no big deal, I can handle it.
- You can handle it? How many times have I heard that? You should go back to the detoxification centre.
You're worse than my dad, you're always the same.
- You're worse than my students.
- Fail me.
Give me a three.
Carlos has scored three in life.
Lara! How are you, my dear? How are you? - I don't want to stay at home.
- What's wrong? What's wrong? I'm going to do it, man.
I'm going to unplug her.
Lara, don't get your hopes up, remember the last few times.
No, there's a new judge and I've got the authorisation, but I don't know! I don't know what's wrong with me.
It's normal to be like that.
Hmm? - If you want to go and say goodbye.
- Of course, I'll go.
I'll definitely go, Lara.
Ada was always very good to me.
When I was little she used to give me bread soaked in wine with sugar.
If my mother knew we still see each other, she'd have a fit! Her head would explode twice! When we were little, she thought we'd end up getting off with each other.
I swear! Poor thing, she has no idea what's going on! Larita! Cheer up! Hadn't you given it up? I haven't taken anything.
Can't I be affectionate without taking ecstasy? Yes, but we can't remember what you were like before drugs.
"Before drugs"! And the worst part is, he doesn't do it because he likes it, - but to piss his father off.
- You might be right in that, Alejandro.
You don't know the latest, do you? He taking himself out of circulation.
He wants my sister and me to get ready.
One of us will carry the weight of the Bandeira crown.
ART GALLERY Thanks for coming.
Do you like it? To be honest, I don't know much about art.
Neither does anybody else here.
They only came because the exhibition belongs to my daughter.
Nemo Bandeira.
Sebastián Helguera.
Judge Oteiro's replacement.
We were good friends, I'll miss him.
I hope so.
If you need anything, you've got a friend here.
I don't think that'll be necessary, thank you.
You never know.
I suppose when a judge arrives at a new post he finds unfamiliar matters, traditions, customs, you know.
We can help each other out, Sebastián, believe me.
Say hello to your wife from me.
I hope she's comfortable with the house you've chosen.
It's from our estate agent's.
See? Oeste is very small, your honour.
So how is he like? - He's acting independent.
- That can be cured.
I know Nemo has already decided that Nina will run the company.
Or rather, the man who marries her.
The same as in my case.
We haven't evolved much.
Oh, hello! Excuse me.
- It's a success.
Everyone loves it.
- Are you surprised? - Yes, yes, they're unknown artists.
- They can, but we can't.
Are you saying I owe the exhibition's success to you? People don't buy your paintings to hang them in their houses, but so that when they have to ask for a favour, we can't say no.
A job for a child, look the other way someone messes up That's how it works, Nina.
By the way, has that painting been sold? - No.
- Do you know why? Because nobody dares hang Nemo Bandeira's daughter in the nude in their dining room.
What were you thinking when you agreed to pose? - This is art.
- No, this is shit.
If you want to manage the company one day, do you think this helps? Get it off the wall right now! It's too difficult to win people's respect to lose it for a for a two by three metre cunt.
Thanks for seeing me, Tigre.
As if I had anything better to do.
I've brought you something.
Lots of writing and no pictures, Lamas.
It's the report for the operation where we arrested your people at Conchal beach.
Here it all is, the drugs we found, names And who grassed.
Nemo Bandeira.
- Didn't you work for him? - I work for whoever pays me.
And because he's cut you off, I'm supposed to believe this shit? Nemo has infiltrators in your gang, passing on information.
The one going out with the illegitimate daughter.
If you want to fuck them up, I can help you.
What do you want? The same as you, Tigre.
And some commission.
A little one.
Nothing compared with what you're going to earn.
Hey, excuse me! You dropped these keys.
Please! Don't be alarmed! It's always the same.
I've got an ugly face, but I won't eat you.
- Do you live here? - No.
I'm visiting my mum.
Your keys.
- These are not my keys.
- Yes, yes, yes, I think so.
They belong to that car.
It's yours All yours.
I said no.
Helguera, I don't know about where you're from, but here, it's very bad form to be disrespectful.
Very bad form.
Have a light supper, eh, Helguera? What? Do you like it? Yes, very much.
The painter has captured your essence.
How do you know it's me? You've never seen me naked.
Oh, I shouldn't have said that.
- The responsible boy'll be shocked.
- No, I'm not shocked.
Yes you are.
Because you think we're like brother and sister.
That's not true.
No, otherwise your father would have chosen me to manage the company.
But I'm no longer thinking about it.
So? So it might be an advantage that we're not brother and sister.
Look! Someone bought it in the end.
I bought it.
Aren't you going to thank me? Come with me.
She's taking ages to come out today.
There she is.
Wait for me here.
What a crap motorbike she's got.
If somebody stole it, they'd do her a favour.
Good grief! Hello.
It's been weeks since you last came.
That way she's more pleased to see me.
What's Mr Colombia doing outside? - I don't like him at all.
- Freddy's a good lad.
Don't bring him here I can't stand him.
Well, did you get the loan in the end, yes or no? They have to think about it.
- Have you had lunch? - No.
I've got to go soon.
But before, I want to give you this.
- Take it.
- What is it? 3000 euros, all I've got.
To keep you going while you find a job.
And for the funeral.
I know it's not much money, but I'll soon have more.
- I can't accept it.
- Why not? - We're boyfriend and girlfriend.
- Exprés! - What? - We're not I don't know what we are, but not boyfriend and girlfriend.
I'm not in the mood for boyfriends.
All I can think about is my mother, that's all.
Yes, I know.
But it was worth a try.
Keep the money, you can give it back when you can.
Or not, I don't care.
You're so lovely.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
When are you going to do it? This evening.
At seven.
- Will you be able to come? - Yes, of course.
You're really beautiful.
You're really ugly.
- Very ugly.
- Really? Ugly! What is it? - No, I don't feel like it.
- Sorry.
It's OK.
- What's up? - What is it, Freddy? I've got a job, are you interested? Of course I'm interested.
- Hurry up, it's now.
- Now? OK.
I'm on my way.
I've got a job to do.
- Drug dealing? - No.
I hope not.
- You're no drug dealer.
- Why? - All the girls used to hit you at school.
- Because I let them.
Have you heard anything about Lara? I'm afraid they're going to unplug her.
Send a bunch of flowers to Ada Balarés's room.
- Any ideas? - Something simple.
I don't want to offend.
Let me go to the florist's.
I'll take them myself.
We don't want them to send a wreath.
Is this the stud you wanted to buy? No.
This one costs a million.
- It's a celestial horse.
- Celestial? Don't be daft.
The breed is called celestial, like it or not.
Is it too gay a name for a Bandeira business? I'd prefer to see you managing Open Sea.
Look, Dad, don't give me that.
We both know you're going to make Nina manager.
Nothing's decided.
Why do you say that? Because I'm gay, for example.
- That's no problem.
- Really? But being a drug addict is.
I've given it up.
You're still taking that rubbish.
Are you really going to give me the chance to manage the company? If you show me you're ready to give up that rubbish.
I swear.
What's wrong, Dad? Are you OK? I'm not going until you open those containers.
- What's going on here? - Container inspection.
We've explained that they contain tropical wood panels.
- I've explained that - How long have you been here? It's my first week.
So I thought.
This is what we'll do.
I'll ring the Government delegate to explain the rules.
Let's see.
What's your name? - What's your name? - Juan Manuel.
Juan Manuel.
Welcome to Oeste.
What's up, man? We ask him for the coke and that's it.
What a queer! Right then! Give us the coke and we'll let you go.
What are you doing here? Did Nemo send you? - No.
I came to - Tell him he's lost this time.
Nobody sent me.
I brought some flowers.
They're putting them in water.
You can go now.
Who did you think sent an anonymous message to the judge to facilitate your mother's case? Tell me.
I only want to help you.
As I told you.
Why? Because I like brave people like you.
And you're the only one who lives without your father's permission.
He might be my father But I'm not his daughter.
The number you're calling is switched off or has no coverage.
Where are you, Exprés? Come, please.
I don't want to be alone.
You don't even need to say anything and everyone obeys you.
Not everyone.
That's the best thing my mother taught me.
Why are you here, Nemo? The law is on your side.
I can't stop you disconnecting her.
But I came to beg you not to do it.
Please, I'm asking you.
I'm going to do it because I love her.
Not like you.
Why did you try to stop the disconnection knowing that she's suffering? I don't believe in miracles, but I do in this case.
You're fucking selfish! That's too high an opinion, daughter.
Go! Go! Your mother is my past, and you're going to erase it with the flick of a switch.
Do you expect me to do nothing? Don't touch her! I don't need your permission for that.
Goodbye, my girl.
Nemo, I just heard.
I'm sorry I couldn't stop it.
- Shall I do the rest? - No need, son.
You found me quickly.
One should always know where one's friends are.
I was going to lose the house.
I couldn't leave my wife homeless.
I understand that you want to keep your house.
It's beautiful.
You can see it from here, can't you? You bastard! On the radio they said the fire might spread to the trees.
I hope not.
We need to look after nature.
It was of no use.
All I did for you over the years was of no use.
You lied to me.
You didn't speak to the judge.
You could have messed with anything except Ada! You killed her! You killed her! Mario, the other day, that was unfinished business, but I remind you that you’re married.
You’re spending a lot of time with Nina lately.
I think she should be your successor.
Nemo is retiring.
What we need to do is win over his children.
You’ve inherited your mother’s house, but also her debts.
There’s a new inspector who’s a pain in the arse.
Darling! What are you doing here? What’s the new copper called? I want to open a file on him.
You’ve got no proof.
But I’m dying to meet Nemo Bandeira in person.
Tell me nobody saw you.
A kid.
There’s something we haven’t considered.
Do you want me to sleep with her as well? You made a decision, right? She’s my daughter, whether you accept it or not.
Is your boyfriend in? - In case you need me.
- No, you already gave me one.
And you’re the last person I’d call.
I want you to transfer two million to this account.
To Lara Balarés? Do you know her? Mario, you make me feel dirty.
What’s wrong with that? We have to go to hospital.
- No.
- You’re getting worse.
I need you to help Carlos so he ends up managing Open Sea.
We’re a team now.
- What a guy! - What happened? I'm leaving today.
We’ll go! Ferro, you and me.

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