Unauthorized Living (Vivir sin permiso) (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

El valor de la palabra

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Mr Bandeira PREVIOUSLY I'm sorry to tell you that you're suffering from Alzheimer's.
Your mother is my past, and you're going to erase it with the flick of a switch.
Why did you try to stop the disconnection knowing that she's suffering? I need one of you to get ready to take control of all this in the future, to take my place.
Nemo has infiltrators in your gang, passing on information.
Exprés The one going out with the illegitimate daughter.
I know Nemo has already decided that Nina will run the company.
Or rather, the man who marries her.
People don't buy your paintings to hang them in their houses, but so that when they have to ask for a favour, we can't say no.
If you don't give me the money, I'll have to do things I don't want to.
Are you really going to give me the chance to manage the company? If you show me you're ready to give up that rubbish.
Promise me one thing, Ferro.
The day I don't remember my children's names, shoot me.
Promise me! Good morning.
How are you? You became the best lawyer for Open Sea, none of this would exist without you.
This is a family business.
- Mario, what have I taught you? - Open Sea is mine more than anybody's! I created it! ADA BALARES PONTE 1964-2018, R.
What are you doing? - Did you get wet? - Yes! I'll kill you! Don’t leave me a widow this young Darling! What are you doing here? When did you get back? I came straight from the airport.
I skipped the last day of the congress.
I couldn’t take any more.
Why not ask Carmiña to get some food for Elisa? No, no need.
Come on, Elisa, they want to speak alone and Don’t know how to get rid of us.
Come on.
You’re spending a lot of time with Nina lately.
I think she should be your successor.
Slow down.
I’ve got another child.
There’s a lot to consider.
Such as? Who will be Nina’s husband Or Carlos’s Or Carlos’s Exactly, that makes no difference, right? You’re married.
Marriage complicates matters.
Dad! What is it, son? Alejandro’s father’s been missing since the fire at the house.
His mobile’s got no signal.
We’re very worried.
I haven’t seen him either.
I thought he’d be caught up with the insurance papers.
My father’s in trouble, that’s for sure.
The day he disappeared he came to see me at school and told me You wouldn’t give him some money.
Alejandro, no money reaches your father.
Your dad Your dad has got holes in his pockets.
I’ll make some calls, but I’m sure he’ll turn up soon.
As for the house, tell your mother not to worry about the expense, I’ll take care of it.
Mario Anything Whatever you need.
Tell me nobody saw you.
A kid.
What am I for? Find him.
You’re dead, son of a bitch.
I don’t understand what you’re doing, Mario.
What do you mean? What we agreed, seducing Nina.
Nemo only took a minute to realise.
I want you to seduce her, but not under his nose.
Darling, Nemo is retiring.
What we need to do is win over his children.
Are you worried about Carlos? I’m not.
We ought to worry about Chon.
Carlos is her spoilt baby and she’s sure to take his side.
I’ve got Chon under control.
There’s something we haven’t considered.
But I’m sure you have.
Lara? Darling, Lara hates her father.
Don’t worry about her.
Lara is Nemo’s candidate, I’m sure.
What do you want? Do you want me to sleep with her as well? No Lara’s not that easy.
That girl’s like her father.
They’ve both come up from rough areas, all she wants is to keep going up.
I’m from the same neighbourhood.
Don’t worry, OK? Thanks for helping me with this, I don’t know if I’ve said that.
No problem.
Let’s see What’ll you have? Have you seen Exprés? No.
And your little friend? Not her either.
And leave her alone, she’s got lots of problems.
Has she? Well, when she’s not busy, tell her I’m looking for her.
It would seem.
You’ve inherited your mother’s house, but also her debts.
How much? Your mother had mortgaged the house But she was living as cheaply as possible! It can’t be Here are receipts from a secretarial school Trips to England Yes, she wanted me to learn English.
Did it cost that much? If the mortgage isn’t paid Come on, calm down, I’m sure we’ll find a solution.
No It’s not that.
It’s the effort she made.
She did it all for me.
She could have asked Nemo for money, like everybody in this town, but she didn’t, because she didn’t want to swallow And I’m such an idiot I even jack in my job.
I’m a real idiot If you like, I can try talking to Nemo so they’ll take you back.
No, no Thanks for helping me with this shit and Let me buy you a coffee, OK? I can still afford that.
- How much is it? - Nothing, it’s on the house.
Yes, it’s Malcolm Souza.
I want the taxi to come later tomorrow.
Hey A Colombian friend of Exprés came by asking after him.
What did you tell him? The truth, that I had no idea.
A coffee, please.
There is no answer.
Leave a message.
Exprés, where are you, man? You said you were coming to the hospital and you didn’t Call me, don’t be an arsehole.
Here, no offence, but what the fuck are we doing here? This is where I spent the best years of my life.
Nemo, Nemo, Nemo, Nemo, Nemo, for now I open the doors and you decide when to close them.
Your girl’s going to know we’ve been here, eh? Good.
Nemo! Let’s go! Nemo! Let’s go! And the shawl? I don’t care.
I want to go I promise you that you’ll have an identical one for your birthday, even if I have to sew it myself.
So has Nemo sent his doberman? What does your master want now? No one sent me.
This used to be my house.
What you care about shows.
My father and yours built it - With their own hands.
- Nemo? Yes.
- You’re making it up.
- No.
Whenever he had time, he’d come and help my father.
I helped too.
I carried the water, but sometimes they let me lay a brick and mix the mortar.
The mortar? It’s water, cement, sand.
It’s used to join the bricks.
See that there? I did it.
- It’s not bad.
- I know.
Because they had to redo the whole thing.
My dad really told me off! I thought he was going to kill me.
But Nemo stuck up for me.
He must have got something in return.
Nemo’s not like that.
Isn’t he? Well, you’re his lawyer.
He can do what he wants with you.
We’ll see.
And why did you let it fall down? Because this is no longer my place.
Of course, we poor people smell bad, don’t we? So do rich people.
- In case you need me.
- No, you already gave me one.
And you’re the last person I’d call.
We lawyers have a bad reputation.
Do you know why lawyers are lawyers and rats are rats? Why? Because rats had first choice.
Well, let me know if you restore the house to learn how to make mortar and all that.
Hello? Exprés! Exprés! Blimey, haven’t you got any smaller notes? Of course I’ll take it, get some change and pay you in shrapnel.
I can’t stay long.
There’s a new inspector who’s a pain in the arse.
Are you scared of a new boss? Bosses change, we remain.
We’re like mussels, Ricardo.
- What do you want now? - I want you to find a boy who was fishing on that beach the day Lamas’s house burnt down.
At about that time.
- Lamas? - The boy, Ricardo, the boy.
Have you got a picture? Are you mental? If I had a photo, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.
What’s the new copper called? I want to open a file on him.
Monterroso and he’s a right bastard.
Monterroso sounds like wine in a Tetra-Pak.
Find me the boy quickly! OK.
Look what I’ve found.
It was where the lorry was stolen.
I’ll send it to Madrid to see if they can find out who the owner is.
Send it, but even if we find the owner, - they won’t tell us who it was.
- Is that so? And according to you, who should we talk to? Nemo Bandeira.
Monterroso, again? You’re like a broken record.
Five days ago a dozen containers from Peru were unloaded for Open Sea.
But only eleven appeared.
Why did it take them three days to report the robbery - of the missing one? - Because the police report Why didn’t they report the disappearance of the drivers? You’ve got no proof No But I’m dying to meet Nemo Bandeira in person.
Are you coming, Alén? No, not me.
Where have you been? - Ada’s house.
- Ada’s house Look, I don’t know why, but I thought as much.
I had to speak to Lara.
To Lara Does it bother you that I speak to my daughter? Your daughter? Having a shag 25 years ago doesn’t make you a father.
Leave it.
That girl doesn’t consider you her father and you have no right to think you are.
You made a decision, right? And now you’re getting all sentimental? She’s my daughter, whether you accept it or not.
Her mother’s dead, she’s only got me.
I have an obligation to her Your only children are Nina and Carlos, your only obligation is to them.
OPEN SEA'S DARK ORIGIN Have you seen the photo of Dad? Which one, the cigarette smuggling one? Yes, look, that’s Ferro.
And who’s the other one? - Quique, Mario’s father.
- Really? - They don’t look alike.
- No Hello, children.
Hello, Mum.
I love to see the whole family together.
Carlos, dear, you must come more often, this is still your house.
I’m in a bit of a hurry.
So if you don’t mind, could we get to the point? Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Hello, Dad.
From what I’ve heard, people like you.
Because of what they’ve said? Dad’s surprised anyone could like me.
Being liked can be useful in the sales department.
Read this and we’ll talk later about where we can start to use your talent.
I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again.
This is your last chance, Carlos.
Thanks, Dad.
And for you, Nina In the interior design of hotels you could carry on doing what you like best: spending my money.
What are you talking about? Oh, no, Dad, really I’m just closing the last exhibition at the gallery and getting the next one ready.
I’m visiting creators and Now I can’t.
How long will it take you to get free? Dad, art is not just a whim, it’s my life.
And I know you find it ridiculous.
I even had to go to France to study for you to take me seriously.
Well, I understand that you want to live far away from your parents, but now you’re back and you’ve got And now you’ve got to put your feet on the ground.
I’ll give you six months to get organised.
Dad, I’ve got a profession I like! Didn’t you hear me? Yes, I heard you! But you didn’t hear me! Keep that.
What is it? My diary for today.
I want you to call me every half an hour - to remind me what I’ve got to do.
- What about your secretary? She’d get suspicious.
And don’t let anyone see you with that piece of paper.
Download an application and put the data on your phone.
- What’s wrong? - I use mobiles to make calls, but afterwards I have to throw them off a bridge.
Now, if I have to learn how to use apps, I’ll learn.
You have to learn, Ferro.
You have to learn.
I only know my mother’s doctors, that’s why I phoned you.
The injury’s infected.
You should go to hospital straight away.
I can’t, they’re looking for me.
Take these pills morning and night.
And keep an eye on your temperature.
Will he get better? I’m a vet.
If he were a cow, I’d say yes.
He’s a bit of an ass.
That’s why I phoned you.
What are you doing? Why don’t you get into bed? I can’t stay here.
- Freddy’s looking for me.
- Why? I thought he was your friend? He must have found out that I was giving information to Nemo.
- What? - Yes, I I I don’t know him.
I don’t speak to the higher-ups.
What were you thinking, man? I’m just making a living.
I work for whoever pays me.
And it’s impossible to avoid working for him here.
Even you’ve ended up falling I have nothing to do with him.
What was he doing here yesterday? What do you mean? Him and that guard dog that goes everywhere with him.
It was a miracle they didn’t see me.
- And what did they want? - I don’t know.
You tell me.
How should I know? Shit OK, it doesn’t matter.
The important thing now is Tigre’s gang don’t find you.
You can stay here until you get better and then Then well, we’ll see I swear I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve you.
Nothing That’s why you don’t deserve me.
Get some rest, OK? Mr Bandeira, I’d like to speak with you.
I’m Inspector Monterroso.
I need to ask you some questions about the theft of one of your lorries.
Ah, OK but right now I’ve got a meeting and, what’s more, I don’t know much about the matter.
Mario, please speak to this policeman.
I’m Mr Bandeira’s lawyer.
Pleased to meet you.
I’d prefer to speak to you, Mr Bandeira.
Come into my office and I’ll give you the information you need.
Why do I always have to dance with the ugliest one? Go ahead.
I wanted to know why you didn’t immediately report the disappearance of the lorry.
Well I don’t know, but I’ll investigate if it’s so important to you.
What was inside the container? Tropical wood panels for one of our hotels, I think.
Haven’t you been given an invoice? Yes, the Peruvian police faxed it.
The Peruvian police? What’s it to do with them? The theft took place in Spain.
Yes, but what they stole was loaded in Peru and my instinct tells me that sometimes containers come with a little present.
You’re the expert.
You did a magnificent job in Malaga against the Camorra.
Oh, you’re investigating me? Good God, no.
Your reputation precedes you.
But I don’t understand how such a brilliant career ends up here.
- Is it a punishment? - No, I requested it.
Ah, you requested it.
Why? Nothing ever happens here.
That’s why.
It’s about time something happened.
Carlos Carlos! What are you doing there? Didn’t you say you wanted to take it seriously? Yes, yes, but I was reading Dad’s papers and I fell asleep.
How did you get in my house? Have you got keys? I have to get some benefit from paying for it for you.
Get dressed, we have to go to Open Sea.
I’ve got a contact for you to open a luxury hotel in Portofino.
But why the hurry? Nina said she didn’t care about the company.
No, I’m not worried about Nina.
There are lots of fish in the sea and they’re all hungry.
But none of them are as good as you.
You’re cleverer than you think.
And you’ve got a gift, Carlos.
You’ve got the knack with people, you make them feel good.
You’ve got more than enough qualities to run the company.
Turn round.
I’ve seen you naked enough times! Yes, but not like now after all that flattery.
You’ve raised my spirits a bit, Mum.
Carlos, please! Hello Sorry I came in.
The door was open.
Hey, what you do is wonderful.
It’s not down to me, it’s nature.
All I do is label it.
And what is that called? Carnivorous Flowers.
I’d really like you to exhibit in my gallery.
We sold everything in the last exhibition.
We can talk about it.
Sorry, who am I talking to? To Nina.
Nina Bandeira.
Thanks for your visit, but forget about exhibiting my work.
But just a moment ago you were saying we could talk about it.
I said I give a title to things I see.
If I had to exhibit in the Bandeiras’ gallery, I would rename my work.
I would call it “Mafia Flowers”.
What? This conversation is over.
But you don’t know my father and you don’t know me.
But you’ve already labelled us.
That’s not art, it’s stupidity.
Are you sure it’s him? It’s Lamas.
No doubt.
Don’t tell the family yet.
We need time.
We can’t do that.
Yes, yes, we can.
Had you seen it before? No.
We’ll have to wait for the autopsy reports.
Any ideas? Ricardo Monterroso calls you.
How did it go with the police? They haven’t got any proof at the moment.
But they’re looking into our Peruvian clients.
I’ll take care of Peru.
You try convincing that cop Which side he should be on.
Have you seen the news? Yes.
Your father, Ferro and me on the front page.
Find out once and for all who that O.
is and who’s giving him information.
But we know, don’t we? It’s Lamas.
If I ask you to find out, it's because I know it can’t be Lamas.
Oh, what a shame.
My secretary has already bought his birthday present.
Don’t return it.
We don’t know anything officially.
Is your boyfriend in? Have you got him here at home? No, he’s not here.
What are you doing? What’s more, Exprés is not my boyfriend.
Isn’t he? That’s not what that queer says.
It’s not my fault he’s a big mouth.
I haven’t seen him for days.
What are you doing? I’ve told you I don’t know where Exprés is.
If I see him, I’ll tell him to speak to you.
No, tell him that Tigre’s looking for him.
So that he can give back those 3000 euros he loaned him for your mother’s funeral.
Will you tell him? Tell him to turn up with that money.
For his own good And for the good of his girlfriend.
Go Please We’ll talk.
Exprés Exprés! Shit, you’re red hot.
Very good, very good, a success, Ricardo.
I’m going to hang up because you’re ruining my evening.
- What’s wrong? - Lamas’s body has turned up.
Even in death he’s a pain in the arse.
They’re not going to tell his family yet.
Ricardo says that Monterroso is coming after you - with everything he’s got.
- Yes.
Lamas started like that, with enthusiasm.
Yes, but he found a dagger or a punch in the body, Nemo.
That's not possible I drowned him.
Did I stab him? Sort the weapon out.
I’ll sort it out.
You’ve got a meeting with Malcolm Souza in ten minutes.
- With whom? - The “accountant”.
Will you be long? I’ve got to photocopy the sixth year exams.
MISSING Sorry Any news? Do we know anything? He called me the day he disappeared.
But my mobile was on silent.
I didn’t hear it.
Father-son conversations are always the same, - a dialogue between deaf people.
- My mother’s in bits.
The fire at the house and now this My father’s no saint, but he’s never disappeared for this long.
Don’t worry, he’ll turn up.
- You can count on me.
- Thanks.
He’s just got here.
Yes, if you say he’s that good, I’ll believe you.
Say hello to your wife.
So you’re Malcolm Souza.
Yes, sir.
I’ve heard good things about you.
They say you know how, when and where to invest.
My job is to earn money for you, sir.
I ask a lot more of my employees.
I want you to transfer two million o this account.
Two million To Lara Balarés? Do you know her? Yes, I met her at the hospital.
I went once to pay for Ada Balarés’s room.
The other day she asked me to take a look at the inheritance papers.
OK The house is mortgaged and And you know all that just from having a coffee? I’m going to ask you a personal favour.
Anything, sir.
Keep “having a coffee” with Lara.
I want you to pay attention to what she needs and tell me.
You can call me at any time.
People who know me know I’m a grateful man.
What did you think? Well, he didn’t ask why you asked him to inform on Lara.
A good sign, no? Yes, Malcolm Souza I have to postpone the taxi.
I couldn’t believe it.
I was very polite and the guy just jumped down my throat saying he wasn’t going to let a Mafioso's daughter use his work.
A Mafioso! - Bye.
- Bye Of course it’s not true! That’s what he said because he doesn’t think I can do my job properly.
But over my dead body will that octopus killer exhibit in my gallery! It’s closed.
I’ve got to go.
Have you finished? All good things must come to an end.
Or not.
Mario, the other day, that was unfinished business; but I remind you that you’re married.
I was married the other day too.
Deep down you know it’s for the best.
All I know is that my marriage isn’t working And with you Stop.
Mario, you make me feel dirty.
What’s wrong with that? I have to close up.
Hey, have you got amoxicillin from when your eldest got sick? No, you know my son.
He scoffed the whole box of antibiotics and more if he’d had it.
If you need anything, go to the chemist’s.
No, it’s OK.
My throat’s a bit sore but it’s nothing.
You don’t look well.
How do you expect me to look? - The mortgage, no job - That’s true as well.
But never mind, I don’t want to bore you.
I’d better just go home.
What are you doing here? You’re not going to persuade me to work for Nemo, that’s for sure.
I’ve come looking for change for the parking meter.
Don’t you believe me? How can I believe you? You’re a lawyer.
- Here.
- Thanks.
Anything else? Yes, I spoke to my friend at the bank and they’re not going to give you the loan you asked for.
Oh, well, never mind.
Never mind, I expected as much.
Thanks anyway.
Go on, what if you get a fine and it’s my fault? Yes.
Well, well, well.
What? You have to tell us everything.
What have I got to tell you? There’s nothing to tell.
No? You looked like something out of a documentary about courtship on the Serengeti.
What do you mean? What are you on about? No way.
What’s more, he works for Nemo.
- And he’s Irish or Scottish or something! - You can share skirts! - Loads of advantages! - Hey, leave me alone, please.
Hello, Mario.
Chon - What a surprise! - I’ve come to ask you a favour.
Of course, sit down.
I need you to help Carlos so he ends up managing Open Sea.
And Nina? Nina’s not interested in her father’s business.
Yes And Carlos is always going to need you.
Yes, yes.
Whereas Nina really Nina doesn’t need me.
I raised her too well and she’s independent and doesn’t even see me.
Carlos needs me.
I need you to help him.
You’re like his brother.
Of course.
Chon, one thing.
Has Nemo told you why he’s decided to retire? I’ve been married to him for 25 years.
Do you think he tells me anything? He doesn’t tell me anything Carlos How does this go? Damn head! Useless! Hello! Your sandwich.
Ah, one question, Carmiña.
Why are they called applications when all they are is a pain in the arse? What are you doing? I want to upload Nemo’s diary to the calendar, but it looks like I don’t have the brains to do it.
Why do you bother with that? Hasn’t Nemo got a secretary? He's got 15 secretaries but I have to drive him here and there, and I’ve forgotten several appointments and I don’t want it to happen again.
- Will you let me try? - Of course, be my guest I’m eternally grateful, Carmiña.
Darling You know about as much about applications as I do.
The problem is your mobile, it’s older than the hills.
So buy a new one.
Of course, we old people don’t understand new technology, but we know a few tricks to have a good time.
Really? You don’t say? Would you like me to show you a little trick? What could you show me? Well, it’s a little trick, it looks very small but in the end it isn’t You’re wasting your time.
And you’re missing a great opportunity.
The Bandeiras are very well connected with all the institutions.
They can open the doors to lots of museums.
I don’t need their money.
It’s not a question of money, but one of prestige.
Prestige that can be bought isn't worth anything.
I’ve known Nina and her father for a long time.
I can assure you they are magnificent people.
But they both have one thing in common: they are relentless in the face of injustice.
And you’re not being just.
- Are you threatening me? - No, good grief, of course not.
Get out! We have to go to a hospital.
- No.
- You’re getting worse, Exprés.
Freddy will be watching us.
We can’t stay here, don’t you see? And where are we going? I don’t know.
Have you got a mate who could hide you? No.
Not for free.
I gave you all the money I had.
Let me stay here.
I I I’ll take the pills the vet gave me.
Freddy’s going to come back.
No You did a good job.
- What do you mean? - You convinced him.
Did I fuck! Shit! Don’t make any noise, OK? I’ll be right back.
Lara, we’re the answer to your prayers.
I don’t pray much.
That’s why we’ve come and not Ryan Gosling.
He let us down.
We know where to get the money to get by.
Find the things you don’t need and we’ll sell them on the internet.
Does that work? Well, I put my little boy up for sale and nobody wanted him.
- People aren't stupid.
- You brute! What could I sell? I don’t know, Lara, any old thing.
Look, this is broken and doesn’t work so there we are, we take a photo, put a filter on it and there you are, we call it vintage.
And you have to send a notification to all your contact list so that they buy something.
Revolutionary tax.
Fewer condolences for your mother and more coughing up money.
I need money and I’m selling some things.
Click on the link I’m sending and see if you’re interested in anything.
Is it that bad? Yes, so it seems.
Lara has put several things up for sale.
But doesn’t she know she has two million euros in her account? Buy everything you can from her without her knowing I’ve sent you.
Your daughter is very pretty.
- What the fuck do you want? - To help you.
I’ve been told that your wife hardly lets you see the little girl.
I could give you a hand.
I know judges.
We could arrange a new visiting regime.
I don’t want your help, thank you.
That’s a shame, because I need yours.
Have you been sent by Mr Bandeira? No, Mr Bandeira knows nothing.
I doubt it.
Let me explain.
We’ve detected that some of the company’s employees are stealing little bits of stuff.
We haven’t reported it for the sake of our image, but we don’t want a crime go unpunished either.
- Of course not - So we’d need someone with experience to investigate, without making a lot of noise, to find those little thieves.
Someone like you.
I already have a job, thanks.
You can do that in your spare time.
And we’d give you good money.
Very good money.
- Is that how you recruited Lamas? - And he didn’t complain.
He ended up being the company's general director of security.
We could give you an advance.
Are you recording this to bribe me? Of course not.
You’ve made a mistake with me.
- Chon, dear! - Ciao, Fabio Long time no see! It’s been a long time, yes.
But as you can see, I haven’t forgotten you.
What’s happened here? I couldn’t find any cufflinks.
Did you want anything? Yes I want you to appreciate the effort Carlos is doing.
He wants to open a luxury hotel in Portofino and I’m going to help him.
Why in Italy? Well, you know why.
Don’t you approve? No.
- What did the cufflinks look like? - What cufflinks? Nothing forget it.
Where will you hang it? Well, I don’t know, in the office I guess.
And what will you get with that? Nemo getting mad at you? No, let's do things the right way.
Your way, right? Our way.
I’m not your teacher any more And you’re not at college.
We’re a team now.
I want to have a child.
Go to the police.
If your dad was one of them, - they’ll surely help you.
- I can’t.
They think he ran away because of his betting debts.
And although they don’t say it, some think it was him who burnt the house to get the insurance money.
I promised my mother I’d go to Santiago to see if he’s in any hospital.
Will you come with me? No, I can’t now, Alejandro.
I need to finish reading this.
You know that.
Daddy’s homework.
Blimey! Why that irony all of a sudden? All the time going on about me not getting involved and start focusing, and now that I’m doing it? I’m very pleased you're not involved any more.
But I’d like you to do what you like, not what your parents want.
Well, your dad has always been very proud of you, right? Isn’t that right? - Yes or no? - Yes.
So what’s wrong with me now trying to get my father’s respect? Nothing.
All right.
I’ll come with you.
- I’ll come with you.
- No Stop - I’ll come with you.
I’ll read this later.
- I’m a teacher.
I can’t allow a student to leave the house without doing their homework.
Well, then you’ll need to discipline me.
May I? I’ve got some good news.
I’ve got you a contact so you can open the hotel in Portofino.
I've known them for years, it’s a very, very traditional family.
You’ll need to win them over when they come.
We’re having a video conference call with them in an hour.
I can’t now, mum.
- Carlos - I can’t now.
Stay, Carlos I don’t care.
I’m sure you understand.
Mum, give me your keys.
What a guy! What happened, you queer? Why such a scared face? - What the hell? - Fernando, leave now, please.
This baboon is gonna miss me.
I’m leaving today! What? The judge He wanted a penthouse and I can’t say no.
But very good, right? How’s everything out there, mate? We have just one problem.
Exprés has disappeared.
But relax, Tigre, relax, I’ve already got my eyes in every place.
He’ll turn up just because.
Are you sure? Sure.
I told you I’d take care of everything while you were here in prison.
And everything means everything.
I’ll kill him.
And now what, mate? To Colombia or what? To Colombia? I ain’t going back to Colombia.
I’m staying here.
You’ll always have a job if you stay with me.
You almost hid it, son of a bitch.
I JUST WAN TO MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD What the hell is this? This is not the penknife Lamas had in his body.
This is not the one we found on the beach, for fuck’s sake! Someone changed the weapon.
Someone from this fucking police station changed this evidence! Give me the photos.
They’ve changed them too.
I know it isn’t the right time but we should tell the family now.
Not yet! What? I’ll leave it to you.
Say hello to your wife.
To the legal one too, motherfucker.
Come on And this? SOLD I’ve bought a two-metre image of the Virgin of the Rosary.
It must be sent to an isolated village in Peru.
A whim of the police chief’s mother.
Will you get a Peruvian diplomatic passport? Much better.
They've found someone really desperate who will say they put the coke in our container without us knowing.
And Open Sea stays clean.
You're the best.
Hi Do you really have more sets of my keys? - The door was - Mum, give me the keys.
You don’t have any more, do you? I’d like you to come with me to a meal at the Board.
Wow! Great plan! Isn’t it, Mum? No, no, no.
I can’t go with you, I’m meeting Alejandro, you saw that yesterday - I know, not right, is it? - No, not right at all.
There’s a meeting at the school to organise a search for his father.
- I can’t come with you.
- Yes, you can come with me.
I can’t go with you, I’ve just told you.
You can send him a message and tell him something more important came up.
I don’t want to go on my own Carlos.
What are you doing here? I’ve heard you have money problems.
How’s that your business? I'd like to buy something.
But I’ve sold everything.
This boat too? And what do you want such an old boat for? Because I collect them.
- Yeah, right? - Yes.
How many have you got? This is the first one.
It’s expensive you know.
- Because it’s very old.
- I see Well See if that’s enough.
Are you mad? I’ve been called worse things.
Remember I’m a lawyer.
- Hello - Well Here comes another one.
You’re like a plague.
See if you are as generous.
Listen, I’ll go and get your things, I’ve put them in boxes.
OK? Did Nemo send you too? No.
And I’d offer you a coffee, but I sold the coffee maker.
I might have instant coffee though.
Oh, my favourite! Thank you very much.
Thank you for the instant coffee.
How was it? You won’t believe it.
Yesterday, Nemo asked me personally to transfer two million euros to Lara Balarés, his natural daughter.
But the best part is that, apparently, she has no idea she has that money.
Well, that's what I think.
And this is the daughter that can’t stand him? She hates his guts.
Although this might well be just an act.
Look, this is the account number.
If she carries out any transaction, we’ll know she's conspiring with her father.
OK? Pull over here.
Pull over.
What does you instinct tell you? I don’t know It's difficult to know anything with that girl.
I need results Evidence of black money, drugs, payments to politicians, whatever.
Do you think you’ll manage? But 100% sure, right? OK.
They’ve just confirmed.
The lorry robbery’s related to this fucking Tigre.
The good thing is they know where the parcels are kept.
I’m thinking of calling Genucho, to organise a party, we’ll pay him with some parcels.
We’ll go, Ferro.
You and me.
Nemo, Nemo, Nemo, the whole police force is after you and it’s been a long time since you and me Don’t bury me yet, for fuck’s sake, Ferro! We can still do it.
Come on! I asked at the hospitals in the Oeste and Santiago areas I’m looking for him in seedy clubs, which is what I know best.
OK? OK, let’s stop talking and get going.
- I thought you wouldn’t come.
- And here I am in front of you.
But I want a love degree with honours, OK? You, what are you doing there? You still haven’t prepared the coke and you’re doing nothing, you queers.
Come on, move Let’s see that nose You, stop fooling around, come on Hello, good morning.
Excuse me, one little question: Am I going in the right direction to the Cathedral of Santiago? - Hey, you bastard, leave, go now.
- Ah And a bar? What do you say? Shush! Is Tigre paying you so much that you’d go back to your country in a box? Nah Back.
Back! Back! Ferro, yours.
You do use weird language! Do you have cathedrals in your village? Hey, tigers, get some marshmallows! Right, see you soon.
Fucking hell, motherfuckers! I’ve just come out of prison today! Today! And instead of fucking my girlfriend, I have to be here and watch how fucking Nemo fucked you all! Hey, what shall we do then? Yes, Nemo is an intelligent guy.
That’s why he is where he is.
What’s wrong? You think I’m not as good as him or what? Did I say that, Tigre? Did I say that? Or is it you who thinks it? How did he know where we kept the coke? Exprés? Of course it was that crazy bitch, who else? And why is that crazy bitch still breathing, Freddy? Let’s go to the hospital.
You're dying Exprés.
Let’s go to the hospital.
Do you remember this boat? How could I forget? Who brought it here? Lara? No I bought it from her.
It’s a present for you.
Also, it brings me good memories, like when we used to go fishing.
My father never had time for anything other than his work.
Quique was a good man.
He did everything for you and your mother.
I’ve almost forgotten his face, I need to look at the photographs.
- At least the newspaper published one.
- Don’t talk like that.
He loved you a lot, only he didn’t know how to say it.
I guess that’s better than saying it without feeling it.
Why is this here? It’s a present for Mario.
There’s a policeman waiting for you.
And that, you’d better take it home.
- Have you found my lorry? - No, I’m sorry.
The Peruvian police have arrested a drug dealer who loaded a consignment of cocaine in an Open Sea container.
- What are you talking about? - No, don’t worry.
He declared you didn’t know anything about it.
I owe you an apology.
No, please.
Take a seat, please.
You and I need to be friends, like your predecessor, good old Lamas.
Now you mention him His body was found on a beach twenty kilometres from here.
Any idea of what happened? No, how could I know? Because you killed him.
NEXT EPISODE Do you remember I told you I’d got contacts in Italy for Carlos to open a hotel? Fabio’s coming.
From now on, you’ll have to negotiate with me.
From what I’ve heard it can’t have been easy.
I’d do anything for Chon.
They’ve found my father.
He’s been killed.
I couldn’t understand what my daughter was saying.
I couldn’t hear her - Do you want to help me? - Yes.
Then fuck me.
Ask your dad for some.
Isn’t he a drug dealer? A drug dealer? Fresh meat.
You were thinking you’d have to fuck her, eh? - Freeze, police! - You must make sure she keeps away from that scum.
That’s not going to be easy.
If it’s a question of money, tell me how much you want.
I want you to destroy the reputation of Nina Bandeira.
- What’s that? - My father’s ashes.
Who is the journalist? It’s better to be careful in these matters.
Give me the name.
I think I’ve got a witness to the Lamas murder.
You’re ill, aren’t you?
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