Unauthorized Living (Vivir sin permiso) (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Tiburones y otros peces

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES PREVIOUSLY Exprés, where are you, man? You said you were coming to the hospital and you didn’t.
Call me.
Are you scared of a new boss? Bosses change, we remain.
I’m going to ask you a personal favour.
Leave me alone.
Keep “having a coffee” with Lara.
I need results Evidence of black money, drugs, payments to politicians, whatever.
He found a dagger or a punch in the body, Nemo.
I drowned him.
Someone changed the weapon.
Someone from this fucking police station changed this evidence! - Find me the boy quickly! - Ricardo.
Monterroso is calling you.
I’m not your teacher any more and you’re not at college.
We’re a team now.
I’ve just come out of prison today! Today! Instead of fucking my girlfriend, I have to be here and watch how fucking Nemo fucked you all! How did he know where we kept the coke? Exprés? And why is that crazy bitch still breathing, Freddy? Exprés, what are you doing? Don’t close your eyes, OK? Exprés, eh! Eh! Eh! Eh! Wake up! Don’t close your fucking eyes.
Exprés, are you OK? - Yes - Are you sure? Yes.
Fuck Celina, it’s Lara My friend’s in a bad way, he’s got a bullet wound and we need to get to a hospital but I don’t know where to go or what to do! Please call me.
Careful! Are you OK? Exprés WELCOME BACK, TIGRE Tigre! Yeah! Tigre! Tigre! I’m back.
And I shall not be moved! He’s here! I can’t see him! Where is he? You, you! Go to your room, he’ll be hungry.
Mum! Son! Son! - How are you! - Perfect.
And you, come here.
Go on, go to the bedroom, see if you can give me a grandchild, even if she’s the mother.
I’ll raise it.
Tigre Done.
At last somebody does their job properly.
Go and do something outside.
I’ve got a love affair on the go.
Be careful, Monterroso could make trouble for us.
He’s here to stir things up.
Investigate him, see if we can calm him down.
As if we didn’t have enough without that cop.
- Are things that bad? - Yes Several loans are about to come due and the last lot of money is enough - for a couple of weeks, no more.
- Then go to London - and talk to the banks in person.
- I can’t go to London now, Nemo.
I’ve got to close the deal for the hotel in Italy.
What hotel? The hotel Carlos is going to open in the villa.
That Italian friend of Chon’s villa.
Fabio - Fabio Taddeo? - Fabio Taddeo.
Did she call Fabio? Yes If it annoys you, I’ll cancel everything right now.
No, don't.
- No, don’t do anything.
- Nemo! Tigre’s lot have killed Lara’s boyfriend.
- What? What about her? Is she OK? - She’s in the Clínico, shock, I think.
They discharged her straight away.
Shall I go and check personally how she is? No, that’d make things worse.
She doesn’t want to see us.
I’m going home, Elisa’s expecting me.
Yes, Malcolm.
Can you tell us what happened? I didn’t see anything.
What are you doing here? I heard about what happened.
How are you? Fucking great.
Did you fix the light? What’s wrong? You think just because I’m a lawyer I can’t fix lightbulbs? Look what I’ve brought you.
Instant coffee.
As bad as the hospital coffee.
Go on, you’ll love it.
I promise.
Poor Exprés He gave me everything he had and now I can’t afford to bury him! If there’s anything I can do No, no, thanks.
His mother donated his body to the Faculty of Medicine.
I don’t know, maybe it’s time to use your savings.
What savings? You yourself said I’m broke.
Maybe your mother had an account you don’t know about.
I don’t know, have you had a good look at the papers? What money could she have, spending all day at the canning factory and with the house mortgaged? No Yes But I could lend you money or help you find work.
I know some business people.
No No, thanks.
Everybody here works for Nemo.
- Is that juice for me? - No, they’re both for me, you queer.
Ah, very good.
Be careful with those biscuits, don’t eat them, I think they have gluten.
Neither of us are intolerant.
You buy gluten-free just because they’re more expensive.
I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.
It’s the police.
Yes? Yes, that’s me.
Is anything wrong? Where? Yes, of course I can go.
No, no, no I’ll tell my mother.
What’s wrong, Alejandro? - They’ve found my father.
- Is he all right? - He’s been killed.
- What do you mean! Come here Come on, calm down.
Yes, yes, we’ve got time but I don’t want to sleep.
The first exhibition went so well What are you doing? Mario, do you know who I was speaking to? Sounded like a good friend.
I’m sure they’ll phone back.
I’m worried about you, Nina.
- Me? - Yes, you.
- Why? - Because your mother is applying pressure to make your father choose your brother and leave you out.
In fact she’s even called Fabio Taddeo which, by the way, has not pleased your father at all.
Yes, my mother and Fabio were boyfriend and girlfriend.
But that was years ago.
Of course That’s why he reacted strangely.
Although, to be honest, your father has been behaving strangely since - His birthday party, I would say - Yes.
Since he went to Madrid, before his birthday, he’s been different.
Has he told you anything? No But there’s no need to worry About my father or about me.
Mario, you know that I couldn’t care less about the company.
Art’s my thing.
Now give me my phone.
Sorry You’re right.
What can I say, Nina? The thing is, I can’t help it.
- What? - I’m worried about your future.
Mario, I’m not a child.
I’ve noticed.
Leave it.
Villalba, Mendoza here Look, one thing, do you remember the painting you bought from Nina Bandeira? Exactly, the one that cost three thousand euros.
Well, it turns out that it’s not even worth five euros.
OK, calm down, I’ve been conned too.
That’s why I’m calling, tell Nemo, he’ll put it right, no problem.
But listen You didn’t hear about this from me.
What are you doing here? I didn’t tell the police anything.
We’ve come to offer our condolences for the death of your boyfriend OK, you’ve done it.
Leave me alone, please.
We want you to give back the money Exprés gave you.
- The 3,000 euros.
- I haven’t got any fucking money.
Shoot me Really, if you want, shoot me, you might be doing me a favour.
Listen sweetie, yesterday your father stole a lot of kilos from me.
I think I’ve got the right to some compensation, haven’t I? - Then tell Nemo! - Are we talking to Nemo or are we talking to you? Look, Exprés is dead and he can no longer repay that money and, my love, it was you who spent it.
Or are you going to fuck me about? Pay that money because you’re in debt with us, bitch.
I’m a reasonable guy.
if you haven’t got the money, you can work for me.
Me with drugs? No chance! Oh, in that case how are you going to pay, working like a dog in your father’s canning factory? - It’s 3,000 euros, big shot.
- Considering he’s her father, he doesn’t help her much.
He could give you a job in a hotel, - or in the shipping company - I’d rather die than work for Nemo.
Well, we’re out of options.
You either work for Nemo, or you work for me.
And buy some yoghurts, you’ve run out.
In short Open Sea is committed to rehabilitating the family villa in Portofino in exchange for turning it into a luxury hotel complex.
- Well done, Carlos.
- Really? - Magnificent.
- Thanks, Mario.
- I’m very proud of you.
- Thanks very much, Mum.
I was quite nervous, I must say.
My hands were shaking a bit.
I’m off, Alejandro is expecting me.
You have to come home and tell your father about your proposal.
But I can’t today, Mum.
I told you.
Well, I’m sure Alejandro won’t mind.
But I do mind.
Mum, he’s just lost his father.
I doubt it was much of a surprise.
Maybe he’s not surprised, OK? But he’s really upset and he needs me by his side.
Whether you believe it or not.
And in fact I don’t understand why it’s so difficult for you to believe.
Carlos, you need to concentrate on this.
What the fuck’s your problem with Alejandro, Mum? When he was pestering me to give up drugs, he was the perfect son-in-law, and now I’m completely clean, it’s as if he’s in your way.
- What the fuck’s your problem? - Don’t talk rubbish.
You’re on different roads.
You’re about to manage a multinational, while he’s He’s what? What, Mum? He’s just a high school teacher, is that really what it is? Carlos, you can aspire to more.
Well, I don’t fucking feel like it.
Sorry, Mario.
Making sacrifices all your life for your children I hope he’s more on the ball tomorrow when Fabio comes.
You were very brave calling him.
Why? Well, because, Nemo’s face when I told him Sorry, I’d prefer to keep out of it.
What did he say? He didn’t say anything, but I know him and I know he wasn’t very pleased.
But was he angry enough to veto the project? Well, yes, but don’t worry, I’ll take care of him.
Really? Really.
There’s more there than my daughter’s damn painting cost you.
Yes, Nemo.
We’ve got a problem.
The paintings from her Nina's Gallery are shit and she’s charging Picasso prices for them.
OK, I’ll shut the mouths of the buyers and the press.
It was a bad move to buy her the gallery! Hello, family.
That little girl’s becoming very beautiful.
Take the girl.
How's things? How are those boats, Anxo? Great.
Fantastic, Nemo Bandeira has given you great gifts, eh? I want to talk to you.
You’re going to have a chance to thank him.
Because gratitude is the sign of a good upbringing.
Isn’t it, Anxo? Of course.
- Do you fancy scrambled eggs? - No, thanks.
What a pain Lamas’s wife is, crying all the time and crying at the funeral Considering all the times he’d been unfaithful to her.
She should be pleased to be rid of her husband.
- Would you be? - What rubbish you talk! - Will you be at home tomorrow? - Yes, I haven’t got any meetings.
Do you know where the pepper is? Yes, in the left-hand drawer.
But we’ll have visitors.
Do you remember I told you I’d got contacts in Italy for Carlos to open a hotel? Fabio’s coming.
Fabio? Your Fabio? No, he’s not my Fabio.
What’s more, don’t act surprised, you already knew.
How would I know? - Did you tell me? - Mario told you! - You should have told me yourself.
- OK, you’re right but it’s unavoidable now.
He’ll be coming with his daughter, Olivia.
Shall I tell them you’re away? - Why? - Well, I don’t know, - because the last time - I’ve learned some table manners and not to spit on the floor since then.
- I didn’t say that.
- It sounds like it.
They’re our guests, aren’t they? So I’ll treat them as they deserve.
Well, That’s what I was worried about.
Good night.
Here I am.
Wait a moment, I’m chasing some little guys here Oh How easy it is to get killed - in this crap game - What do I have to do? Have you had second thoughts? No, I don’t think.
Otherwise I wouldn’t be here.
You have to take something to this address.
Don’t get cocky Did you buy yoghurts? They’re nice.
Don’t get caught by the police.
No, that's what I thought.
Is that it? Do you really prefer to go to prison rather than work for your father? You get out of prison.
- Fabio! - My dear! My dear! My darling! You haven’t changed at all! Speak Spanish, I don’t want anyone getting funny ideas.
Well, I’m a bit rusty, but I’ll try.
You’ll find it easy, your mother was from here.
- Let me introduce my son.
- A pleasure.
The pleasure is mine.
How was your journey? As good as a journey can be with a daughter who refuses to speak.
- The Italian? - His name’s Fabio.
And remember you really dislike him.
I haven’t forgotten, I don’t know why.
There’s Nemo.
I don’t know what’s wrong with him lately.
Please be patient with him.
You can ask me for anything.
I can’t refuse you.
- Fabio! - Nemesio My friends call me Nemo.
- So I’ll call you Nemesio, shall I? - Always the joker.
Eh, hasn’t your wife come? I became a widower a couple of years ago.
I’m sorry.
- A drink? It’s about time.
- Please.
Now I’m a widower and as poor as a church mouse.
My daughter Olivia inherited everything.
Your project is interesting, but she's the one you need to convince.
Welcome to Galicia, beautiful.
And to my swimming pool.
I’m Carlos Bandeira.
What a diva! - Sorry - Sorry.
It’s very good champagne.
No, no, no, no.
It can’t be! Your daughter? Nina.
As beautiful as your mother.
Pleased to meet you.
A pleasure.
Will you excuse me a moment? Thanks.
Mario Mendoza, my godson and lawyer of Open Sea.
He’s the Italian, isn’t he? Yes.
He’s very elegant.
Everything from elsewhere strikes you as elegant.
Why do you say that? I’ve been investigating the French art dealer.
Turns out he’s a fraud.
Mario, are you telling me I’m so useless I don’t know how to distinguish a fake? For your information, he’s very talented and prestigious.
Why the fuck have you been investigating him? - Because I care about you.
- Ah And who do you think you are to go interfering in my life? I’m going for another.
I must admit you have an eye for business.
What an empire you’ve built, eh! No one ever gave me anything.
I’ve had to fight for it.
The last time we met here we ended up in a fight.
Luckily we’ve become more civilised.
Speak for yourself.
A shame your wife couldn’t come.
Next time, perhaps.
She must be delighted to get rid of you for a while.
Why do you say that? I told you she died two years ago.
- Oh! Excuse me! - What’s going on? - Ferro, for the love of God! - Excuse me, - I’ll fetch a serviette.
- Lascia stare, no problem, lascia stare In Italy spilt wine brings good luck.
But we’re in Galicia.
- I’ve come from Tigre.
- Yes I don’t suppose the Holy Spirit sent you.
OK, I’m off.
Freeze, police! Put your hands where I can see them.
You, hands up! Shit, please, really This is the first time I’ve done this, please.
They say the first time’s shit, but that you never forget it.
- Have you got it? - I’ve got it.
Come on.
So you killed Lamas, but why, if I might ask? He was a bad lot.
He was threatening me.
He wanted money.
He said he was going to reopen my case.
Let’s see if I understand.
You were arrested 7 years ago for collecting goose barnacles without a licence, but it was Lamas himself who closed the case for lack of proof.
Yes or no? And as soon as you set foot in the street your own mussel boats fall into your lap.
How did you do it? - I won the lottery.
- The lottery Yes, sir.
You’re very funny, quite a comedian, yes, sir.
I can’t see it myself, but you’re funny.
And me? Am I funny? Do you think I’m funny? Am I funny? I’m telling the truth.
It would be easy for me to believe you.
Close the case and get a medal pinned to my chest.
But we both know you’re here because someone sent you.
What is it about that guy? For fuck’s sake, you’ve got a family! Don’t you care about going to prison for that son of a bitch? She hasn’t got a record, give me a search report.
Isn’t that Nemo Bandeira’s illegitimate daughter? What’s wrong? Have you been studying the family tree? She was making a delivery.
You can go.
Didn’t you hear me? Get out! What’s your name? Lara Balarés Ponte.
I thought your father would have given you his surname.
Well, now you know.
He doesn’t give anything away for free.
Come on.
Have a guess who’s just been brought in under arrest? Drugs? That’s what I heard.
Shall we call Hernando? I don’t think that’s a good idea.
Everybody connects you to Hernando’s office.
Someone might think Lara was doing that transport for us.
You’re right, but don’t worry.
If I’ve done my job properly, I think I know who she’ll call.
If you’ll excuse me.
Good evening.
I’m here to see Lara Balarés.
I’m her One second.
- Nina, how are you? - Terrible.
I wanted to apologise for what I said earlier.
You care about me and I Well, I’m sorry.
I’ll buy you a drink.
It’s not a good time, is it? It’s fine.
Why would it be a bad time? I’ll just finish up and be on my way.
Half an hour, OK? I’ll see you in the new bar at the harbour.
OK? Perfect.
Never mind.
How long will I get? That depends on how much you collaborate.
You have the right to make one phone call to inform about your situation.
Who should I call? That’s up to you.
I’ll get the same wages at the end of the month.
- I need my mobile.
- No, no way.
And how am I supposed to make the bloody call? Do you know all the numbers off by heart? Or what? I don’t know, I must be the only one on the planet because Look at the number from here.
But without taking it out of the bag.
Make the call from this one.
And don’t do anything stupid.
Malcolm, Malcolm, listen, it’s Lara.
Can you talk? Er Yes, yes, yes I’m here at the office, - just about to leave.
Why? - Listen, you’re a lawyer, right? Yes Yes, well, I work more with numbers now, why? No, because I got cornered by a band of galácticos and I’m at the police station - What? - I would have phoned my mother I would have phoned Exprés Can you get me out of here? Yes, yes, keep calm.
I’ll take care of it, I’m on my way.
OK, thanks.
We’ve got more material.
This time we’re going to attack the summit.
And you can also demolish an idol by firing at his feet.
I don’t understand I want you to destroy the reputation of Nina Bandeira.
Nina, sorry.
I’m almost there.
Yes, what's the bar called? OK, I’ll be there in a moment.
Have your breakfast.
How can people swallow what that journalist said about my gallery, Mum? Well, you’re not a fraudster - It’s absurd.
- They’re attacking you to get to me.
- But I won’t let them hurt you.
- It’s not up to you.
The whole art world, from here to Los Angeles is tweeting about what a con artist I am.
- Calm down, everything’ll turn out OK.
- Mum, stop treating me like a child, for fuck’s sake! Calm down, love, calm down.
Calm down Dad, how can they say those things about me? My own friends.
They believe those lies.
They’re closing doors to me, Dad.
All of them It’s hard to gain prestige and easy to lose it Dad, what do I do now? I shouldn't have come back.
Everyone's turning their backs on me.
They've turned their backs on me.
What’s wrong? Do my problems bore you? Sorry What are you doing? Are you stupid or what? Sorry, Chon, my fault.
I’m confused today.
Nemo How are you? Are you OK? Nemo.
I ought to shoot myself.
I couldn’t understand what my daughter was saying.
I couldn’t hear her Will they have noticed? I don’t know.
I can’t live with this doubt.
Talk to whoever and have cameras installed all through the house and in the offices.
Make sure I’m the only one who can see the videos.
Another thing, that journalist I don’t know why Mario’s taking so long to find him.
Make sure he stops writing.
For sure, Nemo, for sure.
- Hello, gorgeous.
- Hello.
What’s wrong, Ferro? I suppose you’ve seen the news.
The girl The girl’s totally fucked up I know.
I’ll have a word with the paper No, no, Mario, words won’t be enough now.
Nemo has asked me to take care of the matter.
I know, but now he wants me to take care of it by other means.
Who is the journalist? Ferro, it’s better to be careful in these matters.
What are you doing? Give me the name.
Roberto Olid.
Poor little Roberto has run out of ink.
- See you, gorgeous.
- Bye.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- What’s that? - My father’s ashes.
I told you I was going to pick them up.
Why have you brought them here? My mother’s squeamish about having them in the house.
She’ll get over it.
No, she won’t.
We both know your mother.
Well, maybe she won’t get over it, but they’re staying here, he was my father.
I’m going to school.
Remember I’ve got a department meeting later on.
I’ve arranged to meet everyone at the house.
Today’s the big day.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
Lara was carrying a lot.
It’ll be difficult to get her out.
As soon as they test it and hand her over to the courts, no It won’t reach the judge.
I’ll make sure of that.
If you hear any news, call me.
Of course.
I’m very grateful.
- I didn’t do anything.
- Lara made a call to one person.
And she called you.
You must be doing something right.
Nemo Thanks, Malcolm.
Lara is my business now.
Of course.
That fucking bastard journalist has disappeared.
I couldn’t care less.
We’ll take care of him later.
We’ve got work to do now, Ferro.
What do you want now, Freddy? No, nothing, boss.
Just to tell you everything went well.
They got the girl.
The police arrived just at the time we told them.
Fucking great! Now Nemo will see how it hurts to be grassed up to the police.
We must celebrate.
Can you smell that? Yes, it smells delicious.
Fresh meat.
Not that, you idiot! What my mother’s cooking downstairs! Go and get her to give you some.
Let’s see if we can fuck a bit more, eh, it seems unreal.
Have you got the builders in? Well, they’re from the security company.
I don’t know what problem there’s been Thanks.
Mum, I’m going to Santiago.
I can’t stay here.
I’m overwhelmed.
Are you OK, dear? No, I’m not OK.
Do you want me to go with you? - We’ve got guests.
- Well, we’re all friends here, it’s no problem.
Do you want me to go with you? - I’ll go with you.
- OK, I’ll wait outside.
My bag, please.
I don’t know if you’ve heard about what happened Yes, I read something, but I didn’t believe a word.
Well, Fabio, I’m sorry.
My family needs me.
I’ve heard that before.
They’re the most important thing for me.
- Well, I hope you’re happy.
- Well, I didn’t say that - It was your decision.
- No, it wasn’t my decision.
- It was your decision - No, it wasn’t my decision.
It was life.
I fell in love.
Well, now I’ve got - some fantastic children.
- I wish I could say the same.
- Madam.
- Thanks.
Will I see you later? Well, you never know You never know Mr Bandeira, what a coincidence! I thought scientists didn’t believe in coincidences.
We’re human.
I was told that at this time of year I could find you around here.
Looks like you’ve had a good day.
Yes, I can’t complain.
Seeing as you’re so good with mushrooms, I’d like to ask you a question, see if you can help me.
- Whatever, of course.
- I love mushrooms, I really like them, but I can never be sure.
One of these is poisonous and the other one isn’t.
Could you tell me which is which? They look the same.
I’d have to study them.
What with you working in forensics, I thought you’d be able to tell - with the naked eye.
- It’s not so easy with some samples.
We have equipment there, we can do tests And are they always right first time? Don’t you ever get it wrong? Mr Bandeira, in science the absolute truth never exists, there’s always a margin of error.
Sometimes we get it wrong, of course.
That's what I thought! A family friend has been arrested with some powder and the police say it’s something that it isn’t.
Do you understand? Yes Those mushrooms look good.
Shall we buy them, Ferro? Well, they look like great mushrooms, we could have them for dinner.
Have a nice day.
Is that OK? That’s OK, right? Look, there’s some more mushrooms.
Well, we’ve been thinking about it for several days and I can assure you we’re going to hold We're going to hold the original building in high esteem.
In fact, I don’t know if you’ve been able to read the documents - I sent you more or less a couple - I don’t like reading.
No, but you like writing, don’t you, princess? I’m bored.
Well, I tell you what we’ll do.
Let’s finish up this business quickly and, if you like, I’ll take you out on the town, there’s lots to do here.
- That's what I heard.
- The reality is four hundred thousand times better than what you’ve heard about Galicia, I can tell you that.
- No.
- No - I’ve heard - What have you heard? That the coke here is zero Zero Zero.
But what are you doing? Can’t you see me? - Give me something nice.
- No, I can’t help you.
- That’s not what I heard.
- I’ve been clean for months, really.
Ask your dad for some.
Isn’t he a drug dealer? Drug dealer? Where the fuck did you come up with that? That's what my dad says.
Well, I hope you never hear what they say about yours.
Can you wait here for me a second? Thanks.
Looks like the negotiation is going quite well.
Mario, that girl is completely round the fucking bend.
I think this is going to go tits up, really.
It’ll turn out OK, Carlos.
You need to learn how to give each client what they want at each moment.
Well, she has no fucking idea what she wants, man.
I think she knows perfectly well.
- Is that so? - Yes Listen, I’ve been researching her tastes, her vices, everything.
You have to do it with each client.
Some want wine, others want girls.
On the other hand, Olivia, is more predictable.
- Mario, don’t fuck with me, please - Take it, you’ll see how she signs.
- Believe me.
- You’re a bastard Yes You were thinking you’d have to fuck her, eh? To be honest, yes, I had thought that.
- You’ve saved my life, thanks.
- There are worse things, believe me.
What a bastard How was lunch? Fantastic.
Everything this land produces is good.
It’s a shame you have to go.
Haven’t Chon and your daughter come back? Chon’ll be at some charity meeting.
Everyone who wants my money names her honorary chairperson of something.
She’s got more titles than the queen of England.
Say goodbye for me.
I will.
Although we’ll see each other again soon, it looks like there are certain contracts to sign.
My daughter has accepted your deal and has given me control of the project.
From now on, you’ll have to negotiate with me.
From what I’ve heard it can’t have been easy.
I’d do anything for Chon.
But she wouldn’t.
She’d never leave me for you.
Have a good journey.
Yes, Malcolm? Give me details.
You can go.
What? The forensic tests have arrived.
The drugs you had hidden in your rucksack have changed from cocaine to talcum powder.
Daddy’s been pulling strings, eh? Oh, you think it’s funny.
Can I really go? Get out before I find something to stick on you.
A father who involves his children in drug dealing shows how little he cares about their future.
Look, two things; first, I don’t work for Nemo, OK? Second, didn’t you say it was talc? Thanks, Paco.
Nemo! I’ve missed you so much! The next time you leave me, I’ll kill you.
We’ll stick to each other like limpets, I promise.
Eh, Nina.
Stop, stop, stop.
You’ll hurt yourself Mario, I’m going to close the gallery.
Somebody’s set me up.
Now everyone thinks I’m a con-artist, or, worse still, useless I don’t.
I don’t think that.
I want you to see something.
But I did that drawing when I was a kid.
Why have you got it? Because your father gave it to the interior design department so they could adapt it for the suite in one of our hotels And do you know what? It’s the most requested suite.
I see And is that supposed to make me change my mind? Do you think I’m seven years old? Nina I just want to help you.
- Do you want to help me? - Yes.
Then fuck me.
- Can we talk? - Of course.
Nemo, we must accept that we’re getting older Why do you say that? Well, haven’t you noticed how Ferro is? - Ferro? - Ferro's in a bad way, he keeps putting his foot in it.
He forgets everything, interrupts conversations He makes you look bad.
You have to retire him.
- What are you talking about, woman? - I’m afraid in case one day you have an accident with him.
You’re worried about me? Of course I’m worried about you.
You’re my husband.
Fabio asked me to say goodbye for him.
I would have liked to do it himself.
Fabio is a gentleman.
Which is something I will never be.
That’s why I chose you.
Haven’t you ever thought of that? Congratulate me, kiss me, suck my dick! Because I have been a success! I’ve done it, Alejandro! - Have you taken coke? - You don’t know what that girl is like, really, you don’t know.
She wouldn’t stop until I got her a line.
I swear.
And did you have to take some as well? - Don’t get mad at me for that, please.
- I was already angry - before you arrived.
- Why? What have I done now? What have I done now? Where are my father’s ashes? In the sea.
You flushed my father’s ashes down the toilet? Yes But, look, Alejandro Your father called me all sorts of names when you weren’t there.
"Fucking junkie" being the last of them, and a lot worse besides.
How could I have him in the house? You tell me.
Fucking junkie Come on, let’s go to bed, please, I want to celebrate Don’t be like that.
It wasn’t my fault.
She’s the one who insisted, please.
- Carlos, you promised.
- Well, it’s not that easy - It’s not that easy.
- It’s not that easy.
- If I can give it up, so can you.
- We’re not all like you, Alejandro.
Who? Carlos, who? Why do you always speak in plural? Who’s "we all"? You and your family? Nemo Bandeira, no? Look You’re right.
My father and you were very different.
My father was a corrupt cop, a liar, a womaniser, and all the rest of it.
But I loved him And for that reason alone, you should have respected me.
Where are you going? Where are you going? Please, what a pain The biggest pain in the neighbourhood.
I’m not hungry, thanks.
Not that.
I have to prepare a case for tomorrow.
Do you mind? No What’s wrong? Is it Nemo? I don’t know what’s wrong, but he’s been very strange since he got back from Madrid.
I’m sure something’s happened that he doesn’t want to tell me about.
And it’s the first time he’s hidden anything from me.
And that makes you nervous.
Well, try not to let it show.
That’s easy to say.
But the one falsifying the accounts to cover the holes is me.
While Nemo keeps himself entertained making wine, I’m the one with dirty hands.
He could have made a pact with the office of the public prosecutor, so you get landed with the blame.
No, Nemo wouldn’t sell me out.
Nemo would sell out his mother.
And he’s shown how much he loves you by side-lining you.
I know it’s difficult to accept, Mario, but in your shoes, I’d expect the worst.
Good morning.
Hello What’s wrong? Didn’t you go home? I think I’ve got a witness to the Lamas murder.
Who? A little boy who was fishing.
It didn’t record the murderer but it did record this kid.
I think I know him.
His name’s Brais and he lives near the beach.
Alén Alén, you’re the best! Come on, let’s go! Shit! What’s up with him? He’s round the bend.
How’s Lara? Happy, she’s happy, she couldn’t believe she was free.
Does she suspect it was anything to do with me? I don’t think she’s stupid at all.
You must make sure she keeps away from that scum and comes to work for me.
That’s not going to be easy.
If it’s a question of money, tell me how much you want Mr Bandeira, I don’t want money.
I do it because I appreciate Lara and you.
I’m very happy working here in Open Sea.
But if you had a position with greater responsibility, you’d like that, wouldn’t you? A better salary.
Your own office - I don’t know What can I say? - Say yes.
Consider it done.
And you’re the one doing me a favour.
It’s not easy to find trustworthy people.
Nemo I was just on my way to your house.
I’ve saved you the journey.
Malcolm Thanks.
Have you found out what we can use against Monterroso? Nothing, not much.
His ex-wife hardly lets him see the daughter, he likes a drink and not much more.
Very few vices and they all come out of his salary.
I was thinking of going to Madrid to see if I could find out anything else.
You didn’t have time to go to London but you have got time to go to Madrid? I managed to free up my diary and, in fact, I’ll have more than enough time.
If you want me to take care of any business for you.
- Business? - Yes When you went to Madrid, did you have time to see everyone you wanted to? I didn’t meet anyone.
I went to eat calamari sandwiches.
Calamari sandwiches? No wonder you stayed such a short time.
Wherever there’s a good spider crab Nemo Problems.
- There’s nobody here.
- Looks like the parents went to the school and took him out in a big hurry.
- It was quite strange.
- You don’t say Have we got the father’s phone number? - No, but I can get it.
- Do it.
What’s up, Cabrera? You good-for-nothing! How are you, man? I need an urgent favour.
I need the position of a mobile.
No, no, for myself.
I’ll send it now You’re the best, man, thanks! Here’s the phone number.
This is a bit illegal, isn’t it? If you know people who’ve had dealings with us, you’ll know they’ve got no complaints.
So relax, you’ll want for nothing, you or your son.
You’ll leave Spain today.
OK? We’ve found you a good job, very close to the best football academy for your son.
The only condition is that you never speak to Inspector Monterroso.
And never means never, I hope that's very clear.
What do your parents do? My dad’s a fisherman and my mum stays at home all day.
And would you like to be a fisherman like your dad? No, dead fish turn my stomach.
I want to be a footballer like Iago Aspas, but my dad won’t let me play I always have to go and help him with the fishing Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Don’t you like Iago Aspas? Who’s Iago Aspas? The best player in the world.
And you want to be like him? Yes.
Does it scare you? When I was a boy, I didn’t like football, but I loved sharks.
If it weren’t for sharks, the little fish would multiply too much and they’d eat all the seaweed and end up eating each other.
Sharks are always shown as the baddies, but, without them, the sea would be a desert.
You’re ill, aren’t you? We sharks get old too.
But we still bite.
There’s nobody here.
Shit They’ve tricked us Where's the child? What child? Are you going to accuse me of making a child disappear? Please, Monterroso, I expected more of you Hello, I'm Alejandro, leave your message at the beep.
You’re not going to answer, are you? I'm teaching him a lesson.
When I was at school, punishments didn’t really work, to tell the truth.
I’m not punishing him, Lara, he’s gone way too far.
I need to think, I can’t go on like this.
Imagine that, Tigre.
- They let Nemo’s daughter go.
- What? But they caught her with several kilos, man.
She must have done a deal with the police.
- With the grave.
- Don’t talk shit Go and find out what she told the police.
Even if you need to beat it out of her Carte blanche then, boss? You’re a fool, man, I swear, a fool.
Yes, I might well be a fool, but you called me to get you out.
- Come on, ghost - What? Are you going to tell me how Nemo did it or not? Well, if you buy me a drink, it might loosen my tongue.
There’s only ice in my fridge Well, a glass of water with ice would be perfect No? No No, your bodyguard services are over for today.
OK, good night, Lara.
Good night.
Fucking get off me! Get off me! How’s my little darling? I have to ask you a question.
How did you get the police to let you go so quickly? - What did you tell them? - I didn’t tell them anything Do you think I’m stupid? Who did you grass on? - Who did you grass on?! - I didn’t say anything! Don’t get rough! Lovely! Are you going to talk of your own accord? Or do I have to beat it out of you, the way I like it? - Yes, my lovely, yes - No, please Maybe, maybe, yes, yes You can be sure of one thing, as we say in Colombia: no flies get into a closed mouth.
Do you understand? Look at me.
Do you want me to repeat it? Did you like it? Did you like it, you queer? Do you understand or not? - I said nothing.
- Do you want me to repeat it or what? Is it quite clear or do you want another? You Get away from her.
- Didn’t you hear me? - And who are you? Get out of here! Come on! Just because we were having such a nice time You bring your boyfriend along Calm down, relax, man, relax, don’t get jealous.
Get out.
We’re going.
The message is clear, right? How are you? Don’t take me to hospital, please, don’t take me to hospital.
I don’t want to end up like my mother.
Please! Calm down, calm down, it’s OK, it’s OK NEXT EPISODE Welcome, Fabio.
Look, you're going to leave the bags on the floor and give me your fucking mobile phone and get in the car right now.
Malcolm, don't go.
Your dad would do anything to cheer your sister Nina up.
Offer her the project, tell her to get involved in the hotel's design.
It really frightens me.
Nina doesn't like losing and let alone against me.
You know where to find me.
These people don't want you to pay the money back, they want your house.
You, out.
What's wrong, can't you take a joke? - Carlos.
- I hate you.
- I hate you.
- Carlos! Whose number is this? I wanted to know what you think about the theory that Nemo Bandeira killed your father.
Good morning.
How are you? The moneylender called me.
Do you know anything about the cathedral? Get into the car.
I spoke to the police and I've been told they think you killed my father.
You're doubting me? Have you got any explanation for this? How do you know that kid saw something? We couldn't talk to him.
That's thanks to you! - What do you want? - You know them, don't you? What a bashing, poor Ricardo.
He's in hospital.
You thought he wouldn't report you?
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