Unauthorized Living (Vivir sin permiso) (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

La bofetada

I have a mate with me who is in really bad shape.
He has a gunshot wound.
I don't what to do or where to go.
Please, ring me back.
I want you to destroy Nina Bandeira's reputation.
You have to take something to this address.
Don't let the police catch you.
Freeze, police.
Hands where I can see them.
Mario, I'm closing the gallery.
Someone has played me.
I just want to help you.
- Do you want to help me? - Yes.
Then fuck me.
You're scared of them, aren't you? We sharks also get old, but we can still bite.
Move away from her.
Where's the little boy? Are you accusing me of making a little boy disappear, too? Please, Monterroso, I was expecting more from you.
Hello? Who was that? Another one who believes the lies published about my gallery.
This will end when people know you for something else.
- For running Open Sea? - Well, a great opportunity for you Mum, I just don't want my parents to decide my future for me, right? I'm not like Carlos.
Then, what do you want to do? Someone has spread the rumour that the gallery is a scam and I want to know who did it.
I'm going to hire an agency to trace.
- Not with my money.
- I'm not leaving you penniless.
If you want private detectives, you'll pay them from your wages.
Hello, good morning.
- Whenever you have a spare moment.
- Not now.
- We're discussing something important.
- Sorry, but this is also important.
- No, I had already finished, coming.
- Nemo? You see what my opinion matters in this house.
I hope it's not the same for you.
I have sent two dudes to take care of that woman.
Then they'll take her to the port depots.
Once That wasn't it! Why that change of plans? You're undermining me.
Okay, we do it your way, Nemo.
I say it again: it's not a brilliant idea.
- Bring that woman here.
- Okay.
Everything OK? Yes, sure, just Ferro.
Never mind, tell me.
I need you to sign these documents urgently.
One thing is urgent and another important and the important thing now is to have breakfast.
I must go to Santiago.
Well, I'm sorry, Chon, but I can't drive you now.
It doesn't matter, I'll drive my car.
But we must talk.
I'm worried about you.
- Me? - Yes, you.
Can't you see what state you are in? You forget things, you drop everything.
I want you to see a doctor in Vigo, a neurologist.
- Chon, I don't think.
- Ferro, I think so.
Carmiña, some breakfast for Mario and me.
- For you too, sir? - Why that question? You've just had breakfast, dad.
And what's wrong? Why can't I be hungry? That's why you want to leave me moneyless, so I know what to be hungry is.
Make her join the company at any expense.
Make up a new position if necessary.
I've cut her off.
She'll need the money.
And if she doesn't want to? Nina won't go to the beach without her gold card.
She will.
Good morning.
- What time is it? - I'd say late.
Why didn't you wake me up earlier? You see, I don't know.
I don't think it is my duty.
We're flatmates.
No, no, no, not flatmates.
You're my bodyguard.
Neither of us want to see the Tiger again, do we? I'm going to have a shower.
- Hi.
- This parcel is for Malcolm Souza.
- Yes.
- Fine, thanks.
There is a parcel for you.
You've been here less than a week and you give my address around? I was very clear, this is temporary.
Sorry, it's a book I bought online.
I'm bored.
I thought you wouldn't mind.
Yes, of course I mind.
You can stay here until I stop being scared.
But I don't want to start feeling frightened of you, are we clear? We're clear.
Okay, then.
See you later.
One question, Little Red Riding Hood.
Do you reckon today will be sunny or it will cloudy later? I have no idea.
Where are you going with those heavy bags, Little Red Riding Hood? Why don't you hop in the car and I give you a lift home? I live round the corner.
It takes me longer to get in the car than if I walk home.
- Don't walk away.
- Ferro, don't break the eggs! If I start breaking things today, I won't stop.
Look, you're going to leave the bags on the floor and give me your fucking mobile phone, and you're going to get in the car right now.
Where the hell are we supposed to go now? You? You're going to see the wolf's fangs.
Fancy a dip? I don't have a bathing suit with me.
And what's the problem? I've been talking to your dad.
He's asked me to persuade you to work in Open Sea.
He wants me to offer you a well-paid job.
- And are you going to play his game? - Obviously not.
- You see I'm telling you about it.
- Sorry.
However, I think it would be a good idea for you.
What do you mean? It would be a good chance to show all your talent.
And at the same time, prove all those who criticized your art gallery wrong.
What job have you got in mind for me? The interior designer of Villa Portofino.
That one that Carlos wants to make into a hotel? Yes.
Mario, I'd love to, but I don't want to compete against my brother.
I see, Nina, but it's not competing against your brother.
It's quite the opposite, in fact it's to tighten the bonds between you and your brother.
And also show your father that you don't need your gold credit card.
What do you say? Under one condition.
Carlos has to agree.
I'll talk your brother into it.
Diving into the swimming pool won't work with him.
He sees you like a brother.
Inside the moon there's a camera.
You give it to Lara as a present and make sure she puts it in a visible place on the dark side.
Very well, I'll try.
I hope she likes it.
If she is a bit like her mother, she will, especially coming from you.
Another thing I want to ask you.
The camera, not in her bedroom.
There are some kind of things a father prefers not seeing.
Welcome home.
You're making me waste my time.
I should be home making a stew for my son.
Not to worry, I'll tell the cook to prepare one right now.
Mario, the Italians have said yes to the draft that I sent them last week.
Good, then we just need your father to approve the budget.
I thought it was already approved.
- Carlos.
- What? In order to do the project you want to do, Open Sea needs to invest far more money than it's usually invested.
I know.
It's an exceptional case.
The palace they want to make into Exceptional, you've said it.
So, we have to completely talk your father into.
How? Your dad would do anything to cheer your sister Nina up.
Offer her the project, tell her to get involved in the hotel's design.
I thought that as the project's director, Mario, - I would choose the decoration team.
- Carlos, you will choose it.
Your sister will be bored in two days.
But by then, your father will have approved the budget.
Mario, it really frightens me, really.
Nina doesn't like losing and let alone against me.
Would I suggest anything that went against your own interest? - I don't trust lawyers much.
- You're right not to.
I'm home.
Darling? Darling.
You're still like that? Where is my mum, how come she hasn't cooked lunch yet? Get dressed, come on! I'm tired of seeing your bottom.
All day in front of the fucking mobile.
- Give it back! - Whose number is this? What are you doing talking to my girlfriend, dude? I was asking him if he knows where your mother is.
And do you know? Yes, I know, she was seen getting into Ferro's car.
Fuck! Do you want me to kidnap Nemo's daughter? We'll be even then.
Don't you dare! Don't lay your hands on her.
Do you want my mother to pay the consequences? OK, whatever you say, what shall we do? What shall we do? Wait.
Wait, mate.
Wait, for fucking sake! There it is.
So, do you like your present? Yes.
Whenever there was a full moon my mum and I would spend the night looking at the stars.
She loved telling me stories about the stars, the moon Which is the dark side? The dark side? Yes.
This one.
- Let me see.
- It's the nicest.
Like with people.
I know.
Why are you looking at me? I have nothing to hide.
- I'm going to put it in my bedroom.
- No, hold on.
What do you think there, on that shelf? Now that TVs are flat, there aren't many places left.
I never thought someone would give me the Moon.
As you can see, everything comes true.
Here it is: Spanish-Scottish omelette.
- Just delicious! - Let's taste it.
What? It tastes horrible.
- It can't be horrible.
- Well, it's awful.
- How come? It's not that bad.
- What did you put in it? It's awful.
I hope the boys don't give you much hassle this afternoon, ok? Thank you for lunch.
Really, you don't have to thank me, you're not a colleague.
Alejandro, stay the night at my place, please.
- I miss you very much.
- We said no rush.
I'll call you.
Excuse me, I'm a journalist, I'm working on an article about your father's death.
Can you give me a minute? To tell you the truth not really, I have a class.
I wanted to know what you think about the theory that Nemo Bandeira killed your father.
What theory is that? It's what the inspector in charge of the investigation told me, inspector Monterroso.
- Anything to comment? - No, I don't want to.
And please leave me alone! Me and my mother.
Chew slowly, don't choke.
Why this pantomime? I want you to feel comfortable.
You're my guest.
Can I call you Laura? Has anyone said no to you? Your son.
Then you can't call me Laura.
I'm not your guest.
This is a kidnapping.
Your son ordered that my daughter was beaten up.
The bastard? Her name is Lara.
Look, I'm not involved in my son's business.
Wrong then.
Someone should tell him that in Oeste there are certain rules that should be followed, even if they're not written ones.
No one's family can be touched.
You and I have our own rules, and our children theirs, which I dislike as much as you do, but those count nowadays.
What I don't understand is why are you still involved in the coke business.
Don't you have enough money? Let the young continue, for fuck's sake! I'm not surprised you throw it away.
That cook of yours has no idea.
No, they're not finished.
No? I can tell they're brilliant.
What's wrong? Nothing.
It's my brother, he doesn't want me in the project, right? Is he angry with you? It doesn't matter, say it and I'll quit.
That's it.
Your brother is delighted to have you in the project.
So? I don't want to burden you with my problems.
- I'll let you with you work.
- Mario, please, what's the matter? Elisa.
It's all so complicated with her.
Things have not been good for some time.
You say to yourself, "Come on one more day", and the same the next day and you start getting in the dynamic that seems to make your life a normal life, and you even feel happy until all of a sudden something happens that makes you realize your life could be much better.
And what's the matter with you? That you're back, Nina.
But, Mario, you know that I know you're afraid to end my marriage, I know, and that's normal.
I was also afraid that you did.
The thing is that Elisa sees me as a trophy.
That's what I am for Elisa, a trophy.
She doesn't treat me as an equal.
She thinks we are still at university and she was my teacher, then It doesn't work.
Well, it's normal.
There's a year gap.
- The same years I'm your senior.
- I see.
But I would never treat you like that.
Forgive me.
I don't want to make your life more difficult.
Come round my office later and we'll have a look at the draft, OK? - OK.
- Before showing them to Fabio.
And don't worry.
I know how to separate work from pleasure.
However hard it is.
- Ferro.
- Tell me.
Have you seen Nemo? The Wolf is now with Little Red Riding Hood and I don't think he wants to be disturbed.
I see.
Who is he with? Mario, if he didn't tell you, it wouldn't nice that I told you, don't you think? Fine, don't worry, he'll tell me.
There are no secrets between us.
You can't imagine how glad I am to hear that.
Don't tell me you have a flat tyre.
What the fuck.
You have never changed a wheel in your whole life.
Let me help you.
I used to help my father since I was eight.
What kind of father makes his child learn these things? One better than yours, I can see.
How did it go with Alejandro? Did he buy it? I think so.
Well, this is the end of our relationship.
Not at all.
I need you to investigate Nemo.
He's going to Madrid and I want to know who he meets up with.
What you think we learn at the journalism college? I'm not a detective.
And I'm not a mechanic and you see Come on, man, talk to your contacts in Madrid, I'm sure you have some.
You're going to screw my life.
No, no, I'm saving your life.
I remind you that Ferro is looking for you.
And ease up.
Ferro, give the lady her mobile.
Phone your son.
On speakers.
Mum, are you okay? If they've done anything to you, I swear I'll kill them.
Come down, boy, they didn't dare.
Come to pick me up.
I'm in Nemo's house.
And come alone.
Mum? Mum! - Bastards! - What was that? What did she say? I have to pick her up in Nemo's house.
Not in a million years, Tigre, you can't go there on your own.
I'm coming with you.
Who fucking asked you? I can't put my mum in danger.
You hear me? Look, Tigre, listen, dickhead.
You're not alone and all I want is that nothing happens to you.
Do you understand? Do you understand? Sit down, Sito.
A coffee? Where's my mother? Sit down! What you did to my daughter could cost your mother her life.
Where's she, Nemo? If you've done anything to her, I swear I'll kill you both.
Do you hear me? I'll kill you.
I want the name of those who beat my daughter up.
I won't betray my men.
There are a lot of men.
Mother only one.
Freddy and Acuña.
Well done, boy.
Now you'll see your mum.
Excuse me, I'd like to speak to inspector Monterroso.
- Yes, there he is.
- Thank you.
I'm Lamas's son.
I've been told that you think that Nemo has something to do You've heard wrong.
I don't think he had something to do.
I'm positive he did it.
Do you have any proof? No, Nemo made sure they were destroyed.
He sent over a loser who owed him some favours to confess.
He got rid of the only witness.
Well Then, is there a witness? A little boy.
We think he sent him over to Portugal.
He has good contacts there.
Let's see, but did the little boy say it was Nemo? No, he disappeared before we could speak to him.
If you don't have any evidence, why do you say it was him? Let's see, mate, that you're like family.
You came here because you know Nemo is capable of that and a lot more.
- Take me home.
- It was a pleasure, madam.
You have some guts! Mum! - Mum, are you ok? - You told them everything, cower.
- Can I tell you the truth? - Go ahead.
I wasn't expecting to see you in the office.
It's not my intention to take your project from you.
I just want to show some drafts.
That's all.
I know you better than you know yourself.
What do you mean? You can't help it.
You love winning.
It's the way it is.
- Carlos, that's not true.
- It's true.
When we were little, you didn't want dad to teach me to improve my swimming - because you didn't want to lose.
- I beat you, - because you were clumsy.
- I let you beat me not to put up with you being a bad loser.
- No true, I'm not a bad loser.
- You are.
- I can take losing.
- OK.
Then, show me.
Let's swim two lengths, and see who wins.
Whenever you want.
- Now? - Now.
To the count of three.
- No cheating.
- Of course.
What's wrong, can't you take a joke? - Carlos! - I hate you! - I hate you! - Carlos! I won't let anything happen to her, Ada.
Sorry, you had fallen asleep on the couch.
Malcolm, don't go.
I want to show you something.
Look, I found this in my mother's wardrobe.
It seems Nemo gave my mum some money towards my school fees.
I can't understand how she could accept it.
A lot of years.
And a lot of money.
Not that much if she had to take out a mortgage on the house.
I see.
Listen, Nemo paid that money into her back current account? - I don't understand.
- Why does it matter? No, nothing.
Well, you know that a parent will do anything for their child.
Even swallow their pride.
I'm not going to swallow mine.
I'll pay him back the money he gave my mum to the last penny.
Why? I can't see anything wrong with that money.
Nemo cared for you.
Paying doesn't mean caring.
Welcome, Fabio.
Hello, gorgeous.
I always forget you give the other cheek.
I come from a very catholic country.
No, seriously, you can't imagine how happy I am to be back.
But you needn't put me up.
I could have stayed at a hotel.
Don't be silly.
We want you to feel like at home.
- Welcome, Fabio.
- Thank you.
- A pleasure to see you again.
- My pleasure.
- How was the trip? - Very good.
Hello, Fabio.
I don't know if you know, but I took the liberty to give a more modern touch to the proposal my brother sent you.
So when you have some time, I would love to show you the drafts.
Nina, please, don't overwhelm him, he's just arrived.
No, no, I'll love to see them.
I hope that you'll have some time to have dinner with us.
You know I can't say no to you.
I'll show you to your room and we can talk a little.
- And we talk a little.
- Yeah? Carolina, please.
Carlos, calm down.
As general director you have the last word in everything.
But can't you see in less than a day she has taken over the Project that was entirely mine? She's really good doing her job, she loves it.
- What do you mean? - Making us believe that she's so innocent, looking like a snake in the grass.
- How are you doing? - Hello.
Rory, a coffee, please.
- Who's that? - A moneylender.
He lent money to my Chinese boyfriend last year.
These people don't want you to pay the money back, they want your house.
- You, out.
- What? - Who's this? - Nobody.
I hope so.
That's it.
All clear? Thank you.
What are you doing? Did I ask anything from you? No, right? Then, that's it.
The same as to my Chinese friend, she'll have to run away.
He left owing my parents 400 bucks in beer.
And you, dearie, you could stretch yourself a bit.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
You drank more than half of that beer.
Me, with all my boyfriends, separation of assets.
I see.
Nemo, excuse me, do you have time to talk to Alejandro? - Sure.
- Alejandro, please.
I'm glad to see you.
Is not Carlos with you? No.
- Have a sit.
- No.
I just came to ask you a question and I hope you'll be honest, because I just want the truth.
I spoke to the police and I've been told they think you killed my father.
The police don't think I killed your father, Alejandro.
But there's a police officer who's convinced of that, although he has no proof, obviously.
But this time he's crossed the line.
He shouldn't have involved you in his personal vendetta, I'm sorry.
Is that all? A police officer obsessed with you? Of course that's all! His accusation is ridiculous.
Your father and I were friends.
Where were you the day my father died? What did the police officer tell you? I'm asking you.
You're doubting me? - You're doubting me? - This conversation is over.
I don't care if you're my son's boyfriend, I won't allow you to be disrespectful to me.
Never! Alejandro, leave.
You're making a fool of yourself.
- You didn't answer me.
- Out of the office, please.
Ferro, where did I tell the police I was that night? I wasn't there.
Get me the statement I made to Monterroso.
I may forget this matter, but Alejandro will be back.
Have you got any explanation for this? This is list of phone calls made the day that the witness of Lamas's murder disappeared.
How do you know that kid saw something? We couldn't talk to him.
That's thanks to you! Why did you phone Open Sea that day? Couldn't have been anyone else? Even it could have been you.
Not anyone.
That could have only been done by a Nemo Bandeira's mole.
I'm not in the mood for games.
Goodness, what's the matter? I'm fucked, Carlos.
And I suspect that when I tell you why, you'll be too.
Let's see, you're scaring me a little.
What's wrong? I went down the police station to talk to the inspector who's in charge of the investigation of my father's death.
And? He told me he's convinced that your father killed mine.
So, you won't believe that crap, will you? I didn't want to believe it, and I went to speak to him.
- And he went ballistic.
- Yes.
- Don't worry, he'll forget it.
- Well, he might, but I won't.
Alejandro, please my father is no saint, OK? But killing someone.
I know, and I want to believe that it's all an inspector's paranoia who wants to fuck your father up but I can't get it out of my mind.
- Do you understand? I'm sorry.
- Please, don't leave like that.
Come home with me and we'll talk about it.
I miss you very much.
- Carlos.
- I miss you very much.
Carlos, please.
If I hadn't phone that precise moment, they would have found the kid.
You should have been far more careful.
We have to stop that bastard.
He hit me in front of all the police station.
He's lost it.
See what that son of a bitch did to me? He could have done much more.
I remember Florence.
Do you remember when we were? They look like a couple.
Give me the scissors, Nemo, you'll screw things.
Fabio wanted to say hello to you.
- Nice to see you again.
- Sorry, I don't shake hands with you.
I have been pruning the vines and wouldn't want you to get dirty.
Nemo looks after those vines as if they were his family.
I can't understand how then he's capable of squashing the grapes to make wine.
Sometimes you have to pressure to get the best out of people.
You're right.
I wish I had known how to do it with my daughter Olivia.
You've done a great job with Carlos and Nina.
It's all their mother's merit.
This evening we could have dinner at the new restaurant in the beacon.
They could close it for us.
I would love to, but I have to leave for Madrid.
You two can go.
I can phone so there won't be any problem to get in.
I'm sorry you can't come.
Next time you must come.
Will there be another time? - Our guest can come over at his wish.
- Of course.
No one makes Chon laugh as you do.
We are very different.
She laughs at things I don't find amusing at all.
I'm going to wash up, excuse me.
What a nice way to spoil their time together, my friend.
Hi, Alex, what's up? How are you doing? It's been a long time, hasn't it? I heard about your father, I'm really sorry.
He enjoyed screwing my life, though.
It was his job, wasn't it? Yes, everyone is good at what they're good at.
And I'm good at making people's days happier ones.
I quitted a long time ago.
Come on, Alex.
- For good times' sake.
- Don't insist.
I'm sorry you came all this way, I have to go to Madrid.
Madrid again? Why don't you tell me in advance? I could have gone with you.
You have plenty to do here.
If it wasn't for you, Mario.
Lara, how is she? Well, confused.
She's found out that you gave money to her mother so she could study.
I was really had work to persuade Ada to accept it.
She wants to give it back to you.
She's resourced to a moneylender.
Has she gone mad? No, she's too proud.
She has someone to take after.
Cancel that loan.
Give me some time.
I'll see what to do.
Time, what for? Let Malcolm take care of it.
Nemo, excuse me, we have to leave now.
Come on, be good boys.
Start working.
Come on! What do we know about these assholes? The Colombian one is damned smart, but we'll hunt him down with no hurry.
No hurry, but soon.
What do you want? Here is the money Lara Balarés owes you.
I didn't know she was Bandeira's daughter.
You mustn't fear Nemo.
You must fear me instead.
Do you know her? I wouldn't dare say I know her.
She's my wife.
Are you no longer afraid of me? Sometimes it's good to be afraid in order not to get into trouble.
So you are.
My daughter Nina.
My son.
- Are you sure? - As if he was.
Mario Mendoza.
My lawyer.
- This one.
I know who he is.
- But do you remember his name? I paid for all his political campaigns.
- How can I not remember? - It's usual.
Memories more linked to emotions are the last ones to lose.
That's why you still recognize your family for the time being.
It's fine, Ferro, it's fine.
Excuse me, please.
I don't want my family to look at me like you're doing now.
It might be time to talk to them about what's happening to you.
One day you won't be able to fake it.
What I need is something to ease the rage.
I can give you sedatives.
I can't do much more.
Then give me some, give me some.
He left to Madrid again without telling me why.
And yesterday Ferro told me he was with a woman in his house.
A woman? - Yes.
I can't see Nemo taking one of his girlfriends to his house.
He's never done it before.
Why would he now? But then who was he with? With someone he doesn't want you to know, obviously.
Someone who has something to do with Open Sea.
A public attorney? You're still insisting on that.
You're up to your eyeballs for faking the accounts so Nemo' frauds wouldn't be caught.
In case of an investigation, you'd lose more than anyone else.
You must shield yourself.
Give it to me.
You're right.
I must shield myself, surround myself of people who, in case things get difficult, would support me and not Nemo, don't I? Forget Mayor Mosquera.
He's not wanted in Madrid.
He's covered in shit and also too coward to turn his back on his master.
Yes, I have the best possible replacement.
Who? You.
- Me? - People love you, darling.
You have good reputation and no dirty body in the closet.
The voters of Oeste are tired of corruption.
They want something new.
They won't trust me, I'm too involved with the Bandeiras.
I'm your wife.
But you could stop being it.
Fabio is in his room.
He needed to have a shower before coming down.
Thank you, Carmiña.
Fabio? Oh, I thought you were Carmiña.
Sorry, I didn't know you were having a shower.
- No problem.
- I'll wait for you downstairs.
They gave us a table with a spectacular view.
Chon, Chon.
Could we leave dinner for tomorrow? I have this terrible headache.
It must be the damned migraine.
Of course, no problem.
What's important is that you're fine for tomorrow's signing.
- Thanks a lot.
- Then, if you need anything, you know where to find me.
Sorry, I never know which is the right cheek.
What I said, anything you need.
- Hi, Mario.
- What are you doing still here? I was with the final touches of the project for tomorrow's signing.
Your father will be very proud of you.
So will I.
It has been a long time since I was so excited doing something.
You'll make me cry.
Come on, get in, I'll drive you home.
What's the name of the place they have opened around here.
Thanks a lot! You said you'd drive me home and we've already had three, please.
I get into it very quickly.
Carlos, mate, don't spoil the fun, for one day we can spend time together.
Besides, there are a lot of things to celebrate.
Come on, the last one.
The last one, fuck it.
To Open Sea.
To Open Sea.
This is the last one.
I'm going to the toilet one second.
Carlos! It's that way.
You and your friend are having a hell of a party.
Well, if it was up to me, I would leave right now.
I'm worn out.
So what? Do you know anything about the cathedral? - Are you mad or what? - Don't move.
- What do you want? - Get into the car! Are you in love with me, poofter? Where the heck do you think you're going? The shit in my car travels inside the boot.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Dad, how was Madrid? - Madrid? Well, as usual, crowded.
I can't understand how they can live there.
I would love to live there for some time.
- Nina.
- Yes? And that bracelet? Do you like it? It's a present from Fabio.
He took me to dinner yesterday and he loved the changes I have done to Carlos's project.
It seems Fabio always likes new things.
Good morning.
- Hello.
- Good morning.
- And Carlos? - I hope he didn't sleep in.
My brother, always the same.
He's not picking up.
Phone Alejandro.
- Hello, Mario.
- Alejandro, is Carlos with you? No, I'm almost getting to the school.
I see.
We are waiting for him to sign the contract.
I have no idea where he might be.
I've been staying with some friends.
He told me last night over some drinks.
I'm sorry to ask you this, but could you go round your flat to see if he's there? It's very important, especially for him.
Fine, I'll arrange it to go.
Yes, I'll catch this evening's flight.
Will you be at home? - Is this your revenge? - We'll talk later.
Bye, bye.
Chon, what are you talking about? You're a pig.
What you really wanted was to get into my daughter's bed.
- Why did you play games with me? - I don't understand.
What games? You've been flirting with me since the day you arrived.
Me? No, no.
All I did was to be kind.
I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong message.
It wasn't my intention.
- You make me sick.
- You're right about something.
Yes, I like your daughter.
How wouldn't I like her? She reminds me of you when you were young.
I don't want to see you ever again.
You won't sign that contract.
Are we clear? You won't sign it.
Carlos! Carlos! - Carlos, wake up! - What's wrong? - Wake up! - What's the matter? Today is the signing.
They're waiting for you at your parents.
Hurry! And you get dressed and leave.
Come on! I need a taxi.
49, Cíes Avenue.
We have found Carlos.
He overslept.
If he can't set the alarm clock, how can he run Open Sea? Can I ask you something, Nemo? I don't like conversations that start by that.
You see, Ferro sort of said you were seeing a woman the other day.
And well, I just want to know what I have to say, not to mess things up with Chon.
What did that blabber say? That the Wolf was in a meeting with Little Red Riding Hood.
It was Tigre's mother.
I was teaching them not to play with someone's family.
All those trips I thought: Nemo has a mistress and he doesn't want to tell me.
It's all clear now.
You said it.
I'm going to phone Carlos, I hope he doesn't take long.
Good morning.
How are you? The moneylender called me.
It looks like a guy in a suit has cancelled my debt - and he almost broke his two ribs.
- Did he? Did he? I don't know, I only know a guy that wears a suit and it's capable of doing that.
Nemo sent you to do it? I swear I have nothing to do with that.
Give me the keys of my flat.
- Give me the keys.
- If I had paid a debt, I wouldn't hide it from you.
I have no idea who he may be.
Besides I'm not a bully.
My keys.
Good morning, mum.
Sorry for being late, really.
How are you, Mario? After so much rushing, I'm not the last one after all.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, Fabio! How are you? Welcome, sir.
Are we all here? Shall we start, please? - Did you drink? - A very strong coffee, that's all.
- You are high.
- High? If you're not capable to take seriously this project that's so important for my daughter and me, it means you don't deserve to run it.
Do you understand? Fabio, don't take any notice, please.
I apologize on behalf of the family.
Please, accept our apologies.
I'm so sorry.
You don't understand? No, Chon, I don't need anything.
Do you understand now? Shall I say it in another language? Shall I translate it into Gallego? Do you understand? Go to hell! Please! For goodness sake! I screwed it all up, mum, really.
- I'm no good.
- Don't talk nonsense! It's true, I'm a mess.
What happened there? I saw the Italian guy leaving.
Well, the agreement couldn't be closed.
Why? It was your project, Carlos.
What did you do this time? It was my fault, really, dad.
I shouldn't have come like this.
I'm terribly sorry.
Like this.
Like what? Look at me! You're useless.
Are you still doing drugs! - Nemo, please! - Don't defend him.
I told you it was your last chance.
Did I tell you or not? Dad, you see, I was in this club, and all of the sudden I - Speak like a man, for fuck's sake! - Dad, I'm awfully sorry.
I want you out of the company.
You're out! Don't you dare lay a hand on him! Go! Go! Bastard.
What's wrong with Nemo? It's not like him.
You must know.
- What do you want me to tell you? - Tell me the truth.
The truth, I'm not used to saying the truth.
Hello? Everything OK? I found the two who broke your girl's face.
What do you want me to do with them? Let's go! - What were you thinking? - What are you talking about? You know perfectly well what I'm talking about.
What a bashing, poor Ricardo.
You thought he wouldn't report you? What bashing? I was just a punch.
You saw it.
Yes, sure I saw it, but I didn't see how you hit him later.
- I didn't see him again.
- He's in hospital.
Ricardo said it was me, didn't he? This is Nemo's doing.
Don't you see? He beat him up to blame me.
Do you understand? My son also blames Nemo for everything.
But he's four and his Nemo is a stuffed toy.
Alén, for fuck's sake.
- What do you want? - You know them, don't you? They beat you up.
They come to apologize.
- What do you say? - I'm sorry.
You'll be more than sorry.
What do you want me to do with them? What do you want me to say, kill them? I can make them disappear and no one will miss them.
- No, let them go.
- Ferro.
This is for Exprés.
I don't know if you don't realize that if you don't accept my help, you'll be always in danger.
All of Oeste sees us as father and daughter.
Then all of Oeste is wrong.
It can mean problems for you, - but also advantages.
- I don't want them.
All the money my mother owned you.
All of it.
I paid for many people's education, why wouldn't I pay for yours? You, my blood runs through your veins.
I know I'm no example of anything.
I can assure everything I've done is for my family and the people of Oeste.
Do you think we are in a political meeting? You don't care about anyone and let alone your family.
Do you know why Carlos started using? Because you were ignoring him.
Who needs a father like that? And you ask me why I come to see you? Sometimes it's good to hear things that hurt.
Keep your money, please.
It's me who is in debt with you.
I'm going home.
- Don't you want to stay? - No.
I'll call you tomorrow.
Here comes your dad.
Why those faces? Are you mocking us or what? Didn't the signing go well, son? - What? Are you stupid? - What are you on about? - Excuse me.
- You stay out of this! What's wrong, Nemo? - What's wrong with you? - What's wrong with me? Are you insane or what? - Chon? - Don't come any closer! Don't get anywhere near my son or me! What's wrong with you, Nemo? Nothing.
- What did I do? - Let's go.
My son will hate me for this the rest of his life.
No, Nemo, not if you talk to him, no.
You didn't slap him.
It was that German who is fucking your head.
You have to talk to your family, for god's sake, for everyone's sake.
You know well I won't be able to hold this for much longer.
I can't do it, and after this even less.
What have I done? Look at what I have.
- Who is she? - The woman who your boss meets in Madrid.
They might have met here, too.
She has a sticker with a G for Galicia on her car.
What are you doing? Clearing my work.
All for nothing.
They were really good.
I didn't want you to feel awkward.
Nina, I've come to tell you I'm going to divorce Elisa.
I know you didn't ask me to, but I want to fight.
I want to fight for us.
I need you.
I thought that It helps me not to think.
What's the matter, Alejandro? Are you okay? Darling.
Better than ever.
Come here.
Forgive me, Alejandro.
Hello, darling! What's this? Are we celebrating something? Is there anything to celebrate? - You will run in the elections? - Better! I'm pregnant! - What? - Forget the mayor position.
We won't get a divorce.
This baby will have the best dad in the world.
You! Let's see, what's that so important? I'm in a lot of trouble, Lago.
Nemo? Does he suspect you? No.
I want to leave the case.
I'm falling in love with Lara Balarés.
NEXT EPISODE Congratulations, it's so good.
- Yeah - Sorry, with all the rush I forgot.
We'll only talk about Open Sea.
I don't want anything to do with you.
Do you know how many tips you'll need to pay that? I want your boss's head hanging on my wall.
Monterroso, be very careful.
Sign and you'll be out.
It was you who told Nemo about me.
Let me explain.
What do you have to explain? I can't live in a house your father pays for, don't you understand? You spent all day with this scrap.
Why are you obsessed on something that can be changed and forget about what's in front of you? Next time you look up I might not be here anymore.
Internal affairs want to speak to you, inspector.
Leave us alone, please.
I'm going to tell a hundred employees they are losing their job? I can't do this, Mario.
From now on it's you and I who have to make this company work, for us, so this kind of things won't happen again.
From now on we won't have to worry about money.
Be careful, Nemo.
Some money takes problems away, but a lot of it cause them.
That's what I like, the police being efficient.
Son of a bitch!
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