Unauthorized Living (Vivir sin permiso) (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

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A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Nina, I came to tell you I'm going to divorce Elisa.
PREVIOUSLY What do you say? - And that bracelet? - A present from Fabio.
He took me to dinner and he loved the changes I have done to Carlos's project.
I'm Lamas's son.
I've been told that you think - that Nemo has something to do - You've heard wrong.
I don't think he had, I'm positive he did it.
I won't allow you to be disrespectful to me.
Never! Get me the statement I made to Monterroso.
Why did you phone Open Sea that day? Couldn't have been anyone else? You, even.
Is there anything to celebrate? - You will run in the elections? - Better! I'm pregnant! I want the name of those who beat my daughter up.
Freddy and Acuña.
Well done, boy.
Now you'll see your mother.
- Mum, are you OK? - You told them everything, coward.
I want to leave the case.
I'm falling in love with Lara Balarés.
What a bashing, poor Ricardo.
What bashing? It was just a punch.
You saw it.
But I didn't see how you hit him later.
He could have done much more.
I told you it was your last chance.
Did I tell you or not? - Dad, I'm awfully sorry.
- I want you out of the company.
I don't want you in my company.
You're out! Nemo, for god’s sake, stop that.
I don't want to forget it.
If you write it down on a paper, so you won't wear out yourself? Let's go.
It' written all over my wife's face, anyway.
Nemo, the rest of us forget, too.
You just have to give us some time.
Time is what I don't have, Ferro.
Good morning.
The list of the loss-making companies you asked me for.
Nemo! Excuse us, Mario.
We have to go to the airport now.
Flying to Madrid again? Yes.
Do you want anything from there? Time.
I can't cope with everything, Nemo.
I wish I could, my son.
I can arrange for someone to help you.
- I was joking.
- I wasn't.
CONGRATULATE MARIO Congratulations, Mario.
What good news, isn't it? - Yes, well.
- Sorry, with all the rush, - I had forgotten.
- It's okay.
- Congratulations, son.
- Thanks.
- How did you know? - Well, that doesn't matter.
What matters is why didn't you tell us? Well, you see.
We wanted to wait.
You know.
- How is Elisa? - Very happy, almost as much as I am.
- Good, we'll have to celeb - You'll be a great dad.
- A great one.
- Thank you.
I had good role models.
We have taught you what not to do.
- Do you want me to talk to her? - Leave it.
You'll make me a granddad, dude.
- I'll see you later.
- OK, then.
Mario? Hello.
Close the door, please.
Good you've come over, I was a bit bored surrounded by these four walls.
I know.
- Nina - I wanted so much to see you.
- Well - And to kiss you.
How are you? I'm fine, Nina, but there's something you need to know.
You were going to be the first person I was going to tell.
So nice from you! - It was an accident.
- An accident, Mario? You tripped over a stone and you put it inside your wife by accident.
That wife you weren't fucking? From now on, the only thing we'll talk about will be Open Sea.
I don't want anything to do with you.
Nina, let me What? We're organizing a new project in the area of A Coruña.
A hotel.
I thought you could do the sketches.
We need them for Thursday.
I slapped my son.
I had an outbreak, I don't know what you call it.
A rage attack.
It wasn't me.
And the worst thing, I forgot it afterwards.
How can anyone forget something like that? I know my son will never forget.
I need you to give me something, something stronger, anything.
It's not that easy.
Excuse me, but I'm dealing with the toughest part.
I'll prescribe you something.
Do you know that man in the doctor's office who asks: "Do you think I'll live another 30 years?" The doctor looks at him and says: "Do you smoke?" He says: "No.
" "Do you drink?" "No.
" "Do you date women?" He says: "No.
" Then the doctor looks at him with a serious face and says: "What do you want to live another 30 years for?" I need to leave everything arranged before I go, you understand? For my family.
I don't want to hurt then any longer.
That's why I need to be fully awake, lucid.
I prefer two years fully aware to eight years in which I can't even recognize my own shadow.
These pills are not miraculous.
You have to exercise your brain, be active in your free time.
Do some manual work.
I have the vineyards and a short while ago my son gave me an old boat as a gift.
I thought of fixing it.
It's something I have to do.
That's all very good.
But don't get obsessed.
Not more than an hour a day.
One more thing, I can't keep coming to see you in Madrid.
People are beginning to suspect.
I can recommend you some doctors in Galicia, discreet people.
No, you don't understand.
I want to keep seeing you, but in Galicia.
Ferro will take care of the moving arrangements.
I'm very grateful for the offer, but It's not true.
You don't like the offer.
I don't either, believe me.
But there's no other solution.
Don't make me force you.
Because if it had to be done, Ferro will take care of that, too.
Thank you very much, doctor.
Have a nice day.
Here you are.
What are you doing here? - And you, carrying that tray? - And what the hell do you care? I don't think working in front of customers is your cup of tea.
Rory doesn't want to pay me.
So he lets me help out and I keep the tips.
- I see.
- What will you have? A white coffee, plenty of coffee, with oatmeal milk and su No.
What the fuck do you want? That you believe me, Lara.
That's all I want, that you believe me.
Do you want your money? Then you don't have to worry, I'll give you back your money plus the interests you tell me, too.
Lara, listen to me, it wasn't me.
Okay? It wasn't me.
And besides, do you know how many tips you'll need to pay that? Sorry, sorry.
She needs a job.
She'll never accept a job offer from you.
And from you? At this point I'm not so sure about that.
Lara knows you have a good relation with banks, doesn't she? Yes, sure.
If you tell her you have managed to get a company to hire her, because you'll help them obtain a loan or have their debt reduced.
I see.
And doing so I would regain her trust.
- Sure.
- I'll take care of that.
- I think I know the perfect company.
- Very good.
Mario, I have some news.
- You're back very soon.
- Yes, it was a quick trip.
I did what I had to do and flew back.
Do you know that my personal administrator in Open Sea is retiring? Yes, Paco Casal, I'm organizing his farewell dinner, and collect the money, ten euros each.
Mario Mendoza hasn't paid yet and you.
Would you like to pitch in? I want you to fill in his position.
This is the helping hand I promised you.
- What do you say? - I don't know.
There's not much to consider, is there? - No, no, of course not.
- Go ahead, that hand.
Relax, relax, inspector Monterroso.
Today we won't be making any cop disappear.
Your colleagues from Internal Affairs are investigating you.
What you did was very naughty, to duff that officer up.
- What was his name? - You know perfectly well his name.
And also his current account number.
He and I get on so fucking well, I won't deny it.
If you want me to, I'll talk to him and he will drop the charges in a jiffy.
- In exchange for what? - Not much.
Not much.
In exchange of you and I coming to an understanding.
I think it's very important to get along with everyone.
Is your turn to be the good cop today? Fucking hell, that's a good one.
I've never been called a cop or good.
Think it over, you could ask me anything.
Anything? Well, whatever you fucking want, but within the limits, don't push it.
I want your boss's head, hanging on my wall.
Monterroso, be very careful with the head you want, or another one will appear.
Are you going to let a stranger to administrate your money? I trust him.
No, he's not.
We don't know anything about him.
Nemo, I'm asking you to please let me this time I said I trust him! Trust me.
I have a good judge of character, and so is Lara.
I have the feeling I'm on a boat at full speed and there are many waves: the police, the Peruvians dispatch, the banks.
We're closing down companies, firing employees.
- Don't you think I know? - Let me I'm on that boat with my eyes closed, at full speed and not knowing where the hell we're heading.
Because your hiding information from me.
You're hiding information from me, Nemo.
What the fuck are you talking about? That I don't know what the hell you go to Madrid for so often.
What's going on? I have a problem, son.
Then tell me about it.
I went to see a friend.
A very special friend.
I asked you the other day and you denied it.
Nemo, what the hell is going on? Why don't you tell me anything? It's embarrassing.
She's much younger than me.
But it's over.
You don't tell me about your friends, or you don't have any? I have a very special friend and her name is Elisa and we're going to have a baby.
Those are my friends.
I'm going to be a granddad? Congratulations, my son.
You congratulated me this morning.
Well, this kind of news deserves double congratulations.
You're going to be a dad! Now you'll understand what to be a dad means.
Now you'll understand everything.
How did you pay for it? From now on we won't have to worry about money anymore.
Be careful, Nemo.
Some money takes problems away, but a lot brings them.
Problems come when you're poor.
And anyway, this small boat may leave us stranded in the middle of the ocean one day.
With this engine, we'll be able to go wherever we want.
Okay, but for the time being head to the bar, Rockefeller.
You're buying, you're loaded.
Sebas, two glasses of red wine.
Two? One - and the other over there.
- Thank you.
Asunción, but everyone calls me Chon.
You're Moliner's daughter, from the canning factory.
- A pleasure.
- Likewise.
Happy birthday.
Thank you very much.
I didn't buy you anything.
Well, you can be my present.
And you know what's good about presents, don't you? To unwrap them slowly and enjoy what's inside.
I don't want to go on this way.
- This way? - This way.
The way we are.
We were okay until your dad showed up again.
Alejandro, please, for the tenth time, my dad didn't kill your dad.
I can't live in a house paid by your dad.
Do you understand? Do you understand that I don't want to live here? Why don't we go somewhere else? - Somewhere else? Where? - Far away.
I don't care, anywhere.
I thought, Seville could be nice.
One of my dad's acquaintances told me that he had a job for me in a private school.
I could ask for an unpaid leave.
I don't know, it's cheap, isn't it? It's well-connected to this.
They're very much into horses.
We could rent a flat and see how it goes there.
- But who do we know in Seville? - Nobody.
That's the good thing.
You and I alone for the first time.
Gosh, it's a bit crazy all this, isn't it? Well, I love crazy ideas.
But I thought you didn't.
When are we leaving? What are you doing here? You look well, Ramón.
You were a better liar before.
You taught me everything I know.
I taught you to ride a Derbi, to steer a speedboat at night.
To dodge the police, yes.
Wherever there's a border, there's smuggling.
It's a crime, but not a sin unless you transport poison.
I didn't bring here what fucked your son's life.
You lie so fucking well.
You shouldn't have retired.
You're not cut out to run a business.
The canning factory is going bankrupt.
But I came here I came here because I'm prepared to help with your debts.
In exchange of what? A small favour.
That you hire my daughter Lara.
You'll be the owner of all Oeste, but I'm still the boss here.
Have a good day, Ramón.
What's up, Lago? You come earlier each day.
Sign here and you're out.
Zamburiñas pie.
Small scallops.
These people from Galicia are fucking geniuses.
What the fuck is this? You'll see But in Gerona they haven't got it.
That's where you'll be sent.
Something about a company that siphons off funds to Andorra.
This is a punishment.
Thanks to you we'll have to start from scratch.
I think it's not much punishment.
It could be worse.
They could send you to Murcia.
Have you been to Murcia in August? You sweat through your nails and all.
You're very close.
Finish what you started.
If you get Bandeira, fuck, I'd say you become his daughter's fucking hero.
Or if you prefer, sign it and let them send you 800 kilometres away.
800 kilometres from Lara Balarés.
But one thing I tell you.
If you stay, it has to be to the end.
I don't want you to come to me with the same story in a couple of days, because then, there will be some consequences.
Fuck you.
You haven't answered yet.
Your mother doesn't receive an award every day.
Darling, I would be thrilled if you could come.
I have to finish this.
I'll be mentioning you in my acceptance speech.
I have written a speech and I'll be mentioning your dad, you and Carlos.
Mum, I'm very busy.
In this moment we have to be very close, Nina.
We have to be in the same team.
You'll soon take your father's position.
I'm your mum.
- I'm here for anything you need.
- Now? Up to now I managed quite well without your support.
I don't know what you mean.
Where were you when I needed you? In charity events, so do that you do so well.
I just want you to know that I worry about you.
Mum, I'm fine.
Aren't you? Interpol has the photographs of the witness and his parents, but these things take their time, when there isn't any evidence - that the kid saw Lamas' murder.
- What is that bastard telling him? Listen to me, forget Internal Affairs.
We have enough evidence to Where are you going? My prostate.
Have it checked.
Internal Affairs want to speak to you, Inspector.
Malcolm, do you have a minute? Mario, congratulations for the baby, or my commiserations.
If you thought you had problems here, wait until you start changing nappies.
Thank you.
I want to tell you something.
Tell me.
I have noticed for some time now that Nemo is a bit strange.
You know, somehow more vulnerable.
And that worries me.
It worries me because when the lion is weak, the vultures start appearing.
Mario, I'm sure that here in Open Sea there are plenty of bloodsuckers ready to suck Nemo's blood, but I'm not one of them.
Malcolm, I'm not talking about you, obviously.
I'm talking about someone else.
About a woman, a “friend” of Nemo's.
- A friend.
- Yes.
I don't know much about her, I only have a photo of her.
The thing is I'm not a detective.
I'm a lawyer, like you.
I know, but if, as I believe, that woman is driven by pure interest, Nemo must have transferred money from his account more than once.
That's confidential information.
Malcolm, I don't need to know the accounts.
I only want to know her name to obtain some more information.
We need to know what her intentions are.
I'm sorry.
I can't.
I can see what you're doing and I like it.
You're protecting Nemo.
I'm grateful for that because Nemo is like a father to me.
In that case you can ask him yourself.
You should feel free to do it.
You don't trust me.
What's wrong? We don't really know each other, it's normal.
What do you think if we do something about it? What are you doing Thursday at two? I don't know, have lunch with you? Not have lunch with me.
Bring your spot gear with you.
How delicious! Did you think your papi was going to die? Did you think he was going to die? Don't worry.
Don't think about that now.
Do you know who told on me? Do you know who told on me with Nemo? Talk.
You're going to tell me.
Do you want to know? Yes? Yes? Then work for it.
I was about to start without you.
First have a shower.
Damn Tigre.
You're very refined now, aren't you? - You're not leaving.
- What do you mean I'm not leaving? I won't allow that you waste your life because of some nonsense.
But, mum, as if I was at the top of my career, please, Your dad regrets it very much and you know it.
Your dad loves you, he's not like that.
Yesterday, we were waiting for you to celebrate your birthday.
I phoned many times.
You don't realize you have to show him that you can, darling.
You can.
But this isn't your life, mum.
It's my life.
And I can do whatever I fucking want with it.
- Who's helped you most in your life? - Alejandro, and you know it.
What's wrong, Esteban? Is something wrong with the baby? No.
It's you, Elisa.
The diagnosis is pulmonary hypertension.
It basically means that the blood vessels in your lungs narrowed with time.
Nothing serious.
It can be treated with some medication.
A pregnancy requires the lungs to work more.
There's the risk of the arteries not coping causing heart failure.
What level of risk are we talking about? The risk of death of the mother, in these cases, is usually between 30 and 50 per cent.
As your doctor I can't advice you to carry this pregnancy to full term.
I know it's a difficult decision.
It's a decision you have to make.
Keep in mind that your life is in danger.
Kid, did your dad let you leave our factory at this time? Where is your master, dog? Considering who your father is I'll Kid! You're a bastard.
You bought it.
You've taken the company from my father.
Nemo, your friend Ramón sends his puppy to bark at you.
Good afternoon, Mon.
You've grown a beard.
Technically another company has bought your company.
I don't want people to know that it was me.
So people won't know.
You can tell your father that his pride is safe.
I want you to know we don't want your money.
Kid, we couldn't care less what you want.
Now I'm the boss, Mon.
My first decision is that the canning factory keeps doing the same.
Canned mussels, traditionally, the way it's been done the whole fucking time.
The second one is that your family keeps running it.
And the third one is to fucking fire you if you don't do what I tell you to do.
Look, Lara, what I learnt in therapy.
- What? - Rage! Wow, awesome.
Here you are.
I don't want any, thank you.
- So - You know what, mate? I think it's fucking awesome that you're leaving.
A place where nobody knows you, nobody knows who you are.
Nobody knows who your father is.
I'm so much looking forward to it.
If I could, I'd go too.
- Where there's a will there's a way.
- Is there? - I'm serious.
- And the money? That sentence was made up by someone rich.
What can I do? I have no job.
I have to pay back the mortgage.
Besides I don't have an Alejandro like you to leave with.
- Are you sure? - Sure.
Earlier I saw some cologne and shaving foam in your bathroom.
- Who left them there? - Nobody.
A dickhead.
You fancy him.
I don't fancy him.
I don't give a hoot, really.
- You fancy him.
- No.
You fancy him.
I can see you in bed and I go mad.
Shut up, you're so dumb.
Hold on.
Yes, it's me.
Sure I'm interested.
No, I know where it is.
Yes, very well.
Thank you.
Dude, I've got a job, I think! I've got a job! And a boyfriend.
You couldn't ask for more, Lara.
You're so stupid, I swear! PULMONARY HYPERTENSION So? On the Internet it's always the worst scenario.
Whatever you search ends up being cancer.
We should have a second opinion.
Darling, that's one of the best clinics in the country.
Do you really want to go through it again with a different doctor? No, what I want to do is to have a whisky, but I can't.
Darling You heard what I heard that doctor say.
But the decision is ours.
There are women who do it.
What are you saying? Aren't they good in that clinic? The best? Then I'll be in their hands and that's it.
It's my last chance, Mario.
We'll do whatever you say.
And what do you think? Mario.
I wanted to be a dad because it was going to be with you.
But if you're not with me, what's the point? There's a risk, but The slight risk of losing you is too much.
Darling, you know me well.
I don't like playing or betting.
Let alone when I can lose what I care most for in this life.
We can do it as soon as possible.
As nothing has happened.
Are you going to be all night with that? Come on, put on this jacket, it's cold.
Why do you have to fix that old thing? Well, if it has made you talk to me, it was worth trying.
Thank you.
I saw Carlos and he's moving to Seville.
I understand him.
Let him.
He'll be back.
And that's it? Aren't you going to do anything? Do you think Carlos will listen to me after what I did? Do you think that I, out of anybody, will make him change his mind? You're the only one who can do something.
You have to convince him.
He can't leave.
If he leaves, he won't come back.
Please, I'm begging you.
Fine, fine, all right.
I'll try.
Thank you.
This Thursday I'm receiving an award.
The Woman of the Year.
The women's association of the Oeste.
At 7 pm.
Why do they give it to you? For coping with me? No.
For copying with you I'll have my place in heaven.
I hope to see you there, but I would not be too sure.
It's for collecting funds for abused women.
I'll be there.
Really? Really.
Don't go to bed very late.
Thursday, 7 pm, award Chon.
- Give Mendoza whatever he asks for.
- I don't agree.
- If Bandeira finds out - With Bandeira we have reached the limit.
We have? We have his private accounts.
But Mario Mendoza is the key to get into the accounts of Open Sea.
He's the man.
You'll spoil everything.
Do whatever you have to to gain Mendoza's trust.
Give him that woman's name, buy him dinner, let him fuck you and then he can cum on your face and then thank him.
Did you see what happened? Yes, and now we'll be next, eh? Well, someone with connections will come.
How are you doing? I'm Lara.
What are you doing? Excuse me, do you know where my locker is? It's no good to me, Nina.
It's no good.
Start from scratch, please.
If I had pulled down my knickers the other day, you'd have it.
I thought you wanted us to be strictly professional.
Do you know what those people outside think? That you are here because you're your father's daughter.
I know how good you are.
I wouldn't be helping you if I didn't push you to do your best.
That's why I'm the only one that tells you the truth.
I want those people to see what I see in you.
And what do you see? I'd tell you, but You only want to talk about figures, designs, sketches.
And I agree.
Are you leaving? Yes, do you know where I'm going? I'm going to tell 100 employees who have given everything for the factory that they have to leave.
Do you want to come along? Here comes my boss, man! Look at this beauty! Look at this baby! If my mum saw me holding this, she'd be so proud of me.
- Do you want to try it? - That's why we're here, mate! That's it, that's why we're here.
Was it you? Was it you who told on me with Nemo? On Acuña and me.
It wasn't like that, Freddy.
You made me spend a night, dude! Inside the boot of a pussy car.
And in the morning I was woken up by punches, did you hear? With all the concern, and then nothing happened to your mum.
Very good.
Let me explain.
What do you have to explain? You don't have to explain anything, dude.
Because you're the boss, do you understand? The truth is, my friend, that for my mum I would have done the same.
For your mum, man! No, Tigre.
You don't love your mum.
- You bastard! - Son of a bitch! Start the engine.
Let's go, please! Shit! Shit! I can't do this, Mario.
One thing is the interior design of a hotel, right? And another what's just happened.
Nina, yes, you can do this.
You can do this.
What happens is Excuse me.
Why on earth don't you ask me this kind of things first? - What is it? - You see what I mean? Your dad has just bought a bankrupt canning factory.
Nina, it's you and I who have to save this company.
For us.
So this type of things don't happen again.
If money is so short, I can't understand why my dad has bought a bankrupt business.
Nor you nor anyone understands why.
I keep thinking your dad is acting really strange, to be honest.
He's not OK because he thought of leaving Open Sea to my brother.
That's what I'll inherit? Something that's bankrupt? Not if I can help it.
I'll stop that operation right now.
Is that it? I didn't stop the operation.
You know what? I think we have to trust your dad.
I'm sure he has his reasons.
You're also acting a bit strangely.
I'm not acting strangely.
I'm just being loyal to my boss.
It's something you'll appreciate when your turn comes.
Not a word.
They didn't say anything to me.
You don't know how they looked at me.
I was pushed and all.
- You didn't do anything, right? - What was I supposed to do? I don't know.
Drop the food on the try on top of them, for example? Sorry, sorry, I swear I lost it.
- No, I know you lost it, I know.
- I didn't mean it, honestly.
- I see.
Didn't really mean not to do it.
- I know what happened.
Let's see.
Yesterday a girl was sacked.
She was told there was no money to pay her.
The girl left in tears because on top of that her husband is unemployed.
And then you show up today.
They think you have some connections, so you are not welcome.
But who has connections there? I see, true.
I can't guarantee anything, because my partner has to decide too, but it's the one I like best out of all the ones I've seen.
I would love to.
We love the location.
No, we love it.
We saw the pictures and we'd love to but It's only five days.
Well, listen to me.
If you tell me you can wait I can't guarantee anything.
My partner has to decide too.
It's the one I like best out of all the ones I've seen.
Ready? Yes, but aren't we going to say a few words? It's not a funeral, it's a gram.
I know, I have known her for a long time.
We had really good times together.
We're so fond of one another - Carlos.
- Coming, coming.
Thank you.
Do you remember the day we met? How stoned I was.
- Of course I remember.
- Really? How would I forget.
But when I fell in love with you, I was hung-over.
In that couch.
Eating biscuits, drinking water all day.
- And fucking all day.
- That also.
But if we don't do it, we won't have more hung-over days.
- Everyone has those days.
- Ah, really? They're called Sundays.
And don't they have those in Seville? One a week, I believe.
No, I'm quitting.
I'm not taking any job from anybody.
But then why did you hire me? What is it, are you on Nemo's payroll? No, it's an English guy that helped us out with the bank loan.
Malcolm? Yes, that's him.
If you leave, we'll lose the loan.
We'll have to close down and fire everybody.
Is my son here? - Carlos.
- Tell me.
Leave us alone, please.
What the fuck are you doing here? I've come to apologize.
I'm sorry, Carlos, I don't know what got into me.
Although you didn't have a glorious moment either.
But do you really think I'm leaving because of that? Why then? Perhaps because I'm really pissed off with being the black sheep in this family, I mean the pink sheep.
You know that has never been a problem.
Dad, what the heck did you come to do here? Do you think you'll fix anything by leaving? Dad, honestly, I have plenty to do here.
So if you could do me a favour and leave, I swear.
Of course I'm leaving, but let me wish you a happy birthday first.
Thanks a lot, dad, I didn't think you'd remember, really.
I would never forget it.
I don't want your money.
It's for your new business.
Horse breeding.
With this you'll be able to set it up.
Stay here, Carlos.
Close to your family.
Close to people who love you and need you.
Prove me I was wrong about you.
Think it over, please.
This is the best thing for when you're stressed.
To be honest, up here I'm beginning to feel stressed.
Listen, Mario.
- Listen to me.
- Tell me.
I'm going to pass on to you the information about that woman.
I guess you know how important it is that this stays between us.
Sure I understand, I appreciate it.
Come on then, tell me something about you.
What do you want to know? I don't know.
What's the secret of your success? Nemo is fascinated with you.
Well, and not just Nemo.
I just do my job.
Come on, mate, don't be so modest.
Don't be modest.
Mario, I don't think this is the best way to get to know each other.
- We're just playing, Malcolm.
- Playing what? Playing.
You have to hit me back eventually.
Otherwise, It won't work.
- I don't like fighting.
- You don't like fighting? Then why are you working with banks, hey? What's your curriculum? - Sorry, what? - Curriculum.
What have you done? I studied at British school.
Yes? What else? And then I did a master in Financial Economy, and then I joined a programme searching for talented people.
Can you see you're being modest? You have an impressive work history.
That's it, let's leave it here, Mario.
But to run a company, you have to fight.
Sorry, Alejandro.
- Hello, Mario.
- Yes.
Done, everything is perfect.
In a couple of days tops he'll be out the force.
Well done.
That's what I like.
The police being efficient.
I must go now.
Son of a bitch.
Put the gun down, cunt.
Put the gun down, Ricardo.
Don't fuck with me.
Search the car.
But what are you doing? What do you expect to find? I'll report this too.
What's this, Ricardo? I don't know.
It isn't mine.
Somebody put it there.
Do you prefer that I handcuff you, moron? It'll take me the same time, but it'll hurt much more.
And why should I have that in there? Because you're both bad as a dealer and as a cop.
It's not mine! Somebody placed it there! Ada, are you all right? Ada.
Who was that girl? Why does it matter? It's not you.
Take the boat and let's go.
Yes, wherever you want.
Far away.
Thursday, 7 pm, award Chon.
What's up, Mon, any news? Be very careful what you say, Mon, because I'll take off my belt and strip your skin off.
Can you tell your dog to relax? Listen.
This morning I had to lie for you.
I would like not to have to do it again.
Does she know anything? She suspects something.
You'd better hope she doesn't find out.
It'll be hard.
My father say she reminds him of you when you were young.
Fast and stubborn.
But she's got a good heart.
I hope it doesn't get rotten in a few years.
You come back here to insult Nemo who is your company's owner.
You're a dickhead, boy.
Let's see, Mon, I told your father and I'll tell you, too.
I never dealt with the shit that killed your brother.
Do you expect us to be grateful to you for that? Suit yourself.
Check the carburettor jet.
It's full.
The petrol obstructed the jet.
Didn't you sail boats along the estuary? - Leave, go.
- Go.
What do you want? Where the hell are you? Do you know what time it is? We'll be awfully late.
Carlos, mate.
Carlos, seriously, I'm not going.
I'll pick up my things at home and leave the keys inside the post box and then I'll be off to Seville.
I will keep my word.
What are you saying? What's all this about? Is it because of the check my dad game me? Aren't you exaggerating a little? Please.
I don't understand, mate.
If you cash that check, you'll owe your family for your entire life.
Alex, I'm only saying we can think it over! We wouldn't need to leave.
There's nothing to think over.
You're hooked to loads of things, but your family is the most dangerous one.
Where are you? I'm coming over and we'll talk, for fuck's sake.
There's nothing to talk about.
When something isn't good, the best is to stay away from it.
The opposite of what you do.
And I'm staying away.
Good bye, Carlos.
Alex, don't you dare damp me over the phone, I mean it, don't you dare.
Alex! Alex! You bastards, come and get me if you have the gusts.
How are you doing, Lara? What do you want? Why did you get me a job? Why? Why are you helping me all the time, Malcolm? - I didn't ask you to help me.
- Lara.
Honestly, I'm not in the mood.
Okay? I'm sorry.
We'll talk tomorrow.
Thank you.
Be careful.
What happened? Dr.
Serter, you have a visit.
Hello, Elisa.
Everything is set up.
Don't you have anything to tell me? I only asked you for half an hour of your time.
Nothing else.
I only asked you for something that was important for me.
What happened, Nemo? You forgot it.
Of course I didn't forget, Chon! So what's the matter? You had better things to do.
- You have no idea.
- Then tell me about them! What? That we have close down another factory and that we have fired everybody? Do you want to me to tell you that? What for? You've been all day with this scrap? Why do you insist on something that has no solution and forget what's in front of you? The next time you look up I might not be here for you.
Hello, mum.
- Does it hurt? - Yes.
Are you going to tell me what happened? Forget it.
Problems in the office, okay? Be careful.
Why do you always help me? Because I care for you.
Does Nemo ask you to do it? Do you think I'm comfortable working for your dad? I like it as little as you do.
And I promise I'll soon stop working for him.
Okay? - I don't care.
- Not true.
If it hadn't been for him, you wouldn't have thrown me out of your flat.
And we'd have made a lot of omelettes.
And I'm sure one would have been nice.
And we would have kissed.
Gracil, please go to X-rays.
It won't be long.
30 or 50 per cent of chances? Are you stupid or what? I told too many lies.
The positive thing is that with pulmonary hypertension if she takes her medication, nobody will know that she really doesn't suffer from it.
And the medication is reasonable, it doesn't have too many side effects.
Side effects? What do you mean? For your wife the physical after-effects won't be as bad as the psychological ones.
After this abortion she won't be able to have any children.
And some women never recover from that.
I'm sorry, darling.
It's not your fault.
I'm going to cut to the chase.
I want to know what I'll get if I divorce Nemo.
NEXT EPISODE - The mayor has to be one of us.
- Do you want me to give you a receipt? But don't look like it.
Everything has to change so nothing changes.
It's not wise to be seen together.
You'll be a brilliant mayor.
I've always done what you asked me to do, Nemo.
You never understood that our main active is people.
I have an offer you'll be interested in.
I'm all ears.
Both of us want to fuck Nemo.
- What do you want? - Help me catch him.
I warned you, you're not fit to work for Nemo.
I don't want you to put him in danger and let alone you to undermine me.
You're fired.
Let's get inside.
We have to chat about our affairs.
I think it's all right.
Your affairs, my balls.
Nemo's asked me to shut down all the loss-making companies.
But his daughter works in this one.
Who is this guy? Let's go, I had enough.
Where are you going with my boyfriend? - Don't touch me.
- That's my boyfriend! - What the fuck are you doing, asshole? - How embarrassing! - Wait! - Dude! Go to the hairdresser's.
Today we'll be on the media.
Here is the list of what you'll get when we divorce.
Don't worry, I'll be more generous that what you expect.
I hope you had a good fishing day, gentlemen.
I'm here to make a proposal for a new candidate, New Oeste.
To remove all corruptors from the institutions.

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