Unauthorized Living (Vivir sin permiso) (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Aires de cambio

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES You're hiding information from me.
PREVIOUSLY I don't know what the hell you go to Madrid for so often.
I went to see a friend.
A very special friend.
You're a bastard.
You've taken the company from my father.
I want you to know we don't want your money.
I can't keep coming to see you in Madrid.
I want to keep seeing you, but in Galicia.
I quit.
I'm quitting.
I'm not taking any job from anybody.
If you leave, we'll lose the loan.
We'll have to close down and fire everybody.
I'll pick up my things at home and leave the keys inside the post box and then I'll be off to Seville.
I will keep my word.
Alex, don't you dare damp me over the phone, I mean it, don't you dare.
Alex! Put the gun down, cunt.
- What's this, Ricardo? - I don't know.
It's not mine.
Somebody put it there.
To run a company, you have to fight.
Shit! Let's leave it here, Mario.
Why are you helping me all the time, Malcolm? I care about you.
After this abortion she won't be able to have any children.
And some women never recover from that.
I'm sorry, darling.
NEMO SON OF A BI What are you doing? One day, all of this will be mine.
We don't need so much.
We? Your daughter and I.
I'm pregnant.
And I know it will be a girl.
Won't you say anything? Nemo.
You have to see what this one has done, we have an artist.
NEMO SON OF A BI Why this? He's talking to you, boy.
You fired my dad.
Let him go.
I see you around here again, I'll beat you so hard that the estuary of Vigo won't be enough to manoeuvre.
What a crap motorbike you have.
If someone stole it, they'd be doing you a favour.
Hello, darling.
You're here.
- Why do you look so beautiful today? - Stop it.
You didn't go to the office today, either.
- Not yet.
- Very good.
There's no hurry.
What's more, why don't we go somewhere? Very far, to New Zealand or to the French Polynesia, you wanted to go there.
What do you think? What about Open Sea? We can't leave everything and go, not right now, at this moment.
I know, darling, but it's right now when you need me.
No, Mario, don't insist.
And don't use me as an excuse.
I'm not using you as an excuse.
My love, stop putting a brave face, you can't cope with everything.
I'm like that, you know me.
And if you treat me like a poor little girl, I'll end up being one.
This afternoon I'm going to the office and you'll do whatever is necessary to become Nemo's successor - and I'll help you.
- My love, you're not well enough to go to the office.
I'm well if you're well, that's the only thing I care about.
And you know what? Tell me.
I'm going to run for Mayor, even if we have to get a divorce.
- Hold on a moment.
- They're only papers.
I know what I feel for you and what you feel for me.
- That won't change.
- Yes, but let's think it through.
There's nothing to think about.
I want to be who I was before.
And I'll do it for you, but above all for me.
Why don't you answer the phone? Because I didn't feel like talking to anyone.
Come on, go and shower.
I'll tidy up this dump.
I don't want to see you like that.
A break-up isn't someone's death.
You're young, you'll find another person.
Alejandro is the man of my life, see if you get that once and for all.
Please, don't be so dramatic, Carlos.
He's a good boy, but he's not what you need.
Not what I need.
When you married dad, it was what you both needed.
- That's different.
- Of course it's different.
You did it for money and we couldn't care less about it.
Your dad and I may have many issues, but what we agree upon is that we want the best for you two.
Excuse me, you probably mean the best for Nina.
I've always been the drug addict puff that does nothing useful with his life.
- Carlos.
- What? I don't think that about you.
Your dad doesn't think that about you.
What about the money he gave you for the horses? There it is, on the table.
Did you spend it on that shit? Yes.
It's your choice.
If you want to waste your life You'll burn out.
I'm burnt out already.
Gathering of shepherds, dead sheep.
Yes, that one has been sent from the headquarters to get on my nerves.
If I can't do something big against the drug trafficking, - they'll send me back to Madrid.
- And why such a hurry? Let's see, Nemo is really pissed off because he can't buy me and wants to see me out.
He was who pressured the ministry, I'm sure of that.
Don't look at me like that.
You know him.
You're bleeding.
Fucking hell.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I've just heard about the graffiti.
The typical local graffiti.
People are starting to get annoyed and they're right.
They thought that in Open Sea they'd have a stable job for the rest of their lives.
That doesn't happen anywhere anymore.
We closed down loss-making companies, - and we still are in the red.
- Any good news? Thank you, Carmiña.
We have no liquidity to pay back the banks.
We'll have to keep on collaborating with our Peruvian friends.
No, the day after tomorrow's dispatch will be the last one.
Sell everything that's not profitable.
Are you sure? Positive.
Nemo, there will be more layoffs, the municipal elections are around the corner.
And our dearest Mayor Mosquera will feel very strong.
I give two hoots about that duffer.
Our priority is to save Open Sea whatever it takes.
Whatever you say.
I can't ruin the only inheritance I'll be leaving my children.
You'll make fun of your fucking mother! What's going on there? What's going on here? This imbecile's making fun of my dad.
He's making fun because he's been fired and his dad hasn't yet.
Is that true, Tamar? Tamar, is that true? Can you tell me what's funny about being fired? - What's so funny? - I don't know.
I'll tell you, nothing! Next time you want to make a joke you make it about something funny and not serious things? To your classrooms.
Come on to your classrooms, didn't you hear the bell? What happened? They're firing a lot of people and that also affects things here.
- The kids are nervous.
- The goodness of capitalism.
No, it's this town that's rotten.
I'm so eager to leave all this.
You'll be missed.
Well By the way, don't even think of registering in Seville - until after the elections.
- Finally you're running for mayor? If you want things to change, you have to get involved.
Be careful, don't get too involved.
Leave your message after the beep.
Where are you? I have to show some sketches.
By the way the office opposite yours is free, isn't it? Do you think I could have it? Although, perhaps it isn't such a good idea.
Having you in front of me and seeing you and not being able to touch you.
What's wrong? The factory's going to be closed down.
Didn't you see that the Open Sea's big man was there? Mario? Yes, in the car, there, a moment ago, Nemo's godson.
And what does he have to do here? He came to fire us.
Where is Mon? I don't know, I guess he might be inside.
- Can you tell me why you're firing us? - You know more than I do.
What? The company's your father's.
I think you should talk to yours.
What's Nemo got to do with this? He's the owner of all this.
He bought this canning factory before you started working here so he'd force us to hire you.
It was Malcolm who Your father forced mine to tell you that story.
And why is he closing down the factory now? Probably to show us that no matter what we do, we depend on him.
- Then we have to do something.
- Yes, sure.
- Accept it.
- No.
I have never done it and I won't do it now.
NEMO, BASTARD You, all together are very brave, aren't you? You're very brave you all together, eh? Shall we see who has the bigger balls? Because I have them.
You'll let us through.
You'll let that man through.
That man is Nemo Bandeira.
He fed you all your fucking life.
All your fucking life.
You and your families.
Fucking sham, all your life he fed you.
Easy, easy.
Corrupt, corrupt.
- Hello? - Hello.
I've been thinking about the new hotel in Costa Brava.
Have you? And do you have anything to show me? You're proposal is very interesting.
- You know who'll love it? - Who? Hello.
- Everything okay? - Yes.
Look, I'll cut to the chase.
I want to know what I'll get if I divorce Nemo.
Are you going to divorce? All I want is to know where I stand.
You never know.
I don't know, Chon, it'd take me some time, but what happened? It's been happening for a long time, but lately things are getting worse.
It's because of the trips to Madrid? He'll have his affairs there.
You know better than I do.
Look, Chon, the other women come and go, but you're the one who's always by his side.
And he knows it.
Not that I didn't suspect it.
So, there's another one? Chon, excuse the faux pas.
I though you knew.
No, don't worry, Mario, don't worry.
I'd be grateful if you gave me that list asap.
I don't know, Elisa.
I'll do it, thank you.
Mosquera is of no use to us.
He wouldn't win the elections even if he was the only candidate, either.
Oeste needs a breath of fresh air.
It's getting harder to hide that Open Sea is going through a rough patch.
A lot more people have to be laid off and voters won't like that.
People think we do the labour force adjustment plans out of a whim and don't realize who suffers most is me.
Open Sea employs half of the region, and in order to continue like that you need the council's support.
From the Xunta, from the ministry.
The Mayor has to be one of us.
But it can't be too obvious.
So those who are furious with me will vote him.
Someone who criticizes you in public and supports you in private.
Everything has to change so nothing changes.
It's not wise to be seen together.
You'll be a brilliant mayor.
How are you, Mario? Tell me.
I have all the requests about the work force adjustment plan.
And I wasn't sure about this canning factory.
The other day you said it had to stay open although it had losses.
I guess there'll be a mistake.
No, there's no mistake.
Nemo asked me to close down all the loss-making companies.
- But his daughter works in this one.
- He said no exceptions.
- I have problems to believe - I also have problems to believe, but Nemo gave me clear instructions, the same ones I'm giving you.
Please, don't make it any harder.
You'll have all the plans first thing tomorrow morning.
Thank you.
Hello, José María.
I went to the market and I bring some good wine and delicious things.
What's wrong? You are What? I know it was Nemo who got me the job in the canning factory.
Let's go inside, I'll explain everything.
So you can lie to me again? If I had told you the truth, you'd have never accepted that job.
- You're too stubborn.
- And you're such a fucking liar.
Why did you tell me all those things about Nemo? - You told me you couldn't stand him.
- I told you I didn't feel comfortable working for him.
- For a shag? - What are you saying? To be clear, it was just a shag for me too.
So we'd better leave it like that.
When I look at you I don't see Nemo Bandeira's daughter.
Why do you? If you don't care about him, why you keep talking about him? Leave.
It's funny that we're arguing about your job right today.
The factory is closing down.
I tried to speak to Mario, but there was no way.
I'm sorry.
Bon appétit.
I can't stand unpunctual people.
Are you going to arrest us? The law is on us.
I'm not going to waste my time with you or to waste yours.
I have a interesting proposal.
I'm all ears.
Although it seems strange, you and I have lots of things in common.
Both of us want to fuck Nemo.
What do you want? Help me catch him.
Yes, great.
For you the superintendent badge, but what's in for me? When he's rotting in prison, you'll be the fucking boss of all the sea and I'll look the other way.
What do you say, Freddy? What I'm supposed to say, mate? I wouldn't trust this dude at all.
You have a thing with Internal Affairs - that it's still to be sorted out.
- Water under the bridge.
I'll stay in Oeste the necessary time to get rid of that bastard.
Let's make a deal.
Do you want to celebrate? Don't make me regret it.
And you are? I hired him to cook us a really sophisticated meal.
Well, we could have eaten out.
He's a very good chef.
You'll see, you'll love it.
Besides, we'd better not be seen together.
It's done.
Nemo gave me his approval.
I'll be his candidate for mayor.
To an Oeste free from corruption.
Darling, are you sure you want to go on with this? Yes.
I like to finish what I start.
I don't want you to put your future at risk because of me.
We're not talking about your future or mine.
It's our future.
The divorce papers.
I want you to know that you've been very generous.
When I have to criticize the Bandeiras when campaigning I wouldn't like to be too cruel on you.
I'm not a Bandeira.
I know.
You're too good for them.
I brought you my sleeping pills.
As you've been complaining lately that you hardly sleep.
Thank you.
- Did you talk to Mario this afternoon? - No.
Then tonight you'll sleep better than me.
Juanito, can a man go on board? Yes, mate, why not? Feel free like at home.
- Everything in order, Juanito? - Everything in order.
Estebo, make sure it's as clean as a whistle.
Let's go inside that you and I have to chat about our affairs.
Perfect, I think it's a good idea.
Come inside.
You're gaining a lot of weight, Juanito.
- A bit, the good life.
- You're gaining a lot of weight.
Your affairs, my balls.
The other day I found some dead bees.
We'll have to find another insecticide.
I don't want people to also blame me for their extinction.
Good morning, Mario.
Good morning.
Last night I spoke to Chon.
She told me you two had been talking.
Is it that bad? She wants to know what her part is if you got divorced.
She has every right.
Do you think she knows anything about your romance in Madrid? I've been very discreet.
Do you want to get divorced? No.
But what I want is not important.
Well, Elisa told you that we're getting divorced too.
Yes, I understand it's fucked up, but it'll give her a better chance to become mayor.
It makes me very sad, Nemo.
You and Chon have always been an example for everybody.
I'm sorry I've disappointed you.
Nemo, a divorce is very nasty thanks to lawyers like me.
Let me represent you before Chon asks me to.
Do you know the difference between a lawyer and a crow? One is predatory, a thief, treacherous and if it can, it'll scoop your eyeballs, - and the other one - is an innocent black bird.
I'm not going to fight with her for anything.
She earned it.
I'm going to have breakfast.
Keep it, please.
I can't take it anymore.
- Carlos again? - Again.
He won't stop calling.
He comes to the school every morning, to the teacher's room.
I feel so embarrassed What went wrong? You were doing so well.
He's just a kid.
That's what's wrong.
He's a kid.
I need a man by my side, an adult.
Carlos loves you to bits.
- Yes, he has some issues.
- His issues? But he loves you to bits.
Carlos only loves himself and his dad.
I'm so fed up with his dad.
Fucking Nemo.
I'll take the risk.
A black man's dick.
Some silence, please.
I want to toast my friend, our beloved friend, Mayor Mosquera.
Before I speak, let me tell you a few words.
A very wise person explained to me once why we shouldn't use water to toast.
It's the tsar of Russia's fault.
When he wanted to congratulate someone, he would raise his cup of wine and toasted him, but when he wanted to show that someone had fallen out of favour, the cup he raised was the water one.
The person alluded would stand up, go outside and shot himself.
I want to toast my dear friend Ramón Mosquera.
It must be a joke, isn't it? Good afternoon, gentlemen.
Nemo, please.
Give me another chance.
Support my candidacy.
Believe me, after your wife who is most sorry it's me.
Good luck.
Where are you going? You can't do this to me.
After everything I've done for you.
Don't be bastards.
Let's see.
Listen to me.
I think we can hire a lawyer, but it'll be no good.
I can't lose my job.
My Pepe is unemployed and we have a kid.
And I have four mouths to feed.
What shall I do? Let's see.
Listen to me.
They have to give us a fucking compensation.
- That's how it works.
- With what money? The company doesn't have a penny.
Here either you have an accident and then the insurance covers it or you don't get a penny.
Do you know what we have to do? Lock ourselves inside, make noise and see who has the balls to take us out.
If you want we show our boobs like those feminists.
Yes, sure.
Calm down.
Call an ambulance.
I've just sent you the photo of the woman Nemo was seeing.
Do you have it? - Yes.
- Her name's Gloria Noya Brei.
She's a doctor.
She no longer lives in Madrid.
Nemo sends her money to the current account she has in Pontevedra.
- He also pays her son's school fees.
- Is he Nemo's son? You tell me.
I want you to find out why she moved to Galicia, where she lives, and how many times she goes to the toilet if necessary.
I have to go now, I have an incoming call.
- Tell me, Patricia.
- Sorry to bother you Mr.
There was an accident in the factory.
One of the workers cut her arm.
- What's her name? - I don't know, but if you want me to find out You must be Estebo.
What's up, Tigre? He says you have something interesting for me.
Tomorrow my father and I are going to bring twenty tons of coke into the port from open sea, for Bandeira.
Coke from the land, the promised land, boss.
It's coming on a supply boat.
Tell him.
What do you want me to do? Rob it.
That I can do, sure.
And you, are you not scared of what Bandeira can do to you? He will hang you from your balls on your own boat, dude.
That bastard pays us peanuts and we run with all the risk.
He has the guts.
Here are the coordinates of the supply boat.
I will send a speedboat with my men before you reach the port to board the boat.
Then we'll steal the goods.
For you 30 per cent, for us the rest.
No, 40 per cent or there's no deal.
You're right, Freddy, he's got some guts.
Give him 40, the man deserves it.
So he can buy a new boat.
Look at the crap he sails on.
I wish we could buy another boat.
Nemo doesn't let us buy one not to call the police attention.
With us you'll live better, Estebo.
40 per cent will be.
SO YOU KEEP MISSING THEM At the smell of blood, sharks always come.
Fucking hell.
This sucks.
I have good news.
Your wife will be the new mayor.
It's not that.
Elisa and I are getting divorced in the end.
Don't you think it's a bit cruel.
Precisely now after the abortion.
You have no idea, Nina.
Elisa decided to abort without asking me.
It seems being a mum was an obstacle in her political career.
I didn't expect it from her.
Neither did I.
Nina, the divorce was her idea, but if she hadn't said anything, I would have done it.
Fine, I don't want to feel that I have anything to do with all this.
I don't know, all of this, of breaking your relationship.
Nina, you're not breaking anything, because there's nothing to break.
Your only fault is having given me back my happiness.
Wouldn't you be better taking some time for yourself? No, I want to be with you.
I'm also scared.
Suso, have you seen Alejandro? He was here last night.
But was he alone or with someone? Check your Facebook.
Can I have a gin tonic, please? The one with the orange I like.
How is your dad? Is he okay? Better than you.
Well, that's something.
Suso, here you are.
- Hello, what's up? - Very good, and you? Good, here we are.
Can I buy you a drink? - I've just ordered one, mate.
- Then I'll buy you the next one.
- Thank you.
- And the next one is on you.
- Okay.
What's your name? - Miguel.
- Miguel.
- Miguel.
- I'm Carlos.
- Nice to meet you, Carlos.
- Nice to meet you.
- It's a pleasure.
Another one for me.
What are you doing here? - Let's go inside? - No, no.
It's fine.
I've come because I want to ask you something.
- Don't close the canning factory down.
- What are you talking about? You've closed down the factory I work in.
- No.
- It doesn't matter what happens to me, but there's a workmate that almost loses her arm because of you.
I swear I haven't ordered to close the canning factory down.
It must have been Mario's doing.
But he follows your instructions.
Not all of them.
Believe me, I had nothing to do, Lara.
One day you told me you care for the people of Oeste.
Of course.
You have the opportunity to prove it.
Your dad.
- Are you going to answer it? - No.
What the? - Hello, Nemo.
- I need to see you immediately.
- What happened? - He hung the phone on me.
- I have to go, Nina.
- Five minutes.
- No five minutes, I know you, Nina.
- Five minutes.
Excuse me, can I borrow your mobile phone, please? What is it? You've never left your clothes at home? How on earth did you order to close down Ramón's canning factory? Yesterday you told me to get rid of all the loss-making companies.
I never said that.
Do you know how many people are losing their jobs, including Lara? Nemo, you said you didn't care.
The only thing that mattered to you was to save your children's inheritance.
The best inheritance I can leave my children isn't the money, it's the respect and the affection of Oeste's people and I'm losing both because of you, because of your management.
- Because of my management? - Yes, your management.
I have always done everything you asked me to do.
You never understood that our largest active is the people.
I understand that.
What I don't understand is why you turn me into a catch dog if it bothers you so much when I bite.
What the heck is happening to you? What's wrong? I'll take care of Ramón's canning factory.
It'll be the best for everyone.
Very well.
If you don't need me Well, Sleeping Beauty's woken up.
How long have I slept? Almost ten hours.
How are you? As if I had a driller drilling my head.
Then you're better than yesterday.
Here you are.
Drink this.
Thanks a lot.
I think you should press charges against those who drugged you.
- But I can't remember anything.
- You can't go on like that.
I was fine.
Besides, what the fuck have I done for everyone to hate me? Nobody hates you.
Who hates you? Don't you start with that drama queen stuff.
Besides, Alejandro is as unhappy as you are.
- What did he tell you? - Nothing.
Why does he go to the bar every day with that sad face? Because he knows I talk to you.
I have a big mouth and he misses you.
Then, why doesn't he answer my phone calls? Go and ask him face to face.
Come on, that's it.
Take a shower, you stink.
You speak with Alejandro and sort everything out.
Your Scotsman won't have a pair of trousers my size? First, he's not my Scotsman and second this is the only thing he left in this house.
And when you take it off, I'll give it back to him.
Nemo? Nemo! What's the matter? What's the matter, Nemo? - Are you okay? - What's wrong? Ferro! Carmiña! What's wrong, Nemo? Nemo, everything okay? Alcohol.
He has mixed alcohol with the pills.
- I'm fine.
- No, I'll call the hospital.
- Chon, Nemo says he's fine.
- What are you doing? He's my husband.
And your husband tells you not to phone anyone.
Help me, Ferro.
Easy, easy.
I'm fine.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
Get an appointment at the hairdresser's.
Today we'll be on the media.
Hi, have you seen Alejandro? No, he phoned in sick.
Yesterday he was under the weather.
Under the weather? But what's wrong with him, exactly? What do you mean? He's burned out.
I'm not surprised you're leaving.
Well, you know that in the end we're not leaving.
He must have told you.
What the? They phoned us from the secondary school in Seville - to confirm that he starts next week.
- My Alejandro? Well, see you later.
I'm fine.
I can't understand what happened.
I must have got the pills dose wrong.
- A silly mistake.
- No, Nemo, it can happen to anyone.
Don't give us a scare like that again.
- We should have called the doctor.
- Chon, please.
Relax, I won't insist.
Come on, let's go.
Let's let him rest.
Nina, please stay a moment.
Mario, you too.
Nina, I need you to do something for me, - for the family.
- Of course, dad, anything.
I don't know if Mario told you that Elisa is running for the local elections.
Yes, he said something about it.
I want you to go to the presentation of her candidacy.
Me? Elisa has to play the card that will fight everything our name represents.
I need one of us to be there so it will be more credible.
Do you want me to go so Elisa has someone to attack? More or less.
If it's important for you, I'll go.
For you too.
Bandeira, how are you? - Fine, fine.
A fright.
- It's not the time now.
He has to rest.
I asked him to come.
- Let's go to my office.
- Sure.
It's not necessary, Mario.
Come in.
Last night I transferred a considerable amount of money to my personal account.
I could have done it myself.
That's what I'm for.
I did it from abroad from an account that I see.
I want you to start paying that money into the canning factory account as if it came from customers' payments.
I need you to pretend that the company is making profit.
I thought it was Mendoza who was in charge of those things.
I'd rather leave Mario out.
It's a great manager, but empathy is not his strongest point.
I don't want any mistakes whatsoever.
I promised Lara.
It's the first thing she asks me and I won't let her down.
We won't let her down, will we? Of course not, Mr.
Who do you think you are, Ferro? Excuse me, Chon, but I don't understand you.
You understand me.
Why didn't you let me call the ambulance? Because Nemo didn't want you to.
- I take those decisions, not you.
- I know.
No matter how close you're to my husband, - you're not part of the family.
- I know that too.
I warned you.
You're not fit to work for Nemo.
I don't want you to endanger him and let alone you undermine me.
You're fired.
Chon, things here are not what they seem.
You'll argue this too? Take your things right now and leave.
Start the car.
We have to pay a visit.
Ferro works for me, Chon.
Please, don't interfere in my business again.
I thought that what happened to you involved me.
I can't take anymore! We have to talk, Nemo.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Nemo said you went over to see him.
Did you hit your head? Have you seen a doctor? - Don't take the piss.
- No.
I'm worried about your health.
You also show up here, by surprise.
Are you sure you're okay? No, perhaps I was a bit hard on you the other day.
- A bit? - I overdid it, didn't I? I went too far.
And? I'm sorry, - but it's your fault.
- I see.
You almost got to apologize.
You lied to me.
Don't lie to me again.
Malcolm, excuse me, the report I asked you this morning, - if you give it to me this month - Yes, right now.
Hey, look at me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, did you have an appointment with Mr.
Mendoza? Yes, sure.
I don't know how you can sleep at night.
I'm very sorry, Mr.
It's fine.
It was your idea to close the canning factory down.
Doesn't it bother you leaving so many people jobless? - I didn't - Maybe you even know some of them, because they live in your parents' neighbourhood, well, in yours.
The one you're so proud of, but when it's convenient for you, you forget.
I'm only following instruction.
Instructions? No.
Nemo said it was your doing.
Won't you say anything? Sometimes it's complicated to make certain decisions.
Complicated? Who for? For other people, isn't it? For you everything is so easy.
In your office, from where people look very, very tiny.
I want you to know that as tiny we may be for you, we're still people, what you can't be called.
The boy is at school.
No, I don't know when I'll go back to Madrid.
No, you can't come over.
Don't shout at me, please.
I have to go now.
We'll talk, okay? Good morning, doctor.
May I? Come in.
Do you like the flat? If I can't see other patients, I don't know how I'm going to earn my living.
I told you that money won't be an issue.
So far the issue is what's happened to Mr.
What happened? I forgot I had taken some sleeping pills and I doubled the dose.
My slip-up has frightened my family to death.
That's usual.
I warn you, it'll get worse.
I cannot give them another fright.
I cannot do this to them.
The only solution is to tell them what's wrong with you.
It'll be hard, but it's worse not to understand someone you love and who has a strange behaviour.
The other option would be to check in a specialized clinic.
In jail, let's say.
What will they have to go through if I stay at home? They'll have to arrange it to look after you.
There will be a time when a person will have to be there 24/7 to do everything for you: taking you to the toilet, washing you, dressing you, feeding you You'll even forget if you've already eaten.
That has already happened.
Your family will need all the help they can get.
Bandeira, you don't own your disease.
It affects everyone who loves you.
I wish they hated me more.
I hope you had a good fishing day, gentlemen.
You can't get on without a search warrant.
- Alén.
- Your wish is my command.
Here you are.
Don't let anyone get on the boat.
Break up the boat if necessary, but we have to find the drug, okay? Have a look in the cabin, please.
Alén, search the deck, will you? You have a look around there.
You come with me.
- Start filming, okay? - Okay.
- Boss, there's nothing here.
- Keep looking.
There it is.
They didn't even bother to hide it.
Do you realize we won't be able to accuse Bandeira of this drug? The boat is not on his name.
And I don't think the owners will be the sort to talk.
I knew that.
But I bought some time and at the same time I pissed off that bastard again.
Erase that bit.
Are you alone? I'd say I am.
Handsome and rude, my weakness.
Honesty I'm fine alone.
Besides, there's a lot to choose from here.
All these guys who have bigger boobs than my sister? I like you more.
Nemo has moved some money from an offshore account.
Guess where? The Bahamas.
I need you to find out who's behind that account.
- Do you hear me? Yes, don't worry.
- Malcolm.
Yes, mum, I'll phone you back in a minute.
Excuse me.
My wife is going to present her candidacy for mayor tomorrow.
We would like you to come if you have no engagements.
Yes, of course.
It's good for me.
I have nothing better to do.
We'll see you there.
I haven't seen you around much.
- Not really.
- This is great.
I always come with someone, you know.
Who is this guy? - Hello, Carlos.
- Who is this guy? - He's a friend.
- Alejandro, I phoned you like 200,000 times.
I went to see to the school.
What the heck is wrong with you? Perhaps I don't want to talk to you.
I thought you were smarter.
- No, I'm not.
- I'd better go.
- No.
You're not going anywhere.
- If you're going to Seville, you go, but with me.
What the heck? Step aside, please! Let's leave, I can't stand it anymore.
- Don't go with my boyfriend.
- Don't touch me! - Don't go with him.
- Asshole.
Hey, no fighting here.
If you're going to fight, do it in the fucking street.
- Fine.
- Come on out.
What the heck? - Alex, listen to me.
- How embarrassing! Don't leave, don't leave, mate.
Alex! Here is the list of what you're entitled to when we get divorce.
Rest assure, I'll be more generous than you expect.
And that's it? - It's what you wanted.
- No.
I wanted you to treat me as your wife not like a nobody.
You ignore me in front of everyone, of Ferro, of Lara, your children.
Do you know how hard it is to be invisible? I had to ask Mario for this list so you deign to talk to me.
All right, let's talk.
What's wrong, Nemo? I don't recognize you, lately.
Is it because of the woman in Madrid? Are you leaving with her? I'm sick.
What? I have Alzheimer.
I was diagnosed a few months ago.
That's why I'm retiring.
I want to leave everything well tied up before the disease progresses.
And the woman in Madrid isn't my lover, she's my neurologist.
Why didn't you tell me? I just wanted to protect you from what you'll have to deal with when the disease progresses.
The best thing to do is to get divorced.
You still have plenty of years ahead of you, Chon.
You deserve to live them in peace and happily.
Whether I stay or not, it's a decision I have to make, Nemo.
Me, not you.
I'm your wife.
I doubt that woman is Bandeira's mistress.
He went round her flat, but he stayed less than ten minutes.
Besides, that bodyguard, Ferro was with him.
- And the little boy? - He's got a father.
He lives in Madrid, Víctor Gonzalo.
- Did you have time to talk to her? - She's pretty, a neurologist.
Go on.
I pretended to be a patient who wanted to make an appointment, but she got very nervous and closed the door on me.
And that's all I have.
Today you won't tell me that this is the last job you'll do for me? You won't allow me and you pay better than the newspaper.
A pleasure.
I don't think that woman is Nemo's mistress either.
Then, why did he bring her all the way here? Because she's his neurologist.
No, I don't think so, darling.
Haven't you been saying that he forgets things lately? That he was behaving somehow strangely? Yes, but why would he hide from me that he's sick? Because he feels weak.
And weakness isn't something someone like Nemo will show.
You're brilliant, my love.
You know that, don't you? Yes, you look surprised.
This has been the heaviest blow to the drug-trafficking in the Oeste in recent years.
The police haven't released any information.
Some witnesses saw the officers confiscating a large amount of bundles of cocaine.
The drug was transported on a boat and all the members of the crew have been arrested.
What the fuck happened? I don't have all the information, yet.
Luckily there's nothing that connect us to the drug.
Unless one of the fishermen betrays us.
Mario, they have wives, children, dogs, mortgages.
Don't fuck with me.
Let's keep it cool to start with.
The truth is that we won't be paid for the dispatch.
The bank in London won't renegotiate the loan.
It was going to be our last dispatch.
I was going to leave my children a laundered business.
And that cop, son of a bitch, won't change my plans.
We have to take the company public, now, Mario.
I'll try.
And that cop is quite earning himself some holidays, very long ones.
Nemo, don't take it the wrong way, but I think someone in your circle may have opened their mouth.
It was Mosquera.
Don't you think I know? It was that useless Mosquera.
If you give me the all clear, that Mosquera will pay it with his fucking flesh.
You're wasting time.
Nemo, you have to take it easy.
Why? Because rage is not a good consultant.
You can make decisions you'll regret later.
You told me loads of times.
Now, will you defend your wife's rival in the party? I'm not defending anyone.
What I'm saying is that you shouldn't have paid in money in Ramón's canning factory - without telling first.
- It's my company.
- I can do whatever I please.
- You are not alone.
Nemo, what were you thinking when you transferred the money from the Bahamas account? Don't you realize how dangerous it is? Who will know? I'll do whatever it takes for Lara.
Do you understand or not? I was beginning to think you weren't coming.
I promised my dad.
The accident with the pills has made me realize what's important.
And what's important? Come with me and I'll tell you.
Excuse me a second, I'll be back.
I'll end up alone, Ferro.
No, I don't think so, mate.
I'm not going anywhere.
You'll leave too, because I'll ask you to.
Let's take a seat.
We're going to start now.
We're ready.
Good afternoon.
Thank you for attending this special committee of the party.
Before inviting the members who've requested it to take the floor, our mayor and our candidate would like to say some words to us.
- Mayor Mosquera, if you please.
- Thank you.
I'll go straight to the point.
I want to report that a black hand is manipulating our primaries to unseat me.
In the last two days 400 new members joined in.
But I'm sure they won't succeed.
I know I can count on your support.
I'd like to say something.
Thank you.
I don't think the problem isn't black or white hands.
It's about democratic restoration.
I'm here today to propose a new candidacy.
New Oeste to take all the corruptors out of the institutions.
- Once and for all.
- How dare you.
Excuse me, lord mayor.
Let me continue.
This region has lived a time of progress.
But only a few have become rich.
People like the Bandeiras.
I know what I'm talking about.
My ex-husband is Nemo Bandeira's right hand.
Nemo Bandeira, that wolf in sheep's clothing.
The Bandeiras managed to thrive at the expense of other people's misery.
And Oeste's citizens said: "It's enough.
" We say: "Enough.
" Enough.
Pull up here, please.
What's up? How are you, my champion? - Fine.
- Fine? - Did you finish late? - A little.
Did you take your medication? Your dad has Alzheimer.
NEXT EPISODE - What do you want, Nemo? - Only a small thing.
A bullet in the head of your friend inspector Monterroso.
I'm going to give you my phone number.
I want the phone calls, WhatsApps, everything.
You're the one working for me.
I trusted you and you failed me.
Leave me alone, forget me.
I'm sorry for this scene.
It won't happen again.
That's for sure.
You're fired.
Dad, did you kill Alejandro's dad? How can you think something like that? It's your dad.
Nobody will throw me out of Oeste.
And let alone take me away from you.
I've told you my father isn't here.
Do you want to leave him any message? - What are you doing? - You won't play me.
Who is this? It's the dean.
You think I'm stupid.
He must be loaded to pay for this.
That's what you like about him.
How he shags you.
How the fuck you see your family in the middle of an operation? How do you let them see you with them? I think I know how to be readmitted in Open Sea.
Easy, easy.
Help! It'll be a matter of day, weeks, but you're already dead.

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