Unauthorized Living (Vivir sin permiso) (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Si estás perdiendo tu alma

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES PREVIOUSLY Nemo, please, give me another chance.
Support my candidacy.
Tomorrow my father and I will bring 20 tons of coke into the port for Bandeira.
I will send a speedboat with my men.
The Bandeiras managed to thrive at the expense of other people's misery.
And Oeste's citizens said: "It's enough.
" Enough! Sell everything that's not profitable.
Nemo, there will be more layoffs, the municipal elections are around the corner Easy, easy.
Lago, listen carefully.
TYPE OF OPERATION: DEPOSI Nemo has moved some money from an offshore account.
I need you to find out who's behind that account.
Do you hear me? - Yes, don't worry.
- Malcolm.
It was your idea to close the canning factory down.
- I'm only following instruction.
- Nemo said it was your doing.
There it is.
Do you realize we won't be able to accuse Bandeira of this drug? But I bought some time and at the same time I pissed off that bastard again.
Erase that bit.
What's wrong, Nemo? I don't recognize you, lately.
I have Alzheimer.
I just wanted to protect you.
The best thing to do is to get divorced.
You still have plenty of years ahead of you, Chon.
You deserve to live them in peace and happily.
Where are you going? Are you going to charge me for this? Don't worry, Tigre, don't worry.
Your little bunny is on Nemo.
You couldn't wait for me to finish first? We gave you five minutes.
That's more than enough for you, right? That's what I heard From your wife? From your mum.
Sure! We didn't come here to wave our dicks around.
No, that's not the case.
We came here to make a deal with you.
Put on some clothes.
What's the deal? I'm thinking about retiring from business.
I'm thinking of letting you control Oeste.
Are you? I didn't know Oeste was yours in the first place.
So are the contacts, the routes and all the acquaintances in the town council.
Do you want it all to be yours? What do you want, Nemo? A little favour.
A bullet in the head of your friend inspector Monterroso.
To be clear, Nemo wouldn't mind doing the job himself, but we prefer someone who wouldn't arouse suspicions to do it.
You and Monterroso seem to be getting on really well lately, don't you? There are some rumours around the town, but not all of them are true.
So, the two of you didn't plot together to fuck up my last dispatch? You did a fucking great job.
But I'm willing to forget about it.
He's offering you a great deal.
Think it over.
But don't think it over for too long or the effort will give you a headache.
Whatever, lap dog, whatever.
You shouldn't have come, my friend.
- You think I'm useless now? - No, that's not what I meant.
This matter it too big for you to take care of it on your own.
- Those tremors - They've nothing to do with my disease.
It's the stress.
Nemo, you're sick.
You have to take it easier.
If I just lay there doing nothing, I feel like I won't be able to get back up ever again.
You know what they say: only God can be everywhere and anywhere.
And He doesn't even know how that's possible.
He doesn't, Nemo.
Hello, everyone, good morning.
Pass them around, please.
If someone is in a hurry and has any questions, now it's the time.
If not, we'll start the meeting.
I do have a question.
I've been told that you're moving to Seville to work there.
I'm very sad that you're leaving because of my son.
- Your son? - I'm very sorry.
I know that he's given you hell.
He's childish, mad, immature, stupid.
But he loves you very much, very much as a teacher, really.
There are plenty of teachers in this world, he'll move on.
I'm sure he won't move on.
He can't stop talking about you, thinking of you.
He stopped eating, sleeping.
He stopped masturbating.
An important thing.
Let's see, don't look at me like that.
it's important to masturbate at least once a day.
It looks like no one has ever masturbated, please.
You're a great role model for him.
- I think he's a bit gay.
- Enough, Carlos.
Nina, hold on a second, please.
Mum, I can't, I have a business meeting.
It'll have to wait.
I want all of us to have lunch together.
It's important.
Listen to me, for once.
Mum, don't be so dramatic.
You can tell me in the evening.
Didn't you hear me? I'm telling you it's important.
For you or for me? For you too, Nina.
For you it's also important.
Goodbye, bye.
Thank you.
What was all that about? Didn't you like it? Don't look at me like that.
This reminds me of a fantasy I had, in which you were my teacher and I was your student and you caught me cheating in an exam.
You walked up to me and you put your hand around my I'm starting to feel horny.
- Carlos.
- What? For you everything is very amusing, isn't it? You know what? These last few days haven't been fucking amusing.
I phone you, you don't pick up.
You won't open the door to me.
What the heck did you expect me to do? Not what you have done here.
I may be given a scolding because of the stupid things you said.
You're going to live somewhere else, what do you care? I'm not going anywhere.
How come? And why are you staying or who is keeping you here? I'm not going to allow anyone to throw me away from my city and let alone Nemo Bandeira.
You're far too obsessed, Alejandro.
Far too obsessed.
I could be, but a cop told me that your dad had killed my dad.
Please, stop with that, mate.
For your own good, stop it once and for all.
- Do you want me to stop? - Yes.
Ask him, ask him! Or you haven't got the guts? Or you're afraid of the answer? I've got to work.
MUM - COME HOME ASAP Look, that woman looks miserable.
- He's married.
- How do you know he's married? - Because he had a fucking ring.
- Enough.
- You're acting like CSI officers.
- But this guy doesn't usually wear a ring? No, he doesn't wear a ring.
I can't believe it.
I can't believe it.
I won't talk to him again in my fucking life.
Well, let's see.
You can give him the chance to explain.
To tell him to fuck off, you can do whenever.
You have to make a clean break.
If you see him in the street, you simply cross the road.
That's why you're doing so well.
- Is dad going to be very late? - I heard his car.
That was half an hour ago and he hasn't come up.
Please, speak now or forever hold your peace.
- What the heck is the matter with you? - Please.
We must wait for your dad.
I'll give you five seconds or I'm off.
I have things to do.
Five, four What a surprise! We're all here.
Mario is staying for lunch.
Hello, daddy.
- Am I interrupting anything? - No, nothing at all.
I should have told you to come here too.
I'm going to tell Carmiña to put one more plate.
How are you doing, guys? - Well, and you? - She's acting so weirdly.
I don't know whether she can start her big performance.
I don't know if is something to do with the wardrobe, the lights or what the heck is wrong with her.
So, are you going to tell us what the matter is? Are you sick? Not me.
Chon, don't you dare.
- It's your father.
- Chon, don't! They've got the right to know.
You haven't got the right to tell them! Mum, what's wrong? Your father has Alzheimer.
You don't have to worry about anything.
You'll get better.
- It isn't that easy, son.
- You'll get better.
Even if you're the first to do it.
You won't be defeated.
Mario, hold on.
Leave him, let him rest.
Any important thing regarding Open Sea, you tell me.
- You? - Yes, me.
I've seen how a business is run since I was a little girl, and I know how it is done.
- He never told me to - I know he's never relied on me, but I'm less stupid than you all think I am.
I can help and I'll do it.
The most important thing is to go public.
I know important people who can invest on this.
And I'm going to organize an informal lunch.
I'm not dead, yet.
Don't talk nonsense, please, Nemo.
All we want is to take your worries from you and help you.
You, Mario, forget about your bachelor's pad and move in.
We need you near us.
And I want to talk to your doctor.
And I want you to leave my office and let me talk to Mario.
Now you'll understand why I didn't want anyone to know.
- Not even me? - Especially you.
I can't bear you looking at me with pity in your eyes.
Not you.
So I don't know how this works? If we were in Colombia, do you know what we would have done? Take Nemo and hang him from the traffic lights to show him what this business is about.
Look out of the window.
Do you think we're in fucking Medellin? Not a single bullet I'll waste on him, not a single one.
He'll get out of the way himself.
Tigre, did you really believe that louse? Are you going to make a deal with him? Answer, son.
Are you going to be Bandeira's errand boy? Fucking hell, mum.
- You're always eavesdropping.
- The walls are made of paper.
You think this is a tennis game and you're Nadal or the other one, the Swiss one, but that's not the case.
The same way they are Bandeira and the cop.
They are the ones playing.
You're just the ball.
You're thrown from one side to the other and you'll never win anything.
How will you give any orders in Oeste if you can't control your own home? What the fuck are you saying? That you can't even control that bitch of your girlfriend.
What is she doing around? Because people talk.
People have very big mouths.
And very wide open eyes.
Everyone saw her when you were in jail.
All day texting, God who knows who.
And going to the pharmacy to buy condoms.
You could have let me know that you were coming over.
You didn't let me know in advance either when you left Madrid with the kid in such a hurry.
And all for what? To move here? I told you that it was not much.
When I get the scholarship money The scholarship? Sure.
Hello? I can't hear anything.
It must be the signal.
We need to have a land line phone fitted.
I'd like to meet up before lunch, it's important.
My wife Well, I'd rather tell you in person.
I'll see you tomorrow at one.
I'll phone back to confirm, bye.
Who is it? Who is it? It's the dean.
You think I'm stupid? I can see something nasty is happening here.
He must be loaded to pay for this.
Is that what you like about him? His money or how he shags you? - It's not that.
- Then, what is it? Whore.
Get out! Out of here! Out! Have you found a flat? In the end I'm going to move into Nemo's house, like a member of the family.
You're getting closer.
You'll make it.
We'll make it.
And perhaps before we expected.
You were right, darling.
Nemo has Alzheimer.
He told you himself? Chon.
A very convenient disease.
When he's in front of the judge, all he has to say is that he doesn't remember anything.
Don't trust him.
I'll miss you.
I'll miss you too.
Can't you knock on the door? - What are you doing? - Some work.
Is it important? Yes, it is, dad.
I'm deeply sorry for what's happening to you.
I'd love to hug you and tell you that I'll take care of you, but we both know that it won't be like that.
So, it's okay if I don't tell you, isn't it? I'll be fine, don't worry.
No, I know that.
You were born under a lucky star.
There's one thing I've wanted to ask you for a long time - and I can't wait any longer.
- You're afraid I'll forget? Do you know what people say about you? All kinds of things, good and bad.
It depends on who you listen to.
Dad, did you kill Alejandro's dad? Tell me the truth.
How can you believe something like that? That's a question, not an answer.
Those are made up stories.
Who would make up something like that? Everyone would like to have a house like this, a life like ours.
And if they can't, it won't stick in their heads that others have done it simply because they're better than them.
They just can't understand it.
They prefer to think that the other one broke the law or cheated, or is a criminal.
That way they can justify their failure and feel better about themselves.
When you do well in the horses business, it will be the same.
False stories and unfounded rumours about you will be also swirled.
Then, you'll know you succeeded.
How is your business doing, by the way? In fact today I'm finalising the purchase of a stud.
It's not a celestial breed, but I'll get there.
I'll love to see it.
Still here? I had to speak to dad.
Now you want to score points with him? I didn't ask him to find me a job in Open Sea, if that's you're worried about.
Nina, relax.
Carlos, now we must muck in, all of us.
You'd have loved it if I had asked for a new chance.
You'd love to have to compete with me to be the company's director.
You know you have the same right I do.
But you, Nina, aren't satisfied with winning, you have to crush.
You're dying to prove to dad that you're better than me.
I'll spare you the job.
I'm leaving, all the fun for you, pretty face.
- Carlos.
- What? I'm not as bad as a person as you think.
I didn't say you were a bad person.
You're just a bad sister.
I'll check the figure and I'll let you know, sorry.
What are you doing here? What's up? You don't have any photos.
It might be a bit soon for that, but I can put one of you.
No, I mean photos of your wife and your son.
It's your son, isn't he? - Where did you get that from? - What does it matter? - Did you follow me? - Are you asking me to explain myself? Are you going to ask your wife to explain herself, too? - Lara.
- What? - What? That I shut up? - Let's go outside.
No, don't put your hands on me.
I trusted you and you failed me.
Don't talk to me, don't phone me, leave me alone.
Forget me.
- Patricia.
- Yes, sir? - Tell Malcolm to come to my office.
- I will, Mr.
Mario, I'm very sorry for this scene.
It won't happen again.
That's for sure.
You're fired.
You can't fire me.
As Nemo is your direct superior, it should be him who fires you.
If you'd rather speak to him But don't forget to tell him that you betrayed his daughter after fucking her.
You have ten minutes to pick up your things.
- What are you doing? - Give me your mobile phone.
I might have lost it or perhaps had it stolen.
Give me.
- Are you sleeping with someone? - Phone her.
Phone her, so you'll find out, boss, if she's lying.
Nothing? What happened? Let's go, we have more important things to do.
I decide what's important.
Okay, I'm on your side, okay.
You won't play me.
- What are you doing here? - I came to talk about my son.
As far as I know, your son is not a student in this school.
I wouldn't be surprised he was.
He's like a little boy, he hasn't got his own opinion.
It's easy to get ideas in his head.
He's easily influenced.
Easily influenced by me? Luckily, thanks to you he stopped hanging out with the wrong people, and using drugs.
I'll be always grateful.
I don't think you came all the way out here to thank me, did you? Yes, I did.
Carlos seems another person.
He's excited, he's got enthusiasm, projects.
I like what I see.
I feel I'm closer to him.
You don't know how happy I am for you.
Alejandro, please, don't take him away from me, not now.
You never had any problems doing it yourself.
I've made many mistakes, I know.
But all I want is for my son to be happy.
As your dad wanted for you.
However hard it was for him to understand certain things.
How do you know what my dad wanted for me? Because your dad was my friend.
Nemo, look what I've got, it is a I know what it is.
I've already got one.
I've recorded songs of the time we were going out together.
Music is the best thing for the memory.
Now you're my doctor? I just want to help you.
By the way, I've organized lunch with Adrián Hogueira.
His father, God rest his soul, was a friend of mine.
He has so much money he doesn't know what to do with it.
I've been talking to Mario, I proposed Thank you.
I'll join him for lunch, for sure.
I'll go with Mario.
But I've organized it.
I did thank you.
I prefer you not to come.
If you come with us, they might think something is wrong.
And neither you nor I want that.
- We'll do it as you wish.
- Thank you.
See you later.
It's very cold, isn't it? What are you doing here? I'm asking you: What are you doing here? This used to be my neighbourhood.
You said it, it used to be.
The past, the very past.
No, not any more.
I'm going to restore my parent's house.
That's why you're wearing your overall.
I remember the neighbours to be a bit more friendly.
The neighbours also have bad days, you know? I see.
I'm sorry.
Never mind, it's my fault for trusting someone I shouldn't.
I couldn't see it coming, that innocent look and the expensive suit.
Those are the worst.
- That's what my father used to say.
- Really? A very smart guy your father.
What would your father think if he could see you now? Good afternoon.
Here he is.
I thought my daughter was in good hands.
So you're married.
I'm getting divorced, Mr.
Bandeira, but with a kid it's complicated.
I think you understand me better than anyone else.
What else did you hide from me? I promise that this isn't a weekend fling nor a pastime.
I'm in love with you daughter.
And do you show her like that? I don't know.
These things are difficult to explain, but I'll try to get another chance from her.
Lara is like me.
Forgiveness doesn't run through our veins.
But if you convince her to give you that chance, I might forgive you too.
You can go now.
I'm sorry.
Alzheimer? Do you believe him? - He's my father, Alejandro.
- That's why I'm asking you.
Do you believe him? Mate, I love you.
I love you very much.
But every time I'm with you, I feel we're not alone.
I feel there's something, an entity here between us.
It's your father.
He doesn't let me get close to you.
And I want us to try again.
Of course I want that, for fuck's sake.
But without that entity, do you understand? You can be with your family, show your father the horse, whatever you want, but don't tell me about it.
Let's not talk about him again.
Nobody will throw me out of Oeste.
And let alone take me away from you.
Alejandro, I think you're an incredible guy.
And you know what? I love it when you talk like a tough guy.
Stop that.
See if you have the guts to go in the water.
- What are you saying? - What is it? I don't want to go in the water.
Do you want to come home with me? I do.
Really? It wasn't the best shag ever.
Our minds weren't here.
No, it wasn't actually.
You're also worried about my dad.
Of course I'm worried about your dad.
But I'm also worried about you.
Why? Because Open Sea is about to go bankrupt.
We need money urgently.
It can't be.
Everybody says we're doing well.
That's because your dad is an expert in making people believe what's not true.
But we're in a bad situation.
Count on me for anything.
I'm going to learn everything my dad has taught you, everything.
Your dad is very proud of you even if he doesn't say it.
I want you to be too.
I am.
Did you take your pills? Then I'm going to bed.
I'm very sorry for what happened.
And I'm happy you remember what happened.
Give me your diary.
You'll no longer need it.
You have me and all your family.
Give it to me, please.
Get rid of it.
Get some rest.
You too.
Fucking hell, it's so itchy.
Why did you bring me here? Nemo, if you had stayed at home for so long, you'd have ended up being swallowed up by the sofa.
Come on, come here.
That song again? If you don't like it, get up and turn it off.
Can't you see I can't? Of course you can.
You don't fool me with that trick of being ill.
See? If you want, you can.
You don't know what I want.
Nobody followed you? I took all the precautions.
I'm not new doing this.
You're not.
So then, why the fuck do you see your family in the middle of an operation? How on earth do you let them see you with them? I think I know how to be reinstated in Open Sea.
Bandeira mentioned that if I can make her daughter forgive me Then do it.
The problem is that I still don't know how.
Nemo abandoned her mother when she was pregnant with her.
I don't think an infidelity with a child involved - is something Lara will ignore easily.
- Can I suggest something, my dear? Tell her a lie, for fuck's sake.
Something that looks good for you, that makes her go running to you and ask you to make her a womb.
- I'm tired of lying so much.
- Lie, for fuck's sake.
That's what you're paid for.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Will you be wearing that to the meal? - I didn't know I was invited.
Please, of course you are.
You've been very involved in the company lately.
- Yes.
- You know Adrián is going, don't you? I hope he doesn't drool over me in a business lunch.
Nina, what's important is that he signs that check.
That's why you want me to go.
It won't do you any harm if you laugh at his jokes.
Do you want me to come out of a cake wearing a bikini or shall I directly fuck him? Excuse me.
The company is doing really bad.
Your dad isn't capable of asking for anything.
We have to help him.
It won't be such a deal if you smile.
Be sure that if I could go, I'd go myself.
Is that what you want? Okay, I'll do it.
Anyway, that's what your father asked you to do 25 years ago, to get closer to a rich boy that didn't know where to invest money and you ended up marrying him.
And now, mum, you're very well, aren't you? I'm not asking you that much.
Relax, man.
We only came to lend a hand.
I like helping a lot.
I helped you seize that drug stash.
- Do you remember? But I'm not a moron.
- What the fuck do you want? I'm going to give you a phone number.
I want the phone calls, whatsapps, everything.
I want to know the last time that fucking bird played that game of the sweets.
You're mistaken.
You're the one who works for me here.
- I don't owe you anything.
- You owe me your life.
Do you know what I've been offered for you? Who? What a shitty cop, mate.
Think a little.
Lara, I know you're in there.
Lara, really.
I just want you to know that I'm sorry.
And I promise I can explain everything.
And I will.
To you and the whole neighbourhood, I have no choice.
What? - I just want a minute.
- And I want you to leave me alone.
Very good, but after I speak to you.
Fine, one minute.
This is Leo, he's six.
He likes Spiderman, reading and reggaeton.
When he was in her mother's womb, she played classical music, but not even so.
Yes, he's my son.
And does he take after you, a liar? I have no photos of her mum because we're getting divorced.
We've been pretending for a while, but only in front of him.
We wanted to wait a little to tell him.
And me? Why didn't you tell me? I knew that if I told you the truth, you would close the door on me.
And it turns up that because I didn't tell you, you closed it on my nose.
And on top of that I lost my job.
Lara, will you forgive me? The minute is over.
And beside what my wife's told you, the tremors are back.
That's the stress.
You should reduce your workload.
That's what I tell him, and lately he can't retain figures or data.
But I don't need anyone to talk for me.
Could my husband have access to an experimental treatment? We have already tried it, but it's not that easy.
I don't care whether it's easy or not.
We need it and if it isn't with you, it'll have to be with another doctor.
Do you have any idea the sacrifice I'm making to treat your husband? Chon, do you mind leaving us alone? Sorry.
I don't know what happened to me, sorry.
What's that? Your husband? He lost his temper, he doesn't know what I'm doing here.
He thinks we're lovers.
That's no excuse to do that to you.
- I'll talk to him.
- No, that'll be worse.
Do you also think I'm useless? I'm not saying that, but my husband is very agitated.
Please, leave him alone.
Please, I'm asking you.
As you wish, but you're making a mistake.
But what a fringe you have now, I'm flipping out, please.
What a beauty.
Hi, Mario.
Have you seen how beautiful it is? Hi, beauty.
Can you tell my dad to come out, please? I want to show it to him.
He left with your mum a while ago.
Poor dad, now that mum has a good excuse to boss around, she won't leave him alone.
It won't be that bad, will it? Well, you haven't experienced it yourself.
- I have to ask you a favour, Carlos.
- Me? Actually, it's for your dad.
He doesn't want anyone to know he's sick.
So we'll be discreet, okay? Well, I told Alejandro, but don't worry, he won't say it to anyone, because he doesn't quite believe it.
Why doesn't he quite believe it? Things between him and me.
Don't worry, Mario, I'll keep quite.
I want your boss to be happy the time he has left.
He hasn't been the best of fathers, but I haven't been the best of sons.
That roll was reserved for you, handsome.
You're the handsome one.
It's not a good idea we're seen together.
It'll be quick.
Some reporters saw you at my candidacy presentation - and now they want to interview me.
- It's understandable.
I think that in my answers I should set apart from you and your family, but I wanted to agree with you first to avoid misunderstandings.
- How considerate, thank you.
- When I'm asked about you, I'm going to say that your family is a cancer for this region.
- You're setting apart from us, indeed.
- That's the objective.
Then, I may be asked about you in particular.
And what kind of disease am I? None, I was thinking of telling them that I hardly know you.
That the only thing I know about you is what people say.
That you're a mediocre gallery owner who'd have never achieved anything without the help of her dad.
- Is that all? - Yes, do you think it's all right? Quite all right.
By the way, the interview will be in my house and for the photo I thought to pose in front of your painting.
To create even a worst atmosphere between us, I'd make a joke and say that that nude of you was one of the most visited landscapes in Galicia.
I don't find it funny you coming here to insult me.
I think your divorce's left you a little bitter.
I think you misunderstood me.
I don't think so.
The advantage of being a damn posh girl is that people lower their guard.
But don't underestimate me, Elisa.
Although I use designer high heels, the oxygen gets to my brain.
Good day.
How is your immersion in politics? Right now we're negotiating who will be on the lists.
I'd like them to be intelligent, well-qualified people, who really care about this town.
And they will end up full of politicians.
Not really.
I'm on them and I'd like you to be too.
- To be on them? - Yes, but not on the top positions.
On the 20th or 25th position.
I know you don't want any hassle.
You wouldn't be elected nor I'd appoint you as councillor.
Do you really think you'll win? The future's not written, only the people can write it.
Adolfo Suárez said it.
You weren't born by then.
But I don't think Adolfo Suárez would run in the elections against Nemo Bandeira.
Behind that woman is Nemo, you know? I'm grateful for the offer, but it's not the type of hassle I need right now.
I perfectly understand, but you can think it over anyway.
Come on, girl, dress up now, we're going to a good restaurant.
- You're not going dressed like that.
- Why? To see if the spider crabs put a smile on your face.
You needn't worry about money.
We have some discount vouchers.
Yes, we were going to use them in New Year's Eve, but the occasion calls for it.
Lara, erase that masochistic approach it's not you're thing.
You're a very frightened girl.
All he wants is to scare you, that's all.
Fucking hell, he's doing it fucking well.
You're going to be frightening, my love.
That your papi knows how to get you out of here.
Tigre, here she is.
Let's go, darling, let's go.
What will you do if she says anything? How come? What am I going to do? What are you going to do, poofter? Stay here.
Sonia, don't move.
Freddy! What the fuck is going on? Look at him.
I caught him.
Look through his cell phone.
What the heck is this? This is who your wife was playing with, this scum.
Did you leave your wife by herself? Bring her over.
You see, my love? I told you I was going to get you out of this, didn't I? You're going to start running, you will get into the forest and then I'll find you, did you hear me? I love you, mamacita.
Run now.
My love, run, mamacita, run.
What happened, Freddy? What happened! She was running away and I had to shoot her.
She wasn't worth it, man.
Nobody fucks me up.
Nobody! Nemo.
- Adrián, Mario Mendoza, my lawyer.
- How do you do? Pleased to meet you.
What den did you bring me to? Will they serve us wine from a carton? This is a good restaurant.
Your father liked it a lot.
My father liked my mother too.
But you can't trust it.
What are you doing here? I didn't know you were coming.
I've heard Adrián was coming and it's so difficult to see him.
- I hope I won't disturb you.
- You never disturb.
Because now I don't need any of you.
Come through, darling.
A pleasure.
I'll sign anything you ask me to, but I decide the place where the signing takes place.
I'm sorry, but Mr.
Bandeira is not in.
- Don't put me off.
- I'm not putting you off at all.
You're telling me a whooper.
- I know perfectly well he's inside.
- I'm not telling you a whooper.
- Do you know who I am? - Yes.
- Go and call whoever you have to call.
- He's not in.
- How many times must I tell you? - I don't want you to lie to me.
- I want - What the heck is going on here? - This police officer - I want to see your father.
- He's not in.
- How do I know you're not lying? That's your problem.
She's just told you that my father isn't here.
Do you want to leave him a message? No, let's go.
Poor you.
Poor you.
To cut to the chase.
I called this meeting, because Because you don't want to miss the chance of investing in Open Sea.
We're among friends.
My father was very fond of you.
We know you're having difficulties.
For this year we'll have a ten per cent profit when we go public.
It's good, but a 20 per cent is better.
There are plenty of opportunities around, because I heard that the banks are a little uneasy.
Is anything wrong with you? Dad? Excuse us.
Nemo, I need to ask you something.
Please, come with me.
Excuse me.
Are you okay? Yes.
What a surprise.
I I wanted to thank you for keeping the canning factory open.
I just did what was fair.
Sometimes it's good to try new things.
Do you mean thanking me? I know about Malcolm.
I'd never advise you to forgive him.
Mostly because you'll do the opposite I tell you to, but I think he's a good boy.
You always surround yourself with good boys, don't you? Malcolm isn't like me or like Mario.
I'd trust Mario with my business, but never with my daughter.
And if he's so good, why did you fire him? You're right.
Mario, when you have a spare minute, please, phone Malcolm.
He'll be reinstated today.
- Good afternoon.
- I'm glad to see you.
Where were we? Your father had phrases for everything.
I can remember one in particular.
If you're losing your soul, but you're aware of it, you still have a soul to lose.
In this world we're in, Adrián, it's very easy to lose your soul.
You already have money, although you didn't earn it, your father did.
But what you don't have is the affection and respect from the people of Oeste.
I think people here respect me enough.
No, if you humiliate someone who needs you to prove you're above, you don't gain his respect, only his snub.
And bear in mind things are going well for you, but if that changes, if one day you fall down, nobody will give you a hand.
They'll put their foot onto your neck to make sure that you never stand up again.
Because it'll be what you've sowed by putting your hand where you shouldn't.
Good, shall we talk business? - Yes.
- Nina, Ferro is downstairs in the car.
He'll drive you home.
I know it was you who took the photo and sent it to me later.
- What photo are you talking about? - How come? The photo of Malcolm with his wife and his son.
- Why would I do something like that? - That's what I wonder, why? Why would you want to screw up my relationship with Malcolm? I don't know.
I can't find any reason.
Neither can I.
What are you doing here, mate? Have you changed your mind? The offer has expired.
Where the fuck is the gun? You don't overlook anything.
Here it is, Mr.
Police Officer.
A smile, please.
What the fuck is this all about? Let's see if you can work this out.
There are two dead bodies in the mountains.
Both with bullets inside them that killed them.
Bullets that came out from your gun.
Don't fuck with me.
What do you think would happen if they found them? I'll tell you.
You'd be fucked up.
Well fucked up.
Relax, I won't say anything, because you'll do everything I tell you to do.
From now on you'll work for me.
This morning both of them went to see that neurologist.
It looks like Bandeira is still her only patient.
Are you sure there was nobody else with him in the flat? Nobody else, who? A nurse? No.
A financial crime public attorney? How do you expect me to know? What does a financial crime public attorney look like? It doesn't matter.
I'll take care of this from now on.
Your new car is impressive.
Return it.
- What? - What? You haven't learnt anything from all the politicians who you put in the newspapers front pages? Those who go around wearing expensive watches and driving luxury cars? And that's why they're caught.
If you are not capable of living like an unemployed journalist for a few months, then you'll be one again for the rest of your life.
I'll be the one to press charges against him, son of a bitch.
Did you see him doing it? It doesn't matter, we know who he is and what his name is.
He'll say he had nothing to do and the police won't do anything.
- They protect one another.
- So, is he going to get away with it? After what he's done, is he going to walk away, dad? You take it easy, I'll take care of this.
They protect their men, I protect my family.
Don't you worry.
What the heck are you talking about? Are we at war with the police? You stay away.
What the heck have we done to that guy to do this monstrosity? What are you not saying to me? Are you going to tell me, dad? - What are you hiding from me? - Quiet, for fuck's sake.
I can't hear my own thoughts.
So, is it true? You have been reinstated.
Yes, and I'd like to keep the job.
So if you're going to shout at me, I'd rather you did it outside.
I believe you.
I don't know why and whether I should do it, but I believe you, Malcolm.
Please, don't lie to me again.
Promise me.
I promise you.
Truly? FISHING BOAT "ANXELA" SEIZED WITH COCAINE HAUL What happened is my fault.
Nemo, you're insisting in blaming yourself for everything lately.
All of you want me to step aside with your best intentions.
But I can't, I can't yet.
- Have the car ready.
- Nemo.
I've been thinking, what about starting a foundation to fight Alzheimer? - What? - Your name wouldn't have to appear.
I would be the president.
I would put all my efforts into it.
You'd have the best doctors.
Will you stop treating me like your little patient? You're ill, Nemo.
You make me feel like a disable person.
You thought I wouldn't be able to pull the meeting through, didn't you? You had to send our own daughter to use her as bait.
- I just wanted to help you.
- Who? Help you or me? You like seeing me like this.
You think I'm one of your charities, one more.
Do I give you more satisfaction that the children from Africa? Be quiet! You don't have any right to treat me like that.
I don't need your pity or your charity.
I don't need you, full stop.
I'm still alive.
I'm still myself.
I have done with Nina the same my parents asked me to do with you and it worked.
I don't regret it, Nemo, and you? - Hello.
- Hi.
What are you doing? Your favourite pasta.
What has it done to you to bang it like that? Pasta is done like this.
What's the matter? - Nothing.
- Nothing? Are you going to tell me or not? You were right, Alejandro.
About your father? He's involved in drug trafficking.
With threats and bribes and I don't know if he killed your father.
I don't know.
And he'll always be there, following us like a fucking black cloud we'll have above our heads, which we'll have forever.
It makes no difference whether we talk about him.
It's over forever.
Shut up.
Come here.
Listen to me, Carlos.
You're not like your father.
Are you listening to me? You're not him.
That's why I'm with you.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
Go and have a shower, you're all covered in flour.
You don't know what to do to get me naked.
You've got it.
Socrates, can you hear me? It's me.
I've changed my mind.
I'll be on your list.
I'll be whichever number you want.
Why didn't you want that pervert sat next to me? And if Open Sea had ended up having to close down because you didn't allow him to flirt with me? I couldn't help it.
I don't need any prince to save me.
I know.
However, I wouldn't dislike having one.
What are you doing? Someone can see us.
I don't care.
What the fuck? Out of my house.
You went into mine.
The difference is that I only help myself to a drink and make myself comfortable, make ourselves comfortable.
This guy is a fucking dancer.
If you want to press charges, go ahead but in the police station.
We'll happily look into it.
I can't guarantee any results.
You won't have any luck.
Yours is about to run out.
We've found something else in the minibar apart from cheap whisky.
What a surprise.
What will your superiors think? Who will they believe? A decorated inspector or a drug dealer? - Whoever pays better.
- Anyone could have placed that there.
Do you know that some dealers adulterate cocaine with dog medicines, for fleas? If you're so unlucky as to come across one of those stashes, you'll end up drowning in your own vomit.
In the front pages of the papers.
The whole of Spain will know what you are.
A fucking junkie.
Would that be enough evidence? Do you think I'm scared of you? I think you should.
You have a beautiful daughter.
You had the chance to be one of us.
But you chose the wrong side and now you've attacked my family.
There's no turning back.
I'm telling you for your own good to travel, plant a tree, write a book, not a very long one, because it will be a matter of days, weeks, but you're already dead.
He won't shoot.
Home invasion, I'll allege self-defence.
If I put a bullet in your head, it'll be your fucking mother who alleges.
It's a bluff.
As they say around here, I'm living with permission, now.
I'll let you go, but don't shout, please.
Help! Police! Police! Gloria! I'm telling you NEXT EPISODE Really We're seeing each other a lot lately, inspector.
Too much.
- Do you recognize her? - I'm asking you to be discreet.
You were lovers, weren't you? We need to If I were you, I wouldn't pursue this thing of becoming mayor.
What's this? It's a farce.
Tell me it's a farce.
You slept with Adela who's a child.
She's a child.
She's 16! I'm going to marry Mario.
Do you really get frightened so easily, when all your fucking life you have been bringing in through the estuary - what your son sniffs? - What are you on about? Last night your wife was run over.
She's dead.
I want you to go to the police station and say that you were driving the car, that you killed her.
The case is closed, start packing.
Who the fuck has made this decision? Nina asked me to marry her.
We'll be invincible.
You were taking too long.
You've been accused of murder, mate.
You can be accused of the same thing.
What do you want? Help me get rid of your boss.
Think it over.
Don't shoot, please Who are you?
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