Unauthorized Living (Vivir sin permiso) (2018) s01e08 Episode Script


A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Mum What's wrong? PREVIOUSLY Your father has Alzheimer.
Although I use designer high heels, the oxygen gets to my brain.
Good day.
We need it and if it isn't with you, it'll have to be with another doctor.
Do you have any idea the sacrifice I'm making to treat your husband? She's just told you my father isn't here.
Do you want to leave him a message? Malcolm isn't like me or like Mario.
I'd trust Mario with my business, but never with my daughter.
And if he's so good, why did you fire him? Mario, when you have a spare minute, please, phone Malcolm.
- He'll be reinstated today.
- My love Run, mamacita, run.
There are two dead bodies in the mountains.
Both with bullets inside them that killed them.
Bullets that came out from your gun.
You'll do everything I tell you to do.
I know it was you who took the photo and sent it to me later.
I can't find any reason.
Neither can I.
What the heck are you talking about? Are we at war with the police? You stay away.
I don't know why and whether I should do it, but I believe you.
He's involved in drug trafficking.
And I don't know if he killed your father.
I don't know.
Gloria! Hello.
What do we have here? Her name is Gloria Noya Brey.
Have you contacted her family? We are on it.
We are also trying to find out whom this belongs to.
It was next to the body.
Coming from the office? Open Sea's debts are keeping us all sleepless.
Yeah But we will be going public before the banks wear us down.
- You just say what I want to hear.
- No, I don't It's just the truth.
I built Open Sea by bringing in cocaine through the estuary.
Having to wait there, in the dark, was the worst thing of it all.
The waves were so high they could swallow boats three times bigger than our speedboats.
Do you know what I learnt then? I learnt to notice when my people were afraid.
Are you afraid now, Mario? Don't worry.
We'll keep on going.
Sleep well.
Mum, I love your charity work, but a foundation against Alzheimer? I thought we were going to keep it a secret.
The foundation will have my name, not your dad's.
We need to have access to the best medical treatment, but, of course, that has to be paid.
We don't have money for that.
I'll look for it.
If necessary, I'll ask my sister.
Berta? That woman won't give you her greetings.
- We can't afford it.
- No.
What we can't afford is people to think we're moneyless.
The foundation will make us look solvent.
Then the solution is to pretend we're doing well.
- Nina.
- Mum, I can't do it.
Don't worry, everything can be learnt.
Excuse me, sir, there's someone for you.
They can wait.
It's the cop.
Tell Mario and get me another coffee.
Yes, I will.
Count on me for anything you need.
I can do the photocopies, hang the posters.
I won't give a speech in a meeting.
No meetings for me.
Listen to me.
What is it? Do you know what it'd be like seeing you in public saying what you think? - It would be helpful.
- No.
I'll be on the first row, supporting you with all my heart.
- What is he doing here? - Who knows.
Bloody hell! Hey! You're the candidate to mayor.
You're my fans.
Let's do a selfie, please.
Look, look.
Very handsome.
The last one.
Can I give you some advice? - Your advice or Nemo's? - From both of us.
If I were you, I wouldn't pursue this thing of becoming mayor.
It was taking you too long to come.
Nemo and I think things very carefully before doing them.
Very carefully.
I'm not scared of you.
You can't attack me.
- Sure not.
- Get out.
Well, we wouldn't like to bring ugly things to light, dirty things.
The press would love that.
Get out, for fuck's sake! You're my fans! You're my fans! No touching.
We're seeing each other a lot lately, inspector.
Too much.
Do you recognize her? She was run over.
It was a hit and run.
In the victim's phone we found phone calls from you.
What's my client accused of, exactly? We just want to know what his relationship with the victim was.
- A personal relationship.
- How personal? I'm asking you to be discreet.
Neither my wife nor my children can find out about this.
- You were lovers, weren't you? - Yes.
Sometimes lovers argue.
Leave my house immediately.
Bandeira, I almost forgot.
Is this yours? - No.
- We found it next to the body.
Half of Open Sea's staff have a key-ring like that.
- Half minus one.
- Out.
You shouldn't have showed them the keys.
Sometimes showing your cards is better than hiding them.
Let's get out of here.
But don't worry, Alén.
The sooner we catch Nemo, the sooner I'll leave Oeste.
Pretty face, tell your partner that if he wants to catch something, I can get it for him.
- It was her husband.
- How can you be so sure? He abused her and this is all my fault.
Why your fault, Nemo? I forced her to move to Galicia.
- So you have to tell the police.
- Tell them what? That she's my doctor, that I'm sick? And also since when do we let the police do our work? What the hell did Monterroso want? That cop whose name is the name of box wine.
I want you to find the doctor's husband.
That son of a bitch killed her, and I'm going to kill him! Nemo.
I'm fine, son.
Find the husband.
Just give me a second.
You didn't come to do the exam and as I said in class - I couldn't.
- Hold on a second, please.
It's very important for the final mark.
I don't mind Adela, what's this? Please, Adela, let me Adela! The future mayor.
What did he say to you? It took him ten seconds to start threatening me.
- What the fuck? - They're shitting their pants.
They know they'll lose the Mayor's office.
We'll win.
Be careful, please.
Ferro is Nemo's right hand.
They're capable of anything.
They can't do anything.
I'm completely transparent.
Watch out, transparent.
When someone breaks my legs, I'll start worrying, meanwhile there's no point.
He can't have disappeared just like that Dad, can we have a quick talk? - It's not a good moment.
- It isn't for me either.
But we'll have to deal with it.
Sit down, please.
Do you want one? If it's a joke, it's not funny at all.
Get rid of that.
You don't like coke? Go.
I'm sure you have tried it.
- Go now.
- Having it so close at hand.
Do you really get frightened so easily, when all your fucking life you have been bringing in through the estuary - what your son sniffs? - What are you on about? How can you sleep well? Who says I can sleep? Is mum aware of all this? It's better not to wonder where the money comes from and I guess the same with Nina, am I right? Everyone's quiet.
Shall we do one, dad? I'll draw it, don't worry.
Here, on your lovely desk.
Don't you dare do that in front of me.
Why not? A small one.
Carlos, please.
Carlos, please, what? I'm so sorry, because these things are better done behind your back.
You can go on thinking you're a saint and the rest are bastards and crap.
That's what you like, isn't it? Look down on the others.
Dad, look at me.
Look at me! Never again you'll screw my life up, never again.
Wait for what? Are you going to slap me? Before you judge me, I want to show you something.
Your bank account statement or the money you've spent on me since I was born? I want you to know Oeste, the real Oeste.
Come with me.
- What are you laughing about? - I'm not laughing.
Not only are you late, but you're laughing? - Mario - Don't Mario me.
Someone killed the doctor.
She was run over last night.
I need you to find her husband.
Did he kill her? I don't know if he killed her, it doesn't matter.
I don't want to be an accomplice in murder.
Too late.
Are you spying on me? Would I find something interesting? No.
So I shouldn't bother.
I'm renovating my parent's house.
And wouldn't it be better to knock it down and build a new one? No, I want to rebuild it.
I spent the best years of my life here.
Besides, working with my hands relaxes me.
I need it.
And that banger, does it work? Of course it works, it belonged to my father.
- Can I borrow it? - Will you take care of it? Take it.
- You know how it works, don't you? - Yes, sure.
Do you have bits? Don't worry, I have some here.
What kind of plastic anchor do you have? Okay, let me help you.
What do you have to hang? - There it is.
- Ready.
So I drill there? First you have to drill a small hole.
Hold on, I'll do this part, okay? - Okay.
- Look.
Done, that's your guide to make the hole.
Can you hold me? I'm a bit scared.
- No, but hold the ladder.
- Yes, sorry.
Three, two, one.
Am I doing good? Very good, isn't it? - You're a pro.
- It was damn easy.
Thank you.
- Are you all right? - Yes.
Now, the plastic anchor.
You know? You have to put the - No, I'll do it.
Don't worry.
- Okay.
- Yes.
- It's very easy.
- Don't worry.
I know how.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Then I'll leave the drill there, whenever you want, you can This is the real Oeste that you wanted to show me? Do you recognize this church? I helped restore it.
I mean I paid for the expenses.
I'm not the praying type.
Neither I am.
Sit down.
Although I'd like to resource to someone when things aren't going well.
And I thought that you were God.
We've got a lot of things in common.
This glass is dirty.
Excuse me, I'll get another one.
- It's fine, Martiño.
- No, no way.
I'm very sorry.
Well, you were telling me that you're God.
I didn't say that.
People go to church to pray, but then they come to talk to me to solve their problems.
Sure, you solve all your problems with your check book.
Is that what you think? That's what I think, honestly.
The day you were born I was in the port.
I was going to get in the car to be with your mother while she was in labour.
But we were informed that one of our seaman had had an accident.
The sea was very rough.
Not even the helicopter would Dad, please.
You're boring me a lot.
I'll wait for the trilogy or whatever they write about your life.
I got on one of our speedboats and managed to get where he was.
I'd never seen such high waves.
The man was dying, and don't ask me how, - but I was able to take him to the port.
- Fine.
That day I didn't see you being born, but I haven't regretted it.
Now it's fine.
I hope you like the wine.
And if not, we'll open another bottle, Mr.
Listen to me, please.
Why don't you leave us alone? Can't you see we're talking? Why don't you stay there and let us chat? He crawls like a fucking dog in front of you, dad.
He's being grateful.
This man is the seaman who was born again the same day you were born.
- Really? - Yes.
I made a fool of myself.
Don't tell me, tell him.
Money doesn't make us better.
The respect does.
Listen, I'm very sorry.
Truly I didn't know the story.
I thought I saw Mario's car.
Mario Mendoza.
The house opposite is his parent's and he's going to renovate it and rebuild it.
What a coincidence.
Don't you think it's weird? No.
He won't be trying to watch you.
He won't be trying to watch you.
Me? Why me? What's wrong, Lara? It was him who took the photos of you with your wife and your son.
Really? Are you eating the bait? Don't look at me like that, I bought it in a sushi shop.
Listen, Mario isn't playing houses by chance.
I think he has found out.
Mario has been kissing Nemo's ass for a long time.
All of the sudden you show up and you win his trust quickly and shag his daughter.
For Mario you're the fucking season top goal scorer.
It isn't strange he wants you out of the way.
Then shall I act as I didn't know anything? It took a lot of preparing for this mission.
There are a lot of people who'd love to see it fail.
Inside and outside Open Sea.
Who? - Hi.
- Hi.
Where have you been? I was fixing up my parents' house.
And why? You don't feel comfortable here? Do you want to move out? Don't be silly.
Of course I feel comfortable.
I just need it to take my mind of things, do some DIY, I don't know.
You're having such a bad time? I'm fine, I don't want you to worry.
Mario, I do worry.
I don't want to be like my mum, pretending she doesn't see what's going on.
I want to look into your eyes and to be sure of you as you're of me.
I love you.
- Hello, Mario.
- Hello, Chon.
- Are you staying for dinner? - Sure.
- I'm going to have a shower.
- Very good.
What are you drinking? I'm going to marry Mario.
Give me.
Come here.
Are you not saying anything? Congratulations or something? - Mum.
- Does your dad know? Do you need to know his opinion to be happy for us? Here you are.
Thank you.
You made me put up with so many football matches against drugs, dad.
It may sound pretentious, but thanks to me the team went up to second B.
That day was the happiest day for many people of Oeste.
The following year a lot of babies were born.
And all of them were named Nemesio after you.
- The girls weren't.
I hope.
- I hope so too.
Ferro will drive you home.
I'll stay here watching the young players for a while.
And Alejandro, how is he? Well, he's well.
- Will you tell him anything about? - I'm going to tell him that my father brought me to the beach where his dad died.
Was it here? According to the police it was.
Dad, don't worry, I'm not going to tell anyone where you've been getting the money from all these years.
Besides, I never asked you where it came from, so I'm somehow guilty.
Parents are obliged to help our children.
Children are obliged to believe that we get the money from trees.
- What's this? - To buy another horse.
Take it.
Don't worry, that money is not coke money.
It's a bit awkward for me to hug you too.
But I guess it's a matter of getting used to, isn't it? What are you saying? What are you on about? Yes, I'm telling you seriously that single guys with children - love to buy sofa-beds so when - You are crazy! What are you saying? Cut it out.
Are you okay? Call an ambulance.
Are you okay? What's up, my love? Give a kiss.
Give me a kiss.
- Leave me alone.
- One little kiss.
What's wrong? Why don't you give me a kiss? You saved my life, my love.
Did I kill Lamas here? I can't remember.
How is it possible I forgot something like that? How many more people have I killed, Ferro? Some people.
People who tried to screw your family up.
Some people.
Nemo, I haven't found the doctor's husband yet.
Is her son with his grandparents? - Yes.
- Then he'll show up.
- Let me take care of that, Nemo.
- Again? I brought that woman to Galicia against her will, I ruined her life to save a couple of years of mine.
I have to punish whoever killed her.
Okay, but nobody expects you to do it with your own hands, nobody.
There'd be a person who would stop respecting me - if I passed the mess to someone else.
- Who is that smart pants? I am.
What the fuck are you doing? You're breaking my head.
Last night your wife was run over.
She's dead.
Now you'll do what I say.
I want you to go to the police station and say that you were driving the car, that you killed her.
If you don't do what I say, you won't see your son again, Víctor.
Don't do anything to my son, bastard.
Your wife's friends are also looking for you, but they won't be as nice as me.
Do what I say.
I told my dad I knew he was a drug dealer.
He denied it surely.
No, he put on a brave face.
What's the matter? I swear, I don't know how he did it, Alejandro, but he took me around town and convinced me that he's a fucking good person.
And then he gave me another check for another horse.
What's wrong? Nothing, relax.
Your daughter and Mario have some news for you.
What's the matter? Mario and I are getting married.
I hope you make her happy.
It's not the Middle Ages and children marry whoever they want.
Whether you like it or not.
Nothing we say will make them change their minds.
After the wedding Mario will be everything in our company.
Mario's already everything in our company.
What worries you is what will happen to you when I don't in a few years.
Is that it? All I care about is my daughter's happiness.
You needn't worry about that.
I'll make sure she's happy.
Come on.
- What's wrong? - Take your pill.
Is he the one? No.
It's him.
So this is the guy who tried to run you over? He's the one who killed Exprés.
What's wrong? Don't you believe her? I don't believe or disbelieve.
I'll have to send out this statement to the judge.
And he'll ask me, "Why did this girl take so long to say that she saw the murderer's face?" "We questioned her a month ago and she said she hadn't seen anything.
" Because I was dead scared.
You were dead scared? Yes.
- Arrest me.
I killed her.
- Relax.
- Arrest me, I killed her.
- Relax.
Arrest me, arrest me, for fuck's sake, please! - Relax, relax, okay? - I killed her! Are you relaxed? Who the heck did you kill? My wife.
I run her over, Gloria Noya.
Send me to jail, please, put me in jail.
Gloria Noya.
You can't sleep? What's the matter? Dad, I'm too happy.
You don't know how happy you make me when I hear you saying that, darling.
I'm in love.
I see.
Do you remember how it feels? I still remember that.
- Sorry, I didn't mean to - No, don't apologize.
This Alzheimer will always be here with us.
So we'd better not be afraid of it.
Go to bed.
You don't want me to marry Mario, do you? You're my little girl.
I'll never like any of your boyfriends.
The problem isn't him, he's a good boy and I love him as one of my children.
But getting married, my love You're very young.
Don't you want to see or do more before? Why such a hurry? Because there's not much time left, dad.
I want you to walk me to the altar.
And I want you to see your grandchildren, to see Mario and I re-launching Open Sea.
I want you to be there.
I don't want you to sacrifice your life for me, darling.
Your mum did it for her family and And she hasn't regretted it.
I'm sure.
The happiest day in a man's life is when their children are born and the worst When he realizes they don't need him any longer? I'll always need you.
No, Nina, the worst is when you realize that you need them more than they need you.
I would give anything I have to delay that moment.
Never be too happy.
Now you tell us again.
Again? Everything.
See if this time we can believe you.
My wife abandoned me without telling me and took my kid with her.
Then I found out that she was with a guy who was paying her rent.
The other day I was very pissed off, I drank and killed her.
- How? - I run her over.
With what car? The one at the entrance? Yes.
With it you didn't run anyone over.
The scientific unit checked it out.
- Why do you fucking insist on that? - I did it.
I'll sign anything.
I don't know what your intentions are, - but I'm fed up with wasting my time.
- Monterroso, stop.
- Go, fucking go now, fuck off.
- Stop, stop! - I did it.
- Get out now.
- What are you doing? - Leave me alone! You've gone mad, for fuck's sake.
What are you looking at? - Flip it! - Goodness me! What a slut.
She looked so innocent and she's a slut.
Good morning.
- Sit down, please.
- What a slut.
Good morning, everyone.
Your mobile phones, guys.
- Hey, guys, sit down.
- It was too obvious.
What's going on there? Stop it, please.
- I can't believe it - What's going on here? - I'll put the phone away.
- Tamar.
Socrates! What's this? - What's this? - Let it go.
Socrates, what is this? This is to do with the bastards Things of Ferro and you father-in-law.
It's a farce? It's a farce? Tell me it's a farce.
Has there been anything else? Has there been anything else? For fuck's sake, has there been anything else? - We didn't do anything illegal.
- Illegal? You slept with Adela who's a child.
She's a child.
She's 16! If you touch her, I'll kill you! Adela has problems at home.
Adela! Go to your classrooms.
To your classrooms now! Nemo.
- I found the husband.
- Where is he? With Monterroso.
The police found him before we did.
We've been a bit sloppy there.
Nemo they're questioning him.
He may go to jail, he might not come out.
What are you doing? Nemo, - what are you doing? Nemo, stop.
- Give it to me.
I said no! - We can't allow - Shut up.
Listen to me.
Shut your fucking mouth.
Come on, let's go.
Okay, but you give me a piggy back ride.
- Piggy back ride, no.
- Yes.
- You're so cheeky.
- I know.
Where do you want to go tonight? We could go to have dinner in the town centre.
- In the town centre, again? - Come on.
I get bored in the town centre, Ada.
Wait there, Ada, stay there a moment.
Father! Wait! Nemo! Wait! Go and see what happened, hurry.
Father! Where are you going? Where are you going, bastard? What the fuck have you done? It was an accident.
Son of a bitch.
I should have killed you the first time you hit her, scumbag.
Nemo, stop! Nemo, stop, stop! - Nemo.
- Son of a bitch.
- Where's my mum? - Nemo, don't.
- Stop.
- Where is my mother? Mum! No, no No! Don't shoot, please.
Don't shoot, please.
I didn't do it, I loved her.
I loved her! Who are you? A man who beats his wife isn't a man.
Son of a bitch.
You're the one who's going to die, here, fucking old man.
Son of a bitch.
- Do you recognize him? - Nemo's lawyer, isn't he? With the key-ring I think we have enough to tap Nemo and this guy's phones.
But if he was chasing her, he couldn't have run her over.
They surely have people to do that.
How am I supposed to know? Listen, Alén, start preparing the request to the judge for the warrant.
Because I'm not your secretary.
Why don't you do it? Because I have to prepare Nemo Bandeira's funeral.
Monterroso, please, a question, please.
A moment, please.
Thank you.
Before anything else, thank you all for coming.
It's a secret everyone knows, but no one dares to say it out loud.
Nemo Bandeira is drug dealer.
A moment, please.
A moment.
Almost everything you can see has been seized in anti-drug operations.
Leave it on.
Although it has never been possible to prove Nemo Bandeira's implication, everyone knows that he's behind it.
But I can guarantee that immunity is over in Oeste.
POLICE CORNERS NEMO BANDEIRA - Do you have any evidence? - Carmiña, what's for lunch, today? Carmiña, what's for lunch today? I'm making a tomato sauce to garnish the potatoes, but if you want, I can cook something else.
It's an on-going investigation and we can't give any information.
As soon as we can, you'll be the first to know.
Thank you very much.
Inspector Monterroso, a few questions.
Don't go.
- Mr.
- Mr.
What the fuck is going on? Mr.
Anything to say about the accusations against you? - Those accusations are very hard.
- Are you a drug dealer? How much money did you make out of it? Did you set up Open Sea with drug money? Mr.
Bandeira, please, answer.
Bandeira, some comments, please.
Are you someway related to drug trafficking? Please, make us some comments.
- What did you do with all that money? - Some comments! Hi.
Have you seen how big it is getting? You can't imagine how difficult it was for me to get out of the house.
I wanted to die, I swear.
Would you like a coffee, a gin tonic? A bit of cyanide, some arsenic, do you want to go up in flames, Nina? What do you fancy? How can you make jokes with all that is going on? Well, there's always pouring down in our family.
And what do you exactly think about all this? What do I think? That's all false.
That cop is obsessed with dad, Mario told me.
What Mario says is all true, or what? I'm going to marry him.
And what's exactly the reason for it? Love or business? As for him, I'm quite positive, bearing in mind that I couldn't care less for Open Sea.
The reason is I love him.
Is it so hard for all of you to understand? Coming from you, it is.
Why? - Your love relationships never lasted.
- That's a lie.
For you a night stand is a long lasting relationship.
I don't know why the heck I came over.
What were you expecting? That you gave me a fucking kiss, a hug That you were happy for me.
That's what brothers do in these situations.
I hope you have four perfect children.
And with you running Open Sea, it continues being the richest great empire in the estuaries.
For you it's all a fucking joke.
My wedding, dad's illness, Open Sea's problems.
We're busted, for fuck's sake.
Do you want me to put on my tie and go to work? - I fucking do.
- That we walk holding hands? - Yes, holding hands.
- Don't be false.
- I'm not.
- You don't want me near Open Sea, unless I cock it up, so everyone will say: "Thank goodness we have Nina.
" But they don't know you as well as I do.
Listen to me! What good memories you left in France.
- I did? - When are you releasing your memoirs? - Don't fuck with me.
- Mediocre artist, the most false in Oeste and the biggest slut in Galicia.
Fuck off, retard.
Did you watch the news? Did you see the people outside? Those are fireworks.
If Monterroso had any solid evidence against you, he would have already arrested you.
He has nothing, that's why he's making some much noise.
What are we going to do? We're going to call a press conference this afternoon.
It's very important that all the family is there.
We must make them see we stand united.
Trust me.
I don't know what I'd do without you.
Thank you.
- How's he? - Very nervous.
But all this mess is really good for you.
Your voters will be very happy.
Darling, you'll be the next mayor.
And I haven't told you the most important.
We made it.
Nina asked me to marry her.
Darling, you as mayor and I running Open Sea, we'll be invincible.
What's wrong? I thought you'd be happy.
Not really.
I'm not happy.
What's wrong? Are you jealous? Darling, we're a team and we have a plan.
And that plan is above us.
I can't stand seeing you with Nina.
So, what shall we do? Shall we throw overboard everything? Darling, this is our project, what you've always wanted.
I also wanted to have a baby and you to love me.
I love you with all my heart.
Mario, I have the feeling we are drifting apart.
Save Nemo's neck, we still need him to go public.
And don't trust Carlos.
His mother will do anything for him to get back into the race.
Okay, okay.
Come on.
- Bravo, bravo.
- Come on, please.
What's up, Alén? - What's your deal? - What? Can't you see what you got into without any proof? We'll have the proof we need when we tap Nemo and his lawyer's phones.
Forget about the taps.
Can you see that woman there? Yes.
She's just confessed that she run over Nemo's lover.
- Fucking hell.
- Yes.
She went out for dinner and she drank too much.
That's impossible.
Nemo's sent us a spare goat.
This is normal here.
But not this time, Monterroso.
- Her car was involved in the accident.
- Shit I've written the report for the judge.
So you can forget about tapping any phones.
Alén, please.
Please, don't send it out yet, okay? - What are you saying? - You said it.
There's a lot of work here.
A report can be misplaced.
The judge doesn't need to know that we're closing the case.
Give me 48 hours, just 48 hours, please.
You love bluffing, don't you? I don't, they're sending a new superintendent over.
I know.
- And if he asks, I won't back you up.
- I wouldn't ask you to do that.
I see.
There's a present for you downstairs.
A present? We've arrested Exprés's murderer.
And he's asked for you.
Thank you.
What's up, my friend? You were taking too long.
Do you know how long I've been here, dude? You've been accused of murder, mate.
Do you want me to tell you something? You can be accused of the same thing.
I just have to take out the bodies that have the bullets from your gun.
Don't fuck with me, Freddy.
Don't push your luck.
Freddy, don't you dare to get anywhere near that girl.
What girl? What girl, man? Everything is good.
Lago, listen to me, this is bigger than we thought.
My contact has hacked Nemo's front man's computer in the Bahamas and the list of clients is huge.
Yes, thank you, María.
The best in every house is on the list, all Salamanca district.
Listen to me.
There's even an ex-president.
I know perfectly well what I'm doing.
I need a court order requesting a rogatory commission, now.
Lago, I need it now.
I'll phone you back in ten minutes.
Well, well, why the honour? I thought you only had time for reporters.
You're not very photogenic, but you can be recognized perfectly well.
- That doesn't prove anything.
- There's no need.
The way things are, the reporters will fight to publish the photo and the story.
Nemo Bandeira's lawyer chasing his boss's lover just minutes before being run over.
Many witnesses saw the woman shouting for help.
What do you want? Help me get rid of your boss.
I can't do that.
You can.
I've met many like you, qualified people, patiently waiting many years for their moment to come.
In the shade, obeying.
I heard you're going to marry his daughter, is it true? What do you fucking need Nemo for? Your moment has come and mine too.
Think it over.
Aren't you going to cast the fishing rod? How are you going to fish if you ate all the bait? There was no point in buying any more because we're off.
We're done with the investigation.
I hope this is a very bad joke.
The case is closed, we're going back to Madrid.
What the fuck do you mean? Now that we have a good lead.
In this job you can't get attached to anything and let alone the evidence.
Start packing.
Lago, who the fuck has made this decision? Say goodbye to your girl, or even better tell her who you really are.
Whatever you do, she'll tell you to fuck off.
Lago, I won't let you bury this case.
Be careful, this case may end up burying you.
What do you have to say about the accusations against your client? What will be the defence strategy? - Are you also involved? - No comments.
Are you also involved in drug dealing? How is Mr.
Bandeira? Please, Mr.
Mendoza, some comments.
Do you admit to the accusations? Alex, in the end I'm going over my parent's, okay? I'll see you in a while.
Over your parent's.
My mum's just phoned me almost crying begging me to be at my dad's press conference.
You know what my mum's like, how she loves drama, and I'm going over.
Isn't it a bit hypocritical after what you've been saying about your dad all week? Absolutely.
You're completely right, it's true, but he's my dad.
You know? - What's wrong, you don't agree? - Yes, sure.
Hello, Socrates.
Are you coming from the school? Your flies are undone.
Carlos! Carlos, come on - Out of here.
Socrates, I'm sorry.
- Wait, please.
What do you want? I know that I have to pay for my mistakes, but that's on me, not on those who are supporting us.
Who? Who is going to support us after this shit? That's precisely why.
They need a candidate, someone who can be elected and who has the honesty I haven't had.
The honesty you don't have.
I can only think of one person and it's you.
Move away from the window.
It's packed with reporters.
I have your speech.
I think this is what you need right now.
I'm sure it is all right.
You've never failed me.
Thank you for being here Nemo.
I have to tell you something.
What's the matter? The night your doctor was killed, I was there.
Why? I needed to know.
What, how long I had left? Yes, amongst other things.
Don't feel bad, I raised you to worry about the company.
What company, Nemo? I'm worried about you.
Then I didn't raise you as good as I thought.
When the doctor saw me in her flat, she started running out and I could see who ran her over.
It wasn't her husband.
Who was it? It was a woman, an accident.
I'm sorry.
That bastard abused her physically.
He deserves what's happened to him.
There's more.
The police has some footage of the doctor running away from me.
They're going to release it to the press.
They'll say that you sent me over to kill your lover.
And Monterroso has told you that? He wanted to blackmail me with the video.
Don't worry, I made it clear that I'll never betray you.
We'll take care of Monterroso when the time comes.
Thank you for telling me.
It's the least.
Soon, I'll become part of the family.
You don't have to marry Nina for that reason.
You already are.
But not enough.
For me you are.
It's not easy to assimilate the huge amount of lies.
- Nemo.
- Yes.
They're waiting.
- Yes.
- Come on.
No news regarding inspector Monterroso statement about the drug trafficking.
We've been informed that we will be going into Mr.
Bandeira's house for the appearance of Nemo Bandeira and his family.
Up to now, we know nothing.
Let's go inside, please.
If you are not quiet, you won't be able to hear what I'm about to say.
Thank you very much.
Thank you for being here.
It's not easy to assimilate the huge amount of lies told about me with the only objective of disparaging me.
My past is well known.
Since I was young, I've been working to bring prosperity to Oeste.
I've been accused of drug trafficking.
Whoever says it, is not aware of the harm done to my family.
I've suffered myself I've suffered myself the pain caused by the damn drug.
I know how tragic it is, because my own son is a drug addict.
I'd have never enriched myself by bringing tragedy into the lives of any of the families of Oeste.
Thank you for your attention.
Hello, I'm Alejandro Lamas and if you vote for me, I'll be able to be the new mayor of Oeste.
NEXT EPISODE I've come to invite you for dinner.
Thank you, but no.
Think it over.
- When can they be here? - The day after tomorrow.
We'll have to give something to that son of a bitch of Monterroso.
But don't overdo it.
Last time you were too generous.
- Nemo, it's my foundation.
- It may have your name, but I pay for it.
- Nemo.
- I pay for it! Shit, why do I have the feeling that I missed the best part? I don't want you to come to my daughter's party.
You came to ask me so kindly, how can I refuse? I have met many nobodies like you.
When Mario knew that he wouldn't be my heir, he realized that the only way to get hold of Open Sea was marrying Nina.
He always had the intention to leave you out of it.
- I can help you.
- How? Prepare a prenup.
You can be as tough as you want.
Sousa thinks that you closed the case for disputable reasons.
You reported me.
I just say what I think.
You're doing this for that girl.
I was told that Nemo got tired of you and got rid of you.
I'm here to help you.
In return for what? That you help me catch Nemo red-handed.
The drug will arrive at Oeste's port tonight.
We don't have much time left.
This is one of the largest hauls in this country's history.
If anything goes wrong, I'll turn in my badge.

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