Unauthorized Living (Vivir sin permiso) (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

Una familia unida

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES I want you to find the doctor's husband.
PREVIOUSLY That son of a bitch killed her, and I'm going to kill him! You're the one who's going to die, fucking old man.
The case is closed.
Say goodbye to your girl.
Whatever you do, she'll tell you to fuck off.
You don't want me near Open Sea! Listen! The most false in Oeste and the biggest slut in Galicia.
Fuck off.
Are you OK? - Leave me alone.
- One little kiss.
Don't you dare get anywhere near that girl.
They need a candidate, someone who can be elected and who has the honesty I haven't had.
I can only think of one person and it's you.
Children marry whoever they want, whether you like it or not.
After the wedding Mario will be everything in our company.
Gloria! The police has some footage of the doctor running away from me.
They're going to release it to the press.
And Monterroso has told you that? He wanted to blackmail me.
We'll take care of Monterroso when the time comes.
I've been accused of drug trafficking.
Whoever says it, is not aware of the harm done to my family.
I know how tragic it is, because my own son is a drug addict.
A MAYOR LIKE YOU NEMESIO BANDEIRA ACCUSES HIS OWN SON OF BEING A DRUG ADDIC Carlos will never forgive me in his entire life.
- And I won't either.
- There was no other way out.
The company had to be saved.
And the family.
Carlos is part of the family.
I shouldn't have listened to you.
You shouldn't have done it.
We did what we had to do.
Perhaps you did, but not me.
Then, as it was my fault, let me do something about it.
Not even you will manage to make Carlos set foot in this house again.
He may not alone, but I'll help him.
I know Carlos and he loves everyone paying attention to him and being belle of the ball, so I will organize a party the way he likes them, one he can't say no to.
The only parties your brother likes are the ones that begin or end with naked boys dancing on a table.
Then we'll have one of those.
How can you say that, darling? Please.
Tomorrow, why should we wait any longer? No? I don't care how you do it.
I'd like to see the whole family together before.
There are lots of things I have to do and time is running out.
I'll tell Lara.
What? Why Lara? It's a family gathering, isn't it? It's true, everything can get worse.
Chon sends you to convince me that I'm crazy.
I don't need Chon to do that.
Do you think inviting Lara is a bad idea? How could I think it's a bad idea when you've been fighting for it all your life? No, and besides, I think it'll be a good lure to make Carlos come to the party.
Your son wouldn't miss seeing Chon's face when she sees him show up with all the honours.
I don't want to miss that, either.
Nemo, it's very important for us that you work things out with Carlos.
We want him to attend our wedding.
By the way, we'd like to celebrate it here in your house as soon as possible.
Sure, as soon as possible.
Before I forget that it's my daughter who's getting married.
Don't say that.
It's better to be clear about it.
Don't you think? And now that we're at it Have a sit.
Why are you marring Nina? Because I love her, that's the only reason worth doing it for.
Don't you agree? What I think is that you've become the person I wanted you to be, and now I have no right to complain.
Everything I know I learnt it from you.
Whereas everything I know I have learnt from my mistakes.
I don't like to make mistakes.
I guess you won't have anything against signing a prenuptial agreement? Yes, Ferro, where are you? Here, as any other citizen chatting to our beloved mayor Mosquera.
- Did he think it was enough? - No, he wants more.
He knows a lot of ugly stuff about us.
He cries at night because he doesn't have our support in the elections.
That guy is a fucking bottomless pit.
- More, how much? - Double, Nemo.
Minimum double the amount we offered.
- What do you think? - I don't know.
We'd better keep him happy, because mayor Mosquera can get us into a lot of trouble.
Did you hear it? Nemo's tried to buy the mayor.
- But that's next to nothing.
- That's just the beginning.
They'll end up talking about their Peruvian friends.
- How they move the money, the drug - I hope so.
It was difficult convincing my superiors to listen from here.
There mustn't be any leaks.
Nemo pays the salary of half of the town.
You've just arrived and don't know how powerful that man is.
I've just arrived, but I'm no apprentice.
I want his head.
Get it for me.
Did you see that? The superintendent wants to have all the credit.
Why don't you go for a coffee? When will you to tell him that this surveillance material - may not be admitted? - We have a judicial warrant.
That the judge issued to investigate Bandeira and his lawyer for a hit-and-run, not drug trafficking.
Until the court gets the notification that the case is closed, - we can do anything.
- 24 hours.
You have a day to play spies.
If not, I'll start talking.
Carmiña, this is Eusebio.
He's lending us a hand with the party.
Really, I think we'll be fine.
Eusebio was working in this house when Nemo and I celebrated - my engagement party.
- You must be Eusebio.
- Yes.
- How do you do? Mario Mendoza.
- Welcome.
- A pleasure.
I have heard a lot about you.
How's your wife? She died.
I'm sorry.
I'm not.
Well, Carmiña will tell you how everything works.
- Welcome back.
- Thank you very much, madam.
By the way, Mario, I've got a job for you.
The tradition dictates that the groom must give the bride white roses.
So It will be.
I want everything to be perfect.
What do you think about inviting Lara? And you? I think it's the decision of a sick man.
The problem is that this will get worse.
The thing is that Nemo is used to being the boss.
But one day his orders will make no sense.
He can harm himself or even worse, harm you all.
We have to be prepared for the worst.
I'm not following you.
I mean that sooner or later we'll have to incapacitate him.
I don't want to even think about that.
You don't need to think about that.
That's what I'm here for.
To think about that and to foresee any problems that may come.
Don't worry.
Don't worry, Chon.
White roses, I won't forget.
Okay, great.
Put it there.
Rubén, see if you can put it and I'll stick it.
She's collaborating with the enemy.
Good, isn't it? - It looks good.
- Yes, very good.
Come on, take the next one and we'll put it there.
A bit higher, a little bit more.
- Good morning.
- Yes, coming.
Good morning, Lara.
What are you doing? Come with me.
Do you feel uncomfortable being seen together? No.
Did you come to watch me? I want you to know you have no right to I've come to invite you for dinner.
For dinner? You and I having dinner in one of those posh places you like.
No, in my house, tomorrow.
- In your house? - It's a family dinner.
We're going to celebrate Nina's engagement party.
- She's marrying Mario Mendoza.
- Is she? Mario and.
- Will you come? - No.
Lara, my house is your house.
I should have done this many years ago.
If I didn't do it, it was out of respect for your mother.
Well, then Thank you, but no.
Think it over.
She said no way.
I told you, Nemo.
Did you tell me? I can't remember.
But mark my words, Lara will come.
When will you tell her about your relationship with Mr.
Alzheimer? When she stops looking at me like her enemy.
I don't want her to forgive me out of pity.
- What the fuck! - Good morning, judge.
I went to your office and your secretary told me that you were in a meeting.
A meeting of two people as I can see.
What the fuck is this? I have to tell you something very important.
Couldn't you have just phoned as Nemo always does? Nemo is sick.
He has Alzheimer.
I want you to incapacitate him.
- Alzheimer? - Not one word to anyone, especially to his wife or children.
There are things that are better hidden from your family, because they wouldn't understand, would they? - Regards to your wife.
- Mendoza.
When you phone Nemo to tell him about this, be careful what you say.
You're threatening me? No.
I'm warning you.
Nemo's phone and yours have been tapped.
Yes, my girl's getting married, yes.
Of course you're invited to the wedding.
But careful what you buy for her, my friend.
Nemo, put the phone down.
What? What the fuck are you doing? - Our phones have been tapped.
- Again? How the heck do you know, Mario? Why should it matter now? What matters is that we know that the order came from Helguera's office, the one who authorized the disconnection of Ada.
Fucking son of bitch.
I don't know what they are looking for, - but I'll find out.
- This is Monterroso's doing.
He still thinks we're dispatching drugs.
Poor man, he's been trying for so long to lay his hands on me, we should give him some joy.
What do you reckon? Good morning, Mrs.
Bandeira, are you looking for someone? I think she's looking for me.
Can we talk? Yes, yes.
Would you rather go outside? I'm saying it so you won't get dirty.
I'll be brief.
I don't want you to come to my daughter's party.
Have you talked with your husband? Because he asked me to.
I don't care.
It's a family celebration.
You're not part of the family.
To be honest, I hadn't made my mind up yet, but as you came to ask me so kindly, how can I refuse? What time is it? That's what you're after.
- Is it? - Yes.
I have met many nobodies like you.
Sorry, sorry.
I warned you you could get dirty.
Don't underestimate me, I grew up in a canning factory.
These were my toys.
I don't mind getting dirty to fight for what's mine.
I have done it all my life.
You're stupid, what did you do that for? Asshole.
I'LL GO Yes, Ferro.
What shall I tell you? Mario spoke to the Peruvian guy.
He wants to give you some spider crabs as a present.
- How many? - Four spider crabs.
- You tell me where he delivers them.
- The canning factory here is full.
Take them to Vigo.
When can they be here? The day after tomorrow.
He's in a hurry.
Cocaine, four tons.
We'll have to give something to that son of a bitch of Monterroso.
But don't overdo it.
Last time you were too generous.
What? What do you reckon? A little pretentious but anyway All for the party.
Nina, listen.
I have no fucking interest in going, really.
You can bring your boyfriend over, Alejandro cooks something for dinner and we toast to your wedding, but I won't see dad again in my fucking life.
I swear.
Boys, the posters are amazing.
You're very hot in them.
But we're running out of posters and we have covered less than half of Oeste.
- But we can have more printed.
- With what money? We're broke.
There's part of the money my father gave me for the horses, Alejandro.
Not a chance.
I don't want Nemo's money.
I'd rather borrow money from the banks and in my electoral programme I say I don't want their money.
Forget what I said.
Black money elsewhere.
This time for real.
The problem is: If I have no money for meetings, I won't be able to talk about my programme.
That's dangerous.
But your strong point are young people and young people don't go to meetings or buy newspapers.
Young people are on social media which's completely free.
- Social media that I never use.
- How many followers do you have? - 223.
- Okay.
We'll film a video and see what happens.
That's all very good, but we need money.
- Exactly.
- My boyfriend is the candidate 2.
0 and he's all mine.
You'll vote for him, but you won't taste him because he's mine.
- Now.
- Hello, I'm Alejandro La Hold on, I recorded myself saying "now".
- Turn the phone horizontally.
- One, two, three, now.
Hello, I'm Alejandro Lamas and if you vote for me, I'll be able to be the new mayor of Oeste.
For a change.
They're lying.
I've never accepted a bribe from Bandeira.
I've just arrived so I don't know.
Inspector Alén.
- I don't know anything.
- Don't say that, Alén.
Nemo must have found out that we have tapped his phone and he's playing tricks on us.
It looks like he played a dirty trick on you.
Under this circumstances I have no choice but to take you off the case.
What are you saying? You can't do this to me, superintendent.
I can do whatever I want.
If you don't agree, you know where the exit is.
You're in charge of the audio surveillance, see what we can find.
Thanks for your support.
Yes, I understand.
The problem is that you don't understand me.
You have to be there on such an important day.
Besides we're organizing a party customized for you.
I'm sure you'll love it.
THE PINK NIGH Come on, mate, say yes.
I told your girlfriend, no.
And for once the answer is no.
I'm not going.
Lara is coming.
I can't be convinced so easily, Mario.
I'm not going.
Besides asking your dad for your sister's hand, there's something important I want to ask you.
Let's see, what do you want to ask me? Carlos, I want you to be my best man.
Damn it, Mario, I'd love to.
But I know that if I go to that meal or that wedding, I'll spoil everything in the end.
It's my hallmark.
Carlos, tell me that you'll think it over, at least.
Do it for me.
You and only you do deserve that I think it over.
You always really backed me up and I'm thanking you in case I never did.
I've got to go that I'm starting to be mushy.
- Bye, one kiss.
- Okay, one kiss.
- Everything okay, Marcos? - Perfect.
We'll continue later.
This man is the best photographer in all Galicia.
Yes, but a good photo won't give us the victory.
Oeste In Common is skyrocketing.
We'll deal with that when we have to.
Now there are more important things to worry about.
What's wrong? What happens is that Nemo doesn't trust my intentions regarding Nina.
- He wants me to sign a prenup.
- I'm not surprised.
He's watching out for what he thinks is his.
Is there any way to avoid it? The only way would be if Nina didn't sign the prenup.
So, you have some homework to do.
Convince her that you're crazy about her, like you did with me.
I was being truthful with you.
Someone may come in.
Sorry, I forget that officially I hate you.
I'll phone you later, okay? - When will you be back from Madrid? - Tomorrow.
Will you be back in time to come to Nemo's house with me? But I'm not even invited.
It doesn't matter.
You come with me.
If they dare to say anything to me, they'll hear me.
I'm positive they will.
Listen, what do you have to do in Madrid that's so urgent? - Lara.
- Yes? I have a son.
I know.
I hadn't forgotten about that.
I'll try to be in time for dinner.
Please, don't leave me alone with those vultures.
I'll do what I can.
I'm going to miss you, you know? Me too.
Oeste In Common.
People's political party.
Thank you.
Excuse me, you can't park your motorbike there, it's an entrance and exit gate.
What's up, you haven't won the elections yet and you want to tell me what to do.
I came to talk to you.
- Alejandro Lamas.
- Look.
We want to help you.
We want to make you the next mayor.
- Make me? - Yes.
How? The other candidate has her people.
She has Nemo Bandeira.
Although she says bad things about him, we all know that he's behind her.
So you need someone to help you too.
We want to be your friend arm.
That arm will be a friend one if you take the ballot and insert it in the ballot box.
Very good, but who wins elections with votes? What country does that? I'm going to vote for you anyway.
But think about it.
Excuse me.
I don't really bloody feel like going.
You should have seen that witch arriving at the factory.
But it's done.
I told everyone I was going and I have to go.
I see.
Doesn't it have to do with the fact that Nemo touched your heart? Not at all.
That guy hasn't done anything for her.
Technically speaking he has.
He paid for my studies.
The Department of Education grants scholarships and you don't have affection for them.
Let's get down to business.
What are you wearing? - You need something elegant.
- And expensive.
I'll be wearing anything from my wardrobe.
I'm not buying new clothes.
Don't worry about that.
I have a cousin who works in a fucking good clothes designer's workshop and we will dress you up.
Something not too over the top and that will do.
God forgive her, she doesn't know what she's talking about.
Why all this secrecy? We could have met up in the town hall.
Do you want to enjoy your last minutes as the mayor? I was told that Nemo got tired of you and got rid of you.
No, I'm not running due to personal matters.
Yeah, yeah.
I want to spend more time with my family.
Will you live on your retirement pension? Many others do it.
Others are not used to receiving an envelope every week.
I've never received a penny from anyone.
I understand you.
I'm not criticizing that.
I'm here to help you.
You and your family.
You have to leave, mayor.
You're fully implicated.
I have recordings where the bribes you received are mentioned.
But I'm willing to look the other way.
In return for what? That you help me catch Nemo red-handed.
You tell me when the next dispatch is and where they'll hide the drug.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I think you do.
Think it carefully.
Immunity and keeping all the money you've stolen.
It's not a bad retirement scheme.
It's better than a brass plaque.
Mario? Fuck, what a fright.
- Sorry.
- Isn't this Mario's house? Yes, yes.
- He's - He's what? Nothing, he's teaching me some tricks to change some things at home.
Very well.
- Hello.
- Hello.
What are you doing here? - Well, I'm off.
- Fine.
- See you later.
- Bye.
And this? - Since when you are such close friends? - We're not so close friends.
She asked me for advice about some DIY stuff.
Do you really think she's here for some DIY advice? You don't know women very well.
What do you mean? Darling, don't you realize she's using you to get closer to my dad? What's this? I went by your office and your secretary told me that you'd be here or in hospital because seeing all the junk you use I know this house means a lot to you.
But I want you to work safely.
So, I brought you a gift.
What do you think? I think it's too much, Nina.
- Darling, I love it.
- Do you? Yes.
But what I like most is that you've thought of me.
Thank you.
- One thing.
- Tell me.
Carlos, I'm trying to convince him, but it's impossible.
Leave it to me.
Okay? You take care of me.
I thought it wasn't a good idea to be seen together.
Can I not have dinner with my enemy? - How's the campaign going? - Very well.
Do you need anything? No, thank you.
You've done enough.
I only need to win.
You will.
People see in you a woman of principles, an honest woman.
Voters will value that, although Mario hasn't.
Do you like sea urchins? Yes.
They're delicious, although they're treacherous.
Have you ever stepped on one? When you are stung by one, the spines stay inside you and with time they'll encyst and you start to feel pain without you knowing.
The only way to release the pain is that someone helps you pull them out, even if it's painful.
What are you talking about, Nemo? That you stop suffering because of Mario.
If you're thinking about the divorce, it was my idea.
And marrying my daughter, too? When Mario knew that he wouldn't be my heir, he realized that the only way to get hold of Open Sea was marrying Nina.
He always had the intention to leave you out of it.
I can help you to pull out some of those spines.
How? Prepare a prenup.
You can be as tough as you want.
You deserve it.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Sorry for coming in such a late hour.
- No problem.
Come in.
Come through.
I hadn't congratulated you earlier on.
- What for? - For marrying Nemo's daughter.
What a catch for you.
- Sorry.
- Don't worry.
I came to bring you this.
So you can practise.
- You're lending them to me.
- No, I'm giving them to you.
Really, you're giving them to me? They're just some old tools.
It's not such a big deal.
But they're your father's tools.
No, I can't accept them.
I'd like you to have them.
Also Nina's given me new ones and Ones that you like better.
- Can I have some water? I've been - Yes.
A beer? - Perfect.
- A beer in exchange for a wonderful gift.
Did you know that I had been here before, when I was a child? No.
Yes, I did.
When Nemo was still with your mum.
No, I didn't know.
I did this painting.
I mean your mum painted it, but I suggested that she painted the sun in blue and the clouds in orange.
Here you have.
Thank you.
Another person would have ignored an eight-year-old boy but your mum Your mum was special.
This is me.
That M is for Mario.
I draw that M.
I swear.
Your mum asked me to sign it with her.
I didn't remember this.
I hadn't noticed it.
You're all What a mess.
- I see.
Have you got a? - A brush? - Yes.
- Yes.
- Give me.
- Okay.
- Take off your jacket if you want - Yeah.
Give it to me.
- Is it the ring? - Yes.
- Can I? - Sure.
What do you think? Well, expensive.
I just don't think it's the gift from a person who sees the sun in blue and the clouds in orange.
I see.
Your secretary could have bought it instead of you.
No, your secretary bought it.
Damn, sorry, sorry.
What I mean is that a gift has more value if it means something to you.
I'm going to get the brush.
What is he doing here? I asked him to come.
Sit down.
I don't have much time.
Sousa thinks that you closed the case for disputable reasons.
You reported me.
I just say what I think.
You're doing this for that woman.
- No personal matters.
- They're affecting the investigation.
He's shagging the suspect's daughter.
Like many of us have done in many occasions.
- Is it useful to obtain any evidence? - No.
- Yes.
- No, of course not.
- Yes, of course it is.
- That's enough.
Leave us alone, please.
I won't go into whether Lago had reasons to close the case or not, - or if there are matters - Sir, this goes beyond Nemo Bandeira.
There are many people implicated, many powerful people.
Sousa, I'll extend the mission.
I want you to go back to Galicia.
From now on you'll report to me directly and I want results, soon.
Of course, sir.
Count on me.
Excuse me.
Who are you? Sorry, I got lost.
I was looking for the dining room.
My name is Eusebio.
The lady of the house hired me for tonight's party.
Don't worry, at the end of the corridor.
I'm very sorry.
Excuse me if I intrude myself, but I think those shoes don't match.
Allow me.
These will go better.
Thank you.
Yes, Ferro.
It's been confirmed, the spider crabs will arrive tomorrow afternoon.
Good merchandise? Damn good.
Fucking good, Nemo.
At last.
Write down the time.
I'm going to tell the superintendent.
You're wasting your time.
Nemo's playing us.
Us or you? It'd be funny if in the end I'm the one to catch him.
By the way, you can't be here.
You're compromising me.
Officially you're a suspect.
WE MUST TALK I won't set foot in our parent's house in my entire fucking life.
Yes, fucking hell, what happened at the press conference was wrong.
But dad had his reasons.
Don't talk more nonsense, please.
Why is it so hard for you to? People don't really remember those things, mate.
Carlos, will you listen to me, please? I want you to come to the dinner with me.
Carlos, look at me.
I want you and I to get on well.
I'm not asking for that much.
Nina, the perfect daughter.
I'm not perfect.
I know you're not perfect.
It's our parents who don't know that yet.
Have you ever told them that the first line of snow Carlos Bandeira sniffed with this beautiful nose he has, was given to him by one of your boyfriends? Very good, what do you want in return for coming? Why the heck do you insist so much? I don't understand.
Because I promised dad.
Do you know what? The Nina I met in Paris was much more fun.
I'm sure mum and dad would love to meet her.
In fact, I'll go to your fucking party if you manage to put your hair down in front of dad.
Damn it, I'm telling you that Nina no longer exists.
I'm not who I used to be.
Some things stay with you to the grave, darling.
What do you mean? What the fuck is this? If you drink this, I'll go to your party.
- You're pulling my leg.
- I'm not.
The party starts in two hours' time.
I can't do this.
What's the matter? I can swallow my pride and you can't swallow half a bottle of vodka? - You promise? - I promise.
Did you make your mind up, mayor? I want 100,000 euros in cash and I won't report Nemo, I'm just selling information.
That depends if the information makes me hot.
27 tons of coke.
The largest haul getting to Oeste.
The drugs will arrive at Oeste's port tonight.
We don't have much time left.
According to the surveillance, Bandeira's plans are different.
The dispatch will be tomorrow in Vigo.
That surveillance material's worthless.
My informer tells me that Nemo knows we have tapped his phone.
- How did he find out? - Because he's Nemo Bandeira, sir.
He wants us to go to Vigo's port so he can unload the dispatch with nobody bothering him, right before our eyes.
Is your source a reliable one? My informer My informer is the mayor of Oeste, Mosquera.
This is one of the largest hauls in this country's history.
If anything goes wrong, I'll turn in my badge.
But if it's a success, all the medals are for you.
All right, organize the operation.
Mario, I'm sorry, I'm very sorry.
I know.
Why did you drive in this state? - I'm fine.
- You're fine? - You're exaggerating.
- You could have killed yourself.
Carmiña, bring us some coffee, please.
Yes, right now.
- Mario, I had to do it.
- Why? Because it was Carlos's condition for coming.
That you got drunk.
That I made a fool of myself in front of my dad.
You won't be making a fool of yourself.
Besides, you'll take one of this pills and the alcohol level will drop.
Do you always carry them with you? - I'm going to marry an alcoholic.
- Yes.
- My love, it's fine.
- I only take them when I go out with clients who want to drink 'till really late.
They can't stand the host not wanting to drink, but what they dislike most is that the host is so drunk he can't take them to the hotel.
Take it.
You're so perfect.
A pity I'm not.
Thank you very much for giving me a lift.
You're welcome, my love.
You look very handsome.
You look very smart to just have dinner with a horse breeder.
He's very old-fashioned.
I want him to see that if the sells me his stables, they'll be in good hands.
- The best hands.
- I love you very much, Alejandro.
I love you more.
Have a good day.
I love you.
Advertise us.
Are you okay? - Yes, I'm nervous, mum.
- Calm down.
You look absolutely ravishing, darling.
Thank you.
I feel like in a dream.
Carlos! Carlos, you came, it's so good.
- What's the matter? - How happy I am.
- You look very pretty.
- Thanks.
Dad, do you see that I convinced him in the end? Thank you, darling.
I'm happy to see you, son.
I'm not happy to see you, dad.
In fact, I don't know why the heck I came.
I'll have a quick dinner and I'll beat it.
Carlos! - Shall we toast? - Now I remember why I came.
You look very pretty.
What's up Nina? Everything okay? You can relax now.
Your children are already here.
Not all of us are here yet.
When did you arrive? Sofia.
Why didn't you tell me? The kid is in English class.
I see.
Did you drive from Galicia? Sofia, we must talk.
I've met someone.
We knew this could happen.
We talked about it loads of times.
Stop becoming infatuated with the first woman you walk pass.
- What? Please, have a sit.
- Look.
I understand that your job is stressing, that you feel lonely and you need to relieve yourself, but that's something that comes and goes.
You have a family here.
We haven't been a family for a long time.
Does she know who you really are? She doesn't fucking know.
She has so little class.
I though you weren't coming.
You look impressive.
Shall we? Well, I think you've met everyone except Nina.
- No, no, dad, we've met.
- Yes.
Little sister, you're the most dazzling woman in the party.
Really, you look beautiful.
Coming from someone who doesn't like women has even more merit.
Who says I don't like women? But I have to tell you something and I'll say it in from of everyone so they'll know.
You've disappointed me a little by coming in the end.
My dad is like a spider web, Lara, and eventually he'll catch us all.
You'll see.
Well, we're all here now.
Let's toast.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, Carmiña.
25 years ago your mother came here, she told me you were born.
And she didn't want me to go anywhere near her or you.
Darling, we're celebrating Nina's engagement.
I don't think this toast is the most suitable.
Excuse me, sir.
This is not the champagne I had to serve.
- Sorry, sir.
- It's fine, it could happen to anyone.
Eusebio, please, go to the kitchen.
I'm sorry, sir.
One moment.
It was an accident, Carmiña.
Come with me.
Excuse me.
I know slavery hasn't, but has the death penalty been abolished in this house, mum? Who told you I'm sick? It wasn't necessary.
My wife also had Alzheimer.
What was it like? My Elvira would always say that someone gets old when they think more about what they did yesterday than what they have to do tomorrow.
One day I got up and I saw her with an album of old photos.
She couldn't remember her parents' names.
Did you stay with her? Yes, and it was hard, I won't lie to you, but it also had its good moments.
The disease turned her into a little girl.
She became tender, affectionate.
We would go for a walk and she would hold my hand.
She was scared of getting lost unless I was right next to her.
What she didn't know was that I was scared of the same thing.
Were you with her right to the end? No.
It came to a point that I had to take her to an old people's home.
She didn't even realize.
She could no longer recognize me.
There she met someone.
She would go for a walk with him.
I watched them.
She would hold his hand and say she was scared of getting lost unless he was right next to her.
How could you cope with it? She looked happy, and in the end that's all that matters, isn't it? I guess.
I'M SORRY At last.
Are you okay? Sure.
Carmiña, you can serve dinner.
Yes, madam.
Family, before starting dinner I would like you to hear a few memorable words, but I'm afraid you'll have to do with mine.
Nemo, Chon.
Everything I have and all that I am I owe it to you.
You were there at the most difficult time of my life.
When my parents died, you gave me a new life.
You gave me a family and a home.
A home I promise I won't stay in forever.
But, above all, thank you for agreeing to let me marry your wonderful daughter.
I promise I'll do anything to look after her.
How can you be such an arse-licker, Mario? - Carlos, please, I'm nervous.
- I'll be quiet.
Well, Nina your gift.
I went crazy going all across Galicia.
I was looking for something special, something you didn't have.
- In the end - Artistic sensitivity, intelligence.
In the end I found out that what would really make your gift special is for me to give you something that meant a lot to me.
This ring is one of the few of my mother's belongings I have.
She inherited it from my grandmother and for me it'd be an honour that you wore it from now on.
It's beautiful.
- Do you like it? - I love it.
Thank you.
- A beautiful gesture, Mario.
- Thanks, Chon.
I'm afraid my gift is not so special, but, oh, well, open it.
Nina, it's too much.
Do you like it? Darling, I love it.
Thank you.
This dude Yes, I was attacked and they have destroyed our political party headquarters, but our determination is intact and as much And although the perpetrators hide behind the wall, nothing or no one will stop Oeste In Common from continuing to fight for the freedom of our people, of all of you.
What do you want? Fucking hell.
We have nothing to do with whatever's happened to you.
- We're not so stupid, Alejandro.
- So who was it? I have no fucking idea.
Things will go the following way.
The first one to offer their protection, the first one, that's who messed with you.
Watch that wound.
I did it.
- What? - I did it.
Hello, my love.
- How are you? - How's dinner with the horse breeder? What's your car doing outside your father's house? I'm sorry.
I wanted to tell you.
In fact, I don't know why the fuck I didn't tell you.
- I'm an asshole, forgive me.
- Why do you lie to me? Hold on, I'm coming out to talk to you, okay? Don't hang up, a moment, don't hang up, please.
By the way, Chon, the documents for the foundation are ready.
The Alzheimer one? I need three patrons, Carlos, you and I, so we'll have a family common project.
And Lara.
What? I want all Oeste to clearly see that I have three children.
Lara, I would like that, from now on, you felt more involved in this family.
It's your family, too.
I made a lot of mistakes and I want to arrange all my pending matters before it's too late.
- Nemo, it's my foundation.
- It may have your name, but I pay for it.
- Nemo.
- I pay for it! Chon, are you okay? Chon, don't worry, I don't really care for the foundation.
- I don't care at all.
- Nobody asked for your opinion.
The truth is you shouldn't even be here.
- I came because Nemo asked me to.
- I know why you came.
You came because you're an up-start and all you want is my family's money.
- Chon, please.
- Mario, it's true.
You want to take advantage of my dad and you're cajoling Mario into helping you.
- Enough.
- So much criticizing our posh way - but you're dying to be one of us.
- Go to hell.
You can stick your fucking money up your arse, asshole.
- Lara.
- What? - Don't go, please.
- If she wants to go, she can go.
She wants to go or is it you who wants her to go? Lara and I come from the same place.
You took me in from the first day.
Why does it have to be different with her? Don't worry.
I can defend myself.
I want to make it clear for you.
Can you look at me in the eyes? I don't like your house, or your champagne, or your caviar, because I don't like you.
Because you disgust me.
Enjoy your dinner.
Darling, darling.
Nina, please, Nina.
What happened? Lara! Lara! Let her go.
That girl will be back.
She knows you're not the enemy.
I forbid you to stand by her.
Nemo's been in love with Ada all his life.
The only good thing about Alzheimer is that one day he'll forget her, but I will be here by his side.
What do you expect? That I share the little time left with my husband with his daughter? Don't even dream about it.
Shit, why do I have the feeling that I missed the best part? No one is coming here.
Are you sure the unloading was at this time? That's what Mosquera told me.
They probably came earlier, the drug must be here.
We're going in.
Come on, let's go.
They're inside.
- Police! - Police! Come out with your hands up! How many men, well-armed.
Don't be offended, darling.
Who is Monterraso? You, aren't you? You've been very naughty.
Stop it now! Monterroso, what's all this? Where's the drug? Yes, pass it round! Stop the music! - Turn off the music.
- Stop the music, damn it! - What's going on? - What the fuck is going on here? We're your colleagues' farewell gift.
That what they told us, that you were leaving and they wanted it to be big.
I'm sure he's leaving.
Here you are.
Nemo's very grateful.
Be extremely careful with that cop.
He has a really damn bad temper.
After what happened today, I don't think we'll see him around again.
If I were you, I would leave to Brazil, Mosquera.
With what I've just given you, you have enough to buy a few thongs.
I know.
I see.
Yes, sir.
All right.
It was the Minister asking for explanations.
We have made a fool of the whole police department, let alone the money wasted in this operation.
You told me that your informer was reliable.
My badge, superintendent.
Keep it, in everyone's eyes it was my idea.
It's me who's leaving.
- Alejandro.
- Hi.
Thank you.
What happened? I saw the video.
Are you okay? I may be.
- Part of the job, I guess.
- Damn.
Where have you been, looking so pretty? - See? - You had dinner with Carlos? - Yes, yes, mate.
- It looks like it's becoming a trend to say you won't do something and then you'll do it.
That's me.
What did I go for? - At least you accept it.
- Yes, you're talking about Carlos? - Damn.
- Being Nemo's child isn't easy at all.
I know, why the heck are you frightened of him? Have you seen that family? They're mad as a fucking hornet.
Mayor, mayor.
Come on.
Come on, mayor.
- Hi.
- What a success, mate.
Do you know how many people saw the video? Everyone is resending it.
The softest thing they're calling Nemo is - You're great, mayor.
- Bastard member of the coup d'état.
What's all this they are bringing in? They're new posters.
Where did those come from? Yesterday there was no money.
The video has changed everything.
I uploaded the video half an hour ago, these posters must have been ordered yesterday.
Who paid for these posters, Rodri? Alejandro Who's paying for the fucking campaign? The most important thing is to win.
You didn't understand anything.
Go away.
The most important thing isn't to win, but how to win, change things.
Look how they left all this.
Bloody hell.
I can't believe it.
Do you know how much money this costs? Alejandro, let's go.
Wait, wait.
Who's there? What's up, man? I came because I heard that they destroyed the premises.
No, hold on.
What are you doing here? - You can't be here.
- I told you, didn't I? You need someone to protect you.
I know how those people think.
Who will protect me? Will you protect me? - I have my people, yes.
- Do you think I'm stupid? - Alejandro.
- You think I'm stupid.
I know that your people did all this, that hit me in the head.
That you wanted everyone to think that it'd been Nemo.
- Very good.
I bought it, bastards.
- Who put that into your head? Here the only enemy you and I have is Nemo Bandeira.
That makes us friends.
I don't want to be your friend, will you get it? I don't want you to buy posters for me.
I don't want you to be here.
Fuck off.
Then ask your friend Rodrigo, it's already too late.
- Because I bought that shit.
- I don't want this shit.
You don't know who you're dealing with, dude? Do you want me to break your head, do you want me to blow your head off? What, are you going to kill him too, or what? Shoot me.
Come on, shoot me.
Have the guts to shoot me.
I'm not scared of you or of Tigre or of Nemo.
You should be scared.
If Alejandro wins, if we win the elections, you will rot in jail, son of a bitch.
Fucking murderer.
Did you see how you need someone to protect you, poof? You got the bravest.
What the fuck happened here? What the? Lara.
What happened, Alejandro? Listen, I'm sorry.
Shut up.
My love, what happened to you? What have they done to you? She looked happy.
And at the end, that's all that matters, isn't it? I guess.
You're okay.
How am I going to be okay? I forget the important stuff and the stuff that isn't that important.
When several people talk to me at the same time, my brains freezes.
The worst thing is that I'm so full of rage and I take it on who I really shouldn't, my family.
I don't know if with this a doctor will give you the incapacitation.
My wife was a lot worse than your father-in-law.
But it'll help.
If Nemo refuses to accept his situation.
He's a good person.
I know.
Don't worry.
I'm doing this mainly for him.
I won't use it unless I have no other choice.
Eusebio, this is a secret between you and I, okay? The boyfriend around here again.
You don't fool me.
I know who you really are, son of a bitch.
Ferro, where the fuck are you? Phone immediately.
That Colombian hit-man is in Lara's house.
Don't turn it off.
I'm going to kill that son of a bitch of Tigre.
I told him that we were even, that I was retiring, that I left him all the fucking drug-trafficking and now he threatens me again, but Fuck.
Now we're really screwed.
We're really screwed.
If Tiger's done anything to her, I swear NEXT EPISODE Stay the night.
I can't, my darling.
Two things.
Firstly, you answer the phone whenever I fucking call you, and secondly, as soon as you get married, you only play with your shaft at home, are we clear? Berta, it's Chon.
I know you're in Lisbon and I'd like you to come home and stay with us for a few days.
Squab! Welcome home.
- You look very handsome.
- So do you.
Did you hire a rent boy so I'd screw it up in Open Sea? What? Where did those squatters come from? They say the building is theirs.
They insist you sold it to them.
What? - Mario - This is your signature.
I don't remember.
- I don't remember! - I told you to keep your mouth shut.
Don't get anywhere close to the Bandeiras.
I went to look for Lara, she'll be staying with us for few days.
What? If you want the company, it'll be all yours, but you have to promise me something.
The first head to roll will be Mario's and I want it all for me.
When have I said no to anything you wanted, darling? Where's Malcolm? - What did you do to him? - I don't know where he is.
Sito, Sito.
I hope you like fireworks.

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