Unauthorized Living (Vivir sin permiso) (2018) s01e10 Episode Script


A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES What the fuck is going on here? PREVIOUSLY We're your colleague's farewell gift.
That what they told us, that you were leaving and - I'm sure he's leaving.
- Why are you marring Nina? Because I love her.
You've become the person I wanted you to be.
Everything I know I learnt it from you.
I'm not happy to see you, dad.
In fact, I don't know why the heck I came.
You can relax now.
Your children are already here.
Not all of us are here yet.
What the fuck are you doing? Our phones have been tapped.
She has so little class.
My badge, superintendent.
In everyone's eyes it was my idea.
It's me who's leaving.
Ferro, where the fuck are you? Phone immediately.
That Colombian hit-man is in Lara's house.
Don't turn it off.
I'm going to kill that son of a bitch of Tigre.
I left him all the fucking drug-trafficking and now he threatens me again, but Now we're really screwed up.
The boyfriend around here again.
You don't fool me.
Who are you really, son of a bitch? Nemo.
If Tiger's done anything to her, I swear Mussels will have warm food today.
- Malcolm? - My girl.
- You've scared me.
- My girl.
- My girl.
- What are you doing, what's going on? Are you all right? You're not wounded? I'm fine.
What happened? The Colombian guy from Tiger's gang has been here.
You can't stay here.
You're coming to my house.
- What? - Please.
- This is my home.
- My house is also your home.
No, I've no intention to go.
Besides, Malcolm must be about to arrive, and All my things are here.
I packed a few things in here.
We're leaving, Lara.
Don't look at me with that face.
I'm very stylish.
You just have to look at me.
Are we going to stay in this sty because this asshole killed a cop? More respect, hey.
- I'll give you respect.
- Both of you, don't move, fuck.
Mum, this is just temporary while things cool down with Nemo and the fucking cop, okay? You had to get the hots for the bastard girl, didn't you? As if there weren't any more girls in Oeste.
I'm just saying I went to pay her a visit and her boyfriend was there.
But is he a cop or what? He told me himself, boss.
That guy didn't look like an accountant.
He knows how to use a gun, he knows how to defend himself.
The only thing I could do was to shoot him.
Mum, tide this place up so you'll stop being angry.
Freddy and I are going to the estuary to get rid of the body.
There's no body, boss.
I shot him and he ran away.
I went after him following the blood tracks, but he vanished.
He vanished? Did someone take him or what? That or the dead can walk.
That's called "Fairy Host".
I hope sooner or later it comes to take you, asshole.
Come in, darling.
Where were you? I went to look for Lara, she'll be staying with us for few days.
What? That's the least important thing, now.
There's someone waiting for you.
It was high time.
- Did I keep you waiting long? - Longer than I expected.
But everything has its time.
You're arrested.
For drug-trafficking, you have the right to remain I know my rights perfectly well, there's no need.
I'll be back soon.
Tell Carmiña I don't want eggs for breakfast tomorrow.
Monterroso, I don't think those handcuffs are really necessary.
- I think they are.
- Can't you see you're hurting him? That's what he would like.
- And Mario? - He's not picking up, but he'll get you out, you'll see.
Find him.
I have to go.
Stay the night.
I can't, my darling.
- Just a little longer.
- I can't.
I took a huge risk coming here.
I know.
Actually, everything would be easier if we could incapacitate Nemo.
Thank you.
That has to be his family's decision not yours.
I know.
The question is how do we make it to be his family's decision? It won't be easy.
When you marry Nina, it will be different.
15 phone calls.
MISSED CALLS Did you turn the ring tone off? How disappointing you are, Elisa.
You are so disappointing.
Watch out, Mario, in case that so much fucking makes one of your brain veins bursts and it leaves you feeble-minded.
Two things.
First one, you answer my calls fucking 24/7 and the second one, as soon as you get married, you only play with your shaft at home, are we clear? What are you doing here, mum? Isn't it too late for you? Your father's been arrested.
That inspector who says he's a drug baron.
Excuse me, but I'd like to speak to my son in private.
Do you know what would happen if your father goes to prison? - I don't lose sleep over it.
- You should.
Nina is marrying Mario and everything will be in his hands.
- And you and I will have nothing left.
- I can see how you care about dad.
Don't worry, mum, in this house you'll always have a warm meal.
Don't make jokes about this.
What do you expect me to do? I'm no good running the company.
I can do it, but your father is obsessed that it has to be you or your sister.
Why did you come, mum? I want you to make your father believe that you want to be his successor.
I'll help you regain his trust.
You don't have to do anything.
I'll take care of everything.
All I want is you to be my front.
How boring.
Take it seriously.
You'll have everything you want, money for your horses, for whatever you want.
No, mum.
I'm sorry.
Good night.
I told him that we were even, that I was retiring.
I left him all the fucking drug-trafficking and now he threatens me again.
I liked it the first time better, after listening to it five times, it loses its freshness, don't you think? Great, you could have taken longer.
- I'm sorry.
- We're all here, we can start.
No, we're not starting.
I've requested an Habeas corpus.
My client has been accused based on illegal audio surveillance.
The judge authorised it to investigate a hit-and-run.
A case that was closed before my client's phone was tapped.
I remind you that any evidence obtained illegally will be regarded inadmissible.
How did you find out? Hey, almost! Well done, I almost believed it.
You'll have to deal with this cock up for sure.
But I don't buy it, because it has your name written all over it.
Everything you do is a mess.
Nemo, whenever you're ready.
Enough of police abuse, you're hurting me, son of a bitch.
Where are you going, mate? What are you doing? You're a fucking great guy, fucking great.
Do you know him? He was in the opposite cell.
He was a pain all night.
So what? Will you ask to be transferred? No, no way.
Quite the opposite, more than ever I want to stay.
In fact, I'm thinking about buying a flat, near your house if possible.
I'd love to be your neighbour, to rub in your face that, thanks to you squealing on me to the judge, Nemo Bandeira is fucking free again.
Malcolm, where are you? I've been phoning you since yesterday and I haven't heard from you.
Phone me back, please, I'm worried.
One kiss.
Where are you going? They've let you out, already? It was all a lie, darling.
You don't have to fool me, I'm not like your wife and your daughter.
I know what your deal is.
Well, I'm going to work.
No, I can't let you go out.
- What? - It's dangerous.
That Colombian guy is still at large.
I'll talk to your employers, they won't take any money from your wages.
- So I'm your prisoner now? - No, worse, you're my daughter.
Then I'll go for a walk around here, as I'm trapped.
Daddy! Are you okay? Everything's fine.
I'm going to get changed.
- Everything okay? - Very good.
I was able to have all the charges dropped.
- Thank you, Mario.
- Nothing.
You're the best thing that's ever happened to our family.
It's not such a great deal.
What would we do without Mario? Don't you think, Chon? I'm more worried about what we'll do with him.
LET'S MAKE PROGRESS TOGETHER FOR A NEW OESTE And Oeste In Common, hurray, hurray.
Here you are, vote for Alejandro Lamas, the real candidate this town needs to change.
Here, mate, take one.
Do you know Alejandro Lamas? The 2.
0 candidate.
Do we know each other? Don't you remember? I do remember.
You fucked him in our bed.
Have you seen each other again? No.
What the fuck do you want now? We all three had a good time, didn't we? - What? - But Alejandro wasn't there.
Elections, orgy, coke, candidate.
It sounds good, doesn't it? I think your friend is blackmailing us.
Listen to me, son of a bitch, ugly bastard, if you involve my boyfriend in all this, I'll smash your Please, stop.
What do you want? 100,000 and I'm gone.
What do you mean 100,000? - Alejandro, I'm really sorry.
- Have you ever thought about me? I'm sorry.
Ferro, I don't understand.
This mansion is huge.
Why do I have to take your bedroom? Here, upstairs, you'll be very comfortable.
Here no one comes up.
I am fine anywhere, Lara.
Ah, my friend, it's because here the lionesses won't find me.
Ah, my friend, the lionesses can spoil their claws going up the stairs.
Try to rest, you look tired.
- Ferro - I knew it.
I knew it, what? How long have you known Nemo? Dinosaurs used to roam Oeste, we threw stones at them.
Did you meet my mum? Yes, and I met you too when you were a little girl.
- You used to eat fleas on the beach.
- No.
Yes, I knew your mum.
Why did Nemo leave her? If your dad could live three lives, he still wouldn't be able to answer that.
What I know is that she was the love of his life.
Well Don't "well" me, Lara.
If I tell you she was the love of his life, it's because she was.
Okay? Ferro, let me go, for a short while.
I promise we won't tell Nemo.
He won't know.
Lara, it can't happen.
When there's blood, every precaution has to be taken.
Blood, what do you mean? Blood, where? - Ferro, in my house? - On the terrace.
What bullshit are you telling me? I haven't heard from Malcolm.
- Has something happened to him? - We're looking for him.
No, we have to call the police, fuck.
I'm calling them right now.
- Let's see.
- What are you doing? If you want to call the police, okay, but don't tell them about Freddy, because they won't move a fucking finger to find him.
However, the tigers will find you.
Okay? No, I can't wait.
And don't worry, I have seen 300,000 dicks in my life.
Mario, listen to me.
Alejandro may lose his chance of being the mayor because of me.
It was high time you started doing something for your family.
Don't fuck with me, this is your ex-wife's doing.
What? Do you remember the day we were going to sign Portofino's contract? - Yes.
- That day I slept with a guy and the son of a bitch wants us to pay him, otherwise he'll go to every newspaper saying that Alejandro is a drug addict and that's not true.
That's not Elisa's style.
Don't involve her in your stuff.
All I want is that guy to shut his mouth.
Mario, do you know any thug that goes to people's houses to break their legs? Carlos, don't make things any worse and let me take care of it.
No, I'll take care of that.
Alejandro is suffering because of me.
It's my business.
If I have learnt something good from dad, is that if I mess things up, I can solve it.
Do you know another thing good about your dad? He knows when he has to let me do things.
Carlos, I can promise you that no one will lay a hand on Alejandro.
- Let alone that stupid guy.
- Do you promise me? I promise.
Can I hug you? Yes.
Thank you so much.
- I love you, I love you very much.
- Come on.
I haven't heard from him since last night.
He texted me saying he'd be late.
And that's all I know.
Usually, when an adult is missing, we don't start doing anything until 24 hours after his disappearance.
- Yes, but there's blood out there.
- That's why we're here.
After 24 hours of his disappearance.
That's fucking quick.
- Did your boyfriend have any enemies? - No.
And you? That Colombian guy? My mum once phoned the police and she's still waiting, so when you say after 24 hours I don't know what to think.
Either you shut up or you leave.
I don't know anything about that Colombian guy.
I'm going to work, will you shut the door when you leave? Sure they'll shut it, Lara.
Officers, don't shut doors after 24 hours, hey? Have a look at this.
I don't know what we're going to do with my dad.
I'm worried that all that stress takes its toll on him.
Don't worry, I'll take care of him, okay? Me too.
By the way, what does he have to do today? Let's see if we can sell a hotel to a French investor, Marcel Bonnard.
With that money the more urgent debts we have with Lloyds bank will be covered.
Correct me, if I'm wrong.
- Just that.
- If you want to come with us, you can, but stop plotting behind my back.
FRENCH INVESTOR - MARCEL BONNARD PENDING DEBTS - LLOYDS Here we are, the hotel is brand new.
When we finished building it, we decided to focus our line of work on something different.
Yes, so don't let the surroundings affect your decision.
This land is waiting for the council to authorise a change of the land use - but everything is under control.
- I can see.
I assure you that in no time, this will be the centre of Oeste.
This house belongs to everyone! This house belongs to everyone! - And that? - Where did those squatters come from? This house belongs to everyone! Marcel, don't worry.
The police will take them out.
I'll take care of this.
- There was no one here yesterday.
- But today there is.
Excuse me a moment.
- Let's see, who's the boss here? - No one is the boss here.
That's why I'm talking to you, true? Don't hit my arm and don't laugh.
We're not supposed to know each other.
Give me the napkin.
This house belongs to everyone! Solved? I'm afraid not.
They say the building is theirs.
They insist you sold it to them.
What? What nonsense are you talking, Mario? Is that your signature? I, NEMO BANDEIRA This is a paper napkin and has no judicial value.
Of course it doesn't, but this people are used to making noise and before they leave, this buyer will.
Dad, what were you thinking when you signed this? Were you forced to? I can't remember.
He was released from prison, I saw him hugging you.
I can't remember Mario.
I can't remember.
I can't remember! EVERYONE'S HOUSE Out, go away.
This time it has been a signature on a paper napkin.
Next time it may be a contract before a notary.
Then, my darling, I won't have other choice, but But what? But to use your father's state of mind in his defence.
Darling, at some point you'll have to talk to a judge.
My father is not prepared for something like that.
- Neither am I.
- Of course.
Important decisions have to be well meditated and then go through with them.
I'm going to talk to Marcel.
- Marcel.
- Yes.
I am really sorry.
I apologize on Nemo's behalf, he had to go.
- Some other time.
- Okay.
- A pleasure.
- Bye.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Are we going anywhere? Not you.
- What's wrong? - Let me say something.
Let me explain why the son of a bitch of your boyfriend is going to leave you.
Because you deserve it, Alejandro.
You deserve someone who thinks of you before sniffing a line.
You deserve someone who, before getting high with everything, thinks of all the good moments that you have ahead of you.
- Can I say something? - No, you can't.
I'm speaking.
Well, I don't mind.
Why the fuck did you have to arrive earlier today? Shut up.
Wait, you're completely right.
Do you hear me? Completely right.
You're an asshole, and I'm not the only one who thinks like that.
My friends tell me, "What are you doing with that brat, that arrogant, spoiled, rich kid?" I know I deserve something better.
I deserve to be treated better.
Look at me.
The thing is that I love you.
I can't live without you.
Really? What a coincidence, because I love you too.
Be quite.
Mum, the disease is progressing very quickly.
Dad has lucid moments, but all of the sudden he blocks out, and he might even have senile dementia.
I don't know.
What are you saying? Signing the sale of a hotel that is worth a few millions in a napkin has nothing to do with his memory loss, - but with being sane.
- Your dad isn't mad.
I know, I want to believe it too, but that doesn't change things, and things are bad.
Mum, Open Sea needs money urgently.
I'll get it.
I'm talking about several millions of euros.
I'm telling you that I'll get them.
Will you? And how? By raising money with your friends to save tropical forests and then divert the funds to Open Sea? I'm more capable to run the company than you.
I can't say I had a father as open as yours.
You don't know how lucky you are, Nina.
- Hello.
- Berta? I am.
- It's Chon.
- Chon who? What do you mean "Chon who?" Your sister Chon.
I know it's been a long time.
I know you're in Lisbon and I'd like you to come home and stay with us for a few days.
- What home? - Our home.
She's hung up, son of - What? - Berta, please, don't hang up.
If I'm phoning you after ten years, it's because I need you.
Something important is happening in my family.
I see.
Will you come? I don't know.
Get me a car and I'll think it over.
Thank you.
Little by little, you'll have difficulty to remember.
Little by little you'll forget recent memories.
Spending the weekend with your parents? I hope they're fine.
I swear I didn't tell anyone.
Is that your son? Please.
Don't get my son involved in this, please.
Don't be afraid.
I trust you and that's a lot coming from me.
I have been thinking.
When I phoned you the other day, you didn't answer my question.
How long will I still be me? It depends on many factors.
In the best scenario.
Taking the medication and under a no pharmacological therapy, several years.
Sometimes my hands tremble.
That could be the stress.
I can prescribe something.
My handbag is in my car.
Tell me something, doctor.
If you could choose, what would it be, Parkinson's disease or Alzheimer? I'd choose Parkinson.
I'm positive.
Your hand may tremble and drop the wine, but you know where the bottle is.
I won't allow my brain to shut little by little.
I deserve to die from a gunshot or a heart attack.
What are you doing? I'm celebrating I made new friends in the police station.
Some squatters.
I think it's the only NGO you haven't collaborated with.
Squatters are not a NGO.
That's your line of expertise.
I almost gave those squatters a building.
What do you think? That by drinking you won't solve anything.
That's my line of expertise.
You can't keep denying the evident.
You're not well.
They'll end up proving that you're a drug baron and we'll lose everything.
Did you think I didn't know? I'm not that stupid, but I know well how to pretend being one.
I'm happy you have a great IQ.
- I'm going for a drive.
- No.
You can't drive like that.
If you want, I can drive the car and run Open Sea.
You? Open Sea is in ruins.
We're up to our necks in debt.
Where are you going to get the money from? All my life I let you humiliate me.
I don't mind if my sister does it now.
A change may be good for me.
Leave me alone, please.
If I stay with my family, what can they expect? They'll have to arrange how to look after you.
It'll mean sacrifices.
There'll be a time when you'll need a person to be by your side 24/7 and do everything for you.
Your family will need all the help they can get.
Bandeira, you don't own your disease.
It affects everyone who loves you.
I wish they hated me more.
Yes, I'm the first to be surprised.
I must go now.
Is Malcolm not here? He asked for a day off, but in fact we haven't heard from him.
I phoned him, he didn't answer the phone.
Who's in charge of my father's business then? - Mencía.
- Ask her for a report with all the bank movements my father has ordered in the last months.
Nina, will we be authorised to ask for that information? I'm the daughter of the owner.
I think we're authorised.
What the fuck is going on? That's what I'm asking you, what the fuck is going on? I told you to keep your mouth shut.
Who the fuck do you think you are to threaten someone? I needed some money.
Don't get anywhere close to the Bandeiras.
How is your room, do you like it? I'm staying in the attic, in Ferro's bedroom.
What? No way.
You must have a room like everyone else.
- You're one of us.
- Really, I prefer it that way.
A clever girl, she prefers it that way.
But I don't.
But I'm fine like this.
One thing, Lara, this house is as yours as Nina's or Carlos's - and if you need anything - Yes, I do.
- I need one thing.
- Anything.
- Please, find Malcolm.
- Lara, we're looking for him.
I'll take care of it personally, I'll find him, I promise.
I promise.
- Don't go.
- Yes, it must be the "pixas".
- It's said "pizzas".
- "Pixas.
" What the hell are you doing here? What are you doing here? Easy, what the fuck do you want? Easy, what the fuck do you want? Your brother-in-law is a son of a bitch.
Technically he's not my brother-in-law and, besides, you shouldn't care about that if you're incapable of telling the difference: a threesome, - a shag, or an orgy.
- Your brother-in-law? What does Mario have to do with all this? I asked Mario to help us.
No, he volunteered.
- Is this your way of asking for help? - Yes.
- Mario paid you to go away? - No.
To stop me from telling you that he was who hired me.
Mario hired you to drug me and to sleep with me? Why would Mario do that? So I'd be late for the signing.
Look, I don't care.
Out of this house.
I told you, eh? Fucking hell Why would Mario want to fuck my life? I don't get it.
Who gains more from you leaving Open Sea? It can't be.
Think about it.
It can't be, it can't be.
Son of a bitch.
What do you think? It doesn't look good at all.
What shall we tell your daughter, Nemo? We won't tell her anything.
First, we have pay someone a visit.
If you're talking about Tiger, no one knows where he or his fat mum are.
If he's in hiding, it's because he knows something about this.
Let's go.
Give me your phone.
You're a bit old to play these stupid games.
Perhaps you're too old.
Yes, and we're more into ludo.
We're looking for Tiger.
Where's your boss? I'm a loser, no one tells me anything.
Fine, let's play a little game.
Ferro will leave one bullet in the chamber and I'll make a phone call to a number from your contact's list.
If it's Tiger's number, you can leave with no problems.
If it's not, Ferro will have to start the game.
You've got six opportunities.
Well, five.
Shall we start? This is actually a fun game, isn't it? Aunt Amalia.
What do you say? Is this your boss? Sito? Sorry, madam, I've got the wrong number.
What do we play, Nemo? The knee, the balls? I don't have Tiger's phone number, I'm a loser.
I've just told you.
You don't say "loser.
" You say "dead.
" Hairdresser's? No.
For sure it's not hairdresser's.
It's Tiger's number.
You've never washed your hair in your fucking life.
- It's not on the contact's list.
- Where is it? He ordered us to learn his number, it's not on the list.
Then refresh your memory.
Don't move.
What the fuck do you want now? Is that the way you greet your people? - Nemo? - The very same one.
Look, you and I have already wasted too long.
So we're going to sort things out once and for all.
Where is Malcolm? What did you do to him? What? If you don't know him, your Colombian guy does.
Ask him.
I don't know where he is.
Sito, Sito.
We still have time to stop all this.
But you have to cooperate.
I'm not interested in cocaine, but I'm in my family and your fucking Colombian guy doesn't seem to understand our rules.
I'm telling you I don't know where he's.
Neither him nor that "Malcunt.
" As you please.
I hope you like fireworks.
Fucking hell! Boss, that's our warehouse being burnt.
Those bastards have set fire on everything: the cars, the coke, everything, boss.
There's nothing left.
Nothing left! We know well whose fault it is.
What did Nemo say? Get rid of this one.
And what are you thinking? No one bosses me around, not even my fucking mother.
Your fucking mother tells you to sit down and have dinner.
Where's my sister? Berta, where are you? Yes, we'll wait for you.
I'll tell her, she's next to me.
- What happened? - She's shopping.
She can't show up empty-handed.
And your cousin Daniel sends you his love.
- Is Daniel coming? - No, he isn't.
Why that face? I thought you liked him.
I don't like or dislike him.
We're not even cousins, mum.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
And this surprise? How are you doing? I just wanted to know the world looks like from this seat.
And the truth is that sitting here you feel like the fucking master.
It's like If you really want to know what power feels like, - you should sit on your father's seat.
- No, man, no.
The strings are pulled from this office.
Although you manage well to pretend it doesn't.
You're a clever boy, Mario.
You've always been, but I'm not so stupid.
What's the matter? I'm not as stupid as people may think.
Mario, do you think I'm stupid? No, I don't think you're stupid.
I don't.
But, Carlos, speak more clearly, because I've no time.
Did you hire a rent boy so I'd screw it up in Open Sea? What? Where did you get that idea from, Carlos? I see, I guess the rent boy you're telling me about must have told you.
And you believe him more than me, your brother? Because for me you're my brother.
Get that in your head, that's why everything I've done is to help you and respect you, always.
Thank you, Mario.
You do believe I'm stupid.
Nina, Mario's using you to get hold of the company.
He made me think that he was helping me and as soon as he could, he took me for a ride.
I won't make a joke of that.
Well, don't make any fucking joke because it's not fucking funny.
I'm telling you that your boyfriend doesn't love you.
And that he only wants your money.
And you're about to do the fucking same thing your mother did.
In what world do you live? You think I don't know Mario's marrying me for my money and my position? Mario and I are getting married because we have something is common, - we love being rich.
- On the day of the Portofino signing, he'd hired a rent boy so he'd drug me and shag me all night.
Money that you saved.
You're stupid.
And you're jealous because I've got to where you haven't been able to.
Open Sea will be for me and you can't stand it.
You're completely blind, Nina.
Tell me, darling.
My love, I've just spoken to my brother and you're completely right.
- This boy has lost it.
- Don't take any notice.
Yes, but so many drugs have melted his brain.
Who would believe those bad things about you? Darling, I have to go, I have an incoming phone call.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Is that your lunch? Yes, but I bought the ham.
I don't want your girlfriend and Chon to believe I steal food from them.
Technically it wouldn't be stealing, it would be larceny.
Will you allow me to do it for you? They won't dare say anything to me.
How brave.
Listen, I wanted to thank you.
One moment, can you repeat that? Lara Balarés is thanking me.
- Listen, seriously.
- I'm listening.
I wanted to thank you for trying to defend me the other day against those lionesses at dinner.
They have better days.
You'll see for yourself.
I don't care.
I'm not going to stay here to see it.
As soon as Nemo allows it, I'll be off and that's it.
Although it's hard for you to believe it, Nemo loves you very much.
Yes, it's hard to believe.
He doesn't know me.
There's no need to know you to fall in love with you.
Try it.
It'll get cold.
- Seriously, try it.
- What a delicatessen.
- Well - Tomato, lettuce.
Here I go.
It's delicious.
Mario? Hello.
- How are you doing? - Do you know what? - What? - I've just received a phone call from the church.
There's no problem in celebrating our wedding in the chapel of our house.
What good news.
Let me know and I'll buy a dress.
No, it's a joke.
I have no interest in ruining your wedding.
- Is this the one I bought you? - Yes.
Wow, you're almost taller than your dad.
I'm happy to see you.
- Come on, go and play.
- There you go.
Thank you for bailing me out.
It's the least I could do.
If it weren't for you, the police would have nicked Ferro and me.
Why did you take the van with the ice knowing they were following you? Fuck, Quique, you have a son! It's done.
Don't worry about Mario.
When you go to the nick, I'll take care of him.
I'm not going to prison.
- I'll get you a good lawyer.
- You don't get me.
I won't go to prison because I won't go to trial.
I want to leave all this, Nemo.
- Quique, listen.
- Send me to Bogota.
Don't you say that the Colombians don't fully trust us? Then send me there as warrantee.
You're not aware of what you're saying.
I am.
If there's any problem with the dispatch, - do you know what they'll do to you? - Nothing will happen to me.
Come on.
Has your sister arrived yet? Only half of her, her luggage.
Don't hold out much hope with Berta.
You know what she's like.
And what do you expect me to do? Sit and do nothing as I see how Open Sea is shot to shit? - Squab! - Time has made her more modest.
Berta! - You look beautiful.
- You haven't changed at all.
Welcome home.
Oh, Nemo.
- You look very handsome.
- So do you.
We've prepared your room.
How sweet, but I'm not 18.
I'm not coming in.
I do have 18 suitcases, well, 19.
We'll see what we can do.
I can't believe it, Nina.
Hello! - It's not Nina.
- It's my daughter, Ada's daughter.
That explains why she's so pretty.
I'm Berta, your aunt, the one from Mexico.
Come here.
- A pleasure.
- Likewise.
It looks beautiful.
I've been told you were in Nemo's daughter's house.
Yes, but I'm sorry to disappoint you.
The father has nothing to do with the case.
- Let me decide that.
- Her boyfriend has disappeared.
There was blood on the terrace door.
- Is it him? - Yes, I think so.
- What do you mean you think so? - His name is Malcolm Sousa, Scottish.
I have a contact in the British police.
I've asked them to send us the information they have of him.
- And? - According to them, everything matches, except that this is Malcolm Sousa.
He died in a plane crash three years ago.
So, who the hell is this guy? Lady Berta, will you have meat or fish? Oh, don't call me "lady", just call me Ms.
Berta, that's enough.
Meat and fish.
I don't gain weight.
I'm very lucky, aren't I, squab? - Yes, she's lucky.
- Nina You're getting married, and to this handsome man.
I won't miss your wedding for anything in the world.
I'll give you a great gift.
There's no need.
Then I won't give them anything.
Squab, your face, it can't be.
How wouldn't I give them a gift? One that you'll never forget.
It's my speciality.
I'm so sad your cousin Dani isn't here.
- He misses you so much.
- And we miss him.
- Hey, aunt Berta, how are you? - Carlos! - How effeminate you are! - If you knew.
No surprise you never sent him to Mexico.
Being so camp, you'd have been shot before getting off the plane.
At least there you shot people face to face.
Here it's more usual to stab you in the back when you aren't aware.
Isn't it, Mario? Leave the mobile phone.
- You already know him, don't you? - Yes.
Then be careful with him because he's a wolf in sheep's clothing.
- I'm only warning you.
- Tell us.
- If I start, I will never finish.
- Carlos, please be quite.
Let him finish.
What happened? I found out that Mr.
Mario Mendoza hired a rent boy to drug me on the day of Portofino signing, dad.
- What are you saying? - Mum, that's a lie.
I don't think it's the right moment to talk about matters Then, when the fuck am I supposed to talk about it? In this family we're experts in looking the other way.
Here we all have things to hide, isn't it true, darling? Starting by you, dad.
You're the worst That's enough.
Come with me.
You'd rather believe him.
It's much easier for everyone.
Mario isn't a saint.
I know that, but neither are you.
And you? When will your canonization take place? In case you're right about Mario, you allowed it to happen.
- He drugged me, dad.
- And that's not your fault? Only one more question and I'll leave you alone so you can go with you family happiness wherever you're going to, to be happy ever after.
Who wrote the speech for the press conference in which you claimed, coming from your own mouth, that your son was a miserable drug addict? Was it Mario? It was the only way to save us.
Mario saved you at my expense, don't you realize? Everyone at that table is in Mario's way.
He's started by me, but who the hell do you think will be next? - And Carlos? - He's gone, it's for the best.
This boy This boy isn't well.
Don't worry, he'll apologize.
He thinks that by saying "I'm sorry" everything is fine.
Can you think of a better solution? Are you okay? Berta? She's also gone.
Let's start eating, I'm hungry.
Carlos! Wait.
- They sent you to finish me off.
- Send me? I've just arrived, darling.
I have no seniority to finish anyone off.
In this family traditions are highly cherished.
Yes, you're right.
Listen, my mother can't stand you.
Don't spoil the story.
She can't even see you.
I came to give you a gift.
A gift for me? Don't open it here because your mum will rightly hate me, okay? Okay.
Thank you very much.
Not every woman is horrible.
It's true.
What are you doing dressed like that? We're family.
Put this on, please.
Really? How prudish you've become with age.
Berta, I need to talk to you.
At last.
We're going through a bad patch in Open Sea and we need money.
What was that dad used to say? We only think of Saint Berta when there's thunder.
Or was it Saint Barbara? I can't remember.
Can you tell me what you're looking for? Something to nibble.
These I did miss.
Do you want one? I don't like olives.
One for your little sister.
The company needs money until it goes public.
I'm telling you I don't like olives.
But the second tastes better than the first one, I promise, the same as husbands.
You wouldn't know that, because you clung onto the first one that crossed your path.
I said no.
Don't get angry, squab.
Tomorrow I'll call my lawyers.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
We're family.
- What are you doing here? - Surprise! What a hut, Lara! Why didn't you tell me you were coming? So you wouldn't let us come.
No way.
- Have you got a room with views? - No, because this isn't a hotel.
For just one thing Nemo's given you, you could make the most of it.
And look out they don't abduct you.
What are you saying, mate? No, he's trying to help me.
He's being nice to me, actually.
When you say he's being nice to you, you mean he's being a father.
I don't know, because I never had one.
I see.
- Abducted.
- Drugs in your coffee.
No, but he told me he'll do his best to find Malcolm.
- And you believe him? - If anyone can find him, it's Nemo.
Stay with him.
I'll call a doctor.
Lago! - Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Did you speak to your lawyers? - Yes.
And? I woke them up, but they were ever so polite.
It's wonderful to have money.
No one calls you "bastard" in your face.
Are you going to help us? Sure, squab.
But we have to arrange how you'll pay me the money back.
Soon we'll go public and we'll have liquid funds.
I never liked games of chance.
When choosing between the lottery or catching a millionaire, I went for the latter.
Mario and Nemo have arranged it so nothing will go wrong.
Your husband and your son-in-law, you wouldn't say - anything bad about them.
- What do you want? Dad's canning factory.
It would be so sad that you sold it to a stranger, that'd break my heart.
That will never happen.
The canning factory is under your name.
- Your husband left it under your name? - Yes.
You sign this document and the money will be yours.
Dad was so right when he said that we only think of Saint Barbara when there's thunder, or was it Saint Berta? - I can't remember.
- Come on, squab.
What's going on here? A small dose of self-pity early in the morning? Yes, the typical.
That's what happens after I was ignored by my family the same way they ignore fucking shit.
Well, try not to get down in the dumps, it's me who has to help you climb out of the hole.
Aren't you going to open your aunt's gift? No.
Have a nice day, darling.
It's fucking heavy.
Mum, we can't go on like this.
Like what? I've been going through dad's bank movements in the last few months - and you know what? - What? He's given Lara two million euros, two million euros.
Leave us, darling.
How could you? What have I done now? I had to lower myself before my sister to get money to save Open Sea, and meanwhile, what did you do? To throw away your children's money, because it's not yours, it's your children's, it's Carlos and Nina's money.
- If you are talking about the hotel - Shut up.
If you died, my children would only inherit a company covered in debt.
Your bastard daughter, two million? You're hurting us.
You don't realize, but you're really hurting yourself.
Carlos, what are you doing? Dad, go away, dad, please, go upstairs.
Put the gun down, son.
Carlos, no matter what you think of me, it isn't your dad's fault at You son of a bitch, shut up, shut your mouth, shut up, Mario.
Mario, shut up, please.
He's the perfect son, isn't he, dad? Parents can't choose their children, the same way children can't choose their parents.
- Carlos! - Stay there, Chon.
Easy, son.
Give me the gun.
Come on, give me the gun.
Give it to me.
Give me the gun.
Forgive me dad, I'm sorry, forgive me.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
I'm sorry.
Never, never ever shoot anyone from behind.
Leave him.
Come here, darling.
Calm down, are you okay? Yes, I'm fine.
I'm sorry, Mario, you'd better leave and we'll all forget this.
For once being sick is an advantage.
He'll forget.
And if he doesn't, it doesn't matter.
I'm going to incapacitate him.
I'm going to help you mum.
If you want the company, it'll be all yours, but you have to promise me something.
The first head to roll will be Mario's and I want it all for me.
Understood? When have I said no to anything you wanted, darling? Everything is going just fine, your little cousin is mine.
Now we have to go for the girl.
NEXT EPISODE You have no idea who I am, do you? Your boyfriend is a spy.
Do you know what he could be investigating lately? I was blind.
I thought it'd help me make peace with Lara and I couldn't see beyond that.
Now we need to know what Malcolm knows about the company.
As soon as it senses any movement, boom, bowels everywhere.
What are you up to, Lago? We're friends, I trust you.
That's what I want to hear.
I'm saving you, boy.
Are you? Then unlock these.
I'll go after you.
I promise I will.
If you go on like this, you'll come to a sticky end, really sticky end.
Who will come to a sticky end, you or me? Fucking orphan.
I wore it on my wedding day.
I'd like you to wear it tomorrow.
I missed you so much, boy.
Squab, smile, it looks like you were in a funeral.
That's the good one.
You never disappoint me.
And love you and take care of you every day of my life.
I, Nina, take you, Mario, as my husband.
I promise you to be faithful in prosperity and adversity,
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