Unauthorized Living (Vivir sin permiso) (2018) s01e11 Episode Script

Un día para no olvidar

Where did those squatters come from? They say the building is theirs.
- They insist you sold it to them.
- I don't remember.
You're the best thing that's ever happened to our family.
It's not such a great deal.
What would we do without Mario? Don't you think, Chon? I'm more worried about what we'll do with him.
- The canning factory is under your name? - Yes.
You sign this document and the money will be yours.
Mario's using you to get hold of the company.
Open Sea will be for me and you can't stand it.
You're completely blind, Nina.
Carlos! - What are you doing? - Dad, go away, dad, please, go upstairs.
Please, son.
I hope you like fireworks.
Fucking hell! Those bastards have set fire on everything.
There's nothing left.
Nothing left! The first head to roll will be Mario's and I want it all for me.
Everything is going just fine, your little cousin is mine.
Now we have to go for the girl.
A century ago, there was an infestation that destroyed all the grapevines in Europe.
I know.
But we imported more resistant vines from America.
And we're still strong.
You have no idea who I am, do you? That's okay, we haven't seen each other for a long time.
I'm your nephew! Daniel! Berta's son.
Give me a hug, uncle.
What are you here for? - You came to make my wine better? - No.
I'm here for your daughter's wedding.
- Daniel! - Mum! Dani Why didn't you tell me you were coming? Why would I ruin this surprise for my cousin? This can't be happening.
Mum, did you invite him to come? No, it wasn't me.
It must have been his mum.
What's the matter? Nothing.
Dani! - It's so good to see you! - You look so pretty.
- How are you? - Very good.
What about you? I'm very good.
I'll go to your room later to give you my wedding gift.
You can give it to me now.
There's no need to wait.
I don't think you want your dad to see what it is.
Have you met Daniel yet? He seems a good boy.
Daniel? Daniel is Berta's son.
Berta, Chon's sister.
I need you to sign this.
- What's this? - The prenuptial agreement.
Did you think I had forgotten? No.
You know I have no problem.
It's been written by someone who knows you very well.
Elisa? Your ex-wife.
She's a good lawyer.
The best.
Don't you trust me? Of course I trust you.
- Has Nina read this yet? - I'll take it to her.
If you give it to her, she'll think you're forcing her.
Let me convince her.
You know her very well.
Well, not as well as I'd like.
She's constantly surprising me.
Who I know well is you.
I'd rather keep it, - if you don't mind.
- Of course not.
Minus ten.
Ferro, you're awful at this, terrible.
Are you upset? Do you want to play domino, boules, "I spy with my little eye"? - These games are for you.
- Girl.
- What? - If there's no money on the table, I can't play.
- You can't? - No.
And I don't play with money.
But if you want, we can bet something else.
And if you ride here You're such an animal.
Listen to me.
Look at me.
If I win - Yes.
- You have to talk to Nemo.
- Yes.
- And tell him - to stop blackmailing me emotionally.
- Okay.
And that he lets me leave his house.
And if you lose, what's the deal, pretty face? I won't lose.
But if I lose, I won't tell anyone I won 17 times! - 16, 16.
- Ladies and gentlemen.
Don't mess with me or I'll drag you downstairs.
You play awfully.
Are you getting upset? Is it a deal or not? No, there's no deal.
Your dad is so nosy, he was listening to us! Don't worry, Ferro.
I didn't hear you lost 17 times.
Come on.
- Can I play? - No.
We're much into the game And why your visit to my chambers? You know your sister's getting married tomorrow.
- Will you be at the wedding? - No.
I told you many times I'm not going.
I understand you don't want to know anything about Chon or Nina, but Mario is fond of you.
That's why, I don't want to spoil his wedding.
Nina will have a fit if she sees me there.
- Would you like a beer? - Get one for your dad.
No, no.
He's a very busy man and I'm sure he's got lots of things to do.
You get on with her better than me.
Don't be jealous.
She plays cards like you.
It's impossible to win.
Are you not surprised no one's heard from Tigre all these weeks? Bloody hell, Nemo, you left Tigre with nothing what so ever.
Give him some time to get organized again.
And besides, we have the wedding.
This truce smells fishy, very fishy.
This has gone bad.
You've gone bad.
It tastes like a cunt and that's why you don't like it.
Watch it.
I can't manage this.
Less laughing and let's see if you get me out of here.
I don't know whether you like living amongst shit - or I gave birth to a coward.
- I'm arranging it, I am.
Are you? I can't see it.
You can't see it because I'm doing it fucking well.
And you, keep doing that, see if you can find a pearl, mate.
Or a treasure.
There you are, good-for-nothing.
I don't know where you found these geniuses.
Yale, Oxford and Cambridge, what do you fucking expect? Cambridge.
Did anyone follow you, mate? No, boss.
Everything fine, fine.
Here you have it.
It's a beauty.
Don't touch it.
This goes boom, you know? - And the remote, Freddy? - No, that has no remote.
This model does it all automatically.
As soon as it senses any movement, boom, bowels everywhere.
Conchi, how nice to see you.
What are you doing here? Is this your son? - The youngest one.
- He's gorgeous.
And how's your arm, how are you getting on? - Well, quite well.
- Very good.
- It's unbelievable, you can move it.
- Yes.
What are you doing here? You're the last person I'd expect to see here.
- So you didn't come to see me? - No.
My son wanted to give Mario a drawing.
I told him he was getting married, but he's driving me mad.
Can you give it to him? Yes, sure.
But I don't understand.
Did I miss something? Mario will get angry if I tell you.
And I'll get angry if you don't.
What happened? He saved my arm.
He looked for the best doctor and paid all the expenses himself.
First we'll serve a snack for the closest friends when the ceremony finishes.
Then the guests will be waiting for us at the restaurant.
By the way, Carmiña, did you order the oysters? Yes, the catering business is taking care of everything.
They'll open them, serve them.
They're very professional.
- How are you, Mario? - I'm fine, and you? - Nervous.
- Relax, everything will go well.
Chon, I need to ask you something that's very important for me.
Tell me.
I would be happy if you could be my matron of honour.
Those kind of things don't go with Chon, but I'd love to.
You know that my naughty step-son will never get married.
This would be like my only chance.
You don't mind, right, squab? I came to give you my wedding present.
This won't belong to the car that's parked in the garage? You don't like it.
I love it, but it's too much.
Let me spoil my niece and nephew.
- Go and have a look at it.
- Thank you.
And have you already shagged him? I've known him since he was a little boy.
But not even a dirty thought? You're sick.
Do you have a minute? What did you come for? Anyone would say you're not happy to see me.
And they'd be right.
What a shame.
I keep such a good memory of Paris.
- That's water under the bridge.
- Water under the bridge, yes.
That's why I think you'll like my present.
Open it.
Do you remember my friend Armando? I've known him since we were at primary school.
- He came with me to Paris.
- I met a lot of people in Paris.
I'm aware of that.
Someone insisted in throwing a welcome party and we asked him to invite some babies that spoke Spanish and who looked very beautiful.
That's how you started, but I also have photos of how you ended up.
- Do you want to see them? - No, I don't want to see them.
When you got to the party, I didn't recognize you and I was thinking about it for a while and I said, "Where have I seen this beautiful girl?" Until I realized, it happens to be my cousin.
You had that tattoo done in Paris.
What do you want? I told you, give you a present.
No, what do you want? Money is what you're looking for? No, Nina, don't be vulgar.
Money? My dad has more dough than you, please.
Mexican are no longer the poor relatives.
So stop looking at me over your shoulder.
And now go to sleep, princess.
Tomorrow will be a big day.
Have you spoken to dad? Has he forgiven me for the gun incident, yet? - Of course he's forgiven you.
- Did he tell you himself? We haven't spoken again.
It doesn't really matter.
- He'll forget it anyway.
- Things don't work like that.
- I will remember.
- In our world they do work like that.
Believe me, darling.
What I can't understand is how your aunt gave you a gun.
You and Berta have never got on well, actually.
I did get on well with your aunt.
Will you stop with the ball, please? And listen to me, tomorrow you have to focus.
When you see Mario with your dad, you come up to him, you say hello, and you apologize to Mario.
The most important thing is - that your dad sees you.
- I hope I don't get sick.
Then you come with an empty stomach.
Is Alejandro coming? No, I couldn't convince him to come.
It doesn't matter, it can be justified.
The elections are very close and they don't want to be associated with your dad.
Can you see you'll never get it in? Why have you been failing on purpose for half an hour? If I got the first one in, I wouldn't know that you also think I'm a fucking good-for-nothing.
It was worth it.
I missed you so much, boy.
And was Nina so pleased to see you as I was? I don't do these nice things to her.
She doesn't know what she's missing.
Finish it, won't you? Carmiña, because I have Nemo's girl living in my attic.
I think we could meet in your house, can't we? Yes, with my mother and sister.
Do you want me to do it with your mum and your sister too? Have you seen Mario? He went to test his new car, but you have someone to see you.
The police.
But why the fuck you don't tell me earlier that the police is here? Because they came to see her and not you.
What do you want? Your boyfriend's wife came to see us.
- Ex-wife, they are separated.
- Legally they're still married, although he broke up with her the day he disappeared.
She told us very interesting things.
- But does she know where Malcolm is? - No, she doesn't, but she's used to him disappearing for long periods of time.
Did you know your boyfriend works for CNI? What's CNI? It's the National Intelligence Centre.
Your boyfriend is a spy.
But, he works as an accountant in Open Sea.
Do you know what he could be investigating lately? Hey, I need your help.
Have you got a mobile to phone? A phone? A phone? Your friend's been a naughty boy.
He asked me for a mobile phone.
That means you'll have no dinner today.
Don't take much notice, he's been trained to fuck.
Did you bring me what I asked you? And this? Today I'm not in the mood.
I would love to, though.
Can I use them with him? I think he's in the mood.
Get going.
I told you, I told you so, that guy Mario, will you stop driving him mad with the "I told you so"? I deserve it.
I was blind.
I thought it'd help me make peace with Lara and I couldn't see beyond that.
Now we need to know what Malcolm knows about the company, - Malcolm or whatever his name is.
- Close the Bahamas account and the others, the ones you know.
- Is anything the matter? - No, nothing, my love.
Well, there is a good news.
Your boyfriend won't have a stag party.
There won't be a stripper, he won't get drunk.
So go to sleep that tomorrow is a very tough day and a wonderful one.
Are you going tell me what's going on, guys, please? Mario, lend me the keys of that car.
Have you seen the car your aunt gave you as a present? We'll go for a ride and I'll show you how to do some spins.
- You want to shut me up with a ride? - Nina, I'm begging you.
Let's go, Nina.
Rest, my darling.
Will you finish it? As usual, me as usual.
- Ferro told me.
- That I'm stupid? Did you know he was a CNI agent? Of course not.
He lied to all of us.
What was he doing working for you? He was investigating you? Lara, I'm the most powerful man in Oeste.
It's only normal for me to be the centre of attention.
Marcos Hevia is his real name.
He wasn't even Scottish, the asshole.
I'm very sorry for what's happened.
You're my daughter and lots of people will always try to use you.
It's the price to pay.
I only hope that one day you realize that being my daughter has also some advantages.
I want to be on my own.
What are you up to, Lago? What the fuck are you doing? If I told you, you wouldn't believe it.
Try me.
We're friends, I trust you.
That's what I want to hear.
I'm saving you, boy.
Are you? Then unlock these.
You know what I regret most? That you're grounded and you can't taste this.
It's delicious.
What's going on? It's not the right moment, darling.
I'm begging you.
Please, I won't leave until you tell me about it.
Fine, it's fine.
If you're going to run Open Sean, you need to know.
I'm fed up being an accomplice of your dad's lies.
We're being investigated.
The police who's obsessed with my dad? Not the police, the CNI.
Open Sea is a cover.
It's the cover of your dad's drug-trafficking business.
- What are you saying, Mario? - Yes.
I'm also guilty, because I've been helping him to hide the business for ages.
Darling, if you want to call off the wedding, I'll fully understand.
I have to digest all this.
Sure you do, you need time.
I need a whisky.
What can I do? How can I help? Fuck this.
No, darling, not that.
- Not that.
- What's this? It's a prenuptial agreement.
It's one of your dad's ideas.
Have you signed it? Yes, of course.
I signed it because I love you.
Then I won't sign it, because you have just proved to me that money isn't the most important thing for you.
I don't know what's going on.
Nobody tells me anything.
Mario is heading to the office.
Carlos, I can't tell you anything else.
We'll talk tomorrow.
Are you okay? Yes, I'm fine.
I'm going to rest.
- I'd like to give you something.
- I'm not in the mood for talking.
I wore it on my wedding day.
I'd like you to wear it tomorrow.
You know, something new, something old and something borrowed.
And something blue.
It's gorgeous.
- Thank you.
- Nina.
- Promise me one thing.
- Are you going to get profound, now? I know you're getting married for love.
Love goes away and what's left is the rest.
Sometimes it's enough.
Please, promise me that if things don't work out, you won't just accept them.
What I told you.
You actually got profound.
Give me kiss.
I promise you, mum.
Nina, you can't sleep either? And that accent? How crazy.
Daniel comes and there I go.
Tea latte? No, thank you.
He was very pleased to see you.
Me too.
We haven't seen each other for at least ten years.
So long? You met in Paris.
It was four years ago? I don't know.
My memory is playing me tricks.
Your dad is not very well, either, is he? Raisins stalks.
For the memory.
Do you eat a lot of raisin stalks? I'm sure you do.
It was my grandmother's favourite brooch.
- Did your mother give it to you? - Yes.
Elisa, now it's not the best time.
Where are you? I'm waiting for you in the hotel.
What? I told you we couldn't see each other, that Ferro saw me.
- Are you coming home, then? - No, not at home either.
We agreed that we couldn't see each other until after the wedding.
Mario, don't hang up.
I don't want to be on my own.
Darling, when all this is over and things go well, we'll have all the time in the world to see each other.
But you have to focus, you have to be patient.
I'm sorry.
I've run out of patience.
I'm very sorry to disappoint you.
Mario, please, I can't go on with this without you.
Yes, you can.
Together we can with everything.
Don't forget it.
I have to go.
I love you.
I'm sorry about Malcolm.
You were the first one to see it.
Me? Mario, it was you who sent me the photos.
First, he told me he had no one, then that he was separated.
Later on, he was getting divorced and now he turns out to be a spy.
A fucking spy.
I'm stupid, stupid, stupid.
Lara, he's a professional liar and he's fooled us all.
You're not stupid.
Yes I am because he made out with me to to get closer to Nemo.
What's wrong with you men? You put on a tie and you start lying and deceiving and you don't give a shit what other people feel.
- And you're the worst of them all.
- Why me? Because you don't want others to know that you do good things.
Are you sure you're talking about me? Are you embarrassed? I talked to Conchi, my friend in the canning factory and she told me everything.
That you saved her arm, you paid for the operation and that you told her not to tell anyone.
Why? Because it's not such a great deal.
Everything that can be bought with money has no value.
Then why do you make so much effort to earn it? It wasn't what I was looking for, even if you find it hard to believe.
Tell me about it.
- It's a very long story.
- I have time.
Of course, you're getting married tomorrow and there's your stag party, and very important things to attend to.
I can't think of a better plan than being here talking to you, Lara.
Who are you, Mario? I swear I don't know.
A man in a tie.
Here, boy.
Tomorrow, this will be over tomorrow.
No, boss, tomorrow this ball will just start.
What are you doing, Mario? Cleaning up so late at night.
- I can't recognize you.
- I have no time for nonsense today.
Listen to me, this time I came unarmed.
Don't get angry.
I can't shoot with this.
Seriously, are you going to joke about that today? Seriously? Forgive me, sorry.
Seriously, is this your idea of a stag party? How can be you so boring, so hetero, and so dull, all at once, mate? In that sense we gays are far better.
Listen to me, Mario, have you ever met anyone through apps? Carlos, I have been with Elisa all my life.
I didn't need them.
I don't either, but it doesn't mean it's not fun.
You end up meeting very interesting people like sportspeople, actors, politicians.
In the end everyone succumbs to temptation.
I have a friend who is so hooked to this apps, he's met very interesting people.
His last pickup is a judge who is who is so smitten over him.
- I'm sure I know him.
- My friend or the judge? Carlos, really, I have no time for this nonsense.
What the fuck do you want? I want to throw you from the top of a building, I want to throw you out of here.
I want to break every single bone in your body.
But I won't do it, not because you're stronger than me.
I won't do it because I have other ways.
Do you know, Mario? - You're high.
- I'm high? - You're high again.
- Yes, I'm high.
Fuck, what are we going to do with you? I snorted two slices that gave shade on the floor before coming here.
What the heck were we talking about? Oh, yes, my ways.
Listen to me, you'd be surprise of how many people come to give me the gossip.
I have no time for gossiping.
You should have time for gossiping.
You know, my mate has told me that the judge, this guy he's shagging, told him that Nemo Bandeira has Alzheimer's, and that you told him.
Does dad know that you go round blackmailing judges to incapacitate him? Relax.
- You have no proof.
- Relax.
- You have no proof.
- Relax, Mario.
Relax, relax.
I can't prove anything now, but as soon as I have any proof, as soon as I have any proof, I'll go after you.
I'll go after you.
I promise I will.
If you go on like this, you'll come to a sticky end, really sticky end.
Who will come to a sticky end, you or me? Fucking orphan.
FRESH OYSTERS - VIGIL - SINCE 1948 What happened, man? No fucking idea.
It's fucked.
Get out you fucking three, quickly.
- You look very good.
- So do you.
I have convinced Carlos to come to the wedding.
He's been very well for a few days.
He's started seeing a psychologist.
That's very good.
I hope it lasts.
I haven't heard from Mario.
He left yesterday and he's not back yet.
- Do you know anything? - About what? Why isn't he home? It was his last night as a bachelor.
He probably wanted to enjoy it.
It must be that.
Good day.
Good day.
We're delivering the oysters.
Drive on.
No, don't come to me saying that this man makes you sick, please.
You phone him and say, "I'm so horny I want to break your ass in the courthouse.
" Yes, yes, in the courthouse.
Much more important, please, this is important, in his office.
That's it.
Very good idea, exactly.
That a lot of papers can be seen and tell him you're a fucking fetishist.
And when I'm back, you take the photo, I'll give you a check with more zeros than any you'll ever see in your fucking life signed by the fucking Nemo Bandeira himself.
Thank you very much.
Wow, you look so handsome in a suit.
I thought the one getting married was Mario.
You know I love living in sin, Alejandro.
And if I had asked you to marry me, you'd have told me to bugger off, - and you know it's true.
- What do you know? Are you telling me to ask you to marry me? No, I didn't say that.
- And if I did, what would you do? - I don't know, Carlos.
For this kind of things there are no rehearsals.
You have to throw caution to the wind.
Alejandro Lamas.
What? Would like to marry me? No.
I wouldn't like, - I would love to.
- You fucking bastard! Mate, you're very heavy.
You're very heavy.
- Are you serious? - Yes.
Hold on, I'm going to film it otherwise no one will believe it, starting by me.
Hold on.
Is this the car, Freddy? What other car can it be, dudes? Of course it is, put the wedding gift at once.
I'll put it, I'm the oldest.
The oldest? The oldest dumb in the middle land.
Sometimes you tell me such things.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I was on my way out.
I've just finished.
I think I got rid of everything that can incriminate us.
- You spent the night here? - Yes, sure.
I had to tell you, Nemo.
Nina decided to tear the prenup up when she saw I had signed it.
I'm willing to sign that one or any other.
There's no problem.
You've spent your last night as a bachelor trying to cover my back.
Yours and mine, I'm also involved.
And would you like to live this way? Lie to me, but don't lie to yourself.
Do you want to live like this? I don't follow you, Nemo.
You're about to start a new life with my daughter and the only thing that concerns you is that the police don't catch us? I'm in love with your daughter, I work in this company.
Don't tell me what I'd like to hear.
In twenty years' time, when you look back, what would you like to see? Who would you like to be with? What would you want your children to think of you? Life is too short to spend it living someone else's life.
I have lived mine.
You have the right to live yours.
And what do you want me to do now? It doesn't matter what I want.
What counts is what you want.
I've already told you.
I want to marry your daughter.
Then let's go.
Let's go.
But, my love, what are you doing here? Can you give us a minute? It's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.
You're right.
I'd better leave.
Mario? What are you doing? I'm sorry.
This isn't going to work.
It will, trust me.
Why did you tell Nemo's daughter that her boyfriend was in the CNI? What were you thinking of? It's good to shake the wasp's nest.
You said that many times before.
Do you see a lot of your daughter? Less than I'd like to.
Why? Because I have shitty visitation rights and I don't want to talk about that, okay? - It's weird.
- What the fuck is weird? That I have shitty visitation rights? That you don't fight to see more of her.
- You may be scared of her.
- What nonsense are you saying? Why would I be scared of my daughter, fuck? I don't know, Monterroso, that fear parents have of disappointing their children.
Bah! Perhaps you're scared she finds out you consume coke.
Don't piss me off.
No, even Ferro told you that if you wanted to get hold of some, he could sell you some at a good price.
He said that to screw me up.
And your obsessions and your paranoia, how do you explain that? You may think I'm silly, that's probably it.
We've been lucky.
Putting all the pieces together can take months.
What, don't you like puzzles? The sooner we begin, the better.
What? Fuck.
Hi, dad.
Don't worry, I come unarmed, relax.
Is it necessary? Thank you very much.
How are you? - Well, and you? - Very well.
Before anything else I would like to apologize for what I said the other day.
I'm very sorry.
You have always been fucking very good to me.
And the other day I was unfair with you, extremely unfair.
I'm running out of adjectives.
Do you forgive me? - Of course I do.
- You do? Thank you.
Mario, I love you very much.
I love you too.
Thank you both.
What you've just done is very important for me.
You're welcome, dad.
And there's another reason to be grateful with you.
Thanks to you my life is going to take a turn.
- Is it? - Yes.
Who would tell me, Mario, that I'd finally understand jokes about brothers and sisters-in-law? They're not that funny.
I think.
It's a joke.
The surprise is here in my mobile phone.
I'm really looking forward to showing you something, especially you dad.
Really looking forward.
I don't think this is the right moment.
I'm about to get married to your sister, by the way.
- Yes, Nina must be ready.
- Yes, let's go.
Wait a second.
It's fine, it won't be very long.
It isn't very long.
Alejandro Lamas, would you like to marry me? Yes, I do.
What do you think? - Is it true? - Completely true.
There will be another wedding, dad.
- Congratulations, son.
- Thank you very much.
It was high time you settled down.
Another hug, please.
I'll get a rash in the end, please, dad.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you very much, Mario.
I'm going to tell mum, and the rest of the world.
- See you later.
- Come on.
I know you're still angry for what he said about you.
But thank you for trying.
Let's see, I'm angry, Nemo, but not because of that.
It's something else, but I don't think this is the right time.
- We'll talk.
- No, tell me now.
Well, then Nemo, I've found out that Carlos and Chon have visited a judge.
They talked to the judge to get information of the steps to incapacitate you.
Of course I'm doing everything in my power to avoid it.
You shouldn't have told me, not today.
Go to the chapel, it's getting late, for everything.
You look spectacular.
My dad is about to arrive, the guests are in the chapel.
I'm family, nothing to worry.
Go, please.
Why such a rush, my love? Do I make you nervous? It wasn't my intention, I just wanted to see you before your groom.
Does he like your tattoo? - I had it removed.
- No.
I don't believe you.
What do you want? To see it with my own eyes.
I swear I'll go to the church, I will sing all the psalms and I'll pray for the bliss of the bride and the groom.
Happy now? You couldn't be more beautiful.
- Are you crying? - It's because I'm happy.
Me too.
You look so handsome.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Squab, smile, it looks like you were in a funeral.
No one will believe it.
Come on.
That's the good one.
You never disappoint me.
Mum, are you listening? She's a bitch, but I love her.
We have to do it now, everyone is inside the church.
The man will leave his father and his mother and will join his wife, and both will be as one.
Yes, we come freely.
We're leaving Mordor.
- Where the hell are you going? - We're taking out these boxes.
Start opening the oyster.
We'll have to feed this pack and hey, save two dozens of oysters for me, two, Caceres and Badajoz.
Come on.
I, Mario, take you, Nina, as my wife.
I promise you to be faithful in prosperity and adversity, in sickness and in health, and love you and take care of you every day of my life.
I take you, Mario in sickness and in health, love you and respect you every day of my life.
Hurray for the wedded! Hurray! - I love you.
- Me too.
I can't believe it, Alejandro.
I thought you weren't coming.
Here I am, in the monster's hideout.
We're getting married, so we need to start practicing.
You look so handsome.
What are you doing? Attention, please.
Everyone look at me.
If you enjoyed Nina Bandeira and Mario Mendoza's wedding, pay attention because an improved version is coming.
Mum, I'm getting married.
Alejandro Lamas, do you want to be my husband? Yes, for the third time.
- Squab, they are getting married.
- Don't shout.
A round of applause for the beautiful couple.
See you later.
- Are you enjoying yourself? - Very much.
I'm going to say hello to the guests.
Don't worry, the priest will tell you everything.
I've just seen him.
You want a religious service? I didn't know.
Then you'll have to wait about 2,000 years more.
I'm not willing to wait a fucking shit, Alejandro.
Excuse me, some room.
- Toast with your favourite aunt.
- Sure, perfect.
Can you tell me what you're doing here? Mario, you don't answer my phone calls.
You've been drinking, haven't you? I needed to see you.
On my wedding day? Elisa, if they see you here, our plan will be screwed up.
Relax, you made it, because she didn't sign the prenup, did she? We both made it, both of us.
Not really with your help, because you're not helping me at all.
Why didn't you tell me about the prenup? Because there was no need.
I knew you'd convince her.
She's a woman in love.
We, women do anything necessary for love.
You have to leave, Elisa.
Mario, do you still love me? Say yes, please.
You know I do.
Now you have to go, okay? Hello, Nemo.
I know what your intentions are.
I don't understand.
You won't succeed.
Nemo, please.
It's the best thing for everyone.
Carlos needs and opportunity and I do, too.
Nemo, I do, too.
25 years ago, my father left everything to you.
My sister had nothing left and see what she's turned into.
I don't want that for my children.
Trust me, please, Nemo, trust me.
You won't incapacitate me.
Look, a photo.
What are you thinking about? The last wedding celebrated here.
I don't have a good memory.
Here you are, so you have a good memory of this.
To you and I.
In 15 in my room.
Why? Thank you very much.
Enjoy yourselves.
Alejandro, we have the photo.
The petition to incapacitate my dad.
Carlos, this is fucking brilliant.
- Let's show your dad.
- No, wait.
What? I want to do something before.
I want the whole show.
Son of a bitch.
Hey, you! Where are you going? Come to open a few oysters.
What's wrong? Are the fucking employers going to eat them all? Come here.
Come on.
Did I ask you to open them? It doesn't really matter, does it? It does matter, I've been collecting information about you.
Have you? They said, "For opening the oysters, the oldest as he's in charge.
" He opens it.
- What's wrong? - Nothing.
You're an expert.
Yes, sir.
But you're jinxed, mate.
The first one you open and it's bad.
No, impossible, they're the best.
Excuse me? Don't take any notice.
He has no idea.
Sorry, what did you say? What you heard, Gollum.
- Gollum, he says.
- No, not at all.
Gollum! Do you know what "to do a Gollum" is around this area? No.
It's to eat it with the fucking shell.
- He's allergic to seafood.
- Breath! Don't fuck me.
Now, the Gollum's allergic.
- Where are the injections? - Fuck! Make sure that Gollum doesn't die here.
Make sure.
Daddy, it's the happiest day of my life.
And soon it'll be Carlos's too.
I'm so happy for him.
- For Carlos? - Yes.
What have I missed? Carlos is getting married.
What are you saying, Chon? Why didn't you tell me? We'll have to celebrate it.
- Yes, we'll have to celebrate it.
- Excuse me.
- What's wrong, Ferro? - Problems, one of the people serving the oysters is allergic and he'll die here.
I was thinking of taking him in your car because their van can't get out.
- Do what you have to do, Ferro.
- I'm really, really sorry.
No, no.
You get him out of that van and get him in that car.
- Come on.
- No way, it's better if he lies down.
No, this van can get out.
We get him in that car.
Are you deaf? Do I have to get him in? - Come on, what are you doing? - No, fuck! We go in the fucking van! Of course, you go in the fucking van.
Some attention, please.
I want to toast for the best thing my life gave me, my children.
Champagne for everyone.
Alejandro! Fuck! Fuck! Carlos, please.
No! No! Help! Help! Ferro, please.
- Help, please! - No one gets near this car! - No one! - Ferro! They have attacked my family! NEXT EPISODE That Tiger and that fucking Colombian guy are a cancer and I'm going to remove it.
- You are late.
- Where's the Colombian guy? The dog smelled a rat and cleared out.
Do I have to remind you again what our plan was? Relax, you're where you wanted to be and you get rid of me.
I haven't heard from him since last night.
He texted me saying he'd be late and that's all I know.
I'll give it back to you even if it's the last thing I do.
That's not what I want, Chon.
The house? - Do you know where the fuck Lara is? - You tell me.
She fooled me, she made me think that she was talking to Estela.
You're fucking useless, for one thing you have to do.
One of the paintings of my gallery is worth 20 times more than what they paid for it.
I was very good at my business.
But someone said what I was selling was fucking shit.
And that someone was you, Mario.
No, you don't have pulmonary hypertension.
Who told you that? Your heart is in perfect shape.
I trusted the Nemo who married me, the Nemo who built Open Sea, but not the one who takes ten pills a day.
Can't you see it?
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