Unauthorized Living (Vivir sin permiso) (2018) s01e12 Episode Script

La sangre es la sangre

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Was Nina so pleased to see you as I was? PREVIOUSLY I don't do these nice things to her.
Does he like your tattoo? I had it removed.
I don't believe you.
What do you want? See it with my own eyes.
Happy now? Then unlock these.
You know what I regret most? That you are grounded.
I want the whole show.
Carlos Son of a bitch.
- Nemo - I know what your intentions are.
- You won't succeed.
- Nemo.
Please, trust me.
You won't incapacitate me.
You're already married.
You made it.
- Why didn't you tell me about the prenup? - Because there was no need.
I knew you'd convince her.
She's a woman in love.
We, women do anything necessary for love.
Alejandro Lamas.
Do you want to be my husband? I do.
Champagne for everyone.
Alejandro! Help! Please, help! Carlos! My little boy, my little boy.
A wedding and a funeral in one session.
No one can say that the Bandeiras can't do a memorable performance.
I'm going to the hospital, are you coming? Later.
Any idea who could be behind all this? Fuck, Nemo, that bullet should have been for me.
We can't change that, but what happens from now on, that's up to us and no one else.
I thought you were Alejandro's mother.
His son's been killed because of you and she came to see how Carlos is.
And I'm only thanking God because our son is alive.
Carlos was right.
They're better people than us.
Has the doctor seen him? No.
The X-rays came out well, considering what could have happened.
Two broken ribs is a miracle.
Good evening.
A doctor will talk to you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for what happened to Alejandro.
I'm sorry I never made it easy for you, son.
We'll keep him under sedation at least 12 hours.
There's subdural hematoma, but it's small.
We expect it to be reabsorbed, so there'll be no need of an operation.
- Will there be any physical damages? - Not necessarily.
When he wakes up, don't tell him what happened.
It's better that he's not altered.
We will let him go back to normal progressively.
- Thank you, doctor.
- Thank you.
We can't tell him Alejandro is dead.
At least not for the time being.
Is it clear? Come with me.
I want those who did this to Carlos pay for it.
They will, but my way.
I leave the details to you.
Hello, it's Lara.
You're frightening me today.
I have never seen you being quite for so long.
We should have told the doctor to give him more sedation.
Do you mind? I want to be with my brother.
My love.
Where is Alex? He's had an operation, but he's fine.
- He's been taken to another ward.
- Where is he? Relax.
There are too many people in this room.
Everyone go home.
- Mum, I'm staying.
- No.
You go with your husband.
Come on, have a rest.
My love.
- How are you, my love? - My head hurts.
- I know, relax.
- And my back.
Do you have any children, Ferro? No, Nemo, not that I know of.
It's better to live ignoring.
You suffer too much with your children.
Bastards! They attacked my family.
They came to my house for my children.
That Tiger and that fucking Colombian guy are a cancer and I'm going to remove it.
Nemo, if you want to perform an operation, you'll have to hire a lot of nurses and medical tools.
- What are you waiting for? - Nemo, it won't be so easy.
Your people are fucked up, they're upset.
They think you let them down like dogs.
They owe me a lot.
Of course they owe you a lot of favours.
They know they owe you a lot, but you're not trafficking.
You still have all the contacts, and you won't pass them to them, and they also know that.
What are you saying? That I'm alone? Nemo, what Ferro is trying to explain to you is that from now on it'll be harder to have our people's support.
Your house and the hospital are full of bodyguards - and they see it as you being scared.
- We are scared, Mario.
We can't give that impression, Mario is right.
Send everyone home.
Nemo, those bastards could be back any time.
We won't give them enough time.
Are they discreet? Because it's very important, that's why I'm asking you.
You let me know, it doesn't matter what time it is.
- Who was it? - Sorry? Who put the bomb? Who wants to kill my father and almost killed you and me? You don't know them.
I want to know who they are, please.
The Tiger of Madroa.
It's a drug dealer of little importance.
Who really worries me is the second-in-command, a Colombian guy.
But why do they want to kill my father if he's already retired? Because he doesn't believe he is.
They know he has the contacts and could start again any time.
And they know that.
That's why it's absolutely essential, now more than ever, that we have the key in the parliament and in the council.
- It's not the right moment, please.
- Mario, I could have lost you.
Can you see it? Nina, I have loads of things to do.
Alejandro is dead, and we have to avoid that one member of his party starts acting and becomes the next mayor, please.
What's the deal? Buying some votes? Then I'll help you.
But now I want to feel alive and I want you to make love to me, please.
No, it's me.
- How's he? - Fine.
Did he say anything? No, he's slept all night.
Good, he has to rest and you have to rest too.
Go home, come on.
I won't move from here.
Chon, Nemo needs you, he's furious.
Only you can calm him down.
If he's furious, it's because I asked him to.
Do you think it's the right moment? Now more than ever we have to keep a clear head.
You know a lot about that.
You saw what happened yesterday.
If Nemo responds, things will get uglier, much uglier.
You have more children.
Think of Nina.
Nina has you to think of her.
Let me think of Carlos.
If you don't do it for your daughter or your husband, do it for Open Sea.
I'll do it for my daughter, my husband and for Open Sea.
I'll be back in two hours.
I don't want to see that bastard girl around here.
Have you sent this photo to anyone else? Who else did you send this photo to, Carlos? If you don't answer me, I'll turn off the morphine drip and we both know how well you endure pain.
- No.
- No, what? No one else, Mario.
- No one? - No, I promise.
Do you think I like doing this.
Do you think I enjoy doing this? Carlos, you have no idea.
None of you have a fucking idea,.
I'm the one who feels worst about incapacitating your dad, but someone has to do it.
And as usual it's me who has to do it.
The only one who knows how to do things.
The only one who has the balls in this family.
Son of a bitch.
- What are we going to do, then? - Nothing.
Nothing, fucking hell.
Let's not give Nemo a break, the man is alone.
What we did to his son must have hurt him a lot, Tigre.
So, we arm an army and we go after him.
But since when do you say what we do, fucking Latino? That's what I got used to when you were in jail and I had to Now, I'm here, what's wrong? Can't you see me? Can you see me or not? Less bullets and more talking.
That's how things are done.
Talking about what, woman? All this mess you created.
You've sent Nemo's son to hospital and his boyfriend to his tomb.
Nemo'll respond and in the middle of all this "an eye for an eye", we'll all end up blind.
Look, woman, don't piss me off.
You take care of your stove and I'll take care of mine.
Understood? Fuck! We're interested.
On Friday we're being chucked out of the hospital.
I don't need you to tell me all your problems.
What we agreed.
You take him from his room, you take all his clothes, and you retain him until I call you, understood? Okay.
You have a place, haven't you? - My aunt has a warehouse.
- How lucky your aunt.
3,000 euros for each.
If you do it well, there'll be more.
Hello, Elisa.
Mario, I'm calling you to know how Carlos is.
Considering what happened, he's not too bad.
He broke a couple of ribs, nothing more.
I thought of going by the hospital to see him.
No, no need, stay home and rest, it's going to be a long day.
The elections are there and Nemo will fully understand.
I think you're about to become the next mayor of Oeste.
I think I'll pop into, anyway.
- Are you in the hospital, now? - Not now.
When will I see you? Again, darling? Do I have to remind you again what our plan is? Don't worry.
It's clear.
You are where you wanted to be and you're getting rid of me.
No, excuse me.
We're where we wanted to be.
Both you and I.
Be very careful with me, Mario.
No one knows more about you than me.
No one.
Elisa, what's the matter with you? Elisa.
Did Elisa come? No, I haven't seen her.
Where were you? When I arrived, Carlos was alone.
I popped out for a quick coffee, sorry.
Look who's waking up.
You always enjoyed sleeping.
What's it? Paper? - Nemo, we'd better let him rest.
- He wants to tell us something.
- I don't understand it.
- Let me see.
A Alex.
He wants to see Alejandro.
- No.
- He's all right.
Alejandro is looking forward to seeing you.
- No.
- You have to leave now.
You're fine.
Alejandro is fine, too.
You have to step out, please.
Go home, Nemo, I'll stay with him.
Lara shouldn't be here, let alone with no one with her.
Lara is very fond of Carlos and Carlos is also very fond of her.
It's not that.
Lara is in far more danger than any of us.
That Colombian guy is obsessed with her, so don't leave her on her own.
I'll send someone to get her.
We're at war, Mario.
I have summoned some people to my house.
Wish me luck.
- You don't believe in luck.
- Today I do.
- How is Carlos? - I don't know whether it's the injury or the morphine what's making him be the way he is.
He's asking to see Alejandro.
We didn't want to say anything to him.
We're waiting for him to recover, so don't tell him.
I can't lie like you, so Then let us do it for you, so your conscience will be clear and Carlos will live.
I'm very sorry.
I'm tired, I'm going home.
Don't take any notice, he's very tired.
No, it's fine.
I guess he's right, and people like you have to exist.
What do you mean? Liars.
Lara, you can't go in.
The room is being cleaned.
Do you want to have a coffee? No, I don't want to have a fucking coffee.
I can't believe it, Mario.
I can't believe what's happened to Alejandro.
You have a coffee, I need a lime blossom tea or something.
Lara, I want to apologize for what happened yesterday when I kissed you.
- I don't want to talk about that now.
- I would like to talk about it now.
Are you going to tell me the truth? The truth is it was very stupid of me, that's the truth.
And why did you do it? I was scared, I guess, scared of.
becoming a Bandeira.
Scared of not living up the expectations they have of me.
I guess I was just looking for an excuse to back off.
Well, but you married Nina.
Fortunately I did.
The tie suits you ever so well.
You were born to wear it.
Poor Carlos when he finds about Alejandro.
Carlos is one of the few people I know that could die for love.
Well, let's go, I think the room will be ready by now.
We're not going to give more than 50 euros per vote.
Convince them, convince them, that's your job.
Sorry, we're all very at our wits end, sorry.
Nina, excuse me.
Look at the painting I found.
It was shown in my art gallery.
Where did you get it from? I bought it from someone.
He bought everything you had in your gallery to please your dad, but I bought for a really good price.
I'm happy to hear that.
He was annoyed.
He was convinced you had conned him.
And he'll be more annoyed when he finds out that I'm going to sell it for 20 times the price I paid.
And why's that? Because you did well when you bet on him.
The value of his work has soared.
It's incredible, but of course that news doesn't reach Oeste.
Here, only what some people want is published, as that scamp that said you were a con woman.
And do you know who it was? Guess.
I'm in no mood for guessing.
True, your brother Carlos is feeling poorly.
I'll give you a clue.
M? Mario Mendoza, your married to him.
Look, there are three Ms.
It's not fucking funny.
A bit it is.
And Carlos? They must have taken him for some further tests.
His clothes are missing, Mario.
Where the heck is he? Fuck.
With me you had everything.
I've bent over backwards for you when it was necessary.
And now I need you to return the favour.
What do we get out of this? You left the coke and you left us high and dry.
They're after me.
I don't care if they kill me.
I don't care if they kill you either, I won't lie.
But look at the person next to you.
Look at each other.
Would you say he's your friend? Would you die for your neighbour? And would he die for you? How long will he take to sell you out to Tiger's gang? Nemo.
Let her in.
The wedding was yesterday and you weren't invited, neither your son nor the son of a bitch of the Colombian guy you protect.
No, I don't.
Go out to stretch your legs.
What do you want? To try to work this out the way it's always been done, talking.
Your son's not very talkative.
My son takes after his father, who wasn't very smart.
Nemo, your son's boyfriend, the bomb at the party, - everything was Freddy's doing.
- Sure.
Your son had no idea because Freddy bosses him about.
And Nemo and I, what are we? Two fucking retards? I swear my son didn't know anything.
I give you my word and I know that's like law for you.
It's fine.
Give me the Colombian guy and I'll stop engines.
- Nemo.
- What's the matter? - Carlos is missing.
- What are you saying? Carlos is missing from the hospital.
Okay, calm down.
Wait for me upstairs.
Ferro, take care of this.
Do you know anything about this? No, I swear.
Would I have come to see you? But I can vouch for Freddy.
He isn't a team player.
Come on.
Fuck! Careful he doesn't break, and then we don't get paid if he has any flaws.
Bloody hell, he peed himself.
- Let's see if you poo too? - No, please, please! He's so scared he's learnt to speak.
My father is one of the richest persons in Oeste.
He can give you whatever you want.
Ask him whatever you want, he'll give it to you.
- What is he saying? - I don't fucking know.
One million, two million, three million euros, he'll give it to you.
Shut that fucking mouth, for fuck's sake.
Listen, why don't we do what he says? No, no way.
Please, don't do anything to me.
Listen to him, darling.
And fuck the other posh guy.
What posh guy, Mario? Son of a bitch.
He's conning you.
My father can give you far more money.
Shout your fucking mouth, do you understand? - For Ana, is it? - Yes.
I'm going to vote for you and my husband too.
Oeste needs a change.
Someone to open the windows.
It'll be the first thing I'll do when I'm mayor.
It looks like stress, the ECG came out perfect.
You see, doctor, I have pulmonary hypertension.
Is it possible that it may have contributed to it? No, you don't have pulmonary hypertension.
Who told you that? You've seen it on the internet, haven't you? It should be banned.
Your heart is in perfect shape.
What the fuck did you go there for? Are you out of your mind? To put some sense in all this, you don't think things through.
Think of it.
That one, since you were away, - started winning people over.
- I know that.
Do you? How many men loyal to you are left? In my opinion very few.
If we hand him over to Nemo, we kill two birds with one stone.
Can you see that? What are you talking about? I don't like how I'm doing the croquettes at all.
She complains with no reason.
They're always good.
How are you? Carlos can't have left the hospital just like that.
He's not that stupid.
Someone must have taken him and it could be the Colombian guy - you were talking about.
- I doubt it very much.
If it had been Tiger's gang, they wouldn't have taken his clothes.
It's stupid.
Are you calling me stupid? - Of course not.
- But you think I am, don't you? What's the matter, darling? The thing is that one of the paintings of my gallery is worth 20 times more what they paid for it.
I was very good at what I was doing, but someone went around saying that I was selling rubbish and it was you, Mario.
- Who told you that? - Was it you or not? - Yes.
- Why? I did it for you, Nina, for us, for Open Sea.
Smearing my reputation to save Open Sea, will you explain that to me? Nina, you're very good at everything you do.
Underneath this beautiful face there's a real shark, which is what this company needs.
I couldn't allow that all that talent was wasted in a mere art gallery.
Sure, you couldn't.
I know it was excessive what I did, but I couldn't find another way.
I had to keep you, to fulfil your father's dream and make Open Sea big again, together, you and I.
But to do that you didn't have to drag me through the mud.
I'm sorry.
Nina, I need you to understand that there are some situations when the end justifies the means and this is one of them.
I want to know if you understand what I did.
Do you trust me or not? I have no other option, because now you're my husband for good or for bad.
Besides, the harm is already done.
Don't play me again because I'm a fast learner, for good and for bad.
You're late.
Where is the Colombian guy? Tell me, Laura.
The dog sniffed something and run off.
Is that for your boy? That's his motorbike.
You told him? I'd drop dead here and now.
Come on.
It's done, he's gone.
Well done, you did really well.
What you shouldn't have done is to tell him I was here and sell me out, bitch.
She didn't want to do any harm.
She belongs to the old school and she's overwhelmed.
She's overwhelmed.
I can sort that out.
No! Son of a bitch, finish.
Come on! Finish, son of a bitch! You were like my brother, asshole.
He killed her.
He killed her.
Kill me.
Kill me! Please, Nemo.
First, bury her.
She deserves it.
In this business there's something sacred.
You can't touch our families.
She knew it.
You've just learnt it.
Nemo, no.
You shouldn't have gone on your own chasing that Colombian guy.
The way things are now I can't spend the whole fucking day with your girl.
Shut your mouth.
Don't leave her side.
Nemo Bandeira? Who is this? We have your son.
If you want to see him again, you have to pay four million euros.
Who are you? How do I know you're telling the truth? It's true, because we have him.
I want to speak to my son.
- Dad.
- Son, are you okay? Please, give them whatever they ask.
- The pain is killing me.
- Did you hear? If you want to see him, you have to pay four kay.
You have three hours.
What have you done? When I was your age, I hated this place and now You still hate it.
It's rude to speak with a full mouth.
How soft feet you have.
No, not now! Hello? Hello, dad.
I'm in Paris, eating a sweet.
Okay, relax, I was joking.
Everything's fine.
Over here terrible weather, you know.
How is everything in the capital centre? Are they treating you well, those douchebags? Fine.
No, I haven't heard from Berta.
Don't worry, we'll find her.
You'll see, okay? Relax.
How's your dad? Annoyed.
Do we have four million? - We have to phone the police.
- No.
No police at all.
What do you mean? We're talking about our son.
We'll sort this out between us.
Nemo, tell me again.
Did they say we have to pay in three hours? And that was ten minutes ago.
Pay what? Carlos has been kidnapped.
Chon, in Mexico we're very used to that.
I don't give a shit what you do in Mexico.
Do you hear? A shit.
How much are they asking? - Four million.
- Bah.
They're amateurs.
If they were professional, they'd know that they could ask much more.
Or not? This is serious.
Why the heck are you asking a ransom now? We're only dealing with the father, okay? Only the father.
You have no fucking idea who you're talking to.
Neither do you, asshole.
Buy a couple of mobile phones.
I don't want him to locate us.
Have you done this before? Mario, make Nemo come to his senses.
Chon, Nemo's right.
It's us who have to sort this out.
Start finding a way.
Chon, can I do anything? Now that you say it, yes.
Leave my house and give us back the two million Nemo gave you.
Nemo, we won't do much with this.
I know we're bankrupt, Ferro.
I can remember that.
We need to buy time to get the money.
How? Negotiating with the kidnappers.
Let me talk to them.
Divert their calls to my phone.
Carlos is my son.
I won't leave his life in anyone's hands, not even in yours.
You stay with Lara.
Can we talk? - Can you excuse us? - Sure.
What are you going to do? I'll find the way.
You trust me.
Don't ask me to trust you.
I used to trust the Nemo who I married.
The Nemo who built Open Sea.
Not the one who takes ten pills a day.
You're sick, can't you see it? I'm still the same.
Then it could be me who's changed.
Lime blossom.
Have you ever seen me take lime blossom tea? There are loads of things I haven't seen and I know they exit.
CarmiƱa, would you have liked to have children? Lime blossom doesn't go well with you.
You didn't answer me.
What kind of question is that? Would I have liked to have children, with you? No, with someone who was worth it.
Look, Ferro, life comes as it comes.
Lime blossom is fucking shit.
Carlos is my nephew.
I won't let anyone lay a hand on him.
If you need money, ask me for it.
On my knees? No.
Four million.
That easy.
Despite everything, we're family and blood is blood.
And if you're going to get drunk, do it with tequila.
Did Nemo open an account with two million euros? Just for once tell me the truth.
Yes, he opened an account with two million a little after your mum died.
He wanted you to be covered.
Then, take the money and pay the ransom in exchange for Carlos.
- I can't do that.
- Why? Because Nemo wouldn't allow it.
Besides, if anyone deserves this money, it's you.
You're the best one in this family, without a doubt.
It was you, wasn't it? - What? - Who paid the loan I asked for to pay Nemo his money back.
The money lender said it was a man in a suit and I thought it was Malcolm.
He said it wasn't him, but I didn't believe him.
Did he tell me the truth for once? I have to go.
Everything will go fine.
- Do you think so? - Yes.
In Mexico we take courses to manage these situations.
Where is my sister? Do we have any news, Chon? Where did you get so much money so quickly? I brought nineteen suitcases, not all of them had underwear inside them.
I'll give it back even if it's the last thing I do.
That's not what I want, Chon.
Here there are six million euros.
Six million, but the ransom is four.
I don't understand.
My house? It's a good deal.
This is how much you love your nephew? Excuse me, is there anyone in this house who has done anything other than looking for money in safety boxes covered in spider webs or feel sorry? No.
I should have figured it out.
First, the canning factory and now my house.
This is what's all about, isn't it? Humiliating me.
Humiliating you? You have no idea what that is.
I do thanks to you.
Tell me you didn't kidnap Carlos to get hold of everything.
I can tell you, but will you believe me? You want my house? You'll have it.
Mum, how easy it was.
Now Nemo has to be convinced.
Well, he need a little push.
Lara, sit down with me.
Don't worry, relax.
We'll make Freddy lose interest in doing anything.
No, Ferro, I don't feel like playing cards after everything that is going on.
Answer you phone.
Hello? Lara, it's Malcolm.
Are you alone? Estela.
I'm going to talk to Estela, she has love problems.
Talk to her about me.
Lara, listen to me.
I need you to help me.
I don't know if I'll be able to, because I'm in Nemo's house.
But don't worry, at least your boyfriend isn't a CNI agent.
I know, I have a lot to explain.
- I think so.
- Lara, they must have told you many terrible things about me.
What they haven't told you is that I was willing to give everything up for you.
When I told you I love you, I meant it.
I understand you don't believe it now.
It's been too long not telling the truth and everything in my life seemed fake until I met you.
I hope one day you can forgive me.
What do you need? I need to see you.
Are you phoning for that reason? I need clothes and some money.
Have they hurt you? Yes.
But what's most painful is having lied to you.
I don't know if I can.
Let me think it over and I'll phone you later, okay, Estela? Bye.
You didn't tell her anything about me.
- What? - Estela, you didn't tell her about me.
What a pain.
Estela wants nothing to do with guys right now.
What Estela needs is a teddy bear like me.
Hello, yes.
Fucking hell, you have already made your mind up.
And couldn't you have told me earlier? Fuck, when we were in the chapel in front of God, our Lord.
Then what? And it has to be now, about the fucking conditions? I'm on my way.
- Love problems? Your friends too? - Love, my friends? Dogs.
Your dad has a lot of friends when he does favours.
When your dad is who needs favours, they're rats leaving the ship.
Are you leaving? I'm off, Lara.
Don't do anything to screw me up, you stay here, because I'll take my belt off and I'll peel your skin.
Don't worry, you, as the tower guard, are You are priceless.
Will he be okay? Carlos is a boy of many resources.
But everything would be much easier if you paid the ransom.
If we had the money.
You have it, cousin, you have it.
Berta offered your parents a good deal, actually.
Six million euros for their house.
How can you be so? So, so, so Don't get so dramatic.
Help your dad come to his senses and the money will be there.
Help Berta help you all.
It's the best for Carlos and for you.
For me? Does your husband know that almost everything you do to him, you learnt in Paris? You were a very diligent student.
You had very good teachers.
Perhaps you should film a tutorial for the internet.
Something like: "Hi, I'm Nina, subscribe to my channel.
" "Press like," those kind of things.
Besides I have photos and videos if you need them.
Your dad would love them.
So would your Open Sea employees.
Even more.
Clean up.
Come on.
Call me back as soon as you can.
- And in the canning factories? - There we don't keep cash and let alone the amount of money we need.
I have run out of options, I promise you.
How much do we have? We can gather seven hundred thousand maximum.
That's shit.
Lara's offered the two million you paid in her account.
Still we don't have enough.
She doesn't care about money, she's like her mother.
Do you know where the fuck Lara is? - You tell me.
- Fuck.
I'm sorry, Nemo.
I popped out for a minute to talk to your people about their fucking conditions to collaborate with you.
By the way, your word isn't enough for them, they want money.
And your girl fooled me.
She made me think she was talking to Estela, but she was talking to another fucking person.
She was talking to Freddy.
You're fucking useless, one thing you have to do Superman, I suggest you to be careful, this fucking useless may be the last thing you see in your fucking life.
Enough, both of you.
We have to find her.
I'm really sorry, Nemo.
Shall I organize a search? Hold on.
Fucking hell, Nemo.
A camera in my room? Here she is.
What the heck are you thinking about, Lara? - Here it is, 20 minutes ago.
- 20 minutes is not long.
Dad, are you all right? Yes, what's the matter? Mum is looking for you, she wants to talk to us in the living room.
UNKNOWN CALLER My sister has the money for the ransom.
It's here, at home.
Let's end this nightmare, now, right now.
What does she want? Berta doesn't give anything for free.
She wants the house.
We have no other choice, but to sell it to her.
Now what's important is to save Carlos.
Of course it is.
But when this is over, I'll chop your sister's head off.
It will be better to put a stake through her heart.
Lara isn't anywhere in the house.
All the better, we can sell it with no encumbrance.
Sell what? What's wrong? What's wrong? We're going to sell the house to save Carlos.
He's not picking up.
Pick up, for fuck's sake.
Where are you going? Have you gone nuts? Stand up.
Stand up, come on.
- What's wrong? - Your family won't answer.
Don't do anything, please.
Could it be they don't love you as much as you think? Or could it be that they need proof that this is not a joke? Sometimes a little pressure is needed.
Pull down your trousers.
What do you want to do to me? What do you want to do to me? Please, stop.
I'm going to cut your dick and send it to your dad and your mum.
Let's calm down a bit, shall we? Please.
Pull your trousers down.
Pull your trousers down.
Please, please.
They'll pay.
Don't tell me that you also think I've kidnapped Carlos to get hold of this? If I thought that, Daniel would be organizing your funeral.
And I was under the wrong impression that you liked me.
Nemo, why weren't you interested in me? Because you were too You attracted too much attention.
I did? You still do.
You're elegant even to call me slut.
What was it, that you wanted a woman who would only look at you, a special woman? Yes, but I left her to marry your sister.
I'm going to pay the ransom.
I know where Lara is.
- Why is that important now? - Where is she? Half an hour from here.
I've located her mobile phone.
- What's this? - A GPS.
How long have you had it? Why this now? I'll look for Lara.
You pay the ransom.
Are you going to look for that girl - when we don't know where our son is? - Mario'll look for our son.
I'm the only one Lara's got.
See if you understand, once and for all, that she's part of my life, Chon.
Ferro! Shit! He took my mobile phone.
He left hours ago.
Who knows where he's now? Where is he? He's not picking up! - Hello.
- Hello.
I need to get to this location.
- What are you doing here? - We have to talk.
I can't now, Elisa.
This morning I had a panic attack.
I was in the ER.
What? Why didn't you tell me anything? I was examined and when I told them about my heart problem, they couldn't understand it, because in the test everything came out well, everything perfect.
Can't you see, Mario? I never had a heart problem.
The doctor who was following my pregnancy was wrong and made me have an abortion with no reason.
That pregnancy was the last chance we had to have a child together and that useless doctor screwed up our lives.
By the way I won the elections.
It's fucking done.
If those bastards don't bring the money Don't worry, nothing will happen.
Besides he's their son, they'll sure come.
If he's not here on time, I'll go in and cut his throat.
Relax, we still have time, don't we? We could do something else meanwhile.
What do you say? A quickie? Okay, but not here.
- Where? - Over there.
Okay then.
Come on.
- This area is very large.
- Have some faith.
Give your girl a call to see what the fuck is going on.
That way.
Stop, stop.
Where are they? How far were you fucking willing to go to shut me up? You're completely mad.
What are you doing? I only told them to retain you.
Have they treated you well? Fucking well, they were going to castrate me.
Son of a bitch.
I'm sorry.
You'll be really sorry.
Mario, don't move.
Don't move.
- Are you going to shoot me? - Don't come any closer.
- Shoot me.
- Don't get any closer.
Shoot me, then you can say it was those shitheads and everything good.
Shut up, bastard.
If it were up to dad, he'd rather have you back.
Can't you see, Mario? You're the perfect son, the son he always wanted to have.
Can't you see no one loves me because of fucking you? Can't you see or what? Your dad loves me much less than what you think.
If you didn't exist, my father would love me.
I'm his fucking son.
Perhaps I wouldn't have felt like fucking shit.
Perhaps I wouldn't have ever got addicted to drugs as I have.
I'm fed up with you all looking at me with pity, bunch of bastards, starting with you.
The only one I have is Alejandro.
The only true thing in my life is Alejandro, the only thing.
The only one who really understands me.
No, Carlos, you don't have him.
What the fuck are you telling me? Mario, what the fuck are you telling me? Alejandro died in the shooting.
What? Alejandro died in the shooting.
We didn't tell you because we were waiting for you to be better.
You're lying.
No, I'm not lying to you.
You're lying, Mario, fuck.
What do you mean he's dead? He's dead.
What are you saying? What are you saying? No! Have this, Carlos, here.
This will ease you down.
It'll help you.
- No, Carlos.
- Give me.
What are you doing, Carlos? Lara.
- What are you doing here? - What are you doing here? Are you out of you mind? Let's go home.
- Have you followed me or what? - Girl, Freddy is looking for you.
- You go to your dad's house right now.
- Are you worried about me or what Malcolm can do to you? - Malcolm? - Yes.
I'm waiting for him.
Let's go home.
- No.
- Lara.
- Don't make me take you by force.
- Your home isn't my home.
Your family isn't my family and as much as you want to believe it - you're not my father.
- I'm your father.
- No.
- I'm your father, Lara.
- No.
- I'm your father, Lara.
We can't choose where we're born.
I'm very sorry, but I'm your father.
Let's go home, daughter.
Where's Carlos? Where's Carlos? Where's Carlos? Where's my son? Where's my son? Where's my son? And Carlos? What happened? I'm sorry.
The meeting point was an abandoned house and it was full of junkies.
Carlos had organized his own kidnapping to get money from us.
He only wanted money to run away.
I found him in a terrible estate.
I'm afraid he took a cocktail of drugs.
I'm afraid he'll never be the same.
I'm sorry.
I'm very sorry.
NEXT EPISODE Ada, let's go far away from here.
But for me you're everything.
- Shut up! - Ada, listen to me.
- Are you nuts? - No, and it's your fault.
You're always laughing at me, at my clothes, my hairstyle, my accent.
Look at you now, you're no good, you can't even move now.
That's it.
Look who's here.
Don't move.
When was that? Less than a week ago.
What day did you get married? If Nemo's dead because of me, I'll shoot myself.
If you want to, you can shoot me right now.
You won't have such good chance again.
My husband came to speak to my gynaecologist? What about? I don't know, Elisa.
Son of a bitch.
Son of a bitch! How could he do this to me? Those clothes go very well with the necklace I gave you as a present.
- Have you seen the devil? - No, but he saw me.
- You don't mess with our families.
- Kill me, son of a bitch.
Hello, my friend.
I've missed you so much.

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