Unauthorized Living (Vivir sin permiso) (2018) s01e13 Episode Script

Tus amigos no te olvidan

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES PREVIOUSLY My son My son A wedding and a funeral in one session.
No one can say that the Bandeiras can't do a memorable performance.
From now on, it'll be harder to have our people's support.
Your house and the hospital are full of bodyguards and they see it as you being scared.
We won't do much with this.
Kill me! No.
In this business there's something sacred.
You can't touch our families.
She knew it.
You've just learnt it.
I never had a heart problem.
That pregnancy was the last chance we had to have a child together and that useless doctor screwed up our lives.
By the way, I won the elections.
I'm really sorry, but I'm your father.
Let's go home, my daughter.
Alejandro died in the shooting.
That's a lie.
No, it's not.
That's a lie, Mario, that's a fucking lie! Where's my son? And Carlos? Carlos had organized his own kidnapping.
I found him in a terrible state.
I'm afraid he'll never be the same.
I'm sorry.
Darling, you'll feel very well here.
He'd be better in the clinic.
Why did you bring him here? Because he's my son.
No one will look after him better than me.
Won't you say anything to your son? Will you keep ignoring him? Nemo, someone wants to see us.
Welcome, son.
Good evening.
I guess you didn't come for dinner.
What do you think? We didn't come to see you.
We came to see your daughter.
- Nina? - No, the other one.
What's the matter? Does it look familiar to you? We found him two days ago.
- What's this got to do with Lara? - Is she also your client? This family keeps you very busy.
We found a mobile phone next to the car.
There was a phone call to your phone.
Is it Malcolm? Are you sure it's Malcolm? Anyway, do you think this is the best way to break this kind of news? We didn't think it was bad news.
As he was investigating you.
Get out of my house and don't come back if you don't bring a warrant.
- We'll do that.
- We love paperwork.
You heard Mr.
I'll see you out.
Good night.
It can be Malcolm.
Please, tell me it's not Malcolm.
It's all my fault, I should have stayed with him.
I knew he was in trouble.
It's not your fault at all, kid.
I shouldn't have listened to you.
I should have stayed with him and not come back to this shit house.
Lara, your dad's right.
It's the fault of whoever killed him.
Why are you so sure someone killed him? Why? REMEMBER Nemo, you are in the way of the sun.
Quique, what are you doing? - Are you nuts? - No, and it's your fault.
Ada, let's go far away from here.
Shut up.
Nemo will abandon you in the end.
You know it as well as I do.
This is too small for him, damn it.
But for me you're everything.
- Shut up.
- Ada, listen to me.
Ada! THREE FRIENDS ALBARIÃ'O You look so well, cousin.
Even when you become sick you do it in an original way, dude.
Do you know what this reminds me of? When I came round to visit you in summer.
Do you remember? It's the same, but we have swapped places now.
Always a pain, you laughing at me, at my clothes, my hairstyle, my accent.
You and your sister.
And your fucking Spanish friends.
And I had to put up with it.
Look at you now, you're no good, you can't even move now, not even move.
But not everything was bad.
You taught me how to lick it.
Isn't it warm in here? That's it.
Look who's here.
Don't move.
No, please.
I won't do anything to you.
I won't do anything bad, my love.
Please, no.
- It won't be bad.
- Leave me.
What happened to Quique? Don't you remember? If I'm asking you, it's obvious I don't, Ferro.
25 years ago you ordered not to talk about Quique ever again.
You'd better off not remembering it, Nemo.
I'm not so lucky.
Put the gun down.
We were waiting for this fellow? - And the Colombian guy? - I haven't found him yet.
I don't like people wasting my time.
I promise he'll go down today, but that son of a bitch, that son of a bitch's mine.
Let's go, Ferro.
Come on, go and get him, Tiger.
Why is that window open? Carmiña! Are you okay? You're soaking wet.
Carmiña! - My love, you're wet.
- What's wrong? Why was that window open? When I brought him his breakfast, Carlos was fine and the window was closed.
So who opened it? Carlos? Do you think my son can get up to open the window? - No, I don't know how it happened.
- You should.
- Chon, it could be - Shut up! We've been very stressed out since what happened at the wedding.
- Are you telling me I'm hysterical? - No, goodness, how would I? If you can't do your job, take your things and leave.
- Madam, please.
- Take your things and leave! Chon, could we have a word? I have nothing to say to you.
In my house I give the orders.
Do you hear me? I'm the boss.
Chon, it's Carmiña.
- Perhaps Nemo has something to say.
- He can say it to me.
- Where is he? - In his office.
Where were you? I want you to know that I've fired Carmiña.
- Why? - It doesn't matter why.
I made the decision.
Are you going to question it? Carmiña is a good woman who works well and she's also fond of us.
Because of her your son almost caught pneumonia.
- Is it her fault? - No.
It was your fault, but unfortunately I can't fire you, so I've fired her.
What have I done? Do you want me to tell you? - Yes.
- You're fucking selfish.
Carlos started using drugs because of you.
He's never done anything right even if he pushed himself.
There was always someone better, Mario.
He had you to laugh at his jokes.
I didn't laugh at this jokes, I comforted him because I love him.
And I'm going to look after him because I love him.
But after you I won't look after you.
I wish you'd had the same fate.
You're very amused, mariachi.
- Are you not? - Are you somehow involved in this? Me? In what? The fucking window.
If I were you, I'd make sure it doesn't happen again.
Are you threatening me? No.
I don't know how to threaten.
But other things I'm brilliant at.
Nemo! Is everything in order? You can start wherever you wish.
Bandeira's bedroom.
Uxía, go with them, please.
- I'd like to - Mr.
Bandeira isn't here right now.
- Has he run away? - Run away, why? Mr.
Bandeira has nothing to be worried about.
And let alone worry about you.
I don't want to speak to Mr.
Bandeira, but with his sister-in-law.
- Mrs.
Berta Moliner.
- My sister? My sister, why? Just a few questions.
- Call Mario.
- Right away.
- She doesn't need a lawyer for this.
- It's never unnecessary.
It's always a pleasure to co-operate with the police, but I don't know who that Malcolm is.
I arrived only a few weeks ago.
- Did you come on your own? - Yes.
Well, a bit later my step-son arrived for my niece's wedding.
He's been living in Europe since he was 16.
- And your husband, Mr.
Artiaga? - In Mexico.
In prison I've heard, drug-trafficking, criminal gang, a few murders.
- What's all this about, Monterroso? - Curiosity.
It's fine.
You know what Mexicans are like, they like to boast.
Was it long you hadn't visited Oeste? I asked her to come to my daughter's wedding.
Mario, can you come with me, please? No problem.
It seems my sister needs you more than I do.
This Mario looks hot, I'm not surprised my sister What were we talking about? Did you come here to attend your niece's wedding? In fact, no.
I came because my sister asked me to.
She needed a favour from me.
What favour? No killing the CNI agent, if you're implying that.
Then? You have no siblings, do you? You parents deprived you of one of the best satisfactions in life.
What does that cop want from my sister? I don't know.
He asked her about your brother-in-law.
The only thing Monterroso wants is to make us worry.
- Don't let him get his way.
- Where is Nemo? - Doesn't he know the police are here? - I have no idea, Chon.
He's not in the house and he's lost his mobile phone.
Did he leave it behind on purpose so we have to deal with this situation? You know Nemo wouldn't do that.
Relax, they won't find anything, because everything is under control.
What a pain they are.
Don't they have anything better to do than coming here to bother us? I'd like to see Mr.
Bandeira's office.
Of course.
My wife will show you to it.
- Me? Mario, do I really have to? - Darling, I have to find your dad.
This way.
Do you know the combination? Me? No.
It's a shame.
We'll have to take it with us.
" - Does your father know that you? - No, of course not.
My father is like any father, he thinks I'm still five years old and play with dolls, but I don't.
We're taking this.
Keep searching.
Do you have the password? Well, try 1234.
See if you're lucky.
We were lucky.
REMEMBER When was that? Less than a week ago.
What day did you get married? - We're taking this too.
- Okay.
What did the police want? Nothing, nothing to do with us.
They're after Nemo.
- Have you seen him? - He left first thing in the morning.
He'd better not come back.
Enough of this shit and let's kill him.
What are you doing, stupid? Put that away, Daniel.
This isn't Mexico.
Here, it's better to let them kill one another.
- Besides, it's more fun.
- Well, I don't know.
Who was it? Nobody.
We're so cosy both of us, my love.
Why do we need anyone else to come? BYE You were hiding here.
- Do you think I'm hiding? - Yes, it looks like it.
- What do you want? - I came to thank you.
- What for? - For helping me with those cops.
I didn't help you at all, you can look after yourself quite well.
No, that's true.
But I'm a grateful woman and I wanted to give you something in return.
I see.
But I don't need anything, let alone from you.
Thank you anyway.
What a pity.
I thought you'd like to know who killed your dad.
My father was killed in Colombia.
I don't mean who pulled the trigger.
My father was killed in Colombia.
He went to Bogota to work.
He went there because some dealers didn't trust Nemo could take the drug and your dad went there as guarantee that it would reach Galicia with no problems, but there were a few problems.
The problem was that the police found out about Nemo's plans and the people on the boat had to throw the drug to the sea.
Have you ever wondered how the police found out? It was Nemo.
Look, you have no idea what you're talking about.
My father and Nemo were like two peas in a pod.
When Nemo found out, he was devastated.
I was there to see it, you weren't.
He had to send Ferro to bring my father's dead body.
And then he organized a grand funeral and looked after his son, the orphan.
I know, I know that story.
My father and Nemo were two peas of a pod.
Yes, they liked the same things, the same wine and the same woman.
They were both crazy in love with Ada.
And do you know who Ada was crazy about? Now you're wondering if this old woman is making all this up.
25 years is long enough to hear a lot of things.
I just wanted you to know.
And don't worry, Lara and you are not brother and sister.
If you see him, let me know.
No, there's nothing wrong, but I need to speak to him urgently.
Thank you.
Darling, we're looking for your dad.
He's lost his mobile phone.
I don't think it's something to joke about.
He's sick.
It's true, he's the one with Alzheimer, not me.
Hello, Mario.
We can't find Nemo.
We don't want to report he's missing so they won't suspect he's ill.
Can you speak to the local police, so they look for him discreetly? I'm not the mayor yet.
I haven't taken office.
But the head of the police is more interested in doing something for you than for the former mayor.
- Count on me.
- Thank you.
No, don't thank me.
I also need you.
We're going to make things difficult to the doctor who made me abort.
I can count on you, can't I? Sure, as usual.
Definitively there's nothing like Colombian coffee.
Why don't you go back there? Do you want me to tell you why? Because there are also really nice things here I love.
Do you understand? Freddy, please, you have to go.
Nemo will be here any minute now.
I'm sure he's looking for me.
I won't do anything to you that you don't like.
Don't get any closer, bastard, any closer.
What's the matter, my love? What's the matter? Coming.
Shut up.
Whoever it is tell them to go.
Do you understand? Don't play games with me.
I'm watching you.
It's the police.
Freddy is in the kitchen, he has a gun.
- Freddy? - Yes, please.
Wait here.
Make sure he is not hiding here.
I go and look outside.
- What the fuck are you doing here? - Nemo's after me.
Things with Tiger are over.
You'll get me out of this one, asshole.
- Me? - Who else? If I go to jail, you'll go down with me, you bastard, or have you forgotten about the dead bodies with your bullets in them? I'll tell everything, if you don't help me.
I know you were here the night the girl's boyfriend disappeared.
Nemo has a video.
I want you to tell me everything.
What the fuck happened? - There's no one in the house.
- No one out here either.
I can't understand.
Can you tell me what you're looking for? When you reported your boyfriend missing, there was blood there.
Don't you want us to investigate what happened? Yes, of course I do.
I wouldn't worry about the Colombian guy.
I don't think he'll bother you anymore.
- And how do you know that? - Because he saw us, he won't be back.
We can't give you any protection.
We don't have enough agents.
Go back to your father's house.
This is my house.
Alén! A bullet.
Have you seen it before? No.
Come with daddy.
How can he just vanish? Someone must have seen my husband.
It's fine.
If you know anything, call me.
- You're leaving? - Yes, madam.
I'm going to Madrid.
To Madrid? - I thought that - You can see I'm not.
I wish you all the best.
I'm sorry, Carmiña, I haven't been fair to you.
Lately there have been a lot of changes in this house.
An employee must be useful and it seems I'm no longer useful.
- No - You'll have to find someone who can do a better job, because you'll need it.
- You've been very important in this house.
- I know.
And it wasn't her fault.
And yours? I wouldn't hurt Carlos.
We're the same, he's my pier.
You always compare him with Nina, and I had Chon, the perfect girl.
Why do you hate me so much? If I hadn't married Nemo, we'd have gone bankrupt.
I only did what dad told me to.
Really? Dad told you, "Marry the drug dealer who's interested in you", and you said, "Of course, daddy"? Squab, I was there.
You were after Nemo, you wanted him for you and you acted as lure.
- That's not true.
- Not only did you offer yourself, but you convinced dad to disinherit me.
Nemo wanted the house and the canning factory.
Those were his conditions.
Without his money we'd have lost everything.
Poor you.
I lost everything except one thing, my dignity.
You lost it.
Do you know why dad didn't leave you anything? Enlighten me.
Because he loved me more.
He preferred me.
Come to terms with it.
My love.
Forgive me.
Nemo, are you okay? No.
I haven't been okay since I left here.
I was a fool.
A fool.
This was my home.
I had everything here and I left it all because Why? I've tried to convince myself a thousand times.
I say to myself again and again that it I did it to save the jobs in Oeste, but I know it's not true.
I did it for myself, for myself.
I thought that getting to the top was the only thing that mattered.
I was very young and stupid.
- Let go.
- No, listen, Ada.
I abandoned you when you were pregnant.
Although you forgive me, I'll never be able to forgive myself.
- Ada.
- Let go.
I'm not Ada.
What the fuck are you doing? I'm sorry, darling.
What the heck was that? What's wrong with you? I have I have Alzheimer.
I was diagnosed on my birthday.
I don't know how long I have left.
You're losing your memory? I also lose my temper.
I forget everything.
How to tie my shoes, what I had for breakfast, even if I've already had breakfast, what I've done, what I have to do.
Nemo, what happened to Malcolm? Did you kill him? Did you kill him? - I don't know.
- I see.
You don't know? But if you didn't have Alzheimer, you'd know.
I've only done something to those who wanted to harm my family.
I don't believe you.
- I prefer that to your pity.
- Go.
Very well, but listen to me before.
I've done a lot of things in my life and I'm proud of very few, but being your father is one of them.
Can I borrow your phone? I forgot mine or he forgot me.
We're just a couple of oldies.
What's up, dude? - Did you bring the money? - No money, Freddy.
I have something much better for you than money for the flight back to your country.
Don't give me that shit.
I need money.
I found a bullet in Lara's house.
When my colleagues analyse it, they'll find that it was shot with the same gun that killed Exprés.
And in a few hours you'll have all the police after you.
Bah! You know that I give two huts about the police here.
The only thing that worries me is what Nemo can do to me, so the money.
And Tiger, you know he has a lot of friends in jail.
Who will protect you in there? Talk then.
What could happen if I swapped this bullet, the one in Lara's house, the one from your gun, for another one? This has already happened, no one will be surprised.
The evidence storeroom in the police station is a chaos.
And the video, dude? What are we going to do with the video Nemo had? It can be erased by accident.
All sort of things may happen.
I need you to give me your gun.
- Do you think I'm an asshole, or what? - I have to get rid of it.
You don't trust me? Suit yourself.
Okay, then, okay.
- No tricks.
- Come on.
This is Nemo's gun.
It was in his safety box.
I'd only have to swap your bullet, the one in Lara's house, for one like this one and Nemo would be responsible for his daughter's boyfriend's death.
Did you know that he was a CNI agent and he was investigating him? But this has a price, Freddy.
I want you to tell me where are the dead bodies of the people you killed with my gun.
- But we have a deal.
- We do.
Well, they are in the abandoned house of the Civil Guard, the one next to the lake.
You see, Freddy.
It wasn't that difficult.
You sold me, son of a bitch.
I'm sure it's not the first time.
You'll have to die, son of a bitch.
Let me go, bastards.
Are you going to let this son of a bitch buy you? Are you a poofter or what? Relax.
Fine, thank you.
- He's not in the Clínico Hospital, either.
- Of course he's not there.
If he'd been admitted to any hospital, we'd know.
He's Nemo Bandeira, everyone knows him.
Sure, and what are you hinting at, that he ran away? Why don't you stop pissing me off? It's not like Nemo.
Nemo wouldn't run away.
What's wrong? So he could have had an accident or he got lost.
Or worse, he may be dead.
- Do you know why? - Why? Tell me.
Because of your negligence.
You only had to do one fucking thing, Ferro, and you can't even do that.
If Nemo's dead because of me, I'll shoot myself.
If you want to, you can shoot me right now.
You won't have such a good chance again.
Put that down and find my husband.
That's it? Friends again.
Very good.
Nina, will you stop drinking? We're looking for your father.
Don't tell me what I must do.
Clear? What I'm telling you is that you need to focus.
What are you telling me? That I mustn't embarrass you in front of Ferro? What are you saying about Ferro, now? I don't know how you do it to make everything revolve around you.
I'm sorry, but I give a fucking shit what Ferro thinks.
And I give a shit what you think.
Go and find my father, now.
Now, you're going tell me what's going on between you two.
Nothing, I've been drinking a little.
We're all very edgy.
Being drunk will go away, but what I've just witnessed won't go away after a nap.
What's wrong? On my wedding day, the day he married me, do you know where Mario was? Who was he fucking kissing, mum? Lara, in front of our noses, on my fucking wedding day.
Did he tell you? It wasn't necessary, I've seen it with my own two eyes, on a video.
Does Mario know you've seen that video? No, no way.
You've seen how he's acting, as the perfect son-in-law as usual.
Don't say anything to him.
Mum, I'm not like you.
Nina, don't say anything to him! Mum, I'm not going to look the other way.
Of course you will.
All the women in our family have done it.
Do you think it was easy for me? Nina, smile, wait and, when the right moment comes, we'll make him pay for everything he's done to us.
I knew you'd win the elections.
Even if the candidate in the opposition hadn't died.
- I want to believe it too.
- And the doctor? Your gynaecologist isn't in.
He phoned this morning to say he was leaving the clinic.
He'll be sending a removal company to collect his stuff.
- But that's a bit weird, isn't it? - It's very weird.
But do you need anything? Yes, my medical records with all the tests you run on me.
No problem.
NAME: ELISA CARBALLO RECORDS: NO DATA - Is anything the matter? - There's nothing.
There are no tests, not even the pregnancy tests we asked for.
Do you have access to the doctor's diary? I can look in his diary, yes.
Could you show me the appointments he had the day I came in to confirm I was pregnant.
11th of June.
Let's see.
Here it is.
My husband came to speak to my gynaecologist? What about? I don't know.
I have no idea, Elisa.
Son of a bitch Son of a bitch! - How could he do this to me? - Calm down.
I wanted to have that baby.
I wanted to have that child.
Calm down, Elisa, calm down.
What do we have here? An order for the gentleman, the house speciality.
Thank you.
Count the money in your house.
Do you want anything else, drugs, girls, cars? Do you want to be the first one I use it for? I'm not talking about you, I'm talking for your clients.
Go to your fucking home.
We're not in a good mood today, are we? ENRIQUE MENDOZA COUTO "QUIQUE" 1958-1998 'YOUR FRIENDS WILL NEVER FORGET YOU" Hello, my friend.
I've missed you a lot.
You have the best view, mate.
Your son hasn't come to see you very often.
It's my fault.
I've given him everything I promise you I would.
He's very grateful, I think he even loves me, not the way he loves you, but he loves me.
But, if I'm quite honest, and this is between you and me, I haven't done a great job.
I taught him to be ambitious, selfish, a shitty person.
Nothing like you.
Hey, boss.
Why don't you untie me and you kill me with your own two hands so you look like a man and not a poofter? Look at this.
Does it look like a fucking school playground? You're a coward, poofter, son of a bitch.
Do you think I give a shit what you think of me? Do you know what you should care about? What they think.
Them? I paid them a lot not to think, Freddy.
Kill me then.
Kill me, son of a bitch.
First, a few last words, but the thing is I'm not very good at using words.
You'll have to excuse me.
Make him stand up.
You don't mess with our families.
This is for you, mum! We were like brothers.
You and I.
But Cain and Abel were too.
You can call me Mrs.
Did he take long to die? You can't ask that, it's distasteful.
You and I have to talk.
My husband has a lot of cocaine and you know how to introduce it in this country.
Sure, you're talking to the best.
We're from Colombia.
The best because you're the only ones at this job? Now that Nemo has retired, it has not a lot of merit, has it? We're good at being bad.
With you we're going to be even worse.
Daniel, let me introduce you or this gentlemen will think you're an ill-bred boy.
Daniel Artiaga, this is Freddy.
Hello, boy.
You son of a bitch, what's wrong with you? Are you a poofter or what? Enough, enough.
It's not such a great deal boys, relax.
Shoot if you have the balls, shoot.
I'll take out your balls through your throat.
Dude, I gave you a chance, I won't give you two.
As far as I'm concerned, people have their own customs.
For example, we're not used to people raising their voices to us and I'm used to be called Mrs.
by my employees.
I'll ask you again.
It wasn't such a great deal, was it? The gun down, asshole.
I didn't hear you.
No, it was nothing, Mrs.
That's what I thought.
Now relax.
What do you want Mario? Do you want me to go back to Nemo's house? I told Nemo earlier on.
Leave me alone.
- Earlier when? Have you seen Nemo? - I want nothing to do with you.
- Yes.
- Where is he? I don't know, he was here about an hour ago.
He was acting very strangely.
He told me some shit - about being sick or - He's sick, he has Alzheimer.
It's very important that you tell me where he is.
He borrowed my phone to call a taxi.
- A taxi where? - I don't know.
I have no fucking idea where he's gone to.
It's Mario Mendoza speaking.
About an hour ago you sent over a taxi to pick Nero Bandeira up.
I want to know where you took him.
What do you mean data protection law? I'm Mario Mendoza.
You don't understand.
I'm Mario Mendoza and Nemo is sick.
I couldn't care less about the data protection data.
What? Where is he? He's gone to see Quique, an old friend.
Mario, why are you carrying a gun? On the wedding day, when I kissed you - Mario.
- I knew I had no right.
I knew you were with Malcolm.
Lara, I kissed you, - because that kiss - Mario, please, don't forget it.
- I don't want to forget it, Lara.
- Why? Why? That kiss is the only good thing that has happened to me in a very long time.
And I don't regret it.
I don't regret it because I'd be kissing you all my life, Lara.
But I must apologize, because I didn't respect you.
Mario, wait, please.
Give me the gun.
Squab, you know that you'll have to send Carlos to a clinic eventually.
It's the best thing for everyone, for you too.
No, not for me.
Excuse me.
These officers want to speak to you.
- What do you want now? - Is your husband back yet? No, why? We have an arrest warrant for Mr.
What's he done? He's been accused of the murder of Malcolm Sousa.
Or Marcos Hevia, that was his real name.
- Where's Mr.
Bandeira? - I don't know.
We don't know when he's coming back.
Then, we'll wait.
Please, can you show them to the office, they already know it, they took everything a while ago.
Follow me.
Make yourself at home.
Don't worry, everything will be alright.
I don't want Nemo to go jail.
He won't be going.
He's a resourceful guy.
He's always lucky.
No, you didn't understand me.
I don't want him to go to jail.
I want him to pay for everything he's done to Carlos.
I want him to suffer.
Help me.
Help me and I'll give you everything.
Here is your new identity.
Lago, you're risking a lot for me.
- You'd have done the same.
- No.
I was convinced you had accepted a bribe.
I'm not corrupted, just a coward.
What you found when investigating Nemo was all too much for us.
People with too much power were involved.
- Why didn't you tell me earlier? - Would you have believed me? You rushed to tell our boss that I was obstructing the investigation.
No, Marcos, you ventured into the lion's den with no help from anyone.
Fuck, when I saw you lying there in a pool of blood in your girlfriend's house I thought It'd been our people.
It's funny when you say "our people".
I feel sorry for killing a colleague.
He thought he was executing a traitor.
Not everyone can attend their own funeral.
No one in the corps will think you're dead.
You have little time.
Go and pick up your wife and your son and start a new life.
And what about Lara? Go to her if you want to, but the only thing you'll gain is that in the end she'll be taking flowers to your grave.
Believe me, the woman of your life is your son's mother.
You end up forgetting the Laras in this world.
It's happened to all of us.
Sorry, I forgot you were special.
No, I'm not, but Lara is.
Take good care of yourself, boy.
Go ahead, Lara.
I know where Nemo is.
Where is he? Not on the phone.
Pick me up and we'll go together.
Ferro? Ferro, can you hear me? I'm on my way.
Stay where you are.
Hello, Ferro.
Have you been crying? No, I can't cry, Lara.
I had my tear ducts removed when I was a little boy.
Where is your dad? What I know is that he went to see Quique.
Quique? Are you sure he said Quique? Who is Quique? Quique was Mario's father.
Listen, Mario came over asking for Nemo and he had a gun on him.
Mario isn't back.
I told you.
You just have to let them kill one another.
Did the dude believe the story of Nemo making him an orphan? Of course, you just have to tell people what they're expecting to hear and they'll believe you.
Let's toast to that, damn.
To you and me.
Hello? Hello? It's been a long time I haven't heard your voice.
Hi, darling, how are you? Good, good, although you haven't come to see me for a long time.
In Mexico City people go around saying that my wife doesn't love me anymore.
- It's not that.
- I know you don't need a man to tell you what to do.
I've been transferred to another prison.
Then you're no longer in Mexico City? No.
Those clothes go very well with the necklace I gave you as a present.
What's up? Have you seen the devil? No, but he saw me.
Did you kill my father? Some Colombian guys killed your father.
You know perfectly well what I'm asking you.
Did you kill him? Yes.
Why? Because he betrayed me.
He betrayed you? Did you have to kill him? I'm not proud of it, but that's the way I saw things in those times.
You've come to kill me, haven't you? I'll make it easy for you.
It's the best offer I have received in a long time.
Shooting is the only thing I haven't taught you, but I know you're capable.
Come on.
Go ahead.
You've made me do things you'd never ask your children to do.
I actually thought it was because you loved me, but no.
I was just part of the staff.
And you ask your staff to take the rubbish out, to clean your shoes, - to get their hands dirty.
- You're much more than that.
- You're - Shut up.
I'm not proud of how I've treated your son, but I've loved him as he was one of my own.
I don't care if you're sick.
I'm going to kill you.
I'll kill you before you forget everything you've done.
I'll never forgive you.
Never, Nemo.
You shouldn't have kissed her.
Nemo! Nemo! Mario! You shouldn't have kissed her, Quique.
Mario! Mario! That's it.
- Mario! - That's it.
What happened? What have you done, Nemo? Do you remember what's happened? Nemo.
Nemo! Here no one lives without permission.
The Tsar of Russia, when he wanted to show that someone had fallen out of favour the glass he raised was the one with water.
The person involved would stand up, would go out and shoot himself.
That son of a bitch killed her and I'm going to kill him.
There are a lot of bastards after me, but they won't succeed.
I leave him all the fucking drug-trafficking and he threatens me again.
Dad, I'm terribly sorry.
That man's name is Nemo Bandeira, and he fed you all your fucking lives.
Her name's Lara.
You're not my father.
I'm your father, Lara, I'm your father.
I don't want my family to look at me the way you're looking at me.
I trusted the Nemo who built Open Sea, but not the one who takes ten pills a day.
You're sick, aren't you? If you're losing your soul, but you're aware of it, then you still have a soul to lose.
Sharks are always the villains in a film, but without them the sea would be a desert.
We sharks also get old, but we still bite.
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