Unauthorized Living (Vivir sin permiso) (2018) s02e01 Episode Script

A Thousand Reasons Not to Come Back

Bandeira, I’m sorry to tell you that you have Alzheimer's.
The day I don’t remember my children’s names you shoot me dead.
You have my word.
I need one of you to be ready to take over my position.
I thought it’d be Mario.
Open Sea belongs to me.
I created it! I created Open Sea! Whatever Nemo says, he’s already decided that Nina runs the company.
The man who marries her You’ve spent a lot of time with Nina lately.
Mario and I are getting married.
You’re my little girl, I’ll never like any of your boyfriends.
Thank you.
Are you okay? I’ve done a lot of things in my life and I’m proud of very few, but being your father is one of them.
Alejandro Lamas, will you be my husband? Champagne for everyone! Alejandro died in the shooting.
What did you say? This will relax you.
He mixed some drugs and I’m afraid he won’t be himself again.
He’d be better in the clinic.
Nobody can look after him better than me.
Carlos started doing drugs because of you.
I wish you were going through the same he’s going through.
I have Alzheimer's.
I need results now, proof of black money, drugs, bribes to politicians.
Did you know he was a CNI agent? If you ask me in for a drink, I may start talking.
I want to be out of the case.
I’m falling in love with Lara Balarés.
Nemo, what happened to Malcom? Did you kill him? I don’t know.
Tigre, Tigre! I'm back! Nobody will make me leave, not even God! Even if it doesn't seem like it, we have a lot in common.
We both want to destroy Nemo, help me nick him.
You can keep the police chief badge.
What is in it for me? When he’s rotting in prison, you’ll be the owner of the whole sea.
YOUR FRIENDS WILL NEVER FORGET YOU I thought you’d like to know who killed your dad.
It was Nemo.
My father and Nemo were like two peas in a pod.
Both were crazy for Ada.
We’re here to arrest Nemo Bandeira.
He has been charged with the murder of Malcolm Sousa.
I want him to go to prison.
I want him to pay for all the bad things he’s done to Carlos.
I arrived here a week ago and a bit later my step son flew over for my niece’s wedding.
I missed you so much.
- And your husband? - In Mexico.
In prison, I’ve heard.
Accused of drug trafficking, criminal ring, murders.
Enough of this bullshit, let’s sort this out once and for all.
What are you doing? This isn’t Mexico.
Here it’s better to let them kill each other.
My husband has a lot of cocaine and I think you know how to smuggle it in this country.
The day he married me, do you know where Mario was? Who the fuck was he kissing, mum? I could be kissing you all my life.
Mario came asking for Nemo and he was carrying a gun.
You are here to kill me, aren’t you? Hello.
- I was eager to hear your voice.
- Hello, my love, how are you? You look pretty in those clothes, wearing the necklace I gave you.
- What’s wrong, did you see the devil? - No, but he did see me.
Did you kill my father? You made me do things you’d have never asked your children to do.
- I was one of your servants.
- You’re much more than that.
- You’re - Shut up! Nemo! Mario! You shouldn’t have kissed her, Quique.
Mario! What have you done, Nemo? Nemo! CONVENT OF BATALHA PORTUGAL Iago! Iago! Iago, there are two men there to speak with you.
They’re Spanish.
Good morning.
Iago Dacosta? We’d like to ask you some questions.
Do you know Mario Mendoza? No, I don’t.
I think you do.
My name’s Marina.
I’m Oeste’s new judge.
I came to offer you a deal you won’t refuse.
I want you to help me finish with Nemo Bandeira.
Things in Oeste are worse than ever.
The Mexicans have taken over Nemo’s house and the streets.
But the drug trafficking and the contacts are still in Nemo’s hands.
But not for long, though.
We know he’s about to close a very important deal with the Arteagas.
He wants to pass the power onto them, the business.
If the does, Oeste could become a new Ciudad Juárez.
Nobody will be safe.
Is she with Nemo? Lara Balarés? She’s always by her father’s side lately.
Despite her name she’s a Bandeira.
No, she has nothing to do with them.
Then I feel sorry for her.
She won’t last long.
Now Nemo is vulnerable.
If we go for him, he’ll fall.
We’ll end the drug trafficking once and for all.
But, Mario, I need your help.
I’m sorry but the Mario you’re looking for no longer exists.
He died when he fell down that cliff.
The sea washed me over here and gave me an opportunity to start from scratch and that’s what I’m going to do.
Nobody can change who they really are.
Either you co-operate with me, or the next person who comes looking for you will be Nemo Bandeira.
Don’t sign that shitty contract, Nemo.
It means throwing into the sea everything you’ve fought for your whole fucking life.
Nemo, if you sign, it’s the end.
Some people’s end is a new beginning of others.
Let the party begin, dudes! SPECIALIZED PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL I know well I’m not in But the day I die With or without money I always do what I please And my word is law I have no crown or queen Nor anyone who understand me But I’m still the king A stone in the road Showed me that my fate Was to roll and roll You’ll do great.
To be the first to arrive But to know how to arrive With or without money I do what I please And my word is law I have no crown or queen Nor anyone who understand me But I’m still the king Done.
Come on, your guests are waiting.
Who is waiting? Yes, it’s the presentation of Carlos Bandeira’s foundation.
- Do you remember? - Sure.
Nemo, listen, you don’t have to do it.
Doctor Duarte said it’s better to avoid any stressing situation.
They’re waiting for me.
How are you doing? Hi, Mario.
- Where’s Nina? - Over there.
I have some news.
A new judge has been appointed for Malcolm’s case.
Malcolm’s case? Yes, I’ve tried to delay the trial as long as possible, but there’s not much more to be done.
We may go to court soon.
- Nemo, can I speak to Diana? - Thank you, Ferro.
Why don’t you give him a break? Can’t you see it’s not the right fucking moment? He’s been accused of killing a CNI agent.
When will it be the right moment, when he’s sent to prison? You’re his lawyer.
You’re being paid a lot of money to avoid that from happening.
And one thing, carrot, you’ll have your fucking moment when you do your fucking job.
Have a drink and enjoy yourself.
- Hey, how are you doing? - What’s up, how are you? - And your family? - Very well, thank you.
- Your daughter, well? - Great, very well.
- A lawyer or an economist? - An economist.
- That’s a good daughter.
- Yes.
Celso, how are you? Hello, chief.
Where have you been lately? I’ve always been here, Celso.
We have to talk, Nemo.
The Mexicans are screwing us up.
We get here and the first thing I see is some fucking mariachis.
- What’s going on, Nemo? - What’s going on is that if you want I can sing you a "muñeira" and you leave this house.
Waves come and waves go.
Hey, Ferro, easy, easy.
Come on, come on.
Nina, I was looking for you.
We must talk.
Dad, don’t worry.
We can talk later.
Are you okay? Yes, yes, sure.
Did you take the donepezil? Shut your mouth, doctor, or I’ll shut it myself.
I said I’m fine and that’s all there’s to it.
Bandeira is waiting for you in his office.
The more convinced we are, the better for everyone.
And, besides, it’s important that we discuss all these matters before the next town council meeting.
Dear commissioner, dear MP, dear mayor, I welcome you all to my humble dwelling.
Let’s start the fun, shall we? What’s this? It’s an advance on the payment for the work you’ll be doing for us.
And a bit of sugar in case you’d like some dessert.
You know how it works, we all make our living with this.
Nemo would’ve never allowed drugs in his house.
Well, this is no longer Nemo’s house, nor Nemo’s town, and you no longer work for Nemo.
The choice is very clear, "okay"? Either you take this, or you take that.
You think you’ll have our support? Because you send your Colombian hit man to gun people down around our streets.
This isn’t Tijuana.
No, obviously it isn’t.
An arrogant woman like you? If this was Tijuana, she’d be in a ditch with a bullet in her head.
A shame.
It was a lot of money.
Already two dead people in one week.
Don’t blow your trumpets, it’s only Thursday.
Vázquez, move your ass and take this woman away from here! My name is Marina Cambeiro, the new judge.
I had no idea, your Honour.
I’m sorry.
I’m inspector Monterroso.
I know.
What do we have here? I hope you haven’t had breakfast.
Four gunshots.
One to his head.
- Two to his head.
- Two? One to his jaw, here.
And this one, blew his brains out.
- Monterroso, we know who the boy is.
- Who’s he? - Gabriel Fandiño.
- For fuck’s sake.
Then we’re going to rock the boat.
Where are you going? Nemo’s house, your Honour.
Whoever wanted him dead is there for sure.
I’m coming with you.
Good evening.
Hello? Hello? Now.
Hello, good afternoon.
A year ago, my son, Carlos suffered a seizure that led him to a coma.
That tragedy left us devastated.
Excuse me.
We’re looking for Antonio Fandiño, please.
Thank you.
head doctor of La Providence Hospital, in Switzerland.
Now we’ll find out who ordered the death of that boy.
Excuse me.
Antonio Fandiño, aren’t you? Did you invite them or did the neighbours report us for making noise? - We need to talk to you.
- What about? If you want to talk to him, it’ll have to be with his lawyer present.
I don’t think it’ll be necessary.
There’s been a shooting in the skating area.
There’s a dead person.
I’m sorry to tell you it’s your son.
It’s my pleasure to introduce you the new Specialized Hospital of Carlos Bandeira’s foundation.
Fucking Mexican scum! I’ll kill you! - Come, Furancho.
- I’ll kill you! Let go of me, bastards! Let go! What are you doing, dickhead? What are you doing? - Let go of me! - Let him go! I said to let him go.
I’ll deal with this.
Furancho, I'm asking you to leave.
You’re embarrassing us all.
They’ve murdered my son! You won’t do anything? I’m really sorry, Furancho.
We’ll talk later.
Now, escort him out.
It’s all your fault.
You’re a coward! And a traitor! You sold us to this scum! Shut up, Furancho, or you’ll regret it.
Quiet! I’m not scared of you, Nemo Bandeira.
You’re finished! You’re dead, Nemo Bandeira! Come on, Furancho, go home.
Come on! What are you looking at? What the hell are you looking at? Out of here! - Come on, everyone out! - Nemo, Nemo, Nemo! - Out! Didn’t you hear me? All out! - Nemo! Nemo, please, let’s go.
Let’s go.
Do you think they noticed? What, that you were angry? Yes, I think they did.
Why don’t you rest for a while? I wouldn’t sleep.
Good night.
Thank you.
Do you fancy a swim? To wash the sweat away.
I can’t let my colleague put everything away and not help.
In this swimming pool there’s room for three.
Everyone thought you loved me like a son.
Even I believed it.
Mario? No, Nemo, Your mind isn’t playing tricks on you.
It can’t be.
You’re alive.
It’s one of the things I learnt from you, not to get killed easily.
It’s you.
It’s a miracle.
I need something to drink.
Would you like one? Is this what you’re looking for? It’s okay.
It’s fair.
That night it was me who should have died.
I’m not going to do you the favour, Nemo.
I’ve done far too many.
So, what are you doing here? I came to tell you that I was born again.
I’ve looked back and I didn’t like what I saw.
I regret all the terrible things I did for you.
Do you regret the ones you did for yourself? Yes, those too.
But I’m no longer that Mario.
I want to start from scratch and I want to do it here, in Oeste, in my hometown.
But far away from you and all what you represent.
So I ask you to respect me and stay away from me.
You don’t need my permission for that.
Good-bye, Nemo.
I’m glad you’re alive.
You were never a good liar.
- Nina! What’s wrong? - What’s the matter, Chon? - Ferro, call for an ambulance.
- What's wrong? Nina, are you okay? - Nina.
- I’m fine.
- What happened? - She fainted.
What happened, darling? It’s nothing, that I’ve seen a ghost.
No, it wasn’t a ghost.
Mario is alive.
What? He’s been here.
- Good morning, son.
- Good morning, uncle.
I though you wouldn’t wake up.
Thank you for letting me stay here.
I only use this to keep some gear.
You can stay as long as you want.
But we’ll have to clean it up a little.
A little.
I’m so happy you’re here.
I’m happy too.
Uncle, can I borrow your van? - I’m off, mum.
Have a nice day.
- You don’t have breakfast? No.
I have to find Mario.
He’ll come over to sort things out with you, that's for sure.
- Mum, he’s had eight months to do it.
- And what will you say to him? That he kissed the bastard daughter on your wedding day? - Or how he tried to kill your father? - He must give me an explanation.
Where he’s been all this time? Why he didn’t tell me he was alive? If he doesn’t love me, why has he come back to Oeste? Come, sit next to me, my darling.
Don’t worry, darling.
Your dad’s losing his head.
You saw yesterday.
Do you know who he has named his legal guardian? His wife, who’s been by his side all his life? No.
Lara? And all of the sudden Mario comes out of the blue.
The same Mario that cheated on you with her.
Mario and Lara are vultures.
You and I have to be together to fight for what’s ours.
Good morning, gorgeous.
So, have you seen Nemo? Isn’t he in his office? He isn’t in his office.
He won’t be disorientated again, will he? Nemo! Nemo! Nemo! Good morning, little Chon, what do you need? - I’m looking for my husband.
- In my bedroom? And wait.
Nemo? Nemo? Nemo? Nemo isn’t here.
Dammit, I thought you’d lock the door.
I told you we had to be careful.
What the hell.
We’re the owners of Oeste.
We do what we please.
And if your dad finds out? My dad’s in a Mexican prison cell, ten thousand kilometres from here, my love.
If your dad wants to, he can find out the underwear I was wearing yesterday.
- The devil has eyes everywhere.
- My love, my dad can’t do any harm to us.
"Okay"? Relax.
We’re in control of everything here you and I.
Green fly, damn.
We should’ve fumigated.
These hydrangeas have to be pulled out quickly.
Lara? Is everything okay, captain? Green fly, Ferro.
They have to be pulled out.
Fucking hell, no doubt, they’ve got to be pulled out.
Why don’t we? We go inside and you leave that for now.
You might hurt yourself.
No! I’ll forget.
I’ll forget that there are green flies, and it’ll destroy the whole garden.
Every flower, every fruit tree, everything I planted myself.
You don’t understand.
You don’t understand! No! They have to be pulled out! Nemo, Nemo! Stop, Nemo, stop! Nemo! Let’s go inside.
Come on.
- I want you to watch Mario closely.
- Consider it done.
If he’s back to hurt me, he knows how to do it.
How did you know the flowers were from me? I didn’t know.
But I was right.
I know nothing can stop my brain from collapsing little by little.
The only thing I’m asking you is to help me buy some time and lucidity.
I understand, Mr.
Any patient in your situation would wish the same, but You don’t understand.
It’s not a wish.
I must think clearly.
My life depends on it.
I’m sorry, but you’re asking for the impossible.
But there must be some way.
Some new medicine, something - Well.
- What? - Well, what? - There’s an experimental therapy.
It’s only been tested on patients suffering from Parkinson, but it’s the only alternative I can offer you.
An experimental therapy? Tell me more.
A small incision is made and some electrodes are placed in the basal nucleus of Meynert, there.
And then they’re electrically stimulated.
When can you do it? To operate on a brain, even a small operation, has its risks.
If anything should go wrong, the chances of cognitive deterioration would increase.
I asked you, when can you operate on me? Next week perhaps.
We’ll do it tomorrow.
I have no time to lose.
Start preparing everything.
Tomorrow? I’ll compensate you.
Don’t fail me.
And after the fishermen pulled me out of the sea, - I was in hospital for eight months.
- Eight months? I assure you that eight months is a long time to think about many things.
To think about all the atrocities I had done, about the person I was, and who I want to be from now on.
I can see you’re not wearing your tie.
Yes, I’m not wearing my tie.
To work with my uncle Cibrán, I don’t really need it.
Your uncle Cibrán? Who, of the ships’ repair shop? - Ah, I didn’t know he was your uncle.
- Yes.
Not you or anyone else.
- I was ashamed of him.
- Why? When my father and Nemo started the cigarettes trafficking, he didn’t want to be involved and in Oeste people made fun of him for being an honest man.
Well, I’m not surprised, to be honest.
And then, after what happened to my mother, I had to choose who I wanted to live with.
I rejected my uncle, I chose Nemo.
I made a mistake.
At least you’re back with him, aren’t you? I guess that after all the bad things, there’s something good.
And you? What good thing has happened to you? I have a father.
Nemo’s changed a lot.
He accepted being ill and that’s why I moved to his house to look after him.
Although he has days.
You know what he’s like.
Better than anyone else.
Nemo does not forgive himself for what happened that night.
I don’t understand how he was capable of doing that.
Well, you had a gun.
You were going to kill him, Mario.
That’s what he told you, isn’t it? That it was self-defence? It wasn’t, Lara.
I had a gun, but I couldn’t do it and I dropped it, and he pushed me in cold blood.
It doesn’t matter now, Lara, I don’t feel resentment.
Besides, he’s ill.
In fact, I’m grateful to him.
Thanks to what he did to me, now I know what I really need to be happy.
And the first thing is to stay away from him.
And why did you come back to Oeste? There were a thousand reasons to not come back and only one to be here.
Well I have to go now.
Hello, my love.
- Aren’t you happy to see me? - German, what are you doing here? This is how you welcome me after all these months? You don't look very happy.
You scared me.
Because those who protect you are useless.
But don’t worry, daddy is here now.
Everything’s going to change.
Don’t scare me like that again, you bastard.
Your smell, I missed that smell so much, damn.
And how come you show up like this? Surprise.
I managed to be extradited.
It’s the perks of having friends in both sides of the ocean.
I asked these gentlemen, that were so kind as to pick me at the airport to escort me to Oeste prison, if I could pay you a visit.
As you can see, the devil has friends everywhere.
- Daniel will be so happy to see you.
- Sure.
Tell him to visit me very soon.
And now, get in.
And where are these gentlemen taking me? To see the fucking stars.
Yes, I’m going through his diary.
The next available day would be the 18th of this month.
Of course, no problem.
Close to the day, I’ll contact you, if you want.
Hello, Patricia.
Is Nina in? She’s in her office.
Do you want me to tell? We arranged your funeral.
I had to choose a stone for your tomb.
Do you know how hard it was for me? Why didn’t you phone? Why didn’t you tell me you were alive? Because the Mario you fell in love with is dead, Nina.
I’m not that person anymore.
You don’t know which Mario I fell in love with.
The one who told you what you wanted to hear.
That I loved you.
And you didn’t mean it.
- I’m sorry.
- No.
There was something between us and you know it.
Mario, come back home.
You work out things with my father and we’ll be fine.
Nina, I used you.
I used you to obtain what I wanted.
It’s the only truth.
You’re right.
I liked the old Mario better, even though he was lying to me.
Why did you come back to Oeste? You could’ve started from scratch anywhere else, no? Because it’s my home.
It’s Lara, isn’t it? No, it’s for me.
I thought the new Mario never lied.
Nina, I came to say that I’m sorry and it’s best for both that we leave it here.
You used me.
You lied to me.
Now you will give the opportunity to make our marriage work.
- You owe me.
- Nina, please.
I won’t give up.
And I won’t make it easy for you.
I’ll fight for you, whether you like it or not.
I always thought you were a show-off.
I know now I never judge people wrong.
I’m taking you to the police station.
On what charges? Your own death.
I’m telling you, once more, that they were Portuguese fishermen fishing near the coast of Oeste.
They took me to a shore near Oporto.
I’ve been in hospital there almost eight months and I came back two days ago to work with my uncle.
End of story.
Can I go now? Not until you tell me what happened on that cliff that night.
Nemo pushed you down, but it wasn’t self-defence.
He wanted to kill you, yes or no? Come on Mario, you have no reason to protect him.
He did, he pushed me.
But it’s his word against mine.
So neither of us can do anything.
- Inspector? - Judge Cambeiro.
Any lead on the shooting in the skating area? Two dozens of witnesses and no one saw anything.
It’s a town full of blind people.
- I need something.
- Count on it.
- Well.
Is she Anxo Cambeiro’s daughter? We’re getting to know each other, but I haven’t met her parents yet.
What’s your reason to come here, Mario? Oeste is my home.
Ah, you were homesick.
Don’t take me for a fool and think I’ll buy you’re now a saint.
Why the fuck did you come back, Mario? Monterroso, I agreed to come here, so now I’m leaving.
You won’t laugh on my expense.
Come on! Hit me back if you have guts.
Come on! Where’s the real Mario? Where? Is he in Portugal? I know he’ll be back and that day I’ll be here waiting for him.
Okay, ah You can leave the painting over there.
Good morning, cousin.
How are you? I’m still recovering from yesterday, it was awesome.
By the way, I heard about your dear husband.
How well! How well! Kiss-kiss.
We’ll have to call him Jesus Christ from now on.
Daniel, what are you doing here? Just giving this dreadful place a new touch.
I won’t be needing that table.
Leave now.
Out! Daniel, I’m not in the mood for this nuisance.
Not "Daniel".
For you it’s "Mr.
General Director".
Okay? - Like for the rest of the staff.
- Have you gone mad, or what? Didn’t your father tell you? He’s become very forgetful lately, don’t you think? He sold Open Sea to us, darling.
In fact he signed the papers yesterday.
You’re lying.
Do you think I’m stupid? Don’t make me answer that Nina, please.
Beautiful! This is your father’s signature, isn’t it? Very good.
That painting, you can take it away, I don’t like it.
Let’s go! Dad.
Did you sell Open Sea to the Arteagas? Tell me it’s not true.
Yes, it’s true.
I guess I forgot to tell you about it.
You forgot to tell us we’re broke? That you sold my children’s inheritance? The company was mine and I can do whatever I like with it.
- I’m not dead yet.
- The company was yours.
Now we don’t have anything left.
We have enough to build a beautiful clinic for you, with a glass roof.
- Is not that what you wanted? - No! I wanted to bring my son here to look after him.
Not squander all our entire life’s hard work.
- Whose work? - Stop it now, please.
Dad did what he had to do.
Mum, from the moment I started being in charge of Open Sea things were getting worse and worse.
Open Sea is a jigsaw puzzle.
Only Mario knew how it worked.
I didn’t sell everything.
We still control the estate agency.
It’s more profitable.
And it’ll be the seed for the new Bandeira’s empire, with you running it.
Dad, are you sure? It’s not that I think you can do it.
I know you’ll do it.
Ah, I forgot, I’m going to have some surgery tomorrow.
What do you mean, some surgery? There won’t be any risk and it can help me delay this damn disease.
With some luck, next time I sell something important, I’ll remember to let you know.
"Do you know what I think of you?" You’re a shitty friend.
Someone holds a gun in the middle of the maritime walk, they shoot your friend in broad daylight, and you don’t even have the guts to say who did it.
I’ve already told you I saw nothing.
Tell me who pulled the trigger and you’ll have protection.
Protect me? You? - Who are you kidding? - Fine, mate.
It’s your choice.
I’ll have to charge you.
Charge me? Drug possession.
- I found this in your pocket.
- That wasn’t in my pocket.
But you know what? In a court of law it’s my word against yours.
So you’re screwed.
Give me a name or you’re going to prison.
Handcuff him and take him to a cell.
Give me a minute, your Honour.
I’m not done with him.
- It’s not him who’s being arrested.
- What the hell is happening? And you, off you go.
Are you sure about this? It’s standard procedure.
It doesn’t matter how many times you repeat it, I won’t believe you.
What will happen if something goes wrong? Are you scared? Ferro says I have nine lives like damn cats and so far he’s only counted four.
Well, that’s very reassuring.
I saw Mario today.
And I’d like to ask you a question.
Go ahead.
That night He was going to kill you, wasn’t he? You didn’t push him in cold blood.
Please, I’m asking you to tell me the truth.
I’m very confused about that night, Lara.
Mario’s been like a son for me.
Do you think I would something like that? No.
Can I come in? I want to talk business with you.
I don’t do business anymore.
My father has sold Open Sea.
What a little cosy house.
It has a bohemian touch.
What do you mean your dad has sold Open Sea? The company’s gone bankrupt.
And my father is ill.
He’s going to have surgery in a hospital tomorrow, but we all know it’s a matter of time.
And when my father’s head is gone and Lara becomes his legal guardian, she’ll be have nothing to run, because there won’t be anything left.
Lara is going to be the legal guardian? Don’t act as if you had no idea.
Mario, I know what you came here for and what Lara and you’re plotting.
I come here to make you a counter offer.
Nina, you don’t know what you’re saying.
My father‘s given me the companies he hasn’t sold.
Mario, you’re the only person who can rise the empire again.
- And everything will be yours.
- Nina, I think you’d better go.
I know what you want and I’ll give it to you.
Nina, please.
- Nina.
- Come on.
Nina, please! That stupid girl won’t make you happy because she doesn’t know you.
What are you doing? Open Sea has liquidity.
But the money is in offshore current accounts.
Here are the numbers of the accounts and the names of the societies.
What happened to you? What happened, my love? Tell me who did that to you and I’ll kill him.
You promise? Of course.
- Really? - Yes.
It was your dad.
He’s in Oeste.
He managed to be extradited and this was his way to say welcome.
We were so good without him.
Calm down, Mendoza, calm down.
I come as a friend.
What the fuck do you come into my house for? We have to be discreet.
There’s someone who wants to see you.
Eh, look at these beauties.
You like seafood, don’t you? Not for breakfast.
Have you ever tried an American crab? They’re invasive species.
If you leave them in the estuary, they will devour everything.
That’s why they need to be kept at bay.
They have to be exterminated.
Some of Nemo’s partners have associated and we’ll start the war.
- And what does Nemo think about it? - He doesn’t know anything.
Without Nemo’s help, it’ll very hard to get people to follow you.
Maybe not me.
But they’ll follow you.
No, this isn’t my battle.
Then, which is your battle, Mario Mendoza? There aren’t many things around here worth fighting for.
And to be the new Nemo Bandeira? No.
Besides, nobody can be the new Nemo unless Nemo allows it.
So, he’ll have to die.
Off with the old, on with the new.
You’ll have to excuse my friend Furancho.
He’s not himself after his recent loss.
That son of a bitch has sold us all.
And I swear on my son’s tomb that he’ll pay for it.
I’m sorry, my answer is no.
Mendoza, don’t you fucking play games with me.
Hey! Furancho.
Well, those invasive species devour everything.
Sooner or later, they go after you too, Mario Mendoza.
I’m sure they’ll start with the big fish.
I’m too skinny yet.
You can go now.
You and I have something in common.
Don't tell me you’re a Celta fan.
Do you know who my father was? I hope he’s not what we have in common, your Honour.
He was the last honest mayor of this town until Nemo Bandeira destroyed his life.
He forced as to move, when I was only a little girl.
Both of us hate Nemo Bandeira.
So why don’t you let me do my fucking job? Because you’re a loser who can only solve cases breaking the law.
You look beautiful when you insult people.
I’ve just take Malcolm’s case.
The evidence against Nemo is a video that you found.
But there are some scenes missing.
I want the original.
And what will happen if the part that’s missing exonerated Nemo? - Would you still want it? - Yes.
I’m not going to let Nemo walk away with murder in a trial because a corrupted and useless detective - has tampered with the evidence.
- You can’t fight against Nemo - if you don’t do it in equal terms.
- It can be done.
And we’re going to do it.
Let him go! Mario has been with Lara.
He’s told her what happened on the cliff.
Yesterday he visited Nina.
After that it was fucking Monterroso.
This morning he’s seen Celso.
The bastard is plotting something.
Yes, I know.
But what? What do you fucking care? Tell me do it.
Drain the swamp No.
Nemo, we’ll do so the girls don’t know it’s been us.
My daughters aren’t silly.
I need him to make the first move.
He may need a small push.
Do it.
- Darling.
- Gorgeous.
- Hello.
How are you? - Very well.
Well? Nina and Chon have already left to the hospital.
- What are we waiting for? - Shall we? In one occasion you promised me that the day I didn’t remember my children’s name you would shoot me dead.
Oh, yes.
That you won’t forget, hey? If anything goes wrong during the operation Nothing will go wrong.
If it does, look at me! Do what you promised.
Nemo, I give you my word.
How are you, uncle? You have to fetch a speed board in San Vicente quay before the tide is up.
Bad people don’t like that you aren’t like them.
It makes them feel guilty.
And they’ll punish you for it.
But it takes two to tango.
Look, sometimes it’s difficult not to fight.
They tore my net up, they wrecked my boat, I was kicked out of the fishermen brotherhood, but in the end I won.
I opened this repair shop with a lot of hard work.
And here I am.
I managed to pull through.
And you’ll pull through, son.
Chon, we’re ready to start.
Will it go well? Don’t worry, I’ll look after him.
I don’t know how to thank you for what you’re doing for my husband.
I’m not doing it for him.
- How are you? - As a horse.
- Everything will be fine.
You’ll see.
- I’ll see you in a while.
- Sure.
- We have to take him away.
The experiment will be a success, won’t it? - I hope so, yes.
- If something should go wrong, I’ll crash every bone in your hands until they’re like biscuit crumbs.
Ferro, where are you going? I need to run a little errand, Lara.
Let’s start.
Uncle! - The boats The boats! - Uncle, easy.
- It’s done! - The boats! We have to put out the fire! The boats The boats Bastards! Nemo.
Nemo, can you hear me? - Are you sure everything went well? - The procedure was a success, but we won’t know his condition until he comes round.
- Nemo.
- Dad.
- Hello.
- Dad.
Nemo, are you okay? Do you know who we are? I’d say it’s my wife and my daughters.
But it can be because they’re not fighting with each other.
Mario, let it go.
Let it go, please.
Mario, where are you going? Mario! Where the fuck are you going? I’ll go, Mario, I’ll go.
Attorney That’s Oeste.
Here no one can see us.
Drop the gun and let’s work it out properly.
"Here no one can see us.
" Are you feeling something for me? Do you want to suck my dick, Mario? Because I am more active than passive.
It’s not clear, Mario.
That's the attitude.
Come on, Mario! Mario! Mario! If you touch Nemo, I’ll kill you! Why don’t you go home? I don’t need anyone to look after me.
No, I’m here because it scares me to be at home with Chon and Nina.
You have your mother’s smile.
Stop, you’ll kill him.
Mario, stop! It should have been you instead of him.
If you go against me again, it’ll be me the next one who comes for you.
Mario, wait.
Mario? Nemo! Mario! Are you okay? Mario, you saved his life.
See what I turn into every time I’m close to him? Throughout my life I’ve done some terrible things.
COURTHOUSE Terrible enough to rot in hell.
But the night Nemo Bandeira pushed me down that cliff, I was born again.
Fate gave a second chance, to start from scratch.
I thought I could make up for all the bad things I did and have a clear conscious.
I was wrong.
Now I know there was only reason for me to survive: To destroy Nemo Bandeira.
To die now would be the easiest way out for Nemo.
But I want him to pay for everything he’s done.
I want to see him in prison.
I want to see him looking around and realizing that he’s alone, hated by his family and broke.
Knowing that when he dies, his name will be nothing but a bad memory in Oeste.
That’s why tonight I’ve started to gain his trust.
Mario! If you touch Nemo, I’ll kill you!! I'll kill you! SANTA UXIA HOSPITAL, NEMO IS ALONE.
It should have been you instead of him.
I’ll hand Nemo on a silver platter to you and we’ll stop him forever.
Or didn’t you come here to do that? From now on you live with permission.
Help! - Do you understand? - Yes.
- Adolfo.
- Hello, Sandra.
Detective Esparza has been secretly investigating the Bandeiras' finances.
I know, your Honour, I tipped her off.
We won’t go for Nemo directly because Nemo’s a king.
Police! Bravo! I said: "No one touches anything today, dammit".
If the other pieces fall, he becomes a lonely king.
Check the queen.
I want my wife out of prison.
I sign what he told me to, so he lied to me.
You know well what sort of monster you’re married to.
Help me put him away.
I received a phone call from the judge in charge of the case.
She told me they’re about to find the person that witnessed it all.
I don’t know how to break the bad news to your dad.
Opening your mouth.
Everything you told me about Nemo is true.
He’s your dad, after all.
He isn’t my dad and he won’t be anymore.
The divorce papers signed.
If you want them you’ll have to do one last thing for me.
Fuck me right here.
What the fuck happened to Open Sea? They were investigating for months.
There’s a new judge who wants You get rid of the fucking judge if necessary, dickhead.
Do you know who you’ve forgotten, who you’re forgetting? Me.
Judge Cambeiro met up with your wife.
It’s very generous.
Who did you talk to? I’ve only got one option, to kill the three of you.
One Two What are you going to do with all this dynamite? Whatever you do, don’t let it blow up in your ass.

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