Unauthorized Living (Vivir sin permiso) (2018) s02e02 Episode Script

Solitary King

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES IN PREVIOUS EPISODES My name’s Marina, the new judge of Oeste.
Either you cooperate with me or Bandeira will come to see you next.
I welcome you all to my humble dwelling.
Let’s start the party! They killed my son.
You won’t do anything? I’m very sorry, Furancho.
Mario? No, your mind isn’t playing tricks on you.
I want to start here from scratch, away from you and what you represent.
All I ask you is to respect my decision and to leave me alone.
You don’t need my permission for that.
- Who has he named legal guardian? - Lara? All of the sudden Mario comes out of the blue.
He cheated on you with her.
I think I have a witness of Lama’s murder.
Who? A little boy who was fishing.
And why did you come back to Oeste? I had a thousand reasons not to come back and only one to be here.
You receive me like that after so long? You scared me.
Let's go inside.
You’ll hurt yourself with that.
I’ll forget they have green flies.
I know that there’s nothing that can stop my brain collapsing little by little.
There’s an experimental therapy.
Uncle! If you go against me again, I'll put a bullet in your head.
It should have been you.
I’m going to serve Nemo on a silver platter to you and we’ll finished with him once and for all.
The cemetery is full of people who should be alive.
And some people like us, perhaps we deserve to be six feet under.
Although that’s a mistake that sooner or later is mended.
Help! Help! Help! Help! Don’t cry, Furancho, you were buried next to your son.
Are you in a hurry to lie next to him? No.
That’s what it looks like.
You tried to kill me.
After a year being loyal to me you failed me, Furancho.
but it’s true that I've failed you too.
Your son was murdered and I didn’t do anything to avenge him.
That’s why you’re here now and not underground.
From now on you live with permission.
Do you understand? Yes.
Get out of here.
Let’s go.
I want to go back home.
I can’t decide on your life, but I can do it on your crimes.
I can forgive you everything, everything you did when you were with the Bandeiras.
You only have to do two things.
To sign this agreement and to be completely honest with me.
How will we lock Nemo away? We’re not going to go after Nemo directly.
Why not? Because Nemo is a king.
And the kings are weak pieces.
That’s why they need to be surrounded by other pieces which protect him and come to his defence.
A king can’t be defeated while he’s been protected.
- How are you feeling? - Okay.
But if the rest of the pieces fall, he becomes a lonely king.
His defeat is guaranteed.
And what do you suggest? Where is this from? It doesn’t matter where.
What’s important is that you have here your first check.
Check the queen.
His name‘s Freddy.
The police say he’s a Colombian hit man.
Carrot, for fuck’s sakes, are there hit man in Colombia? I don’t know where did the police have this evidence, but it was brought up as it by magic.
You have been exonerated from Malcolm’s murder.
Have they dropped the charges? All of them.
Bravo! Come on, Ferro! What’s up? Hi.
- It’s all yours.
- All right.
What’s up? Have you issued a detention order for Freddy? - The judge is waiting for you.
- She can wait.
- There’s someone with her.
- Someone? Come in.
Your Honour.
Hello, Sandra.
Weren’t you in Madrid? I came back.
I’m very glad to see you.
Agent Esparza has been secretly investigating - the Bandeira’s finances.
- I know, your Honour.
I tipped her off.
Well done.
That how Al Capone was caught, wasn’t he? Nemo Bandeira isn’t Al Capone.
He isn’t short or chubby.
He isn’t naive with his finances either.
They know what they’re doing.
Open Sea is a lock difficult to unlock.
- But we have the key.
- A key? And this? A tip.
A tip, from whom? - An anonymous source.
- Anonymous? Here everybody is known.
My father used to say that in Oeste, those you’ve known all your life are the first ones to betray you.
And what are we supposed to do with this? You’ll like it.
Good morning.
What can I do for you? Police, don’t move.
Police! Stop what you’re doing right now! No one touches anything! You, to the left! You, to the back! I said, no one touches anything, dammit! - What the heck is this bullshit? - The search warrant, sir.
I have nothing to hide.
Undress me if you want.
Stop that nonsense, stupid.
In that office first.
- What’s the matter with my office? - We ask the questions, miss.
Everything well? Shall we go in? The doctor said that you had to take it easy.
I feel as strong as an ox.
No, I can see that.
Won’t you have drugs from the operation left in your body? - I don’t know.
But they’re working.
- Nemo, - I would like to ask you something.
- Tell me.
Work things out with Mario.
The other day in the hospital, he risked his life for you.
Don’t you think I would like to work things out with him? Then, do it.
When you want to do something, you do it.
It’s him who doesn’t want to.
How do you know? Tomorrow is the first anniversary of Lamas’ death.
There’ll be a small ceremony in the chapel.
It might be a good chance.
Excuse me, Nemo.
They’re coming.
Who? - Nemo, what’s going on? - I don’t know.
Monterroso, you bring the cavalry? Make sure your horses drink, hey? You watch too many westerns, don’t you? - I bring an arrest order.
- Show it to me.
Don’t worry.
This will be sorted out very quickly.
- You can’t take him away! - You're right, madam.
- It’s you who is coming with us.
- What? - Everything is in order.
- Nemo.
- I haven’t done anything.
- Is this a fucking joke? - No.
Don’t let my smile fool you.
- What are the charges? She’s a Bandeira.
Choose something.
Nemo! Don’t worry, Chon, we’ll get you out very quickly.
I hope for your sake you know what exactly you’re doing.
Leave your belongings here.
Turn around, please.
I want my wife out of prison.
It doesn’t matter how much it costs.
What I can be positive of is that all this is the new judge’s doing.
- How can you be so sure about that? - I have many friends that tell me many things before they happen - in front of your fucking eyes.
- They don't tell you everything.
Don’t fucking play games with me.
Not everything, which ones? I have friends too.
In the public prosecutor’s office.
The brigade against financial crime has detected irregular bank accounts movements.
Irregular movements, that’s fucking important information you have.
From off-shore accounts into estate assets accounts.
That’s why they searched Nina’s office.
What the fuck has Chon to do with irregular movements? - Chon signed a document.
- You think you’re so smart.
Enough! Stop arguing! Go to the court.
Do whatever is necessary, but I don’t want her to spend the night there.
Apart from us, who else knew about those accounts? The fucking bastard.
Bring him over.
Uncle, and this? Have you seen this, Mario? I’ve received five commissions this morning.
Five! With one you have enough for the entire month.
- You’ll have to give me a hand.
- Count on it.
And now, just after the fire.
I never thought that the people of Oeste would be so nice to me when I had problems.
You deserve it.
Hello, Ferro! I thought you would be swimming across the estuary now.
Swim? I? I’m more of a diver, but with your mother’s knickers.
- What do you want? - Kindly ask you to come with me.
The good thing is that you know the drill, don’t you? If you accept, this stays where it is.
- If not, this I’ll - stick it up your ass.
You were always a poet, hey? - Get me out of here.
- I asked bail to be granted, but the paperwork is being delayed.
They want you to spend the night here.
Can you, at least, tell me what I’ve been accused of? Something to do with Open Sea.
I’ve never worked for Open Sea.
There are societies under your name.
Nina has a power of attorney signed by you to work with them.
But I didn’t know anything.
You signed the power of attorney.
So you're legally in charge.
So my husband lied to me.
I signed what he told me to.
I trusted him.
And this is how he pays me back? Mario, walk on the pavement, you’ll fuck Nemo’s lawn.
If you wanted to thank me for saving your life, you didn’t need to send your guard dog.
I’m grateful for your help.
Furancho is already under control.
But I didn’t call you over for that reason.
Come with me.
Chon has been arrested.
Chon? Why? They have detected some money movements from off-shore accounts into our reserves in the estate company.
And you think it was me? No one else knew about those accounts.
- Nina.
- No, Nina either.
Yes, she came over asking for help.
She told me that she wanted to boost the company Dad! Dad! I’ve been held under police custody for three hours.
They took everything away with them.
Was it you? Did you move money from the accounts Mario gave you? So it was that.
Dad, I’m so sorry.
We needed liquid funds.
I thought that You thought what? Did you think the police are stupid? Did you think we could bring that money over as easily as when you break a piggy bank? To move all that money we have to do financial engineering.
You don’t know the mess we’re in thanks to you! Your mum is in prison because of you! - It wasn’t her fault.
- Whose fault is it, then? You offered her the job, it’s you who’s put her in this situation.
You’re right.
And I was wrong.
This way.
Follow me, please.
Hi, Dad.
Hi, mate.
How nice to see you.
Where have you been, little one? Have a seat.
I can see they are treating you well, dude.
People treat you how you allow them to treat you.
Sit down.
Each day you resemble your mother more.
It’s wasn’t a compliment, mate.
What the fuck happened with Open Sea? We launder a lot of dough in that company.
They could go after Nemo, but if the start looking further they’ll get to us and screw us up.
You should have thought about that.
There was something in the accounts No! You were being investigated for months.
And you weren’t even aware! What do we need the police for, if not to warn us? The problem is the new judge Then you get rid of the fucking judge if necessary, dick head! Things work differently here, Dad.
It doesn’t work like that.
Now you think you can tell me how things word.
Tell me who tell you that bullshit.
It was most likely your new mummy, wasn’t she? Berta.
The police need to know very clearly that there are things that can’t be touched.
What I need out there is a Mexican guy with guts.
Do you know any? I’m talking about you, dick head! Get your act together, pussy! Come on.
I won’t go anywhere without my lawyer.
If you want to get out of here, follow me.
Otherwise, you can stay there.
It’s up to you.
Your Honour.
Go in.
Have a sit.
I’m the judge in charge of your case.
I told the officer that I won’t say anything without my lawyer present.
The problem is that your lawyer has a clear conflict of interest with what I’m going to propose you.
What do you mean? I don’t know if you’re fully aware of your situation.
We have documents signed by you, transactions made under your name.
You’ll rot in jail, Chon.
Not one or two nights.
Can I call you Chon? I don’t understand why.
Well, we’ve known each other all our lives.
I went to your wedding.
I was only a child, but you I thought you were the most beautiful bride in this world.
The princess of Oeste.
Who are you? My name is Marina.
I’m Anxo Cambeiro’s daughter.
What’s the matter, Chon? Can you tell me what you want from me? To help you.
Why would Anxo Cambeiro’s daughter want to help me? You’re only a housewife who decided to turn a blind eye.
You’re not who I want.
I want Nemo Bandeira.
Your husband lied to you.
You know he’s capable of that and much more.
You know better than anyone else the kind of monster you’re married to.
Help me lock him away.
You could start a new life, without him.
You must be very desperate if you ask me something of that sort.
- You have nothing.
- No.
It’s not desperation, it’s gluttony.
I have a lot where to bite from, but I want more.
Then look elsewhere, I’m not a help yourself service.
You’ll change your mind.
You have 24 hours.
What did she say? I showed you how to enter through the back door to avoid indiscreet neighbours, not to come in whenever you please.
You still don’t trust me? I know what you did in the past.
I’d be a fool if I did.
Chon won’t talk.
She’s from Oeste.
Silence is in her DNA.
Chon just needs more time.
I don’t have patience, nor confidence.
I told you Nina would make a mistake and I was right.
I know the Bandeiras well.
So stop going around and give me Nemo once and for all.
We’re going after the next piece.
It’s the one that protects Nemo on his worst moments.
If he falls, Nemo will do too.
Do you know Lamas’ case? Yes.
Inspector Lamas’ murder.
His late wife came to see me the other day.
She says nothing has been done concerning the case for one year.
There’s a witness who saw how Nemo murdered him with his own hands.
He's a boy.
He’s gone missing.
Gone missing? Yes, well, he’s been hidden away.
Only Ferro knows where he is.
And I guess you have thought of a way to find him.
I’ll do my job and I need you to do yours.
Mine? Relax, it’s nothing illegal.
You only have to tell Lamas’ late wife a little lie.
Do you think you can do it? I’m a judge.
I hear people lying every day.
They didn’t leave much to work with.
We still have the server’s backup copy.
You’re trying to mend your mistake? But I can’t understand where I screw things up.
Let’s see.
Okay, look, you allocated the money transfer to the assets, can you see it here? And it’s okay, it’s the way it should be done, but we disguise that kind of operations under the debit side.
Nina, no one knows this company like I do.
I could teach you all the secrets, if you wanted me to.
Why would you do that? Because I think it’s not fair the way your father is treating you.
You’re not a stupid.
Take a seat.
You still smoke that shit? I find it weird you being here.
Bad weird or good weird? Weird reasonably good.
How’s your wife? I don’t know.
I don’t see her.
And your daughter? I’m sorry.
So am I.
Look, Sandra, I I made a mistake.
I chose my family and as you can see, I lost everything.
You always were a lousy player.
But I always end up betting, again.
I hope those aren’t decaffeinated.
- Mario.
- I found something.
Open Sea paid for a private flight to Lisbon soon after what happened to Lamas.
The catering service was for three people, one of them was a child.
- The kid is in Portugal? - He might be, - but we have no way to know.
- I'll make some phone calls.
Keep me updated with anything you find.
- How are you? - Fine.
- Would you like something? - I could do with some coffee.
A black coffee, please.
- How is your hand? - Good.
I’m sorry you had to see me like that the other night.
It wasn’t my best night.
What do you want to tell me? This afternoon we celebrate the anniversary of Lamas’ death.
And I would like you to come.
Well, I knew Lamas, but we weren’t very close.
And you know I won’t be welcome there.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Nemo wants to apologize to you.
He was the one who asked me to invite you.
I see.
Mario, I don’t know, I think you could talk things over and work it out somehow.
I can see he does mean it, if he’s sending over the heavy artillery to convince me.
I came because I wanted to.
All right.
All right, what? Yes, I’ll come.
- Really? - Yes.
Are you happy now? I am, because I wasn’t that sure you would.
I don’t know if I like that thing of being the heavy artillery.
You love it.
How are you, squab? - Wanting to take change my clothes.
- Obviously.
- It wasn’t like a Turkish prison.
- Go to hell.
What the hell is the matter? You got me into this and you’ll get me out! Did you hear me? It’s the police who put you in a cell, Chon, not me.
Wasn’t it you who asked me to sign the papers without reading them? Trust me, it’s procedure.
Your silly wife, - the naive person who signs it all.
- There was a reason to it.
Hanging it on me! Even the police know I’m innocent.
- Innocent, you? - I’m innocent! You always knew what I was doing! And you enjoyed my money, my power.
You signed without reading, because you didn’t want to see.
- No! You always hid things from me! - Because you didn’t want to hear! You rather pretended you were silly.
You’ve spend the night in prison, so what? That’s your limit? Is that the biggest sacrifice you’re willing to do for your family? Do you think I haven’t sacrificed myself for my family? Do you really think so? I’ve seen how your bastard daughter became more important than my children.
You didn’t even bother to hide that you wanted another life with another woman.
When I knew of your Alzheimer, the first thing I thought was that you’d forget her.
Do you know who you forgot? Me! And whose fault is it? You don’t chose who you love.
Love and respect, you have to earn them.
You enjoyed the journey.
Now, you have to pay for it.
To be honest, no, but I’m glad.
- He doesn’t know for sure? - For sure, but now she’s more annoyed with Nemo than before.
Good morning.
What will you have? - What would you like? Beer? - Yes.
Two beers, then.
Mexican beers.
Nice bums.
Yes, nice.
I went to see my dad yesterday.
He’s really pissed off with that thing about Open Sea.
I was going to tell him myself.
I know how to break the bad news to your dad.
Yes, like opening your mouth? I can tell you went to see him, you speak like him.
No, like him, I think we should defend our business a little.
Let Nemo.
It’s his problem.
Relax and drink your beer.
What are you saying, bitch.
Nemo? That dickhead doesn’t even know where his cock is.
If we play our cards right, it’ll work out great.
The accounts are already searching for something in Open Sea - to pressure him with.
- Bullshit.
- We have to attack, Berta.
- Attack, who? The police have to understand that they can’t screw Mexican people up.
- This doesn’t work like that.
- We don’t serve Mexican beer.
Some tequila, then.
That one will do.
For you we don’t have anything.
I ask you to leave.
- Young man, who’s the owner? - I am.
You sold it, you lost it.
Who’s the owner? Nemo Bandeira.
Not really.
Because Nemo sold all his businesses, didn’t he? Daniel, you tell him.
I’m getting bored.
The restaurant’s mine.
And as it’s mine, I won’t file a complaint.
You, come here.
Beautiful bums, give the dingbat the apron.
Dingbat, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to your new boss.
As from today he’ll be the manager and you’ll be the waiter.
How lucky, aren’t you? So, you’ll swap job, salary.
I give a damn if you swap girlfriends, okay? Good.
Now, bring me two Mexican beers.
Off you go.
Come on.
Things will change, my love.
A slight discomfort, especially in my temples.
Any unusual episode of memory loss? No.
Unusual, no.
Very well, then we’ll start the stimulation sessions tomorrow.
Very well.
Yes? Mrs.
Did you think about what we talked about? I can’t talk now, I’m at home.
You have until this evening to decide.
If you don’t cooperate, tomorrow I’ll give the authorization to start the inquiry of your case.
You’re running out of time.
Chon! Where have you been? You didn’t come to the meeting of the Foundation.
I know.
I’m sorry.
We’ll start stimulating Nemo’s cortex tomorrow.
Will see you at the hospital? Nemo can look after himself.
He doesn’t need me with him.
Chon, wait.
I think the same.
And you’re still a young woman.
You have a long life ahead of you.
You’ll excuse me, but they’re waiting for me in the chapel.
Of course.
Mario? Don’t play games.
Come closer! So nice to see you.
But it’s really you, yes, with that perfect chin and your muscly arms.
You’re not a ghost.
- You’ll excuse me, I’m running late.
- Of course.
Tell your uncle that he doesn’t need to thank us for the boats.
It was you.
We have a big heart.
We like big things.
In fact, we have big plans for Oeste - and for you.
- Mario! Think it over.
Thank you for coming, honestly.
Of course, I told you I was coming.
I never lie.
Do I tell the funeral company not to take anything away and we have two for the price of one.
I invited him.
Mario, thank you for coming.
Well, Lara asked me and sure, here I am.
We have plenty to talk about.
No, we have nothing to talk about, Nemo.
You’re right.
Words are gone with the wind.
I trust the facts.
And what you did in the hospital the other night says a lot about you.
We can work things out between us.
Forget everything’s happened.
Yes, but we don’t choose our memories.
You know better than anyone else.
Work for me again, Mario.
You’re the only person capable of running Bandeira’s business.
It was always you.
This is your home.
Come back with us.
I’m extremely grateful, but I have other plans.
Fine, perhaps in the future.
In the future.
Mario, what are you doing? I don’t want this for me, I told you that.
Can’t you talk things over with him? - I don’t want him in my life.
- But I do.
I do, because he’s my father.
And if he had said yes? Then we’d have known that he still is the same ambitious Mario and I’d have had to leave it in your hands.
It’s been a very difficult year.
First Fidel, then my son.
Thank goodness I have great friends like you.
Thank you for all this.
You will always be family, Aurora.
Whatever you need, we’re here.
What I need is to catch Fidel’s murderer.
Luckily, it’ll be soon.
What do you mean? The new judge in charge of the case, judge Cambeiro.
And she reassured me that they’re very close to finding a witness who saw everything.
- A witness? - Yes.
It’s great news.
The best.
It can’t be true.
No one knows were the kid is! Who can assure you that they panicked and they’re cooperating with the police? I hope not, for their sake.
- Fuck, they’re gone, Nemo.
- Hello? Where the fuck are you? - Where we’ve always been.
What's wrong? - You tell me, Federico.
Are you doing any stupid thing? Have you been talking to anyone? No, we follow the instructions you gave us.
- I swear.
- Why the hell didn’t you pick up? Federico, can you hear me? It’s Nemo.
How is the kid? Is he okay? - Is he still playing football?" - Yes, Mr.
He still does.
Very well, I’m glad to hear.
Federico, we both are parents and we both want the best for our children.
So I hope you won’t lie about this.
Have you spoken to anyone? Sir, I swear we haven’t.
I swear it on my son’s grave.
If there should be any problems, you know what to do.
I don’t like it, Nemo.
I don’t like it at all.
That man was telling the truth.
If he had spoken to the police, they would be under custody.
And if they are playing games so we relax? It’d be too twisted.
Twisted, fucking twisted you know who we have.
Don’t start with that.
Mario doesn’t know where the child is, he was never told.
I’m telling you that Mario’s behind all this shit.
Keep a level head.
We won’t move a finger till we speak to our contacts in the court.
Whatever you say, Nemo.
Whatever you say.
It’ll take you months to go through all that.
You don’t have to start today.
The evidences have to be here.
I just need to find them.
Sandra, don’t trust anyone.
Don’t save copies on the server.
This town has belonged to Nemo for decades.
Here, most people either owe him favours or fear him.
And you? Are you scared of him? No.
He’s scared of me.
That’s why he won’t stop till he finds out which our intentions are.
And what are your intentions? Shit, shit! Shit! It’s the judge.
I have to pick the phone.
Hello, your Honour.
What, now? All right, I’m coming.
- Shit, I have to go.
- No.
- Fuck, shit! - I hope it’s really important.
We’ll catch up later, hey? You can be sure of that.
Still here, Uncle? If I take an order, I have to finish it on time.
What’s the matter? This order comes from the Mexicans.
They control this town now.
- I was going to do a good job.
- I know.
I’m going home.
You, what? Are you messing about with the fucking kid, Mario? - What kid are you talking about? - The witness! You know perfectly well.
How did you find him? How would I know the kid is in Portugal? Portugal is very big.
How the fuck do you know about Portugal, Mario? What have you been talking to his parents about? Does Nemo know you’re here? Does Nemo know what you’re doing? Your aim in life is to get rid of him, isn’t it? I won’t allow it, Mario.
You have to talk to Diana tomorrow to work on your statement.
Are you also going to say to me what I have to tell the police? Of course we’re going to.
Nina, they’re going to try get you to make a mistake so they can go after your mother.
If we’re talking about me, any precaution is little.
- I understand you’re concerned, Dad.
- Nina, please.
Yes? - Yes, it’s me.
- Nina, this is important.
Marseilles? Doesn’t it fascinate you that she looks more like me each day? My hair, the clothes, everything.
I’m so proud.
- What do you want, Berta? - To talk.
To find out what you’re going to do to protect my sister with all this mess of Open Sea.
Paying for a lawyer.
She isn’t cheap.
No, but I would call it a very enthusiastic defence.
I can’t think of anything else I could do.
I don’t know, I’m thinking, for example, be more like when you look after Lara.
Like when you opened a bank account for her with two million euros.
Do you really think we wouldn’t find out, now that the company is ours? I have proof.
That money is hers.
But it comes from Open Sea, and it‘s in a tax free country.
Well, I think if the police find out, - with all this problem - Subtlety is not your speciality.
Neither in your cloths, nor in your threats.
If you want something, just say it.
If you won’t do it for Chon, do it for your favourite daughter and stop the police investigation.
I’m moved to see you so concerned about your sister.
How much love.
Well, yes, what would we do without a family? How curious this sudden love just when your business is in danger.
Dare touch Lara.
You dare.
We’ll see in which family there’s more love.
So, what do you prefer turkey or the sweets? - The sweets.
- The sweets? What a Nice, isn’t it? And later, shall we have some popcorn? - Yes.
- We have dinner and watch a film.
Give me your mobile phone, Federico.
Give it to me.
You’re coming with me.
And there’s no time to take anything else.
- Come on.
- Why? Come on, get in the car.
- Hello? - How did you know that Ferro would lead me to the witness kid? I didn’t know.
That’s why you told me to follow him everywhere.
Let me guess, that also comes from your anonymous source.
The thing’s that you found the kid, haven’t you? Don’t lose him.
It was you, wasn’t it? What? The Marseille foundation phoned me, one with which Open Sea cooperated several times.
They look for someone for their management group.
What a coincidence, it’s someone with my same work profile.
- They want me to go there tomorrow.
- Yes, it was me.
They were looking for someone with a lot of potential and I thought of you right away.
Are you that eager to get rid of me? You ask me for the divorce, you find a job for me away Nina, it’s not that and you know it.
You were very good at what you did.
I forgot again that the new Mario has a big heart.
But a heart he won’t share with me.
You know you won’t be happy with me.
And with your father is obvious neither.
Be selfish for once in your life, think about yourself.
Yes, can the new Mario say that? Did you know they were impressed when they saw your resume? Are you aware of the potential you have, Nina? Nina, you can do whatever you put your mind to, but you need to be far away from Oeste.
The divorce papers, signed.
If you want them, you’ll have to do a last thing for me.
What? Fuck me right here.
- Nina.
- It’s not a bad offer.
Nina, please.
It’s something that you want on exchange for something you desire.
Fuck me before I regret it.
You, go inside the house and lock the door.
Ana, go in! You, walk.
Lock the door.
What the fuck? I told you to walk! Walk.
On your knees.
On your knees.
Listen very carefully.
There’s a judge who says she has a witness who is willing to declare in a courtroom.
The only possible witness is the fucking kid.
I don’t know any judge.
I swear! I know you don’t know any judge, retarded.
Tell me, who have you talked with? I swear we haven’t talked to anyone, for fuck’s sake.
Think, think.
If you tell me who you’ve talked with, who found you, who knows how to contact you, I can take care of him and end this fucking shit, but I need a name.
But we haven’t spoken to anyone, Fuck, Ferro.
To anyone.
Because if you don’t five me that name, Federico, I have only one option: kill the three you.
Your wife, you and the fucking kid.
No, don’t kill us, please.
- Who did you talk to? - No one.
- Who did you talk to? - We have talked to no one! I’ll count to three.
One What a fucking bastard.
Two Three.
Go inside, Federico.
Calm down.
It’s over.
Come on, calm down.
Calm down, dammit.
And that suitcase? I’m going to Marseille tomorrow.
On holidays? I’ve been offered a job there.
So I’m leaving Oeste.
But did anything happen? Mum, the right question is what didn't happen.
My husband repudiates me, my father insults me.
So, all I get here is disdain.
- Did you tell Nemo? - No.
Who knows what he’d be capable of to stop me from leaving.
Maybe not.
Perhaps he’ll be happy to know I’m leaving.
Mum, I have every right to have a life away from all this.
I’m sorry.
Don’t apologize.
I understand you better than you may think.
You have to leave! You must disappear! If Ferro found out that we have talked to you, - he’d kill all three of us! - No.
There’s another solution.
Come back with me to Oeste.
Come back with me and I’ll protect you, I promise.
No, no.
If the child speaks, we’ll be dead.
Do you think that if you keep quiet, they won’t be back? That they won’t go crazy again like they just did? Look.
There’s only one place to hide a witness so they won’t talk and that’s underground.
Sooner or later, Nemo Bandeira will come to that conclusion.
What are you doing here at this late hour? Last night judge Cambeiro met up alone with your wife, without me.
I’ve just been told.
And what could that mean? She offered her some kind of deal and she didn’t want you to know.
Chon didn’t tell me anything about that.
That means she accepted the deal.
I’ll see to it.
Thank you.
We’ve had good and bad times, you and I.
This is one of the worst ones.
I agree.
But there’s something that’s unchangeable.
You’re the mother of my two children.
We’ve lived together all this time, Chon.
I decide to be here, and nowhere else.
You were here? It didn’t seem so.
I was with my people, protecting you.
Because I know they’ll go after you because of me.
And that they’re trying to put against me.
What did you come here for? To ask you to think carefully what you’re going to do.
Are you going to threaten me like those fishermen who work for you? You’re my wife.
Whatever you do, I’ll never hurt you.
I won’t allow others to do it either.
Do you think the judge will do the same? Or your sister? When I’m gone, the wolves will queue up to rip you apart.
Have a rest.
With this, Mr.
Freddy, your order is complete.
Do you really fish with this? Awesome.
I don’t know what you’re going to do with all this dynamite.
But whatever you do, don’t let it explode in your ass.
Here’s the money.
Your silence is included.
Don’t mess about with us, because you know that it will end up exploding in your ass.
- Right? - Sure.
A pleasure.
Look what I got for you.
Fucking awesome, dude.
Is this all of it? This is all.
- Can you get more? - Yes, sure.
I can talk to him and consider it done, we can have more.
What for? You get more and that’s that.
You’re welcome.
- Would you like something to drink? - No, thank you.
This is the written deal.
Very generous.
Nemo is toxic, Chon.
You’re doing right, walking away from him.
I guess you know a lot about the law, but you have no idea about marriages.
My husband is a good and decent man.
I have nothing to tell you about because he has nothing to hide.
We’ll go against you.
If you walk out that door, you won’t walk in again.
From now on, you'll only speak to my lawyer, your Honour.
She knows Nemo is a monster.
But it’s her monster.
We don’t need her.
The kid is on his way to Oeste, we have Nemo.
Don’t underestimate him.
Especially, if the most important piece next to him is still under his power.
The queen? I thought the queen was Chon.
No, Chon isn’t the queen.
Bandeira, you’ll feel some discomfort.
Okay? - How did it go? - Well.
We’ve stimulated his basal nucleuses.
We have applied some electrical charges in the electrodes we introduced in his brain.
We’ll have to do it regularly.
He’s well, he’s awake.
In the following hours he’ll be a little disorientated and drowsy, but it’s expected.
Take him home now and keep an eye on him.
- Okay.
- Thank you, doctor.
Hey, captain! How are you? Are you okay? - Well.
- Are you? Let’s go home, come on.
Chon, what’s wrong? Look, let’s sit there, okay? Careful.
Like this.
Shall I get you anything? Some water? - Nemo.
- What? Do you want a glass of water? Yes.
I trusted you.
Your silly wife that signs all the papers.
- There was a reason to it.
- I have seen your bastard daughter become more important than my children.
I’ve been told that Aurorita de Lamas is downstairs waiting.
Shall I tell her to come up? Aurorita de Lamas is downstairs, shall I tell her to come up? - Who? - Let me in.
- Nemo.
- Aurora, it isn’t the right moment.
You dared say to my face that I’m family? It was you, wasn’t it? - It was you, wasn't it? - Aurora.
- Are you going crazy? - What? You murdered Fidel! There’s a witness! There’s a kid that saw you kill him with your own hands! Why didn’t you reply? What? Why didn’t you answer her question? Nemo, did you murder Lamas? I I’m very sorry.
You’re very sorry? Lamas allowed your mother to be switched off, can’t you see? It was him.
What are you saying? I went mad, I couldn’t control my rage.
Me! Nemo, I asked to switch her off.
Will you kill me too? - No, no, darling.
- Take your hands off me! - Darling, let me explain! - Mario was right.
You’re a fucking liar and murderer.
I don’t want to see you ever again.
Don’t go.
Ada! - Are you taking the proofs? - To Madrid.
There’s a lot and very complex material.
- There are people who can help me.
- And they’ll be safer, too.
It’s unlikely that Nemo’s tentacles can reach there, isn’t it? Can you take them down to my car, please? And you? Are you also leaving off to Madrid? I don’t know.
It’s up to you.
I gave you an opportunity once, and you chose to fight for your marriage.
I could understand that, but I won’t go through that again.
If you want me close to you, tell me clearly, okay? Captain.
Lara’s gone, Ferro.
She’s gone for good.
Nemo, yesterday I went mad and I drove to Portugal.
To see the kid’s parents.
And I pressured them too much.
And I’m sorry.
Because of me, sooner or later that kid will talk.
I went mad, I’m very sorry.
So Lara has left because of you.
She’s gone because of you! - I can solve it.
- Out! - I can solve it.
- I don’t want to see you again! - I can solve it.
- Out! Out! Go! Hey.
What’s wrong? - What's wrong? - Forgive me, Mario.
What for? Because it was true.
Everything you said about Nemo was true.
He’s a monster.
I’m so sorry I didn’t believe you.
Lara, you don’t need to be sorry about anything.
Besides, he’s your father, after all.
He isn’t my father.
And he won’t be ever again.
It’s you who I love, Lara.
You know it? That’s the only reason I’m here.
Regarding what you’ve told me, I’d like you to come back to continue with the clues, you know.
The clues.
I think we should work overtime.
We have a lot of work ahead of us and I’d like to put my hand on it.
Well, not everything in life is work, is it? No.
There are much more important things.
Did you hear that? It sounded like an explosion.
IN THE NEXT EPISODE I wasn’t the only person who didn’t want that police officer to continue investigating.
I swear that Nemo Bandeira will pay for this.
Son of a bitch.
I would never hurt my people, that’s why I’m here, to prove I’m not a coward.
A bomb, a fucking bomb.
Never dare touch me again.
I think you’re a good person, Mario Mendoza.
I love you both the same.
Prove it.
Name me your legal guardian like you did it with her.
Why do they say that? Why do they fucking say that? They say that you’re after that Colombian guy with beautiful eyes.
I’m going to kill him, I’m going to kill that fucking bastard.
I needed to see you.
You have no idea who my husband is.
I know he doesn’t make you happy.
That’s all I want to know.
The kid will give his statement in an hour.
Where’s the kid? If I tell you, what will you do to him? Not your fucking business.
Have you ever played hide and seek? - Yes.
- This is exactly the same.
We can’t let anyone find us.
You have no idea what you’re getting into and you ought to know.
What happened, mate? - Yes, dude.
- You told my dad that I like chasing guys like you, bastard.
I’m a murderer.
Perhaps I deserve to spend the rest of my life in a prison cell.
Stop, police! Nemo Bandeira, drop your gun now!
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