Unauthorized Living (Vivir sin permiso) (2018) s02e03 Episode Script

Believe in Me

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES IN PREVIOUS EPISODES I'll serve Nemo on a silver platter to you and we'll finish with him.
You know Lamas' case? There was a witness who saw how Nemo killed him.
Only Ferro knows where he is.
I drove to Portugal to see the kid's parents.
- Who did you talk to? - We haven't talked to anyone.
I pressured them too much.
Because of me, sooner or later that kid will talk.
Thank you for coming.
Come back with us.
I'm extremely grateful, but I have other plans.
It's you who I want, you're the only reason I'm here.
You spent a night in prison.
Is that the biggest sacrifice that you're willing to make for your family? Haven't I made any sacrifices for my family? He's well.
He's awake.
In the following hours he will be disorientated and drowsy, but that's expected.
Chon, what's wrong? The divorce papers, signed.
If you want them, you'll have to do a last thing for me.
It's something that you want in exchange for something you desire.
Fuck me right here.
Officer Esparza has been secretly investigating the Bandeira's finances.
What I need is a Mexican guy with guts.
What are you going to do with this dynamite? Can you get some more? Stop.
It's better if you don't see her.
I promise you Nemo Bandeira will pay for this.
Inspector? Monterroso! Monterroso! Stop! Monterroso! Monterroso! Son of a bitch! Yes, I do understand.
You're a bunch of cowards.
Nemo, it was so nice when you said to me: "Good morning.
" You think you can kill a police officer, hurt innocent people and everything's fine? What are you talking about? You're delirious.
Take care.
This isn't Mexico.
Oeste is my home.
Oeste was built by my family, and the house where you live in is also my family's.
Then show some respect for your family.
From this kind of thing, no one walks out free.
No one.
Monterroso, don't move.
What the fuck are you doing here? Go away! Stop! I won't let you go in there.
This is not the way of solving things.
Get out of my way.
It's not worth ruining your life like this.
I owe it to Sandra.
Get out of my way.
She wouldn't have wanted you to do this.
What the fuck do you know? Get out of my way! Listen to me! We'll make sure he goes to prison.
I've come to Oeste only to do that.
I won't fail.
I promise you.
Let's prove that it was Nemo who planted that bomb.
That's what you have to do.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
What's the time? I don't know.
What do you have to do today? I don't know, really.
I can't believe it! I have to go to Nemo's house to get my things.
- Do you want me to come with you? - Are you serious? Yes, sure.
By the way, do you know where you'll stay? I don't know, to be honest.
Why don't you stay here? No.
If you change your mind or you need something, whatever it is, there's a key at the entrance on the left, inside some kind of pot.
and you don't need to ring the bell.
Okay, so.
thank you.
But, it won't be necessary, don't worry.
I have loads of missed calls.
Something must have happened.
Let me get through, for fuck's sake! Take him to a cell.
And you, son of a bitch, look at the sun now, because you won't see it for a long time.
- You're digging your own grave.
- Stop.
I'll come and see you so you can tell me that in private, mate.
There's no room left in the cells.
We have arrested half the town.
Fuck them.
We have to open all the necessary doors.
- Did you go to the port? - Yes.
And the warehouses on the side of the estuary, and the places related with Bandeira's illegal businesses.
- Here, here, and here.
- And? And nothing.
No sign of any explosives, nor a lead on the attack.
This is a list with all Bandeira's men.
You have to go into their houses, businesses, their fucking shops, under every stone, but you have to find the fucking explosives.
Where are you going? To beat the crap out of him, see if he knows something.
Don't get into trouble.
They are the ones who got into trouble, the biggest of their lives.
We have declared a three-day period of mourning in the town hall for the death of officer Sandra Esparza.
We‘d like to give our most sincere condolences to her family, and offer our support to the wounded people.
Is it true that Esparza was investigating Nemo's companies? Was it she who arrested his wife, Concepción Moliner? Good morning, Mum.
What are you doing here? Weren't you supposed to be in Marseille? - Are you okay? - Better than ever.
I changed my mind.
The way things are with Dad, I can't just leave.
Do you mean the attack? What are you talking about? Lara? Lara? - And Lara? Where is she? - Lara isn't here.
She left yesterday.
Don't you remember? Yes.
Yes, true.
Dad, are you okay? Yes.
A bomb is reported to have exploded, what happened? I don't know, darling.
It's okay.
- I want to speak to him! - Celso! - I want to speak to him! - They are having breakfast.
- It'll only be a moment! - Chon, Nina, Nemo, sorry.
- Ferro, it's fine.
- Nemo, what the heck is this? BRUTAL ATTACK IN OESTE If you'll excuse us Chon, excuse me.
There are police all over Oeste.
They're sticking their noses in our business.
Furancho has been arrested along with more people.
They destroyed my restaurant.
Why didn't you tell us that you were doing that? Did you come to my house to accuse me of going against my own people? You can't decide things on your own.
Breathe deeply and look at me, Celso.
Did you come to my house to accuse me of that? I'm sorry, mate.
I Well.
Everyone thinks it was you.
Everyone? Where were the injured people taken to? To Santa Uxía hospital.
Let's talk to them.
Nemo, eh Perhaps some other time, people are Dammit.
For fuck's sake.
Nemo, I'm sorry.
I really screwed it up.
I just wanted that the fucking kid didn't talk to that fucking judge.
I went too far pressuring the parents, and now we are the way we are.
But if you don't want to talk, we won't talk about it.
Anyway, why should we talk? So Ferro can screw it up more? No, mate.
We both shut our mouths and full stop.
Now, I'll tell you something, I'll sort things out.
I'll sort it out even if is the last thing I do.
Because I'm a private person, Nemo, you know it well.
I'm a private person, I'm someone who sorts things out.
You in the nick, because of that fucking kid? Will you shut the fuck up? Join us, love.
You, out.
Now! What happened, my love? Are you jealous now? A bomb? A fucking bomb? What the fuck were you thinking about? To kill the officer that was going to fuck us up? Couldn't you come up with a more discreet way? - You didn't like the firework? - Not really.
- Those which only the police see no.
- What do you want me to do? With your bullshit no one would respect us, fucking hell! No one! Look, if you did this to make a statement, pray that they don't find out.
Why didn't you ask me, boy? Because I don't have to give you any explanations.
It was your dad.
Yes, it was.
My dad ordered me to.
And one last thing.
Don't you ever lay your hand on me again.
My love.
Fucking hell.
Oh, Estela! I can't believe this.
- Are you okay? - Yes.
Sorry Fuck, mate, what a fright.
Are you okay? Does it hurt? Well.
I've had better days, but - True.
- I'm fine.
- Where were you? - Hello.
- Hello.
- My name is Mario.
- Do you know each other? - It's nothing really.
What are you doing here? I came to see how the injured people are doing.
- I don't think that's a good idea.
- Murderer! Who said that? Whoever said that doesn't really know me.
I would never hurt my people.
That's why I came here to prove I'm not a coward.
I've nothing to hide.
I'm on your side.
I came here.
I'm here.
I came Son of a bitch! - Lara.
- Son of a bitch! How dares he come here? Pull up here.
Hey, how are you? Did you see Lara? She was in the hospital, amongst the people.
She thinks I'm guilty.
I saw it in her eyes.
No, Nemo, Lara doesn't believe that.
You have to Nemo, try to stop getting obsessed.
I'm not a murderer.
That's how she sees me.
She might be right.
Perhaps I do deserve to end my days inside a cell.
No, that'll never happen.
I promise you, trust me.
Everything I fought for is tumbling down.
My companies, my family, even the people's respect.
Stop having a bee in your bonnet.
What you need is to take your medicine, try to be relaxed.
Try to see things differently.
Stop! Shall we go home? I want to walk.
I need to think.
- Very well, let's walk.
- No.
You have other problems to attend to.
I leave it in your hands.
This time, don't fail me.
I'll never fail you.
You are really my man, yes.
You are my man.
Go on.
Go on! Don't stop, bitch! My legs are shaking now.
That's how I like you, strong.
I missed you so much.
Not like in the van, I thought you had gone all soft.
I missed you too.
It's so nice to have you back.
Now things will work out.
Now people will respect us.
Who didn't respect you? I'll make them go up in the air.
No, there's no one, but you know your son isn't like you.
He will.
Give him some time.
Sooner or later he'll be better than me, you'll see.
No way.
And let alone if people go around saying those things.
Men will never respect him.
What bullocks do people have to go around talking about my son? You know what, that he likes exotic stuff, weird stuff.
But that's what he's like, we love him.
What's my son like? Forget it, Germán.
I don't know why I said anything.
I asked you what my son is like, bitch.
Germán, I can't.
If I tell you, Daniel will kill me.
Who do you prefer to see angry? Daniel or me? - See you.
- Bye.
Good morning.
My name's Nemo Bandeira.
I know perfectly well who you are.
How can I help you? Oeste has gone through a terrible experience, and many people think that I'm involved.
Does it come as a surprise to you? I wasn't the only person who didn't want that police officer to continue investigating.
You want to convince me that you're innocent.
I'm innocent.
Believe or not.
I came here to offer my help to arrest those who really did it.
Nemo Bandeira, cooperating with the law.
That's something new.
I've always followed the law.
As long as you could take matters into your own hands.
Like you did with Lamas.
Or will you say you're innocent of that too? You won't be able to prove otherwise.
We'll see about that.
Take my advice.
If you want to catch those who did it, don't waste any more time with me.
- Good bye.
- Good bye.
Nemo Bandeira, talking to a judge, and with no subpoena.
That's really something new.
I don't know.
There's something he said that troubles me.
I think he's hiding a card under his sleeve.
What do you mean? He didn't seem too concerned about being close to going to prison.
Is the kid still with Monterroso? No, he's busy investigating the bomb explosion.
- He's with other officers.
- With other officers? I told you Nemo has people working for him everywhere.
Where is the child? I'll protect him.
What are you saying? You'd be too exposed.
- If someone sees you, you're dead.
- Tell me the address or the child will die.
What do I fucking pay half of the fucking officers in the police station for, if you're not capable of finding a fucking six-year old kid? And Nemo? Nemo's not here.
And fucking better that he isn't so we can leave him alone.
He can't be worried with more problems.
I'm just trying to stop him going to prison because of your cock-ups.
Look, carrot, whenever you want, we hire a boxing ring, you and I, and we can sort it out fighting, okay? But don't ruin your life because of some stupid thing.
I know where the kid is.
Where is the kid? If I tell you, what will you do to him? What the fuck do you care? Where is he, Diana? Diana, I might look like a monster to you.
I might be, but I don't eat children.
This is judge Cambeiro.
You're in danger.
You have to leave immediately.
I've sent someone to look for you.
Did you hear me? Hello! Hide in the bathroom.
Judge Cambeiro sent me, let's go.
There! To your right.
Hey! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! He's gone.
I'll take you to some other place where you can hide.
Let's get out through the back door.
Come on, good boy.
I can see you are doing some cleaning.
We had enough police for today, thank you.
Fuck, what a mess, mate.
It was nicer this morning, before those bastards came here to destroy it.
I've always wondered why someone who deals with drugs, who sleeps on a mattress full on bank notes, lives like a beggar.
I don't know anyone who deals with drugs.
I guess money isn't what matters.
It's power.
You want power, don't you? Don't mess with me.
Have you turned into a philosopher now? The problem is that power is crap.
And that's why Nemo Bandeira is still the boss here.
Look, Monterroso, if you want someone to listen to your bullshit, - go to a night club and pay for it.
- Who brought the explosives? Who brought the explosives? What makes you think I know? You work for Nemo, you know every single person in the port.
You know who brought it by sea.
If that was the case, what? Why would I tell you? Because we're having some wine together? No.
No, Celso.
You'd tell me so Nemo would go to prison.
Everyone in Oeste would follow you.
That's a lot of power.
Between you and me: Nemo didn't plant that bomb.
Tidy this pigsty, for fuck's sake.
Nemo, we must talk.
Here we are.
It isn't very big, but we'll make it work for the four of us.
I think I should bring another mattress and some food.
Can I play football on the beach? - Have you ever played hide and seek? - Yes.
Well, this is exactly the same.
We can't let anyone see us.
- Okay? - Okay.
High five.
Do you want to play with that ball? - Yes.
Then, it's yours.
Please, be very discreet.
If someone finds out that you're here, we'll be dead.
The four of us.
Brais! - Hi! - Hello.
We had arranged to go to Nemo's house to get my things.
If it's okay with you.
If not, it's fine.
I was waiting for you.
I'm ready.
- Then, let's go.
- Let me get my wallet.
- Can you wait for me in the van? - Yes.
See you in a minute.
Federico, I have to go now.
Don't open the door to anyone, under no circumstances, okay? Bye.
It seems the electro worked well.
There's no sign of further deterioration, and, for the time being, there are fewer symptoms.
That's wonderful! Are you okay? Yes, sure.
I'm sorry, I have to go.
We'll continue some other time.
Did you sort that out? But I'll sort it out, I swear, Nemo.
You told me the same this morning.
I need to see you.
What are you doing? Doctor.
Say tomorrow morning? To continue with my appointment.
- Yes.
- Very well.
Tomorrow, appointment at 12 pm.
Thank you for what you're doing for me.
Good afternoon.
Chon, Chon, wait! Don't you understand what's just happened? If Nemo had seen us - I don't care about that.
- You're not fully aware.
You have no idea who my husband is.
I know he doesn't make you happy.
I haven't been here for quite some time.
Too long, I've realized now.
But I never stopped being one of you.
Saltpetre runs through my veins too.
I also know when the storm is worsening, the only thing that can help you to not fall out of the boat is your fellow seaman.
I never let you fall out of the boat.
In the worst of times I gave you a job, money, favours.
Whoever asked me.
- Yes or no? - Yes, captain.
Now it's your turn to give back.
The police say that one of us brought over the dynamite used in the bomb attack.
The captain just wants to know who.
If he speaks right now, I promise before all of you that I'll spare him, but if not Little mermaids! Come out of the water and start singing! Who gave them the explosives? Are you scared of the Mexicans? Because Nemo and I can show you what the wrath of God is.
For the last time: Who gave them the explosives? Well.
So be it.
But when the storm is back, don't you come to me asking for help, because you won't find any! You'll find the wrath of God on Earth.
I took care of the bundles that are going to Madrid.
That will arrive there tonight, so it's ready.
You have to do something about the dynamite that's here.
- It'll end up exploding in my ass.
- The macho man is scared? Or what? - Poof.
Are you going to start? - Where are they, mate? What are we going to do with them? I don't know, moron.
Blow up a bridge and see how it falls down.
- You throw them into the estuary.
- What a waste.
Look, the guy whom we bought it from has phoned me 20 times.
He's dead scared.
Nemo is going around asking questions.
I'm fed up of hearing that name.
The police are tracking down that dynamite.
If they catch us with it, we'll be behind bars for 20 years.
So if I know what we'll do with the explosives, dude.
This smell.
This is the smell of my home.
This is the last thing I'll forget, Ferro.
Up, captain.
Up! They've already set a date for the child to give his statement.
- It'll be tomorrow.
- Tomorrow? It was going to be today, but I convinced the judicial secretary to be off sick so we have one more day.
But I can't do anything else.
Of course, you couldn't do more.
They weren't where you told me they'd be.
So, they fled? Someone put a stick holding a carrot at one end in front of them.
Don't blame me.
The one that cocks things up is you.
- Are you calling me cock? - Enough, leave us alone.
How long would I have before going to prison? Not long.
A couple of hours after the detention warrant is signed.
I understand.
Lara? Lara, you came back.
I came to pick up my things.
How are you, Nemo? What are you doing with my daughter? I'm helping her move.
I see.
You're very kind.
Do you know? Ferro is convinced that you want to destroy me.
He thinks that since you came back you're going against me.
But relax, I told him that I don't think you're hiding anything.
I'm glad you think that way.
Now, if in the end I'm wrong, and you're going against me, and you're using my daughter to get back at me I'm here because I love her, Nemo.
She's the only reason I had to come back.
Then, take good care of her.
Fuck, you really frightened me, you idiot! Fuck.
But if it's me who gets nervous around birds.
Did you speak to your dad? Yes, I told him I was leaving.
- That won't be possible.
- No? No.
No one leaves a game of poker owing so much money.
But, what are you on about? If I always win, you haven't won a single game.
- Bullocks.
- What? You owe me, how much? 50 or 60 quid, you owe me? Let's see! Neither you nor I won.
Let's play now and see who wins.
- Come on then.
- Both of us, to one hand.
Don't worry, you don't have to pay me the money.
Very well.
Today I'll help you take your things down.
No, Mario's downstairs.
- Mario? - Yes, Mario.
Our fucking Mario? I know you're all scared of him, but Mario's downstairs.
Do you know why everyone is scared of Mario? Because he's a predator.
What do predators do, Lara? They look for small birds, very little, like you.
They eat them.
Thank you very much for your advice, Ferro, but I think I know how to look after myself.
Promise me one thing, little bird.
Be very careful with Mario, because for him you're a very easy prey.
Very easy.
Off you go.
- Your suitcase.
- Yes.
Why are you staring at me like that? I don't know.
- Are you sure you want to stay here? - Yes, don't worry.
I'm staying at Rory's, so I'll save you the trouble.
If you change your mind, you know where I am.
Thank you very much for everything.
Wait, "thank you for everything"? Is that all? - You won't invite me to dinner? - Dinner? What? - The least you could do.
- I can't.
I have no money.
That doesn't matter.
I'm happy with some peanuts.
Don't give me an answer now.
Think it over.
I can wait.
I'll always wait for you.
Well Bye.
Inmate Ward C to the laundry room.
I repeat: Inmate Ward C to the laundry room.
Health check-up inmates Ward B, Tuesday morning.
Health check-up inmate Ward B, Tuesday morning.
Leave us alone.
Didn't you hear me, dickheads? Each day you surprise us more, dude.
- What's up, son? - How are you, Dad? Well, midget.
I was told you did everything I asked you to do.
- Good.
I'm proud of you.
- We only have some small problem.
But I found the solution, and you'll love it, dude.
- A small problem? - I'd say "two" small problems.
Nemo and the fucking police officer want to screw us up with the explosives.
That shouldn't be a small problem for you.
I'm not talking about the part where they want to screw you, you like that.
Why are you saying that? Why am I saying that? Why am I saying that, fucking idiot? Why am I saying that, fucking poofter? Why am I saying that? You don't even look like me.
You were born already weird.
Your fucking mother! Do you know what we did with poofs like you? No, Dad! We introduced a stick up their ass! Would you like me to introduce a stick? - Don't, Dad! - Would you like me to? - I swear! - Don't lie to me, asshole! I swear, Dad, I swear it on my life! I've been told you're after the Colombian guy with beautiful eyes.
And in front of your men, asshole! Look for a female.
Act like a man, like a male.
Earn other men's respect.
And don't dishonour the name "Arteaga" again.
- Understood? - Yes.
- I understood.
- Did you understand? Surprise! Oh, I'm sorry.
Is Mario in? Come in.
Time for your medicine.
Thank you, darling.
But it's a bit early.
Lara used to bring it to me just before I went to bed.
Lara is no longer here.
I know that, darling.
You know that you can count on me for whatever you need.
I wanted to tell you something.
I've received an offer to go to Marseille, to an art gallery.
That's wonderful news, darling.
Yes, but I declined it because I don't want you to be alone.
Furthermore, if Lara isn't here.
But I don't want to be a burden for you, my darling.
You have to live your own life.
If you want to leave Dad.
I couldn't forgive myself if I left now.
I'm not like that.
I'm your daughter.
I'll never leave you.
Thank you, darling.
How disgusting! Why don't you want the carbonara one? - Because I like pepperoni.
- Lara? What are you doing here? I brought some dinner, but there's any left, because your cousins were hungry.
Especially Brais, and we ate it all.
My cousins.
Well, we also have little James.
- And who's this? - Joe.
Super Joe! He's got powers.
Start the laser.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Is Brais sleeping? - Not a chance.
He never stops.
His mother is reading him a story.
- Your cousins are so nice.
- Yes.
I didn't know you had any family.
They're leaving tomorrow.
I see.
They're so normal.
I would have loved to have a family like them.
Well, but you had a wonderful mother, who loved you, who adored you, Who looked after you, who protected you.
Who kept you away from Nemo.
Not like me, I've spent 20 years of my life with him.
Listen, Mario, I'm sorry I left this morning like that in a hurry.
I can't force you to feel things you don't feel.
No, it's not that.
I'm, I don't know, tired of thinking that people change.
And to trust them to then be disappointed again and again and again.
I understand you.
But I don't know, I think you've changed.
I think you're a good person, Mario Mendoza.
Thank you.
Give me some time.
Daniel? - I'm going to call an ambulance.
- No.
Who did this to you, Daniel? Your father? I woke up frightened, I heard people shouting, walked to the living room, I stayed on the stairs.
My parents were having a big argument.
I saw how my dad turned around and, the son of bitch, hit her so hard that she fell against the table, and he grabbed her by her neck.
With his other hand he pulled down his trousers, he lay on top of her, he started moving, the son of a bitch, and my mother was shouting, kicking him, trying to break away from my dad.
But she couldn't, because the bastard wouldn't stop.
The bastard wouldn't stop.
I couldn't move, I couldn't do anything, I couldn't shout.
I was paralysed, bastard.
He grabbed her by her neck with his other hand.
He squeezed her neck tighter.
My mum couldn't say anything, couldn't breathe.
The son of a bitch squeezed her neck tighter and tighter while he was moving.
And I couldn't move.
I couldn't shout.
I didn't do anything, bastard.
I didn't do anything! At that moment I saw how my mum's eyes stopped shining, they lost any sign of life, bastard.
There I was, not being able to move.
I still can't move.
Your father told me that your mum died of an illness.
I'll kill him.
I'll kill that son of a bitch.
This coffee smells so good, don't you think? What happened to you, cousin? Did someone put you back in your place in the end? What a pity, you who are such a macho man.
Can you pass me the bread? I just slipped down the stairs, darling.
Can you pass me the sugar, sweet Chon, please? You should be very careful, my love.
It can happen to anyone.
If you'll excuse me.
I'm coming with you.
Excuse me.
It'll be tonight.
They'll kill him when he's alone.
Seriously? Why should we wait, if I have the man? I'll call you "pig's hand", you don't get any card right, mate.
You see, an ace.
My mother says: "Are you taking drugs?" I told her: "No, I'm not!" "You're serving the cocoa with the credit card!" I'll go.
What bad cards, mate.
- What a bad hand - A shitty tobacco you have here.
It tastes like dog's pee.
The police, the local government, and Madrid still support us.
These people should matter to you.
It makes no difference what ignorant people from Oeste say.
- I'm happy to hear that.
- The people who know you know that you wouldn't do something like that.
And those who don't know me that well? They'll rather work for the Bandeiras than for the Mexicans.
- I need to ask you a favour.
- Whatever you need.
It's a personal favour, and it's very important.
My daughter Lara, as you know, has a strong temperament.
And she's too trusting.
That's why she's hanging out with bad people.
Bad people? Mario.
I'd be very upset if she fell in love with the wrong person.
Do you understand? Good.
Have a nice day.
Hey! What happened to that face, man? Nothing, I slipped down the stairs.
They got you up by beating you, or what? How are you, mate? I'm good.
I was repairing this motorbike to go for a ride with some whores I met.
- That's great, mate.
- I'm not taking you with us because you like another kind of company.
I'm a fucking gay, aren't I, bastard? Sure.
What a shame.
You won't be able to get more.
I'm going to crush your balls.
On your knees with your hands on your head, bastard.
- Put that away.
- On your knees, bastard.
I said: "On your knees", for Christ's sake! - What are you talking about? - Who is the fucking gay? - What's happened? - Who is the gay? - What happened? - What happened? - I don't know what you're talking about! - You told my father that I like to hang out with guys like you.
- That's what happened, fucking liar! - Calm down.
Do you think I'm mad? I know who the boss is here.
- I didn't say anything, I swear.
- I don't believe you.
- Liar, bullshit! Liar, bullshit! - Relax, man! Do you think that if I went to your father to tell him that you want to bugger me, the first one to be killed would be me! If I say that to your dad, the first one to die will be me.
So think twice.
Someone wants to get you into trouble, someone, mate.
Think who could be interested in saying such a thing to your dad, but I? I respect you.
You're my boss.
I haven't done anything, I swear.
You may be right, mate.
You don't have the guts.
Yes, Diana.
The child will testify in an hour.
Leave me alone, please.
Where are you going? If Nemo is going to the nick, it'll be over my dead body.
- Ferro.
- Over my dead body! What a fright, Daniel! Sorry, Mum.
I was with Freddy today.
I was determined to kill that fucking Colombian rat.
He said to my dad that I'm a fucking gay, can you believe it? And that's why he beat me up.
And did you kill him? Of course I killed him, bastard.
I shot him between his eyes.
Just here.
It turned out that it wasn't him.
No, it wasn't Freddy.
It was me.
Your dad doesn't love you the way you are.
He doesn't respect you.
Your dad deserves to die, I've known it for a long time, but I understand that it's a very tough decision for you to make.
So I thought giving you a little push, for you to see what your father's really like.
I never thought he could behave like such a monster with you, but anyway, you've seen who he really is.
But what a bitch you are.
Can I come in? I thought we could go for a walk.
This isn't a good moment, Nina.
Dad, you've been going for walks every day.
It's not good for you to stop your routine.
And you also need to exercise your memory.
- Some other day, darling.
- It'll be a moment.
- The same you did with Lara.
- Leave me alone! I'm sorry.
Don't worry, I understand.
I'm not Lara.
I'm the daughter you can shout at, and you can humiliate, and everything will be fine.
Nina, why are you saying that, please? I told you I'm sorry.
No, it's not enough, Dad! She's perfect, and I'm the one who keeps disappointing you, aren't I? I'm here! Where's Lara? Both of you are my daughters.
I love you both the same.
Then prove it.
Name me your legal guardian the same way you did with her.
So, that's it.
That's what all this is about.
That's the reason for your sudden change: the walks, the pills.
I should have known better.
Go, please, Nina.
I need to be alone.
Lara doesn't give a shit about you, do you hear me? A shit! Where the heck is that kid? Calm down.
They'll come.
We're almost there.
Thank you very much for everything.
You saved our lives.
- The court is back there.
- We are not going there.
I'm taking you to the station.
What's going on, Mario? There's some money in there.
It's not much, but enough to start from scratch.
Take it.
What are you saying? Federico, I'm the first person who wants to get rid of Nemo.
You don't deserve what will happen if you let your son speak.
If he doesn't testify, Nemo will never leave us alone.
The police also work for Nemo.
No one will protect you if you allow him to speak.
I can turn around and head to the court.
If he were my son, I wouldn't let him testify.
Yes? Where are they? What, that your son won't testify? No, you can't do that now.
You can't back down.
Hello? Hello? They're not coming.
I told you.
The kid didn't show up.
What? He won't testify.
The family backed down.
What happened? I have no idea, but you won't be going to prison.
What happened, mate? If you keep treating your car like this, it won't last you at all.
If you came to kill me, kill me right now, son of a bitch.
Do you know what? Not this time.
I came to give you a present that will change that mood you are in.
They told me she'll stay in hospital.
But, well, Rory's staying with her, so it's fine.
What are you doing here? Tell me it isn't true you're with him.
- Excuse me? - I thought you were smarter.
Who the heck asked for your opinion? Whether you believe or not, I'm doing you a favour.
Save your stories for someone else.
Look, kid, you have no idea where you're getting into.
And you should know.
What's wrong, Lara? What's wrong? Are you okay? Did you fool Elisa into having an abortion? Did you? I regret it every day, please.
I can't go back and undo what I did.
I'd do it if I could, but I can't, Lara.
I'm sorry.
- Mario.
- Lara.
I told you that there were many things I regretted doing.
Let me explain, please.
Don't go, please forgive me.
Let me go.
Sorry, I didn't see you.
Are you okay? DAD, I NEED TO SPEAK TO YOU CAN YOU COME? 1, MACEIRAS ROAD Start a shooting at the entrance of a court of law - and opposite a police station? - I told you, carrot.
I had to do something.
Sacrifice yourself for Nemo.
An end fit for you.
Yes, sacrifice myself What the heck do you know about my end? We have arrived.
But weren't you giving me a lift home? I'm sorry.
I have a date to have a shag in this hotel.
Listen, I don't need to know all the details.
I think you do, because the shag is with you.
To us and our moment.
Are you nervous? It's not every day that one's dad dies.
And what do you think we could do to take your mind of things? I'm thinking about some delicious things.
- Are you? - Yes.
Such as? Lara? What an idiot.
Here's the police speaking.
The building is surrounded.
Come out with your hands up.
Not so tight, Daniel.
Daniel, you're squeezing too tight.
It's hurting.
- Stop, police! - Stop, police! - Put your weapon down! - Put your weapon down! - Put your weapon down.
- Put your weapon down, you idiot! Nemo Bandeira, drop your weapon, now! Now Put your weapon down! Drop your weapon, for fuck's sake! - To the ground! - I won't say it again.
- One! - Bandeira, put your weapon down.
Two! Put your weapon down! Three! Now! Your hands where I can see them! Monterroso! Yes, it'll taste delicious.
Now, dudes.
The drinks are on me.
Nemo Bandeira.
- You're under arrest.
- Monterroso! You have the right to an attorney.
He knows his rights perfectly well, and so do I! Tell the scientific unit to take all of the explosives.
IN THE NEXT EPISODE Your mum will never come again.
Now you are an Arteaga from head to toe.
- Why this? - This madam is a judge.
I'm a police officer.
And our task is to put criminals like you behind bars.
Dad, I need to speak to you.
They laid a trap for him.
- I didn't send that message.
- Who sent it? Shit, they stole my fucking mobile yesterday.
- You go out of here.
- This is our home.
As I'm a kind and generous person, I'll let you live here, but this is over, because I'm fed up.
The Mexicans have put a price on your head.
Don't trust anyone.
Let's see, Mario.
The handcuffs' keys.
Who planted the bomb? Give me a fucking name! Come with me, we'll go far away from him.
- Nemo is no longer here.
- He's everywhere.
I'm leaving at 1 pm.
I'll wait in case you change your mind.
You threw us out.
And you can make the Bandeiras stay here forever.
- In exchange of what? - Three simple words.
Yes, I do.
- Who sends you - The gypsy.
You'll learn what respect means and I'll teach you in the only language you understand.
- What did you tell the police? - Nothing.
I'm going to beat the crap out of you, bastard.
Only you and I.

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