Unauthorized Living (Vivir sin permiso) (2018) s02e04 Episode Script

The Caged Lion

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES IN PREVIOUS EPISODES Go into their houses, their businesses, their fucking shops, but you have to find the fucking explosives! What are you doing with my daughter? - I love her.
- Take good care of her.
You, out.
- Now! - Why do people have to go around talking about my son? You know he likes exotic, weird things, but that’s the way he is.
I need to see you.
- If Nemo had seen us - I don’t care.
I know he doesn’t make you happy, that’s all I need to know.
Would you like me to introduce a stick? - Don’t, Dad! - Would you like me to? If I said to your dad that you wanted to bugger me, the first one to be killed would be me.
I saw Freddy, he said to my dad that I’m fucking gay.
It wasn’t Freddy, it was me.
Tell me that it isn’t true that you’re with him.
You have no idea where you’re getting into.
Did you fool Elisa into having an abortion? What are we doing with them? I know what we’ll do with the explosives.
Stop, police! Nemo Bandeira, you’re under arrest.
Son of a bitch! Saying goodbye is burying a part of our soul.
Saying goodbye is falling into a deep hole of emptiness, lost in endless solitude.
It’s realizing that we will have to get through the worst storms with the helm of our spirits shattered into a million pieces.
Murderers! Bastards! Because after a goodbye, the rest of words sound empty.
And now we have ahead of us a hostile and painful future.
And we ask ourselves why.
Why the devil himself has conspired against us.
But life goes on.
And we find a new path to go on living.
If it can be called “live” to live with a broken heart.
Bandeira, Mr.
Arteaga wants to see you.
How are you? What’s up? - Germán.
- I’m pleased to see you.
Sit down.
Go ahead, please.
Tell me.
How have you been? They told me you had some health issues.
Everything okay? I’m better than ever.
I’m glad to hear that.
How did you end up in Oeste? I heard you had to hurry away from Mexico before they cut your throat.
Just gossip.
I’m here because Galicia is where you can eat the best food in the world.
As you can see, life in this prison is good.
You’ll have anything you want, especially if you’re my guest.
You’re very kind.
We’re family.
Family members always help each other.
What can I do for you in exchange for so much kindness? What’s the matter? I do it because I’m fond of you.
That doesn’t mean that maybe, in the future, I can ask you for some contacts, to make a phone call, or something.
So that’s your problem? You’re on your own.
You can’t be on your own when half the town is working for you.
Thugs, hit men Bullets are not enough to do big business.
Without my suppliers, my political contacts, my people in the police force and customs, you’re nothing.
Do you know where I’m someone? Inside here.
In this hole where you’ll be for a long time.
Here I’m someone.
Because of you.
You planted the bomb.
The law doesn’t think that way.
The law is never wrong.
Dear brother-in-law, this could turn into a golden retirement for you, or it can become hell.
You choose.
If you think I’ll hand you over the work of a lifetime in return for a shitty seafood meal, you’re more stupid than what you seem to.
Listen, jerk.
The house where your family lives belongs to me.
Your businesses are still running because of my money.
The place you’re now in is my territory.
So, don’t you ever dare disrespect me again, bastard.
Now I understand why the call you Gallo de Michoacán.
You blow up like a balloon to scare off your enemies.
But you’re nothing but a bird that can’t fly.
Mario, what do you want? I heard your father’s in prison.
How are you? It doesn’t matter.
I’m used to being let down by the men in my life.
I came to tell you I’m leaving.
I want to start again in a place where no one knows the Mario I was.
I hope you do very well.
Lara, come with me.
Can’t you see that it’s this place that is toxic for us? All around here is Nemo Bandeira.
Come with me, let’s start from scratch, far away from him.
- He’s no longer here.
- He’s everywhere.
And you know it.
If you have any feelings for me, give me a chance, please.
I’m sorry, but no.
I hope you do very well.
I’m leaving on the one o’clock bus.
I’ll wait till the last minute in case you change your mind.
Carrot, what the heck are you doing? Fix the collar of your shirt.
We only had sex.
And, by the way, it wasn’t the best.
Hey, captain! No physical contact! I was about to say that.
How are you? Well, in the end a prison is like a hotel, the difference being that there are guests you can’t trust.
We’ve brought you some clothes.
Do you need anything else? - Yes, books.
- Books? Yes.
There are many books I’d like to read.
Can you tell me what were you doing in a house full of explosives? I can’t remember.
As much as I try to, I don’t know how I got there.
- You have to try to remember.
- I don’t know! This damned disease blurs my mind.
It’s my fault.
I should’ve been with you.
The only possible strategy to get you out of here is to tell the court about your Alzheimer.
- No way.
- They’d grant you bail until they set a trial date.
You’d go back home.
Or to a hospital, to be treated as a disable person.
Nemo In the nick, with no medication It can get really nasty for you.
I said no! If people find out I’m ill, the vultures will start coming.
Are you sure? I may not have people’s respect, but they still fear me.
And without that, I’m dead.
Don’t forget the books.
Take care of yourself.
Arteaga asked for you to wait for him here.
And your mum? - She hasn’t come for a while.
- No.
She’ll never come again.
Good, son, very good.
You did the right thing.
Now you’re an Arteaga from head to toe.
But you owe me one.
Because she knew how to fuck.
How did it go with Nemo? Did you get his contacts, or not? No.
That fucking old man is pig-headed.
Very stubborn.
What are we going do? No one wants to work with us.
What, Dad? What are we going to do, if no one wants to work with us? Don’t worry.
All those corrupt politicians and police officers will be ours.
No, Dad, it won’t be that easy.
The people here are very loyal to Bandeira.
It’ll be.
Because the Bandeiras are a thing of the past.
We’ll destroy them.
We’ll humiliate them.
When they’re on their last leg, then we’ll kill Nemo Bandeira.
I’m not hungry.
I’m not having anything to eat.
How is Dad? As good as he can be.
I’m sorry for what I’m going to tell you, but you could’ve seen it for yourselves.
If we can hardly leave the house without being spit on.
Dad didn’t do it, did he? Of course not.
What was he doing inside a house full of explosives? He can’t remember.
If you’d been with him, this wouldn’t be happening.
Where on earth were you? I’m sorry to interrupt, but it’s important.
I had a call from the bank.
All our credit lines have been cancelled.
What? What do you mean they’ve been cancelled? With no cash flow we can't pay salaries, nor our suppliers.
All businesses and investments are frozen.
I hope the Foundation isn’t.
If we don’t obtain credit immediately, the Foundation will be a thing of the past.
How can something like this happen overnight? - It seems the bank’s been pressured.
- Pressured by whom? I don’t know.
I will find out.
It doesn’t look good.
I’m sorry.
It shouldn’t be a crime to rob a bank.
It leaves at 17.
00 hours, with destination Salamanca.
Bay 3.
I’m sorry to ruin your holidays.
You’re under arrest.
You’ll have to wait outside.
Ferro, isn’t it? Good memory.
Your noodle is working fast.
How can I help you? You see, Doctor, I have a problem.
You’ll excuse my abruptness.
But my balls are swelling up.
Ask for an appointment.
My balls are swelling up, because a fucking doctor is shagging my chief’s wife.
I don’t know what you mean.
What do your doctors say? Open your mouth and stick your tongue out.
Open your mouth or I’ll erase your teeth.
I can’t see your brain.
How ironic, Doctor.
With science, pictures of a brain can be taken, but the crazy ideas that go through people’s minds can’t be detected.
Because you must be out of your mind, Doctor, to sleep with Nemo Bandeira’s wife.
I’ll give you two options.
Either you go back to Switzerland or I’ll make you disappear in the sea.
Your body will never be found.
What will it be? Switzerland.
I knew your noodle worked very fast.
This doctor’s noodle works very fast! You’ll do well in prison.
You’re handsome, you’re a hunk.
I’m sure they’ll come to blows to have a shower with you.
Monterroso, if you want to speak to me, you have my number.
Why these? I'll explain it right now.
This lady is a judge, and I’m a police officer.
Our job is to lock criminals like you away.
Where were you going? Were you running away from me? I have no reason to run away from you.
You confessed to me that you were involved in money laundering, - extortion and covering up crimes.
- We had a deal.
I’d help you put Nemo Bandeira behind bars - and you’d clear my criminal record.
- What's he talking about? Nemo is in prison, but not thanks to you.
I’ve done my part.
What happened to the kid who witnessed Lamas’ murder? You had to bring him in to testify, but you hadn't.
- Tell me it wasn’t you.
- I say it, it was me.
I spoke to the family so the kid wouldn’t talk.
- To protect Nemo! - No.
To protect them! Tell me what would’ve happened to that family if we let the kid talk? Who would’ve stopped Nemo from killing them? You? Your biggest wish in this word was to see Nemo behind bars.
There are more important things than my wishes.
Can we talk, please? In private.
Is this your informant? Mario Mendoza? For fuck’s sake! Now I understand why Nemo always slipped through our fingers.
He played you! Well, it’s made no difference.
He’s been arrested.
Happy? Let’s see, Mario.
The handcuffs keys.
- So your mobile phone was stolen.
- Yes.
I didn’t realize at first, but it must have been on the promenade yesterday.
And how do you know? Because a guy bumped into me and later I looked for my mobile, and I didn’t have it on me.
- A guy.
- Yes.
If you can’t be more precise I didn’t see his face.
I just saw he had a tattoo of something like a compass, in his arm.
That’s all.
Very well.
You’ll let me know when you find it? If I were you, I’d buy a new one.
- I need your help.
- You scared me! - Don’t turn around.
- Are you stupid? - What are you doing here? - Don’t turn.
- Why? What happened? - Don’t turn, please! The police are coming this way.
What happened? What have you done? I didn’t do anything, I swear.
Get me out of here.
We must find him.
He won't be very far! You two over there, two men with me, this way! Come on! Hurry up! Come on! Lara, please get me out of here.
My goodness, this is a nightmare.
We can hardly leave the house.
There are people outside calling us murderers.
I’m sorry.
We should talk.
Yes, we should talk.
The bank will no longer fund the Foundation Carlos Bandeira.
The project’s been frozen.
But don’t worry, because I’ll get the money.
That clinic will be built.
What is it? I’ve been thinking for quite some time if all this was a good idea.
Leaving the clinic in Switzerland, moving to Oeste I feel as if I'm taking a step backwards in my career Being the head doctor of your own clinic is taking a step backwards in your career? - This is a bid.
You bid for it.
- And it seems that I’ve lost.
This is just a mishap.
We’ll get through, as we’ve gotten through other things before.
I have an offer to go back to Switzerland.
Do you want to go back to Switzerland now? In this moment? Yes, I think I do.
Of course.
Now I understand.
Your work is your priority.
Don’t misunderstand me.
You’re very important for me.
No, I understand your position.
You don’t have to justify yourself.
Don’t leave, please.
- Chon.
- I’ll get the money, I promise you.
I’ll get it.
Trust me.
- Chon, please.
- Trust me.
I was looking for you.
No, no Not in Nemo’s office.
What the heck do you think we’re going to do? I don’t know.
No? Tell me.
I’ve been investigating why was Nemo in a house full of explosives.
I managed to get a contact in the prison to insure I got hold of Nemo’s mobile phone.
Look what I found.
“Dad, I need to speak to you, can you come?” They laid a trap on him.
For fuck’s sake.
Don’t do anything until I tell you so.
It’s an order.
You’re not my boss.
Ferro! - Furancho? - Keep working.
The Mexicans have put a price on you head.
Trust no one.
No, It’s not my problem! Because my father put you where you’re now, so don’t you dare say to me you won’t help us.
Hello? What’s wrong? No one wants to lend us money.
That's what's going on.
Some of Dad’s friends won’t even answer my phone calls.
That’s all you’re going to do? Speak on the phone? What else do you want me to do? Put on a dress and nice high-heels, and drive down to Oeste.
Speak to them, convince them.
If they don’t listen to you, threaten them.
Don’t forget you are a Bandeira.
When will you realize that Dad is in prison.
No one respects the Bandeiras, no one! Don’t you dare throw the towel! The most important thing in my life it’s you both.
Carlos needs me.
I want him at home.
You hear me? Get that money, whatever it takes.
What’s that? - They’re my clothes! - What's going on? What are you doing? Have you gone mad? I’m just helping you pack.
Pack? True, I didn’t tell you, you’re moving out of the house.
- What? This is our home.
- It was your home.
Now it’s mine.
Where’s my sister? Your sister took her car and went away on a trip.
My father won’t allow you to throw us out of the house.
Look honey, are you silly or what? This house is mine, because your dad sold it to me.
You took advantage of a sick man.
So now it’s my fault that Nemo doesn’t know where his dick is.
All this is mine now! And as I’m a kind and generous, I let you live in my house.
But it’s over, because I’m fucking fed up.
So I want you out of here! Goddammit! You can’t do this to us, please.
I can’t, all of the sudden, ask you out.
You have until tomorrow.
You can’t complain.
And let me know before you leave, so I can say goodbye.
- Lara.
- You were taking a bus.
I took it.
I waited for you till the last minute.
What do you want? Tell me what this is.
You asked your dad to go over to the house where the explosives were.
- I didn’t send that message.
- Who sent it? Shit.
- "Shit" what? - My fucking mobile was stolen.
I swear! It wasn’t me who sent that message! Bastards.
They stole your mobile to get Nemo into trouble and he’s in a lot of fucking trouble.
What do you mean they got him into trouble? If Nemo is in prison because he thought I needed him, I can go to the police, and tell them that my mobile was stolen and that I didn’t send that message.
You’re a Bandeira, Lariña.
If you go to the police you’ll be in trouble too.
They’ll incriminate you and that will be terrible for you.
We’ll solve this some other way.
I’ll take care of it.
Get in the car.
Get in the car, Lara.
- Did you hear? - Yes.
Did you see the guy who stole your phone? I don’t know.
He was a skinny guy.
And he had a tattoo of a compass on his arm.
That’s all.
At least it’s something.
We’ll find him, and we’ll prove that your father’s innocent.
Will you find him? You are being chased by the police.
That’s my problem.
This time I won’t let you down.
I promise you.
Can I borrow your car? Where’s Berta? She’s not answering my phone calls.
- She’s gone on a trip.
- Where to? Do I look like her secretary? You should talk to her before making hasty decisions.
This is not a hasty decision.
I spent the whole breakfast thinking about it.
We’re family.
My sister would never throw us out.
I’m not Berta.
I know you’re not Berta.
But as you have such an "intimate" relationship.
I don’t know what you mean.
I mean that if you try to remove the wasps of their nest, they may end up stinging you.
Your dad may learn things he may not want to know.
Really? And who will tell him those awful things? Not me, for sure.
We’re family.
Family members are there to help each other and keep family secrets.
Now we’re starting to speak the same language.
If it wasn’t because family members are there to help each other, I’d think you’re blackmailing me.
But you wouldn’t do anything like that.
Can you pass me the mojito? Careful, don’t cut yourself.
Now that your husband isn’t here to look after you, I’d be more careful.
You should let your temper out more often.
It makes you more desirable.
Honey, what a nice surprise.
How are you? Not very well.
Why? What’s wrong? The bank won’t lend us any more money.
They say that after everything’s happened, with you in prison, is not good to be associated to the Bandeiras.
We’re ruined.
The foundation has to be closed down.
Dad? Are you listening? Yes.
I’ll see what I can do.
But from inside here, it’s difficult to do anything.
I don’t know.
I can hardly make any phone calls.
That’s not all.
Daniel has told us to leave the house.
What? Son of a bitch.
I must have known that they would go after you.
He’s given us till tomorrow to pack and go.
What will we do? Where will we go? Dad, are you well? You look absent.
I’m well.
You have to be strong.
Hold on there.
We’ll find a solution.
What solution? We’re been thrown out of our house! What’s going on? - Is there a problem? - It’s nothing.
You, come with me.
Come on.
It’s over.
Dad, what are you doing? Do you want to sit down? Please.
What were you saying? What do you mean? We’ve been thrown out of our own house.
Are you sure you’re well? I’m fine.
Are these the books Ferro gave you for me? There some missing.
The only thing you worry about are your books? We’re ruined, we’re homeless, and now you start reading.
Nina, I can’t do anything right now.
Do you understand? - I can’t do anything.
- And what are we going to do? Didn’t you want to be my legal guardian? Be the head of the family when I was no longer here.
That’s how things are.
If you have problems, solve them.
Thank you for coming.
- Take your hands off me! - You have fucked up Nemo’s life! - I’ll crush your head.
- What do I use? - Who pressed the button? - What? Give me a fucking name! - Give me a fucking name! - Stop this shit, son of a bitch! Who planted the fucking bomb? Give me a fucking Stop this shit, son of a bitch! Let go off me! Who the fuck you think you are? Didn’t they teach to respect? This is my house.
This is my house, son of a bitch.
I don’t want to see you here ever again.
Is that clear? Now you can kiss Nemo’s ass, son of a bitch.
Next time I’ll kill you! I helped myself to a beer.
I hope you don’t mind.
If you call the police, I’ll go.
If I go, you’ll never know what I came to tell you.
What you did today was really stupid.
I do a lot of silly things.
For example, trusting you.
I won’t apologize.
I’m only interested in the law.
What does the law say about the person who planted the bomb getting away with it? Do you think Nemo Bandeira is innocent? I wouldn’t use the word “innocent” for Nemo.
But he would never plant a bomb.
- People change.
- Come on, Marina.
You’re from here.
In Oeste we don’t do things that way.
However, in other places, like Mexico Are you insinuating that the Arteagas did it? It wasn’t them we found surrounded with explosives.
Because they tricked him, him and everyone else.
There’s a guy with a tattoo of a compass on his arm.
He helped them lay the trap.
I you find him, you’ll find the rest.
Why should I trust a fugitive? You don’t care who is guilty or innocent as long as you have Nemo Bandeira’s head in your trophy cabinet.
If no one enforces the law, I’ll have to do it myself.
"I thought and so I said to myself, that it wasn’t fair how our fate was going.
" "So light and burnt, leaving it sealed in other hands.
" "If your usual remedy I looked up for" What are you doing? I spoke to Diana.
There’s nothing to do.
The house belongs to the Arteagas.
We have to go.
This is our home.
We won’t make it easy for them! What are you doing? Many generations in my family have lived here.
Your brother and you learnt to walk here.
This is more than our house, it’s our life.
What do you expect us to do? Tie ourselves to the door? - Nina, speak to your dad.
- I went to the prison to see him.
He won’t help us.
First because he’s in prison, and second because he’s ill.
We’re on our own.
Good morning.
You have finished packing? What a shame you have to leave.
The house that’s so beautiful, so full of memories.
For you everything is fun.
It’s been fun sometimes.
But not often.
Go to hell.
This doesn’t have to end like this.
You don’t have to leave.
You threw us out.
You can help the Bandeiras stay in the house for good.
What are you up to? You and I have many things in common, many more than you think.
We both have very powerful fathers, fathers who are in prison.
To be honest, we both have fathers who don’t trust us a bit to run the business out here.
In your case, I can easily understand why.
I offer you to teach them a lesson.
Create an alliance between you and me, one that they could have never created.
A deal where everyone wins.
Will you give me the house? In exchange for what? In exchange for three simple words.
"Yes, I do.
" Nina Bandeira, will you marry me? Is that a "yes"? I wouldn’t marry you if you were the last man on the earth.
If you can call yourself a man.
You have until 6 p.
to leave the house.
Come on! It’s over, everyone in.
Come on, to your cells.
Not you, Bandeira.
You stay here and sweep all this.
Come on! Who sends you? Answer me if you don’t want to get out of here with a tag round your toe! The Mexican! Either I killed you, or they killed me.
No! I’m very sorry! Please, I don’t want to die, please! A doctor! A doctor! Quickly, a doctor! Easy, boy.
You’ll make it.
Thank you.
Quickly, a doctor.
He’s lost a lot of blood.
He’s just a kid.
Doctor urgently in the north ward.
I repeat: Doctor urgently in the north ward.
Can I come in? Customers don’t usually come in through the back door.
I’m not here to eat.
They say that running away from the police makes you quite hungry.
Thank you.
I need some information.
No one knows this estuary like you.
That’s why I get the best catches.
The catch I’m looking for has a tattoo of a compass on his arm.
Where can I catch him? I know who you’re talking about: Antón.
He was at sea, and his licence was revoked because he was fishing with dynamite.
He looks dangerous.
What does he do now? He works for the Mexicans, but no one’s heard from him in days.
No one? I thought nothing escaped you in the estuary.
Perhaps the Mexicans know where they’re hiding him.
Why don’t you ask them? Running away from the police, looking for a man of the Mexicans.
Wasn’t it you who didn’t want to get into trouble? I don’t want to, but it’s trouble that finds me.
If look for a place to hide, here, in my kitchen, you can.
I know, I’m grateful, but with so much heat, it’s easy to get burnt.
With Nemo in prison, there’s a need of leadership in the estuary.
You wouldn’t want the invaders to take over? The solution is in your hands.
Don’t forget to hand in the visitor tags at the exit.
Bandeira, your daughter is there.
I repeat: Don’t forget to hand in the visitor tags at the exit.
Lara! It’s you.
I’d give you a hug, but we’re not allowed to have any physical contact.
How are you? Much better now.
- I thought you wouldn’t visit me.
- I came because you’re my father, because you’re ill, and because I know you did not plant that bomb.
- How do you know? - I know.
That doesn’t exonerate you from what you did do.
The fact that I’m here doesn’t mean I’ve forgiven you.
I think it’s fair.
Are you already leaving? Yes, but I’ll be back soon.
No physical contact allowed! Don’t forget to take your pills.
Sorry The visit is over.
Fucking hell! - How did you get in? - This place has no secrets for me.
I got into trouble, I can’t tell you about it, with the police.
I have to go away from here and I need money.
- Do I look like Santa Claus? - I’m not asking you a favour.
- I have something of your interest.
- Yes, a beautiful bottom.
I can’t think of anything else you may offer me.
The other day, when I was under arrest in the police station, I overheard some information about the bomb attack.
What? We had nothing to do with the attack.
So what I heard about a guy named Antón who works with explosives doesn’t interest you.
What do you mean? Do we have a deal or not? Start talking.
There were two police officers talking about this guy, Antón, and they say that he said he works for you.
He was very worried about what you’ve done, the attack, and he was going to come clean.
Son of a bitch.
End of working day.
Go back to your wards.
I repeat: go back to your wards.
The boy we brought in earlier on, how is he? - He’s been taken to hospital.
- Is he okay? Yes, he’ll pull through.
- Are you sure? Good.
Nemo? Who are you? What do you want? It’s me, Furancho.
- What’s wrong, Nemo? - How do you know my name? Who sends you? Leave me alone! Easy, Nemo.
Give me your hand.
Trust me.
Are these yours? Chon.
My love, I couldn’t find you.
For a moment I thought you’d already gone.
I’m leaving this afternoon.
- So soon? This afternoon? - Yes.
I have something to tell you.
You’ve got the money for the foundation.
- No, it’s not that.
- So, what’s the matter? I want to leave all this.
I want to go with you.
With me? Yes.
To Switzerland.
You’re talking about leaving your husband, your whole life.
I know.
Perhaps it’s crazy, but I can feel there’s something between us, something very special.
We can give our relationship a chance.
You’re right, this is crazy.
You’ve taken this too seriously.
You and I, we’re nothing, and will never be.
We’re good together.
No, Chon, we’re not.
So all that about Zurich is an excuse.
An excuse because you’re scared of telling the truth.
I didn’t want to hurt you.
Do what I told you and come back.
And be careful with the car.
I’ll ask you for the last time.
What the fuck did you tell the police? Nothing, I said nothing! Who did you confess to? To that bastard of Monterroso, or to that bitch he hangs out with? Which one? Speak! No, fucking hell, I’m not a snitch! I swear! Scum Pick up that filth! Come on, sit down there! You know that saying that goes: Lies have short legs? If you don’t speak right now, you’ll also have short legs! What did you say? Speak! What did you say? Speak, scoundrel! Speak! Shut the fucking mouth up! Boss, either he’s telling the truth or he’s the toughest man in the world.
But you decide, you’re the boss.
What do you want us to do? Kill him.
Monterroso? It’s Mario.
If you want to catch me, come now.
You won’t have another chance.
Are you feeling better? Thank you for helping me.
For warning me they were coming after me.
You spared my life.
I’m living with your permission.
What’s the matter? Why do you take those pills? I have Alzheimer's.
There are things that a man like me would rather forget, but I can’t choose what I remember and what I forget.
This disease cleans everything out.
No one else must know.
Otherwise it’ll be the end for me.
You can trust me.
From the time you saved the boy, many Galicians inside here are with you.
If you have problems again, there will be plenty of men to have your back safe.
You don’t have Ferro with you here, but you have me.
Nemo Bandeira, Mr.
Arteaga would like to speak to you.
Why doesn’t he come in person? Mr.
Bandeira has better things to do.
It’s okay.
After you.
On your knees, for fuck’s sake.
Your last words? - Please - Kill him now! Please.
Stop! - Fucking hell! - Stop, you can’t kill him.
Search him! I can’t let you kill him.
This rat sold us to the police.
I made it up.
What do you mean you made it up? It’s true I heard they were chasing him for the explosives case, but he didn't betray you.
Fucking hell.
What did you make it up for? What for? I needed the money.
I bid and I won.
You can't kill him, he’s innocent.
Relax, we won’t kill him.
We won't kill him.
We’ll let him live.
You is who we’ll kill! What do you think, asshole? You lied to me, and no one lies to me! I’ll shoot you in that mouth so you’ll stop lying.
The police, chief! Kill him.
Come on! Kill him! Mario.
I’m glad to see you again.
Come on, let’s go.
Up! Up with you.
Come on.
Come on.
It’s an excellent wine.
A mixture of Galician grapes and French grapes.
If you mix two good quality products, you’ll obtain one even better.
Not always.
There are things that can’t be mixed, they repel each other.
To Nemo Bandeira, who I underestimated, and as politeness costs nothing, Nemo, I apologize.
You’re a man with many deep roots into your homeland.
And trees with deep roots can’t be cut down.
What are you trying to tell me? That you will kill me with an axe? On the contrary, what I want to tell you it that I need your protecting shade.
I’m just a poor immigrant who’s just arrived.
I need some friends.
Threating me, ruining my companies, and throw my family out their own house isn’t the best way to start a friendship with me.
I let myself go and that’s my mistake.
Cut to the chase.
What do you want? I know things.
I know who placed the detonator that made the bomb explode, Freddy.
I can hand it in for you.
A man like you, so big, shouldn’t spend the rest of his days in a place like this.
I can see you worry a lot about me.
We’re friends.
Regarding your family, don’t worry.
They’ll soon go back to their house, their businesses.
Can I call you partner, then? This wine needs to be aired for a bit longer.
There are things that need time.
That’s the only thing we have plenty of in here, time.
If you make the right decision, you’ll be sleeping with your dear wife, if that’s what you want.
Think it over.
Mum, are you okay? Do you know who had this painted in blue? My father.
He’s the only man who really loved me.
When I was a little girl, I was seven, I fell ill.
I had hepatitis.
I spend a year confined to this house.
I couldn’t go out.
He had this painted for me like if it was the sky, and now it’s no longer mine.
Mum, stop drinking, please.
What will we do? What will we do? Do you regret marrying dad? Why are you asking me that? Despite all the bad things, what I had with your father is the only real thing in my life.
And now, it’s falling apart.
I’ll get you out of this, you’ll see.
I’ll get you out of this, I promise you.
My little girl.
Daniel! Daniel! I wanted to talk to you.
Do you want us to do business? Then we’ll do them.
But I’ll set the conditions.
What happened? Why did you phone me instead of your lawyer? I phoned you because I need you to talk to Ferro.
You have to tell him to look for that guy named Antón.
He works for the Mexicans.
He’s been just beaten up.
He’ll most probably be in hospital.
If that’s the case, Ferro will know where to find him.
He took your mobile phone from you.
He laid the trap on your father.
- And you’re here - For you.
Because I told you I wouldn’t let you down.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- It’s nothing.
Whenever you want, Notary.
Let’s begin.
- Are the witnesses present? - Sure.
Don’t worry, love.
We’ll have a beautiful ceremony with your family, my family.
We'll have a swell time, you’ll see.
To celebrate that the Arteagas and the Bandeiras tight their bonds.
We just have to sign this? I’ll read articles 66, 67 and 68 from the civil code.
Spouses are equal in rights and duties.
Spouses must respect Blah-blah.
When do we get to the kissing bit? Daniel Arteaga Vargas, do you take Nina Bandeira Moliner as your lawful wife? Yes, I do.
Nina Bandeira Moliner, do you take Daniel Arteaga Vargas as your lawful husband? I do.
I declare you husband and wife.
- That’s all? - Yes.
Bravo, it was so romantic.
- Can I kiss her? - Proceed.
Don’t touch me.
It’s what made me fall in love with her.
Her temper.
Your mate here, I think he needs an orthopaedic surgeon, because I see a lot that needs surgery.
I’m conducting a hospital survey for the local government.
When you’re discharged, where would you like to go: to a cemetery with a sea view, we have plenty of that in Galicia, or to a nick with spa? And the soap bar is on me.
My daughter, how are you? What’s the matter? You don’t look well.
I have good news: we have cash flow again.
The foundation and state agency are back in business.
That’s fantastic news.
How did you do it? I knew you’d solve it.
No, you didn’t know.
I’m not the daughter you always dreamt of, but I want you to know that I’m a Bandeira.
I’m willing to do whatever it takes for this family, and for you.
The house is ours again.
And also 50% of Open Sea.
Everything in your name.
Did you get the Arteagas to transfer all that to us? How? I made my own decision, as you asked me to.
I cut a very good deal for us with them.
In exchange for what? Nina, in exchange of what? I married Daniel.
What? Have you gone mad? We were thrown out of the house.
I’ve sacrificed myself for the family.
- You made the worst mistake! - Don’t you dare judge me! No shouting! You washed your hands of everything! You left us by ourselves! You wanted me to solve the problems.
That’s what I’ve done! You didn’t solve anything! Quite the opposite! What went through your mind? They took advantage that I’m in here to go against my family.
My daughter! My own daughter! Bastards! Germán! I don’t know about Tijuana, but here there are boundaries you can't cross, sacred things.
And the most sacred is one’s family.
Your daughter is in good hands.
Besides, you and I are now more family than ever.
Now you’ll learn what respect is.
I’ll teach you in the only language you understand.
When there are two roosters on the farm, sooner or later they end up fighting.
There have been enough innocent victims in this war.
I look after my men.
Do you look after yours? You and I alone.
I like your style.
Only that you’re old.
I’ll kick your ass.
Abraham, please, answer the phone.
I’m on my way to the airport.
Please, wait for me.
I need to see you.
I love you.
You dance very well.
- It’s me! - I’m at the airport.
- Wait for me.
- I’m about to board the plane.
I beg you! Hit him hard! Hit him hard! I’m still the king.
I’m the boss here! Do you understand? I’m the boss! I'm the boss! I want to confess: I brought the explosives here, and blamed Nemo Bandeira.
He’s innocent.
Did you learn your lesson? Is it clear now? It’s enough.
I’ll get out of this hole, Germán, and it won’t be thanks to you.
I owe you nothing.
Now we can be partners.
You can never think Nemo Bandeira is dead.
Not even when you’re reading his epitaph.
Is he getting out of prison? That’s why you’re here.
Someone confessed.
It was all a trap on Nemo, as you said.
Tell me you have nothing to do with that confession.
I just wanted to make sure the law was enforced.
That’s what you should’ve done.
Give me just one reason I should trust you again.
Nemo is back out here.
In the end, I’m the only option you have to send him to prison for a crime he did commit.
If I find out you’re playing me, I swear that Nemo will stop being my first target.
Our deal is on again.
I don’t know.
I have to think it over.
- How did it go? - Enough, let’s go.
How did they treat you in there? I’ve been in worse places.
And I had plenty of time to think.
Did you do some thinking? Did you draw any conclusion? Yes.
It’s time for the party to start.
Let’s get rid of the Mexicans.
We have to make them venture into the lion’s den and we can’t close it too soon.
Make sure we look really good.
Do you know Julián Valdés? Yes, from the time I was in Open Sea.
He has filed a complaint against you.
You want me to withdraw the complaint? I owe the bank 300,000 euros.
Get me that money.
Celso! Look, this old man has a lot of guts.
My daughter already had a wedding that ended up in a bloodshed.
- What the heck are you doing? - They want to ruin you.
- Mario is a police informant.
- He’s under arrest, he must be under protection.
It’ll be very difficult to reach him, but there’s always a way.
I won’t let you touch an inch of my body, you haven’t paid for it.
Don't you think you’re not coming with me to the bedroom.
- I’m not coming with you.
- I want to talk to you.
Watch carefully what you’re about to say.
Do you think you’ll take me away me from Abraham only by threating him? You’ll only draw us closer.
Your money, 300,000 euros.
What do you want? I don’t know.
What else do you have to offer me? Leave me alone.
I took you for a more diligent person when solving problems.
I thought the matter concerning Celso was solved.
Kill me yourself if you have the guts, you’re a coward like all the Bandeira’s.
Shut up, son of a bitch.
You know how things work around here if you disrespect him.
Nemo gave you everything and he can take everything away from you.
I promise you I’ll get rid of him.
- I’ll kill him.
You’re a fucking snitch.

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