Unauthorized Living (Vivir sin permiso) (2018) s02e05 Episode Script

The First Mistake

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES IN PREVIOUS EPISODES We both have a father who doesn’t trust us a bit.
I offer you to teach them a lesson.
Create an alliance between you and me that they could have never created.
Stop! - This rat sold us to the police.
- No, I made it up.
You are who we’ll kill! The police, chief! Kill him.
Come on! Either you go back to Switzerland or I’ll make you disappear in the sea, your body will be never found.
I have an offer to go back to Switzerland.
To go back to Switzerland, now? - Why do you take those pills? - I have Alzheimer.
You have to tell Ferro to look for that guy named Antón.
He stole your mobile phone and laid the trap for your father.
I’m on my way to the airport.
Wait for me.
I need to see you.
I love you.
Nina Bandeira Moliner, do you take Daniel Arteaga Vargas as your lawful husband? I accept.
They took advantage of me being here to go against my family.
Germán! I don’t know about Tijuana, but here there are boundaries you can’t cross.
Sacred things.
And the most sacred is one’s family.
I brought the explosives here, and blamed Nemo.
Give me one reason I should trust you again.
Nemo is back out there.
I had plenty of time to think.
Let’s get rid of those Mexicans.
In Mexico they call him the Michoacán Rooster, because he always fights to the death for his territory.
When such a rooster conquers its territory, he defends it.
And he puffs up to show its supremacy.
It’s a defence mechanism, to warn outsiders.
A way of proclaiming he’s the only dominant male in the farmyard.
But it’s at that point, Ferro, when the rooster forgets what the species’ survival really relies on: there’s always somewhere else a bigger and stronger rooster.
Nemo, what a pleasure.
I have arranged everything.
Are we going to do business, then? Sure.
But only big business.
Will you excuse us, please? Thank you.
- How are you, darling? - Fine.
This is just a formality.
I’ll wait until the time’s right and I’ll file for divorce.
Why did you do it? Are you seriously asking me that? Why did I do it? I did this for you, Mum.
For you, for Dad, for everyone.
To help this family survive, to stay in this house.
Don’t pretend you didn’t want me to do it, because it benefits you as well as me.
It’s just one more wedding.
I already know the procedure, anyway.
One’s wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days in one’s life.
It’s supposed to.
By the looks of it, I don’t think it will.
And neither was the previous one.
Have a seat.
Thank you, Alen.
Did you think of what we talked about? Yes, I’ve been thinking it over, and you win.
I’ll cooperate.
Get me out of here quickly.
- I can’t.
Something happened.
- What? Do you know Julián Valdés? Yes, from the time I spent in Open Sea.
Why? He has filed a complaint against you.
They’re serious charges.
The judge has issued an arrest warrant.
- And we have you here.
- But he had a deal.
If I keep our deal so you can be released, everyone will know that you’re working for us.
You’re right.
What’s plan B? That you face the charges.
You appear before the judge and spend a few months in probation.
- I can’t go to prison.
- I’ll help you out.
- I need you outside.
- Germán controls Oeste’s prison.
I just had a falling-out with his son.
If I go to prison now, I may not come out alive.
If our deal goes public, Nemo will shoot you dead and leave you in a curb.
How much time do I have? When will I be transferred there? - Today.
- Today? I can transfer you to another cell and play cat and mouse with them.
Perhaps, a couple of days.
I don’t know, I can’t promise you anything.
I need to see someone.
How are you? Wow.
- You look so elegant.
- Always, my son.
I thought it was larger, the way they speak about it.
Galician people think that all their land is much larger than it really is.
Yes, except their cock.
Come on, Nemo is waiting.
I would like to say hello to my new family.
With your permission.
I’ve seen them.
The only thing missing on those suits are some little coloured bulbs.
Watch your sense of humour in front of them, okay? I’m watching.
These days we’ll have to eat a lot of crows.
We have to make them venture into the lion’s den.
And we can’t close it too soon.
You eat a pill first thing this morning.
I can’t afford any mistakes now.
At this moment there’s a freighter with 9,000 kilograms of cocaine on board sailing from Colombia to Galicia.
It’s the largest stash we have ever smuggled in.
9,000 kilograms are loads of kilograms to go undetected.
My Colombian contact will be here in a few days to coordinate the operation.
We’ll load the goods in international waters, away from the Coastguard’s radars.
How will the speed boats get to the freighter? Let me introduce you to Celso.
He and his boys are well-known for creating some gadgets that make our work much easier.
We modified two speed boats with a double bottom so they can carry 5,000 litres of petrol.
It’s a fucking floating bomb.
It’s about having the guts.
Tomorrow Celso will try out one by going to the south of Ireland.
Go there and back, no stops.
If he manages to get across the Celtic Sea, there shouldn’t be any problem to go as far as the Azores, or even further.
Ferro will wait for us on land with the four-by-fours.
With your and our men.
I’ll choose the location a bit before, to avoid leaks.
You have thought of everything.
You’ll have a plan to divide the money, won’t you? You’ll pay for the goods.
And the profit from the sales will be divided in two parts.
That must be a joke.
So, we take all the risk and you get half of the profits? In exchange, the business is yours.
Our Colombian suppliers, the distribution channels, the routes.
And, above all, the men and women in the police force, in the court of law, in customs, and in the town hall.
Not only do I offer you to be the owners of a large part of this region, but also a big part of its people.
And those people, are you sure they will swap their loyalty that easy? They’ll have to start doing it today.
Nina y Daniel are married under the law, but today they will do it in Oeste, before the authorities and all the people who owe us something, who are quite a few.
Then we can celebrate.
Does this guy ring a bell? Monterroso.
I told you that you couldn’t see Mario.
I told you I would come every day, because I don’t know what you accuse him of.
- You can think of plenty of things.
- I can’t, - because Mario has changed.
- Sure.
That’s why a lot of the scams in Open Sea blew up with the blast? A blast in which a police officer died.
What are you talking about? Mario had nothing to do with that.
I don’t know.
But he’ll have to serve a long sentence.
- There is a complaint against him.
- Who filed it? Someone with the guts to face up to the Bandeiras.
Something more and more usual each day.
Monterroso! Escort her to see the prisoner.
She has my authorisation.
You have two minutes.
At the slightest nonsense I’ll lock you up.
- How are you? - Good.
- Are you good? - I don’t know, thinking about - Who filed the complaint? - A goods vehicles business owner who worked for Open Sea, Julián Valdés.
- Why? - I don’t know.
They have told me you can serve a long sentence.
I’ve been thinking, and I can talk to Nemo.
- No, he was released thanks to you.
- Lara.
Perhaps he can tell her lawyer I don’t want anything from Nemo, really.
Can I do anything? Do you think you could find Julián Valdés and find out why does he file a complaint now and not before? It’s time.
I only have two days for him to withdraw the complaint.
- Come on.
- Okay.
Thank you.
- You’re not alone.
- Come on.
Thank you.
- Does it hurt? - No, it doesn’t.
Ferro, do you have to be here all the time? - Am I bothering you? - Yes, you are bothering me.
If I was given 10 Euros every time a girl has said that to me You should have it on longer, it’s too soon.
Remove it.
It’s my daughter’s wedding.
I don’t want to have this on.
Please, remove it.
Wait a second.
This also, please.
Excuse me, can you leave the room for a moment? - Am I bothering you too? - I have to do a full check-up.
No problem.
Good luck.
What check-up? Hey.
Excuse me? - Hello.
- Hello.
Hadn’t you left? When I heard you had the accident, I I’m sorry.
It was my fault.
I shouldn’t have been so cruel with you.
It wasn’t your fault.
I love you, Chon.
And everything you said? It wasn’t true.
I had no choice.
It was him.
Him, who? Ferro? He came to my office and he put a gun into my mouth.
He told me I had to leave you.
It was Nemo’s doing.
I was a coward.
I’m not like those men who work for your husband.
I’m scared to death.
You’re no coward.
- Danielito! - Danielito! What’s up? Every time I see you, you’re taller.
- And more handsome.
- Arturito! How come you’re getting married? And the cake? I’ll be back in a moment.
- Do you remember my friends? - Too well.
- We’re just talking.
- Listen to me.
We’re gambling everything in this operation.
We have to keep Nemo happy.
Do you think he’ll be happy giving her daughter away to someone like you? I wouldn’t be.
For once in your life, I ask you to behave like a man, like a gentleman, because if you ruin this, I swear to God, I’ll make you pay for it.
Shall we have some beers? Do you have it? Excuse me, I didn’t want to disturb you, I’m Germán.
Daniel’s father? I wanted to pay my respect before we become part of the family.
I brought you a present.
You shouldn’t have, thank you very much.
I was looking for something suited for the beautiful bride.
But now that you’re before me, in person, I think I should’ve got you something much better.
It’s too much.
- May I? - Yes.
- Please.
- Yes.
Where did you get it? Why do you ask? Because I’m in prison? There are certain things that they’d better remain a secret.
This necklace won’t look the same around another neck.
Thank you very much.
You don't know how happy it makes me to have you as my daughter.
- Excuse me.
- Yes.
Hello! You’re so beautiful.
Hello! He’s supposed to bark when he sees an outsider.
- Are you closing down? - I’m forced to.
Too many debts.
Are you Julián? I’m Lara.
I’m Mario Mendoza’s friend.
I came over, because I know you’ve filed a complaint.
You want me to withdraw it? Your friend screwed up my life.
He threatened me to force me to transport drugs inside my lorries.
When I refused, two of them appeared burnt up to ashes.
He ruined me, that’s how nice your friend is.
I’m really sorry.
Mario did some terrible things then, that now he regrets doing.
Does he? He may regret it, but he should also pay.
In two days I’ll lose my business, that took me 20 years to build.
I understand indeed.
The thing is that Mario could go to prison for many years.
Perhaps we can come to some kind of deal.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Do you want me to withdraw the complaint? I owe the bank 300,000 Euros.
Get me that money.
300,000 Euros? That’s a lot of money! Where am I going to get that kind of money from? Ask your friend.
Thank you very much.
Happiness for the bride and groom! Happiness for the bride and groom! What an elegant carrot.
You tried.
How does your mechanism work? Do you have to be tortured to say something nice? What kind of torture are you thinking of? - Dad.
- Congratulations, darling.
- Take care.
- Yes.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- I’ll take good care of her.
- You’d better.
Yes, I’ll treat her very well.
You’ll see.
Let’s have our photo taken, looking really good.
Where is my dad? Dad! Join us.
We’re having our pic taken here.
Make sure we look really well! Hurrah Mexico! Hurrah Mexico! Fucking brilliant! Everything under control? How did you get this? A lot can be fitted in a diplomatic case.
- Fucking brilliant! - Misses.
Well, bro.
Step on it! Fucking great! - Now it’s party time.
- Sure.
You’re not invited.
Monterroso, for fuck’s sake.
Awesome, it flies! What the hell? - He’s been transferred.
- Where to? A safe place.
What did you come down here for? To beat him so he confessed that those bastards killed Sandra.
The one who carried out the attack is in prison.
Who? Freddy? Don’t make me laugh! He is a fucking pawn! - The Arteagas ordered it.
- We can’t prove that.
That’s why we need Mario! Can’t you see them out there? Having fun, laughing together, while Sandra is dead! And they killed her.
They are all the same shit.
The Bandeiras, the Arteagas, and the fucking Mario Mendoza, who’s the key! You may be right, or you may be not, but I’m the one who decides whether to trust Mario.
Mario is my informant, and he’ll continue to be.
Is it clear? I thought my nephew had straighten out, but I guess that there are debts that never expire.
Can you pass me the pliers? If we could get that money 300,00 Euros? I can’t even come up with 300 to fix the boiler.
Don’t take the wrong way, but you don’t look like someone who carries 300,000 Euros in her pocket.
Not really.
What’s the matter? Did you remember about some other larger pocket? Fuck, yes.
It could be.
The bride changed into another dress! It’s awesome! I’m going to say hello to my friends.
I’m giving you a present.
A bit of this, mate.
They’re so cocky.
Go slow with the booze.
Eat something to go with it.
What the heck is wrong with you? I don’t want to.
Are you okay? What do you think? I don’t think you are.
- How clever.
- Mum! My friends need more champagne.
Of course.
Hello! How are you? You look beautiful.
Do you know which one of those bastards told me? What did he tell you? That the octopus is a disgusting animal.
- It is not very good looking.
- They’re the disgusting ones.
Just what we needed.
Some respect, we’re in the Bandeiras house! - What are you doing? - What’s wrong with you? - What the heck are you doing? - You’re choking on coke.
You’re choking, aren’t you? Pull him down! But who do you think you are? This is my wedding and these are my friends.
So now, fuck off! Out! Get lost, son of a bitch! - What did you just say? Repeat it.
- Celso! Repeat what you called me, repeat it if you have the gusts.
Look, this old man has a lot of guts.
- Leave it to me.
- Hurrah Mexico, bastards! - Say it again.
- Shoot, dickhead! - Yes? - Shoot! Shoot! Hurrah Mexico, bastards! My daughter already had a wedding that ended up in a bloodshed.
What the heck are you doing? They want to get rid of you.
Can’t you see they’re laughing in your face? It’s my business.
Hand the gun to me.
Out of here.
Hurry up.
Let the obedient rat go.
Get lost.
Fuck off! Fuck off! Will you be quiet, please? Let’s continue enjoying ourselves! He had a few drinks too many.
Come on, one wedding brings another! - It won’t happen again.
- It cannot happen again.
Your man insulted us.
You say that now we’re partners, friends.
Show me.
Go and have a word with Celso.
Your mother? I can’t take it anymore.
I can’t be with him.
I can’t bear it.
Phone me, please.
I need to talk to you.
Are you going to tell me what’s going on? You spent all day avoiding me and grumbling.
- Grumbling? - Yes.
How do you expect me to be, after what you did? I don’t know what I supposedly did.
I think on your daughter’s wedding you should be less dramatic.
You know perfectly well what you did.
You don’t have the guts to face your wife? You have to send your thug to do the dirty work.
You won't take me away from Abraham only by threatening him.
You’ll only draw us closer.
Abraham? Are you? That’s why you didn’t come to see me in prison, because you were taking the chance to fuck someone else.
Don’t act as if you didn’t know.
You sent Ferro over.
If I’d sent him, you wouldn’t be annoyed.
You would be crying in front of his grave.
Ferro, you had enough of the wedding.
You forgot this.
Can you pour me something to drink? Macallan.
Not that one, the good one, mate.
You’ll see how good it is.
There are few bottles left in the world.
Yes, there are few like you left too.
I’ll do it.
What the heck? Here in Oeste, we don’t work for you! Here in Oeste we work for Nemo! I hope that’s clear enough! Who does Nemo work for? Can’t you see that you really messed up things at the wedding? Fucking retarded! You saw what I saw.
Sure I saw the same as you did, and I shut my fucking mouth.
I don’t need to get my cock out and put it on the table every time something upsets me.
You disrespected Nemo! Nemo disrespected us! Why don’t you fucking look the other way? Deep down you think the same.
I’m tired of thinking like you.
I know you better than I know myself.
You’re sick and tired of the fucking Mexican invaders.
Tell me otherwise.
Tell me otherwise.
You know how things work around here.
Nemo gave you everything.
If you disrespect him, he can take everything away from you.
Including your fucking life.
Some liquor, Celso.
Plenty of coke and liquor.
Welcome to our family.
You’re welcome to my family.
- And your wife, where is she? - Berta She’s a free spirit.
She needs to disappear from time to time.
You’re intelligent, I’ll be needing someone of your profile for the coming business.
Why do you think I’m intelligent? Because I know my son, I know that you didn’t marry him for love, or the chance to have it.
You married him because you know what’s at stake.
And not everyone understands that.
and from those who understand, not all of them would’ve the guts to do it the way you did it.
Courage or stupidity.
That’s what you think.
You think you sold your soul to the devil.
- Is it not like that? - Maybe.
Opportunities in life come because the devil makes us choose them.
And the one who chooses to take the risks wins.
- You can’t stand a national product.
- Yes, true.
So high! - Where did bring it over? - You’re the depraved one.
- Don’t be so envious.
Give it to me.
- How long are you staying? Excuse me, sir.
I’ll be back soon.
I know you never were the it girl of Oeste, that’s for sure.
Don’t you think you’re dressed to casually for my wedding? I’m very sorry to bother you today, but I need to speak to you.
And it’s quite urgent.
My father opened up an offshore account for me through Open Sea, and I need to know how to have access to it.
I guessed you already spoke to Open Sea’s lawyers.
And they told you that you couldn’t access that information - without my consent.
- Exactly.
How much do you need? - It’s none of your business.
- Have a nice trip back home.
300,000 Euros? That’s quite a lot of dough.
What are you going to do? Are you going to have a boob operation? No, very expensive.
You’ll have surgery on your nose.
The fact that you didn’t receive an invitation wasn’t enough proof of you not being welcome here? - I didn’t come to ruin your wedding.
- You couldn’t even if you wanted.
- I didn’t come looking for trouble.
- No.
She wants money, 300,000 Euros from her Open Sea’s account.
That account is mine because my father opened it under my name.
- It’s my money.
- If that money was yours, you wouldn’t come here asking for it.
Daniel won’t give you anything, so get out of here.
No one wants you here.
This is like a telenovela.
I love it.
You like it? Congratulations, because you’re part of one.
The problem is that your role is one of a puppet.
- Puppet - Yes.
You have no saying here.
This is something between your father and Nemo.
Everyone bosses you around.
Nina will do the same.
She will give you orders.
So, congratulations for your wedding, and good luck.
I’ll see what I can do, Alberto.
Okay? Trust me.
Where are you going? I’m going to bed.
Is there a problem? No.
I’ll see you tomorrow.
Did you have a word with Celso? Two words.
Don’t you have anything to tell me? You? When were you going to tell me that my wife was sleeping with my doctor? Never.
I hoped that you wouldn’t find out.
She told me.
I don’t know.
You were in prison.
I didn’t want to burden you with more shit.
You decided to hide the truth from me.
No, I decided to act.
If I’d seen them, someone else in Oeste could see them.
We already have too much shit.
I decided For fuck's sake.
I decided to solve it.
Far from solving it, you have worsened it.
I know Chon.
You have turned an infatuation into a romantic love, into a matter of pride.
If you want I can sort it out for good.
The problems with my wife are my business, all right? Excuse me, are you heading to Oeste? Can you give me a lift? Thank you very much.
Lend me the microphone.
I want to speak to those people.
Silence, the broom is going to speak! I feel as if I was Luis Miguel.
Family, I just wanted to thank you for coming out here this evening.
Honestly, thank you very much, this evening is very special for me, marrying this beautiful woman, Nina Bandeira.
But I think it’s about time that we leave.
There’s still a lot of night ahead and I have to do my duty.
Cheers! But don’t stop the party! - Let’s go.
- I’m not coming with you.
You won’t expect me to carry you in my arms.
I won’t let you touch me, you haven’t paid for that.
You’re crazy if you think you won’t be coming with me to the bedroom.
I’m not coming with you.
You’ll come with me whether you like it or not.
- Take your hands off me! - Daniel! You saw that this is none of your business.
I’ve married your daughter.
Have I married her or not? Have I married her or not? She’s my wife.
We have closed up a deal and this woman belongs to me.
I don’t fucking care if she’s a second-hand item.
She’s not a slut, she’s your wife and you have to respect her, son of a bitch! Shame on you! - Are you okay? - Yes.
I’m sorry.
- Did you speak to Nemo? - It was a mistake.
You had to face him.
He didn’t know about it, Abraham.
Nemo didn’t know.
Stupid Ferro, it must have been his idea.
That doesn’t change anything.
I’m married to Nemo Bandeira.
I don’t know what he’ll do, but I know what he may do.
I don’t know why I thought this could work.
Wait! Stay with me, please.
Fuck! Excuse me, Nemo.
There’s another wedding cake for you.
I’m a police officer.
Touch me and you’ll appear before the judge.
I want to see Nemo.
I'm a police officer.
Don't touch me.
I want to see Nemo.
Don't touch me, for fuck's sake! Let him in! You came to congratulate us for the wedding, I guess.
I’ll congratulate you because you avoided prison twice, but I promise you that you’ll spend your last years in a cell.
Sure, when you kick the bucket, you can donate your organs for research.
You can fool the judge, but not me.
You benefited from Sandra’s death and you’re celebrating it like bastards.
You’ll pay for it.
The Bandeiras, the Arteagas, and that son of a bitch of Mendoza.
Mario, yes.
I know he works for you, or do you think I believed that he wanted to be our informant? He’s plotting with you, he hasn’t given us any shit information! Talking about shit.
I think you drank a bit too much, inspector.
You’d better leave now.
Your time is running out.
Night falls, and it will get dark.
Mario is the police’s informant.
You know you can’t take those pills as if they were fucking jellybeans.
I have to be lucid.
I was wrong from the beginning.
You were right about him, all the time, and I didn’t listen to you.
The kid, Open Sea’s investigation, the leaks, it’s all Mario’s doing.
Everything fits.
Information is power.
Mario has all the information.
Now, you can’t afford any nonsense.
I’ve heard he’s under arrest, he must be under their protection.
It’ll be very difficult to reach him, but there’s always a way.
I’ll find that way.
I swear I’ll get rid of him.
I have to do it myself.
I’ll kill him.
Good morning, sleeping beauty! Don’t be scared, I’m not that ugly.
By the way, you have such a generous father.
Two million Euros in your account, that can make your life much easier.
There is your money.
- Is it from my account? - No.
It’s from mine and I’m giving you an advance.
You just have to sign here.
Press with your thumb here.
And you’ll transfer half a million Euros to my account.
- No.
- Yes.
I asked you for 300,000 Euros.
- That’s all.
- I know, but the rest up to the half million is my fare.
Or do you think I’m doing this because I like you? I thought you did it to see Nina’s face when she founds out.
Well, that’s also a good reason, but I wouldn’t gain any money.
I haven’t got all day.
Your money.
Very well, that was easy.
- Very well.
- Okay, then, take care.
What happened? What? No, I’m on my way.
You stay there.
Fucking hell.
Good morning, daughter.
Have you seen your mother, she’s not in her bedroom.
Nina, listen.
Listen to me one minute, that’s all I'm asking for.
I want to apologize for everything.
I’m aware that you always had to make sacrifices for this family.
You think I don’t appreciate it, but it’s not like that.
Isn’t it? I never wanted you to sacrifice.
All I wanted was to protect you.
That’s why you didn’t do anything when Daniel was trying to drag me to his bed by force.
I know that hurt you.
It’s difficult to understand, but, by doing nothing, I was protecting you.
You and your future.
You always make everything seem so complicated, so you convince us that you’re the only one who understands it.
- Because things are complicated.
- No.
Dad, this was easy.
If it had been Lara, your reaction would’ve been different.
It’s not true.
Your perfect daughter is trying to empty her account in Open Sea.
In the end, she’s only interested in money, like everyone else in this family.
By the way, Mum didn’t spend the night home.
Good morning.
Don’t go.
Nemo must be wondering where I am.
I hate that name.
It’s like a knife that stabs me every time you say it.
My husband isn’t a metaphor.
My husband is a murderer.
What is it? I can’t believe what I’ve just said.
I haven’t seen you since I was released from prison.
Can we talk? It has been a long time since I last felt the sand under my feet.
There are small pleasures that we forget.
How are you? Good.
What’s the matter? Did you suddenly feel you need to ask me? I heard that you’re looking for money.
Rumours spread so quickly.
Then, it’s true.
I don’t want to interfere in your life, but you know that you can count on me.
I didn’t think I needed to tell you.
There’s no need, but it’s already sorted out.
I see.
Are you involved in anything illegal? Why did you ask Daniel instead of me? Because the money is for Mario.
To get him out of prison.
Mario’s being released from prison.
I don’t want to get you involved.
He prefers it that way.
However, thank you for your concern.
You and I see eye to eye in hardly anything, but you’re my daughter.
You’ll always have my support.
Judge Cambeiro will transfer him from one cell to another the fucking seven days of the week.
So it will have to be while he’s been moved.
Stop looking for him.
He’s going to be released.
Lara’s just told me.
As soon as he sets foot outside, I want you to bring him to me.
I know, Dad.
I’ll tell him now.
Nemo! We have to talk! - Didn’t your parents teach you? - Cut the crap and listen.
I’ve been to the quay.
Celso took the speedboats.
- Where? - How am I fucking supposed to know? You hired him.
My dad wants to speak to you.
I took you for a more diligent person when solving problems.
I thought the matter concerning Celso was solved.
It’s not! It's not! If you can’t control someone who has to follow your orders, I can’t trust you running a business like the one we have.
I’ll take care of it personally.
Listen to me, I want you to solve it once and for all.
Is it clear? Once and for all, yes.
We’ll take care of it.
What shall we do? You said it: "Not the time to be vague".
Celso is the most loyal man you’ve had in a long time.
He never failed us.
He’s respected by the whole of Oeste.
And he’s about to screw up our plan! Easy.
Bear one thing in mind: How will we face our people if we make Celso disappear because the Arteagas ordered it? It’s fine.
Find Celso.
No one can find Celso if Celso doesn’t want to be found.
Talk to his people.
Send them the message that I want to see him face to face, that I’m asking him because of our friendship.
Shit! Your money.
300,000 Euros.
It’s amazing what people hide under their mattresses.
That’s it, then? I brought you the money, you withdraw the complaint now.
Why? What do you mean why? We had an agreement.
I told you that if you wanted me to withdraw the complaint, you had to bring me the money.
I didn’t say it was the only request.
What the heck are you doing? What do you want? I don’t know.
Do you have anything else to offer me? Leave me alone.
Come on.
- Bugger off! - Come here, beauty! Son of a bitch! You can tell Mendoza he’ll rot in prison! Who travelled around half of the world looking for our son? Tell me.
Who was the bastard who took my? I’m sorry, chief.
I thought it was those dickheads again.
Not to worry.
I heard you like telenovelas.
No, no way I like telenovelas! I watch this because I like to see the women on these programmes, look at those boobs.
And one, inside here, has a lot of need.
I know that’s not the same seeing them on TV, because you’re inside here.
But you know I’m here for another reason, I’m here for you.
Don’t lie to me.
Being here is crap.
Thank you for your loyalty.
You took the responsibility of the bomb attack so my son can remain free.
That speaks volumes of the kind of man you are.
I heard that I’ll be sentenced to twenty years for that.
Don’t worry.
We’ll sort it out.
You need to be patient, be ready, because we’re going to do great things, and I want you by my side.
You can count on me for whatever you need.
I’m here.
- And thank you for the TV.
- I owe you a great deal.
And the fact that Germán Arteaga owes you a lot - is a chance that not many have.
- It’s clear for me.
Well, then I’ll let you enjoy it.
Hello, handsome.
Is there someone to visit me? This is a nice surprise.
It’ll be two for dinner, thank you.
I thought it would be only you and me.
You didn’t think it.
Let’s leave those on the ground, okay? What do you want to talk about? Shall we talk about the typical Galician bad weather? You took the speed boats with you and told the men to leave.
They’re my speed boats.
I don’t recognize your authority.
We’ve had bad times in the past, and you never hesitated like now.
Because you never kneeled down.
I’ll give you the chance to take it back, to apologize and forget all this.
30 years ago, when we smuggled in cigarettes and battled for a few pennies, you put us together.
You told us about the new routes, new goods and the money we could make.
You could have kept it for yourself, but you knew that if we were together in this, we’d make more.
You too.
I still think the same.
That day I knew I’d met a person I could trust all my life.
And that didn't change until you introduced the fucking Mexicans in Oeste.
You introduced them into your house, - inside your daughter’s knickers.
- Hey! I’m not making anything up.
I’m talking about what I see, what everyone sees.
Perhaps I want everyone to see it that way.
Together with Ferro, you’ve always been my best man.
But it hurts me so much what I have to do.
What do you have to do? What’s going on? - He lied to you too? - Shut up! Good afternoon.
Now I understand.
Smile, you douche bag, this is for my dad.
You’re a son of a bitch, Nemo.
A rat.
It’s a shame it can’t be uploaded to Instagram.
It’s an order, Ferro.
I’m very sorry.
Kill me yourself if you have the guts! You’re a coward like all the Bandeira’s! Shut up, son of a bitch! I gave you everything, everything you own! You’re alive only because I allow it! And you pay me back like this! Fuck off.
Come on, say you’re sorry! Say you're sorry! You’ll end up on the bottom of that fucking estuary, son of! You’ll rot on the bottom of that estuary! Say sorry to your chief, son of a bitch! Trust me, Celso.
Trust me.
Come on, say you’re sorry.
- I’m sorry.
- I can’t hear you! I’m sorry! - Forgive me! - Louder.
Forgive me! Forgive me, Nemo! Forgive me, for fuck's sake! Nemo! Forgive me! Throw him in from of his house, and no one will help him! So everyone will know he’s an outcast! That he has begged for his life like a pig in the abattoir! - What’s wrong? - What’s wrong? You had it well schemed from the beginning.
I could punch you right now.
When you cheat at a table I’m playing, please, let me know.
I almost had a heart attack! I needed your pain.
I needed your hesitation so everything would be more credible.
I’m sorry I put you through that situation.
I wouldn’t have let you shoot.
You don’t trust my acting skills? Well Well, what? I’m the Luis Tosar of Oeste.
I’m the fucking Malamadre of Oeste.
My performances are awesome.
You see? Don’t laugh.
Do you think that I’m so angry all day? No, I’m acting.
I’m acting right now! I could punch you right now! Come on, start the car.
I’m full.
Everything was delicious.
- So, you liked it? - Yes, a lot.
I’d never thought you could eat such fresh fish in the prison.
They make an effort to treat you well.
I have that effect on people.
It’s a nice change to be able to have dinner with someone who is not here for murder or aggravated theft.
Perhaps they still haven’t caught me.
Why are you here? To thank you for what you did for me, - the way you defended me yesterday.
- Anyone would have done the same.
There were a lot of people.
No one moved a finger, - except you.
- It was my duty.
My son isn’t worthy of the surname he has.
A real man can only venerate a woman like you.
For the opportunities the devil pushes us to take.
What the hell? I want to speak to you.
I have just smashed a man’s face, someone I’m fond of, and respect much more than you.
So watch what you’re about to say.
I won’t leave Oeste.
I want to be close to Chon.
I love Chon, and she loves me.
It’s been a long time since your marriage is not going anywhere.
We deserve a chance, - especially her.
- Sure.
Poor Chon, forced to live all these years next to a monster.
Is that the story she has told you? Your story is over.
Now it’s our moment.
You’re my doctor.
You know that my illness can make me behave in an unpredictable way.
A dangerous way.
You’d better leave now.
I want an answer.
Out of here.
Your friend was here, - Abraham, your boyfriend.
- What? - What did you do to him? - Nothing.
We talked and he left.
- I know what you mean by “talk”.
- I told you I didn’t do anything! I won’t allow you to take it on him.
This is between you and me.
- Then explain it to me.
- There’s nothing to explain.
Abraham loves me as you have never showed me.
Is that all? You needed more flowers? To be taken out for dinner more often? - Would you have been happier? - You only reinforce my decision.
How can you expect to keep a woman you never bothered to understand? You never asked me what I wanted.
You can only relate to people by threatening them.
Now I’m speaking to you.
And I didn’t lay a finger on the doctor.
You said that he’d end up in a grave.
How do you expect me to react when I find out he’s shagging my wife? You could be hurt.
You could be sad.
That’s what you’d feel if you’d ever loved me.
But not.
You’re fucked because other man has dared step on your property.
I’m not like the kid that has married our daughter.
I never regarded you as my property.
You’re free to do whatever you decided with your life.
There won’t be any retaliation.
Do you swear it on your children? I swear it.
- But one thing.
- What? You won’t take anything with you.
No jewels, no money, no estate.
Do you love him? Very well, go with him.
But you’ll lose everything I gave you.
The house, the jewels, the furniture, - everything belonged to my family! - And it still does.
I’m your family.
You are the one who wants to stop being it.
Give it some serious thought, Chon.
It may be true that he loves you more than I do, but I know you better.
Hello, Nemo.
Dad, are you okay? - Dad! - Darling, what are you doing here? Are you okay? Yes.
I’m fine.
What are you doing here? I came over to to ask you a favour.
Yes, sure, whatever you need.
The thing is that the favour isn’t just for me, it’s also for Mario.
There’s a man who worked for you, who filed a complaint.
- His name is Julián Valdés.
- I know Julián.
He asked me for 300,000 Euros in exchange for withdrawing the complaint.
I got the money, but he tricked me.
What happened? Who did that? Was it Julián? Yes.
I know that things between you and Mario are not well, but I need you to know that if it wasn’t for Mario you’d still be in prison.
- What do you mean? - He believed you were innocent, and didn’t stop until he found out who laid the trap on you.
It was him who gave me the name.
He got you out of prison.
Why would Mario do that for me? He did it for me, but still I think you owe him.
Leave it to me.
- What are you going to do? - Do you want to know? No.
What’s up, mate? Easy.
I didn’t do anything to her! Come on, I didn't do anything to her! Leave me alone, for fuck’s sake! Pour one for me.
We have something to celebrate.
- What’s the matter? - We’re free.
Nemo will grant me the divorce if I ask him.
- But - You were very brave facing him.
It worked.
- Are you sure? Won’t it be a trap? - No.
Nemo isn’t like that with me.
Now the decision is only ours to make.
Thank you.
Why am I here again? The driver has withdrawn the complaint, through his lawyer.
I have no reasons to retain you here.
He withdrew the complaint? All of the sudden? It seems he had some kind of working accident.
And that accident generated an existential catharsis.
I know that kind of sudden catharsis.
I’ve seen them many times.
I have the feeling Nemo wanted to give you a hand.
He must think that you’re still useful to him.
I intend to take advantage of that perception error.
Nemo wants to see you.
Will you explain what this is about? This is about putting a bullet inside your head.
You’re dead, little fish.
- Leave us alone.
- No.
I want to be here.
I don’t want you to.
This is between him and me.
Have a nice journey, Mario.
Wherever you are fucking going.
I’ll see you there.
Yes, but you’ll arrive much sooner.
Come on.
You’re a fucking snitch.
You came back to Oeste with the sole purpose to screw me up as much as you could.
To hurt me.
It’s what you deserve.
For all the pain you brought around you all your life.
Come on.
Let’s get over with this.
Come on.
Shoot! - Come on! - I want to understand first.
- What do you need to understand? - Why I’m not in prison? You had more than one chance to finish me.
If you hate me so much, why didn’t you do it? I’ll tell you why.
You didn’t send me to prison for the same reason I can’t kill you.
You can kill me.
You already tried, in the cliff.
It was my illness who pushed you, not me.
I regretted it before you touched the water.
So much that you can’t admit you made a mistake? I have made many mistakes, but it all started with one.
You were going to be my successor in Open Sea, it was decided.
- I shouldn’t have changed my mind.
- But you gave it to your children.
It wasn’t out of love for my children.
It was my pride, the envy.
You were better than me, younger, more determined.
You were going to take me over in the business and in my family.
You were going to take over my life.
No, Nemo.
No one can replace you.
You can be killed but not replaced.
I was wrong with you.
You were wrong coming to destroy me.
We’re not enemies, Mario.
Our enemies are others.
And they’re very powerful.
To get rid of them, I need you by my side.
What are you offering me? I know Lara loves you, and you love her.
You deserve to be together.
You’ll have my blessing.
And Open Sea will be yours, as it should always have been.
I offer you everything you ever wanted, everything.
You and I are father and son.
We have always been.
Nemo? Call a doctor, Daniel! The loss of his cognitive functioning was fulminant.
- Will he recover? - We don’t know.
Your father and I signed a divorce agreement.
I married Daniel to save us and you are leaving.
I’ll get back everything that’s mine.
What we signed yesterday makes no sense now, destroy those papers.
From now on I will take care of everything concerning Nemo’s businesses.
Lara and Mario have been waiting to dive into our companies.
Every family member is moving to get as much as possible while Nemo is gaga.
Santos, the Arteagas and nine tons of cocaine are three good trophies to put in your cabinet.
Do you know this man? He’s here, something big is cooking up in Oeste.
I don’t like you.
I want Mario Mendoza in.
If Mario is in, we’ll get the half of nothing.
- Do you know more about the unload? - I’m inside the operation.
We found your sister’s car, abandoned in the forest.
- Where’s my sister? - I don’t know where she is.
She’ll be sleeping around, she likes it.
I didn’t know you had company, I leave.
Don’t, come in, my girl, the only good thing that happened to me today.
Do me a favour, in exchange for my silence regarding your account.
You’ll hide this recorder where they are meeting up.
I’ll forget about your account.
One of us has to be on the beach when the shipment arrives.
The stash is important.
I want everything under control.
- You keep on lying to me.
- I'm under cover.
Why didn’t Monterroso know anything? Surround the house.
Shoot upon resistance.

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