Unauthorized Living (Vivir sin permiso) (2018) s02e06 Episode Script

The Last Landing

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES IN PREVIOUS EPISODES Where is Berta, she doesn’t answer my phone calls.
I told you she went on a trip.
Congratulations, darling.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you very much.
Dad, join us.
We’re having our pic taken.
Make us look very well.
How are going to get the speed boats here? - Here is Celso.
- We modified two speed boats with a false bottom so they can carry 5000 litres of petrol.
I come from the quay.
Celso took the speed boats.
I’ll solve it myself.
Trust me Celso.
Forgive me.
I love Chon and she loves me.
Your marriage is going nowhere.
We deserve an opportunity.
You know my illness may make me behave unpredictably.
Things between you and Mario are not well, but if it wasn’t for Mario you’d be still in prison.
Shoot, come on! - I want to understand.
- What do you want to understand? Why am I not in prison? Nemo will grant me the divorce if I ask him to.
You were very brave facing him, and it worked.
You didn’t send me to prison for the same reason I can’t kill you.
You and I are father and son.
We’ve always been.
Good morning.
What are you doing here? We hadn’t arranged to meet.
Nemo has found out that I work for you.
That’s impossible.
We both knew, you and I, who else? Shit! I should’ve never involved Monterroso in this.
We’ll get you out of Oeste.
We’ll put you under protection.
- It’s not necessary.
- If you leave, you have a chance to survive.
If you stay Nemo doesn’t want to kill me.
He wants me to work for you.
What do you mean, for me? Why? So I can mislead you.
He’s organizing an operation and he wants me to distract you.
- Do you recognize him? - No.
Santos Montoya Cortés, Colombian.
Nemo brought him over to do business with the Arteagas.
You’re early.
My friend.
I’ve missed you.
So have I, my friend.
How are you, Ferro? Everything good.
And Mario Mendoza? Isn’t he with you? We’ve parted ways lately.
It’s a shame.
I’ve always liked him.
He’s Daniel.
Germán Arteaga’s son.
Nice to meet you.
Those tattoos are awesome.
I had a T-shirt with those skulls.
Really nice.
They’re for each man I’ve killed.
Now I understand why you don’t have them on your bottom.
It’s more difficult to count them.
What’s the matter? I’m Nemo’s friend, and you don’t trust me? Excuse me.
What shall I tell them, to leave? I’m so used to having them behind me that I don’t notice them.
You look well, my friend.
I don’t understand why so many Mexicans here.
We’ve always worked well alone.
You won’t have any problems with them.
Now let’s eat, we can talk later.
You have to bring me up to date on your beautiful Colombia.
- And your family, how are they? - Very well.
Nemo and the Arteagas are going to do the biggest ship unloading in the history of our coast.
Mariana We won’t have another opportunity to catch them all.
And then the guy says: "Get out of here, Galician".
And Nemo answered: "I’m very proud of my origin.
I understand you’re not of yours, because you don’t even know which moron fucked your mother.
" He's such a comedian, Nemo.
That’s a side of you I didn’t know.
- To you.
- Cheers.
I think it’s time we talked business.
The ship must be in the middle of the Atlantic.
The whole operation has been organized; where the ship unloading will be, the men who’ll drive the speed boats, everything.
We’re doing it with the usual people.
That’s not negotiable.
I only need to know when the ship’s arriving to go ahead with the plan.
I’m sorry, but I’ll only talk about business with you, not with the kid.
The kid is my son-in-law, Santos.
He’s in this as much as you and I are.
What’s more, he and his dad will take over me.
What do you mean? It’ll be my last unload.
I’m retiring.
From now on, in order to introduce your goods in Europe, you’ll need people you can trust.
I suggest you work with them.
What is there at stake for them, so I can trust them? This is at stake for them.
They’re putting down my part of the money in this operation.
The Arteagas are now my family, and you know how important that is for me.
I thought we didn’t need bodyguards.
What kind of idiot comes to a meeting like this, and leaves their bodyguards outside? Let’s go to a more comfortable place to have a drink.
The fucking kid Cantinflas was about to screw up the operation.
Nemo, What’s wrong? Nemo! Nemo! Nemo! Call a doctor, Daniel! Renounce to any money obtained during the marriage, any furniture or property, rights or shares which the spouses own now or in the future.
Also repudiation in a pure and simple manner of your legacy, to, therefore, obtain the divorce from your husband.
This house belonged to my family.
My father bought this table, the same for most what’s in here.
What dos Nemo expect? Me to leave with nothing? These are the terms of the divorce.
Take it or leave it.
As soon as the court grants you the divorce you’ll be free.
You must be looking forward to that.
It’s Dad.
Something’s happened to him.
The loss of his cognitive functioning has been fulminant.
He’s stable now.
He can see and hear, he doesn’t seem to have any relevant psychomotor problems, but he doesn’t speak or interact with others.
I’m afraid he’s not aware of what we say.
Will he recover? We don’t know, but I doubt he’ll be the same person he used to be.
What did they say? How is he, Lariña? Calm down, Lariña.
Just like that, so sudden? I don’t know what to say.
I’m sorry.
I went through this with my mother, and it was awful.
I’m not sure I’m ready to go through it again.
I haven’t told you before, because it’s just happened.
The other day he spoke to me and apologized.
I didn’t know.
He told me he regretted everything he’d done, and he wanted things to be as they used to be before.
I’m glad that things have ended well at least.
What are you going to do now? About what? You’re his legal guardian.
You’ll have to look after him and manage his companies.
I hadn’t thought about that.
But do I have to run Open Sea? - Yes, but - I have no idea.
- I can help you.
- No, not you.
- Why not? - Because you can’t.
You came here to change your life, and to stay away from Nemo’s house, from Open Sea.
I came here for you, and I’m willing to go back to wherever is needed to help you.
I don’t want you to go back.
What’s up, bad boy? Is the poor sick man here? Yes, now there’s two of you.
These things always come in threes.
Monterroso! Do you know someone almost got killed because of you? - You’ve put an informant in danger! - Mario isn’t an informant, but a mobster.
He, the Bandeiras and the Arteagas - have been playing you.
- Where's your proof? That he’s still alive.
You said it, he "almost" got killed.
If Mario didn’t work for the Bandeiras, he would be dead by now.
You think you’re smart, but you know nothing.
You will not work with me again.
You’re released from the investigation of Nemo.
You haven’t heard? You don’t know what’s happened to Nemo.
You’ll be well here.
What shall we do now? They’re basically palliative measures.
You can explain everything to her.
She’s her legal guardian.
Go for walks with him, feed him, but give him food he can’t choke on.
Talk to him, it always helps.
Now you know what you have to do.
I found you at last.
Can you come to my office? We have to talk about some matters.
You should read some deeds urgently, and we have to work on some issues about the guardianship, go through some documents.
The keys, the house keys.
I’ll tell you which rooms they open later.
The most important: the agreement of the board of Directors of Open Sea and the buying and selling of several shares.
I don’t know how any of this works.
May I? Good morning, Diana.
From now on I will take care of everything concerning Nemo’s businesses.
I’ll have a look at all this, and I’ll call you later.
Is it okay with you? Very well.
Everything is here, I’ll let you talk about it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you for letting me help you.
Take the tie off, you look much better without it.
I would like to see Nemo.
Come with me.
It’s so hard to see him like that.
Do you mind leaving me alone with him? Sure.
It breaks my heart seeing Lara suffer for you like this.
I guess you’ll feel the same.
Did you speak to judge Cambeiro? Did you tell her about the ship unloading? Yes, the plan is going ahead as you drew it up.
Very well.
Very well.
- Hello, Diana.
- Hello, Chon.
How are you? What’s happened to Nemo is very hard for me.
It’s difficult to come to terms with the idea that someone who you’ve lived with says goodbye to you.
I can imagine.
It must be really hard.
Nemo needs me now, he needs me to take care of him.
Of course.
You know I’m here for anything you need.
There’s one thing I want you to do.
That paper I signed yesterday, it makes no sense now.
- Are you talking about the divorce? - Nemo needs me now.
I must think of him and my family first.
Destroy those documents.
I can’t.
If Nemo could speak, he’d beg you to do it.
But he can’t speak, and the documents are now with the court agent.
- What you’re asking me is illegal.
- You’re the family’s lawyer.
If you don’t do what I’m say, you can say goodbye to your job here.
I’m afraid you’re the one who’s no longer part of this family.
So, do you live nearby? Yes, we live in a house, two or so kilometres in that direction.
They found it while the child was playing.
It’s been here for some weeks.
They could’ve parked somewhere else.
- Why do you bother me with this? - It’s Berta Moliner’s car.
Germán Arteaga’s wife? Have you got in touch with her? Yes, she isn’t answering her phone.
It’s been a while since someone last heard from her.
Perhaps, she had it stolen.
Stealing a car from an Arteaga? I don’t think anyone would be so stupid to do something like that.
Weird, no one’s heard from her, considering what the family’s like.
Have you searched the area in case? The soil has not been disturbed.
No one’s been buried here.
I’ve heard Nemo is in really bad shape.
He’s had better days.
So, it’s true.
He deserves it.
Who amongst us doesn’t, Celso? You’re right.
We have no choice but to move on.
As you always say: "Ferro, bottom and faith in God".
You and I can still do a lot of things.
Shall we set up a haberdashery? - Why did you phone me? - I want to ask you a question.
If you could pick between being the new Nemo or ending up working with the Arteagas, which one would you choose? I would like to see those Mexicans in the bottom of the estuary.
What’s the trick? Let’s go.
I want to show you something.
Where are we going? If I tell you, you’ll spoil the trick.
Very well.
Where we’re going, you can’t be sitting there.
Don’t worry, let me do it! It’s a very comfortable boot.
Your head.
What the fuck are we doing here? What the heck are we doing here? The lord works in mysterious way.
I told him to bring you over.
It’s a miracle, Celso.
I thought you were Out of it.
That’s what everyone has to believe.
So no one can blame me for what I’m going to do.
And what’s that? To destroy the Arteagas.
The plan has been put into action for some time.
You almost t ruined it.
- I’m sorry.
- And I’m sorry I did that to you.
Simple caresses.
How’s the plan to destroy them? We haven’t got enough men or arms.
So, Santos will do it for us.
And why would Santos do us that favour? Because the ship unloading will be a failure.
Judge Cambeiro will follow every step of the operation and the police will intervene.
Santos will lose nine tons of drugs, and will blame the Arteagas for the tip-off.
He’ll kill them.
You, being out of it, walk free from everything.
From the police concerning the unloading, from Santos concerning the failed operation.
We, rats, will be the first to abandon the ship.
What’s my role in all this? I need you on those speed boats to avoid drug being lost in the sea.
It’s my pension.
After all this, the whole of Oeste will be yours.
I’m retiring.
Can I count on you? So this is your home.
I could have never imagined it like this, what a change.
What are you doing here? When were you going to tell me about Nemo? You still need me.
Nemo’s no longer my target.
You can’t help me anymore.
- Of course I can help you.
- The only reason I trusted you was that I needed you, but not anymore.
Are you sure? The largest ship unloading of cocaine in history will be on our coast.
The operation is still in progress.
I doubt it.
If Nemo’s not involved, it’ll be cancelled.
Nothing will be cancelled.
The drug is on a ship at sea.
What do you know about the operation? Well, Nemo’s a creature of habit.
I know how and who with he was working in this operation.
- Where and when, I can find out.
- You’re not giving me guarantees.
Have you got another plan? Santos, the Arteagas and nine tons of cocaine are three good trophies to put in your cabinet.
Good morning.
What a nice tank.
Everything’s ready for the operation.
We have prepared an amazing room there in the cellar for the operation live follow-up.
There are radars, satellite mobile phones.
It’s in move-in condition.
I’m here to see Nemo.
He ended up like his son, with spittle all over him.
If I ever end up like that, please that someone shoots me.
If you want, I can speed up the job and shoot on the head right now.
Good luck, Galician.
I’ll have a nice dark woman in your honour.
Let’s go.
Come with me to the cellar.
You and I can talk business.
We’re doing nothing together.
What are you talking about? It’s Nemo’s plan, Nemo’s men.
I only trust Nemo to do this.
- No.
- If Nemo isn’t in, - the coke is going back to Colombia.
- No.
You can’t do this to me now.
You can’t back out! The shipment is about to get to Oeste! I already told you I don’t do business with people I don’t know.
Let’s talk about it.
No, hear me out! Let’s talk, there’s a lot of money involved! Easy, I’m also losing out with this, but a good player knows when to leave the table.
You’re pathetic! - Mario? - What are you doing here? How are you, son? You saw for yourself, what do you think? When someone sees something like this, you want to go out on the street and fuck life to the fullest till it ends.
You were always good at that.
Fucking? No, I meant living.
Nemo won’t laugh like this ever again.
Before he’s head was gone, he told me that you too were no longer together.
He always thought of you as his son.
And he’s been a father for me.
You know well.
I guess fathers and sons not always see eye to eye.
But I’m going to take care of the family’s business from now own.
I can’t think of anyone more suitable to be Nemo’s heir.
Thank you.
See you later.
I just saw Santos.
Is everything okay? He’s backing out.
He won’t do business with Daniel.
- What do you mean he’s backing out? - My plan has failed.
All Oeste knows I’m ill.
Everyone thinks I’m finished.
It was no good! Nemo.
There’s still the chance of me speaking to him.
What for? Santos isn’t stupid.
What sort of idiot would trust Daniel? - I should’ve thought of that.
- It’s not your fault.
We’ll find the way to get rid of the Arteagas.
I promise.
Come in.
Have a sit.
I’ve decided to make a few changes to the ongoing investigations, and I would like you to help me with something.
Do you recognize this man? He arrived in Oeste some days ago.
Santos Montoya.
How do you know he’s here? Just say I do.
I want you to find out where he is, I’m aware it won’t be easy though.
If Santos Montoya is here it means that something big is cooking up.
- Does Monterroso know? - He is out of this.
- I no longer trust him.
- And you trust me? I hardly know you, but I think you and I will get along.
What did you do to judge Cambeiro? She hit on me and I rejected her.
I didn’t say anything to you, okay? About what? Look who’s in Oeste.
For fuck's sake, Santos Montoya.
He’s here to do business with the Arteagas.
Most likely.
This afternoon I’m going over to the Bandeiras’ to talk to them about Berta’s car.
A very interesting day.
I’m in.
Can you feel my balls a bit more? I’m glad you’ve reconsidered.
I didn’t tell you that you could sit down.
I thought it was clear that I don’t want to see your body guards.
Well, only and idiot would come to a meeting without protection.
He can come in.
If I tell you to do one thing, you do it.
I don’t like you, I don’t like you at all.
However, we have to do business together, and we’ll do, with one condition.
- I want Mario Mendoza in.
- Mario, why? - You can’t trust that guy.
- I know him.
He knows very well how all this works and he knows Nemo’s men.
If you want to do business, Mario is in.
Otherwise - You choose.
- Okay.
We’ll do business.
He’s in.
You’ll excuse me.
You can take the rubbish out, partner.
All I need now is the imports documentation.
- Do you have it here? - Yes.
- What are you doing here? - Working.
Lara asked me to help her out with the family’s businesses.
My father becomes ill, and you are the first person to show up.
I’m here only to take care of Nemo’s interests.
He doesn’t want you in Open Sea, and neither do I.
I’m sorry that my presence bothers you.
- You’ll get used to it.
Thank you.
- You’re welcome.
This can’t happen.
We can’t let Lara be my father’s legal guardian.
If you didn’t agree with what your father decided, you should have discussed it with him then.
Lara and Mario have been waiting for my father to lose his head so they could dive into our companies.
We must do something! Revoking a guardianship is a complicated process.
My mother and I will to file a complaint against Lara.
You should decide what side you’re on.
Your mother’s in no position to do something like that.
What do you mean? You’d better talk to her.
Will you tell me or what? Give Martín a kiss from me.
See you soon.
- What? - Whatever you have with Diana.
Don’t make me insist, I’m not in the mood.
What’s going on? Your father and I have signed the divorce papers.
What? And I didn’t know about it? I couldn’t bear it any longer.
I need to leave all this.
You were going to leave me on my own to look after Dad? No.
This was before the attack.
I married Daniel to save the family, and you were going to run away? No.
You were going to leave me alone with dad’s illness, - with the bastard daughter being the boss.
- Listen to me please.
You’re very selfish! - I’m entitled to have my own life.
- So am I.
I’m entitled to think of myself, only about myself, as you have done all your lives.
That’s what I’ll do.
No doubt about it.
- Nina.
- Leave me alone! Nina.
I think the time has come when you stop whimpering like a dog his owner has abandoned.
What would you do in my circumstances? I don’t know, but every member of the family is moving to get as much as possible of the companies while Nemo’s loopy.
I’m just saying you have to wise up.
No one likes those who are left with nothing.
You have a visit.
Today I’m earning every penny I’m paid, I swear.
- What’s wrong? - Let’s see what they have to say.
We’ve found your sister’s car.
It was abandoned in the forest.
- She went on a trip without her car? - On a trip? She’s supposed to be on holidays.
That would explain why she doesn’t answer her mobile.
No drug dealer likes to talk to the police.
- What are you saying? - That’s out of order.
You promised me you wouldn’t speak.
We just found her car.
You’re her family, we only wanted to know if you’ve heard from her.
We haven’t heard from her, we don’t know where she’s, nothing.
Don’t worry that much.
She’s just on a trip and that’s all.
About a year ago she disappeared for three months.
Do you know where she was? On the island of Java.
On the fucking island of Java.
And the car? I don’t know, it must have been stolen.
It was a cool car.
I see, but the petrol tank was almost full.
Nevertheless, phone me if you hear anything.
Sure, don’t worry.
We’ll do.
Where’s my sister? What the hell do I know? - Where’s my sister? - Give me my cell back.
Give it back, for fuck’s sake! I don’t fucking know where your sister is.
She’ll be sleeping around, you know how much she likes doing it.
What are you doing? Get out of my room! - I just came to talk with you.
- Leave! You’ll be interested in what I’m going to tell you.
It’s about an off-shore account with two million euros in it.
Do you still want me to go? And what do you want? To arrest me? Otherwise you’d have already done it.
Clever girl, a pure Bandeira.
Smart and someone who loves dirty money.
I want you to do me a little favour, and I won’t tell anyone about your little account.
You can forget what you’re thinking of.
I haven’t done anything wrong.
- My father opened up it.
- That’s not true.
You’ve made some transactions.
Your signature is on the report.
Where did that money come from? I guess nothing legal.
You can ask my father.
Very funny.
You know an officer died because she was investigating your family’s accounts? We’d be delighted that a Bandeira carried the can, and that could be you.
I’d rather go to prison than do whatever you’re thinking of doing with me.
What kind of swine do you think I am? The only thing I want is you to be on the lookout, and if you this person around, you let me know.
Is that all? You do as I say.
What’s up? What are you doing? Don’t you get bored of so many figures? After five minutes in front of my computer I’m bored to death, and I watch porno.
What do you want? Nothing.
I basically came here to offer you the chance of a lifetime.
We’re going to work with this friend of yours, Santos.
We’re organizing something big, and you could be in.
To my knowledge, Santos doesn’t like surprises.
I doubt he wants to do business with you.
Do you want to take part or not? See if I understand: You’re about to close a deal with Santos, but if Nemo’s out of the game, Santos doesn’t trust you, he trusts me though.
So you have no other option but to beg me to get involved in the operation.
Daniel Arteaga doesn’t beg.
Daniel Arteaga asks, so stop being pretentious and answer.
Yes or no? - If I want to do business with you? - Yes.
No, but I’ll do it.
I’ll do it for a small amount of money, half of what you’re going to pay Nemo.
- I’m much more humble than he is.
- No, no, no Half of what we’ll pay Nemo is a lot of money.
Then, go and tell your dad that you won’t close the deal because you weren’t able to convince me.
And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have work to do.
Son of a bitch.
Are you crazy? Forget it.
What? What shall we do then? We have no choice.
When things go wrong, they’ll blame you.
In fact, I got out of the picture so no one could blame me.
- If you’re there - No one will blame me.
- I have a plan.
- There was already one! My plan, and it went wrong.
It’s over.
No, it’s not over.
Your plan was good up to a point.
Let me play with my cards.
It’s my turn.
Armando! What’s up? How are you? It’s Daniel.
Well, here we are.
I just wanted to ask you a favour.
Do you remember that guy who was a hacker? Do you know anything about the ship unloading? Even better.
I’m in.
I’m going to attend a meeting with Daniel Arteaga and Santos now.
They’ll be following up the upload from the cellar.
- Do you know when? - Not yet.
As soon as I know the time and the exact location, I’ll let you know.
One thing, everything is going very fast.
We can’t afford any mistakes here.
I didn’t expect you to put yourself at risk.
What did you expect? Me getting information asking out in the street? - Be very careful.
- I will.
- Mr.
- Mendoza.
- I’m glad you’re in.
- You know I like risks, and with old friends, much more.
This way.
Since when do old friends have to come in through the back door? Since we have to be discreet.
It’s better to be safe than polite, won’t you agree? - Of course.
- This way.
My idea is to stick to the plan as Nemo had prepared it: with his trusted men and using his favourite places to collect and stash the drug.
They’ve been many and successful unloadings.
Why change now? When we know the ship’s coordinates, we’ll decide the location and exact time to unload the bundles into the speed boats.
As usual, Celso and his men will be in charge of this.
Not Celso.
I’ve had a few problems with that guy.
As far as I now, Nemo counted on him for this operation.
Yes, but he hates Mexicans.
I don’t like you much, and here I am.
Business is business.
If Nemo trusted him, so do I.
Let’s continue, then.
We have little time and a lot of details to discuss.
What are you doing? That whisky is mine.
No one’s invited you.
I’ve been thinking over your little problem with the divorce papers.
I think I’ve come up with a solution that won’t mean me committing an illegal act.
Have you? But before that, I need you to answer one question.
Is there anyone else? How many people know? Nemo and Ferro.
Ferro’s not a problem, and Nemo, obviously, isn’t either.
He’s not a problem for what? For the judge to believe you when you tell him you never had a lover.
Nemo wasn’t in his mind due to his illness.
He became obsessed with the idea of you cheating on him, and threatened to kill you if you didn’t sign.
He coerced you and forced you to sign.
Everyone knows what he was capable of.
What do you get out of all this? A quarter of everything you get.
- It’s only fair, isn’t it? - For not doing anything.
I’m not? I’ll keep your secret.
Here, Dad.
Some yoghurt.
Well done.
Some more.
I’ll do it.
I also have the right to feed my husband.
I’m going to look after you.
Together we’ll get over this.
Do you like it? You love yoghurt.
I’ll show everyone I’m a model wife.
Do you know why? Because I’m going to get back everything that’s mine, and I’ll take every penny I can from you.
Is it nice? Here and here.
These will be the two possible spots for the ship unloading.
We need two fully equipped teams, one for each possible location.
Each team will consist of 12 men and at least 6 vehicles.
It sounds awesome, but can we have a break? - Yes, sure.
- Yes, no problem.
What the hell are you doing? Let go off me! Who are you and what are you doing here? Who the hell are you? I live here.
You must be Lara.
You look very much like your dad.
How do you know my father? Your dad and I were friends, I mean are friends.
Fortunately, he’s still with us.
I’m Daniel Arteaga’s guest.
Sorry, then.
I didn’t know.
I hadn’t seen you around.
I don’t like to disturb anyone.
What did you say your name is? I’m not sure you’ve told me.
No, I didn’t, but it’s been a pleasure meeting you.
You spend the day nagging, and you solve the one problem that comes up giving a half to that fucking Mario.
What’s wrong with you? I don’t want any more surprises.
I’m so furious.
My son is a complete idiot! What’s he like as a boss out there? As you’re asking me, chief, no one in this business likes anyone who strikes from the left.
Listen up.
Careful with what you say or you’ll be in a lot of trouble.
Did you understand? Yes, I did.
- You understood? I did, chief.
Relax, I understood.
I didn’t know you had company, I can leave.
Don’t, come in, my girl, you’re the only good thing that’s happened to me today.
How nice to see you again.
I heard about Berta, and I thought you’d be worried.
Yes, I was told about the car.
I was also told about your dad.
What a pity.
Yes, it’s awful.
My brother, my father.
Sometimes I think I’ll be alone.
My son is an idiot to allow a woman like you to feel lonely.
To be honest, I hoped he would be more like you.
My son’s nothing like me.
You can’t imagine how glad I’m to know.
What the heck do you think you’re doing? Can’t I have a drink? Mario’s in the cellar.
What the heck do you think you’re doing? I’m going to prepare you a whisky.
You look tense.
The operation is still on, Mario can be in.
No, Mario isn’t in because Nemo would never allow it.
Wouldn’t he? We asked him if he had anything to say against it and, he said nothing.
Silence gives consent.
Nemo has very good reasons not to work with Mario.
And we have very good reasons not to work with Nemo.
He’s gone, he’s out.
Say that again if you have the guts, and I’ll paint the room with your fucking head.
Well, well.
Here he goes again, the fucking bad boy.
Relax, put the gun down.
I know you want your share.
Nemo will get a half of what we had agreed on.
That’s far more money than what he needs for the rest of his life.
He’ll be able to collect high-end wheel chairs if he wants.
I’ll just tell you once: Mario will get you into a lot of trouble.
And I’ll tell you only once: Nemo’s on a wheel chair.
Nemo has to have his bottom wiped.
He’s out of the business, so out.
- What business? - Our business.
We won’t have any business if Mario is in, we’ll get a half of nothing.
I don’t think he’ll take the risk.
He’s going to get a handsome amount of money.
That’s right, why should he take the risk? The thing is that he always wants to get everything.
He’ll walk all over you.
And I’ll tell you one last thing: No one creates so much trouble as Mario Mendoza does.
Be extremely careful.
And my coffee? Did you see him? Was he there? Yes.
What’s all this about? Who is that guy? You don’t need to know.
Do you know what he was doing there? I do, I think I do, but I won’t tell you till you tell me who that guy is.
His name is Santos.
He’s one of the biggest drug dealer in the world.
What? You tell me to spy on a drug dealer? Are you out of you mind? I don’t want to know anything.
We’re not done.
What was he doing there? Where was he? Who was he with? He was smoking, alone, on the patio.
He’s Daniel’s guest.
I think they had a meeting or something like that in the cellar.
- Is that all? Are you happy now? - No.
- I need more.
- No.
I did what you asked me to.
Either you do what I ask you to do or I’ll take you down to the police station, and you’ll be out in five years.
You’ll hide this voice recorder where they are meeting up.
- No.
- Do what I’m asking you to do, and I promise I’ll forget about your account forever.
What are you waiting for? Off you go.
Good morning.
Look who uploaded a pic to Instagram.
Your sister, she’s in Cancún.
When was that? She uploaded it last night.
Have you ever been to? I don’t like the beach.
Don’t you? Cancun is beautiful.
It has beautiful beaches, of white sand.
It’s an awesome place.
You look so different.
Your sister so beautiful, so bubbly, enjoying life so much, - and you so - So what? So bitter.
Bon appétit.
You’ll excuse me.
I’ll be back in a second.
Dad, what are you doing here alone? I’ll take you inside.
You know what? The good daughter can take care of you.
Let’s go, Dad.
Chon! Can we talk? Sure.
What’s wrong? It’s better if we’re not seen together.
What? We can’t see each other for a while.
No one must know there’s something between us.
Why now? Everything was sorted out.
Nemo had agreed.
- You were about to sign the papers! - I signed it, - just before the attack.
- Why didn’t you tell me? I’m going to try to void it.
You’re free at last.
We’re free! Nemo’s made me renounce to everything.
All of it! - So? It’s only money.
We don’t need it.
- It’s not the money, it’s what’s fair.
I've earned it.
I’ve sacrificed myself my whole life for others.
I had to get married so my parents wouldn’t lose everything.
I had to put up with Nemo, knowing he didn’t love me.
He humiliated me, he lied to me.
That’s why we have to leave as soon as possible.
Don’t you understand? I didn’t only put up with it for my children.
I’ve done it for me, for my future.
If I go now, everything I’ve done in my life will be a waste.
I’m only asking you for some more time.
I’m fed up with waiting.
I know.
I know.
Thank you.
Captain, how many miles off the coast are you? I’d say around 70.
We can be wherever you say, and at any time you say.
At half past eight.
Captain, you have to be in this position at half past eight.
Take note.
Latitude: 42.
Longitude: 9.
No problem.
We’ll be there.
Anything else? No, nothing else.
Over and out.
Everything seems right.
Tomorrow morning the festival will start.
Yes, one last thing.
Tomorrow one of us three will have to be on the beach when the shipment arrives.
The stash is very important, I want everything under control.
So if you are okay with it, I will be there.
Let’s see, to be clear.
Are you suggesting that you’ll be on the beach alone with all that drug, with the men you chose yourself? - Correct.
Is that a problem for you? - Of course it is.
- Do you think that I’m stupid? - No, Daniel.
Very well.
Why does it have to be you? If the police show up, the one on the beach will be highly exposes.
Neither you nor Santos should take that risk.
No, yes, you have to ask me.
I tell you myself.
I’ll take the risk.
- Do you want to be on the beach? - Yes.
Is that a problem for you? - No.
- Good.
Then, it’ll be me.
Okay? Okay.
So you’ll go to the beach tomorrow.
You and I will stay here supervising the operation.
- Very well.
- Is that okay? - Yes.
- Then, sirs, we have some hours till then.
See you in a while.
Daniel has fallen for it.
He’s going to the beach.
Good job.
It seems you’re a good actor after all.
Not much acting is needed to bad-mouth you.
When the police get in the house, they’ll arrest Santos and me.
Daniel "miraculously" won’t be caught by them.
Do you think that will be enough for Santos to think he’s the traitor? He insisted very much on being him personally who collects the load.
I’d have no doubts he’s the informer.
You’d better make sure that Santos has no doubts, otherwise he’ll have your fucking skull tattooed on his ass.
Is that your contribution? Very well, I’m off, there are still lots of stuff to do.
Be careful.
Santos trusts no one.
Should he suspect anything, you’re a dead man.
Don’t worry.
Leave me alone, Ferro.
I want to think.
Hi, Dad.
Let’s go for a walk, okay? Let’s see.
That’s it.
Let’s go.
Guys, how are you doing? Good, I want you to have the cars ready and the tanks full.
Wait for my signal.
Let’s go for a walk.
Here, Dad.
It’ll be a moment.
We can be wherever you say, and at any time you say.
At half past eight.
Yes, one last thing.
Tomorrow one of us three will have to be on the beach when the shipment arrives.
The stash is very important.
I want everything under control.
Fuck! You have the phone? Very well, let’s go then.
At this moment two speed boats must be heading to the high seas.
They’re going to unload the bundles from a ship.
It’ll be here at half past eight.
These are the coordinates.
Meanwhile Santos, Daniel Arteaga and I will coordinate the operation from Nemo’s house.
We can’t afford any mistakes.
The slightest leak, I’m a dead.
Don’t worry, everything is under control.
The coordinates and the orders will be given to the superiors.
We have mobilized the Navy and Customs to intervene at sea.
The UCO and the GEO expect our orders to go inside the house.
- You three will be arrested.
- They’d better stay far.
- Santos is very distrustful.
- Yes.
Everything will go well.
I promise you.
Is everything ready? Get in the cars! Let’s go! Monterroso? The ship unloading will be this morning.
It will be coordinated from the house.
Everything’s been recorded.
Good morning.
- What are you doing? - He wants to see you.
- Not now, Santos is already here.
- Now.
Santos is already here, I should be downstairs.
What’s wrong? - Lara knows it.
- Lara knows what? Everything.
About the unloading, that you’re involved in the operation.
She hid a voice recorder.
I don’t know what she’s up to.
We have to find out.
- I don’t like it.
- We can’t stop now.
I’ll talk to her.
Lara, I need to speak to you.
Don’t touch me.
How long have you been lying to me? Since you arrived in Oeste? - You’ve got it all wrong.
- I don’t.
I can see the real you at last.
And you’re worse than Nemo.
- Keep your voice down.
- Keep my voice down? What the fuck? I’m under cover.
I’m working for the police.
Do you get tired of lying to me? - Again and again.
- I’m not lying.
I’m telling you the truth.
Why didn’t Monterroso know anything? What do you mean Monterroso? I told him everything.
The police are on their way here, and they’re coming for you.
Mario? - Monterroso is in Nemo’s house.
- What are you talking about? Monterroso is here about to screw everything up! - It can’t be.
- The operation is at risk and so am I! You have to get him out of here now! Yes.
It’s okay.
It’s my fault for not telling you about it.
- I just wanted to protect you.
- Forgive me.
- It’s fine.
- Forgive me, please.
It’s okay, you have to leave.
Things will get nasty.
- No.
- Yes, please.
Come on, let’s go! Surround the house.
Don’t let anyone out.
If anyone comes out, arrest them, and if anyone resists shoot them.
Don’t hesitate, remember, they’re armed! What the heck? Hello.
What the heck are you doing? Get out of there! - I’m here.
- I know where you are.
The whole Galicia’s police force is involved in this operation.
You’re about to screw it up! You’re putting my people in danger! - How I was supposed to know? - Get out! Shit! We have to leave, quickly! Turn off the lights! We’re leaving! Come on, quickly! Where the hell is Mendoza? Get him on the radio.
Base here.
Any news? Yes, we arrive before expected.
We load one boat and we start with the second one.
All is clear.
You see anything from there? Everything in order.
We have no company.
We continue with the unloading.
Chief, we have a problem.
You know? Daniel came over this morning and told me he no longer trusts you.
And Nemo hasn’t either for a long time.
I don’t trust Daniel either.
It’s normal.
Daniel is stupid, but Nemo isn’t.
Don’t tell me it wasn’t you who called the police.
I don’t know what you’re talking about.
What police? I think you do.
Falcon one, we’re getting close to the target.
We can see the ship and the two speed boats.
They’re already loading.
I repeat: They’re loading.
They’re loading? Why the hell did they start before time? Intervene, now! Call the patrol boats.
Move the patrol boats.
Now! Chief.
The police are gone.
We can go on.
Listen carefully.
You’re coming with me right now.
If anything goes wrong with the unloading, you’ll be the first skull I’ll be getting tattooed.
Base, can you hear me? The boats are loaded.
What the hell? Fucking hell! We have the customs chopper above us! Let’s get out of here! Throw the load into the water! Attention: The speed boats are taking off! They’re getting rid of the load! I repeat: They’re getting rid of it.
Stop them throwing it.
Intervene! Where are the patrol boats? To all patrol boats, rubbers fleeing.
I repeat: Rubbers fleeing.
Don’t let them escape! Get on their way! They’re too fast, your honour.
Don’t worry, Nemo.
Mario! You’ve got it all wrong.
Mario! Mario! Mario! IN THE NEXT EPISODE - We’ll do everything in our power.
- It’s not enough.
You got him involved in this, you’ll get him out.
- And where the heck is the coke? - In the sea! Leave! Customs were there, we’ve lost all the coke.
And you, bastard.
You sold us out to the police.
I didn’t sell you out.
Here you make a mistake, here you die.
I want you to look for Mario, and quick.
I want him alive.
The first siren they hear, they’ll kill him.
You can’t go anywhere.
Leave me alone, I won’t let the Colombians kill Quique.
It’s not Quique, it’s Mario.
I want to go with you, but I need time.
How long, until Nemo’s dead? I want to be with you now.
If I tell you that your drug isn’t in the sea? Give me 24 hours.
I’ll get you back all the load.
Nemo, we have everything.
I want you to take the drug to an old workshop next to the river Ulla.
We have to make Santos think the Arteagas were the ones who played him.
- Someone called the police, Dad.
- Of course, asshole.
- Who did you speak to? - I didn't speak to anybody! - You better tell me! - Hey! The drug isn’t in the sea.
I found out they have it in one of their workshops.
Bastards, I’ll get rid of them.
- Hello? - Daniel, you’re in danger.
He’s after you.
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