Unauthorized Living (Vivir sin permiso) (2018) s02e07 Episode Script

No Hard Feelings

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Nemo! IN PREVIOUS EPISODES When the court grants you the divorce, you’ll be free.
Something’s happened to Dad.
Nemo needs me now.
Destroy those papers.
No one must know there’s something between us.
If I go now, everything I’ve done in my life will be a waste.
Pick between being the new Nemo or ending up working with the Arteagas.
I want to see the Mexicans in the bottom of the estuary.
- I thought you were - Out of it.
That’s what everyone has to believe.
Nemo’s no longer my target.
You can’t help me.
- Of course I can.
- Did you speak to judge Cambeiro? Yes, the plan is going ahead as you drew it up.
I don’t like you.
I want Mario Mendoza in.
You can’t trust that guy.
My son is an idiot to allow a woman like you to feel lonely.
I expected him to look more like you.
My son doesn't look like me at all.
Dad, what are you doing here alone? The good daughter can take care of you.
Lara knows.
- What? - Everything.
I told him.
He’s coming with the police.
- Monterroso is in the house.
- The whole Galicia’s police force and you’re about to screw it up! Get out now! It’s okay, but you have to leave.
Things can get nasty.
Chief, we have a problem.
You’re coming with me right now.
If anything goes wrong with the unloading, you’ll be the first skull I’ll be getting tattooed.
Do you see these trainers? They’re worth 2,500 dollars.
I bought them in New York.
I don’t even like them.
One doesn’t know what to do with so much money.
I swear.
And more is on its way.
You probably have mortgages to pay, children, miserable lives, but I’ll tell you something: you have something to fight for, do you understand? I, for example, I have everything I want.
And if I haven’t got it, I go like this and I get it.
Then, life becomes boring, and you have to be looking for incentives all the time.
A thousand euros for the first one who shows me his dick.
This game’s a lot of fun.
It’s clear, he won.
Very good, you earned it.
I’d give you 2,000 if you had a bigger cock.
It’s so cold in this fucking town.
Why don’t we make this game more fun? I’ll give you one million euros.
One million, if you shoot at your cock.
With a million euros you can have a cock reconstruction, and you won’t have to work in your fucking life.
Stop trembling.
Shoot at it.
Customs! Leave! - And where the heck is the drug? - In the sea! Get out of here! Call the judge.
Confiscate everything.
This way.
Shit! Fuck! Marina! Please let me talk to her.
Let her in.
They took Mario.
Please, you have to help him.
- Tell me you’ll save him.
- We’ll do everything in our power.
It’s not enough.
You got him involved in this, and you’ll get him out of it.
You can’t let him die.
Relax, the fucking cops are leaving.
It seems there’s no trace of Santos, nor Mario, nor the Holy Christ.
And if your boy was tempted by the Colombian? It’s a lot of snow.
I don’t know how, but he could have plotted with him, and both have taken off.
Mario didn’t betray us.
I’m sure.
They’ve taken Mario.
They’ll kill him.
- Hey.
- Please, help me.
Please, help me.
Find the Mexican guy.
Santos, you’ve got it all wrong.
Don’t worry.
If I’m wrong, they’ll tell me that my coke is at the beach, so I won’t have to kill you.
What the heck has happened? Customs got there too late.
The coke was already on the speed boats.
They threw it into the sea and fled.
We have the ship’s crew, but we can’t charge them without the drug.
I want you to look for Mario, quickly.
He’s been retained by Santos as a guarantee.
Find him as soon as possible.
Do whatever it takes.
I want him alive.
That man is my informant, I owe it to him.
Your honour, that guy is already dead.
The coke is on the bottom of the sea, it was screwed up.
So his body will be found in any curb.
We should focus on looking for Daniel Arteaga and Santos.
I have a recording with them talking about how they planned the ship unloading.
- How did you get it? - Your honour.
It’s illegal, isn’t it? You know that it won’t be admitted in court as evidence.
If I can get the person who heard the conversation to testify? Get that person and we’ll see.
Meanwhile, look for Mendoza.
What the heck is crossing your mind? We should’ve cancelled the operation.
If Santos doesn’t get the load, Mario is a dead man.
No, Santos will have Mario in the brick factory.
We tipped the cops off about that, they can rescue him.
The first siren they hear, they’ll kill him.
You can’t go anywhere.
Leave me alone.
I won’t let the Colombians kill Quique! He’s not Quique, he’s Mario.
I won’t let them kill him.
If they see you, they’ll find out this was a fucking sham.
Your plan will be arsed up.
Santos will kill you.
They’ll kill you! Get the car ready.
We’ll leave from behind.
Sure, with all your guts.
With all your guts.
It’s not your fault.
Mario Mendoza wanted to change his life.
I looked for him and pressured him into cooperating with me.
He could be dead by now.
But if he is, you didn’t kill him.
They’re the bad guys, don’t forget it.
And am I supposed to be one of the good ones? I used him.
I forced him to put himself at risk.
Not all’s fair.
If you feel like that is because you have principles.
Here, in Oeste that’s very unusual.
Thank you.
I like being next to you.
I have to go.
Shit! Santos! Someone must have played us.
They were waiting for us.
- The Customs police was there.
- What are you saying? That we have lost the load! The whole fucking coke! We had to throw it into the sea when the police showed up! Who do you think you’re talking to? I don’t give a shit about what’s happened.
You’re fucking useless.
Did you hear me? Did you hear me? And you, what? You sold us out to the cops.
I didn’t sell you out.
They must have been watching us.
I didn’t sell you out.
No, this is no game.
Here you make a mistake, here you die.
I know it isn’t a game, but I didn’t make any mistakes.
What Santos, don’t do it! Nemo? What’s this? Is it a joke or what? - I can explain it to you.
- No.
What are you going to explain? Are you taking the piss out of me? I’ll explain to you, Nemo Bandeira always keeps his word, that I stayed away from the operation so everything would work.
Did you? But nothing has worked here.
Do you think I’d be here if I’d betrayed you? You’re smarter than that.
You know I’m in trouble with the law.
I had the police breathing down my neck, I needed to do something.
When I had the attack, I saw an opportunity to get out of the way.
It doesn’t matter now.
My coke is in the sea.
It’s too late for explanations.
If I told you that your coke isn’t in the sea, and that I can get it back for you? What do you mean? Who’s got my coke? The same person who told you it’s in the sea.
So, where is it? I don’t know.
I can find out.
Give me 24 hours and I’ll get you the whole load back.
Kill Mario, and you’ll lose your only chance of getting it back.
Didn’t you stop being such good friends? It’s not his fault.
It was the Mexicans.
You have eight hours.
Thank you.
Nine fucking tons of coke to waste.
I’m fucking fed up with you.
I’m sick of your bullshit.
Someone had to tell the police, Dad.
Of course! It’ll happen again because you have no control over your people.
You have no control because you have no respect from them! I’m sorry, Dad.
I promise you I’ll sort it out.
I swear on my grave that I’m going to sort it out.
You’re fucking no good.
Find who played you and kill him.
Be careful.
We don’t know what the police know, and neither what the Colombians think of us.
Get out of here, go.
Get out of here.
Here we are.
Stop the engines! Come on.
Take all of it on board.
Come on, quickly! Leave them in his office.
What are you doing here? I’m still your husband’s doctor.
The only person who’s surprised to see me here is you.
What’s the matter? I’m leaving.
Last night I couldn’t sleep thinking over the same thing.
I’m a burden for you here.
I don’t fit in your plans.
Don’t say that.
I thought everything was sorted out between us.
We sorted out that you have your priority, and it’s not me.
It’s not like that.
I want to leave with you, but I need some time.
How long? Until Nemo’s dead? I don’t want to wait.
I want to be with you now.
Abraham, please.
I’m sorry.
I’m sorry, you may want to do it on your own.
Don’t get upset.
My mind is somewhere else.
Don’t let it bother you.
Can you tell me what’s so important that you can’t fuck me? The sea.
The sea is more unpredictable than most women, and it swallowed up a lot of my money.
A ship unloading went bad.
That’s why the police came to the house looking for Daniel.
Careful, you want to know too much.
Women who are beautiful and intelligent are the first ones to get into trouble.
Are you threatening me? Don’t turn me on if you won’t follow through.
I’ll make it up for you.
A woman like you deserves a better place than this.
Cibrán, what’s wrong? What are you doing here? I didn’t know who to talk to.
I was supposed to meet Mario, but he’s not answering my phone calls.
Do you know anything? I’ve heard that there was some trouble with the police last night.
What’s going on? Come in.
Yes? Nemo, we have everything.
It’s in a safe place.
Good, but I need you to come over right now.
It’s urgent.
To your house? Is anything wrong? I’m afraid it is.
Something like that was bound to happen.
I knew it.
It was just a matter of time.
I’m so sorry.
I trust Ferro.
He’s told me he’s going to save him, and I know he will.
I see.
This is all my fault.
If I hadn’t been suspicious, none of this would have happened.
Don’t say that.
When you play with fire, you get burnt in the end.
I tried to warn him, but he’s as stubborn as his father.
He should have left when he had the chance.
That’s also my fault, because he stayed because of me.
No, darling.
It can’t be your fault that he loves you.
Thank you.
You saw how I kicked it in.
- You didn’t see it coming.
- Can I? Thank you, Casas.
Can you play, chief? Or do I have to let you win? I don’t like losing.
Do you know what I like about this game in Mexico? Manipulating little men and kicking balls.
I know you’re planning to escape.
Do you think you could hide something like that from me? I’ve been loyal to you, I came in here, in this prison.
I won’t betray you.
I swear, but I can’t stand being in here any longer.
I know, don’t worry.
I understand you.
Do you know why I understand you? Because you and I are the same, we’re men of action.
Here, I’m going crazy.
You and I can do big things together.
I told you I don’t like losing, and you didn’t care.
That’s what I need out there.
I need a real man who can help me with my businesses out there.
My son, unfortunately, it’s a disappointment.
I need someone efficient who leaves prison with me and becomes my right hand.
What do you say? I say that’s what I’m good at.
Thank you for coming.
It’s nothing.
Whatever you need.
There’s something I want you to do for me.
I want you to take the bundles of drug to the old workshop next to the river Ulla, right next to the viaduct of the high-speed train.
But that workshop belongs to the Mexicans, doesn’t it? That’s right.
The drug has to be there before 2 pm.
We’ll give them the coke just like that? - Are you out of your mind or what? - Celso, mate.
For someone with a good head, we have you already.
Listen carefully what he’s telling you.
Santos’ holding Mario Mendoza hostage.
If the drug is not in the Arteagas’ workshop before two, he’ll kill him.
You’re asking me to do it in broad daylight? Exactly.
To hand over the largest stash we’ve ever had to those bastards? We have to make Santos believe that it was the Arteagas who played him.
Is anything wrong? What’s wrong is that I understand the move, but I don’t like it.
I know.
That’s why I asked you to come over.
So you can understand you’re no one in Oeste yet.
You’ll be someone with my permission when the time comes.
If you want it to come, do as I tell you.
Yes, chief.
Are you sure Mario is worth nine tons of snow? I’d do the same for you.
No one goes to the workshop until I say so.
I don’t know! I don't know! Fuck off! I’ll let you know! Okay? - The police were here.
- What did they say? They were looking for you.
Those bastards.
Is all this because of the ship unloading? What? Is all of this because of the ship unloading? What the fuck do you know about it? Tell me one thing: Do you know what’s at stake for you? It had to be done.
Leave me alone, I want to rest.
What happened, you were spying on me or what? - What are you talking about? - So it was you.
You are the fucking rat.
Who did you tell? - When you calm down, we can talk.
- Who did you tell? Who did you tell, Nina? Who did you speak with? - I didn’t say anything to anyone.
- Do you think I’m stupid or what? - Let me go! - Who did you tell? Who did you tell? - Who? - I said nothing! I haven’t said anything! Tell me, fucking whore! Who did you speak to? - Let go of me! - Do you think I’m stupid? - Who did you speak to? - I didn’t speak to anyone! - Let go of me! - Who to? Who did you speak to? Do you think I’m silly or what? Tell me, fucking whore! Tell me! - Okay! - Tell me! Hey! Relax or I’ll take your fucking eye out.
Easy! - Are you okay, Nina? - Yes, I’m fine.
Leave the room, please.
Calm down! I’ll tell you one thing, and I’ll tell you only once, Daniel.
If you lay a hand on her ever again, I’ll kill you.
I’ll make you disappear.
Cough, Daniel.
Don’t worry, it’s sorted out.
I should have killed him with my own hands.
If he’s a bit smart, he must have learnt the lesson.
- He isn’t.
- Forget that retard.
The Colombians will get rid of him, anyway.
Like this.
I hope so.
Celso, are we really going to get rid of all the load? No.
No, we aren’t.
The bundles stay here.
Come on, everyone in! - Hello? - Lara.
What do you want? - I need to speak to you.
- I won’t speak to you.
Leave me alone! Are you okay? No, don’t leave.
We all have our moments.
You don’t have to be ashamed.
Thank you.
You and I have never got on well.
I guess you think that I, well, I prefer not knowing.
You’ll probably be right.
Why this, now? Because in many occasions I haven’t been fair to you.
You have to understand that you’re the living proof that my husband always loved another woman.
That hurts so much.
But you don’t seem to understand that it’s not my fault.
I know.
But I had a husband who never respected me.
Nemo’s still alive.
Don’t talk about him in the past.
He’s no longer my husband.
- What do you mean? - Unless you help me stay being it.
Some days ago, he made me sign some divorce papers with some denigrating and unfair terms.
I’ve fought all these years, I have sacrificed myself and my dignity in order not to lose what it was mine, and now he does this to me.
What’s all this got to do with me? I need you to destroy the divorce papers.
This house is mine, it’s always been, you know it.
It’s been in my family, and I can’t lose it.
I’ll talk to Diana and see what can be done.
Diana won’t do anything.
She’s only looking after Nemo’s interests.
I’m asking you to please help me.
You’re his legal guardian, you’re the only one who can do something.
Do this for me, and I’ll never forget it.
I’m sorry, but I can’t.
You’re enjoying this, aren’t you? Controlling us, humiliating us.
You’ve got everything for yourself, what was my children’s and mine.
You’ve got it, all for you.
I’m here to look after my father.
I don’t give a shit about this house, your money.
I couldn’t care less.
Do you want to be in charge? Very well.
Diana, I want you to write down whatever is necessary - to put her in charge from now on.
- What are you talking about? I’m his legal guardian, aren’t I? I decide what to do with Nemo and his things.
Very well, I want Chon to control the house and everything else.
Is it clear? The only one to blame for the loss of your dignity it's you.
What the hell are you doing here? I told you not to move.
I know who betrayed us.
Who? It was my fucking wife, Dad, Nina.
I was talking to her.
She knew about everything.
Yes, she knew about the ship unloading.
Hear me out, Dad.
How the hell could she obtain that information? Someone had to tell her, or she was spying us.
I told her, this morning.
So, it couldn’t have been her.
You? And why on earth? Because I’m shagging her, that’s why.
It’s too much of a woman for you.
As you didn’t give her what she needed, she looked for a true Arteaga.
That’s why.
We’re father and son.
Don’t tell me you mind me fucking your woman.
Not at all.
What? I also shagged yours.
Just kidding.
Be careful, dickhead.
Ferro! Tell me you know something about Mario, please.
He’s alive.
I think he’s going to be released, but don’t ask me anything else, because we have to wait a little longer.
- Thank you, Ferro.
- Gentle.
- Don’t worry.
I have to go.
- Okay.
Tell me.
Okay, Celso.
Nemo will reward you.
The drug is at the Arteagas’.
- Hello.
- It’s Nemo.
Do you have good news for me? The Mexicans were playing us.
They’ve just confirmed it to me.
The coke isn’t in the sea.
I’ve just found out they have it in one of their workshops - next to the estuary.
- Bastards.
I’ll finish them off.
You can check it out whenever you want.
Thank you.
It was a pleasure doing business with you.
We’ll be in touch.
That was a narrow escape.
Won’t you let me go? Don’t be so anxious.
All in due time.
When I have my coke, you’ll have your freedom.
I’m sorry, Casas.
You clean all this, okay? Look inside there! In the walls, under the floor, behind anything! It’s too much coke for a small hiding place like this.
It won’t be difficult to find.
Fucking hell, there’s no way.
Did you get the weapons? Good.
We have to get out of here as soon as possible.
Why are you so eager? Why am I so eager? Because it’s not good for me to be here.
Because I’m worried.
Because this may turn into a rat hole at any moment.
Because I want to go now.
Any other question? Whatever you say.
Good, okay.
There’s nothing here.
What are you telling me? Are you sure? It’s not here, chief.
Are you sure? Santos.
Your man is going to die.
I don’t know what you’re trying to do.
Phone Celso.
No one takes the piss out of Santos Montoya.
What happened, Santos? Don’t pretend you don’t know.
The coke isn’t here.
The coke vanished, and due to that, Mario Mendoza is going to die.
Wait, don’t rush into anything.
The Mexicans have the coke, I can assure you.
I haven’t lied to you.
You gave me eight hours, and the time isn’t up yet.
I’m going to get the load back.
You have my word.
You have two hours.
Let’s go! He’s not picking up.
Celso won’t hand over the coke.
He knows the Colombians will come after us.
Celso’s idea is to kill two birds with one stone: he keeps all your snow and all your business.
Find him.
Find Celso and get the coke back.
Get the damned coke whatever it takes.
And I’ll kill that son of a bitch.
The fucking traitor! That’s it.
Sit down.
Well done.
That's it, well done.
We are home.
We are home.
That's it, easy.
We don’t have much time left.
I’m fucking sick and tired of hearing: “No one finds Celso, when Celso doesn’t want to be found.
” Today you’ll find him.
I don’t care how long or what it takes, or if you have to pressure someone.
You find him and bring him over.
We have hardly any time.
Is it clear? Did you hear me? - Did you hear me? - Yes.
Let’s go then! Let’s go then! What’s going on? Why are you looking for Celso? Because we don’t know where he’s.
Does he have anything to do with Mario? Lara, today everything has to do with Mario.
Things are going wrong.
What do you mean they’re going wrong? - I’ll sort it out.
- Please.
You told me they will let him go.
We’ll talk again in two hours.
We won’t talk again in two hours.
I’m going mad here.
Please, tell me what’s going on.
For fuck’s sake tell me.
You won’t like it.
Celso has disappeared with nine tons of cocaine.
If Celso doesn’t give all that coke back, and we don’t hand it back to the Colombians, who are those who your father works for, they’ll cut Mario’s head off.
I told you that you wouldn’t like it.
What the heck do you want? Talk to you, I told you.
I haven’t got the voice recorder.
I tossed it.
You’ll have to testify anyway.
You’re a witness.
You’ll testify what you heard and you saw.
I didn’t hear or see anything.
If it wasn’t because of you, this wouldn’t have happened.
The men you don’t want to accuse are responsible for the death of your friend Mario.
- You don’t seem to care much.
- Mario is alive.
After all this time it’s not very likely.
No, it isn’t unlikely, he’s alive.
As you won’t do anything, get out of my way.
Lara, for fuck’s sake.
What’s the matter? Have you heard anything? No.
But I need your help.
Do you know Celso? I’ve known him all my life.
We used to go fishing on the boat when we were young.
Why? He’s hiding somewhere, and we need to find him.
It’s the only way to save Mario.
I have every single man looking for fucking Celso, and nothing.
The sea’s swallowed him.
No one wants to talk.
You know how this works.
There’s one more thing.
When I met up with our people, I missed one or two of them.
I have the feeling they’re with Celso.
I have that feeling.
I didn’t treat Celso well.
I deserve it.
I should never fight my people.
And now, Mario will die because of that.
- I’ve never been at this beach.
- Better.
You haven’t lost anything on this beach.
It’s called Cilleira beach.
There are a few places Celso used to use when he started with the smuggling.
His family has a fishermen cabin over there, where they kept the nets.
It looks like a good hiding place.
- Let’s go.
- No.
- You’ll wait for me here.
- No.
I’m coming with you.
It’s too dangerous.
Mario would prefer you to stay here, and so would I.
Be careful.
What are you doing here? Celso, I came to talk to you.
I came alone.
How did you find me? Everyone knows that the opposite house is your family’s.
Ferro knows too.
Hear me out.
Ferro is on the other side of the estuary with a lot of armed men.
He wanted to come himself, but I convinced that he didn’t.
They can come.
We’re expecting them.
Celso, they’re there! What do you want? A mass killing? A bloodbath? We’re from Oeste.
We shouldn’t kill one another.
You know it’s the right thing to do.
Please, give the coke back.
The coke is ours, not the Mexicans’.
The decision is made, there’s no other way out.
Yes, there is.
Celso, I give you my word that if you hand the coke back, there will be no consequences.
Your word? And what good is it to me? Do you want guarantees? - I can give them to you.
- What are you doing? Phoning Ferro.
The number you have dialled is off or out of reach at this moment.
Genucho, the helicopters that you fucking want, I need results.
We’re running out of time.
Your daughter.
I still don’t know anything.
- You’ll have to give me more time.
- I’m with Celso.
Are you with Celso? I gave him your information, but he doesn’t believe me.
Be very careful, my darling.
He doesn’t even trust anyone not even Jesus Christ.
I’ll put you on speaker, and you’ll tell him that if he gives the coke back, there will be no retaliation.
Celso, you know you have to bring back those bundles.
The Bandeira girl, here, says that if we take it back, you’ll leave things as they are.
Celso, bring the coke back, and I give you my word that everything will be forgotten.
You heard him.
No offence, Ferro, but your word isn’t enough for me.
I want Nemo’s word.
Nemo is ill.
He can’t speak.
I want Nemo’s word, Ferro.
Celso, it’s Nemo.
If you follow the plan, there won’t be any kind of retaliation.
Do I have your word? You do.
Come on.
Start loading the material.
Your honour, there’s no trace of Mendoza, and we don’t know where Santos can be.
If anyone knows anything, they won’t say it.
It can’t be.
We have to find him, soon.
We’ll find him.
I I’m very sorry for what happened earlier.
I’m not.
With your permission.
- The coke isn’t in the sea.
- What? Mario Mendoza is alive.
They haven’t killed him yet because Santos is going to recover his coke.
- How do you know? - Lara Balarés told me.
You honour, we have to find that coke before it disappears for good.
If Mario Mendoza is alive, our priority is to find him.
Your honour, if we find the coke, we’ll find Santos, and, perhaps, Mendoza.
Look for the load.
Cibrán! Where were you? I found Celso.
Everything will be sorted out.
Really? So it was him who brought you over? Then, you were bluffing? Yes, but it’s the same.
Ferro knows where you are and the cards are on the table.
This life is full of clever and silly people, and she’s a gifted child.
You can’t imagine how you remind me of your father.
- Abraham.
- Chon.
You don’t have to leave now.
Lara’s relinquished Nemo’s guardianship to me.
Do you know what that means? I don’t care.
What do you mean you don’t care? We can be together now! I’ll be in charge of the family’s estate.
You don’t understand.
I don’t want to know anything about this house or Nemo, nor of Oeste.
We’ll always have problems here.
I’ve fought all my life.
And I’ve fought for you.
I want to start with you from scratch, but not here.
I can’t leave.
I know.
I left the goods where you told me.
I hope there are no surprises this time.
I took a risk going there in broad daylight.
I hope there are no surprises too.
There’s no trace of the coke anywhere.
Oeste is riddled with places with access to the estuary.
I’ve marked the more usual.
We could start with them.
There’s another place that meets the requirements.
The workshop where we arrested Mario.
- Why were they there? - No fucking idea.
Then, we lose nothing having a look.
Good, I’ll go.
You coordinate the operation.
- Okay.
- Come on, guys! Search the boat, see if the coke is there.
Chief, we’ve found it.
Chief, they’ve found it.
Load all the bundles and let’s get out of here.
Everything’s been sorted out.
The coke is where you said.
You hit the nail on the head with the Arteagas.
I told you Nemo Bandeira always keeps his word.
Remember this for next time.
Don’t worry about those Mexicans who wanted to play us.
I’ll finish them off.
- What about Mario? - No.
Mario is innocent, for sure.
Sorry about this morning, it looks like I had scorpion for breakfast.
I want Mario released now, Santos.
Now it’s your time to keep your word.
- I was looking for you.
- Is anything wrong? No.
Well, yes.
What’s wrong, Mum? I’m leaving Oeste.
You’re leaving? Please, Nina.
I don’t want you to feel abandoned.
I just need to leave.
Where will you go? What’s important isn’t where I’m going.
What’s important is who I’m going with.
A few months ago I met someone, and I’m leaving with him.
I’m leaving with Abraham.
Abraham, Dr.
Duarte? Are you having an affair with Dad’s doctor? That’s why you asked him for the divorce.
Let’s see.
I’m in love with him.
You can’t be serious.
I’ve realized that all the time I’ve been with your father I haven’t been happy.
The only thing that was really worth it was your brother and you.
What will happen to the house? And with Dad’s guardianship? Will you give it up just like that, after all we had fought for it? Nina, I can’t take it any longer.
I can’t be here, surrounded by this wall one more second.
I can’t bear it.
I need to go.
I think that I’ve already fought all I had to fight.
I gave enough of myself.
I want another chance.
I need another chance.
Do you understand? I understand.
I’m going to miss you so much.
Your honour, we have it.
I found the coke.
Where is it? The Colombian guys are moving it.
I’ll follow them, but I’ll need back-up.
What about Mendoza? With a bit of luck the coke will take us to him.
Okay, I’m sending you reinforcements.
Follow the stash and keep me informed.
All right.
You look so beautiful! - How are you? - Good.
You have my word, Nina, that that little fish won’t lay a finger on you again.
And you don’t need to worry, the Arteagas won’t bother you ever again.
What are you going to do? Me, nothing.
Someone, at some point, will do it for us.
The Arteagas are hated by too many people, too many.
You can relax.
- Hello.
- I’m at the old brick factory.
There are loads of men armed to the teeth.
I need reinforcements, now.
Alen’s on her way with the units.
They’ll be there in five minutes.
Do you know anything about Mendoza? Good.
Good luck.
Hello, pretty face.
Germán, they’re going for you.
They’re going to kill you.
- Who told you that? - Ferro knows something.
He told me someone wants to kill Daniel and you.
I don’t know who, but you have to get out of there.
Firstly, thanks for the information and for thinking of me.
Secondly, don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.
Santos is coming for me.
We have to get out now.
For fuck’s sake.
Daniel, you’re in danger.
They’re after you.
Fucking hell.
Daniel! What happened? Son! Daniel! Son! Daniel! Chief, it’s time to go, now.
Fucking hell.
You’re coming with us.
Open the door! What the heck? Put your guns down! Don’t give me that, Casas, and open the door! Mr, Arteaga, you know we can’t do that.
Open the fucking door! Do you want any trouble? Open the fucking door.
Open the fucking door! Son of a bitch.
Chief! We can only take this douchebag up to here.
Hey! I hope you hold no grudge against me.
Business is business.
It isn’t personal.
I thank you, Santos, but I rather go home and have a shower.
Come on, no one refuses my invitation.
A last toast, for our dead people.
Because soon, you’ll be one of them.
- Why this? - I don’t know what kind of game you play with the Arteagas, but I didn’t like it.
There’s no game.
You have the coke.
- What do you want? - On your knees.
- You’re getting it wrong.
- On your knees! Now.
On your knees.
- Santos.
- Shut your mouth! Scatter around! Stop, bastard! You’re slippery, Mendoza, but no one betrays Santos Montoya.
Thank you for everything.
Lara, remember, despite everything, he’s you father.
He’s alive.
He’s alive! I can’t believe it.
Hurry up.
I’m leaving.
I thought we’d grow older together, but watch this.
I’ve loved you so much.
So much.
- Mario.
- Are you okay? Yes.
Are you okay? I always knew I was destined to touch the fucking stars.
Who the hell are you? What are you doing here? I’m here to tell you that I love your house.
I’m taking everything that’s yours from you.
Your daughter is my private slut now.
He came to rub it in that he’s taking everything from me in my own house! It’s the heart.
Is that sound normal? Yes, everything is ok, but you should have come earlier.
We advise not to wait more than 3 months for the first sonogram.
His eyes react to the light.
But there may be serious neurological damage.
You bring over a stranger.
Do you want her to find out the truth? Yes, so she helps me get rid of this damned chair.
Arteaga, I’m in.
Young and tight.
Smile, my love.
How many do you need? How many can you get me? There’s a way to get to Germán.
It’s dangerous, but it’s the only one we have.
In 10 minutes, at the towers, under the bridge.
Tell me, Mario.
Germán has just told me to meet him at the towers.
North, let’s go.
I won’t do anything to you.
I want to show you something, here on your right, going down the stairs.
You have ten seconds to finish this rat off.
Son of a bitch.
Fucking neurologist.
When the heck did the Arteagas buy you off? Leave us alone.
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