Unauthorized Living (Vivir sin permiso) (2018) s02e08 Episode Script

The Lesser Evil

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Mario! IN PREVIOUS EPISODES Santos is holding Mario Mendoza hostage.
The coke isn’t here.
The coke vanished, and due to that, Mario Mendoza is going to die.
I used him.
I forced him to put himself at risk.
Celso’s idea is to kill two birds with one stone: he keeps all your snow and all your business.
Find Celso and get the coke back.
Get the damned coke whatever it takes.
What do you want? A mass killing? We shouldn’t kill one another.
Please, give the coke back.
The coke is ours, not the Mexicans’.
I’m leaving Oeste.
I understand.
I’m going to miss you so much.
I thought we’d grow old together.
I’ve loved you so much.
The coke is where you said.
I told you Nemo always keeps his word.
Don’t worry about those Mexicans who wanted to play us.
I’ll finish them off.
They’re going for you.
They’re going to kill you.
Daniel, you’re in danger.
They’re after you.
Fucking hell.
Daniel! Son! I found the coke.
The Colombian guys are moving it.
I’ll try to follow them, but I’ll need back-up.
Scatter around! I don’t know what game you’re playing with the Arteagas, but I didn’t like it at all.
No one betrays Santos Montoya.
I need someone efficient who leaves prison with me and becomes my right hand.
Open the fucking gate! Is there someone at home? Knock, knock.
Are you sure there’s no one there? You’re very well inside there, Nemo, docile like a castrated calf.
It was a fucking coincidence that, just before the mess of the ship unload, you happened to have that attack.
That dirty trick had your signature.
So much that I had to come over, and check myself how sick you are.
Otherwise, I’d think that it was you who screwed things up for me.
But no, who is screwed up is you.
Hey, little Nemo.
I’ll take this opportunity, before I leave, to tell you that I’m going to take from you everything you’ve got.
Your drug business, and your company.
Your contacts, your people, your town, your daughter, Nina.
Your little princess is my private slut now.
It was her who warned me, so I escaped from prison.
Thank you.
Thank goodness you're ill, otherwise you’d be dead.
I leave you with your god and your demons.
- Are you okay? - Yes.
I only have a bit of a headache.
- I owe you one.
- Don’t get emotional, Mendoza.
I saved you, but it doesn’t mean I like you.
Oh, my dear.
I thought we’d be friends now.
- You’ll get over it.
- Enough.
The operation was a success.
We have confiscated nine tons of cocaine.
We've got rid of the most important drug lord in Latino America.
Have we? No one would tell.
Why those long faces? Germán Arteaga has escaped from prison.
- What? - We need your help.
We’re going after the Arteagas.
We want you to testify against Daniel, and his involvement in the unloading.
If you want to kill a snake, you have to cut its head off.
Going after Daniel will be useless till you catch Germán.
- It’ll be useful for them to kill me.
- It’s a risk I’m happy to take.
Mario’s right.
You don’t see it.
If we want to catch those psychopaths, - this is the only way.
- We’ll find another option.
Mario has the right not to testify.
And it’s your duty to force him to do it.
Thank you.
Who the hell are you? What are you doing here? Relax.
Relax, I’m only here to tell you that I love your house.
No neighbours, away from prying eyes, and near the estuary.
It’s a perfect place for a businessman like me who wants to start working right now.
This house isn’t on sale, get out of here or I’ll call the police.
Douchebag, who said anything about buying it? Freddy, when you finish with that, have a look and see if you can find something to drink, but the good stuff.
Dad, phone me back as soon as you can, okay? He came here to rub it in that he’s going to take everything from me in my own house! Let’s go after him, you and me.
No plan, no bullshit.
We shoot him dead, and let the fucking mussels eat him.
No, we can’t go to warfare.
No one will follow a sick man.
The prodigal son! There he’s.
Thank you.
- How are you? - Thanks to you, very well.
We were very close to him, but he escaped.
The son of a bitch of Germán’s still alive.
Nemo, by escaping, he has signed his own death sentence.
Can you explain it to us a bit better, attorney? After having escaped, he’d be extradited to Mexico.
And there, he has far too many enemies to stay alive.
We need to know where he’s hiding, and it’ll be the end of him.
Wherever he’s, we’ll find him.
Children have a strange power over their parents.
We can feel their pain more than our own.
And we’re only happy when they are happy.
Germán is an animal, but even animals love their offspring.
It’s a matter of time that he wants to see Daniel.
We’ve been watching Daniel closely for 15 days, and nothing.
Germán has been running away from the police since he was 13.
I don’t think he’ll take any risks just to see Daniel.
He’s right, Nemo.
Watching Daniel is useless.
We’ve got to find another way to fish daddy.
Nemo? Nemo, are you okay? Each day he’s out of prison, he becomes stronger.
And I’m here, trapped, on this damned chair.
I dug my own grave.
If I could only go out there, show Oeste that I’m not dead.
You have to be patient, Nemo.
Patience is for men who have time.
That’s a luxury I can’t afford.
We must find him very soon.
Perhaps there’s another possibility.
He coming to us.
Yes, sure.
Of course.
I’ll call you later.
I wanted to treat you to breakfast, but you don’t give yourself a break.
In order to succeed, you must work two hours more than other people.
That’s something you and I had in common.
- Amongst other things, yes.
- Yes.
For example, how much we hated to beat around the bush.
What do you want? Germán Arteaga.
I guess he has got in touch with you.
He somehow sent me his phone number, yes.
He’s trying to contact all those who work for Nemo.
Do you know I had a dog? You? You’ve never liked pets.
He kept me company while I thought you were dead, but he wasn’t as lucky as you.
Those bastards cut his throat and tossed him in front of my door.
They left his phone number stapled to his back.
Those people value life in a different way.
- Are you defending them now? - No.
I just want you to understand that times are changing and we have to adapt.
Nemo is a thing of the past.
It’s time we change sides.
I won’t work for that scum.
Yes, you will.
Whether you like it or not, and so will I.
We must accept the new situation.
But, if we do it one by one, we won’t be able to negotiate the terms.
Are you asking me to create a trade union of crooks? Something like that.
You have to talk to your MPs, to the Head of Customs, and all the people who work in the port.
Later, you’ll arrange an appointment with Germán.
We all have to agree.
- And then? - And then, he’ll have no choice but to come out of the hole he’s hiding in and ask us to negotiate with him.
It’s then when I’ll negotiate my share of the cake.
He’ll have to accept, either we all gain, or we all lose.
I thought you’d changed.
No one changes that easily.
That’s why I know you’ll agree to what I’m asking you.
- Hello? - What’s up, pussy? If you want to see your dad, come out to the gate right now.
Hurry up.
Where the heck are you, douchebag? Put this on.
Your fucking mother can put it on.
Listen up, your dad said that no one he didn’t trust could know where he is.
So you put it on.
Otherwise you can’t get in the car.
No Colombian scumbag is going to tell me what to do, and who the heck is he? Let’s go.
Did or did I not warn him? You’re my witness.
Most men won’t pay to fuck a really beautiful woman.
They’ll pay to fuck their mother, their sister, the bank cashier, true? That’s what they’ll pay for, and these are perfect.
They’re not pretty nor ugly.
Not young nor tight.
Smile, my love.
That’s what I like.
You’ll do really well.
It’s a great opportunity, hey? Top class girls, yes, they are.
And money makers.
They are indeed.
Keep bringing me women of this quality, and I’ll make sure that they’re introduced in Spain without raising any suspicions.
May I ask how? We’re in a land where many people are accustomed to smuggle in illegal goods.
They couldn’t care less if it’s women, tobacco, drugs or toilet paper.
And all those people are going to work for me now.
How many girls do you need? How many can you get me? I have the feeling that you and I are going to make a fortune.
Goodbye, Mr.
Dismiss this gentleman, and take the girls to the club.
Tell Suso to start making them work at once.
Start moving those beautiful legs, start walking! We haven’t got all day.
Your son is here.
Tell him to come.
Daniel! That’s how you spend your time instead of phoning me? Being surrounded by whores? Are you mute now or what? You’re the one who wanted to speak.
Tell me, what happened? Holy shit, Dad! Two guys tried to kill me! I almost lost my life, and you seem to give a shit.
You don’t phone me, you don’t message me, nothing! I don’t understand, Dad.
You’ve been watched, kid.
And I was busy with Freddy setting up this business.
Ah, okay.
I’m sorry.
I didn’t know you were busy setting up a new business with the Colombian guy.
I wouldn’t trust him too much.
Although I saw that you’ve become fond of him in prison.
Let’s see, kid.
Freddy got me out of jail.
What do you do apart from being a disappointment? I’m starting from scratch because you made me lose millions of euros.
- I’m sorry, Dad.
I’m your son.
- Millions, asshole.
That’s why I don’t poke this in your eye and scoop your brain out, because you’re my son.
But remember who gave you everything, everything you have, your last name, your life.
Without all that, you’re nothing, you’re useless, you’re worthless! - Okay.
- Don’t you forget.
I’m sorry, Dad.
What do you want me to do, Dad? To watch Nemo.
But Nemo’s in a vegetative state.
Nemo’s still Nemo Bandeira.
We can’t trust him.
If he blinks an eye, I want to know.
- You won’t speak to me ever again? - I thought you couldn’t speak.
Lara, please.
- I understand you hate me, but - No.
I don’t hate you.
It would be like hating jellyfish because they sting.
You can’t help being you.
You can’t, either.
Despite everything, you’ve stayed here with me.
Thank you.
I stayed here because I’m your legal guardian.
So, now I’m an accomplice to your lie.
That’s the only reason.
Hey! Lara? Lara.
What’s the matter? I can’t stand this house any longer.
I swear, it’s like hitting a glass window I can never get through.
I know it’s tough being here, but I tell you that, when time passes, you’ll be happy to have been there when your father needed you.
But he doesn’t need me, Mario.
He lied to us.
What do you mean? Mario, Nemo isn’t paralysed.
It’s part of a plan to be Oeste’s chief again.
Why are you not surprised? You knew? - Yes, Lara.
I knew.
- How long have you known? Since the beginning.
Hey, Lara.
Let me explain to you.
You were conspiring with my father.
- Were you helping the police? - I’m helping the police, I’m helping you father, because we all have a common target - which is to get rid of that scum.
- I’m the only idiot - that didn’t know anything.
- You’re no idiot.
- We were just protecting you.
- Protecting You talk just like my father.
Do you know how difficult it’s been for me? Of course I know.
So why do you get caught in his trap again? Because it’s no trap, Lara.
Your father has risked everything to save my life.
So, now, my father is a saint.
He is far from being a perfect man.
But that’s the lesser evil right now.
Well, it’s a lesser evil that always ends up coming between us.
- Never mind.
- No.
Don’t worry.
Take it.
We have nothing else to talk about.
Come on! Get in! What are you waiting for? Ramón, come up for a moment.
I need to talk to you.
Hurry up.
And you, where are you going? Home.
No, we have to drive you there.
You can’t go on you own.
Sit on that chair and wait till we’re done.
- He can speak French.
- Yeah.
Tell me.
Look, with this job, we’re risking everything, you and me.
We can’t fail whatever happens.
Germán Arteaga is like a ghost.
Everyone knows he’s in Oeste, but no one knows where.
These people do what they fancy, and we don’t do anything.
Look for him.
Is there anything else we can do? Yes, we can, Marina.
Pressure Mendoza.
He can testify against Daniel Arteaga.
Mario almost died because of me.
I won’t let that happen again.
It’s part of our job.
We’re sometimes in danger, and sometimes we put others in danger.
You don’t owe Mario Mendoza anything.
You’re the best thing that’s happened to me since I got here.
Why don’t you come with me to Madrid? It’ll be very boring being surrounded by judges and attorneys.
I know, but I can’t.
I have to work.
We could say that you’re investigating a classified case.
- Your honour.
- What? Are you asking me to do something illegal in my job? Judge Marina Cambeiro is suggesting that I do something illegal.
I’d love to corrupt a formal and gorgeous police officer.
Amelia? Easy! Easy! I won’t hurt you! Relax! I danger, don’t get closer.
Please, put the knife down.
I won’t hurt you.
Calm down.
Watch out! Don’t move or I’ll smash your head! Okay, I’m calling the police! Don’t move! No, please! Don’t phone! Please, don't phone! Please.
I won’t hurt you, okay? Are you okay? Calm down.
His eyes react to the light, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no serious neurological damage.
Our master’s being like this since the accident.
Did you say that some people recover from these misfortunes we experience in life? Yes.
They’re usually younger patients, with a more favourable clinical profile.
Hello, how are you? I’m Mario Mendoza.
And you are? I’m Dr.
Irene Costa.
The doctor is a neurologist, Mario.
Costa, do you mind leaving us alone for a moment, please? No problem.
Thank you very much, doctor.
What the hell were you thinking? You bring a stranger here.
Do you want her to find out the truth? Yes, and to help me get rid of this damned chair.
She can talk to the Arteagas, and tell them that Nemo Bandeira is tricking them.
Easy, Mario.
Nemo Bandeira’s done his homework.
The doctor is good people.
She’s up to her bloody eyeballs in debt.
She’s easy to manipulate, she needs money, and I need a doctor who helps me fake a miraculous recovery.
No, Nemo.
Elisa just phoned me.
She’s calling the meeting I asked her to.
It’ll be tonight in her office, everyone will be there.
Germán will be there too.
When we catch Germán, you can do as you please.
You can go out dancing through that door.
But not before.
I beg you.
Tell the doctor we’ll no longer need her.
Give her a good tip.
Well done, Mario.
I’m going to tell judge Cambeiro.
This time I don’t want any police involved.
We’ll do it.
We’ll kill that son of a bitch.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Sorry for the inconvenience, are you Nemo’s doctor? I need you to come with me somewhere.
- Are you mad? - Ah, no.
I don’t know.
It’s you who should know.
- You’re a professional.
- Get out of my car.
Let’s go.
Don’t worry, love.
I won’t blow your head, unless you don’t do what I say.
Don’t waste your time.
Big fish don’t come to the shore.
There’s one that just did.
A very big fish.
I have a proposal for you.
So you came to fish me, didn’t you? I won’t make it easy for you, Nemo.
I know how to get rid of Germán Arteaga.
I see.
And you want me to help you again.
No one will follow a man who can’t eat unless he’s fed.
Do I need to remind you that your first plan was a fiasco? This isn’t my plan, it’s Mario’s.
He has managed to get Germán out of his hiding place.
Tonight he’ll meet with my political contacts in the city hall.
We won’t have a second chance to kill him.
What if, instead of killing him, I offer him my services - and I tell him you’re not ill? - You could do that, but you won’t.
I know you, Celso.
I know you dislike the Mexican accent.
Dammit, you don’t even like the high estuaries accent.
Can I count on you? You were hungry.
Thank you.
What’s your name? I, Lara.
Ania, what a beautiful name.
Can you tell me what you’re doing here? I run.
Run away? Where from? I, Poland.
I Laboro.
Work? I Clean.
You came here to do cleaning work.
And what happened? Bad men.
They threatened you? Why? Prostitute? Fuck, they’re bastards.
I’m so sorry.
If you want, you can sleep, sleep, with me, tonight.
No, no.
I go.
- Not here, no.
I go.
- Listen to me.
You and I alone.
Sleep, you and I.
And tomorrow we’ll find a solution, but they won’t touch you again.
I promise.
Doctor, thank you for coming.
You were very kind.
Would you like anything to drink? Don’t mind these people, they’re my assistants.
Think of them as if they were your nurses.
- What do you want from me? - Cutting to the chase.
You must be a very busy woman.
I want to know about Nemo Bandeira.
Who are you? You could say I’m a sensitive man who’s concerned about his old friend’s health.
I could see him only for a couple of minutes.
Initially, he seems to be in a critical condition.
It looks to me that he’s much less ill that what he seems to be.
You’re going to confirm it for me.
You’ll find out whether he’s faking.
You do that, and I’ll cover you in bank notes.
I’m not able to help you, I’m sorry.
They no longer need my services.
He is no longer my patient.
Do whatever you have to do, but they have to hire you again.
You don’t want Nemo to be your last patient, do you? My men will give you further instructions.
And now, if you’ll excuse me.
I’m a busy man too.
Tonight we don’t want any collateral damage, so we’ll wait till the meeting’s over and when Germán comes out, we’ll catch him.
Okay? Okay.
The square has three exits.
You’ll cover the main one, Ferro.
LOCAL GOVERNMENT OF OESTE Berto and Antón will cover the second one.
And the third one, Iván and Martiño.
If we all do our part, that guy can’t come out of here alive.
Where’s everyone? They left a while ago.
The meeting was this afternoon.
What? You were right.
Arteaga was here and was very generous with us.
We’ve obtained a big share of the cake.
Everyone but you.
Well done, Elisa.
You were always smarter than me.
I guess I deserve it.
You deserve it.
He would be around a year old now.
How could you do that to me, Mario? A fucking brilliant idea, Mario.
Well done.
Now every living creature in Oeste works for the Arteagas.
Give me a pill, Ferro.
There might be someone who knows where Germán is.
Who? Nina.
Why Nina? When Germán was here, he said that he and she No.
- He said they were together.
- It can’t be, no, Nemo.
That’s impossible.
Nina wouldn’t do something like that.
Germán said it to provoke you.
He said that Nina warned him that he was in danger at prison.
Nina had no idea about that.
He was bluffing.
She had some idea, Mario.
I insinuated Nina that the Arteagas would disappear.
I’m very sorry, Nemo.
Then it’s true.
My daughter, in the arms of that pig! They’ll need an MOT test, to see how they work.
Didn’t we say they were eight? There are only seven here, dammit.
Let’s see how you fix this, dickhead.
Let’s see, douchebag, what happened? You got distracted in the club or what? We’ve got a problem.
There’s a girl missing.
Is there a girl missing? She fell out of the car on your way there, douchebag? I don’t know.
I don’t know where she is, I swear.
We’ve got to find her immediately.
Otherwise the chief will pump us full of lead.
Got it? Yes? - Dad? - Hello, darling.
Don’t be frightened, please.
I’m not as ill as I look.
There are a lot of things I haven’t told you.
Too many, I’m sorry.
I had to fake the attack.
I wouldn’t have done it, if it hadn’t been strictly necessary.
I had to achieve a target, and now I need you to do so.
What are you talking about? I want you to help me kill Germán Arteaga.
Me? I know you’re his lover.
I won’t judge you for that, but I need your help now.
It’s a matter of life and death.
Will you help me? No, Dad.
I won’t help you.
Nina, this is warfare.
You can’t be on the wrong side.
You’re a Bandeira.
Dad, let me remind you that I’m married to Daniel Arteaga.
- You paid for my beautiful wedding.
- It was you - who made that decision.
- I did it for you, as everything I’ve done in my life, Dad.
Do you know what’s the only thing I got in return? - Your disdain.
- That’s not true.
Lara’s always been your favourite.
You named her your legal guardian, and you spitted on my face.
Is that the problem? You’re jealous of you sister? That’s the reason you fall into the arms of that murderer? You’re not any better than him! I’m sorry, Dad.
I won’t betray Germán.
He’s my family now.
How dare you? You’re right.
You don’t deserve to be a Bandeira.
And the girl? Boss, she’s still missing.
Come on, don’t worry.
I’ll find her.
Okay? Don’t sweat it, don’t worry about that whore.
Don't worry.
That slut saw my face and the face of my partner.
She knows where I live.
That slut can screw up my business and my life.
I do worry.
You failed me, Freddy.
Worse than that, you disappointed me.
You’re no good to me.
Hey, boss.
Easy, come down.
I’ve served you well.
I can still do many more things for you.
And that, I’ll sort it out.
I promise.
You know? I always knew I was destined for big things, to succeed.
To touch the fucking stars.
It’s written in the deepest of me.
Do you know why I’m not scared of anything? Because nothing will happen to me.
And you, Freddy? Do you trust your fate? Yes, boss.
Do you know what my fate is? Doing big things with you.
It’s written on the stars.
I’m not scared of anything.
Hello? We have a problem.
One of the whores ran away.
Well, what’s that got to do with me? If my memory serves me right, you had left your stupid son out of your business, hadn’t you? - Why should I care? - Because that whore saw all of us, included you.
Because we can’t find her.
We think she might have escaped with you, so check it out.
So you need me? I’m asking you to find that fucking slut, asshole.
How can I help you? I’m sorry, but I couldn’t stop thinking about yesterday.
You decided to fire me.
Was there anything I did you didn’t like? No, goodness gracious.
The family doesn’t think that the master can get any better, and they aren’t thinking of him following any treatment.
I said that it was difficult, but not impossible.
We can try new therapies.
There are treatments Doctor, we are very grateful, but no treatments or new therapies.
- I’m very sorry.
- Please.
I need this job.
I’ve gone through a bad personal patch, but I’m a good professional.
You can check my resume.
I’ll do everything in my power to help him.
We’ll see you this afternoon at four.
Thank you.
Arteaga, I’m in.
- You look beautiful.
Do you like it? - I like.
I’ll look for a jacket.
- And this little boy? - Romek.
Little boy, I.
Is he your son? He in Poland.
He’s very handsome.
He has He’s ill? Hospital and much money, and I here.
You came here to get money for the hospital fees? Ania, I promise you that you’ll see Romek again.
I’ll help you.
That whore was here.
Okay, we’ll scour the whole house.
I want you to search in the gardens, stables, swimming pool.
Wherever, we have to find her.
Fucking hell! Okay? Come on, then, start now! Do you like it? Yes? What’s wrong? Ania, what’s the matter? I don’t understand.
What’s wrong? Daniel? Do you know him? - Please.
- Was it him? Ania, listen: Was it him? Come! - What are you doing? - I’m sorry.
I’m going to have a shower! Are you daft? Bugger off! What? Okay.
Come on.
Mario, tell Chon that someone’s broken this picture.
Nemo, are you okay? Yes.
Chon does no longer live here.
You got divorced.
Yes, sorry.
It was a lapse of memory.
Stop staring at me with those sad eyes.
Yes, I’m sorry.
Did you speak to Nina? I was thinking on my way here, if we ask Ferro to follow her, perhaps she’ll take us to Germán.
If they found out that we’ve followed her, Germán may think that she’s betrayed him.
I won’t put my daughter’s life in danger.
I know that face.
What are you thinking of? There’s a possibility to get to Germán.
It’s dangerous, but the only one there is.
Keep looking! And the name Is everything okay? Fucking awesome, as you say here.
I want to work in your organization plus a five per cent of all the profit we make in Oeste.
And I want a blow job.
Do you know what, Daniel? You were right.
It wasn’t the Colombian people who tricked us with the load.
I know who it was, I have proof.
Who? That information is worth a lot of money.
Okay, working for us plus a five per cent.
Give me a name.
You have no authority to grant me what I’m asking for, but your father does.
I want to speak to him.
- No? - My dad isn’t available.
Then, there’s no deal.
Then there’s no deal.
- Ciao.
- Very good.
Let your dad know about what I’ve just told you.
It’s cold.
There it is.
Is that the heart? - Is that sound normal? - Yes, everything is fine.
Those are its little hands.
You should have come earlier.
We advise not to wait more than three months for the first sonogram.
Three months.
- Hello.
- Do you want to see me? In 10 minutes at the Oeste towers, under the bridge.
10 minutes isn’t enough time, I need longer.
Come alone or you’ll be stood up.
Tell me, Mario.
Germán has just told me to go to Oeste towers.
I don’t know if I’ll make it in time.
I hope you can make it, otherwise I’ll be fucked up.
I want to speak to judge Cambeiro.
Let me take care of it.
Can I help you? Yes, we’re looking for judge Cambeiro.
We’ve been told she might be here.
The judge isn’t here.
Perhaps I can help you.
No, we’ll only talk to her.
You’ll have to come some other day then.
No, we need to speak to her right now.
This girl is in danger, so, please, phone her.
Who else knows this? Apart from the Arteagas, only us.
Well, now the police officer too.
Don’t worry.
She’s completely trustworthy.
Alen, find a Polish interpreter.
Yes, madam.
I’ll be there by tomorrow morning to take the girl’s statement.
Tomorrow? What shall we do till then? We can’t wait.
The Arteagas are looking for her.
She could stay here tonight.
Here? We could pretend she’s an offender and she could spend the night in a cell.
No one would suspect.
She would be permanently watched.
I think it’s a good idea.
Okay, all right.
I’ll see you tomorrow.
You’ll be sleeping here tonight.
I can’t stay.
Listen, only tonight.
I promise it’s safer.
Okay? Please.
Come on, let’s go.
I think I found the girl you’re looking for.
All right.
I let you work, doctor.
Should you need anything, let me know.
Don’t be frightened, it’s not a miracle.
Would you like a drink? By the look in your face, you need it.
What’s this? I’m sorry for the deception, I had no option.
I need your help.
No, those who need my help are those who are actually ill.
I’m also ill, not as much as I’m pretending to be.
I faked the attack for some reason you’d better not know about.
But now, I need to recover, and recover fast.
I need you to make it believable.
If you help me, you won’t have to worry about money ever again.
And if I don’t? You have every right.
But one becomes a doctor to save people’s lives.
If you don’t help me or if you say anything about what you’ve just seen, you’ll be sealing my family’s and my own fate.
Think about it.
What a beauty.
The lap dog has left his owner’s lap.
Jealousy is a bitch, isn’t it, carrot? Jealous? What of? That the lap I’m on isn’t your lap.
- I prefer other parts of the body.
- Do you? If you have time, I can show you parts of my body.
- And can you leave your owner alone? - Yes, he’s with the doctor.
- The doctor is a neurologist.
- What female doctor? Irene something.
Short, brown hair, in her early forties.
- Nice body.
- I know which one, but I thought she was a friend of Daniel’s.
What? I saw them leave together in a car yesterday.
Ferro, where are you going? What do you say? Will you help me? Who are you phoning? Mr.
Arteaga, it’s Doctor Costa.
I can confirm that Nemo Bandeira is in an almost vegetative condition.
You can relax.
You’re welcome.
Hey! Neurologist of the fucking mind! When the heck did the Arteagas buy you off? Leave us alone, Ferro.
Don’t worry.
Celso, where the hell are you? What the heck is going on? They’re moving, they’re going north.
Let’s go! We have to follow them! Why? Why haven’t you told Germán Arteaga the truth? You’ve said it.
I became a doctor to save people’s lives.
I’m not going to help them kill you.
I know well how much a life is worth.
My son died some months ago.
I’m sorry.
An overdose.
Years of bails, of clinics, of problems.
I had to stop working to help him, I got in debt.
It wasn’t enough.
I can’t understand how you can even tolerate being the same room with me.
When I got here, I only saw another patient, a man who’s dying.
And now, that you know I’m not dying? Yes, you are dying.
Not as fast as I thought, but you’re dying.
Alzheimer’s disease is relentless.
Thank you.
You’re risking your life to save mine.
If I were you, I wouldn’t have hesitated not for a second to have exposed you.
That’s the difference between people like you and people like me.
Thank you for coming to see me.
The drawback of being a fugitive is that one can’t socialize as much as one would like to.
- Do you care for a drink? - Sure.
By the way, the hood smells a bit funny, you should replace it.
It’s the smell of fear.
You know? Many people don’t like this drink with the worm inside.
I don’t like other animals.
Say, rats.
Especially those who make me lose millions of euros.
I know, Germán.
That’s why I’m here.
I have some information that you should know.
Thank you.
We’ll talk about it in a moment.
Cheers? Cheers.
Now I’d like you to come with me.
I want to show you something.
- Through here? - Yes.
Here on the right, down the stairs.
Come in, please.
Mind the steps, I don’t want you to break your nose.
Here, on the right.
Relax, son, no one is going to bite you.
I don’t believe you’re scared of darkness.
Surprise! It seems this bastard was curious to know where I was.
However, he forgot that curiosity killed the cat, true? - See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.
Arteaga, it’s the right moment.
Do you know where we caught him? Following you.
So, you won’t tell me now that you two had conspired to come to get me, son of a bitch.
I have nothing to do with this man.
I’ve just come to tell you the name of the traitor.
Tell him then, snitch! You, bloody traitor! I don’t give a shit if you tell him.
Watch your fucking blood, I wouldn’t like you to stain my shoes.
Our estuary is destroyed due to this kind of invaders, and no one does anything.
The only one who has the guts to do something is me.
The only one! Are you telling me that because of this fucking redneck I lost nine tons of coke? And do you know how I did it? I threw the bundles into the water but with a buoy.
And later on, I fished them out and left them in your workshop so the Colombians could find them.
It makes sense you used that old trick.
I laughed my head off picturing the silly look on your face you’d have when you found out.
Just like that look on you face of a beaner you have now.
Fucking bastard, scumbag! The cameras are off.
You have five minutes.
Thank you.
Don’t be afraid.
I won’t do anything to you.
Everything’s is okay.
Hey, Germán.
Germán, this man is worth more alive than dead.
Don’t worry.
I won’t kill him.
You’ll do it.
Don’t worry.
Everything’s okay.
I won’t do anything to you.
Don’t worry.
Everything is okay, love.
You have ten seconds to finish this rat off.
Ten - I’m no murderer.
- Nine.
Listen, asshole, didn’t you want to work for me? Now it’s when you can start.
Otherwise, there will be another dead body lying on the floor.
Eight Seven Six Five Four Three Two One Taker her away.
- What happened? - You shouldn’t have seen it.
What happened? They found her in her cell hung by the neck.
No, she wouldn’t kill herself.
I’m sorry, Lara.
Bugger, I should have stayed with her.
This is all your fault.
I should have never trusted you.
I’ll get to the bottom of this.
I swear.
- What are you doing here? - We have to talk.
I’m sorry, but this is not the time.
I’m pregnant, and the baby is yours.
You were right.
I’ll help you get rid of the Arteagas.
Right now there’s a shipment of 20 girls heading to Oeste, and we need your help to save them.
Those sons of a bitch killed Celso.
I killed him, they pointed a gun at my head.
Let’s make their business fail.
We’ll ruin that son of a bitch.
When Nemo is no longer here, will Mario kill you? Mr.
Bandeira, you’re ill, very ill.
I’m running out of time.
I have been digging a little more into the life of the neurologist.
You won’t like it, at all.
Nina is pregnant.
The baby she’s expecting is mine.
He goes by the name of Mr.
Andersen, the Arteagas’ man in the prostitution business.
I want an undercover agent there immediately.
Monterroso, we’ve got it.
All units to the port.
If there’s any police car around here, I want it to go there, okay? Everyone is looking for that son of a bitch, and he’s right here.
- I know what the Arteagas are up to.
- Good job.
- It was Lara.
- I told her to stay away! What will happen to her if they find out she’s involved in this? Your colleague has a nine millimetre gun aiming at her head.
- Let’s kill her.
- No, don’t do it.
If you want to be a father, we’ll have to run away from Oeste.
If German finds out that we are expecting a baby, he’ll kill us both.
See you never again, Mario Mendoza.
Tell me that your son isn’t in the hands of the Arteagas, or perhaps he simply works for them.

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