Unauthorized Living (Vivir sin permiso) (2018) s02e09 Episode Script

A Very Dark Place

Irene Costa.
I faked the attack.
I need to recover.
I need you to make it believable.
Top class girls.
We are going to make a fortune.
One of the girls is missing.
We’ve got to find her immediately.
Otherwise the chief will pump us full of lead.
You disappointed me, you’re no good for me.
I’m not scared of anything.
I want you to help me kill Germán Arteaga.
I’m sorry, Dad, but I’m not going to betray Germán.
He’s my new family.
Easy! I won’t hurt you! - And this little boy? - Romek.
Is he your son? - We have to talk.
- I’m sorry, this is not the time.
I’m pregnant, and the baby is yours.
- Tell me, Mario.
- Celso, Germán has just told me to go to Oeste towers.
You won’t tell me now that you two had conspired to come to get me, son of a bitch.
You have 10 seconds to finish this rat off.
Daniel? Do you know him? Listen, was it him? She could stay here tonight.
We'd pretend she’s an offender.
She'd spend the night in a cell.
I found the girl you’re looking for.
Three, two, one.
They found her in her cell hung by the neck.
She wouldn’t kill herself.
I’ll help you get rid of the Arteagas.
I thought it was clear that you wouldn’t get in my house.
You didn’t need to take the fuses out.
Mario? PRIVATE NUMBER - Hello? - Good evening, judge Cambeiro.
Don’t be scared, please.
- Who are you? - My name isn’t relevant.
You only need to know that I belong to Interpol.
Then stop this nonsense and ask for an appointment at my office.
Don’t hang up.
You’re right, but it’s extremely important that I remain anonymous.
What do you want? You have just examined a dead body.
A girl named Ania Kaminsky.
Last night she was murdered in your cells.
We still haven’t got the autopsy results.
It could be suicide.
You and I know that it wasn’t suicide.
That girl was one of many who are abducted in their countries to later sell them in Europe and force them to work as prostitutes.
Listen carefully, your honour.
We have been investigating a women trafficker for a year, who goes by the name of Mr.
All this time he has been invisible for us, until now.
Some days ago Mr.
Anderson contacted Germán Arteaga.
We know that they agreed to do business together.
Right now there’s a shipment with 20 girls on a ship, inside a container, heading to Oeste.
We need your help to save them.
- Of course, you can count on me.
- Very well.
On the table you’ll find some documents with everything you need.
- Thank you for your cooperation.
- Hold on.
Hello! TRAITOR Celso! Irene Costa.
New neurologist.
Her son overdosed.
She’ll help me fake my recovery.
Fake my reco NINA HATES ME Mr.
Yes? Come in, doctor.
Everything is ready.
You’ll come with me to the hospital.
We’ll pretend that I’m performing surgery on you.
We’ll say that the electrodes were the cause of the attack, and that we have removed them.
From then on you will be able to fake in front of everyone a miraculous recovery.
Thank you very much, doctor.
I need to be who I used to be.
Bandeira, you’ll never be who you used to be.
Although you’re able to speak, you’re ill, very ill.
Well, I think I haven’t managed that bad so far, don’t you think? You can’t fool me.
I’ve seen your moments of emptiness, your memory lapses, mild mobility problems.
And that well-hidden diary you carry everywhere on you.
I’ve always kept a diary, also before I was ill.
On it you write everything you don’t want to forget.
Then you read it and re-read it, trying to hold on to your memories.
Learning them again to convince your loved ones that you’re the same man.
Am I that ill? You’ll enter phase three soon.
You’ll have more problems to express yourself, to remember simple things.
You may also suffer from depression, hallucinations and delirium.
I’m running out of time.
- Hello.
- Did you sleep well? I hope so, because from now on you’ll work for me, son of a bitch.
What do you want from me? You’ll be in charge of my finances.
I know you’re very good at figures and money.
I think I can trust you, even when handling confidential information.
Do you know why? Look on the table, I left you a small present.
Can you see it? A film, it isn’t a Hollywood production, but I know you’ll like it.
That’s my guarantee that you won’t open your mouth in your fucking life.
Are we clear? Have a nice day.
Those sons of a bitch killed Celso.
What? When? How did they do it? They shot him on the head and left him hanging in the street as if he was a puppet, so everyone could see him with a note saying "Traitor" on his chest.
- And Mario? Where’s Mario? - I don't know.
We have to find him.
We need to phone him.
- I’m here, Nemo.
- Mario.
Are you okay? Celso has been murdered, Mario.
I know.
I killed him.
You’re fucked, Celso.
They pointed a gun at my head.
If I got caught, we’d have lost the only opportunity we had to catch the Mexicans.
I had no option.
There’s always an option.
He’s right.
I killed him.
No, they forced you.
They killed him.
- Ferro.
- Let him go.
He’ll get over it.
What’s important now is that the Arteagas’ trust you.
You’ll be in charge of the new business’ accounts.
- Do you know what kind of business? - No.
They’ll not give me that kind of information that easily.
Nemo, are you okay? No one wants Germán for himself.
They just want his money.
If he can’t pay his men, no one will follow him.
Nemo, if Germán finds out I’m betraying him, he’ll send this video to the police.
You won’t do anything that puts you in danger.
I just need you to find out what they are up to.
Ferro and I will take care of the rest.
We’ll make his business fail.
We’ll ruin that son of a bitch.
You know what? I can’t stop thinking about the suicide of that girl in the cell and I always reach the same conclusion.
How much did they pay you? I don’t know what you mean.
I’ll be breathing down your neck every single day, every hour, and every minute.
When you make the first mistake, I’ll get you.
Alen, I need a word with you.
He goes by the name of Mr.
Anderson, and he’s wanted in 12 countries.
He introduced Ania Kaminsky and other girls in Spain.
He’s currently working with the Arteagas.
They want to start a prostitution ring across the country.
I know the Arteagas were behind all this.
What a bunch of bastards.
Interpol has informed us that 20 girls have been abducted and shipped by force in the port of Odessa, with destination Oeste.
We have to rescue them as soon as they get to port.
What day will they arrive, on what ship, in what container? I don’t know.
For years we’ve known that all sort of stuff gets here through the port.
We never found anything.
It’s a needle in a haystack.
Now we have a lead.
Desirée night club.
Suso Mariño.
The Arteagas’ man in the prostitution business.
He must know how and when the girls will get here.
I want someone inside the club to find out as much as possible.
Do you want someone undercover immediately? Find a way.
You’ll be in charge of the investigation.
Are you saying I’m back on the case? You’ll take over inspector Alen.
She’ll be out of the case.
What? No way! Those bastards killed Ania! You can leave me out of the case! Do you mind leaving us alone? No problem.
That girl’s death has affected you a great deal.
I saw you threatening a colleague earlier on.
I can’t compromise this investigation.
I’m asking you please not to leave me out of the case.
I’m sorry, Marta, but now our priority is to save those girls.
Everything will be okay.
Everything will be okay, you’ll see.
Everything will be okay.
Nina, it’s me again.
I looked for you all over the house.
I phoned you a thousand times.
You can’t just vanish after what you told me, Nina.
Phone, please.
One kiss.
- I have to speak to you.
- No, let me tell you one thing.
I’m very sorry for being angry at you.
I know that you and Nemo are right.
The Arteagas have to be destroyed, and I want to help you.
You have to help me convince Nemo to let me help you destroy them.
- What’s wrong? - Nina is pregnant, and I’m the father.
Firstly, it happened before you and I started.
She told me that we would sign the divorce papers only if, in exchange, I slept with her one more time.
- Lara.
- No, leave me alone.
- Didn’t you come back because of me? - Yes.
Because you loved me? Is that a lie? - No.
- Have you lied to me all along? - No, I haven’t lied to you.
- Leave me alone.
- Lara, please.
- Leave me alone, dammit! Madrid accounts.
Phone the judge.
Phone the judge? Ferro, I want you to have the car ready at the door at 10:30 am.
I don’t want any delays.
Nemo, right now it’s not a good idea for you to go to that clinic.
I won’t have any surgery.
It’s just a show to justify my recovery, Ferro.
That clinic is a good chance for Germán to put a bullet in your head - as he did to Celso.
- Do you think it’s a trap? Let’s see, Ferro.
If Dr.
Castro Costa.
If the doctor wanted to betray me, she’d done it already.
She had thousands of opportunities.
I’ve been digging a little in the life of the fucking neurologist.
- And? - And you won’t like it at all.
Don’t get on my nerves, Jaime.
I need to get in that club.
I don’t care how.
For fuck’s sake.
You promised me you’d find Ania’s murderer.
- Lara, what are you doing here? - What do you mean? Ania was my friend, trusted me, I brought her here and they killed her.
What have you found out? The autopsy results came in a few hours ago.
The report ruled her death a suicide.
It can’t be.
That’s a lie! That pathologist was bought off! The same way as you! As everyone in this town! Ania had a son, who was ill, and she was sending him money! - Do you believe it was a suicide? - I know it wasn’t.
I’m not stupid, and I’m not a corrupt officer.
Otherwise I wouldn’t investigate a case I know is closed.
Whoever did it will pay for it.
I promise you that.
I’m sorry.
I’m not feeling well.
Could I have a glass of water? Sure.
Hello, Lara.
They told me you were dead.
But I swear But I swear I knew you were alive.
I’m sorry for everything.
They laid me a trap.
I was accused of betrayal.
They wanted to get rid of me.
If I hadn’t disappeared, they would’ve found me.
Couldn’t you have said anything to me? Have warned me? No.
I would’ve put you in danger.
They told me your name was Marcos.
Marcos Hevia.
And your wife and your son? Well, I got divorced.
- I’m sorry.
- No, I’m not.
Sooner or later it was going to happen.
We no longer loved each other.
What are you doing here? Why did you come? Because of work.
But the question is: What were you doing in Desirée club? Well, a friend of mine was killed, and I know that Desirée club is somehow involved.
Hold on a moment.
Ania Kaminsky was your friend? Yes.
Why? What do you know about Ania? Now I work for Interpol.
That’s all the information I can give you.
This is far bigger than what you can imagine.
Was it the Arteagas? Malcolm, please, just tell me if it was the Arteagas.
We think it was them.
Hear me out, Daniel Arteaga lives in the house with me.
I can get you the information you want.
You only have to tell me what you know.
No! If you really want to help, let me do my job.
This is more dangerous than you may think.
I can’t understand why everyone is protecting me.
One tries to protect whom one cares about.
I’d better go now.
You can keep calling me Malcolm.
Good morning.
Everything’s been arranged.
We can leave whenever you want.
- You lied to me.
- What are you talking about? You told me your son was dead.
- Where the hell is your son? - What do you care? I care! I care because your son is your weakness.
And if the Arteagas find out about your weakness, I may end up dead.
What are you talking about? Tell me your son is not in the hands of the Arteagas.
Or is he just working for them? You’re paranoid.
My son has nothing to do with this.
Then, where the hell is your son? He’s in a clinic.
Why did you tell me he was dead? To make me feel guilty? Is that your way of getting revenge on someone like me? No.
I didn’t tell you, because for me he’s dead.
I gave it all for him, and he ruined my life.
He destroyed my marriage, he stole from me, he hit me.
I’m his mother, and it got to a point I wished he was dead, because I couldn’t recognise the person in front of me.
That wasn’t my son.
Now I pay the bills of that clinic, but I don’t want to know anything about him.
If you don’t trust me, just tell me and I’ll leave right now.
If you want to go on with this, we are expected at the hospital.
You decide.
Daniel? Daniel? Coming! Daniel, I have to speak to you.
Can I come in? What do you want? It’s about your father’s new business.
Come in.
You’re poking your nose in what’s not your business again.
Let me explain.
Your father is doing very funny stuff.
The first thing is that he’s borrowing a lot of money and sending it to bank accounts in Moldavia, Ukraine.
- Those places are very risky.
- Hold on.
If they betray you, I can’t do anything.
How the hell do you know that? Your father asked me to be in charge of the bookkeeping.
So my father asked you to do the bookkeeping.
If you don’t tell me what kind of business you’re involved in, I can’t do anything.
It’s none of your damn business, asshole.
Get out of here.
Out! I’m going to do you a huge favour.
I know how to get a mole into that club.
- Do you remember Jaime Prieto? - Yes.
One of his cleaning companies works for them.
- It sounds promising.
- I did him a small favour with a pending complaint, so now he owes us.
- I didn’t know that side of you.
- You never know.
- There’s a small detail.
- Let’s see.
The undercover office has to be a woman.
I guess it’ll have to be someone you fully trust.
The judge doesn’t want you in the case.
True, but you won’t say no to me.
Especially after how much you like to get on the judge’s nerves.
Have a rest, gorgeous.
Where should I start? You have plenty to choose from, pretty face.
Talk about business.
If everything goes well, I’ll be able to send you another shipment next month.
That’s it, Arteaga.
If it could be sooner, much better, the demand is increasing.
Mescal and all, delicious! What’s up? You throw a party and you don’t invite me? My dad didn’t introduce us.
Pleased to meet you.
Daniel Arteaga.
- You must be - Mr.
You’ll excuse me, I’ll be back to you in a moment.
I’ll speak to you later.
What are you doing? I told you I’d call you.
- Don’t you have anything to tell me? - What? - Don’t you have anything to tell me? - What do I have to tell you? I don’t know, Dad.
Isn’t there another person in this town that can do the bookkeeping for you apart from Mario? He works for Nemo, he can fuck things up for us whenever he wants.
Think about that.
That’s my business.
I just hope he has more luck than Freddy playing Russian roulette.
Look, dude, you have a lot of guts.
- You don’t know how to use them.
- If I hadn’t killed that slut, and that slut was alive and talked to the police, you’d be well screwed up, Dad.
So, I deserve to be part of this, because I have killed, I have worked my ass off.
I want to be part of this.
It’s okay.
I can’t go out on the street, so take Mr.
Anderson, and give him the rolls.
Visit the premises, so he can enjoy himself.
He’s very uptight.
You give Mario the bookkeeping and I You’re good for nothing.
The only thing you’re good at is partying.
And that’s there is.
Take it or leave it.
Fine, I’ll be a fucking tourist guide.
You’ll be my fucking tourist guide.
Fucking moaner.
Stay here.
Mario, did you do what I asked you? I spread the rumour across Oeste that the surgery was a success.
Call Nina.
I want her to be the first to hear me speak again.
Nemo, you spoke to Nina yesterday.
You told her the truth.
It’s true.
Mario, can you take him inside? I have to leave.
Where are you going? I’m going to bury a friend.
A very nice place, very suitable for a chapel of rest.
Carrot, for God’s sake.
I’m very sorry.
Bandeiras family is sorry for your loss.
I’m deeply sorry.
Thank you, Ferro.
For Celso you were like a brother.
We look like little girls weeping here, damn.
Why don’t we go after them? - We have to kill those bastards! - Hey.
What are we waiting for? Where are you going with that, Manu? To avenge our chief.
This is none of your business.
It’s none of my business? What’s your name? - Xequín.
- Xequín.
I was your age the first time Celso spoke to me.
Do you know what he told me? "Be very careful with me, Ferro, be very careful with me.
" "I already had hair on my balls when I was born.
" They say that shit about three things that a man from the estuary never forgets.
I did two of them with Celso, Xequín.
The first time I smoked a joint, I smoked with him.
We laughed our head off.
My first tobacco unload, I was with him.
1,000 boxes, Xequín.
They’re bloody heavy, 12 kilos each box.
And the first time with a whore he didn’t come along to set an example.
He said to me: "Ferro, never play with women.
" "Fall in love with women.
" You can’t tell me this is none of my business, Manu.
There isn’t anyone else who wants to avenge his death more than me.
- Then let’s go for them, holly shit! - What the heck will you gain? To kill two hit men, who are probably his age? The following day, six would come and fuck your sister.
Another fucking pack roaming around here, is that what you want? Today we’re going to bury Celso, nothing else.
Nothing else.
When the time comes to go for those sons of a bitch, don’t worry, I’ll come looking for you.
The virgin of Guadalupe When she goes through Ribeira The virgin of Guadalupe When she goes through Ribeira Walking barefoot She looks like a Rianxeira A glass of water, please.
A glass of water, please.
And bang! Come in, come in.
You should’ve seen the face of the poor girl when she saw me standing and speaking.
She must have thought I was a ghost.
Well, Chon Chon Chon Chon, she always said that the best way to spread the news is to tell the house servants.
So everyone in Oeste must have heard of my recovery by now.
I’m sorry I didn’t trust you.
Don’t be sorry.
In fact I should thank you.
Thank me? What for? - I went to see my son.
- Really? - How is he? - Fine.
I found him in the garden of the clinic.
He was sitting down, with a coloured blanket covering his legs.
He’s changed a lot.
He’s serene, he’s different.
Did you two speak? A little.
He was nice to me.
I guess that’s a good beginning.
I can’t tell you how happy I am.
My son Carlos also had problems, with drugs.
I didn’t know.
He overdosed, and now he is in a vegetative condition.
I would have liked to say goodbye to him, say so many things, but I wasn’t able to.
You’ve done the right thing, Irene.
Honestly, you won’t regret it.
I guess a son is always a son.
No matter how much they hurt us.
Do you want me to do more rooms? What about those at the end of the corridor, the ones locked? I thought you’d need them.
Aren’t there more girls coming? And who the fuck told you that? Ah, no one.
I overheard it somewhere.
No? Then, don’t worry, hey? If I need you, I’ll let you know.
Fine, but I have to get myself organized.
If I have to come in earlier, then it’s overtime, and I have a life, a house, children to take care of, and Phew, what the heck? Tomorrow you come in a bit earlier.
How many? Just to know how many rooms.
- How many girls will be coming? - Two.
Only two.
What the heck do you expect, a crowd coming here or what? Okay.
It’s for the hours of overtime.
Your honour, the girls are arriving tomorrow.
Two of them will stay at Desirée club, but not the rest.
Either we find out which container are they in, or we won’t be able to save them all.
We’re running out of time.
Where did you get the information from? From our undercover officer.
Do we already have an undercover officer? Why wasn’t I informed earlier? Who is the officer? - Alen, your honour.
- What? Our undercover officer is Alen.
Nina, can I come in? I would like to talk to you.
Nina! Daniel! Fuck.
Mario, you’re a pain in the ass.
- Have you decided anything? - I can’t now.
I have a meeting with our new business partner.
A new partner? The Arteagas’ businesses are run by the Arteagas, okay? The Mendozas deal with the figures.
So, fuck off, dude.
Mario! - What’s wrong? Are you okay? - It’s Nina, Mario.
- What’s wrong with Nina? - She’s gone.
She left with Germán.
She threw herself to the arms of that son of a bitch.
- It can’t be, Nemo.
- She told me she’d do it.
She must have told him everything.
That we tricked him, that I faked my attack to destroy him.
I’m done for.
Everything’s my fault.
I lost my temper, I shouted at her.
I told her things I shouldn’t have.
She didn’t leave with Germán, Nemo.
I’m sure.
How can you be so sure? Because Germán would kill her.
Nina’s pregnant.
I am the father.
Malcolm, I know someone who works for Germán Arteaga and can get us all the information we want.
What do you mean by "us"? Please, let me be part of this.
Either you tell me everything you know and let me help you, or I’ll do it on my own.
It’s up to you.
You’d better sit down.
These girls don’t know what lies ahead, but they’ll be treated like slaves, beaten up and raped.
We have to do everything we can to save them.
Very well.
They’ll be arriving at the port of Oeste tomorrow.
We don’t know on which ship nor in which container.
- Can you obtain that information? - Yes, I think I can.
Be careful, okay? Okay.
With your contact, I mean.
Don’t worry.
Lara, listen up.
One of the main reasons I came to Oeste and accepted this case it’s because of you.
I tried to forget you, but I wasn’t able to.
Malcolm, I’m sorry.
Things have changed a lot since you left.
Mario came back.
Mario Mendoza? It’s true, a lot of things have happened since I left.
I have to go now.
Grandfather, Nina and Mario.
Where were you? I’ve been looking for you.
- I was at Celso’s funeral.
- Celso? Celso, Nemo.
Our Celso’s dead.
Don’t you remember? Yes, yes, sure.
And how did it go? His men were really hot under the collar.
They want vengeance, they want blood to be shed.
I see.
If by any chance they found out that it was Mario who shot the gun, things could get very nasty.
They can’t find out it was Mario.
One day they’ll have to work for him.
They’ll have to work for Mario, Nemo? Of course.
When I’m gone, he’ll have to be in charge of all of this.
Of course.
No one can do it better than Mario.
No one.
I'm going.
Try to get some rest, okay? You know what, Nemo? I never liked the view from up here.
I know, you prefer the view from that rubbish bar of yours.
No, Nemo.
I always preferred to be at the estuary, with our people.
What? You, on the contrary, came to this house to look down on us, didn’t you, Nemo? Go to hell, Celso.
I’m going to have a coffee.
Shall I get you one and we have them here, you and me? Yes.
Of course.
Nina, it’s me.
Answer the phone, please.
I know you’re close by, I’ve seen the movements on your credit card.
I only want to talk to you and know how you are.
One kiss.
Yes? Hello.
- Can I come in? - Yes, sure.
What are you doing here? I only came to ask you for one thing.
Whatever you need.
I know you’re working for the Arteagas.
- How do you know that? - It doesn’t matter.
I guess it’s part of the plan to get rid of them.
I know how things are, I know you and my father.
I need you to do one thing.
I need the container number that’s arriving today for the Arteagas.
Inside it, there are some girls, Mario.
Some Eastern European girls that need to be saved.
- Are you getting into trouble? - I’m not.
I’m helping a police officer, the same way you did.
I need that number.
Can you do that for me? Of course I can.
I’ll do anything for you.
Okay then.
Thank you.
You’re welcome.
Will you ever forgive me? I may, one day.
Ramón, it’s Mario Mendoza.
I need to see Germán Arteaga.
Mario? - Really? Did Nemo tell you? - Does it surprise you? Didn’t you tell him anything? Diana, Nemo always wanted Mario to be his successor, but I don’t know.
He was reluctant.
Perhaps he was already ill by then.
Very well.
Don’t worry, you relax.
You would just have a new boss who hates you.
What could happen when Nemo’s gone? That Mario kills you? No.
Mario would never go after me.
Mario is a big shark, yes, he is, but Mario knows I have a strong bite.
Okay then.
Let him have it all, the men, the money, the power.
Anyway, what do you want it for? You’d better retire, or perhaps you could open up a haberdashery.
That would suit you.
Do you realize that you’re all fucking day bugging me? And do you realize that a while ago I was doing something that you enjoyed very much? What are you thinking? I don’t think it’s fair that Mario gets everything.
All your life you’ve been Nemo’s right hand.
Celso’s men will follow you anywhere.
It was very obvious yesterday.
I’ll only follow Nemo.
But Nemo’s ill, you don’t need to agree with him on everything.
You know what they say: Where a captain rules, a sailor has no sway.
Very well.
Then, from now on I’ll be the captain, and you, the sailor.
Did you find Nina? No.
I’m sorry.
But I know what the Arteagas are up to.
They are bringing Eastern European girls in Spain through the port.
- I guess, to prostitute them.
- Of course, it was that.
Now we know where we can harm them.
Call Ferro.
And well done, Mario.
It wasn’t me.
- It was Lara.
- What do you mean Lara? What does Lara got to do with this? I told her to stay away! Calm down, Nemo.
She’s helping the police.
I cannot calm down.
They have people everywhere! Inside the police, too! Do you know what will happen to her if they find out she’s involved in all this? - Lara can look after herself.
- She doesn’t.
She’s one step ahead of us.
She obtained the information we were looking for, she also knows what to do with it.
She’s smarter than us.
That’s what frightens me.
That she’s like us.
I have to go now.
Where are you going? To obtain the information Lara asked me for.
"She’s helping the police.
" I was told you were looking for me.
What a coincidence, as I also wanted to talk to you.
I heard that the old man has been reborn.
That he had surgery or some kind of weird thing, and he can walk and speak as he used to.
That’s true.
Only the good die young.
What a coincidence that when he’s reborn, my girl goes missing.
Where the hell is Nina Bandeira? He hid her from me, didn’t he? Nina and you are together? I had no idea.
You’ll be that old bastard’s shadow.
You’ll find out where my girl is, and you’ll bring her back.
Got it? - I won’t do that for you.
- Excuse me? I know you’re expecting a container.
A very special shipment.
How on earth do you know about that, dude? Because the men who work for you in the port are blabbermouths.
I don’t think so.
Those men are not blabbermouths.
- Yes, they are.
- Let’s play your game.
Let’s see, what men? What men opened their mouth too wide? Tell me what men, bastard! - I don’t want you to kill them.
- You don’t? - I’ll kill them or I’ll kill you.
- You won’t kill me.
- I won’t kill you, why? - I’m more valuable alive.
Is that so? Do you know why no one tricked Nemo? Because only I dealt with everything to do with the port.
- And I can do it again.
- Why would you do that for me? I’d do it for a five per cent of the profit.
For a five per cent? I don’t think so, asshole.
Did you think I’d scatter your brain all over here? It’s just been cleaned, dude.
A four per cent, and that’s all.
All right.
A four per cent.
Ramón! Give him the information he needs about the port.
Wait, Mendoza! Come, come closer.
Come closer, dude, I don’t bite.
Pay attention and don’t disappoint me, because next time there will be lead.
Come on, do your job.
- Mario? - Nina, at last! - First of all, how are you? - Stop phoning me.
Don’t look for me anymore.
We have nothing to talk about.
Nina, hold on a second.
You’ve told me you’re pregnant, that I’m the father.
I think we do have something to talk about.
Don’t worry, I won’t have any baby that’s yours.
I’m going to lose it.
Can you hear me? Nina, please.
Don’t do it.
And what do you expect me to do? Don’t you see I’m on my own? No, Nina, you’re not on your own.
I’m the father.
You? Mario, don’t promise anything you won’t do.
- You have your own life.
- Yes, I have my own life.
That baby is my child and I want to be a father for him.
If Germán finds out that we are expecting a baby, he’ll kill us both.
Can’t you see it? If you want to father this baby, you’ll have to come with me.
We’ll have to run away from Oeste together.
Are you willing to do that? What’s up, sluts? This is dead, dude.
Let’s see, who’s Suso? A pleasure, Daniel Arteaga.
There’s some time before we open, around eight hours.
I can see this is more dead than a cemetery.
Bring my partner and me some tequilas, - and some girls to have a good time.
- Very well.
You can go in the VIP area.
- What? - It’s the container’s number.
- Really? - Yes.
It’ll arrive this evening.
It will not go through customs.
I’m convinced the girls are in there.
Thank you.
The ship’s name and the arrival time are on there.
Thank you, Mario, so much.
It really means a great deal to me.
I hope you didn’t have to risk a lot for this.
Lara, I have to tell you something.
What’s the matter? Nina’s leaving Oeste.
If I don’t go with her, she won’t have the baby.
- Well, that’s blackmailing.
- I know.
What did you say to her? I said yes.
I can’t let her lose the baby because of me.
If I don’t do everything I can so the baby’s born, I won’t ever forgive myself.
Do you understand? Yes.
Do you really understand? Then, it’s done.
No, Lara, it’s not done.
It’s over, Mario.
Lara, don’t say that.
It’s not over.
- I love you the same.
- You’re leaving with Nina.
So I won’t lose my child, but I’ll be back.
When? I don’t know.
That baby is your child, forever.
Should I choose between you and my child? No.
You’ve already chosen.
- Lara.
- So it’s done.
It’s better that we go our own separate ways.
- And what do you think? - Impressive.
Yes, it’s awesome.
It has 30 rooms, lights, everything.
It’s very good.
30 rooms? The girls I’m bringing you are top class girls.
Very well, like these two sluts, hey? They’re really pretty.
Very good, then let’s toast.
To the first load of money that’s arriving soon, dude! Fuck! Sorry.
Someone come to clean this.
Is Suso coming or what? For fuck’s sake, someone come! I’m very sorry.
- I’m going to the toilet.
- Okay.
Someone dropped something.
Don’t you want me to clean it? - I spoke to Nina, Nemo.
She’s okay.
- Thank goodness.
- Where is she? - In a safe place.
- Don’t worry, I took care of that.
- Won’t you tell me where? She doesn’t want you to know.
She’s not coming back, is she? No.
Nemo, I’m leaving with her.
- Mario.
- It’s already been decided.
Pick up, fuck.
Marina, he’s here.
Anderson’s here.
Everyone is looking for him, and that son of a bitch is right here.
Fucking bastard.
Hello, Dad.
Carlos? It can't be.
Carlos, is it you? Is it you, son? It can’t be.
What are doing here? You wanted to talk to me, didn’t you? I’m here.
I’m so happy to see you.
I’ve missed you, son.
- Really? - Of course I have.
Everything was so sudden.
You can’t imagine how sorry I am for what happened to you.
What happened to me? As I had been run over by a bus, as if you had nothing to do with it.
Me? I had nothing to do with it.
I lost Alejandro because of you.
I didn’t kill Alejandro.
I got hooked to that shit because of you, Dad.
Don’t dare say that to me.
I tried to make you quit it a thousand times.
I tried everything! So who the hell did you bring the coke for, Dad? For other people’s children? For Dr.
Costa’s son? Who for? I never forced anyone to take drugs! - Everybody can choose.
- Sure.
That’s what you say to yourself so you can sleep.
I can assure you that I had more problems in my life than you or most people.
But I stood up and fought.
So that’s why, isn’t it? We, drug addicts are weak, and that’s why we deserve to die.
No, I never said that.
What sickens you about me isn’t the fact that I’m a junky or a bloody pussy.
What you loathe is that I’m a fragile man, weak.
I don’t loathe you, son.
That’s why you despise me and Nina so much.
That’s why you drove us away from you.
I didn’t drive you away from me.
I would give my life for you.
Don’t you understand? You’re lucky you still have Lara.
She’s like you, strong, resolute.
That’s why she was always your favourite.
That’s why Lara will become you.
Lara will never be like me.
I won’t let that happen.
Lara’s so much like you that one day she’ll take what’s hers.
You won’t be able to do anything because you’re ill.
The mountain of dead bodies you have created through the years will be for her.
So after all the fighting, all the suffering for you, everything I’ve achieved is a mountain of dead bodies.
I love you, Dad.
I’ve always loved you.
I know you love me too.
But even those you love, you end up destroying their lives.
You did it to Ada, to Nina, to me, and you’ll do it to Lara.
Do you really think of me that way? That’s what you think, Dad.
I’m not even here.
Lara, but this is very important.
You have saved many people’s lives.
Let me make a phone call.
- Your honour, we have the container’s number.
- Do you? It’s your turn now.
It’s a cargo ship that arrives at the port of Oeste at 19:15 pm.
That’s in an hour’s time.
The name of the company is MVC System, and the number is C, M, five, zero, three, seven, two, two, six, two.
Good luck, your honour.
We have them.
Lara, are you okay? Hey, what’s wrong? Nothing Mario and I have split up.
Well, everything’s completely fucked up.
He’s going to have a baby with Nina.
I don’t know what to do.
I don’t know why I’m in the house, or why I’m still with my father.
I don’t know.
I don’t fit anywhere, to be honest.
Let’s leave together.
What are you saying, Malcolm? Lara, you should have left this place long ago.
We can go now.
When this is over, come with me.
Monterroso! We’ve got it! - What have we got? - At the port in one hour.
Castro, all units to the port, all! If there’s any patrol car in the area, I want it there right now! Come on, everyone, bulletproof vests on! Call the ambulance service.
Let’s go, for fuck’s sake! Go! Marina, he’s here.
Anderson’s here.
Everyone is looking for him, and that son of a bitch is right here.
Good morning, officer.
Sorry for the blow, hey? I hardly recognized you with that outfit.
She really means it, wiping them off the streets.
Now, tell me.
What the heck are you doing here in my friend’s club? Getting extra money cleaning night clubs.
Look at her, she’s so funny, mate! We’ll have to hire her for the Saturday night show.
Look, slut, you have two options.
One, you tell me what the heck you were doing here, and we’ll all sleep at home.
And nothing’s happened here.
The other option is that you don’t tell me anything.
So what I’ll do is to tie your little hands and little feet.
I’ll take your clothes off in front of the club, so every fucking person that comes in through that door can fuck you, whore.
So start talking.
Talk, for fuck’s sake! It’s yours, chief.
- Who is it? - Marina Cambeiro.
That’s the judge.
Answer it.
- Your honour, what a surprise.
- Who are you? - Calm down, your honour.
- Where is the inspector? Here, in front of me.
I have the feeling she’s not going through her best moment, hey? - Marina, don’t tell them anything! - Shush! Be quiet, dammit! What are you doing? And now you will be quiet, whore.
Leave her alone or you’ll regret it.
Your honour, that’s not the right attitude.
Your colleague has a nine-millimetre gun pointing at her head.
Either you tell us what you’re up to - or this whore will die.
- Bastards! - Leave her alone! - You don’t want to help us.
It’s your decision.
Let’s kill her.
No! Don’t do it! Please, don’t do it! I have to go now.
The ship is about to arrive.
- Keep me posted.
- Sure, trust me.
Bandeira! What is it? Are you okay? - I’m fine.
Leave me.
- Come with me inside the house.
Leave me alone! - I have to go somewhere.
- All right.
Tell me where it is and I’ll go with you.
- Please, come with me.
- I have to go.
- All right.
- I have to go.
They’ve just docked, sir.
Let’s see, we’ll form a semicircle! Quito, with three or four men to the prow! Daniel, stay here.
The rest come with me.
We have to get those girls out! Come on! Police, to the ground, hands up! Don’t move! Get the girls out! Are you okay? I met the love of my life here.
On this beach I first saw Ada.
I was another person then.
What happened? Why did I leave all the good things in my life behind and I became who I am now? Come on! I want all those people handcuffed now! You, find the captain and bring him over, hurry your ass! Where the heck are the ambulances, dammit? I want them here now! And you put the fucking container down! What are you waiting for? Hurry, come on! Quickly, open it! What are you waiting for? What the hell? I had to come to the end of my life to realize that my whole life was a mistake.
I’ve turned a blind all these years, not seeing that I lived surrounded by pain and death.
Bring the captain, now! And the girls? What did you do to them? Where are they? Where the heck are they? And I created all of it.
Where the heck are they? For fuck’s sake! I’ve deceived, betrayed, disappointed everyone.
I’ve been cruel to the people I hate, but even more to the ones I love.
They forced us to do it.
They would kill us all.
Where are they? In the sea.
I always left my pride and rage take over me.
You’ve thrown them into the sea? You’ve thrown them into the sea? Bastards! You've killed the girls, sons of a bitch, bastards! Sons of a bitch! Bastards! And I said to myself that I was doing it for my loved ones.
Marta! Marta! Are you okay? Marta! No.
What did you tell them? No.
What have you done? No.
But it’s all a lie.
The only thing I’ve done is to destroy their lives.
" It’s too late now to say I’m sorry.
I can’t make all those wounds heal.
Kill that backstabber of a partner.
Is it clear? But it’s over.
There won’t be any more blood, or more pain.
No one will ever suffer because of me.
See you never again, Mario Mendoza.
I don’t want any more dead people, any more blood.
I want to see your boss.
I came to offer you a deal you won’t be able to refuse.
If you want to seal our pact, kneel down and kiss my feet.
- We won’t fight the Arteagas again.
- What are you saying? We won’t pay those fucking murderers a penny.
If they want war, they’ll have war.
My father isn’t well, he’s wrong about the Arteagas.
Someone has to be in charge, and that's you.
I told you that when the time was right to go after those bastards I would come to look for you.
They know where your father is.
They’ll go to catch him, then they’ll kill you.
- We have to go now, Dad.
- You go back to Mexico.
- I’m your son.
- I have my doubts.
Your mother was the biggest whore of all of them.
- Your mother.
- Kill me, asshole.
You don’t have the guts.
You have conspired against me.
Am I wrong, Ferro? Get out of my sight, or it won’t be Germán who kills you.
Between love and power, you’ve always chosen power.
When all this is over, I’ll be waiting for you.
Who blew the whistle? It was someone of your team.
Three people know about this: Alen, you and me.
- What are you insinuating? - That you work for them.
- What do you want? - I came here to give you what you always wanted: My whole life as a drug trafficker.
Everyone is being arrested.
They say that Nemo Bandeira has taken the wraps off.
I’m going to kill that son of a bitch.
- Where is my father? - Nemo!
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