Unauthorized Living (Vivir sin permiso) (2018) s02e10 Episode Script

Before I Leave

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES They shot him in the head and they left him in the street, hung like a puppet.
IN PREVIOUS EPISODES Nemo, I killed him.
They forced you do it.
They killed him.
There’s a shipment with 20 girls on a ship, inside a container, heading to Oeste.
We need your help to save them.
- I swear I knew you were alive.
- I work for Interpol.
His name is Mr.
Anderson, the Arteagas’ man in the prostitution business.
I want someone undercover immediately.
A friend of mine was killed.
Desirée club is somehow involved.
- Ania was your friend? - Was it the Arteagas? We think it was them.
If you want to father this baby, you’ll have to come with me.
- What did you say to her? - I said "yes".
Mario and I have split up.
When this is over, come with me.
You’ll enter phase three soon.
You may suffer from depression, hallucinations.
I love you, Dad, and you love me too.
But even those you love, you end up destroying their lives.
We have the container’s number.
It’s a cargo ship that arrives at the port of Oeste at 7:15 pm.
- We’ve got it! - All units to the port, all! You tell us what you’re up to or this whore will die.
- Don’t tell them anything! - Be quiet! Come on! Quickly, open it! Bring the captain, now! Where are they? - In the sea.
- What did you tell them? Kill that backstabber of a partner.
See you never again, Mario Mendoza.
Where the heck is he? Come on, fucking hell! We must find him! Son of a bitch! Bunch of useless people! Mario, where have you been? What happened? Germán and his men tried to kill me.
- I came running across the field.
- What happened? They know I leaked the information about the container to the police.
I must leave Oeste, Nemo.
They’ll kill me.
We’ll fetch her now.
- Don’t move or I’ll shoot you! - Don’t worry.
I’ve come alone.
I want to see your boss.
Where is Nina? I don’t know.
I knew that if I told you it was her, you would come.
You look very well.
A lot of people thought I was dead.
And why this unexpected courtesy visit? I’m back, Germán.
And the people in Oeste expect me to be their leader in the fight against you.
They want war.
I think it hasn’t been one of your brightest ideas.
- Don’t you think, Nemo? - There won’t be any war.
There won’t be any casualties.
I’ve come to offer you a deal you won’t be able to refuse.
We won’t fight against you.
We’ll only focus on the Bandeiras’ legal businesses.
The rest is for you.
Oeste will be all yours.
In exchange for what? In exchange for your word that you’ll never touch my people.
You tried to kill Mario.
You won’t try again.
Nina and Mario are expecting a baby.
My only grandchild.
What? Nina and you had something together, but it’s over.
I want you to leave them alone, wherever they are.
Will you do it? You’ll also leave my other daughter, Lara, alone.
She has never hurt anyone.
If you want your family and friends to be untouchable, you’ll have to pay for protection.
All right.
I’ll pay, yes.
Come, boys.
Nemo Bandeira and I are going to seal a deal.
No, Nemo.
You and I aren’t friends, and we aren’t at the same level either.
If you want to seal the deal, kneel and kiss my feet.
You have my word, Germán, that’s what counts.
It’s not good enough for me.
If you really don’t want anything to happen to your family, kneel down and kiss my feet.
Lara, I couldn’t find you anywhere.
Are you okay? Is it true that all the girls are dead? Is it true? Yes.
There was a leak.
We don’t know where from, but someone told them.
They threw them into the sea.
I shouldn’t have trusted you, or the police.
My father is right, there’s only one way to do things.
- I have to go.
- Hey.
Lara! What’s wrong? - Why did you call me? - Sit down, darling.
This morning I went to see Germán Arteaga.
I spoke to him and reached an agreement.
Agreement? What kind of agreement can you reach with a murderer? I dislike it as much as you do, but as days go by I feel my end is coming.
I don’t want to go leaving you in the middle of a war.
Dad, what are you saying? That we won’t go against the Arteagas.
It’s over.
- I signed a peace treaty with them.
- What? Nemo, they have no men, no people, and you said it yourself: "Now!" No! I don’t want any more dead people, any more bloodshed! I don’t want this life neither for my children, nor for my grandchild.
From today on, Mario will have the full control of the Bandeiras’ companies.
As it should have always been.
We’ll focus on legal businesses.
Everything else will be for the Arteagas.
Nemo, can you explain something to me? And do it now.
If you kneel before them, how the hell will you stop Celso’s men, Nemo? It’s done, there’s no going back.
In exchange for that, you’ll live in peace.
You won’t have to run away from Oeste, and you’ll be able to enjoy everything I’ve built for you.
That’s all you care about, your fucking empire.
- Lara.
- No, you be quiet, Ferro.
You don’t care about the people who suffer because of those bastards.
Don’t you care about the women who drowned in the sea? - Lara! - Don’t you care about them? I can’t protect everyone, but I can protect you.
Nemo, they are the Arteagas.
You know well they won’t stick to their word.
They’ll do it because we’re going to pay them.
We won’t pay them a fucking penny.
- You’ll do what I say! - You’re ill, and I’m your legal guardian.
We won’t pay a fucking penny to those murderers.
If they want war, they’ll have war.
- Lara.
- Leave me alone! Lara! Lara What happened, Dad? What about all those boxes downstairs? Are you moving or what? Yes.
We found a quieter place.
This one’s becoming too popular.
Where to? That’s none of your business.
Well, I’ll need to know where you’re fucking moving.
You’re going back to Mexico.
To Mexico? Why? - Why do you? - Do you know why? The business with the Colombians was a cock up thanks to you.
The whores' one was going well till you arrived.
You’re jinxed.
It’ll be better that you clear off.
What have I done to you? - Why do you hate me so much? - You didn’t do anything, it was me.
I was mistaken with you.
I got the wrong rooster.
You’re no good.
You’re not a man.
You disappoint me at every step you take.
You won’t have anything that’s mine.
So you’d better leave, go.
But I’m your son.
My son? My son, that’s what your mother told me and I believed her.
But after knowing you, I have my doubts.
Your mother was the biggest whore of them all.
Son of a bitch! Will you kill me? Kill me, asshole, you don’t have the guts.
- I don’t have the guts? - Kill me! You don’t have the guts! - I don’t have the guts? - You don’t have the guts! - You don’t have the guts! - Son of a bitch! You see, you’re a coward.
You’re not capable of doing what you wish the most.
Beat it, I don’t want to ever see you in your fucking life.
- Good.
Keep that key.
- You gave me a copy yesterday.
You told me if anything happened, I’d burn all the papers.
Another thing, Diana.
I want Lara to stop being my legal guardian.
Can it be done? Then, do it, and do it quickly.
I’ll need a lot of things, a positive medical report, a statement from your people stating you are in full possession of your faculties.
You prepare the documents.
I’ll take care of the rest.
Come on.
I shut my mouth.
I won’t question your decisions in my fucking life.
In my fucking life.
Going on your own to see Germán? Nemo Bandeira and his guts, as always.
As always.
What are you talking about? I’m talking about your children.
Do you really think that by paying that son of a bitch, your children will live in peace? For fuck’s sake, Nemo.
My children? My children? Your children, Nemo.
My children.
You have three children.
Tell me your three children’s names.
Nemo? Hold on.
Lara, yes.
- Lara and Nina.
- Nina.
Yes, Lara and Nina.
And? And? And Carlos.
- And Carlos.
- Carlos.
Of course, Carlos.
Lara, Nina and Carlos.
I’ll have a rest.
That way.
Pick up.
Pick up.
Pick up.
The number you have dialled is out of signal.
Leave your message after the beep.
Hello, you son of a bitch, I’m your son.
Your fucking son.
Because I’m a fucking son.
I’m a fucking queer.
In case you didn’t know I like cocks.
I like fucking cocks, and despite that, I was fucking your wife, scumbag.
I just wanted to tell you, as you don’t have the decency to answer my phone calls, that I hope at least you listen to this message.
Because I hate you, Dad.
I swear, I hate you with all my heart.
I wish you were dead and buried, son of a bitch.
That’s all you deserve, scumbag.
You’re mean, and a miserable bastard who’s ruined my life.
My life, your son’s life, the one who’s worked his balls off trying to please you.
And what have you done for me, bastard? You’ve done nothing! Absolutely nothing, son of a bitch! Fuck you! It’s much better that you put it inside your mouth.
That way you’ll only blow your jaw out.
Go, asshole.
Fuck off.
You probably think that life’s crap, that it’s not worth living.
However, you’d better make the decision being a bit more What now? Eh? What now, scumbag? What now? Easy, it’s over.
Very well.
Come on, let’s go.
- Can I come in? - What are you doing? - If my father sent you over, go.
- It’s not that.
I know how to get rid of Germán Arteaga.
What? How? I know how to do it.
We just must decide if we really want to do it.
Let’s go for him.
- Okay, do you know what that means? - Yes.
- What we’ll have to do to him? - They are murderers.
- I don’t care what happens to them.
- Okay.
How can we find him? Daniel is willing to betray him.
- Daniel? - Yes.
He just needs a little push.
And I know how to give it to him.
Thank you for being on my side.
I’m always on your side.
Let’s do it, together.
It’s going to be so shiny.
I’m like fucking Karate Kid.
Wax on, wax off.
Whenever you want, you can start with my car.
Whenever you tell me, Lariña.
- Ferro, I need to talk to you.
- Talk.
My father’s not well.
He’s making a mistake with the Arteagas.
Mario and I have been talking, and we’re going to kill Germán.
We’re going to kill him.
Mario has put funny ideas in your head? Your dad doesn’t want any bloodshed.
I know, but you said my father isn’t well, he's making a mistake with the Arteagas.
In Oeste things are done with your dad’s permission.
You haven’t got that permission.
You haven’t got it.
Daniel’s going to betray his father.
He’ll give us the address.
He’ll tell us where he hides, and we’ll go for him.
We need you to finish him off once and for all.
Daniel can betray his fucking mother.
I won’t betray Nemo, are we clear? But Nemo’s betraying himself.
You know that if he was well, he wouldn’t sign a peace treaty with that scum.
I can’t, Lara.
I can’t.
- My father’s not well.
- You already told me that.
And he’ll get worse.
Someone will have to take control, that someone is you.
You, Ferro.
Your dad never dared say that Mario would be his successor.
Perhaps he didn’t have the guts to do it or his head was already struck by that stone.
He didn’t dare.
Nemo was wrong.
It’s you, because you know what happens in the streets, you know the men.
That’s much more important.
It’s you.
But first we must get rid of the Arteagas.
How are you? Fine.
Anyone can have a bad trip.
- You don’t understand.
- I do understand.
What you’re going through with your dad is exactly what I went through with Nemo.
I also did everything for him for nothing in return.
The day I found out I wasn’t his successor, I realized that not only had I wasted my whole life, but I had also lost a father.
Well, I really never had a father.
He never loved me like a son.
Everything I did for him, all the shit I had to take for him, for nothing.
Do you know how he paid me back? The son of a bitch pushed me down a cliff.
He pushed me down a cliff.
Mario, we know each other.
What do you want? I want to get rid of those bastards.
That’s what I want.
I’ve been waiting for that for a long time.
I know Oeste better than anyone else.
I have the contacts, I know who can be bribed, I know which companies would work for me.
The only thing I don’t have are men and arms, which is what you can put in.
Think about it, Daniel.
You and I can control the entire business.
No, my dad would kill us.
No, if we kill him before he kills us.
- Do you want us to kill my dad? - Yes.
Nemo is finished, and the only obstacle is Germán.
Daniel, we can’t let those bastards take the piss out of us again.
- We must - I know where he lives.
I know where he lives, but he’s moving tomorrow, I don’t know where to.
Then we only have 24 hours.
- What are you doing? - You want to kill Germán, and you send Lara over, our Lara, to convince me? Mario! I don’t need you to do anything for me.
And she knows perfectly well what she must do.
What she must do is to get rid of Germán, attorney.
In case you don’t know, Germán does the same thing we do! Germán doesn’t do the same thing we do! He forced me to kill Celso, and tried to kill me in cold blood.
When Nemo is no longer with us, he’ll try again, - and you’ll be the next one.
- Blah, blah.
Nothing causes a stir like Mario Mendoza’s ideas.
Why the heck are you in such a hurry to get the whole cake, Mario? If I wanted to get the whole cake, I just must wait until Nemo is no longer here and it would fall from the sky.
If we don’t kill Germán, Germán will kill us.
Look at me.
You know we have to kill him.
Nemo wants to see you.
I called for you because I’ve decided I’m going to take care of my businesses again.
I feel well, so there’s no need for Lara to be my legal guardian any longer.
This is a sworn statement in which you confirm that Nemesio Bandeira is capable of taking his own decisions.
I’m only trying to save the lives of you all, including your child’s.
To do that, we’ll have to pay.
There’s no other way.
I’m sorry, but no.
There’s another way.
We’ll get rid of the Arteaga’s.
Over my dead body.
Sign, Ferro.
I said: "Sign".
I can’t sign this, Nemo.
What’s all this about? Hear them out, please.
Daniel’s going to give us Germán’s address.
We’re going for him.
I told you I didn’t want any more blood.
How many of our people will die if you go for him? How many? It’ll be a massacre.
Ferro, an open war.
We’ve never had them so close.
We always had them close, and they’ve always got away with it.
What would happen if it doesn’t work? They’ll kill you all! We’ll lose everything.
Can you not see it? No, we can’t see it, Nemo.
You’ve plotted against me! The three of you! You’ve been talking behind my back! You have divided up my assets without telling me! Or am I wrong, Ferro? What did they promise you? Who the heck do you think you are? Everything you have, I gave it to you! Everything! I’m well! Out of here.
All of you out, out, everyone! Come on, out.
Captain, you’re not well.
When you were diagnosed you made me promise that the day you didn’t remember your children’s names I’d kill you.
Today you didn’t remember your children’s names.
Their names are Lara, Nina and Carlos.
You’re not well, captain.
Ada! Come! Let’s go.
I can’t.
It’s Lara.
Our little Lara.
I have things to do before I go.
Stop, leave it! Leave it! Go, bitch! Don’t start to work till you learn how to give a blow job! - For fuck’s sake.
- Is everything ok? With whores like that one, we’ll end up losing money, dude.
- What do we know about Nina? - We can’t find her.
Strange creature, that girl.
She doesn’t care about money.
Pretty, young, classy.
The sort of girl that can make you lose your head, until you find out that she’s pregnant with another guy’s baby.
And you realize that she’s as slutty as all those fucking women in the world, dude.
The film of Mendoza.
Give it to the police.
If that woman isn’t with me, she won’t be with him either.
Come on, it’s for today, dude.
THINGS TO DO BEFORE I GO 1: STOP THE WAR I told you when it was the right time to go for those fucking bastards, I would come for you.
Now it’s the right time.
We’ll know where Germán Arteaga is hiding very soon.
And I can assure you that we won’t take any prisoners.
None of them will come out alive.
If Germán’s hidden, he’ll be very well protected.
A lot of people will die.
True, Furancho.
The idea’s that they’re the ones to die.
I see.
What does Nemo think about this? Nemo isn’t in this operation, Furancho.
Why isn’t he in it? It may well be because he thinks that this is going to be a carnage.
Believe me, Furancho, it’s better that Nemo isn’t in this operation.
If Nemo isn’t in it, neither will we.
Did the Arteagas buy you off when you were in prison? - What? - They bought you off? What did they promise you? Bags or money? Because they haven’t got neither bags nor money, Furancho.
And you have the guts to tell me that I sold out to the Mexicans? Hey! My father’s ill, Furancho.
That’s why he can’t be here.
But if he was well, he’d want us to be united.
I can’t hold a weapon in my hands, and I can’t ask you to do it for me, but for your family, for your friends, for the people you love.
Because if the Arteagas live, they will pay the price, most likely with their lives.
One day we’ll be in the cemetery and we’ll say: "We could’ve done something, and we did nothing".
And that time is today! I’ve seen many people suffer.
I’ve lost many friends.
I’ve cried my eyes out because of that scum.
But it’s enough, it’s over.
I won’t cry anymore.
Because if today, the day we could have done something, we decide to do nothing, I won’t have any right to cry.
Neither will you.
All right, Lariña.
Let’s go for them.
Let’s go for those fucking Mexicans! Let’s go there, mates! Now you drink, my love.
You liked tequila so much, didn’t you, bitch? No one could beat you.
You were the best.
The best bitch.
Daniel? I’m tired.
I’m exhausted, my love.
I swear I need you to hug me.
I’m tired of my dad.
I’m tired of this country, of this town.
I’m tired of everything.
But all this crap is going to end.
And I’ll do it for you, and for me.
I’ll do it for us.
For us, my love.
For us.
I, judge Marina Cambeiro Sanromán, presiding judge of the magistrates’ court of Oeste, declare to have leaked relevant information about an ongoing investigation, aware that this information would be used to escape justice.
My actions resulted in the death of 20 girls, who were thrown into the sea.
Due to these facts, I remain at your disposal for any judicial action, and tender my irrevocable resignation.
I’m sorry to show up like this, but I’d rather no one knew I’m here.
What do you want? I came to give you what you always wanted.
What do you mean? I’m going to confess everything.
Everything, with data, names and documents.
My whole life as a drug trafficker.
I guess you’re interested in it.
Yes, of course I’m interested.
I only ask you for two things.
The first one is that I decide how and when.
And the second one? Why are you staring at me? You’re the spitting image of your dad.
I don’t look like my father at all.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
I’m sure I’m not the new Nemo Bandeira, Lara.
Why? Because to be Nemo Bandeira you need to have bright ideas, and my strong point isn’t having ideas.
But ideas are nothing if there’s no one to carry them out.
Do you know what my strong point is? The second row, covering the back of the person with the bright ideas.
What are you saying, Ferro? Who could be better than you? You.
I’M WAITING FOR YOU AT THE BACK GATE What are you doing here? Come in! - What do you want me to do? - Are you mad or what? - Someone can see you! - I need to talk to you - and you won’t pick the phone.
- What do you want? I know you’re angry about what happened at the port.
- I can understand.
- No, you can’t.
I have tried to get Interpol to investigate the Arteagas, but they’re only interested in Mr.
- They’re closing the investigation.
- All the better.
Those girls died, and no one seems to give a shit.
I care.
And that’s why I’m staying.
I want to catch those bastards.
I want to know who told the Arteagas, so they could get rid of the girls.
Lara, when this if over, I’ll be waiting for you.
If you still want us to go together, my offer’s still on.
I’m sorry, I’m still confused.
Because of Mario? Yes.
I’m sorry, but I need time.
Another one, please.
Hello, inspector.
- It can’t be.
Weren’t you? - Dead, yes.
And for the rest of the world I still am.
So look ahead and don’t make any fuss.
We must talk.
Mario, dammit, where were you? I was looking for you.
Have you heard from Daniel? Have you got the address? I haven’t heard anything from Daniel.
What shall we do then? What’s wrong? Why didn’t you tell me that Malcolm was alive? Because it was a secret.
He was my contact in the police, and no one could know about it, Mario.
That’s why it’s so easy for you to leave it.
- No? - No.
- I think it is.
- No.
I’ll find Daniel.
We’ll end all this.
And then, as you said, we go our own separate ways.
Mario, no.
Who screwed up the operation? Who the hell warned them, tell me? If I knew I wouldn’t be in this bar.
I’d be arresting that son of a bitch.
You know as I do that it was someone on your team.
I want a list of all involved.
Their names, addresses, I want everything.
- Furancho was released from prison.
- You followed him.
He went straight to Celso’s bar.
It was full of people, all of them Arteaga’s enemies.
Then there will be war.
There was someone else: Ferro and Nemo Bandeira’s daughter, Lara.
Fucking hell.
I think something big is boiling up.
A coffee, please.
Tell me you’re not trying to start up war with the Arteaga’s.
- What do you mean? - I know where you were yesterday, and I know what you’re doing.
Fine, then don’t interfere.
- Lara.
- Malcolm, please.
I’m a police officer.
If you go on with this, I’ll do my job no matter how hard it's for me.
Do you think you're the first person to feel that way? Too many times I’ve seen people like the Arteagas go unpunished for everything.
They destroy people’s lives to, later on, get into their luxury cars, and get lost inside their mansions.
And anger eats you alive, little by little.
The only thing you can think of is to grab your gun and go after them.
But we can’t, because we’re not like them.
You’re different from that scum, Lara.
You’ve always been.
Do you hear me? Lara, you have to stop this.
I can’t.
We’re about to find out where Germán is hiding.
Very well.
Give me that information, I’ll send it to the police.
You always ruin everything.
It’s your only option.
The other option is to become what you always hated, to become your father.
Daniel! Come in.
Where on earth were you? I was looking for you last night.
Saying goodbye to a friend.
To the bastards of our fathers.
What did you decide? This is what you wanted, isn’t it? There you have it.
I’ll arrest Mario myself.
I’ve been looking forward to this.
No, you won’t do it.
- What? - You won’t arrest anyone.
We are working on another operation.
Something more important.
What the heck are you talking about? You heard me.
We won’t arrest Mario Mendoza.
I’m starting to be fed up with all this.
Why do you always protect him? - What are you insinuating? - Since you came here every operation goes wrong.
I think you work for them.
Few people knew about this operation: You, Alen and I.
Leave Mendoza alone.
A coffee liquor, Paula, please.
- Did you find anything out? - Not yet.
So why the heck are you wasting my time? I’ve got something you could be interested in.
It’s about Mario Mendoza.
Thank you.
You’ll know what to do with it.
There you are.
I know where Germán is.
We’ve got the address.
Let’s get him.
Wait, I need to think.
It’s no good, don’t think.
This works like this.
Look at me.
You locate someone, you go to get him, and you put a fucking bullet into his head.
It’s what your father would do if he was well.
Don’t think, Lara.
- What are you doing here? - I have a gift for you.
A gift? - A gift from you for me? - Yes, you’ll like it.
But I must ask you something in exchange.
So it isn’t a gift.
I just want you to remember on what side I was when things got nasty for the Arteagas.
What are you talking about? Nemo has a plan to get rid of all of you.
He’s been plotting with Ferro and with Mario for a long time.
I don’t know how, but they know where your father is.
They’re going to get him, and kill him, and then they’ll kill you.
You’d better not drive your car.
Why? Fucking bastards.
It’s done.
I told him what you asked me to.
1: STOP THE WAR Thank you.
- Are you sure of what you’re doing? - Completely.
- Have they delivered? - In 10 minutes.
Nemo, what are you plotting? You’ll know soon.
Your honour, in 10 minutes you’ll receive a parcel.
Do what you have to do.
It’s over.
It’s over? Your plan.
I’ve told Daniel everything.
What? This very moment he’s going to warn his father.
So you’d better leave.
What the heck are you saying? - You’re not well.
- Did you sell us out? I’ve done what I had to do.
I’ve avoided a bloodshed.
If you had listened to me, we wouldn’t have got this far.
Have you gone mad? Germán will come for us.
Yes, he will, and his main defect is rage.
He’ll take all his rage out on you.
So you’d better hurry up.
Is this your vengeance against us? Sell us out to Germán? Kill us? Do you realize what you’ve done? You don’t give a shit for us, you don’t care about anyone.
Lara, hey.
I don’t know if Nina still thinks of herself as my daughter, but that baby is my only grandchild.
Take care of him.
I’ve seen you do awful things.
But I never thought we’d end like this.
Neither did I.
Captain, you’re not well.
You’re not well.
I’m well enough to recognize a traitor.
What did you expect, to become me? Is that what you always wanted? It doesn’t matter how ill you are.
I’ll always be by your side.
Till today.
Get out of here.
I never want to see you again.
- You can’t be alone.
- Get out of my house! - You can’t be alone! - Out of my sight! Otherwise it won’t be Germán who shoots you! The criminal activity of the Bandeiras for the last 30 years.
Everything is here: Operations, people involved, dates.
Financial and business framework is written in detail, as well as the web of corrupt officials and politicians used by the Bandeiras, inherited by the Arteagas.
- Where did all this come from? - From Nemo Bandeira.
- From Nemo? - Do you understand why I didn’t want you to arrest Mendoza? Nemo’s empire is now in our hands.
It’ll fall at last, and the Arteagas with it, too.
Let’s arrest everyone, and take everything from them.
Let’s screw that scum.
Hand in this to judge Meleiro.
I’ll be waiting in my office.
Bringing you to this house was a mistake.
You didn’t need any of this to be happy.
Yes, it was a mistake.
But that’s it, it can be solved.
I’m leaving for good.
I just wanted to have you close to me, look after you.
But it seems that I ruin everything I touch.
You ruin everything because for you there’s only one way of doing things, your way.
You didn’t let my mother die in peace.
You didn’t let me have my own life.
And you’ve done what you’ve done today.
You’re the big Nemo Bandeira, and we all live with your permission.
One day you’ll understand that what I’ve done, I’ve done it for you.
You’ve done it for you.
Between love and power, you’ve always chosen power.
You could have had my mother, and you preferred to build an empire.
Now you get rid of us.
You risk our lives, what for? For this.
Power is very tempting for people like us.
Yes, like us.
You’re like me, Lara.
My only intention is that you don’t make the same mistakes as me.
I’m not like you.
I’ll do anything not to be like you.
Do you know what my biggest regret is? Letting the love of my life go.
Are you already leaving? I’ve got nothing to do here.
I hope everything goes well for you two.
I’m going on my own.
Are you going on your own? I don’t have feelings for Malcolm.
I love you.
I love you very much.
I’m taking a coach and I’d love that you came with me.
But I can’t ask you to choose between your child and me.
Did you hear my message? Apart from being stupid, are you deaf? I told you I didn’t want to see you again.
Nemo is coming.
He knows where you’re hiding.
We must go now.
They’re on their way.
Let’s go now.
I knew I couldn’t trust Nemo.
Manuel, my van! Chief.
Ramón, you know what to do.
Listen up.
No one comes inside this house.
Did you hear me? No one! Are they defending an empty house? They must believe we’re still here.
Don’t touch me.
- Are we going in my van? - We’re going in my van.
Thank you everyone for taking care of this house and my family.
It’s been many years, haven’t they, Guadalupe? Thank you.
I wish you all the best.
Come on, everyone, go.
Come on.
What do you mean? The police are arresting everyone.
They have gone in the port, inside Open Sea.
Stop, police! They’re taking all the people we trusted, entrepreneurs, civil servants, those who always supported us.
- Everyone! - You’re all under arrest.
- You, come with me.
- Do you know who I am? Perfectly well.
Let’s go.
Why didn’t we know sooner? What the fuck do we pay the fucking police for in this fucking country? The superintendent has also been arrested.
Superintendent Rúa Moreira, you’re under arrest.
- Our accounts? - They’ve been frozen.
They say that Nemo has taken the wraps off.
Elisa? Elisa! Son of a bitch! Son of a bitch! And what now, Dad? Let’s see, Nemo sent out all his men to get me.
He must be alone.
And? The things between Nemo and me are sorted out between Nemo and me.
I’ll kill that son of a bitch.
Diana? The police have gone inside Open Sea! They’re searching all your companies! I don’t know what happened.
Someone must have talked too much.
Nemo? - Nemo? - I know.
It was me.
Thank you for calling, Diana.
Is she inside? Yes.
She’s inside.
Thank you for bringing her here and looking after her.
Son, I’ll miss you so much.
You know, don’t you? I’ll miss you too.
But I’m so happy that you get away from all this.
Promise me you’ll take care of yourself, okay? I promise.
And keep me informed, don’t forget.
Come on, she’s waiting for you.
Don’t waste any more time.
Hello, Nina.
I’ll pack my suitcase and we can go.
No, Mario.
We’re not going anywhere.
I’m going on my own.
I don’t want to end up like my mother.
What are you talking about? I love you.
I’ve always loved you.
This baby was my chance to catch you.
But I don’t want to spend my life with a man who loves another woman.
I don’t want to be miserable day after day, waiting for that to change, like my mother did.
I know you’re in love with Lara, and that you’ll never forget her.
You’ve always known, Nina.
But if that’s your condition to have the baby, - I’m willing to make that sacrifice.
- No.
Go to her.
It’s the best you can do.
I don’t want you to lose the baby.
I want to be his father, Nina.
You’d better, because your child will need you.
- Hello.
- Lara, where are you? What happened, Diana? I don’t know.
Your father’s gone mad, he’s confessed everything.
He confessed everything? He gave all data to the police.
The companies have been wound up and the accounts seized.
- He’s got nothing left.
- What? It’s awful.
He’ll end up his days ruined and as a murderer.
I don’t understand.
I think he’s lost his mind completely.
It’s the most lucid thing he’s ever done.
And he did it for us.
Thank you.
Diana, thank you.
Mario Mendoza Pedreira, you’re under arrest.
What the hell is all this about? What are the charges? The murder of Celso Guimarey.
Diana, Nemo has snitched us to the Arteagas.
He chucked me out of this house forever.
I can’t take it anymore.
I haven’t got anything.
Yes, you have.
I haven’t got anything.
You have this.
Nemo asked me to give it to you tomorrow.
But we haven’t got time to waste.
Ferro, we can go wherever we want, on our own, you and me.
Nemo’s gone mad.
He confessed everything.
There’s nothing here for us.
Ferro, I’ve kept this money for you for many years in case a time like this came.
There’s enough so you don’t have to worry about anything for the rest of your life.
Also a passport and a plane ticket to La Habana.
You’ll go to Cuba at last.
I’m sorry I can’t go with you, but I have other plans.
If everything goes well, when you read this I’ll be gone, and you won’t have to worry about Germán Arteaga.
Good luck, my loyal friend.
- Fuck! - What’s wrong? Fuck! Ferro! What’s going on, where are you going? Do you know why you’re here? Because of Celso’s death.
I’m fucked, aren’t I? No.
You’re free.
What? Your things.
Why? We’ve reached an agreement with Nemo Bandeira.
He’s confessed everything.
He gave us everyone’s name, and in exchange, he only asked for immunity for his children.
That includes you.
Now you live with Nemo Bandeira’s permission.
Mario, are you in the house? - No, I’m in the town centre.
Why? - Go to the house, it’s a plan.
- What? - It’s a plan! What are you saying? He’s got it all worked out.
Nemo got rid of us to kill Germán himself.
Go to the house now! Okay, I’m on my way.
Thinking about all this, who told Nemo where I was hiding? I should have killed your fucking mother before you were born.
And avoid all this shit, son of a bitch.
Nemo, it’s time.
Ada? Nemo! Son of a bitch! Nemo! You can’t hide from me! Nemo! - Ada.
- Let’s go! Hello, gorgeous.
Don’t move.
- Leave that and come here.
- Where’s my father? Your father? Hidden like the fucking rat he is.
Come here.
No, please.
Come here! Nemo! You have 10 seconds to come out or your daughter will die! - No, please.
- Ten! Nine! One moment, please.
Eight! Seven! Six! Please.
Five! Fucking hell.
Four! Three! Nemo, come.
Two! One! My son.
Lara! Are you okay? Now, yes.
This beach, wasn’t it, Nemo? You had planned everything perfectly, hadn’t you? You did cause a stir.
You’ve always planned things very well, like a mastermind.
Shall we go home, Nemo? Nemo.
Nemo, shall we go home? Let’s go.
Let’s go home.
Tell me your children’s names.
Come! Tell me your children’s names.
Tell me your children’s names.
Goodbye, captain.
Sharks also get old, but we still bite.
That son a bitch killed her, and I’m going to kill him.
You and I are father and son, we’ve always been.
Children have a strange power over us, parents.
We suffer more for them than we suffer for ourselves, and we’re only happy - Congratulations, son.
- Is it necessary? when they are happy.
Thank you.
I loved her! A man who beats up a woman isn’t a man.
He came to rub in he was going to take everything away from me.
In my own house! Germán, I don’t know in Tijuana, but here there are red lines you can’t cross over.
Sacred things.
And the most sacred of all is one’s family.
Did you take your pills? Tell me who paid you to say this, doctor! If you could choose, what would you prefer Parkinson or Alzheimer? Fucking head.
You could have fucked me with everything except with Ada.
Oeste’s biggest asset is his people.
Oh, sorry about that.
I’m the fucking Luis Tosar in Oeste.
I know you don’t like the Mexican accent.
You don’t even like the high estuaries’ accent.
When I don’t remember my children’s names you shoot me dead.
You have my word.
Here I met the love of my life.
On this beach I saw Ada for the first time.

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