Unbelievable (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 So, you're out there Moving rocks.
- Because? - They were in the wrong place.
According to who? According to the water that is meant to flow there.
Not just sit stagnant like an invitation for all the leptospira and giardia in the area.
So, you were moving the rocks from [MAN.]
From the bed to the stream.
It reduces the chance of bacterial outbreak.
Look, the fact that these developers, they don't even consider bacteria when they dump a couple hundred cubic feet of topsoil onto an otherwise healthy hydro system Why were you doing it at night? - Why not during the day? - Because my days are busy.
All right, this state is full of rivers on the brink of collapse.
I have reports that I have to write, bids to submit.
Oh, then I'll just cut to the chase.
Why don't you tell me where you were on the night of April 22nd? - [PHONE BEEPS.]
- On the 22nd? I was at a conference in Albuquerque.
- Anyone who can confirm that? - Only the 300 or so attendees.
Plus, the organizers.
Plus, the video that was uploaded of the lecture I gave.
Can I go now? Are we done? Do you have a wife, Mr.
Graham? Or girlfriend or sisters? Or I have three sisters.
Do me a favor.
Take a second to imagine how you'd feel if one of those sisters was tied up and raped at gunpoint.
Think about the commitment you would expect from the detectives working the case.
Now think about the witnesses they brought in for questioning.
How you would hope that they would do anything they could to assist in the apprehension of the monster who could inflict such irreversible harm on your sister.
Thank you for your extremely valuable time.
Karen Duvall, Golden PD.
I'm looking for Grace Rasmussen.
Grace Rasmussen? Right over there.
- Grace Rasmussen? - Yeah.
I'm, uh, Karen Duvall.
I left a message, but I didn't hear back, so I figured I'd drop by.
I'm a detective over in Golden.
My husband is Max Duvall.
Oh, Max the Knife.
Oh, is that, uh What can I do for you? I'm working a rape case in my district.
I was talking it through with Max last night.
He said you might have one that's similar.
Really? Tell me what you got.
So, when I told Max about him making her shower, that's what got his attention.
I guess your guy did too? Yeah, 20 minutes.
He set the kitchen timer and told my victim not to come out of the shower until it dinged.
Mine was ten, and he stood there watching her for every second of it.
- So not identical - No.
- And? - [OFFICER.]
Another win.
Still undefeated.
I love it.
So, then Max asked if my guy carried a blue backpack, which he did.
I I guess yours did too? [GRACE.]
Yeah, but I don't know what color.
Hey, hop in, okay? I gotta be somewhere.
I got the call around nine in the morning.
The victim was at the hospital by the time I got to her.
Nice woman, late 50s.
Kinda fragile, you know? Even before all this.
Our first interview, she kept calling herself stupid for leaving her window open.
Like every person in Colorado doesn't leave a window cracked at night.
She'd just moved into her place, like, a couple of months before.
She wakes up in the middle of the night with this weight on her back.
It's a man on top of her.
He pins her arms.
Tells her he's got a gun, he's gonna use it if she gives him trouble.
- When was this? - The 22nd.
About a month ago.
He proceeds to rape her for three hours.
On and off.
I mean Same thing with my victim.
Stopping and starting for four hours.
Well, after, he did the shower thing, by the time she gets out, he's gone.
- Took her sheets, her pillow, blankets.
- Yeah, same with mine.
He left the scene so clean you could eat off it.
My team searched every dumpster within a two-mile radius, every trash can.
They scoured ditches, we dragged a pond, hoping to find something.
The gun, her sheets, or - No luck? - Nada.
I mean, I got a few leads from the neighbors: a cable guy some folks thought was a bit creepy.
Which he was, but he's a cable guy, so [CHUCKLES.]
Anyway, he checked out.
There were a few other shifty dudes, some with assault records.
But I just cleared the last one yesterday.
So, you know, an asshole, just not our asshole.
Billy Boy, you got the goods? [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
I did get one promising little bit of info this morning.
Turns out the victim's first husband, whom she neglected to mention, was convicted of rape 30 years ago.
- That's a weird coincidence.
- Yeah.
Wouldn't she recognize her ex? You'd think, but they divorced a couple lifetimes ago, so who knows? All I know is it is an unanswered question, so I am gonna ask it.
You can come.
Just let me do the talking.
- You got a nice morning light.
- [WOMAN.]
That's why I picked it.
I figured, starting every day with this view would put me in a good frame of mind.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Oh, uh, let me move this so you can sit down.
I'm sorry, I'm still in transition here.
No, I get it.
No need to explain.
listen, I want to ask you about your first husband, Richard Jackson.
Oh, wow, Richie.
You know, I haven't even thought about him since, uh God, I don't know when.
Yeah, you didn't mention him when we talked before.
Yeah, well, that's what's called successful denial.
I mean, it was all so stupid.
I was 19.
He was bad news.
And after a few months of hell, he left me for another girl, and I went crawling home with my tail between my legs.
Did you know he'd been convicted of rape before you married? - He had? - Yes.
He served six months.
- Does that surprise you? - A little.
I mean, I guess not really, no.
I ask because his rape record is relevant here.
Wait a minute.
Are you saying that you think he could be the one? - Uh, it definitely gets my attention.
- Oh, no.
No, there's no way.
Richie was five-five on a tall day.
And plus, he's my age now.
No, this man was young, and tall, and strong.
- Mm.
- But I guess you'll look into that.
I know you have to do your job.
I do, but I hear you.
You know, I'm glad that you came by, though.
I was gonna call you.
I realized something today.
This is the drawer that I put my cash in and Well, this morning I went to get it and I thought I'd go to the market and it was gone.
He must have taken it.
- How much was it? - Two hundred dollars.
I'm also missing a camera.
Um, I looked through everything, but it's it's just not there.
- He must have taken that too.
- What kind of camera is it? A Sony Cyber-shot.
You know, one of the pink ones.
- [GRACE.]
Anything else missing? - No, just those two things.
And, um how are you doing in general? Me? Yeah, you.
I'll be all right.
I mean, I I'll be fine.
I just, uh need to [CHUCKLES.]
Well, there's a lot that I need to do.
Yeah, then I will leave you to it.
And like I said before, if if anything comes up Yes, of course.
I'll I'll call you right away.
- Thank you for your time.
- Thank you, Detective.
Can I just ask one question? [WOMAN.]
Yes, of course.
Did you happen to notice if your assailant had a birthmark? Uh Oh, no, I don't.
I explained this to Detective Rasmussen that I still can't really call up any visual memories of I I remember sounds.
The camera clicking, I remember that.
And the backpack zipping and unzipping, but no images.
It's really common, Sarah.
It's self-defense.
For some people, locking in on every single visual detail is what helps them.
But for you, it was the opposite.
It was shuttin' it all out.
Well, I'm Anyway, I'm sorry that I can't be more helpful.
Please don't apologize for doing what you needed to do to feel safe.
- I'm sorry.
- All right.
- [GRACE.]
- Thanks again.
- Thank you.
A pink Cyber-shot is the camera Amber's rapist used to take pictures of her.
He stole it from your victim and used it on mine.
Hey, get the local and national sales figures on pink Sony Cyber-shot cameras, then suss out from that how many there might be in circulation around here.
I asked you not to talk.
I know her, okay? Her psyche is held together by spit and a prayer.
She does not need more questions about the rape fired at her - from yet another person with a badge.
- Okay.
I'm sorry, it seems relevant.
One she's never met.
Well, you could have introduced me.
- Just - Fine.
She's my victim.
This is my case.
I said fine.
So what else? What else did you learn from your victim besides the birthmark? Uh, he speaks four languages.
He's visited the Philippines, Korea, Thailand.
Possible military.
It sounds like there's enough similarities to warrant opening our full files to each other.
I agree.
I'll send you access codes.
You do the same? Yeah, sounds good.
- Yeah.
I'm here.
I just pulled up.
I'll try to get to her before she hears about it.
Colleen, how would I know how they got her name? I got this.
It's 5:00.
Oh, okay.
I see her.
She's still working.
I'll let you know.
Hey, what are you doing here? I thought I would give you a ride home.
I have my bike.
- I can put it in the back.
- Don't.
- Don't what? - Don't look at that.
- Wh why? - Just let me have it.
Stop! What are you doing? I am trying to take care of you.
- Just stop! - [JUDITH.]
Marie, really? - [PHONE BEEPS.]
- Oh, boy.
These are from everybody.
Some of these people I barely even know.
- I guess someone gave them my name? - I guess, yes.
Who would do that? [JUDITH.]
I don't know, honey.
- Don't answer that.
Marie, for goodness sake.
Yeah, well, I told you not to pick up.
Why won't you listen to me? [PHONE RINGING.]
Marie, if you answer that, I swear to God.
Well, maybe it's a friend.
Honey, you don't have any friends right now.
It's true.
I mean, my God, look at what your so-called friends did to you.
Sometimes you can be really mean, Judith.
You know that? Marie? Marie, get back in the car.
Marie, I am driving.
Marie! Marie! [CAR HORN HONKING.]
Look, I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to ask you all to leave.
We're just trying to do our job.
And I'm also trying to do my job.
This is private property, and you can't be here.
Is that her? - [PHONE RINGING.]
How about this one? No.
Not what I'm after.
This is the closest to pink I've got.
Yeah, it's not what I'm after.
Well, call me if something turns up? - Sure.
Good luck.
- Thanks.
- Still here? - Yeah.
I just came back to hit those last two apartments.
- Anything? - No.
No one heard anything, no one saw anything.
All right, thanks.
It's a victim's compensation fund, set up to make up any lost wages, any medical expenses.
Anyway, give 'em a call.
Even if you haven't lost job hours there's a cost to trauma.
If you need a therapist Have you gotten him? The man who attacked you? Yes.
Not yet, no.
Do you know who he is? Not yet.
However, I did discover another assault, very similar to yours, that happened in the area recently.
So, y you think it might be the same person? The same Possibly, yes.
So, that means he's gonna do it again, right? To someone else? I mean, who just rapes two people and then Not if we catch him first.
I read if the rapist isn't found within seven days, the odds that he'll ever get caught drop significantly.
Is that true? Um, statistically, yes, but every case is So, basically, if you don't find this guy in five days, you never will.
As I said, that is not necessarily Yeah, well, I'm a mathematician.
I believe the numbers.
So, given that you have five days to catch this guy, what are you doing here? [KAREN.]
Did we get the surveillance footage from the businesses near Amber's apartment yet? - Yeah, I sent you the links.
- [KAREN.]
How about the lab reports? Not back yet.
Why not? I don't know, just Just what? How long does it take to process a rape kit? That's not a rhetorical question.
Uh, about a day or so if we request a rush.
Did we? Request a rush? - Yes.
- [KAREN.]
And it's been 49, 50 hours since our victim left the hospital? No one thought to pick up a phone, call the lab, ask where it is? You know the labs are always late.
I'm sure the report's on the way.
Oh, really? You're sure? Great.
Mia, relax.
Everything's right on track.
Morris is sure of it.
I'm not the enemy, Detective.
You don't have to yell at me.
I sure shouldn't have to.
Look around, Morris.
What do you see? I'll answer that.
A whole lot of human beings.
All well-intentioned, but wildly capable of error.
And fine.
Fallibility, I get that.
But when we're talking about a violent rapist, a guy who, at any minute, could break into another woman's house and scar another woman for life Because this is not something people get over.
This is something they carry with them forever, like a bullet in the spine.
So, given that, yeah, I do expect everyone on my team to give me 100 percent of their effort 100 percent of the time.
- Right, got it.
- [KAREN.]
And that means triple-checking that the work is done right, the report is thorough, and the lab delivers its results on time.
If that seems beyond your capabilities or your field of interest, maybe another team would be a better fit.
The labs had a mix-up on their end.
- They're sending them over now.
- [KAREN.]
Well, there you go.
Check this out.
It's a pattern that was on the frame of the sliding door to the Westminster victim's deck.
From what? Clothing? I don't know.
It could be a glove, but judging by their notes, Westminster doesn't know either.
- That's the whole Westminster file? - Mm-hmm.
It's huge.
They're thorough.
That's Grace Rasmussen.
- She's impressive.
- You worked with her before? No.
We just met once, way back.
I don't think she remembers.
I was a rookie.
She was in Narcotics.
Well, she runs a good investigation.
It's gonna take us a while to get through all this.
- Yeah, split it up between the four of us.
- Okay.
Cancel your dinner plans, guys, we got work to do.
Mommy? I'm scared.
Oh, baby.
Of what? It's okay, sweetie.
I got you.
That one, right there.
That's the cleanest shot I could find.
Will it get me a plate? [MAN.]
I don't know.
That's pretty shitty video.
We'll see.
How long does it take? A few seconds.
Hang tight.
How's the man? - Fine.
- [MAN.]
His knee better? - Yeah.
- You know, going all monosyllabic on me isn't gonna make that program go faster.
I'm sorry.
Uh It's fine.
He's been icing it.
Says it's at 90%.
Good, we need him back at shortstop.
We're playing Lakewood, they got that guy who played in the minors.
Oh, shit.
What? That's it? - I can't read that plate.
- Like I said, with an image this low res.
Use a better program.
This is the best program that exists, anywhere.
It's what the FBI uses, CIA, everyone.
But there's a plate number there.
Right there.
- I can almost see it.
- Let me see if I can grab a better frame.
Maybe you can get stronger surveillance video from another store? I checked.
Give me a sec.
It's frustrating.
At least I know it's a Mazda with a broken mirror.
- I'll do a full dig on that.
- Great.
- [MIA.]
Oh, hey, before you go.
- What? We got foreign DNA off Amber's face.
Now, don't get too excited, it's only about seven or eight skin cells.
Eight cells is eight more cells than nothing.
Is CBI doing a Y-STR? Yes.
Let me know when it gets back.
I'm thinking it's a simple request.
Let me see all the birthmarks that have come through - the state prison system.
- [GRACE.]
- No, the state doesn't file them that way.
Instead, they have one big category for "body markings.
" - Oh, Lordy.
- Birthmarks, yes, but also scars.
- And biggest subset, of course - Tattoos.
And they don't group these tats by body part either.
That would make way too much sense.
I mean, ass tattoos of all kinds of crazy shit, including one ass tattoo of an ass.
Penis tattoos.
- One of which said "mom.
Anyway, I also made my way through the birthmarks.
There were quite a few on legs.
Only one matched the other victim's description, and the owner of that was a guest of the State at the time of both assaults.
So, long story interminable, whoever our guy is, he's never been arrested or locked up in the good state of Colorado.
Ah, shit.
Oh, well.
He also hasn't pawned off the pink Cyber-shot camera - anywhere in the county.
I checked.
- Yeah.
So did I.
But thanks, I mean, good.
Rosemarie, Detective Karen Duvall.
OIC in the Golden case.
Any relation to Max the Knife? - [GRACE.]
Her husband.
Really? Interesting.
This is Elias.
Elias is a data analysis intern.
He's shadowing me this month.
Maybe I'll get a tattoo of an ass on my ass.
- It's kinda meta.
What's up? So, it's the same block as my victim's apartment.
It does 11 passes over the course of a few hours.
Couldn't pull a plate.
And it disappears a few hours before the rape, but I don't know, it bugs me.
Why's it driving by so many times in the middle of the night? Could be lots of possible reasons.
Fight with the wife, maybe? Recharging a dead battery? Cruising for blow jobs? Um Anyway, uh, I'm looking into Mazda sales.
I'm seeing if any body shops or dealerships have a record of one with a broken mirror, all that.
Okay, well, let me know if you need a car guy.
'Cause I got a good one.
I also got our labs back.
Uh, we got a few skin cells off our victim's face.
Seven, eight maybe.
Not enough for a full DNA profile.
- So, no CODIS.
- No, lab's doing Y-STRs.
CODIS is the FBI database where all the millions of DNA profiles are stored.
In order for a DNA profile to be entered into the CODIS database, it has to be a 13-loci profile.
That's a lot more than eight cells.
Oh, my God, woman.
You need a threshold amount of spit or semen or blood or skin.
No, I I understood.
I studied genetics.
Don't be underestimating my intern.
When the sample size is too small for CODIS, there's another DNA test we can use: Y-STRs, which look for short tandem repeats in the DNA.
Still with us, Mr.
Genome? Sure, the test looks for repetitive small sequences of DNA on the Y chromosome.
Genome sure is.
And since only men have the Y chromosome, this test automatically cuts the suspect pool in half.
No women.
And can narrow it down, but can't make a positive ID.
Correct again.
The Y-STR result can only tell if a male is from a certain bloodline or family.
It can't tell which male in the family it is, or even if it was just one.
It could be one guy or a guy and his brother, a guy and his father.
The family that rapes together We got a tiny sample too, from her kitchen timer.
CBI did Y-STRs on ours too.
We should have CBI compare our two samples.
Just did.
What? Just a thought.
- What? - Okay, uh, say, for the sake of argument, we're looking at the same guy.
Yeah? Two rapes, all he leaves behind is a handful of cells? That's less than I'll leave on this counter.
- Your point? - I only know two groups of people who are that DNA-conscious.
Smart criminals, of which we both know there are very few, and, uh Let's take a walk.
Oh, shit, I don't want it to be a cop.
It might not be.
Yeah, but you're right.
It might.
How about this? We reach out to IA in every department in a a 50-mile radius.
We tell 'em what we got, and we ask 'em, "Is there anyone on your rolls who raises a red flag?" [CHUCKLES.]
Yeah, well, I I see that playing out in one of two ways.
One, IA helps us, and inside of ten seconds, everyone knows we think it might be a cop.
Or two, IA doesn't help us, and inside of ten seconds, everyone knows we think it might be a cop.
I mean, maybe it's different in Golden, but here, that is a speedy way to get yourself iced out of all the support you're gonna need on this investigation.
Right? All right, let's think about it.
Nice to see you too.
You've investigated dirty cops, right? Uh, not me personally, but our office, sure.
That's the Attorney General domain.
It's tricky, huh? It can be, but dirty's dirty.
Where do I sleep at night? - Why, you got one? - I don't know.
Tell me why Well watch your step.
Where do I sleep at night? [SNIFFLES.]
Marie, it's me.
I hate people.
Me too.
Maybe you don't want to talk about it, but I want you to know, I never told the cops I didn't believe you.
I wouldn't have.
'Cause I did.
I guess I ju I don't understand why.
Connor, do you know how many situations I have been in where grown-ups want something messed-up from me that I don't want to give them? Or they want me to say something that I don't want to say, or they want me to do something that I don't want to do? A lot.
Like, a lot a lot.
And when I was little, I I I used to fight back.
And I thought if I was a big enough asshole, they wouldn't mess with me.
And that's just not how that's just not how it works.
I had this foster dad once that was just messing with me, and I bit him, hard.
He slapped me across the face ten times harder.
When they're bigger than you, you can't win.
I'm sorry.
Don't apologize.
Just I want all of that to go away.
It will.
No, not, like, away, but it'll all get smaller.
It'll stop mattering.
Like this stuff, I promise one day, pretty soon really, no one will remember any of it.
And then something else that's none of their business at all will come along, and they'll be more interested in that instead.
And by then, I'll have my license.
And you'll have saved up and bought yourself a car.
And I can go wherever I want, whenever I want.
Come on.
Where? You won't pass if you don't practice.
- Okay.
Woo! Woo! - [CHUCKLES.]
- Come on! Yeah! [CHUCKLES.]
- Woo-hoo! - [MARIE SCREAMS.]
I don't think there's anyone else who could've made me feel better today.
There is no way that I was gonna let you deal with all that alone.
Do you ever wish we were still dating? Sure.
But you know that I Right.
God the Father disapproved.
I do better when I feel good about my choices.
When they feel right.
I know.
I like that about you.
But maybe someday we could get married.
You'd have to join the church.
I could do that.
You should come with me.
You'd like it.
All right.
Really? Yeah, sure.
All right, uh, night.
I'm here.
Hey, are you good? Becca told me it's been kinda crazy around here.
Yeah, I'm all right.
Right on.
Okay, good night.
Oh, uh, hang on.
This, uh this came for you.
What'cha got? Uh, I don't Hmm.
- What? Wh wh what is this? - I think, uh Shoot, I think it's a, uh, criminal citation.
What does that mean? I guess Yeah, it says they're charging you for something called "false reporting.
" Okay, um but I I I I never did an anything criminal ever.
Yeah, don't freak out, okay? We'll get this sorted out.
I mean, it it's too late to do anything tonight.
But first thing tomorrow, we'll figure out what's going on.
Okay, but I I I cannot be charged with a crime.
I mean, you you said that when I moved in.
- I can't have any criminal charges.
- Marie, relax.
- Does this mean I'm gonna get kicked out? - No, we don't know what it means.
Well, it might mean that.
Marie, don't react to what you don't know, okay? Right now, this is just something we need a little more information about.
That's all.
Okay? Okay? She's condescending.
That's just Rasmussen being Rasmussen.
- You'll get used to it.
- I don't wanna get used to it.
Maybe she should get used to me.
I'll tell her you said that.
Hey, Detective, can you go easy on my wife, please? She's really sensitive.
- Hey, easy, easy.
Let me get that.
- Shit.
- No, I'll get it.
- Ma'am, ma'am, back away from the sink.
It's not her.
I can handle her.
It's the case.
- You don't say.
- Every lead's either a dead end, or it's too thin to hold onto.
we only found by dumb luck.
Don't knock dumb luck.
Seriously, if you didn't happen to work in Westminster and didn't happen to know the details of Rasmussen's case, I might not have even found out.
But you did.
What? What if he knows that? What if who knows what? - You're gonna be late.
- Gonna be late.
I'll figure it out.
I love you.
- Here's the thing.
- My God, woman.
We're gonna have to get you your own coffee mug.
A guy that smart about DNA is probably smart about other aspects of police procedure too.
Like? Here, look.
Oh, sorry, am I in your way? Just for instance, - pulling up a random rape entry.
You get the dispatch, case number, lab reports, any arrests.
But how many officers do you know who take the time to fill out an A-plus incident report in the first place, let alone go the extra mile of actually typing it into CICS? Well, it it depends.
I mean, for murder, maybe half the time.
Yeah, but for rape? sharing specific evidence about their investigations are pretty slim.
And as long as he keeps moving, as long as he never hits twice in the same town You could have detectives from eight different departments Exactly.
Let me guess.
Bitch, you are on your game.
Okay, let's do this.
Let's make some calls and find some shit out.
Hey, Detective, Detective Duvall, Golden PD.
I'm investigating a rape in my district.
I'm hoping to get more information about a case of yours.
We're looking for cases that might be the same perpetrator.
I was hoping I could ask you a couple of questions Well, good morning to you too.
Yeah, sexual assault from about nine months back.
I was looking for some information about a specific case number.
One, one, three, five, dash Yeah, rape/robbery.
- No? - Thank you.
No? One, zero, six, six, dash, six, two, three.
I will wait.
One, dash, zero, nine, dash, six, three, four, four, zero, four.
Yeah, I'll wait.
Sorry, that wasn't in the database.
No, good for you.
One less creep out there.
Do you love me? - I do.
Yeah, this is Detective Rasmussen from the Westminster PD.
Yes, pl Sure.
I'd love to be put on hold.
you, Heavenly Father, for this food.
I love this family and thank you for all the food we get.
Hi, Detective, this is Detective Duvall from over in Golden.
Is that her? [SIGHS.]
No, we don't have him.
No, sorry.
No suspects.
Leads? Nope, none of those either.
that you'll never get back.
You and one other person.
Mm, two.
What? Two other people.
Intruder, black mask.
Tied her up.
Took photos.
Threatened to post them if she told anyone.
Made her shower.
Left a squeaky-clean crime scene.
We're gonna merge our investigations.
Right now.
You're gonna move over to my joint.
It's no offense, but we've got better toys.
We're gonna bring in the FBI.
We're gonna bring in the CBI.
We're gonna find him and arrest him.
And we're gonna put him away before he has a chance to hurt someone else, which you know you know, he is out there planning to do.