Unbelievable (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 Ay, bay bay You wanna know wat we say in da club Ay, bay bay White folks gangstas and da thugs Ay, bay bay Stuntin' wit a stack of dem dubz Ay, bay bay Ridin' in a lac wit a mug Ay, bay bay - [BOY.]
Afternoon, ladies.
- Morning.
- Excuse me, we're looking for a Doris Laird? - Uh, Mama D? Yeah, she's in her, uh, office.
It's the kitchen.
- You want me to show you? - Nope.
We're good.
- Ms.
Laird? - Oh, good, you found me.
Uh, sorry.
I thought I'd get this finished before you got here.
Oh, no sweat.
Keep at it.
You're a brave woman living in a frat house.
Oh, I don't live here.
I just take care of the place and the boys.
My friends think I'm out of my mind, but I love it.
Been here a while? Five years.
You know, after my husband died, I realized if I didn't find a new routine, you know, one with people in it [THUD.]
Well, it sounds like you got that, and then some.
They're not as bad as you think.
You know, they smell and they're loud, but they treat me like their favorite grandmother.
And, uh, after the incident, well, one of them still walks me to the car every night.
- Nice.
- It is.
As I said on the phone, Detective Duvall and I have read your case file.
We're both caught up on the details of your assault, so - there's no reason to repeat any of that.
- Uh, thank you.
I'm just wondering, is there anything else you remember about the assault - [MAN GRUNTING.]
- or the suspect that for any reason, you didn't mention at the time? Maybe some detail that's come back to you since.
Memories come back in bits and pieces.
The truth is, I I try very hard not to think about it.
I understand that.
I guess, the one thing that does come up for me, not the only thing, but in there with everything else, is I I think about his manner.
- How do you mean? - Well in some moments, he was actually, uh gentle.
Uh, I know, that sounds No, actually, one of the other victims said something similar.
Well, that makes me feel, uh I guess, less I don't know.
Did she talk to him? - She did.
- [DORIS.]
Yeah, I did too.
He said he'd had the urge for as long as he could remember.
And he tried to fight for as long as he could, but then one day, he just gave in.
I'm impressed you were able to carry on a conversation.
My husband used to say, "Dodo, you don't always have to talk to everyone.
" There was one moment when I couldn't say a thing.
Thought he was gonna drown me.
But all he did was make me wash.
Pass that one off to Ingram, I'm not gonna get to it today.
Yeah, he's up to speed.
Then there's the B&E from last week, the store on 76th, he needs to go over that too.
Okay, thanks.
What are you doing over there? Playing Tetris? Yeah.
I'm, uh, playing Tetris.
'Cause that's the kind of time I have in my life.
Detectives? Special Agent Billy Taggart.
Come on back.
Okay, so what's the story here? This an arranged marriage? Chief forcing the Feds on you? Agent Taggart, if I didn't want to be here, I wouldn't be.
Engaging the FBI was our idea.
All right, tell me how I can help.
Most immediately, we need you to expedite a Y-STR analysis.
- We have two matching samples.
- Yeah, I saw that in the case file.
Well, now we have a third we need to test.
There's another victim.
They pulled some cells off a snow globe in her bedroom.
Get me the sample.
I can authorize them to do it in 48 hours.
That'd be great.
Thank you.
What else? How is ViCAP for finding serialists? If the investigator's thorough and motivated, data set's great.
And safe to assume investigators are more thorough and motivated with murders than with rapes.
Pretty safe, yeah.
Don't look like you just robbed us of our innocence, Taggart.
- We've been down this block before.
- We live on this block.
Okay, so imperfect system.
Plus, ViCAP's best when your perpetrator has behavior that's unique.
Your guy, just garden-variety horrible.
His victims are all over the map, old, young, different races - So, he doesn't have a type.
- Sure, he does: women who live alone.
That's not gonna narrow things down on ViCAP.
I'm not saying don't use it.
Just set some time aside.
You're gonna get a lot of hits.
Don't get your hopes up.
Expectations managed.
Thank you.
Okay, so what else? What's not in these files I should know about? Nothing.
That's it.
Come on, you're smart cops.
You must have a hunch or two.
Maybe the evidence isn't there yet.
You don't want to go out on a limb.
I'm like ViCAP, Detective.
The data I generate is only as good as the data I receive.
That's a sexy description of yourself, Taggart.
You use that in your dating profile? Okay.
Slow courtship it is.
So, maybe instead, I'll tell you what I think, huh? Sure.
Your guy commits rape number one.
Then there's a big gap, a year and a half, before he does it again.
- [GRACE.]
- But the gap between rapes two and three? - Five weeks.
- Right.
A shrinking window.
He's accelerating.
And not just in time frame.
The first attack in Aurora: no weapon.
- He didn't use one, he didn't refer to one.
- [GRACE.]
The next case in Westminster, he talked about a gun.
Threatened to use it on the victim.
But she never saw it, so maybe he had one, maybe he didn't.
We don't know.
In the third, he not only had a handgun, but he pointed it at the victim's head.
A pattern of escalating threat.
Each incident more violent, more frequent.
It's like the progression of an addict needing a bigger hit to get the same high.
There is an upside.
A guy who's jonesing might not be as careful.
Maybe next time, he gets sloppy.
Leaves something behind.
- Gets spotted by a witness.
- Or maybe next time, he pulls the trigger.
Third option.
We make sure next time never happens.
For what it's worth, I would have told him about the cop angle.
We came here to get information from him.
Not vice versa.
He might have a bead on dirty cops.
Or he might tell his entire team what we're thinking.
Next thing you know, we're known statewide as the two lady cops trying to nail this on one of their coworkers.
No, thank you.
This one, we're figuring out on our own.
- [GUARD.]
Okay, step through.
- [BEEP.]
Thank you.
Next, here we go.
Can I help you? [CLEARS THROAT.]
Um I I got this a couple of weeks ago.
Uh, it's a citation, and it said to wait for further instructions, but I didn't get any.
I was just wondering if there's something I'm supposed to do about it? Let me see.
Adler, according to my computer, it looks like you missed a court date yesterday and there's a warrant out for your arrest.
W what? How was I supposed to know that? It didn't say anything about a court date on there.
- Okay, easy now - That's not fair.
Okay, now let me just H how can they arrest you for something you didn't even know about? Ah.
Looks like the hearing notice was sent to a different address than the one here on the citation.
Columbus Street, Seattle.
Is that where you live? Columbus? I haven't lived there in fi five years.
- I I don't talk to those people anymore.
- Oh, boy.
Well, why would they send the citation to the right address, but the hearing notice to the wrong one? Well, the citation is issued in one office, the hearing notice is in another.
They don't talk to each other.
It's a problem.
Come with me.
All right, so, since the hearing notice was sent to the wrong address, which is not your fault, the judge has lifted the warrant and rescheduled your arraignment for this afternoon.
You give this to your lawyer and tell them you have to be in front of the judge this afternoon.
Uh, I I don't have a lawyer.
What am I supposed to do? I Okay, deep breath.
Let's see.
Ah! Mr.
Hughes! Hold up.
Uh, no, no, no, no, Ms.
Bell, no.
How can you say no before you even know what I'm going to say? Long and bitter experience.
This young lady has to be in front of Judge Costas today at 3:00, and she needs a public defender.
Now, isn't that what you do? I don't work for the PD.
I'm a court-appointed attorney.
- Mr.
Hughes is gonna help you, honey.
- I'm sorry.
No, I'm not.
I'm sorry.
I've got four cases on the docket this morning and a pretrial motion this afternoon.
There's no way.
Ms No, I'm I'm sorry, no.
This is bizarre.
They don't usually charge these.
What do what do you mean a charge? Do I have to pay for something? No, no, no.
It's just that police don't usually pursue cases like this.
False reports, I mean it basically never happens.
Unless Did you name someone? You mean, like the guy who No, I don't know who I I mean, no.
To the crime of False Reporting pursuant to RCW9A.
040, how does the defendant plead? Not guilty, Your Honor.
Miss Adler? You need to say it yourself.
How do you plead? Okay, you got a court date in a month.
I'll contact you before that.
Thank you so much, Mr.
All right, I'll call you as soon as I get the discovery and talk to the DA.
Um, sorry, can I ask you a question? Uh Uh, yeah.
So, I I just got charged for for making a false report because I told the police that I lied.
But why did I just plead not guilty? Isn't that just like another false report? Okay, do you, um do understand what a gross misdemeanor is? Not specifically.
But it's bad, right? Well, it carries a maximum penalty of a year in jail and a fine of $5,000.
If you'd pled guilty, the judge would have sent you straight to jail.
You pled not guilty to give me a chance to reach out to the DA and try to work out a deal.
- It's called a plea bargain.
- A plea bargain, okay.
Now, while I'm negotiating with the DA, no screw-ups.
No partying.
No interaction with the police.
I I don't even want you to get a a parking ticket.
I don't have a license, so Just, gold-star behavior while I work out a deal.
Okay? Yes, sir.
With this ViCAP website, you need to enter every detail of every assault.
It's gonna take time.
If you got a date tonight, cancel it.
Oh, yeah, no, I don't have a What you got? Mazda sales.
About 3,000 white ones of that model on the roads in Colorado.
None of which have shown up in any body shop with a broken mirror.
Goddammit, what am I doing wrong? You guys don't have one of these? In Golden? I think we have an old DVD player in a closet somewhere.
Beautiful, thanks.
Okay, so, this cop angle.
Going off what we know.
Knowledge of police procedure, travel history, and language skills of someone in the military.
This is a list of all current and former cops who sought a military credit when applying for the job in the last ten years.
That's a lot of names.
How'd you get all those departments to release their military records? I told them I was putting together a Veteran's Day honors list.
Anyway, yeah, it's a lot of names.
So, how do we narrow them down? Let's start with the obvious.
Have any of these guys been arrested for sexual assault? Answer, yes.
Eight of them.
Here are their mug shots.
We can eliminate based on age, race, and physical description.
Delbert Karp? Could that be our guy? Not unless our assaults happened within the walls of Arkansas Valley Prison, where Mr.
Karp is serving 11 years for sexual assault on a child, class 3.
I looked up correlations between rapes and other crimes.
Turns out, 37 percent of rapists also end up with a domestic disturbance arrest.
Really? Yep.
So, maybe we look at domestic violence arrests in these guys.
Try to thin the list that way.
Well, you know as well as I do, a cop hits his girl, someone finds out, more often than not, a complaint like that ends up in Internal Affairs, not arrest.
So, the information we need is in their IA file.
Which we are never gonna get to see.
What if I said I was putting together a wife beaters honors list? - [PHONE VIBRATING.]
- [MIA.]
Think they'd buy that? - [GRACE CHUCKLES.]
- [SIGHS.]
Arturo Bolinas, this is Detective Duvall.
Hi, Arturo.
What can I do for you? Hey.
Um It's about, uh, this.
Our flyer? Where'd you see it? On campus.
You go to Braeton? Yeah, third year.
When you saw our flyer there, it got your attention? Yeah, it kinda made me go, "Huh " 'Cause, um there's this guy I know.
What's his name? Scott Parrish.
And what about this made you think of Scott? Because he's like I mean, that's kind of what he does.
What does Scott do that makes you think that he might be a person of interest in this case? He, like, forces girls to have sex.
Tell me about that.
Scott's not gonna know I'm the one who talked to you, will he? Not at this point, no.
How do you know that Parrish rapes women? That's not what I said.
Yeah, it is.
You said he forces women to have sex.
That's rape.
How do you know that Scott does this? Everyone does.
We've all, like, seen him do it.
I mean, not not, like, seen, but, like, this one time, he got this girl so wasted, she wasn't even really conscious, and he just took her up to his room anyway.
How'd you know he was taking her upstairs to have sex? It was obvious.
I left pretty quick after that.
The whole scene kinda freaked me out.
You know? It just felt wrong.
What happened to the girl, afterwards? Do you know? Like I said, I left.
I don't think she did anything.
She just But another time, with this other girl, she reported it, and Scott got arrested and everything.
The accuser claimed she'd gotten drunk at a fraternity party.
Parrish pressured her to have sex, saying if she didn't, he'd, quoting here, "Tell everyone she was a slut.
" She agreed reluctantly, then changed her mind and tried to leave.
Parrish restrained her and proceeded to assault her.
"Victim reports the rape to campus police the next day.
Campus police report it to local police.
Victim declines to press charges.
Charges dismissed.
" Anything else on his record? [SELIG.]
That's it.
Are you Facebook friends with him? [KAREN.]
Is that a birthmark? Does Scott have a birthmark on his left leg? I don't know.
He might.
It's too blurry to tell.
Yeah, unfortunately, this is the only photo that shows it.
But, here.
Light eyes tall strong.
I don't I don't know.
It could be him.
I can't tell.
Do you see anything here that rules him out? No.
Thank you.
You look like you're heading out.
Taking your boyfriend somewhere fun? Uh, no.
He's not here anymore.
Um we were kind of I don't I don't know.
He was bugging me, so he went home.
My friends have been super cool, though.
They've been taking me out, cheering me up.
Can't spend my whole life locked up in my apartment.
You sleeping well? Eatin' okay? I'm a student.
We never eat or sleep well.
Um That's, um I should go.
I'm Detective Duvall.
Um So, what's this about? 'Cause that thing sophomore year got all resolved, you know.
What thing? That.
When that girl made that thing up about me.
You can see, it got totally cleared up.
I was really grateful to you guys for seeing it for what it was.
Which was what? Just, you know, getting with the wrong girl.
What was wrong about her? It's all in there.
We hooked up the one time, and when she realized that was all it was gonna be, she just I hate to say it, she just kinda went off.
Off in what way? Made stuff up.
It happens all the time now.
Girls making all these claims it's a thing.
There's status to being a victim.
Which is bullshit.
Because there are real victims out there, and when you go around saying you have been victimized when you haven't, it just makes it harder for those people who really do need help.
And then, guys like me, normal guys, end up getting accused of all kinds of crazy stuff.
Like what else? What do you what do you mean? You said, "All kinds of crazy stuff.
" What other accusations have there been against you? No none.
Why? Did somebody say something? About what? Look, I didn't do anything to anybody.
And that's not me saying that.
That's you guys, Golden PD.
Not really.
What the department said was that it couldn't pursue the case because the victim didn't want to press charges.
Yeah, because it was bullshit.
Do I need to be here? You haven't even told me what the hell I'm here for.
Can you tell me where you were on the morning of Thursday, May 26th, between the hours of 5:00 a.
and noon? Are you accusing me of something? - Do I need a lawyer? - I don't know.
Do you? I didn't do anything.
Thursday, May 26th, between the hours of 5:00 a.
and noon? [SIGHS.]
So last Thursday.
Well, at five, I was probably in my room asleep.
- Alone? - Yes.
- Alone.
- Can anyone verify that? - Did anyone see you? - Did anyone see me sleeping? No.
What about after that? Were you in class? I mean, I have a class Thursday morning.
I don't go much.
I don't need to.
I have an A.
So, no one saw you between the hours of 5:00 a.
and noon on Thursday the 26th? How about April 22nd, between the hours of 3:00 a.
and 6:00 a.
? - Are you kidding me? - No, Mr.
Parrish, I am not.
April 22nd, 3:00 a.
to 6:00 a.
? I have no idea where I was.
Okay? But if it was three o'clock in the morning, I was probably sleeping.
Alone? Probably.
Why the fuck would I keep Wait.
April 22nd? Yes.
Yeah, my parents were in town.
They booked a suite at The Brown Palace, and I stayed with them.
Well, you can call the hotel.
They all saw me.
You know what? Definitely call my parents.
I'll give you my dad's cell number.
He's gonna love this.
You know, he came this close to suing you guys last time for harassment.
He's gonna fucking lose his mind.
Parrish, do you have a birthmark on your lower left calf? [CHUCKLES.]
What? No, I do not have a birthmark on my lower left calf.
Would you be willing to show me? Show you the birthmark that I don't have? Show me your lower left calf.
Pretty freaky birthmark, huh? You're so screwed, Detective.
You're the one who's gonna need a lawyer.
What the fuck, lady? - I didn't say you could do that.
- I don't need your permission.
Thank you for your time.
Would've been nice and simple if it had been him.
Yeah, that's, uh, that's not how this one's going down.
You can just tell, huh? [GRACE.]
Fourteen years, the gut knows.
Guess my gut's in the development phase.
Just made detective six years ago.
You must've been a baby.
I'm older than I look.
What's that? It's a study.
Police officers and domestic violence.
You know, a light, fun, beach read.
Spoiler alert, the percentage of cops who self-report as domestic abusers: 40.
- Forty? - Yep.
Almost half our brothers in blue.
How about that? You don't seem surprised.
Are you? A little, yeah.
Must be nice over there in Golden.
See you tomorrow.
Lynwood Police have arrested four teenage boys [COLLEEN.]
And what did the lawyer say? He said he'd try to get me a plea bargain.
But he also said it was bizarre.
Bizarre? What what'd he mean? Like, legally bizarre? What? Just, like, weird that they'd even charge me at all.
Because he said that they usually don't do that.
That sounds like a good sign.
If it's something they usually don't charge, they'll probably be less inclined to whatever, prosecute it.
- [AL.]
- Well, you don't know that.
He could he could totally charge me.
- And put me in jail.
- Whoa, Nelly! Slow down.
Honey, you just said he was gonna get you a deal.
He said he'd try.
They wouldn't dangle a deal in front of you if they couldn't get it.
Lawyers don't do that.
- Really? - [COLLEEN.]
If he said he's gonna get you a deal, he's gonna get you a deal.
Really, what are they gonna do? Put you in jail for one mistake? Please, honey.
No judge is gonna do that.
The trick is, keep 'em off the bottom, let 'em float to the top.
Disturbing news out of Kirkland, where a 63-year-old school teacher was attacked and raped by a masked intruder in the early hours this morning.
Now to Kelly Garcia with the story.
Thank you, Skip.
We are on the scene of a violent and disturbing attack that took place in the early hours this morning in a quiet - Marie! - in Kirkland.
A word of caution, the details may be too disturbing for young viewers.
- Police say a masked assailant, armed - What's going on? Just listen.
knife, broke in while the victim was sleeping, tied her up, and took photos of her.
Sources say he terrorized the victim for several hours.
Honey, that's the same thing you said happened to you.
Okay, I'm a little confused here.
What? [COLLEEN.]
A mask, a knife, the pictures? You said you made you made it up.
Did you? - What? - Did you make it up? - Yeah, I that's what I told - So, there's another woman, attacked in exactly the same way that you said you were.
- It it's a coincidence? - [MARIE.]
I guess.
- I mean, how how would I know? - Okay, honey, you need to talk to me.
Okay? Did this horrible thing really happen to you? Were you raped that night? Okay.
Okay, we need to unwind this.
You need to call the police.
And you have to tell them whatever you know.
I don't know anything.
- The water's boiling.
Honey, listen.
You need to tell me the truth.
Okay? Whatever it is.
Because if you were raped, and the person that did that did this - What? - Well, then we'll go to the police, and we'll explain the whole thing.
I can't have anything to do with the police.
Hughes already said that.
He made it super clear.
- But - But what? You want me to go back in and say, "Hey, I know I said I was lying, but I was lying.
Or maybe now I'm lying.
Or maybe I'm not lying.
" It doesn't matter anyway, because I wasn't raped.
No one came into my apartment.
He wasn't wearing a mask.
It doesn't It didn't happen.
No sign of forced entry, he wore a mask.
The scene's scrubbed clean of prints, fibers, DNA.
He made the victims wash themselves.
Took the bed sheets with him.
It doesn't sound like any of our assaults over in Littleton.
We've had three, maybe four, campus rapes.
Uh, two date rapes, both dismissed.
One stranger rape, but that was daylight in a park, and we caught the guy.
And he's been in jail at least a month.
We had a woman call in to report a man in a mask, creeping around her backyard.
No prints or anything, but she did get a good look at the guy.
- I'll send you a link to the file.
- Great.
- Yeah.
- Mm, this might be a stretch, but a few months ago, we got a report of suspicious noises scaring this lady.
She never saw anyone, so I don't know if it was masked or not, but when the patrol showed up, they found one of her window screens lying on the ground.
Yeah, send me that too? [WOMAN 2.]
What kind of mask was it? A piece of black, stretchy fabric with holes for his eyes.
Okay, this was maybe a year ago? I'll check the date.
It was a B&E and attempted rape.
And the attacker wore a mask? Yeah, black Lycra.
And no sign of forced entry, no DNA.
- We did get a glove print.
- No, shit.
Our guy wore gloves.
And a shoe print.
- Send me both tomorrow? - Yeah, yeah, first thing.
The victim got away by diving headfirst off her second floor balcony.
- Wow.
- Yeah, she got banged up.
Cracked pelvis, broken leg.
But she didn't get raped.
You're not looking for me.
You want my daughter, Lilly.
She's away until tomorrow.
I'm watching her cat.
Can you tell us what time you expect her? We'd like to talk to her as soon as possible.
Oh, now it's urgent.
But when she's in the hospital with shattered bones, then it's the least important thing on any police agenda.
Ma'am, Detective Rasmussen and I think that what happened to your daughter is very important.
That is why we are here.
We think that the man who attacked her might have attacked other women as well.
Really? You think so? My daughter told the detective exactly that.
That this was a man on the hunt, who's gonna do it again.
And now what, a year later, there's follow-up? I call that too little too late.
Well, I can tell that you are dissatisfied with the way that the original detective pursued the matter.
His name is Harkness, and he didn't pursue it.
That only makes me more eager to speak with Lilly.
Can you tell us what time tomorrow you expect her back? No.
She'll come back when Spirit releases her.
It's Alban Hefin.
In my daughter's faith, it's one of the year's most sacred days when the veil between our world and the world of Spirit is especially thin.
So, um Lilly is a Druid? Yes.
She was raised Episcopalian, but she's found her own faith community, which I wholeheartedly support.
Darrow, the last thing I'd want to do is come between Lilly and her worship.
When Spirit releases her, please ask her to give us a call.
I'll do that.
So, assuming they're all our guy, he's still moving around.
Still less and less time between them.
Makes you want to put a patrol on the house of every woman who lives alone.
I'm glad PR put those alerts out.
You know what I think about these things? I think the people who read 'em are the ones who are already being careful.
You know, they're already setting their alarms and locking their doors.
It's the other ones.
The ones who look at a sign like this and think, "Gee, that's a shame.
" Then they go to sleep at night with their bedroom windows wide-open.
I mean, a piece of paper? It's not gonna keep the next victim from getting raped.
That's on us.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Ah, what are you doing? Oh, shit, Gracie.
Shoot, sorry.
You're off your game, girl.
Aw, I'm distracted.
No point in saying not to let it get to you, I guess.
It might be a cop.
Our rapist.
What makes you say that? [GRACE.]
Well, he thinks like a cop.
Knows how to cover his tracks.
Left us nothing.
I read the file of that frat house mother.
Same thing.
Those cops threw everything at it.
Didn't come close to catching him.
I got to come up with something they didn't think of.
The thing is I mean, if it is a cop who's doing this, I'd expect to see other problems.
You know, the kind that shows up in other places, like, trouble with the wife, trouble with the partner.
Stuff that wouldn't end up in his legal record but could definitely be in his personnel file.
- Gracie? - Okay, hear me out.
- I've got a list of names - No.
You won't even hear me out? I can't use my position at the Attorney General's office to pull personnel files.
- You know that.
- It's in your power.
This is what you do.
In my official line of work as an investigator, yes.
But not as a favor to anyone who asks.
It's not anyone.
- It's me.
- There's no difference, hon.
Well, thank you.
Nice to know where I rank.
Do you know how impossible it is to get at those files? For good reason.
They're private.
You're not giving them to the press.
It's me.
If I don't find anything, that's that.
I'll forget I ever saw 'em.
Well This is a bullshit argument.
You knew my answer before you even asked.
So, I should be home in 20 minutes.
I won't be there.
I'm already on the road.
Oh, shoot.
Who's with the girls? Uh, no one.
I left them alone.
Why? What's the worst that could happen? [KAREN.]
I'm a funny guy.
Uh I gotta go.
You okay? Yeah, I'll see you in the morning.
Roll down your window! Put your hands on the wheel.
I'm sorry, Officer, did I do something wrong? Sir, I wonder if you're aware that you were, um I'm sorry, my mistake.
Have a good night.