Unbelievable (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 [LILLY.]
Oh, too close.
Back it up.
Aquarius, huh? Funny.
You don't look nearly mysterious enough.
Wait there.
I don't know what I can tell you that I didn't already tell Head-Up-His-Ass Harkness a million times, but come on in.
Strangest case I've ever had, no doubt.
No signs of forced entry.
Doors and windows were locked.
Not a single neighbor saw or heard a thing.
And then there's the victim.
Imagine you're in an elevator.
You're going down, down No, I'm in a meadow.
I'm walking through a meadow.
Okay, a meadow.
She insisted on a hypnosis session.
And I'm going to act as a medium during the session.
You wanna channel other voices while One day, she calls up to say that since the attack, her cat had been scratching people wearing black boots.
The moon is bright.
She thought this was an important lead.
Throwing my long She also wanted me to canvass local gyms for a well-built, six-foot white man with blue eyes.
The bad man stands above my roots, watching her through my branches.
Tell you the truth, I might have written her off entirely if not for her injuries.
Those were very, very real.
I was sound asleep in here, and I woke to the sound of a strange scuffling.
Jerome! Jerome, help me! [GRACE.]
So, Jerome was here? [LILLY.]
He was at home in Canada.
Jerome can hear me from anywhere.
I called to him, and he answered by distracting my attacker.
I owe him my life.
Well, you can give yourself a little credit too.
It takes a lot of guts jumping off a balcony like that.
I had no choice.
I couldn't move.
I thought I'd severed my spine.
Eventually, somehow, I got up.
I cracked my pelvis, punctured my lung, shattered my femur.
Couldn't work for months.
The medical bills would floor you.
Physical therapy alone is up to 12 grand.
Not to mention my poor mother who's worried herself sick.
And you cannot begin to imagine what it took to get my neighbors to pitch in for an armed patrol.
It was like asking for their firstborn instead of thirty-five bucks a month.
But, hey, I get it.
Public safety.
Isn't that what our tax dollars are for? [LILLY.]
So, tell me this.
Why would a police department sweep something as awful as this under the rug? Because that's what's this is.
A cover-up.
Darrow, cases like this, that have very limited evidence I'll tell you why.
They'd do it if my attacker was one of them.
What makes you think your assailant was a police officer? One night, a few weeks after my attack, - I heard a noise down here.
- I called 911.
They sent an officer.
I was about let him in when he lifted his flashlight exactly the way that my attacker held his knife.
So, I screamed at him to go away.
I wasn't gonna give that sicko another chance to finish the job.
And did you share this concern with Detective Harkness? This, uh, patrol incident [HARKNESS.]
Oh, yeah, God.
She was sure it was him.
One hundred percent convinced.
And? The night of the attack, Officer Fagan was in Cabo with his fiancée.
And I offered to show her his passport, but, uh, by then, I was just the enemy, and she was convinced I'd do anything to cover for him.
So, a real breakdown in trust.
Yeah, that's partly my fault.
I think it all started when I, uh, questioned her about the kava kava.
Did you have anything to drink? I don't drink.
Uh, how about drugs? Uh, marijuana, sleeping pills? I had a salad for dinner and my usual cup of kava kava before bed.
And that's it.
It's a natural muscle relaxant? Yeah, it's some root that they grow in the Pacific Islands, and you make tea out of it.
And it hits you kinda like a Valium or a stiff martini.
But in high doses, it can cause hallucinations.
So, I asked her, is there any chance that you kinda overdid it with the tea and this whole thing is just a really vivid dream? Uh, I know.
No victim likes to be asked if she imagined her assault.
But I had to.
I mean, maybe if I'd seen the report on the physical evidence by then, I wouldn't have.
But my guy was late in writing it up, and at that time, I didn't know that we had shoe and glove prints.
You have shoe and glove prints? Here, Detective Harkness wouldn't pay for a sketch artist.
He said since the guy was masked, there was no point.
So, I had a friend do one, a Brazilian lithographer.
Very famous in Rio.
His work sells for thousands, but he did this for free.
I'll check it out.
Thank you.
Nothing is unknowable, Detective.
All of the information needed to catch that guy is out there.
You just have to know how to ask.
If a case looks at all like one of ours, call the detective listed and ask for the file.
Print it out and stick it in one of these red babies.
ViCap is labor-intensive and time-consuming, and God, I love having an intern.
Okay, so these are the shoe prints the Lakewood PD found at Lilly Darrow's house, and this is from the mud outside Amber's apartment.
Would you look at that.
And even more exciting, remember this honeycomb pattern from the Westminster screen door? Well, this is from a window at the Darrow house.
- Same guy.
- [MIA.]
We may not know his name yet or what he looks like, but give me 24 hours, I'll be able to tell you what shoes and gloves he owns.
We're startin' to get an outline of him.
Mm, can't put an outline in custody.
You ever hear of sacred geometry? It's the belief that things like a honeycomb or a snowflake, those perfect shapes found in nature, are proof of organization by a higher power.
That's not a honeycomb.
It's just a glove made by a greedy American corporation.
Which is definitely a higher power, but probably not the kind you mean.
What's that? Lilly Darrow had a sketch drawn up of her attacker.
You've been sitting on a visual of the guy? You're only just telling me now? Hey, I know you're not used to working with a partner, and maybe you think I was forced on you, but I am here.
I am your partner in all this.
And in case you've lost the thread, there's a bad dude out there, right now, threatening women, right now.
If we're gonna stop him before he hits again, you have to start working with me.
And that means giving me at least a little of the information and a little of the respect that I've definitely, after six years as Ah.
Not a lot of information there.
No sweat.
You're not the first person who finds me disagreeable.
That's not what I said.
Listen, uh I know I'm not exactly a constant ray of sunshine, but you can't take it personally.
It's just me.
There are lots of good cops who celebrate every little step in the right direction.
I'm just not one of them.
I don't get jazzed about little things.
The sneaker, the glove.
They're positives.
Yeah, helpful But they're also nothing.
There's only one thing that I get excited about: catching the guy.
And we haven't done that yet.
Hey, what's up? [EVELYN.]
Got a sec? So, unfortunately, everyone here has read the stories about your situation.
Your picture's everywhere.
I really don't need to hear anything more about it.
I was just going to say I'm sorry.
Anyway, with all this happening, I can't have you out on the floor.
So, I'm gonna move you to the loading docks.
In a month or two, we'll reassess.
Nathan's back there.
He'll walk you through your new position.
Okay then, off you go.
broke in while the victim was sleeping, tied her up, and took photos of her.
Sources say he terrorized the victim for several hours.
Crazy, right? I couldn't believe it when I saw it.
The similarities.
You think? I think? A mask, a knife, the pictures? Yeah, but, I mean, how unique are those things? Don't most attackers wear a mask and carry a weapon? - Yeah.
- Plus, Marie says it never happened.
Yeah, but what if it actually did? And this is the same guy and they find him? You know, maybe all this gets cleared up and all that court stuff goes away.
What court stuff? She didn't tell you? Oh, my God.
The police are charging her with false reporting.
- I mean, she could go to jail.
- Oh, my God.
Well, she got a lawyer.
I don't know how.
But, evidently, he's pretty confident that he can get her a deal.
When I saw this report, I I thought, well "What if she was telling the truth?" Hang on.
I just wanna remind you that when you saw her that first day, - your first reaction - I know.
was that there was something off, and I mean, you know.
You've been through it, we both have.
We know how it feels.
Yeah, but what if this is just her reacting differently because she's a different person? Okay.
- What then? - Well Then we go to the Kirkland Police, and we tell 'em the guy that they're looking for has done this before.
So, they can bring her in for questioning, and that went so well for her the first time.
Here's what I ask myself.
What do I want for Marie long-term? Security, stability, success.
Me too.
So, sticking her in the middle of someone else's tragedy, does that get her closer to that goal? Or does it just backslide her into the same bureaucratic mess her life has been all along? If this lawyer really can make this all go away That's her best bet.
- Baskerville.
I have a woman on the line asking for the detective in charge of the rape that's on the news.
Put her through.
Go ahead, ma'am, you're connected.
Uh, hi.
Um, my name is Colleen Doggett.
I saw the news report about the elderly woman who was raped in Kirkland.
There's a girl in Lynnwood who has a story that sounds a lot like what you're looking at.
In Christ alone My hope is found He is my light, my strength, my song This cornerstone This solid ground Firm through the fiercest drought And storm What heights of love What depths of peace [DOG BARKS.]
Hey, come on.
Get back here.
When strivings cease My comforter My all in all Here in the love of Christ I stand [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
Aw, hell.
Hey, guys.
How was the hike? Grim.
Thank you for indulging me by going back to that first verse again.
A perfect way to end our morning spent contemplating the difference between God's will for our lives and simply God's will.
It's one thing to pray, "God, come bless what I'm doing," and another to pray, "God, help me to do what you want to bless.
" If we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.
He's always working out his purpose in, around, and through us.
So, let's go out in joy to love and serve the Lord.
Amber? Detective.
What are you doing here? I'm always here.
How about you? I know you're not a regular.
Uh, no.
No, I, um, I grew up going to Saint James in Chicago, but I haven't been to a service since I moved out here.
I just Thought Feeling a little out of sorts? [CHUCKLES.]
Yeah, I'd have said I'm losing my mind, but "a little out of sorts" sounds much more dignified.
I bought a gun.
I give my dad hell about hunting wild turkeys, and here I am at a shooting range.
I met a guy there.
Two, actually.
I have no idea why I slept with either one of them.
I didn't plan on it.
I just [EXHALES.]
If Eric found out If anyone found out, my friends, my family Sorry, um, you came here to worship, not to hear how crazy I've turned.
You don't sound crazy to me.
You sound like someone who's been through a trauma and is looking for a way to feel safe again and in control.
And there is nothing crazy about that.
There are support groups, you know? No, I don't I don't want a support group.
They're full of people who can relate to everything you've been through.
I just said I don't want that.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I'm glad you're here.
Yeah, this is Detective Parker, Lynnwood PD, giving you a call back about Marie Adler? Yes, sir, thanks for the return.
I apologize for hounding you.
It always takes me a minute to get to my calls.
We got about half the manpower you guys have over there in Kirkland.
Well, I'm hoping this will be helpful for both of us.
I've got a pretty brutal 2-0 on my hands, and a tip's come in that you may have something like it in the Adler case.
What can you tell me about it? [PARKER.]
But not much.
I'm afraid the girl in question made a false report.
You sure we're talkin' about the same case? The particulars relayed to me are real close to what I'm looking at.
I mean, real close.
Yeah, I I hear ya, uh, but I don't have a victim here.
I I don't know how to convince you, sir, but we're so sure we're charging her with false reporting.
Well, okay.
I hope that works out for you guys.
- You have a good day.
- Yeah, you too.
Nonstop fun back here, isn't it? I don't really mind.
I like that you're chill, Marie.
I don't know many girls could be sent back here and not end up making my brain bleed with their nonstop talking.
Are you this cool outside of work too? I'm not really I'm not really cool anywhere.
Uh, I should probably clock out before I flip over to OT.
What? You think I'm gonna do something or something? [STAMMERS.]
I should just clock out.
Relax, I'm just fucking with you.
Milkshakes and a ride home.
Who's the best? - I have my bike.
- We'll put it in the back.
Which one do you want? Chocolate or Stop, I don't want a stupid milkshake.
We can take off the front tire, you know.
It'll fit in the back.
I'm good.
Marie, what's up? Are you okay? Do you really not want this? Marie.
What? [CONNOR.]
What's going on? What happened? - Nothing.
Come on.
Talk to me.
Why? What are you gonna do about it? You gonna beat up the creep in the loading dock? What are you talking about? Nothing.
Just forget it.
Hey, talk to me.
I'm your friend, remember? Right.
"I'm your friend, I'm here for you.
" But how are you actually here for me? While all this shit's been happening, what have you actually been doing to help? Are you serious right now? Get your hands off my bike.
I'm just asking you to tell me what [YELLS.]
Get your hands off my bike! You're being totally unfair.
You don't know anything about unfair.
You have had everything handed to you, everything easy.
Screw you.
Marie! You can't behave like this at work.
It's absolutely unacceptable.
Fine, fuck it.
I quit.
All right, keep in mind ViCAP makes connections based on MO.
The other parallels: physical descriptions, military background, those we have to dig for ourselves.
Well, this is not our guy.
He was locked up at the time of Doris's rape.
Here's something.
A man arrested for cocaine possession in Littleton last year.
AO reported he had a rape kit on him like the one Amber described.
Gag, condoms, dildo, lubrication.
Never charged with any sort of sexual assault, but Got a booking photo? Perversion knows no age limit, does it? Uh, too bad, eh, Rosemarie? In another life, you two could've made a cute couple.
Please, I haven't dated a man over 45 since I was 30.
Should I maybe separate out files where they suspect law enforcement personnel? Why? Um [ELIAS.]
Mm That's an angle you like? Well, it's not an angle I like, but it is an angle that has merit.
Based on what? The evidence.
Which evidence? Sorry, just catching up here.
Every crime scene's been pristine.
Every attack's in a different district.
The fact that we managed to group them was pure luck.
Well What? Civilians would have that information too.
CSI's turned a generation of American TV viewers into crime scene experts.
Seriously? You don't like this angle because of a TV show? Every FBI office coast to coast will tell you the same thing.
The number of clean crime scenes has skyrocketed.
I'm not saying don't look at cops.
- Yes, you kind of are.
- No, don't misunderstand.
Maybe I should remind you.
Cops beat up their partners at two to four times the rate of the general population.
- I'm aware the numbers are higher.
- Add to that the fact that A: prior acts of violence against women are the biggest predictor of whether a man will commit sexual assault, and B: our suspect's better-than-CSI knowledge of the police investigation procedure.
And I don't think it's a stretch to say yes, this angle of looking for a cop not only has merit, but you'd be a fucking idiot not to pursue it.
Hey, everyone! I brought gifts.
Now, you're a tough group to shop for, but I think I managed to find a little something for everyone.
Turn them around.
The brand, model, and size of this shoe match the pattern that was found at both Lilly's house and Amber's apartment.
And Honeycomb running gloves.
Right on, sister.
Nice work, Mia.
Come on, grab a chair.
Take mine.
Excellent work.
You left your dinner.
Lost my appetite.
Taggart's a good guy.
He wasn't being intentionally hostile.
Hmm, he's part of a hostile process.
He's not wrong about CSI.
You know that.
Hypothetical scenario.
A study comes out showing 40 percent of female cops abuse their kids.
What do you think would happen? Forty percent of female cops would lose their job.
And that would be right.
That would be appropriate.
Now, look at this.
This is a study from Florida where, like, everywhere there are cops beating their wives.
Guess how many of them are still on the job? Thirty percent.
Everyone knows, huge correlation between violence at home and violence against strangers, and even so, a third of wife-beating cops in Florida are still walking around with a badge and a gun.
I hear ya.
I just don't think that's entirely Taggart's fault.
Well, it's no one's fault entirely.
That's the problem, no one's accountable.
No one is looking at this data about violence against women.
I mean, what if men were raped at the rate women are? What if Taggart was worried a stranger was gonna fuck him in the ass walking from the grocery store at night? This man is helping us.
This man is stepping up.
Okay! But where is his outrage? You know? Where is the voice looking at this pattern saying, "This is supremely fucked up!" It is.
But you sitting out here, screaming into the wind, does nothing to un-fuck it.
We found a ViCAP hit I wanna show you.
What is it? Just come back in for Pete's sake.
You said "fuck.
" I was making a point.
Look at me getting the nice church gal to go all potty-mouthed.
Shut the fuck up.
And they say women don't mentor other women.
A series of unsolved rapes at the University of Kansas, 2000 to 2008.
White male, 26 to 35-years-old, five-foot-nine to six-feet, calm, direct demeanor.
Black mask, bindings, early morning attacks, the victims in bed.
A video camera was used to film the rapes, a rape kit and handgun involved.
And he would make them shower for 20 minutes to get rid of any DNA evidence.
After the last attack in January 2008, he vanished.
I'll check police transfer records between Kansas and Colorado around that time.
Thank you.
Well one thing's for sure, someone needs to get out to Kansas immediately.
What is that? What are you doing? We know what you're doing.
You're going to Kansas.
Highs in the mid-sixties with humidity at 67%.
Winds [WOMAN.]
I tell you, hey, they got so many trees [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYING.]
[WOMAN 2.]
Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up 1.
All around the kitchen Cock-a-doodle-doodle-do All around the kitchen Cock-a-doodle-doodle-do All around the kitchen Cock-a-doodle-doodle-do All around the kitchen Cock-a-doodle-doodle-do Well, you stop right there Cock-a-doodle-doodle-do Put your arms in the air Cock-a-doodle-doodle-do Put your hands in your hair Cock-a-doodle-doodle-do Spin around in a circle Cock-a-doodle-doodle-do All around the kitchen Cock-a-doodle-doodle-do All around the kitchen Cock-a-doodle-doodle-do All around the kitchen Cock-a-doodle-doodle-do All around the kitchen Cock-a-doodle-doodle-do Any data sets we can pull from the shoe and the glove? I'm pulling sales records from every retailer in the county going back to the original manufacture date of both items.
It's a lot of paperwork.
I wasn't aware we had anything better to do.
I got a list of restraining orders issued against domestic abusers in the area, going back five years.
We can cross-reference them with your list of cops with military backgrounds.
Yeah, you got a program that can do that? Nah.
Coding it would take longer than good old-fashioned manpower.
Oh! You want a high-tech gadget? Don't worry.
We'll divide and conquer.
I had a thought.
Well, um, with each victim, there was a theft.
He he took their underwear.
I was thinking Maybe he stole other women's underwear too.
Uh, like, women he stalked but didn't attack.
Maybe if I search, you know, for lost underwear reports, maybe those thefts were reported What? Is that Hello, Westminster Police? Yes, I have a dire emergency to report.
- It's my panties! They're gone! - [LAUGHING.]
A man stealing a gal's underwear is not that uncommon, Elias, but a gal reporting it Doesn't happen.
Fun fact, women's undies go AWOL all the time.
They are truly working their own program.
If you happen to even notice you're missing a pair.
Which you don't.
No, you might, if they're special date night undies.
But even then, you assume they're caught in a dryer or stuck in a pant leg somewhere.
Yeah, I guess I don't, uh, know a lot about that.
Hey, it'd be weird if you did.
You know what? No such thing as a bad idea.
Go ahead and run it down.
Oh, no.
That's okay.
No, she's right.
Cases have been cracked with sillier hunches.
You go for it.
You know, he's right about one thing.
Our guy has patterns of other behavior besides assault.
- Like? - Like stalking.
He watches his victims.
Probably for a while.
Most likely from a car.
Elias, when you're done with your, uh, panties, I want you to pull every report of suspicious vehicles within half a mile of each of our victims' residences.
Who knows, maybe someone saw him.
Thanks for staying late.
I-70 through Topeka was miserable.
Uh, no problem.
This case has kept me up more nights than I can count.
Look at that.
Yeah, if there was a stone, I turned it over.
Funny, as I was pulling everything, I realized these files chart my first eight years as a detective.
I got promoted a year before the first attack.
You'll see in the reports, I was hanging on for dear life.
Yeah, I've been there.
Sometimes I wonder, if I had been the detective I am now back then [KAREN.]
I just hope something in there helps bring the fucker down.
Have you seen that? Not this, uh, particular textbook, no.
Yeah, it was written to train cops, but I stumbled across it on a Dark Web message board.
Men use it to study how cops catch rapists so they can avoid the usual traps.
So, as much as we're hoping we're looking at the same guy, it could just be two guys with the same book? Yeah, I'm afraid so.
'Cause I ain't in no hurry today There's nothing wrong With an old cane fishing pole And the smell of early spring Sit down in a fold-up easy chair [DOOR CHIMES RING.]
Hey, Trish! We beat the rush.
I threw in onion rings as a thanks.
- Aw, thank you.
- Let's make it a habit, okay? Well, can't promise with these bitches.
Twenty-one sixty-five tonight.
- Thanks.
The rest is for you, Trish.
- Thank you.
- 'Night! - Good night.
[GIRL 2, GIRL 3.]
You guys gonna come over? [DOOR CHIMES RING.]
- You want a box, hon? - No, thanks.
Thank you.
When I must return To the cold cold ground Have 'em take their time [SIGHS.]
Steve? [STEVE.]
Hey, sweetie.
I'm back here.
You eaten? Uh, I ordered Chinese 15 minutes ago But I came in here to earn my lo mein.
Proud of me? Big time.
You need something? Yeah.
- Just one file.
A patrol officer from Franklin Heights named James Massey.
He's a nomad cop, gets tossed around from department to department like bad garbage.
His wife took out a restraining order.
I mean, violent past, DNA and jurisdiction savvy by virtue of profession.
- Perfect physical match.
- Gracie, we talked about this.
No, it's different.
It's just one file.
The Attorney General's office is clear about protocol when it comes to record requests, and "my wife has a hunch" doesn't cut it.
God! I'm asking you for help.
That's what you're always telling me to do.
Reach out, open up, don't wall off.
Well, here I am.
That's about you being emotionally present.
This is not that, and you know that.
So, if I were crying, we'd be good? [DOORBELL RINGS.]
That's dinner.
When he rapes again, it's on your conscience.
Uh, no, hon.
It won't be.
Hey, Tommy, it's Grace Rasmussen.
How you doin'? Good to hear.
Listen, we're putting together a police softball league, and I hear you've got some fine players over there at Franklin Heights.
No, no, you're busy.
I can call them all, I just need their numbers.
Yeah, uh The first guy's name is James Massey.