Unbelievable (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 - [THUD.]
- [GRACE.]
Shit! [GRACE.]
What was that? If you're a rapist, it's 500 pages of pure gold.
Thousands have been sold.
Who knows how many have ended up in the wrong hands.
Uh, I'm looking for Detective Rasmussen.
That's it.
That's my big haul from Kansas.
Sign in, hon.
I'm gonna need ID.
Please tell me you had better luck around here.
What the fuck is wrong with you? Fucking asshole! [SHOUTS.]
Let go of me! - Hey! Get this on your phone! - [OFFICER.]
It was right there in my garden the whole time.
The exact knife that the attacker held to my throat.
How could you people not have found that? It was just complete fucking luck that I happened to go out back and mulch today.
I told them he had a knife.
That Harkness never believed a word I said.
No one is questioning your credibility.
I'm not even gonna engage on that one.
Just tell me how he could have missed this that night? Isn't it, like, Cop 101? Check the backyard.
If you're suggesting that cops fuck up sometimes, that they ignore evidence or dismiss victims 'cause they're lazy or burnt out, or maybe they just don't like women that much, you'll get no argument from me.
But that's not what's happening.
Right now, you're talking to the cops who went back to your case and reopened it.
We are working it, hard.
You got a suspect? Not yet.
And we will go back to your place, and we will conduct a thorough search.
We will conduct a grid search of your yard and every yard adjacent to your house.
That's what you shoulda done the first time around.
Fucking idiotic, missing this.
You know, looking through those eight years of files out in Kansas You see the pattern.
There's a rape, there's a rush of police work, new evidence, new leads.
And then one by one They dry up.
And six weeks later, you're back where you started With nothing but dead ends, nothing to go on, nothing to pursue Until he hits again.
I don't want that to happen here.
Eh, nobody does.
I don't want another batch of useful information, another DNA sample.
I do not want that.
How about instead of freaking out here in front of everyone, you go log that knife into evidence and just get back to work? - Come on.
Hi, it's Detective Duvall.
I'm checking in again to see if you've seen a white Mazda.
Thanks, Detective.
- Thank you.
Jesus! Elias, what the fuck? Oh, sorry.
It's the suspicious vehicles.
I decided to enlarge the map so I could really pinpoint the locations.
What? This is James Massey, the cop who was on both the military and domestic violence lists.
I got his cell number.
What can you do with it? A couple of things come to mind.
Do the one you can keep most quiet.
Thanks for keeping an eye out.
Hi, it's Detective Duvall.
I'm calling again about the white Mazda.
Yeah, I'm still looking for that Mazda with the broken mirror.
All right, uh Well, you know where to find me if you do.
Come on in, Marie.
Sit, sit, sit.
So, I got you something called a pretrial diversion, which is a good thing.
If you keep your nose clean, then all this goes away in a year.
Your record gets expunged.
Uh, it it'll be like, uh, it never happened.
There are some terms, but all of them are easy.
Number one: you'll be on, uh, supervised probation.
You'll have a probation officer you'll have to check in with once a month.
Now, he can visit you at your home without warning.
So, you've got to be careful.
No drugs, no booze.
I mean They haven't ordered drug testing, but they could.
Number two: mandatory therapy.
You go down to the clinic, they'll assign you a nice therapist, you'll talk about why you filed a false report.
And, uh, it doesn't matter, you gotta go.
Number three: you pay $500 to cover the costs that the city incurred, and That's it.
Any questions? Uh I I don't think so.
Look This is a good deal.
It's as good as we're gonna get.
You should feel really good about this.
Five hundred dollars? - [NADIA.]
It's my turn.
- I can pay you back with interest.
Ow, stop! - That's not the point.
- Give it back, Nadia.
- Nadia.
Three, two, one.
You always take his side.
Upstairs and in pajamas, both of you.
I know it's a lot of money.
It would help me if I knew what it was for.
I'd really rather not say.
Are you pregnant? N no.
Uh Oh, my God.
Well, I don't know.
d do Do I have to tell you everything? [JUDITH.]
No, but you can't have it both ways.
Either you take care of this yourself, or you want me to help you.
In which case, I'm gonna have some questions.
Just never mind.
I'll deal with it.
Here's what I'd do.
I'd ask for an advance on your paycheck from Norris.
Most businesses will do that once or twice.
What? I I actually don't work there anymore.
- What? - Since when? They moved me off the floor for for no reason.
Oh, my God, Marie.
No, you don't My My boss was being a total a-hole [JUDITH.]
Why would you lie to me? Now every time you say something, I'm gonna ask myself, is she lying? [SNIFFS.]
I didn't lie.
I just didn't mention it.
Oh, don't give me that.
It's the same thing.
- Not in my opinion.
- Okay, well, how about these charges they're filing against you? Was that another thing you just forgot to mention? Were you ever gonna tell me about that? How did you hear about that? That's not the point.
I tell you, Marie, if you were ever wondering what spinning out of control looks like This this is what it looks like.
You know, if it makes you feel any better, I need the money to pay my court fine.
I'm gonna plead guilty, so they drop the charges.
I got a lawyer.
He worked it out.
I have to see a probation officer once a month, and I have mandatory counseling.
Well, maybe this could end up being a good thing.
You know, sometimes the system actually works.
Hope you're hungry.
They had a special on ribs.
I went a little crazy.
Thanks for cooking.
- [YAWNS.]
- Uh I got something for you.
What? It's on the table.
Oh, man.
I always thought guys who said, "Sometimes you gotta do the wrong thing to do the right thing" Were full of shit.
But I looked him up.
You're right.
He's bad news.
Now, maybe that's the only way to get to the root of things.
Bending the rules, working in the margins.
Or maybe I'm full of shit too.
I don't know.
Anyway If that's your guy, you need to get him off the streets, like, now.
So, here's what I'm thinking on my drive in.
I'm thinking, what's up with the pictures? - [MIA.]
What pictures? - The ones he takes.
We've been talking about them like they're souvenirs.
What if they're not? [ELIAS.]
What else would they be? Well [SIGHS.]
they're raphic sexual imagery.
One thing you need a lot of graphic sexual imagery for is Porn sites.
I say we run searches.
We type in rape, bondage, porn Start scanning the sites for our victims.
So, I took the data dumps from each of the cell towers closest to the four crime scenes for the two-hour period before the assaults and ran Massey's number - through each of the dumps.
- And? Officer Massey was within a half-mile radius of Golden and Lakewood the night of.
Obviously, these are approximate locations.
What about the other two nights? Doris and Sarah.
That doesn't mean he wasn't there.
Just means he didn't make any calls.
Plus, this doesn't prove a damn thing.
There's a million good reasons he could be in those areas.
Yeah, and one bad one.
Put a body on that fucking guy.
No, no! Moving pick.
Where's the whistle? Same thing happened in Wednesday's game.
What do they have against Ford? You gotta call that.
It's incidental.
Do you have fucking eyes? He's totally hand-checking him.
Someone knows their game.
Started at point for Colorado State.
Were you any good? All-Conference in the old Western, three consecutive seasons.
Not four? Nah, I didn't play my final year.
Knee surgery.
How about we watch the rest of the game back at my place? I live right around the corner.
Only if we can watch SportsCenter after.
I got it.
- Y'all have a good night.
- No, no.
Leave that.
My lady friend here is gonna want that bottle.
Isn't that right, Detective? No, no, no, no.
Please, go ahead and take it.
You can have as much of my DNA as you want.
Here's a little extra in case they fuck up in the lab.
You don't want to fuck with me, Grace.
I have a lot more friends than you do In higher places.
Enjoy the game.
Excuse us.
Thank you.
Hey, you're gonna do great.
All right? [FEMALE CLERK.]
Number 37, window two.
Hi, I'm 37.
- You here with a parent? - No.
It's just me.
When the light changes, make the left when you can.
Um - I'm sorry.
- W what the hell were you thinking? I'm sorry.
I I I'm Um I was just You wanna take a minute? Mi Miss.
Miss? [PANTING.]
Joe, let's go.
You're wrong when it's right It's black and it's white We fight, we break up We kiss, we make up You don't really want to stay, no But you don't really want to go-o You're hot then you're cold You're yes then you're no You're in then you're out You're up then you're down ID? Now's a dead battery [STORE ATTENDANT.]
You know it's a crime to buy alcohol with a fake ID.
It's not a fake ID.
How much are the Pringles? [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYING FROM CAR STEREO.]
[MAN 1.]
- [MAN 2.]
Fuck you.
- [MAN 1.]
You fuck you.
Hi, uh, c could you Could you buy me a 40? Um, I can, but I choose not to.
Well, you can keep the change.
What? Whoa, a whole seven dollars? [GIRL.]
Hey, don't be dick.
Just buy her the beer.
[MAN 1.]
All right.
Nice sneaks.
I know what to make of my life I got the recipe The victory's sweet Oh, so sweet I can walk I want to get sour taste of defeat Ed say's the guy's dad bought him a $50,000 car.
He leases it.
Soon and I see the sun rise Blood, sweat, and tears I spit no lie I'm about to blow be the next best [GIRL.]
Ooh, a drive through.
Come on, please, please, please, let's get food.
You're hungry, right? I'll do whatever.
- [GIRL.]
- Hey, she'll do whatever.
Shut up, douchebag, that's not what she meant.
Ya gotta take ya high And scream it from the mountaintop [MAN 1.]
In the future, you might want to think twice before you ask some random dude in a parking lot to buy you beer.
Then I wouldn't have any beer.
Seriously, we could have abducted you or some shit.
I mean, didn't your mom ever teach you not to talk to strangers? Now we in the sky Feelin' so alive 'Cause winners never die [CAR ENGINE SHUTS OFF.]
Hey, got a beer bottle for ya.
Make sure CBI compares the DNA off this with our case samples.
It's not gonna match, but they should run it anyway.
Whenever you're ready, Detective.
Uh, we ran the Lakewood knife.
No prints or DNA.
Redid grid searches on all four crime scenes.
Nothing there either.
Um, went through the case files in the Kansas rapes.
I can't rule out the possibility that it's the same guy, but Nothing says that it is either.
Have you searched burglary and trespassing reports in neighboring jurisdictions to see if any of these can be reclassified as rapes? In all ten districts of Jefferson and Adams counties, multiple times.
Is there anything I can release to the press? I mean, I got these guys calling me two, three times a day.
Like? - [ZELLNER.]
Identifying features.
Articles of clothing.
As soon as we have something, we'll let you know, Sergeant.
But we don't.
That's the thing, we don't have anything.
Well, that's not true.
We have DNA from three out of four crime scenes No, we have a shit ton of information.
We know everything about this guy.
We know his height, his weight, color of his eyes, color of his hair.
What kind of backpack he carries.
What kind of camera he puts in it.
We know the shape and location of his very distinctive birthmark What brand of fucking sneaker he wears.
And guess what? It's all a pile of worthless bullshit because we are no closer to finding him than we were when we started.
Am I wrong? Please, someone, tell me I'm wrong.
Just because we can't see the path doesn't mean it's not there.
Are you seriously whipping out your Jesus shit right now? As far as I can tell, Jesus has a piss-poor sense of direction because we are about as far as we can be from any kind of fuckin' path.
This guy is out there, driving around, preying on the most vulnerable women he can find, and we have no idea who or where he is.
Your Lord has not given us one goddamn break, so as far as I'm concerned, he can just go fuck himself.
- Okay.
Unless anyone has anything else, we're done.
- Actually, I don't know if - Actually, what? Uh Well, I'm I'm not a 100 percent sure about it.
It might be something, but it might not be.
Why don't you tell me and I'll decide.
How about that? Okay.
So, I've been using mapping software to chart reports of suspicious vehicles around each of the four crime scenes.
There's this This drive-time polygon tool Elias, just Right, okay.
So, I found this hit early this morning.
Three weeks before the Lakewood attack, a half block to the east, a neighbor reported an unfamiliar truck idling outside her home.
A white Mazda.
Yeah, that, uh that's something.
- You got a license plate? - Uh, yeah.
It's, uh Uh, just, uh - It was right here.
- For fuck's sake, Elias.
Oh, I I got it.
Find out who that vehicle was registered to.
Somebody? There was a Mazda on the security tapes in the Golden case, driving around for hours, but we couldn't make a plate on it.
- [MIA.]
I'm in the DMV database.
- Excuse me, um - Get me on the goddamn search page.
- Okay.
Well, I I well, I wasn't done.
I have the registration and the owner's name And his driver's license.
Christopher McCarthy.
We need two unmarked cars at the location, 71 Harcourt Street.
Put Leonard in one and Nunez in the other.
- Roger that.
- Somebody call the DOD.
- Find out if this guy's a veteran.
- I'll do it.
No car details released, okay? Not the model, not the color, nothing.
No, sorry, scratch that.
We can totally go wide on this and alert our suspect that we're onto him.
Up to you.
Okay, pull up the LPR database and see if we get any hits on the Mazda.
LPR? License Plate Reader.
It's a small high-speed camera attached to the front of some of our patrol cars.
They take a picture of every license plate they pass.
Eighteen hundred pictures a minute, downloaded into a central database.
Bless your heart, State Senator Bianchi, 'cause they ain't cheap.
The second you get an LPR hit on the truck, the guy, and the broken mirror, let me know and I will call it in to the DA.
Intern, good work.
It's 2:00 a.
Well, it's technically 1:53, but I hear ya Your curfew's at 9:00.
You're right, this will not happen again.
And you're high.
You're right.
I kind of am.
- Marie - Sorry.
I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty buzzed.
When you joined Rise Up, you signed a contract.
I'm sorry.
I'm I'm really sorry.
Me too.
It won't be for long, I promise.
It's fine.
Ricardo doesn't mind having Nadia in his room.
He gets scared at night.
- Can I help you with that? - [JUDITH.]
I'm fine.
I have an interview with OfficeMax next week.
Did you ever hear back from Chipotle? No, I have to follow up with them again today.
This is why we don't quit a job before we have a new job in place.
Wh what do you mean it doesn't rise to the level of probable cause? I can sign off on a warrant, but you'd have a hard time gettin' a judge to sign it.
Bring me something else.
We have victim's descriptions that match pictures of McCarthy.
We found a picture on an LPR of McCarthy with the same Mazda that's on the surveillance tapes in Golden.
We have a shoe print and a glove print at Lakewood that match prints at two of the other scenes.
Yeah, I'm telling you, that's not gonna be enough for the judge.
We need something better.
DNA from the car door handles, soda can in the trash, something.
You don't get two shots at this.
Fine, just, keep your phone on.
Hey, what'd you find? And you already saw that one, BigTeenTitties.
com, right? - Let me call you back.
He's helping us search for porn sites registered to McCarthy's name.
And? One so far: SuperKinkySluts.
Though none of the pictures were of our victims.
Someone else's, though.
Any movement here? Nothing.
Quiet all night.
Hey, uh I wanted to say sorry for the whole "Fuck the Lord" thing.
I mean, it was not my finest moment.
That's nothing I haven't thought 100 times myself.
I just have the good sense to keep it to myself.
In truth, I kinda envy all you God-believers.
I'd love to have that kind of faith.
I don't know, the stuff we see It's hard enough with God, I I don't know how anyone does it without.
Uh, alcohol And my dogs.
But mainly yeah, alcohol.
Him too, but you know, when things get hairy at work, you always go off the rails a little.
Yeah, they don't advertise that part of the job at the Academy, do they? Hmm.
Wouldn't make for much of a recruitment poster.
"To Serve, Protect and Emotionally "Withhold From Your Partner.
" - Mm.
- The thing is, you can't let up.
I was a runner in high school A sprinter.
And it was the same thing.
You drop your concentration in the 100 even for just half a second, even just like, hey, there's my mom in the stands, you are done.
And a guy like that, a planner he's thinking about this 24-hours a day.
And any second I'm not He is pullin' ahead.
Max the Knife seems like he'd, uh, he'd appreciate that kind of drive.
You know, not be threatened by it.
So, where does that stupid name come from? 'Cause he won't tell me.
Then I'm not gonna.
- Oh, come on.
- No way.
It's something dorky, isn't it? It's pretty fucking dorky, yeah.
Anyway, he gets it.
The girls, not so much.
They will.
My, uh, my mom was an ER nurse.
She worked a lot.
I didn't love it, but it made me self-sufficient, so Yeah.
- You want that for them.
- Oh, I I know.
I mean, what do you think he's doing in there? Probably something really boring.
That's the thing I was most struck by when I worked undercover How fuckin' boring these guys are.
When they're not out dealing drugs and assaulting people, they're just sitting around and doin' nothing.
You know, we met then.
- Who? You and me? - Yeah.
Or, I mean, kind of.
I was a rookie.
I was called to a scene, a big drug bust at a burger joint, I guess.
You were undercover with these guys for, like, a year.
- Sure, yeah.
God, you were there? - Yeah.
Ah, no kidding.
That was a great day.
I was the shit that day.
- You were.
And I was a total fangirl.
- Really? - Yeah, I had just started at Golden.
And I'm not from a cop family, so this was all new to me.
I'm, like, figuring out how to dress and how to act, and Do I defer, do I speak up? And we pull up to this scene and there you are in your whole Undercover, dope queen outfit.
Oh, God, that was an excellent outfit.
And the looks on those guys' faces, like, "Her?" Yeah, like, "What? She's a fuckin' cop?" Ha! And I just thought, "Okay, "I don't have to defer or second-guess.
" "I can just show up and get the job done.
" That's right.
So, thanks.
- A decade later.
I feel a little less shitty about cursing out your Lord and Savior now.
I still dream about my first rape case maybe 15 years ago.
Me too.
Deena Jones.
Night before her 16th birthday.
Mary-Pat Owens.
Thirty-two year old mother of three.
Hey, you should get some sleep.
Nunez has this, okay? Yeah.
I'm, uh, about to About to head home.
Before I ask you to enter your plea, do you have any questions for me? No.
Do you wish to talk further with your lawyer? No.
Are you pleading guilty because you are guilty? Yes.
Is that because on the 11th of August 2008, you falsely reported to Officers Parker and Pruitt of the Lynnwood Police Department that you had been raped in your apartment at the Oakdale Apartments? Yes.
And you falsely reported that same allegation again, two days later, on the 13th of August 2008.
I'm pretty positive that it happened.
Pretty positive or positive? Yes.
And in doing so, you were in violation of RCW9A.
040 of the Washington State penal code.
There is a rapist there isn't.
Do you understand that by entering a plea of guilty, if that plea of guilty is accepted by the court, you will have waived your right to a trial? Yes.
It is the finding of the court in the case of Washington State versus Marie Adler that the defendant is fully competent and capable of entering an informed plea.
- Hey, hon.
I thought we were putting the second camera on top of the cable box at 88.
Yeah, these guys think they'll get too much interference there.
Before the field trip, or they won't let her go.
Oh, Selig, never apologize for taking care of your family.
- Yeah.
What the fuck? I know.
What is he doing in there? Looks like he's gettin' ready for a busy day of raping.
- What? Too far? - Uh, yeah.
With our luck, this guy's probably got the flu.
He'll be in there for days.
Well, I'm okay with that as long as it allows for the possibility of him choking on his own vomit.
Karen Duvall, that's not very Christian of you.
Read your Old Testament, woman, we're big into vengeance.
Okay, we have eyes on the suspect.
He's leaving the house with a Caucasian woman, five-two, maybe five-three.
Suspect is getting into a gray Toyota Corolla.
Suspect is in the passenger seat.
License plate 62DRR2.
Fucking come on.
The suspect is turning on to Sheridan.
Suspect is moving south on Sheridan Boulevard, moving towards West Fourth.
Would it be too much for me to hope that he is going to workout? Put on some gym shorts, let me get a look at that nasty leg.
What? Suspect is now moving northbound on Sheridan Boulevard.
What? Wait, he's coming back? [SELIG OVER WALKIE-TALKIE.]
No, suspect is turning off.
Vehicle's entered the diner at the corner of Marcy and Sheridan.
Suspect is entering the diner.
You ready to go get us some DNA? You should at least move it around the plate.
Okay, let's do this.
Once we know the house is empty, your guys can set up the cameras.
Look at him.
He looks like any other guy.
You know, you got a clear shot.
Yeah, well Was kinda hopin' I'd stick around and Raise my kids.
Wonder if she knows.
She could be in on it for all we know.
People are weird.
Leave the mug.
Leave the mug.
Thank you.
All right, no one's home.
Let's give them the go.
I'm Detective Rasmussen.
This is Agent Taggart.
We, uh, we are investigating a string of burglaries in the area.
You seen anyone around who looks like this? No.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
Stop, stop, stop.
Police! - [SELIG.]
- [KAREN.]
It's okay.
Don't touch that mug.
I need that mug.
You mind if I get your name? [KAREN.]
Christopher McCarthy, thank you for your DNA.
Chris McCarthy.
Anyone else live here with you? Just my brother.
All right.
Well, why don't we leave one of these with you in case either of you come across this guy Give us a shout.
Will do.
Holy fuck.