Under the Banner of Heaven (2022) s01e06 Episode Script


And he beat Ron's dog
to death with it.
God said man shall not live
on bread alone,
but He didn't say nothin' about peaches.
It seems like she dipped
into her end-of-days stash.
Well, if her sons have holed up
here with her,
they left a light footprint.
They're staying outside.
Right out there.
You saw how Sam was living.
All her boys need
is tree cover to survive.
You can rule out the rest of the house.
I'll take care of her.
Then we can look around together.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
Sister Lafferty.
When's the last time you saw your son Ron?
Since Father passed last year.
- Ronny took it hard.
- So, he felt responsible?
What do you mean "responsible"?
What's he mean, Brother Brady?
Well, you know, I wouldn't wanna
- put words in anybody's mouths.
- Meaning guilty.
Mr. Brady shared with me
that Ron denied his father care
that could've saved his life.
They're lies!
Stop it. Stop it!
Brother Brady, you've eaten at my table.
And I've held you in prayer.
- You know this is a loving home.
- It was. It was.
- It was a very loving home.
- Yes. You see!
You've taken my sons from me.
But if they were here,
you would see their innocence.
And the way Heavenly Father
resides in them.
And Brenda would tell you.
She would.
Rest her soul.
Follow me.
Don't touch anything.
Stay right there. Don't move.
Just there.
This is where your school met, huh?
Yeah, welcome.
Give us the room, please.
Thank you.
Sit down.
So, I want to know
why you didn't contradict her
when she said this was a loving home.
You afraid of her?
Or are you afraid
of who she might rat you out to?
to picture now
with your officers up there
yanking floorboards,
but I'm telling you whenever
the school came here,
I was met with a positive spirit.
Even after Ron murdered his own father?
I wouldn't call that murder.
That's exactly what you called it.
When men of faith
say that they feel the burning
of the bosom by the Holy Spirit,
If they told me their bosom
was burning to let someone die,
I'd do my own praying.
Oh, you are very wise, brother.
Look, I did the same. I did the same.
You know, I didn't think it was right,
is telling them one thing
and me the opposite,
how do we know which one's it?
They never covered that in my ward.
And there are examples
of God's killing orders
all over our scriptures, all over.
When you were cuffed
and you were facing charges
back at the station, you called it murder.
it's all just God's command.
No, you're just using scripture.
Whatever scripture you wanna use
moment to moment to save your own skin.
- The rules are the rules, brother.
- I tell you not to touch anything.
So, after Ron let his father die
is that when he started cutting throats?
Ron, did not know where to turn.
Well, he called it his journey of truth.
He was seeking a pure Mormonism.
One that his wife might come back to.
So, he headed west to Oregon,
looking for John Bryant.
Hey, I'm looking for Brother Bryant,
I wrote to him.
Am I in the right place?
Well, do you need any more help?
- Welcome, brother!
- Hey.
- Come on in. Yeah, here.
- Hey.
Easy. Careful. Careful.
Only today.
Bryant was an acolyte
of Rulon Allred,
the polygamist who was assassinated
for being too liberal.
So, Bryant started his own community
in Nevada, and then Oregon.
Ron had an awakening there.
We'll be done eating dinner
by the time you finish, brother.
All right. Last time I cooked,
- Okay. So, you go.
- Okay. Here. Here.
Like this.
See? Just like that.
Lean into it.
- Yeah? There you go. See?
- It's splitting.
You learn something new.
No, no thanks. None for me.
Put our prophet in historical context,
he wrote the Word of Wisdom
during the Temperance Movement.
He had to suggest going easy.
But he did it not by commandment
or constraint.
The Lord gives us wine
to gladden the heart.
It's natural. Spiritual.
Here, you do not ever have
to do a thing that you do not wish to.
No. It's wonderful.
This is how I always thought faith
should feel.
I miss my wife.
There's such peace here.
If she could see this,
if she could feel this.
commanding me to build an order
in preparation for my role
as His One Mighty and Strong,
to put His church to rights, brother.
Your wife will
experience the holiness
you've found here, too.
The love.
may I baptize you?
Ron Lafferty,
having been commissioned
of Jesus Christ
and by the authority
of the true Melchizedek priesthood,
I bless you
that you
as a servant of our Order.
And I baptize you in the name
of the Father,
the Son,
and the Holy Ghost.
So, he came back
only to find
his home emptied,
so he came back here.
My eldest brother.
What a surprise. You're back.
Did you find
what you were looking for in Oregon?
It's the beginning.
You know, I might go to Canada,
to Bountiful.
- Yeah. Yeah.
So, you're leaving us again?
She's gone and my kids are gone.
Ron, hold on, hold on.
double-crossed institution.
We call for a restoration
of Holy principles.
- Welcome back. I missed you.
- Interesting place, huh?
- Onias.
- Grand operation, huh?
These are our pamphlets.
They're warnings from the Church.
It's cool, right?
- We're sending a warning to the Church.
- And what is this?
Revelations delivered
by this man here, Bob, Prophet Onias.
I've waited a long time to meet you.
Have you?
What are you doing, Brady?
all his words.
- What are you, his secretary?
No, it's not like that, Ron.
Aren't we all the Lord's secretaries?
Your brothers have helped me
to do in two weeks
what would've taken me months alone,
send a warning to apostles,
bishops, and state presidents worldwide.
A warning? What about?
They must restore plural marriage.
Restore the restriction of priesthood
to white men.
Our doctrine states that Satan
founded the Black race
when he taught Cain to place
a seed into the beasts.
These truths can't be changed just
to satisfy the whims of public opinion,
which is exactly what the Church
is trying to do.
He's got all the answers then?
I received a calling to
restore a school for His work.
This guy. He's your Prophet.
Onias is simply guiding us
in your absence. That's all.
Onias, would you tell Ron
about your revelation?
Before meeting your brothers,
the Lord told me
that he had singled out six
to help build
the city of refuge for His last days.
I believe that you and your brothers
are those six.
Ron. Hey. Hey. Hey. Calm down.
He's a salesman, yeah.
Yeah, a pimp.
I think you should get lost.
Did Onias leave willingly?
to his mine, including Ron.
But Ron insisted that they go alone.
Unless your aim is to end me,
a rest, Ron.
The dream mine.
The product of a bishop's revelation
100 years ago.
In the bishop's dream, the Angel Moroni
flew within 1,000 feet down
into the earth until they reached
a three-foot capstone covering
an extraordinary treasure.
Caverns of white quartz
with roofs of gold.
All right.
Some dream there, Bob.
Mining's gone on here ever
since, since his vision.
Slow and costly labor.
The Lord commanded me
to build a city of refuge here
beneath His mine, but his mine
will not yield its treasure
until the One Mighty and Strong appears
with a Scepter of Power in his hand.
Is that you?
No, not me.
My job is to teach him
when he arrives.
Who do you think our One may be?
I don't know.
Why don't you go ask
that prophet up in Oregon, Bryant,
'cause he says he's the One?
Is that why you went to meet him?
Are you looking for our One as well?
You scale every mountain,
cross every ocean, desert,
but you'll still never find him.
For how can you find
what was never lost to you?
What you've had with you
your entire life?
You. Ron.
I believe that you
may be our One.
You know,
I've heard that before.
Yeah. And it's not true.
You know what's true?
no church, no wife,
I'm as useless as your mine.
God takes what you love
so you cannot turn back.
Who can deny that we're in the time
of great need,
that we are in his last days?
But if you are His One,
you will open this mine
for us to provide for the construction
of a temple in New Jerusalem.
And you will rebuild your family.
For when they learn
how blessed you are,
Diane will run back to your side
with more love in her heart
than you have ever known.
How can you know that?
I will teach you.
To hear the still,
small voice of God
which whispereth and pierceth all things.
A voice to make your bones quake.
I will teach you
to receive his revelations.
Revelations that we will bring
before our School of the Prophets
for their approval,
and in this way,
you, Ron,
are our One
that Ron worked out
his early revelations.
all he wanted more than anything
carport, over.
I don't see Mother Teresa in there
sawing off the shotgun herself.
I got a feeling she knows who did, though.
I think your skill-set may be
better suited to Sister Lafferty.
Little vinegar.
Come on, you think she didn't know
what they were up to
or where they are now?
She's the den mom to this troupe
of demented Boy Scouts.
How dare you let this dark-skinned
Lamanite speak to me in this way?
I see a mark on you as well,
your granddaughter's blood.
Remove this man, Brother Pyre.
Judge has given his okay
for his presence here.
Do you not answer to our judge
in heaven first?
Then you're no Saint.
I don't much care if you think
the Devil himself wrote Utah laws.
You live here.
Utah law applies to you.
See what happens if you chain me.
I'll tell you what'll happen.
You'll go to prison on accessory charges,
so when all your sons get put to death,
you won't even be allowed
in the gallery
to say your farewells.
Why'd you blame
my boys for this evil?
Why not the two with them?
Who are you talking about?
Do you mean Prophet Onias?
Sister Lafferty, if there were
two other men with your boys,
why not tell us who they were
and clear your family's name?
Tell me this, did they have beards?
All right.
Okay. You want us
to leave you in peace,
then give us names.
One called himself Chip.
And the other called himself Ricky.
I didn't care to know anything more.
That's the truth.
I swear on my salvation.
Ricky and Chip,
those names ring a bell?
Twenties, long-haired, not LDS.
Doreen said they were unwashed
and smelled like skunk.
Do you think Dan and Ron
would've been hanging out
with a couple of potheads?
Well, after Oregon, maybe.
Update the APB.
- Yeah.
- And Onias?
If we go up to his Dream Mine,
could we Ron or Dan be up there?
Ricky and Chip.
Should we expect to be fired upon,
Mr. Brady?
Betty, if you have time
before you and Daddy head back,
can you run me and Erica
to the pediatrician real quick?
Forget it, Betty! He's here.
Oh, you're okay, I know.
It's okay, you're just gonna
go here for a sec.
Where were you, Allen?
Where were you?
Were you up the mountain?
Were you down on your knees again,
praying to your brothers'
make-believe Messiah?
Please. We have to go to the doctor!
Every minute I worry,
"Could her fever get too high?
Is it an infection?"
And even when you're here,
I feel so alone!
I just need more time to figure out
which path we should be on.
What is there to figure out?
Your brothers are wrong!
Making up their own rules 'cause
they hate how their lives turned out!
How could you possibly know?
Would you just shut up?
- Just shut up for once!
- No, I will not!
And I will not watch you
get excommunicated, too,
I'm sorry. Brenda. Brenda. Brenda, please.
- No.
- Please, Brenda.
- Hey.
- Oh, are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Hey.
Hi, honey. Hello, sweet girl, sweet girl.
Time to go visit the sweet doctor, Erica.
Keep you company while the girls
are at the doctor, Allen?
Yeah? Good.
Oh, there we go. There we go.
On a mountain high
Love lift us up where we belong
It's okay to listen to popular music
sometimes, right, don't you think?
being a Mormon
is like guesswork.
Heavenly Father's gift
of personal revelation.
A lot of responsibility, huh?
You could say that.
Something I take very seriously, sir.
Yeah. Yeah, but something
I've seen as a Bishop,
get the most carried away.
want to live precisely
by the example of Joseph Smith,
so I can be with your daughter
forever, sir.
Oh, is that it?
You're not livin' in a covered wagon now,
are you?
No, sir.
You're not getting tarred
and feathered wherever you go, right?
so, living precisely
like Joseph Smith,
that's gonna be a challenge nowadays.
look at the amazing thing
Heavenly Father did for us, right?
Provided a religion to weather
the changing world.
Hmm? D&C 56:4.
You know what that is?
"I, the Lord, command and revoke,
as it seemeth me good."
Command and revoke.
Revoke how, Allen?
"By the voice of my servants
whom I have appointed to lead my people!"
And that's what's funny
about so-called fundamentalists.
If they wanted to be so literal,
wouldn't they follow the doctrine
that the Church must evolve, huh?
How about a chocolate?
"Hot drinks are not
for the body or the belly."
Hot drinks refers generally to caffeine.
And chocolate has caffeine.
Yeah. Chocolate has caffeine.
It's got a little caffeine.
You're right.
But most Mormons I know eat chocolate.
I'll tell you something.
Growing up, Brenda loved Hershey's syrup.
How about you?
You think you might be able
to enjoy a chocolate milk now and then?
You look like a Cherry Cordial
kinda man to me.
So, I'm gonna give you
this one right here.
This one in the middle.
Take that.
Take it.
Gotta do a cheers, right?
Cheers. Come on.
Temperature coming down?
I'm going to Missoula.
Real good broadcasting market.
And Grandma and Grandpa
can help with Erica while I'm at work.
What do you mean "going?"
Oh, this is how it started with Dianna.
and what if Allen's caught it, too?
They scare me, Betty.
And Allen's the baby boy.
he worships his brothers.
I just hate to see the Lord
testing you like this.
Brenda, you made an eternal vow
before Heavenly Father in a temple.
You have a responsibility now
to make this work.
You have to take this
to the Church first. You know that.
They may say it's time
to throw in the towel.
Or they may help you resolve
your differences with Allen.
You can't blame yourself for this.
I would've done the same thing,
I would've said the same thing.
I would've guided her back
to the Church too.
If I'd known how powerful
who all would line up
- Stop her! Stop her! Stop her!
- Sorry.
- She's trying to kill me!
- Mom.
- She's trying to kill me!
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Josie, Josie. I am so sorry.
- No!
- Hey, hey. It's all right.
- We were just trying to have a bath.
Oh, sure. You know, it's fine,
it's all right.
Mom. Mom.
Mom. No, no. Hey, look at me. Hey. No.
You okay?
- I can take her, babe.
- No, it's okay, I got her. I'm sorry.
Why don't you take the girls
to the store? There you go.
- I am cat.
- Hey, you're not a cat.
You're my mom. Hey.
Okay. Wanna sit down?
- Should we go?
- No. It's fine. Sorry.
- Jim. Betty.
They're from Twin Falls, Idaho.
- Oh!
- Yeah.
Do you think us Utah Mormons
up our you-know-what?
more jealous because you get
to live here in Zion, you know?
Well, aren't you a cutie?
Here you go, Mom.
Sister Wright, I assure you
that the Lafferty name
does not have any power over me.
So, tell me why did they do this?
I don't have all the facts yet.
But I can tell you that the Laffertys,
they saw your sister
as a very, very powerful person.
And a formidable obstacle.
We wrote each other
She told me every detail of her life.
Every little thing on her mind.
It must feel like a violation,
handing over letters
that Brenda wrote
only for you.
What will you do if these letters
cause trouble for people
If somebody above,
even the police
tell you to make this disappear?
I'm only beholden to your sister.
I won't be deterred, not by anybody.
Contention is of the devil.
Well, no one's being contentious, Mom.
You know, when Becca took off
my dress,
the devil said, "Pinch her."
And I did.
Now, tip back, I can rinse your hair.
I think the devil made me do it.
He's testing me,
before I can join your father.
He needs to know my worth.
So, give me your blessing.
how worthy you are.
We're home!
- Just tip back. Just tip back. Would you?
Okay, okay. Okay.
Josie Ann Pyre,
having been commissioned of Jesus Christ,
and by the authority
I bless you so that you may hear
and find peace.
I gave my mom a bath,
I put the girls to bed,
and I started reading Brenda's
first dang letter,
Everybody needs sleep.
Call came in from the 7-Eleven
on East State Street.
Clerk witnessed a "bearded man"
stuffing pork rinds down his pants.
East State? That's near me and Becca?
We gotta find Onias ASAP.
We have to track Doreen's pair
of "evil ones."
We got Dan and Ron,
and now we got a 7-Eleven shoplifter.
And we don't have the men.
Send Morris on 7-Eleven.
I'll take Onias and the Dream Mines.
- Alone?
- Divide and conquer, brother.
I faked a blessing for my mom last night.
Just so that she would rinse her hair out.
It's pretty easy.
I used to love Pioneer Day.
Ooh! It was my favorite day of the year
when I was a boy.
just lie to his saints
just like I did last night?
To drive them out
of the American territory.
Just so he could marry
without fear of prosecution?
Dear Betty, I took your advice
and wrote to the highest office
short of the Prophet,
the general authorities.
And a member of the Quorum of the 70
agreed to meet with us.
Guess my Comms major
was good for something.
My husband's brothers are his heroes,
so, when they say
they're receiving revelations, he listens.
on anything, but,
evil thoughts
Brigham Young gave the key
whereby a revelation is true.
"If it comes from God,
it will cause an increase of love
and appreciation for the brethren.
This is a sign Satan cannot duplicate."
Has there been an increase in love
when your brothers act
on their revelations?
that Brigham thought revelations
would always increase
love and appreciation.
Why is that hard to believe?
How about Mountain Meadows?
I mean, I doubt love and appreciation
sprang forth when he was ordered
and children executed,
so, he did it.
We are not here to discuss
ancient history, brother.
- Ancient history?
This was barely
a hundred years ago.
We're talking about the founder
of our university.
The man who's honored
with statues all around town.
We are here to discuss your family.
are only some
of Brigham's revelations true?
And if so, which ones?
We are to follow today's prophet.
Healing the problem of your wife
begins with choosing to do that.
You think I'm going to choose
from people who can't reconcile
their history
with what they claim to believe?
You sit before a body of men
authorized to be
the Lord's representatives on Earth today.
Joseph Smith says we all have
the gift of personal revelation.
And what my brothers say isn't full
of half the holes
have been excommunicated already.
Yeah, and now they're free
of this fraud!
Come on, Brenda, let's go.
Sister, feel assured,
you will be rewarded in heaven
for your courage.
I am so grateful to you all.
But I feel,
there's not a thing
that can stop Allen and his brothers now.
I can't wait for this
to grow worse.
to grant a divorce.
would you allow us
to give you a priesthood blessing
and appeal to Heavenly Father?
Sister Brenda Lafferty,
by the power
of the holy Melchizedek priesthood
which we hold,
and as a representative of Jesus Christ
on this earth,
we, the Elders of Israel,
pronounce a blessing upon thy head.
The Lord acknowledges you
as a chosen daughter of Zion,
and you are hereby directed.
Do not abandon thy husband.
Heavenly Father calls you.
Because of thy righteousness,
thou hath been chosen to shepherd
the Lafferty family back to the fold.
Not only Allen, every Lafferty.
Verily, their eternal salvation
is in thy hands.
He will prepareth a way for you
to accomplish that which
He hath commanded.
We bless you with strength
in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Did you know that the Church
gave her that calling
that pitted her against Ron and Dan?
You didn't ask her what happened
in that room after you left her in there?
I stopped coming home
I knew then, without a doubt,
that our Church is built on lies.
Lies upon lies.
But I thought Brenda would leave me
if I spoke such words aloud.
So I lost sight of my wife.
a more attentive husband,
I could've stopped all of this.
I could have stopped it.
charge you with any crime, Allen.
I'm releasing you, you're free to go.
You must despise me.
You got anyone you can stay with?
Well, who in Utah will have me, then?
The apostate son?
I'm struck by the sensation
that you might be the only person
in the world I can talk to
who might understand me.
I'm afraid of being alone out there.
I'm down in Salem, near the Dream Mine.
Talked to a guy who owns
a service station here.
Says old Onias buys gasoline
by the barrel from him.
Thinks he may have a trailer
hidden on the west side of the mountain,
down below the mine.
Bill, do you need back-up?
Nah, don't worry about me.
I make friends everywhere I go.
What do you have?
I think Dianna may be
in more trouble than we thought.
Got the latest letter
from Brenda to Betty,
basically saying that the Church
put Brenda on a collision course
with Ron and Dan.
Dear Betty, Allen's brothers
have their wives
churning butter and baking bread now,
saying they defile their homes
with store-bought.
So, I'm buying them all Sara Lee
to remind them
they don't have to live like this.
Because if Sam or Robin
think they might lose their wives,
maybe they'll start
to see things clearly again.
The Church even sent missionaries
to help.
And after all our sisters
have been through,
I thought it'd be nice
if a couple hunks reminded them
of His true Church.
- Perfect. Thank you.
if they're among the Lord's elected.
- Well, it needs no bells and whistles.
- Sure.
But the people you're going
to be talking to aren't really Gentiles,
they're Mormons,
exploring some obsolete practices
that we modern Mormons
wouldn't even think to do
in our wildest dreams.
You know, multiple wives,
marrying children,
picking fights with the government.
Maybe just invite our sisters
to embrace modern life.
I mean, God wants us to shop, right?
Capitalism is part
of Heavenly Father's plan
to help the Church prosper
in the latter-days.
And He needs every one of us
to build His kingdom on earth, doesn't He?
Big gates move on small hinges.
That's a good one!
Okay, well, here are their addresses.
And remember, don't talk to the men.
that don't sound LDS,
maybe just remind them
that they're facing eternal separation
from their families.
the sweet missionaries' efforts
- Wait!
So, I had to double my efforts.
Ron got wind of it that it
that it came from Brenda,
and it came from Dianna,
and they sent Matilda as a messenger.
Knocking on the door,
giving a not so veiled threat.
- Hi!
- Hello. Gosh, Erica's gotten big.
Oh, I know. She's a good eater.
Come in, Dianna's here, too.
- Mama!
If you're worried Dan will see us,
come in. We're making Kool-Aid.
I'm not worried about Dan.
I still have faith in my husband.
Oh. I see.
You've been fornicating.
Meddling in holy work.
Trying to buy our sisters back
into a corrupt church
- with store-bought butter.
Have you heard of blood atonement?
Me neither.
Isn't that funny?
I'm not sure.
A wife who alienates her husband
from her children
could be risking her life.
Dan says that there are some sins
that can only be redeemed
through the shedding of blood.
Dan said that to you?
No, I'm saying that we must put
personal feelings aside and obey the Lord.
A wife who alienates her husband
from her children risks her life.
That's when the Lows,
and Brenda,
started to smuggle Dianna out of Dodge.
We ask this through Jesus Christ.
I've been thinking what my life
would be like,
if I hadn't followed Ron into the Church.
it's brought so much pain
to my children.
- I think I'm losing my testimony.
- Oh, Dianna.
Please don't.
For now,
I need you
to put your faith in me.
Brenda, you're not safe here.
I am going to put an end
to this wickedness.
It is my calling.
Write to tell me you're okay, yeah?
All right.
We're ready.
Ah, these poor women.
Do you think Brenda knew
where Dianna was headed?
Well, the Lows said that Brenda
was the only one that Dianna told.
It was possible Ron could've gotten
it out of Brenda
before they did what they did to her
and her baby.
In which case,
Ron may have already found Dianna.
I have to make decisions now
and I don't wanna waste
resources or time, so,
tell me, after Dianna left,
is there any way that Ron
simply just let her go?
He wouldn't move on
You okay?
I don't know.
significant distraction, sorry.
It's not new,
and it's not a distraction either.
It's what happens when you're taught
your whole life
that you need God to guide you.
being alone with your own mind.
in my own mind,
see what kind of person was left behind.
I read our history.
All of it.
All of that "personal revelation,"
men listening to their own selfish desires
and calling it God.
I have a book. It's red.
Bright red.
a woodworking textbook cover on it
so Brenda would never find it.
a truer story of our people.
Our history, our church.
I imagine you have it
in your evidence now.
Thus saith the Lord.
Thus Saith the Lord, take pen in hand
and write the things which I command.
This unto my maidservant, Dianna.
Thou art a chosen daughter,
but my wrath is kindled against thee.
Because of thy rebelliousness
against thy husband.
If thou wilt repent,
I would greatly bless thee,
other the wise, I will remove thee
from thy place.
I ask of you all,
to listen
to the still small voice.
And ask of His wisdom,
Heavenly Father's words?"
Let's vote.
these words, are not your own.
These are Heavenly Father's words.
are our One.
The One.
I have a book.
It's red.
You have it in your evidence now.
It is enough.
From this valley, we will never run.
And if they attempt
to throw us over again,
in the name of God,
we will lift the sword and slay them!
the gentleman planning
on paying for his merchandise.
- Polite, you know?
- Sure.
- Is that a screwdriver?
- Yes, sir.
Well, do you think, it's Jacob Lafferty?
It looks just like him.
Yeah. Did you catch his direction?
The neighborhood there, sir.
My kids.
You wanna turn that headlamp off
and state your name, sir?
They sent a Lamanite?
I see.
The faithful call me Prophet Onias.
You may call me Bob.
You mind putting that skull cracker down
on the ground for me, Bob?
My hammer is for the Lord's work.
Terrible what happened to the woman
and her child.
But I do understand that murder
runs in your people's blood.
Must seem ordinary to you.
If you'd like to talk more,
you'll have to do so in my home,
provided you leave the gun in the car.
Did you have nightmares?
I'm struggling, honey.
Can you pray with me?
Babe, can you do that?
Of course.
Our Dear Heavenly, Heavenly Father,
I'm so sorry, honey.
but I can't struggle through
this with you.
I need you to do something for us.
I need you to bear your testimony,
before our congregation.
I need our girls to see and hear,
our priesthood holder,
that he still believes.
Okay. Yeah. Okay.
- Come to bed.
- I will, yeah.
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