Under the Banner of Heaven (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

Blood Atonement

Sir, Taba found Onias up
at the dream mine.
- He needs you there.
- Yeah.
Gotta go.
If we're to see the light
best keep the generators
in its belly full.
If I'm not mistaken, your calling
is to protect and serve.
No higher to serve than Heavenly Father.
You're a sturdy breed,
capable of carrying two filled
gasoline cans at once.
- Prophet Onias.
Lives may be in jeopardy
at this very moment.
How can we measure the abbreviation
of a mortal life
when considered next
to one's eternal salvation?
What was that?
I'm not the only faithful shareholder
up here. I do believe I told you,
no guns.
You'll never receive God's favor
with such language.
Answer me this.
You say Ron started to unravel
when Dianna refused to come back to him.
Is that when he started slicing throats?
Our prophet spoke of one mighty and strong
who would set the house of God
in order in these end days.
My body in this life is not strong.
So, I hoped it was Ron.
But in the fog of hope,
I was blinded to how the allure
of being our One might tempt
even our strongest
to the delights of flesh and blood.
You've been called.
Heavenly Father calls you to take the rest
of our money
to Nevada and bet it on a horse,
that he's gonna whisper in my ear.
I'm not certain the Lord wants Zion built
in such a manner.
strong, and we'll bring our families
back together.
Of course you will.
Sam and Robin's wives
have been visited by missionaries
who are accusing us of apostasy.
No one's visited you?
No. I told them what you told me to.
I said,
"Don't you send anyone to my door."
And I said, "Stop fornicating."
Who'd you say this to?
- To Dianna.
- To Dianna?
You think that Dianna could have moved
our entire home alone?
Who helped her?
Who helped her steal my children?
The Lows gave her money and the Stowes
helped pack the house.
Who else?
It's okay you can tell me.
I can't know, for sure.
She planned it all.
Hey, police. Hey, police! Stop! Hey!
You have spilled my blood
upon holy ground,
a curse be on you and yours.
- Police! Police! Don't shoot!
- It's Officer Taba.
Care to dust yourself off and join me
and the prophet?
I'm sorry.
Prophet Onias, pleased
to finally meet you.
I'm Brother Jebediah Pyre.
I'm always happy to receive
a faithful saint into His home.
The prophet was about to share
the details of Ron's revelations.
Ron brought forth a list.
A removal list.
- You approved this list?
- No.
"Thus sayeth the Lord unto my servants,
the prophets.
"It is my commandment that you remove
the following individuals
"that the instruments
"that I delivered unto thee
be consecrated, dedicated,
"and set apart for this purpose. Amen."
- Ron. Who is to be removed?
- Oh. There's a list, a list of names.
Here. See, the names,
they just tumbled out.
There may be more. I don't know.
For He taught us, vengeance is mine
and I will deal with mine enemies
in mine own time.
they're madness.
Which is something that nonbelievers
often say about men
who have revelations, isn't that right?
Okay. So, we're gonna close our eyes
and we're gonna feel
that little voice inside telling us
that these are Heavenly Father's words.
Yeah? And then we'll vote.
- You didn't tell him, Dan?
That Robin got to Nevada and heard
the Spirit tell him
that he lost the last of our money?
Seems like your own blood is starting
to doubt your wisdom, Ron.
Brothers, there's a reason why
families fifty miles from here
ever heard of the Lafferty name.
- Anything!
Say a revelation includes instructions
for a third party, say, Dianna,
to return back to Ron,
but she never hears it.
- Must she still suffer its consequences?
- You must be confused. She heard it.
How, if Ron had received the revelation
after Dianna had already left him?
- He read it to her, over the phone.
- He told you that?
I was there when he called her
and commanded her
- to return with his children.
- How did he find her?
Ron took it as a sign from God.
- Dianna's in Florida now?
- No, I doubt that.
Where, then?
Dead, I would think.
Ron would've atoned Dianna before Brenda.
It was the order of his revelation.
And her six children?
I suspect they met the same fate
as Brenda's child.
To secure their exaltation
and prevent them
from growing up in apostasy.
I think you'd've figured
God's laws.
Gosh! Shoot!
Listen. Before I waste time
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Just cut myself.
What's up?
Why Florida?
Dianna was from New Jersey.
Yeah, well. She was a convert,
and that tells me
that she wasn't all that fond of the home
that she was brought up in.
So, for now, we look for anything
addressed to Florida.
God, is there some LDS law
that says you got to keep
every scrap of paper
your kid ever snotted on?
Pretty much.
So, Ron would definitely have kept
a letter from his son.
- Sorry, sir. Wife's on line two.
- Okay.
Hey, uh, just tell her I'll call her back.
Oh, she wants me to bear my testimony
In front
of our congregation on Sunday.
Public speaking a problem?
Not when I believe the words
coming out of my mouth.
If the brethren smell any doubt,
I'll be single, maybe by fall.
After Dianna met Ron,
she quit nursing school in Florida
so that they could get married.
I mean, that's the version
that I've always been told.
So you think she would've gone to Florida.
Back to nursing school
with six hungry kids
and no family support.
That's what you think?
Sounds crazy, I know.
that Brenda would do.
Would encourage, maybe.
I mean, for the past few weeks,
Brother Pyre, I was impressed upon
by the Holy Spirit to speak with you.
- May we?
- Yes, of course.
we can share with Allen as well.
Allen. Brother Pyre.
We can all agree the Church finds
itself fraught with challenges,
to put a delicate matter plainly.
The events leading to the revelation
six years ago
that our priesthood be open to Negros,
all of the legal threats
from the communists,
and the NAACP, we've been struggling
with public perception.
We don't need any more
detrimental press now,
like not publicly speculating
about FLDS connections to this case.
Well, it's gone beyond speculation now.
You're of the Paiute nation?
The Shivwits Band, in the Southern Paiute.
Then I must thank you.
May I remind you of our shared history?
1857, joining hand in hand to defend Zion
from annihilation.
Fancher wagon train
from Arkansas
will enter our territory within the week.
Oh, it is wealthy. Well-armed band.
Indeed. Whispers that they carry fugitives
from the mob
that murdered our own dear prophet.
God Himself provides this.
Driven into the desert,
it has taken ten years to rebuild.
If we are ever to survive,
we must relieve ourselves
of the constant fear of invasion.
If so much as one Gentile steps
into our territory, we must make
an example of him.
But we cannot wage war on multiple fronts.
Not alone. Colonel, how stands
the Southern Utah Indian Mission?
Are the Paiute with us now?
Well, according to Major Lee,
they are now our brothers, sir.
Good. Send word Major Lee.
We will fight as one.
Mormon and Paiute together.
I'm sorry.
Us Injuns are taught
a very different version of that story.
Excuse me. I got a missin' wife
and kids to find.
For some, truth brings discomfort.
For others, lies do the same.
No one on that wagon train
had a thing to do
with Joseph Smith's murder.
The scholars disagree with you.
by the Church.
- Allen.
- And the old BYU arm-twist.
let us come together for the sake
of our church,
and for the sake of your eternal family.
Sorry, what does my family have to do
with this visit?
In the past, you have bent man's law
for the sake of the Church.
When your ward considered elevating
a member to Boy Scoutmaster,
you volunteered investigative details
from that member's past,
despite the fact that you never charged
the man with anything.
- It's not how justice operates.
- He would've been charged
with child abuse
if the Church hadn't encouraged his wife
to stop sharing evidence with me.
We were grateful, brother.
now you want to sweep my wife
and child's blood
under the rug for the sake
of the church's reputation.
Have I got that right?
Brother Pyre, would you please ask
Mr. Lafferty to mind this tongue?
I see.
Then that is all.
"Shake off the dust of your feet
as a testimony against them.
"And know that in the day of judgment,
"you shall be judges of that house
and condemn them."
Did he just condemned us both?
I'm sorry.
But, know that good can grow
from the dust they leave behind.
How? How so?
When my testimony died,
I thought I'd die with it.
But a few weeks back, I got
a late night emergency work call.
Um, so, I drove there.
And there Brenda was.
She'd followed me.
She thought I was lying.
But that night, I saw it.
The pain that I caused.
And I knew.
I knew then that I belonged to her
and to Erica.
Not to my brothers, not a church, to them.
And I could look her right
in the eye and truly see her.
but for what we had right here.
My family became my faith.
Detective, found it.
Don't turn a blind eye.
Find them, for Brenda.
I promise you I'm gonna find
your brothers.
I mean, if she saw it as her calling
to help Dianna and her children,
to keep them safe, keep them alive,
that's what you have to finish.
Don't let my family's death be in vain.
Yes, ma'am, the ZIP Code
is 3-3-0-1-0, Miami.
That's a mostly Cuban area.
Mm-hmm. Yeah, well
the apartment manager said
that the unit was rented to a White woman.
She used a different name,
but she fits our description.
- She paid cash?
- Right,
well, I can't really get a warrant
at this hour, Detective.
Ma'am, if I'm able to get the manager
to open the door,
- can you call it a welfare check?
- It's Detective.
Oh, I'm sorry. Detective. I'm so sorry.
Okay. Now,
you're telling me that her husband
- may have killed a child in Utah?
- Almost decapitated her.
And you
think he's in Florida now?
I'm afraid so, Detective.
- Okay. Fine. Give me an hour?
- Thank you so much.
Call us right back.
Appreciate it. Thank you.
Welfare check!
- Move on, it's clear.
- Cover me.
Sheriff, through here!
I pray one day Heavenly Father
will bless me,
that I will be worthy to have
a righteous priesthood holder
to take me through the temple.
And if I'm obedient to His covenants,
I can return to Him one day.
Let's get this door.
This I know to be true.
The pioneers' blood spilled out
onto the ground,
but they kept their faith.
So, I know my own suffering
will make my own faith stronger.
- Clear!
- All clear.
- Hold on.
We're still processing the apartment now,
but, no. No visible blood.
We did find three coloring books
on a closet shelf.
One of them's Mormon.
If I can send you prints
for her sister-in-law, Matilda,
can you check for those prints there, too?
And I'll see if anybody got to know her
in the building.
Thank you so much, Detective.
I really appreciate it.
You bet.
Yes, sir,
we found security footage
of the family you asked about.
She was with her family,
full of White kids.
They dressed like they'd just come
from a funeral.
Everything was normal,
then she saw something
or someone that scared her.
They left the grocery at the counter.
They didn't even pay.
Around nine days ago,
or longer?
No, no, no, sir.
She thinks it's just four days ago.
- Maybe even less than that.
- Thank you so much.
Yeah, no problem.
- You got an address?
- Yeah.
The area will be seeing highs
in the upper 90s,
combined with low humidity levels,
and breezy winds
further drying the already parched soil.
Can I help you, sir?
Hey! You're not allowed back there.
Hey! Hey, stop! Stop it.
Don't move. Stop. Stop.
- Jacob! Jacob! Jacob, stay right there.
- Jebediah Pyre.
- Jacob.
- Holy Spirit sent me to you.
Jacob, get on the ground.
Get on the ground.
Jacob, get on the ground right now!
- No! No!
- Hold your fire!
Get in there.
- Got him?
- Yeah, yeah.
Forgive me. I'm sorry.
Sam gave me Dan's journal.
He said, "Protect God's word."
- Hey! Hey!
- Hey! Stop!
So, I did.
for me,
but Holy Spirit kept me safe
till it told me what happened
to my Brenda.
- Your Brenda?
- My angel.
And that's what brought you here?
and Ron now?
Officer Stevens is gonna take good care
of you, okay?
- Thank you, Jacob.
- Okay.
Unto my chosen son, Ron,
I have commanded
that he shall be the mouth of God.
And his brother, Dan,
shall serve as hand of God,
like Nephi commanded to cut off the head
of Laban.
You sit like that.
- How's it going?
- What are you doing in my house?
Oh. What am I doing in your house?
Well, I'm family.
Need a reason?
I think you need to leave.
that you need to stop driving wedges.
That's what I think.
Allen must return to us, and you,
you will bring Dianna back to Ron's side.
- Immediately.
- Please, leave.
Actions have consequences, Brenda.
You know that.
- Are you threatening me?
- No.
I am but the hand of God.
It is His mouth that commands me.
And if you obey, you will be forgiven.
"And, lo, His hand left her
to contemplate her transgressions."
It's like he thinks he's writing a sequel
to the Book of Mormon.
This one's from Reno.
So, in their school, when their family
didn't come running back,
it seems like they went hunting
for converts to start their own new
School of the Prophets.
They followed through
with some contacts
of the minds, a few potentials.
Someone named Sandy?
"And, lo, how Sandy provideth a roof,
warmth, and nourishment
"from the belly of the Beast's abode,
Circus Circus.
"Also, two fellows who happen
to be roommates."
He wrote their whole names Ricky Knapp
and Chip Carnes.
Ricky and Chip?
The two Doreen told us about.
And they crossed state lines.
We can pull in the FBI now, Jeb.
Yeah. Wait. Dan wrote this ten days ago,
and Ron said it was time
to start killing ten days ago.
And then, the next morning,
Brenda receives a call
That's Dianna.
Ten minutes later, she calls this number.
The office to the president of the Church.
That is as bold as it gets for a woman
to call the prophet.
What, women can't call him?
No one does. So something
must've really scared them both,
to the point where Dianna
was scared enough to run away
from an apartment that she knew
that Ron had the address to.
Yeah, the cashier.
The cashier said that she last saw Dianna
that Brenda was killed.
And if that's true, then Onias was wrong.
They went after Brenda first,
still alive.
We gotta get to Florida.
Let's get us plane tickets.
I'm disappointed
you won't be bearing your testimony.
Bearing my testimony can wait
till next month's meeting.
I don't doubt there will arise
some fresh new hurdle next month.
This isn't a simple case, Becca.
Jeb, he's my general authority, too.
Just so you know, he told me
that it was the Holy Spirit
that sent him and not you.
They're all liars.
I went to him with my concerns.
And now he called to tell me
how you resisted him.
How could you go behind my back?
- Interfere like this?
- "Interfere?"
You're not to talk to him again,
you understand?
- Unless you have my permission.
- I must obey, right, Jebediah?
to get me and the girls.
I won't keep subjecting them to this.
You know, Becca, our own founders,
They saw little girls and women,
all of them as eternal servants.
They were taught to be obedient
and submissive,
they were even abused.
Some of them were raped.
And you should see the things that Annie
is already writing in her journals.
I married a man of faith
and that's who I plan to raise them with,
Yes, sweetie?
that they're going
FBI has located Ron's car
outside a home in Cheyenne.
The owner of the house is the brother
of a Mr. Chip Carnes.
Okay, well, get your tails to Wyoming,
not Florida. Go on, get going.
- Let's do it.
- Thank you, sir.
- Jeb.
- Yeah.
End this before it does any more damage
I hope still matters most to you, brother.
Thank you, sir.
Go, go, go.
- Move, move.
- Right there!
- I can see him! Police!
- Freeze!
Don't shoot.
- Please.
- No.
- No more!
- Please.
I got him. Stand up! I'll cover him.
- Watch out.
- Stand up. Turn around.
- Anything?
- All clear.
All clear.
Where are Ron and Dan now?
Hey, you can make this as difficult
as you want to make it,
but in Utah when you're convicted
of murder, that's a death sentence.
You know what that means?
Four high powered rounds
that'll rip your chest open.
That's what Utah does to child killers.
- No. We left Ron and Dan in Nevada.
- When was this?
- Four days ago.
- Where in Nevada?
just over the state line.
We got pulled over for a busted taillight
and trooper let us go.
Ron got nervous, got us a motel room
for the night.
'cause he was a good time at first.
- So, what changed?
- All of the heaven talk, man.
It just got so fucking crazy.
Fuck God.
- Where were they headed?
- Reno.
That's where Ron wanted
to go make some quick cash.
- What'd they need cash for?
- To finish their list.
Why do you have Ron's car?
to get away from them.
You don't understand,
there was so much blood.
the iron in it.
So, what happened on the day
of the murder?
Oh, we six now, Ron?
If so, I ain't gettin' back.
- Hey. Sam, Sam.
- Dan, Dan.
So, Ron had a revelation last night,
and He, blessed Heavenly Father,
says that you and Jacob
are not called on this.
we can leave Jacob with Mom.
- I'm your flesh and blood, Dan.
- Right, which is why the Lord
has called on you to stay here
and to care for Mom and Jacob.
Heavenly Father wants you to do all
that you can
to protect our family while we go off
and do His work.
We left after breakfast, the four of us.
We went to, uh, Robin's house.
Go get your hunting rifle..243 go get it.
I, uh, don't have it here, it's, um,
I lent it to Allen. Why?
a mistake about the horses.
And I don't know what this is,
whatever you're doing,
what are you hunting for?
Anything that gets in the way.
- Hello.
- Hey.
Everything okay?
at the door.
Okay, do you need to go get it?
- Hey, hey.
Look, I can protect you from them.
to hear your voice.
- Really?
- Really.
Hey, sorry. I gotta go.
I gotta finish here. I'll get home
as soon as I can,
and maybe we could go watch
the Pioneer Day fireworks.
Yes, please.
Okay, I'll see you real soon.
See you.
Why'd you stop there?
That's where Ron started to lose it. Yeah.
Maybe this was a test of our faith.
Have you lost your will, brother?
- Five.
this far?
I have long prayed for a sacrifice
so great, that I may be able to prove
that I will do anything and go anywhere
for Heavenly Father.
And I can hear Him, I can hear Him.
- Twenty.
- And it is His command that I set
- His church back in order now.
- Six, seven, eight.
Do you hear Him say that?
who's going to set His church back
in order.
And if that mockingbird don't sing
July 24th, 1984.
Dear Dianna, these past few months
have been the hardest of my life.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, man.
Daniel, what do we do?
Start completing
your revelations now, brother.
Stop it, please!
If you truly heard the voice of God,
then you'll hand me the blade.
- The blades, can I have them?
- Stop him!
- No!
- You should knock her out.
No! No! No!
Please, please, Ron. Please, Ron.
Stop! Please, Ron.
Ron, Ron, look at me.
He knows this isn't who you are.
It isn't. It isn't his voice you hear!
Please think of your own children.
God's will. Take care,
there's nothing you could've done.
The selfish.
The cowardly.
The murderers and liars.
that burns with fire and sulfur.
Which will be your second deaths.
God will make me whole again.
And send you both
into everlasting darkness.
- No, no!
- No. Come.
Dan did it. He cut Brenda's neck.
Ron gave him a cord to tie
around it to make sure that it was done.
Dan cut her baby's neck too.
Dan drove to another home
after that,
but, thank God no one was home.
He missed the turn
Dan said, it was a sign from God
that they needed to stop killing
till they made enough cash
to keep going.
But if you ask me, Dan knew
he needed to get Ron focused again.
Focused on?
On Dianna.
Dan brought her up every minute
on our way to Nevada.
it was always about atoning
his wife and kids.
There's a state sign, slow down.
Now stop. We got tracks over here.
That looks like luggage.
That's the blades he wanted blessed
for blood atonement.
All alone in a case
with his name on it, man.
Well, in the end, they want the credit.
Or it's a threat.
It's a threat to any cop who dares
to pursue God's warriors.
that they used something long and crude,
and so these aren't the murder weapons.
Ricky and Chip said the murder weapon
would be here.
What if Reno is just a story too?
Maybe Dan and Ron are already
in Florida, hunting Dianna and her kids.
A wrong turn here, Bill,
and a lot more people die, kids die.
- Did Ricky claim to be an atheist?
- Yeah.
Well, so did Chip.
So, they got nothing to gain from any God
by protecting Ron or Dan.
And they both said Reno.
When I was a boy,
were put on Earth to lead us astray.
And now you want me entrust
all these innocent lives
with a pair of 'em?
Jeb, I'm very well aware that
your sporadically compassionate people
have an allergy to facts,
because facts point toward truth.
Take your church leader's story
about our people saving Zion together.
My great grandpa told it a different way.
The Fanchers were a wealthy wagon train
from Arkansas.
Not from anywhere near
where Joseph was murdered.
They were no threat to your people.
There was no cannons, no bluecoats.
They weren't an army at all.
Heavenly Father will protect
His brave and loyal servants
- from the Gentiles' bullets. Attack!
- Let's go!
Your Mormon leaders wanted
to send a message to America,
that any Gentile entering Utah
risked their lives,
and they planned to place the blame
at my people's feet.
What is this game?
Why are your men are dressed up as Paiute?
There's no time for questions.
Fight or you starve, that's the choice.
My people knew that to refuse Brigham
was to make an enemy of their occupier.
A man unafraid to shed blood.
But they had been lied to.
Your prophet lies. You lie.
You're the shame this day on our people.
No, no, no. You can't abandon me.
Get back here!
If you abandon God's army now,
your blood will stain His earth next.
Paint your faces. Use grease, use mud.
You're all Indian now.
Different facts.
I mean no harm to my Christian brothers.
I bring you fresh water.
Any mention of that version of history
has vanished from BYU's libraries.
State your name.
I'm Major John D. Lee.
And I'm the Indian agent in these parts.
We're only passing through.
We have no plans to take their land.
Now, these hills here are ringed
with Indian fighters.
You're outnumbered, friend.
But I have the ear of the chief,
and I've negotiated a compromise.
If you hand over your arms,
I'll pilot you past the Paiute,
who, uh, right now, are organizing
a final push against you.
Well, we'll consider it, Major.
I would consider your children, sir.
Only Gentiles and Injuns were killed.
So, why risk the Church's reputation
for my dark skin?
If you aren't White, LDS, a man in Zion,
your life is of little value.
Is that the way you see me?
is that what you wanna keep
putting your trust in?
Or do you think we can
start trusting the facts?
Even if they do come
from pair of atheists.
Right where Chip said they threw it
from the car.
They weren't lying.
That is a skill particularly
to your ancestors, Jeb.
Saints, do your duty.
"And, lo, how Sandy provideth,
a roof, warmth, and nourishment
"from the belly of the Beast's abode,
Circus Circus."
In the mornin', you go gunnin'
The last time we saw Dan and Ron,
they had beards.
Like Brigham Young?
Think Old Testament.
Charlton Heston, Ten Commandments.
It's a problem.
They commit the crime
looking like Moses, shave it off,
and your clue's dead cold.
I don't think they wanna hide from this.
I think they're proud of this.
- Right, we'll check with security.
- Okay.
That's all I'm asking, thank you.
Right there. Is that your Sandy?
Could be. Let's keep an eye on her.
Don't wanna take her in too soon.
Might scare Dan and Ron off.
Where's she goin' now?
Backstage. It's toilet break.
- That's where everyone goes?
- No, I take all my shits at home.
Can you share with me any more
of her details? Uh, full name, address?
Not to tell you how to do your job,
but you need a judge for that.
You know, this case
has crossed state lines now,
so, if we don't solve it soon,
this whole place
is gonna be crawling with FBI.
I know there's one thing
our people have in common,
is that we hate having the feds
in our home.
So, a little help, Gary.
I'll get a warrant.
And I'll search her house.
And if it's clear,
I'll keep watch outside, all night.
I need you to get some sleep.
The Lord will send one mighty
and strong.
Is this the one?
I am His one.
Detective Pyre.
Yeah, it's me.
I've been trying to reach you.
Alive or dead?
Everybody up. Come on.
Come with me. Like I told you.
Lock this door and don't open it
for anyone, no matter what you hear.
Listen, it's not all good news, Detective.
For very good reason,
she understood that she and her kids
were being hunted.
I'm Detective Lopez.
Where are the children?
In the basement, they're locked
- in the basement.
- Okay.
We got to her first.
But she didn't know Brenda
had already been killed.
Dear Dianna,
these past few months
have been the hardest of my life.
But knowing you're safe
brings such meaning.
I just pray I'll reach the day
when I'll be away from this too,
that our homes can be united again.
I'd give my life for that.
For I believe that in order to stand proud
before our Savior on the last day,
we mothers must defend our family
from evil,
to help men see past themselves,
and to stand up to those,
even in our church, who lead us astray,
so we may stand glorified
on the last day together, with you,
my eternal sister, at my side.
Love, Brenda.
Are the other wives safe?
Well, the detective in Utah asked
if a Matilda had been here with you?
Then no, not yet.
The kids are in a safe house now,
but once they settled in,
Dianna disappeared.
Her purse is gone, and her keys are gone.
So, she left of her own accord.
I just don't know where to
and her kids' lips are sealed.
I searched Sandy's home, discreetly.
Ron and Dan aren't there now,
but it looks like
they may have been taking turns
with Sister Sandy.
Lots of old condom wrappers.
Premarital sex is forbidden
by LDS laws of chastity,
- If your boys didn't mind
committing a double murder,
why worry about forbidden sex?
Well, they believe they're allowed to kill
You know, maybe they married her,
by sexual consummation,
like Brigham Young and all his wives,
Well, either way, looks like Dan and Ron
spent some more time with her.
That or she's a hell of a fan.
Oh, stop there. Yeah, yeah, rewind.
Back. There you go. There they are.
Your cops came through
the Peppermill asking about bearded men.
I remember them right off.
They won big, all right.
Thing is, most pray before I deal,
then they forget all about God
if they win.
When they won,
they got right down on their knees.
I am His one.
The thing that Dan did
that we take.
Rather than reveal our covenants,
we'd have our throats cut ear to ear.
That wasn't meant for casino security.
That was meant for me.
That video is two days old.
They've had all the money
they need to start killing again
for over 48 hours now.
Why are we still in Reno?
I need you to use every bit
of your LDS knowledge you've got,
and tell me where they are now.
Is it Utah? Florida?
According to your God, who dies next?
So you think Dianna headed back to Utah?
I don't know.
head back and help her eternal husband.
They got married in a temple.
That means something.
- Do Dan and Ron know this?
- Yeah.
So they'll just camp our and wait for her.
I don't know, Bill. I don't know.
Oh, my gosh. How do you do this?
How do you do it?
Just walking through life with no compass.
You think I have no compass?
Jeb, are you the kind of man
who would pinch his own baby girl
so you could comfort them
when they cry out?
So is trying to play hero to Dianna now.
Our job is to get the monsters
off her back,
the ones you've help feed with all
your good Mormon testimony bearing.
Your responsibility is to find the men
who did this and get them off her back.
Do that, and she'll do just fine
without you.
So one more time, where are Dan and Ron?
I don't know.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Bill, what are you doing?
What are you looking for? A sign from God?
Some sort of pioneer trek into the desert?
What the fuck!
Just take a moment.
Look out.
I'm not sure why folks need
to call such things a sign from God.
Why not just appreciate it?
If there is no God, isn't this just
all the more miraculous?
- Breathe.
From here.
What I'm saying, is be here and listen.
The gut is wiser than most people think.
It's a compass.
It'll give you all the wisdom you need.
Dan was in a dream I had.
Oh, Jesus fucking Christ!
Enough with the Holy Spirit shit, Jeb!
For better or for worse, this is my gut.
out of Dan's journals.
It was Allen's history books.
Every single Sunday School
I ever had to sit through
Not two.
- So Dan whispered "one," in a dream.
- This goes well beyond Dan.
After the Mormons massacred
that wagon train,
US troops started to advance
and to end polygamy.
And it was very clear
to our third prophet
that the Church was in real trouble,
were numbered. So he made a calculation.
We must beat the Devil at his own game.
He gathered the saints.
We must deceive the Gentiles
into believing
that we have disavowed His holy principle.
The principle of polygamy
had to be kept alive but in private.
He invoked the words
of our first Prophet, Joseph Smith.
And he said, "One mighty and strong.
One day, one mighty and strong will come."
in his hand to sit in ward
of the house of God.
And that seed pushed into the Earth
has set the likes of Onias and Brady
and Dan and Ron and countless other men
for generations on quests
to prove that they are God's one.
And it's one, it is not two.
There were two brothers in that casino.
They both got down on their knees.
They both know every rule.
So with that win began
a new struggle for that singular seat,
a singular seat next to Heavenly Father.
The pretender
must be eliminated
if their list is to remain holy.
One must end the other
before they set forth to kill again.
It's a colorful theory,
based on scripture.
Scripture is their facts.
So if you're asking my gut,
right here, right now,
we call Reno's morgues,
and if they don't have Dan or Ron on ice,
we turn around, we head back
'cause both brothers
cannot leave Reno alive.
There can only be one.
We must stand up to those
who would lead us astray.
We must stand up to those
who would lead us astray,
so we may stand glorified
on the last day with you,
my eternal sister, by my side.
The only unidentified body
in any morgue in town is female.
There's no Ron or Dan Lafferty here.
Okay, so call every other casino.
It's lunchtime.
I need eyes on every single buffet.
Who knows how many other Sandy's
they've married?
Please. Thank you.
All right, now you're talking.
- Hey, Bill. Bill!
- Yeah.
- That looks like Dan to me.
- Yeah. So where's Ron?
- All right, that's not normal, is it?
- No.
We need to shut this casino down
quietly and immediately.
Get me FBI. Now.
Do we have cameras on beyond that hallway?
No, sir. No.
No, no! It's me!
No! Matilda! It's me.
I will do anything and go anywhere!
I feel it more!
It's me. It's me!
- It's okay. No, Matilda.
- I'm sorry.
It's okay. Matilda.
- Are Ron and Dan in the house?
Uh, Dan, uh, called yesterday,
and he said he's coming back for me.
No, I can't leave, Dianna.
They'll come and kill me.
If you stay here,
the same thing will happen.
Matilda, if we don't leave right now,
you'll never see your girls again.
Dan says they're gone forever, Dianna.
He's lying to you.
I promise you, he's lying.
Come with me. Come with me.
Guessing she's not handicapped.
No. And she's just locked
in the spot closest to the back door.
- She's back!
- Dan Lafferty is back there right now.
Get your team to the back lot.
If necessary, we neutralize 'em. Let's go!
We try to take them alive, if possible.
They sliced the mother's throat
from ear to ear.
They did the same to her baby girl.
If one drop of their blood
hits the ground,
they die thinking this is all God's plan.
- It's locked.
- Only Mother has the key.
Okay, just stay. You stay right there.
It's not a woman's place to resist.
You can abandon Zion,
but you'll never escape His wrath.
Sandy, right? Detective Taba.
Come with me, please.
- What's wrong?
- Just come with me.
What's happening?
Excuse me, what's happening?
Move, move!
Okay. Stay down.
Don't let anyone see you.
Come on! Come on!
Move! Move! Move! Move! Move! Move!
So, why did you move your car closer
to the door?
I thought I was gonna get sick
so I moved the car
in case I needed to lay down.
I, um, I think I'm pregnant.
Sit down!
Hey! Hey!
- Nothing?
- They're not here.
Police! Freeze!
Relax, relax.
Everyone relax. Stay calm.
All clear. Dressing rooms are all clear.
I've got nothing in here, sir.
Hey! Mom called.
Said you invaded our home,
stole my brother's property.
- No, no, no, no, no!
- Out of the car, woman.
Sam! Please don't hurt her!
Please, help! Stop him! Please, help her!
He's gonna hurt her! Help her!
- Gotta keep our girls in line.
- He's gonna hurt her! someone help her!
Bare your testimony, Sam!
Do you step on women's necks
because it makes you feel taller?
Because your mother told you
you were a chosen one?
That our country is to blame
for your failings?
Well, it's a lie!
You are not special! You are not chosen!
You and your brothers simply failed!
You are a small weak child of a man.
This I know to be true!
Show him!
Go on, show him now!
Yes! Come here.
Sarah. Sarah! Come with us!
You don't have to stay with him.
Come with us! Come.
Get in the freaking car, Matilda.
Shame on all of you!
I received another revelation.
It's been revealed to me
that you're a false prophet,
and that, in order for His will
to be done, you must perish.
So you're going to blood atone me, then?
No, brother.
Shoot deceptions are so wicked.
You should not see your blood spilt.
You shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.
How about we pray on it, Ron? Together.
- I think we should pray on it, don't you?
Dear Heavenly Father.
Anyone else come through here?
People come through here all the time.
I ask you that you may create a path
be a vessel for you through Ron.
Shed my blood, brother?
Stop it, Daniel! Stop it! Daniel!
Stop it!
In here! In here!
No, no, no, no!
Oh, Father! Where are you?
- Father, where are you?
- Grab him!
Forgive them, Dan.
For they know not what they do.
- We've done it.
- Dan.
was Abraham a criminal? Or Brigham Young?
What laws of heaven have I broken? None!
I am Elijah.
What is that?
It's the state line.
Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Gonna see if I can get a flight back
to Salt Lake or Miami.
Salt Lake. Morris checked in.
Dianna called her kids back in Florida
from a gas station
just over the Utah border.
Matilda's with her. They're safe.
Better call Allen.
Allen knows.
Betty picked him up.
He's in Idaho now, with Brenda's folks.
Their bishop dad?
If it's what he needs,
let him have it, Jeb.
Go home.
"Angel of God, guardian dear,
to whom His love commits me here.
"Ever this day be at my side,
to light and guard, to rule and guide."
I had to learn that whole Catholic thing
when my folks converted.
Never shook that one.
How about this?
Dear Heavenly Father,
and my return to TV dinners,
midnight Marlboros,
and endless Diet Cokes.
In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
- Last try.
- Oh, gosh.
You know, when the colonists
were wiping out my ancestors,
we received a prayer of hope
that one day they'd all vanish,
and the buffalo would return.
You think that holds some power?
Nope. When the White man
saw us singing that,
they just mowed us down like blades
of grass with their Christ sickles.
I like singing it anyhow.
Reminds me of home.
We all need a home, Jeb.
So I think it's okay to sing it
now and then,
even if I don't believe
it has power anymore.
Hi, there.
It's time to put this one
in the drawer, Jeb.
It was a good job.
Thank you.
How you doing?
- Annie.
- Daddy!
- Daddy!
- Trouble!
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, who's gonna do the honors?
- Yes, please.
- Okay, go ahead.
Dear Heavenly Father,
thank you for bringing Daddy home
and our family back together.
Oh, it's just a gift
from our Heavenly Father.
It's a miracle.
Or just to be here with you, Mom.
I think that may be miracle enough
for me.
- That okay, Mom?
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