Undercover (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Camping Zonnedauw

This series is inspired by true events.
Names, incidents and locations are fictitious.
Any resemblance to actual persons is coincidental.
The biggest fruit-growing region in Western Europe and a paradise for nature lovers.
Limburg is a green province full of woodlands and places to spend the day cycling or walking with the family.
But what they don't tell you is that most of the world's ecstasy is made here.
Forget our Haspengouw apples.
Forget our double-distilled gins.
Our biggest export is ecstasy.
Every year, they ship 500 million tablets out of Limburg with a street value of over 2 billion euro.
Our ecstasy makes it to London and New York, even as far as Sydney.
The whole world goes mad for our beans.
It's the love drug.
But there's not much love to be seen in Limburg.
Exploding drug labs, illegal dumping of chemical waste, reprisals in broad daylight.
Limburg is another Colombia when it comes to ecstasy.
FEDERAL COUR The suspect is to be released and court is adjourned.
Madame Prosecutor.
- Was that a case of yours? - No, no.
- So why are you here? - I need your help.
- Then you know how to find me.
- Five minutes, that's all I ask.
You've got from here to my office.
Decaluwé is being difficult.
He operates independently, so I can't help you.
He wants to pull my inquiry.
If it's yielded nothing It's yielded more than enough, there's just no proof.
I'm talking about a large-scale, well-organized gang.
Who is the target then? Ferry Bouman.
An ecstasy producer.
His name has cropped up a few times, but we never knew what his role was.
Until two months ago.
The French arrested Nicolas Matteï, a big dealer in Saint-Denis.
They found a phone with the phone number of his ecstasy producer.
A Belgian number.
We traced it to a mast at a camp site here in Limburg.
And who did we find there? Ferry Bouman.
A Dutchman who's lived here for twenty years.
The ecstasy they found at Matteï's has turned up in raids in New York, Berlin, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro Bouman is one of the major producers of ecstasy.
What do you need? I want to use undercover agents.
Who do you have in mind? Twelve Kalashnikovs.
- Is it okay? - Hey, I'll say if it's okay.
Take a good look.
Hurry it up.
It has to be good.
Will you bring the money now? - I'll bring it once my mate says so.
- Really? - What are you looking for? - Semtex.
You wanted two kilos, right? It's all good.
Let's go over.
What's your problem, man? Don't be a pain in the ass.
We're staying here.
I smell a rat.
Let's go.
I say we stay here.
Sit there and stay cool, okay? And I say we go over there now.
Okay, it's fine.
I'll call my mate.
- Yes? - It's okay.
Bring the money.
Okay, we'll be there in 30 seconds.
Keep them busy.
- Who are you calling? - Another mate.
Are you screwing us, asshole? We're bound to bring protection.
- That's only normal.
- Where's the money? Where's the money? - Give him the money.
- Do you want to screw us? - Fuck.
- Give it to me.
It's all there, no worries.
No problem.
No problem, guys.
On the ground! On the ground.
- Hands up! On the ground! - Hands on the ground! Weapon on the ground, now! - Lie down! - Down! Are the undercovers safe? The undercovers are safe.
How the fuck did that happen? They had an argument.
One stabbed the other, then cut his foot off.
Why the hell were they chained up? - To stop them running away, of course.
- And why would they even want to run away? I've told you a hundred times, shithead.
If you paid them, and didn't feed them filthy sausages, nobody would run away.
Jesus, Ferry.
They're just a couple of Chinese.
What if the cops find them? - The lab has been moved.
- He can still identify you! I don't think so.
We all look the same to the Chinese.
Did they take anything with them? No.
How long until the job's done? - One day.
- Two days.
Two days at most.
Get started then.
And for fuck's sake, find that Chinese guy.
- Really, Ferry? He'll be long gone.
- Am I stuttering or what? Okay.
So how do we find him? He's a Chinese with a chain round his ankle! How hard can it be? They're unbelievable, those two.
What? You're right, of course.
You wouldn't think so, but Ferry Bouman is the biggest ecstasy producer we have here.
Don't underestimate him.
The man is deadly.
We've been watching him for a while now.
He's a man with two faces.
During the week, he's at his villa.
Where he can't be reached.
It's a fortress.
He spends his weekends at his chalet on the camp site.
Close to his house.
Everyone knows him there.
No one looks askance at him.
His friends are there.
He feels at home there.
And that's where we'll get him.
We've rented a caravan.
You'll be there with a woman.
A book or two, a barbecue But, above all else, get cozy with Ferry and his wife.
And do I say I'm a buyer… - No.
- or a supplier? We don't want you competing.
It's too dangerous.
Keep out of his business.
You are just someone on the camp site with a little haulage business.
Who'd do something on the side.
Who's going to be working with me? Someone new.
Kim De Rooij.
- Pretty? - Yeah, I think she's your type.
Here she is.
John Zwart lives here, behind Bouman's chalet.
He was married to Ferry's sister.
She died of cancer.
Murder, extortion, manslaughter… It's all on his rap sheet.
Jurgen Van Kamp, John's son-in-law.
Lives across from Bouman.
A wannabe kick-boxer with aggression issues.
It took five local cops to arrest him once.
But he did need a new set of teeth afterwards.
Remco Engels, he's the cleverest of the bunch.
Studied chemistry for two years.
Thrown out of university when they found him cooking MDMA in the labs.
And then there's Dennis De Vries.
No criminal record.
We think that he and Remco run the labs.
These are the four Bouman deals with when he's talking business.
And where are we? Here.
Next to Bouman's chalet.
- Far too close.
- It was the only spot free nearby.
Kim? - Who are you? - Anouk.
Anouk is a stewardess.
A hostess on private jets.
She was shagging all the pilots, until she met you.
A woman of the world, so to speak.
Hang on, it's a camp site.
But she's still pretty ordinary.
Not to be too conspicuous.
Maybe I should go blond.
And you? Are you going to change something, or do I have to make do? Does she really have to be Dutch? Bouman is Dutch.
A mixed couple will work better.
Those women are bloody mad.
Here's the owner's number.
It's got hot water, a double bed, and a hair dryer.
Bring your own sheets.
Find a way of getting along together.
You'll be spending months in a confined space.
Hey, one thing… At the camp site you'd better listen to me.
What? No, seriously.
If those guys hate anything, it's a man who can't control his woman.
So no games, okay? Of course not.
We need a few photos.
We work our asses off for that guy.
What do we get for it? Fucking nothing.
Yes, here is good.
Hey, are you coming or what? Is there blood on the chain? - Here - Yes.
- It's okay.
- Good, isn't it? You can take that off.
Hey, wait.
- Are you sure it was that leg? - I think so.
You think or you know? Yeah, it was the left leg.
This is a strange photo shoot, isn't it? Yes, it's for a graduation project, for film school.
- So do I put my head in there? - Yeah, get going.
Look this way.
Turn round a bit.
To the side, yeah.
Will Ferry buy it, do you think? He doesn't know what that Chinese looked like.
Where did you find him? In a barn a bit further on.
I can't see his face.
How many can there be? I can't see his face.
You could've turned him round.
So is the problem solved or what? I thought Hey, that's new, fool.
Fool? I said no smart phones.
They are dangerous, fool.
What about the gifts? They are ready, in the garage.
- Great.
- Hey, Remco? Thanks.
See you.
Hey, take your crap with you.
- Will you tell Jurgen to get started? - Yes, I will.
For God's sake.
They are not open yet.
We're off to a good start.
Give me the number.
Peter and Anouk? - Yes.
- I am Filip.
I own the caravan.
Wait, I'll just turn around.
Renting the caravan to complete strangers again? Mind your own business, Francine! - Is everything okay? - No, it's nothing.
It's not allowed, it's illegal.
Keep out of it, Francine! Go drink another bottle of gin.
You're already seeing double.
- Filip - Piss off, Francine! Piss off! There.
- What's this about? - Well It's just a bit of a gray area, renting out caravans and all that.
In theory, it's It's illegal.
It's actually prohibited.
The owner doesn't like the competition, but it's no problem.
Don't worry.
If Francine and the others ask, just say you are friends of mine.
Of Filip's.
Okay? Okay, let me show you the caravan, all right? Look out.
Follow me.
It comes with the whole garden.
Welcome to my lowly hovel.
It used to be my mother's, but she is dead.
Yeah, she's dead.
Here's the bathroom and toilet.
If the cistern won't stop, give it a kick.
Kitchen, living room Well, when Mum was still alive.
- Wasn't there a double bed? - It's a good bed.
It's solid, that.
You can give it some hammer.
Yes… What is it? New neighbors.
How are Bob and Kim getting on? Okay, for now.
They're moaning about the caravan.
Is it that bad? It stinks of dead birds.
Tell them to open a few windows.
- I'll pass it on.
- Okay, bye.
- Sorry.
- No worries.
Take your time.
- Third floor, eh? - Yes.
How are things at Homicide? - Okay.
- Nice colleagues? You know them as well as I do, Marc.
What about the leg? A new prosthesis.
It'll be better, but it takes some getting used to.
Yeah, go ahead.
Take care, Walter.
What the fuck? That stupid bitch from yesterday.
What are you doing? Writing up the report.
About what? Nothing's happened yet.
What's the plan for today? We can go to the shop.
I want to fix that bathroom cabinet.
Then go for a bike ride, to get to know the area.
See where we might bump into Ferry and Danielle.
- What do you mean? They're there.
- Correct.
We are far too close for my liking.
They need time to get used to us.
We're odd enough as it is.
Have you stayed at a camp site before? It's odder not to talk to your neighbors.
- Coffee? - Please.
But it wouldn't have to be with kids.
Dog groomer would be great too.
Just being around people - and making sure the doggies smell nice.
- Not having to work sounds great to me.
It's interesting to visit people at home and see how they live.
Sometimes I'd like to be a fly on the wall and get a sneaky look.
- That's your chalet, Daan.
- Oh, yes.
I hadn't realized.
I was too busy jabbering.
That was nice.
We should do it more often.
- We'll go, to keep our pulse rate up.
- Yes, of course.
- See you, eh? - See you.
See you.
God, that woman drones on.
I can't get rid of her.
She's Ferry's wife.
- See you.
- Yeah, see you.
Hey, baby.
Little sweetie.
- Did you miss Mama? - How did it go? I don't think they like me very much.
Of course they do.
- What? - Isn't that a bit much? We're on a camp site.
- Hello.
- Hey, I'm Anouk, your new neighbor.
I need a screwdriver and I wondered if I could borrow one? - Of course, come in.
- Yes? Would you close the door? Or else the dog will run off.
- Of course.
- He's a character.
He keeps me busy.
That's why I keep everything shut, so he won't run away.
Fer sometimes forgets.
And then I say: "Fer, remember Khaleesi.
" Sorry, I talk far too much.
Screwdriver, yes.
Please ignore the mess.
There's a barbecue tonight.
I think it's in here.
Yes, here it is.
I think we might even have an electric one.
Ferry isn't here, or else I would've asked him.
How do I open this? Yep He says he's got to work, but I think he's in the bar.
Men, eh? - This is fine.
- Yeah? Okay.
- That's a nice top you're wearing.
- Thank you.
- I'll bring it right back.
- Okay.
No rush.
It's just lying here, rotting away.
- See you then.
- Bye.
Hello, welcome! What was that? Our invitation to the barbecue.
Write that in your report.
That's not how it works.
Next time, you discuss it with me beforehand.
You asked me to keep an eye out.
I think I've found your friend.
Stick him in the trunk.
So, pilsners for the boys.
And a malt beer for John.
Hey, John, I don't understand how you can drink that kiddies' beer.
It’s disgusting.
Jurgen, don't be an idiot.
Each to their own, eh? There he is.
Ferry, where have you been? I'm dying of hunger, man.
I had to go to the shop.
I'm so fit.
Here she comes.
- Hey, girls.
- Hey, Daan.
When are we jogging again? Yeah, well You know, Daan, I overdid it a bit and twisted my knee.
The doctor told me not to jog for a month.
Aw, really? What a pity.
You were doing so well.
This one's ready.
There you go.
Steak for me, Ferry.
Can I have a word later? - Dad - What? - I'm thirsty.
- Do you want a sip? Don't.
Let her.
It'll make her big and strong, like her daddy.
Look at her go.
John, your granddaughter can drink you under the table.
Does anyone have a light? No, bam, ribs Liver, spleen, bam, bam, no good.
- And to finish then? - Head butt.
Hey, we've brought back the screwdriver.
- Oh, okay.
- In case we forget.
Have you eaten yet? - No.
- No.
Stay here if you like.
There's plenty of meat left.
Sorry, I forgot to invite you.
We were off to a restaurant.
- But Yes.
- Gladly.
Love to, yes.
Fer, come here.
The new neighbors I told you about.
- Yes, I've seen them.
- Hi.
- Greasy hands.
- I'm Peter.
- Danielle.
- Hi, Danielle.
- Friends of Filip, then? - Yes.
You don't seem his type.
Yeah, he's a bit strange, but once you get to know him… He sometimes rents the caravan.
It's not allowed.
So, if that's the case I'll have to report you.
I'm only kidding, guys.
Yes, sorry, he told us we had to say we were friends, so Everyone rents the bloody things.
It doesn't bother me.
- Are you staying long? - We don't know.
- I'm getting divorced.
- Really? We've got this for the time being.
- Until we find ourselves a place.
- Yes.
Help yourself to a drink.
We've got plenty.
Get some food… - Yes.
- Make yourselves comfy.
- Thank you.
- Sweetheart, I have to hurry off.
- I'll be right back.
- Yes.
Remco? Come on.
So - What are we doing here? - I want a quiet word with you.
- About what? - About that Chinese guy.
Where did you say you found him? - Jesus, are you still on about that? - Tell me again.
What do you want to hear? - The truth.
- The truth? I've already told you.
He was hiding in a barn.
Do you mean him? Or are there other Chinese guys in chains? Ferry, I don't know anything about this.
Dennis lied.
- Yeah.
- Dennis lied? - He said he'd dealt with it.
- I asked you to deal with it.
And I will.
I'll finish him.
John? Do not fucking mess with me! Goddammit, Ferry.
- You were going to teach him a lesson.
- He can't fuck with me.
Work, yeah? That went fine, eh? It went well.
- Good night.
- Sleep well.
Hey, sweetie, Daddy will love it.
And you too, little sweet tooth.
- What's the matter, love? - Nothing.
- Hey? - No.
- Tell me.
- I have a headache.
No, Fer.
- Have you done it? - Yes.
But we have another problem.
I had a tracker under my car.
You too.
All of us, probably.
The cops are onto us.
So, you're off again? I'm spending a few days at work.
We'll be back next week.
That's nice.
See you.
What is it? He doesn't trust us.
- You're imagining things.
- No.
We should've stayed out of his way.
We're fine.
- I'll see you next week.
- Okay.
- Can we trust that cop? - He's helped me before.
He's got some good contacts.
If anyone can tell us what's going on, it's him.
Well, for that price, I hope so.
NEXT TIME Was the sofa comfortable? I saw you lying on it.
- What are you working on? - An ecstasy producer.
- Do I know him? - Ferry Bouman? - Bouman's cars are on the move.
- Which ones? All of them.
Fuck! You'll get noticed by the cops.
And I don't want that.
Got it? Okay, man.
You whiner.
Now, get lost.
You wind yourself up like a big macho man.
- Kim, he was challenging me.
- Okay, I get the picture.
You've fucked it up.
I don't like that guy.
Are you jealous? I know your type.