Undercover (2019) s01e02 Episode Script


This series is inspired by true events.
Names, incidents and locations are fictitious.
Any resemblance to actual persons is coincidental.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES - Was it empty? - So it seems.
No trace of chemicals or human remains as yet.
So why did they set it on fire? To get rid of it, perhaps.
- Where did they come from? - The camp site.
- Where did they go? - Back, so the tracker says.
Why come all this way? How's things? Hello, Walter.
Took a while.
Here they are.
Anything in it? Marc Gevers.
Head of Narcotics.
I know him.
How well? Well enough.
Then take action.
I've kept low for weeks.
It's costing me a fortune.
- Chief.
- Morning.
Hurry up.
There you go.
- Hello.
- Good morning.
A chat here, a chat there.
About what? Just small talk.
Yeah, Nick.
Camp site stuff.
Hey, neighbor.
Hey, hi.
- You okay? - Yeah.
- That smells good.
What is it? - Pasta primavera.
- Find out anything else about his men? - No, nothing.
- Have you been inside yet? - Yes, but only once.
Guys, it's been three weeks now.
Should I start worrying? Social contact? What's that? Sitting around, talking about the weather? No, more than that.
Stuff about the camp site.
The reports don't mention anything.
It's been a month already.
Give us a bit longer, Marc.
You know the cold approach takes time.
Nick, get it sorted, okay? So? - It's going well.
- Really? Absolutely, Madame Prosecutor.
They've made social contact.
I expect to see results very soon.
We've bought us some time.
Make contact with Ferry.
Hey, neighbors.
- Hey.
- You okay? Yes, we are.
Don't you fancy a ride? No, I'm looking after my friends' stuff.
And all that noise, it's not my thing.
- Is your husband coming? - He's watching the Tour de France.
Hey, I know those faces.
- Hey.
I travel abroad a lot during the week.
It sounds so good.
Traveling around, seeing the world… But I must say, I'm happy just to be home at the weekends.
Although, home… So what's the story with you two, then? Well, we met each other at the airport.
- In Brazil.
- Really? - Yes.
- Daddy, I want that bear.
No, love.
We'll never win it.
- Let's fish for ducks.
- You could at least try.
- Sonja, will you quit your moaning? - Oh.
Hey, Jurgen, it's not hard, man.
Come on.
- Sweetheart.
- Yes? - How many swings do I get? - Three.
Three? One will be enough.
- Oh, not a good start, love.
- Sonja.
Come on, Jurgen.
Let Peter try.
How's that old guy going to manage it? TRY YOUR LUCK AND WIN! Sweetie, would you like a bear? - What do you say? - Thank you.
It's computerized, isn't it? It was set up that way.
I'm thirsty.
Shall we get a drink? Good idea.
There's a café there.
You two can tell your story.
- Oh, yes.
Are you coming? - I'm going home.
I've got a headache.
- Well, see you then.
- See you.
As if he's going to get any.
- See you.
- Bye.
Hey, tie a knot in it tonight.
That was great fun.
- Really nice to meet you.
- Sonja.
Come to the showroom for your floor.
I'll give you a good price.
That's sweet but I won't hold my breath.
This guy here never does anything.
Hey, don't you start.
But all you need for a floor is a little hammer.
Let's go, darling.
- Bye.
Does that seem normal to you? Could you just be a little nicer to Jurgen? He's just pathetic.
Yes, but he's our gateway to Ferry.
Shall we have another drink? Aren't you married? And you? It's been a month.
- I know nothing about you.
- That's because there's nothing to tell.
Hey, baby.
Sweetie that headache not gone? It's no good.
- You should go see the doctor.
- I'll go and see Ludo.
No, a real doctor.
They never find anything.
Fer? Do you still find me attractive? Of course.
What kind of question is that? Hey? I'm mad about you.
- Do you know what's good for headaches? - What? No.
- Yes.
- No, Fer, no.
- No, no, no.
- Yes, yes.
Come here.
- I don't feel like it.
- Oh, yes.
Fer, you haven't brushed your teeth.
- Careful, that zipper is open.
- Yeah, it's okay.
- Ready? - Yes.
Greet each other.
First position.
Left leg forward, right behind.
- Chin down.
- Yes.
- Elbows tucked into the ribs.
- Yes.
Chin down, chin down.
Remember your ribs.
Bam! A low kick! - Bam! Again.
Okay? - Yes.
Skills, right? Hey, sweetheart.
Hey, Sleeping Beauty.
- What are you two doing? - He used to be a kick-boxer.
Was the sofa comfortable? I saw you lying on it.
Yeah, when he's drunk, his snoring gets a bit too loud.
I wouldn't put up with that.
Come here, sweetheart.
See you, eh? We're going to a dance bar later, if you fancy it.
I don't think so.
Oh, come on.
You don't have to.
Anouk can come on her own.
- We'll see, okay? - Okay.
- See you.
- Bye, pet.
I can't stand that guy.
Let it go.
Just stay away from him, okay? Are you jealous? I know his type.
He'll cause trouble.
Ferry and Danielle are also coming tonight.
I know what I'm doing, okay? Yes, I hope something comes of it.
Oh, Nick, tell them not to treat the whole club.
I've seen the expense sheet.
They can hold back a bit.
Yes, that's fine.
We'll talk about it.
Hey, Walter.
Third floor? Yes.
How's things? - Problems? - Well… If you fancy a drink later, I'm up for it.
- I don't really know if… - No problem.
I just wanted Actually, yes.
I could do with a beer.
- See you later.
- Yes, I'll see you.
I feel tension.
A lot of tension.
And it's been there a while.
But there's something new.
Something new has brought stress into your life.
And that explains most of your headaches and sleeplessness.
I want to do your head but you should shut yourself off completely.
No impulses from the outside.
You must achieve tranquility.
It's really important.
- Okay? - Yes.
Intense, isn't it? Yes.
Are you still listening to the music I gave you? Quite often, yes.
It helps you relax.
A hundred, please.
Oh, yeah, sorry.
I have something else.
Aura spray.
It's new.
Specially developed for highly sensitive people like you.
It clears your energy field after a stressful day.
Running informants.
That was my life.
Putting them at ease, wheedling information.
Really, I was at it day and night.
When I look back at it now I think: "You idiot.
" I was at a family gathering.
Hamsik calls me, I answer.
The lad's in a panic.
Says they're following him, they're going to kill him.
So I had to go see him.
The lad is coked up, shooting everything that comes near his door.
So - Anyone would have gone.
- Yeah? My boss didn't think so.
He thought it was completely irresponsible and reckless.
How are things with you? What are you working on? An ecstasy producer.
Do I know him? I don't know.
Ferry Bouman.
A Dutchman.
Fingered by the French following the arrest of Nicolas Matteï.
A big fish? Yeah You know the story.
These guys have cash and oceans of time.
And we have to beg and beg, because we don't have the budget.
And what about the Dutch? A task force, or something? Yeah, we work with them, but they're clever, those guys.
They leave the initiative with us.
They know it's us who will do the work.
There's not much in it.
And undercover agents? No.
I reckon, if you've tried everything, you have to.
Well, I'd better go.
Up early tomorrow.
Team meeting.
- Yes, Marc, thanks.
- Walter.
- Ah, yeah, I'll - No, I've got it.
Off you go.
- See you.
- Yeah.
- Hi.
- Hi, girl.
- Hello.
- Hi, Peter, you okay? You made it.
- Jurgen.
- Hey, hey.
- Hey.
Up high.
- How are you? Yes, fine.
Is he always so clingy? It's nice here.
The cocktails are really good.
How about Sex on the Beach? Only if it's hot enough.
Wow - Glass of water, Peter? - Beer.
Beer's on its way.
Daan? Hey.
Cuckoo? - Fer, I can't concentrate.
- Where are my tassel shoes? - In the cupboard, where they belong.
- Here? Yes.
So you don't mind if I go, then? No, I'm not sitting in that din with this headache.
I'm keeping away.
- Ludo said it wasn't good for me.
- Okay.
Now what have you bought? What do you know? It works.
See you, babe.
Later, eh? I'm lucky I still have you, eh, baby? I'll get the doctor to have a look tomorrow.
My girlfriend thinks it's an ingrown toenail.
I had one of those.
It didn't look like this.
- Are you going to join us? - Come here.
Ferry and Danielle aren't coming.
Let's go.
You have to dance.
They'll think you're a boring twat.
How many have you had? Hey, can I borrow your girlfriend? Come here, dancing girl.
Okay, that's enough.
- I'm dancing.
- I said, we're going.
- I'm - Hey, you muppet.
- What's the problem? - None, but I'll soon give you one.
We were only dancing.
Your girl was enjoying herself.
Fucker! Hey, fucker! Come on, dude.
Done, done! Who do you think you are? - You, outside.
- It's fine.
It's fine.
It's fine.
Go and sleep it off.
- He can keep his hands off my girl.
- Go to bed.
Yeah, whatever.
What was that about? Fighting with Jurgen.
So, you great smurf, you got a slap in the face? - I got him too.
- Didn't see an ice-pack on his nose.
- Can I have a drink, please? - Sonja What did I tell you? - Stay away from him.
- It's my fault? - You need to learn a few boundaries.
- Bob! That's nice.
I have to learn boundaries? You wind yourself up like a big macho man.
They won't take me seriously if I don't.
There are other ways.
- Kim, he was challenging me.
- Okay, I get the picture.
You've fucked it up.
It won't work on Jurgen.
I'll go see Ferry tomorrow.
- Sort it out myself.
- No way.
You've done enough already.
- Nick - Keep out of their way for now.
How's your contact with Danielle? It's okay.
Well let's focus on that now.
Okay they stumbled on you through a certain Nicolas Matteï.
That rotter, I knew it.
Those French twats.
You're still here, remember? What they have from the French must be circumstantial.
Telephones and stuff.
Everything is coded.
The case officer is Marc Gevers.
I spoke to him.
He has nothing.
I don't think the trackers under your cars have produced anything either.
These operations don't ever last long.
They don't have the budget.
You think or you know? I'm pretty sure.
Listen, I don't pay you to ask around, I pay you for guarantees.
If your information is wrong, I'm not the only one who suffers.
Got it? Is that clear? Buy something nice for your kids.
Let's get on with it then.
- Bouman's cars are on the move.
- Which ones? All of them.
Look for two Mercedes jeeps, a Mustang and an Audio convertible.
Where are they headed? Cologne.
Okay, call the SIE.
Tell the Germans we'll be operating on their turf.
Mike for Sunray.
Have you got a sighting? - Negative, but we're right there.
- That's impossible.
You must be on them now.
They're going to Poland.
Afternoon, sir.
Can I help you? Yes.
Group discount.
What? It's okay.
It's okay, I had a fight.
Jesus, Bob.
It's okay.
Don't worry.
So when can I worry? When you're stabbed again? Or should I wait until you're dead and buried? Liesbeth… You knew you were marrying a policeman.
You don't complain when the risk bonus goes into the bank.
Jesus, it's not about that.
- No? - No, I'm shut out of your life completely.
If I ask anything, that's it.
You don't tell me anything.
For the hundredth time, I can't tell you anything.
- Nothing at all? - No, nothing.
Not even "I've had a bad day"? Or "I missed you today"? Are you trying to start an argument? No, I'm trying to tell you something.
I don't want to do this.
Neither do I.
Go sleep on the sofa.
You expect me to sleep on the sofa in my own house? Dad? It's okay, son.
Okay? Let's go to bed.
Danielle visits the dog groomer every Saturday.
That takes about half an hour.
And she always parks her Audi here.
As she's leaving, you show up.
You reverse into her car.
Claim that she drove into you.
Drag it out a bit.
Are you blind? Why'd you drive right into me? I'll come along as her guardian angel.
- You reversed without looking.
- No, I didn't.
No, you reversed into her.
What about you then? Bob's staying out of this.
- Yeah, she's left.
- Okay.
- Looks like she has a new car.
- I'm on my way.
Are you setting off? Yes, I won't be here when you get back.
I'm going cycling.
Okay then.
We've been sloppy lately, and that has to change.
Cars, chalets, houses, garden houses, garages… From now on, we check them every week for bugs.
We only ever have conversations in public.
Everyone gets a new telephone.
John's number is already in there.
Use it only to text me, and don't contact anyone else.
So don't call anyone.
The cops recognize your voices.
And use your code names.
Mistakes cause leaks, so don't screw it up.
We'll know who it was.
Did you get that, fella? Yeah, don't make mistakes.
Everyone uses the same system.
From top to bottom, and back.
Is that clear? One more thing.
We haven't heard from Remco for a while.
Someone else will have to run the labs.
I've given it much thought.
It's a job with a lot of responsibility.
- Dennis.
- Hmm? Don't let me down.
Are you serious? Thanks, Ferry.
I won't let you down.
You know I won't.
- What is it? - Dennis? Motherfucking Dennis? How long have I worked for you? - I'm always ready.
Day and night.
- That's not the point.
So what is? I deserve that job.
You know I do.
Your time will come.
Fuck you, man.
There, that's what I mean.
Learn to control yourself.
You're far too impulsive.
You'll get noticed by the cops, and I don't want that.
Got it? Okay, man.
Instead of whining, show me you can do it.
You whiner.
Now, go.
There you go.
Sit down.
That's better, isn't it, sweetie? Fuck.
Oh, no, it's brand new! Are you blind? Why'd you do that? You drove into me.
- No way, lady.
- You did, you drove into her.
Khaleesi? Khaleesi? - Daan! - Damn.
- Danielle, are you okay? - Yes.
It's just my leg.
- Khaleesi? - Careful, are you okay? My dog will get lost around here.
I'll go find Khaleesi.
What are you doing? Call an ambulance.
Khaleesi! Hey, there's an ambulance coming.
- I'll look for Khaleesi.
- Yes, please.
- Okay? - Go find him.
- Yes? - It went south.
Get over here.
- I'm riding my bike.
Now? - Yes, now! What happened? - We have to find Khaleesi.
- Who? Danielle's dog.
You called me over here to look for a stupid dog? Yes.
So where's Danielle? At the hospital.
What? How hard did Kris hit her? Come here.
Yeah, that'll help.
Come here.
Khaleesi? Khaleesi, hey? Go on, careful.
I wanted him micro-chipped.
No emitters in the house.
How many times do I have to say it? - Great, thank you.
- Well… God knows where he is.
The boys will find him, or he'll find his own way back.
How? He doesn't know his way home.
He's never been alone in those woods, Goddammit.
Stop using that rubbish.
It doesn't work.
Get some real painkillers.
I'll be right back.
Okay? Bye, sweetheart.
Khaleesi? Hey, little guy? - Khaleesi? - Stop.
It's pointless.
It'll be dark soon.
That damn dog is our ticket to Danielle.
I'm not leaving without that dog, even if it takes all night.
Khaleesi? Kim, please.
How do you know he hasn't been run over? Khaleesi, hey… Shush.
I'm not doing anything.
Yeah, come on.
Khaleesi, come.
Yeah, come on.
Yeah! I'm going to take you to your mummy.
That's good, Khaleesi.
Let's go.
Yeah? Peter and Anouk.
Yeah, I can't get up to open it.
Just come in.
Khaleesi! Khaleesi, sweetheart.
My Khaleesi.
Oh, Baby.
You angels.
Where was he? He was hunting rabbits.
How are you? Is everything okay? Yes, fine, a bit broken, but I'll soon be better.
All that matters is that my baby is back.
Fer, look, Khaleesi.
The neighbors found him.
- Look how he's looking.
- Hey.
Peter, would you like another beer? Fer? Come.
Shall I show you those pressure points again? - Fine.
- Look.
- Is this right? - Yeah, lean back a bit more.
Here… - Oh, yeah.
- You build up a lot of stress.
Thanks for bringing the dog back.
Danielle is quite attached to him.
And me too, so… To your health.
On a serious note, Peter I know your type.
I can smell you a mile away.
Because I'm the same.
I don't want any trouble at the site.
I come here to relax.
That stuff with Jurgen Hey, he was challenging me.
- He had his hands all over my girl.
- Yes, I'd do the same.
But I can't see you two getting on.
And if it gets out of hand we'll have a problem on our hands.
There's no problem.
I'll talk to Jurgen tomorrow.
We'll sort it out.
Peter? It might be better if you found another campsite.
Do you follow me? Thank you.
What's up with Ferry? Fuck! What? So, who's a beautiful boy again? How's the pain? Fine.
And my headache has gone.
Anouk has magic fingers.
Did you know that she studied alternative massage? Interesting, isn't it? Yes.
Fer? Would you close the curtains, please? Sure.
Hey Oops.
My blouse has fallen off.
I don't believe it.
- What's going on? - The fuse, probably? The what? Not so mouthy now, are you? NEXT TIME What a dump this is.
You got a better idea? It's your son-in-law who dropped us in this shit.
And Peter is away on business tomorrow.
- Anouk? - Yeah, sorry.
Hey, are you okay? Hey, what about the bread? - The bread, the paper, the bills.
- It'll come.
Next week.
Next week? No.
You don't know anything about me.
So you shouldn't say things like that.
Fuck! Did you find anything? I think you'll find it interesting.
Subtitle translation by Martin Meijer