Unforgotten (2015) s03e04 Episode Script

Series 3, Episode 4

1 I presume you've seen the news about the Hayley Reid case? The police think she may have been our cleaner.
I told them we all stayed in the house that night, eating with our families.
I have a daughter Maya, who I last saw 17 years ago.
Three grand.
I accidentally paid Salthouse's cheque into my personal account.
This isn't working, Pete, you and me.
Your marriage ended when? I haven't seen Derran for many years, but I should just say that she's had a number of issues.
Christmas and New Year can be quite stressful, can't it? Of the three of you that were married, all of you were separated within the year.
That was nothing to do with anything that happened on that break.
No, it wasn't a pleasant evening.
Someone might have bought some coke.
Chris went completely nuts.
There was another employee.
She went as Madonna and she left around 12:10.
So she could have actually left the pub earlier.
We now have four men, variously pissed, drugged up, possibly mentally unstable, out somewhere in Middenham at exactly the same time as Hayley.
All you do is hide away All you do is All you do is hide away All you do is lie and wait All you do is All you do is lie and wait I've been upside down I don't wanna be The right way round Can't find paradise On the ground.
We just got the DNA swab results in and we've got a match to the blood on the church break-in.
Wow, who? Pete Carr.
Bad man! Stop! Oh! Argh! Pete, please, they're supposed to be eating breakfast! Oh, I'm sorry.
Go on, Will, do as your mum says.
Mr Carr, DI Sunil Khan.
Hi, morning.
Mr Carr, we need to speak to you again.
Do you? About what? Well, we can discuss that when we meet.
We'd like you to be King's Lynn police station at 1:30, please.
Do I need a a lawyer or anything? I'm afraid I can't advise you on legal representation.
But we will be looking to interview you under caution, so Right, sure.
See you later.
Do you need a lawyer for what? The new FSA contracts.
I was just asking Mark if we need to run them by a lawyer.
He says they're all fine.
Come on.
Come and eat your breakfast.
So DI Khan and I are heading straight up to Norfolk now, following on from that DNA result.
Although, obviously, there are some questions for them all to answer now, following Melissa Hollis's ever so slightly different account of that evening.
Jake, it might be worth speaking to Tim Finch's ex, see how she remembers the evening.
And James Hollis finally came back about his car.
It turns out he was driving a black four-door BMW with a tow bar.
Do you know if he had a trailer? Yeah.
And all this, it feeds into a bigger question that I think we need to ask now.
Because, if what Melissa Hollis said is true, it means that not only did all four men lie to us .
all four then appear to have colluded in that lie.
And at that point, I start to ask, why would they do that? Do you think they're all involved, boss? I don't know.
But I think it has to be one of our options.
Or maybe it's that one of them killed her .
and the other three covered up for him.
Anyway, let's let that percolate and then we'll regroup once we've spoken to Mr Carr.
Thank you, everyone.
Are you driving or me? TEXT MESSAGE BEEP Can we sue the site? We can try, but it's registered to a 27-year-old woman that lives in a council flat.
She literally has nothing to lose.
Well, we've got to do something, Linda.
If you type me and Hayley Reid's name into a search engine, those photographs come up on three other sites already.
And I've got a guy working to get them taken down.
I'm doing everything I can.
PHONE RINGS Call me back.
Morning, James, do you wish to comment on your connection to? Daily Mirror, Mr Hollis.
Are there any comment you'd like to make about the Hayley Reid case? Did you stay long last night? No.
Left about half an hour after you.
Er, long enough for him to ask me out to dinner, though.
Er, I didn't SUNNY CLEARS HIS THROA They did the same with me.
It's what they do.
It doesn't mean anything, I promise.
And I asked for someone to be with me.
I told her, you know, the problem, and she just ignored me.
You explicitly asked her for someone? Yes.
Yes, definitely.
Jesus, outrageous! How dare she? Listen, I have to shoot but, if you're happy for me to do it, I'll make a formal complaint on your behalf.
Well, yeah.
OK, yeah.
Thank you.
No, I just These people.
I've just come off the phone from an Inspector Chan in Hong Kong.
And it turns out he knew Peter Carr very well.
Tell me.
So, in 1985, when Carr was living there We've all been through some shit, Chris, all done stuff.
we shouldn't have.
So I'm just saying, you'll always be my friend, mate, no matter what.
I love you, mate.
Love you, too.
CAR STARTS So I am going to ask you again, Mr Carr .
were you in the house all evening? Not all evening, no.
I was in the pub for a .
a fair bit.
And that's from what time to what time? From about .
8:30 to just before midnight.
So why didn't you just tell us that? I don't know, I It was stupid.
I just panicked, I suppose.
I was on a bit of a pub crawl.
I was on my own.
I guess I thought that didn't put me in a good light.
In relation to Hayley Reid, I mean.
So I I just said I was in the house with the others.
You said that you were on a pub crawl.
Did you pass St Matthew's church on the way back? No.
Are you sure? Yes.
Are you sure you didn't, in fact, break into St Matthew's church and steal some silverware from a cupboard in the vestry? We have a DNA match to you, from blood samples taken at the time from the window that you smashed to get in.
Was that you? Yes.
I was, er My company was having some cash flow issues and, er .
with all the Christmas and New Year expenditure, I found I didn't have enough money for my flight back to Hong Kong, so I'd been in there the previous evening .
to a service .
and seen the silverware and It was an utterly shameful thing to do and I am so sorry.
Are you OK? Yeah, fine.
Not having second thoughts? Never.
I'm just tired.
I wish to introduce evidence of bad character under the Criminal Justice Act 2001.
See, we've been speaking to the Hong Kong police.
Do you want to tell us about the three-month sentence that you served in 1995 in Lo Wu Correctional Facility for defrauding a disability charity of $100,000, an amount which caused it to close down? I was set up.
That was all.
The system out there was corrupt.
I was set up.
Really? Yes, fucking really! You see, I think you give a very good impression of being a decent, if slightly hapless businessman, Peter.
But I think you have a much darker side.
Do you? Yes, I do.
I think you have a side that thinks primarily of what you need.
Maybe once.
Not now.
Well, indeed, because I think, when you broke into that church, that was exactly what you were thinking, "How do I get myself out of this hole?" But I would never have hurt anyone.
I'm sure you didn't plan to.
But then, maybe .
maybe Hayley saw you go in and she confronted you.
Now, you knew she could identify you from the Spinney.
So you did what you needed to do to protect your needs.
Not true.
Except you've lied to us, Peter .
from the moment we spoke to you, so why should we suddenly start believing you now? Can I get through, please? REPORTERS SHOUT QUESTIONS Excuse me.
Out of my way, please.
Thank you.
SHOUTED QUESTIONS CONTINUE When exactly where you planning to tell me? SHE SIGHS What do you think? He's clearly a fraud.
And weak.
And a liar.
The question is, do I sense violence? I don't know.
I wouldn't want to see him backed into a corner, though.
Tell me what's going on, or I swear I will go in there right now and ask them myself.
OK, right, well, that seems to chime pretty much with what Melissa Hollis told us.
And, erm what's my ex said, what's Timothy said about the evening? I'm afraid I can't really go into too many details about that.
It's just, when you rang, it wasn't a complete shock.
I'm sorry? I think, on some subconscious level .
I had always wondered.
Well, wondered what? If he could have been involved.
I mean, I'm sure he's told you I'm delusional .
and a fantasist.
And maybe I have had periods when I've not acted entirely rationally.
I know I've alienated my daughters and .
and I'm incredibly sad about that, but .
the way I've been, what I became, that was actually entirely because of him.
Dr Finch? Yes.
How do you mean? I mean .
to talk to, on the face of it, in public .
you would think he was such a lovely man, wouldn't you? Kind and gentle .
and good.
"A good man" was how people always described him in our village.
But behind closed doors, he's the most manipulative, calculating man I've ever met and he made my life a complete misery.
How so? For the 13 years that we were married, he tried to control every single aspect of it.
He stopped me from working.
He cut me off from my friends.
He stopped me going out at all by the end.
Well, he abused me mentally, physically .
sometimes even sexually.
And if I hadn't managed to escaped when I did .
who knows what he might have ended up doing? Four days ago? Obviously, just as a witness, so So? So, what? So that means you didn't need to mention it to me.
I'm sorry, I should have.
How do you even do that? We've been out to dinner, we've had a million conversations, we've had sex, and I .
never once had an inkling that you were lying to me.
I never lied.
Oh, please, by omission, yes, you lied.
PHONE JINGLE Just leave the phone, Jamie.
It's my agent.
She's rung three times already.
Sue I'll call you back.
They're suspending recordings for a month.
SHE SCOFFS So, is there anything else you haven't told me? Jesus, you're .
you're meant to say no really quickly.
You're meant to get really cross and say, "No, of course there isn't!" No, of course there isn't.
I need to speak to my solicitor.
Well, don't just walk out now! Oh, hi, Usha.
It's me.
Sunil, I can't really talk right now.
I'm at work.
But I was wondering, could we meet up? Er, why? I'd really prefer not to say over the phone.
I'd prefer to see you in person.
I really wouldn't.
Look, I know you have every right to be angry with me, Sunny.
I know how much I hurt you.
But I've been doing a lot of soul searching recently.
And I've realised .
I made a terrible mistake.
I miss you and the girls.
I miss us all living together.
I want to come back.
HE SIGHS HEAVILY And has she got any proof of anything? Oh, I asked her exactly that.
Which didn't go down very well.
She got slightly defensive and asked me to leave.
But what was your general sense of her, as a person? Did she? Did she feel credible? It's hard to say.
She certainly felt like a very damaged woman.
If that make her more or less credible, I don't know, Guv.
OK, let's go for a Section 23 for her medical records, see if what Finch said about her mental health was true.
Speak later.
HE STARTS THE CAR Are you all right? Not really, no.
Talk to me.
It was a day centre for adults with learning difficulties.
I met the team who ran it at a charity function and it turns out they needed someone to restructure their finances, so I offered my services.
I genuinely wanted to help them.
And then .
my business started having some cash flow issues and, er I only ever intended to borrow the money, Maria.
I was always going to pay it back.
Then a tax demand came in earlier than expected and It was all just bad timing.
No-one was more upset than me when they were evicted, I promise you.
And the church thing No excuses.
Which is what I told the police.
I deserve to be charged.
I deserve to be punished.
It was a terrible thing to do.
But that is it, Maria.
That is everything.
I promise.
I had nothing to do with that poor girl's death.
And I'm telling you all of this because I want you to know the very worst things that I've done .
and to assure you that I have changed.
You and the boys have changed me, Maria.
I'm not that man any more.
Thank you for finally being honest with me, Pete.
I appreciate that.
I really do.
And I accept you never meant to do any harm.
I don't think you ever set out to harm.
But let's just be clear .
you only told me because I made you.
And you are deluded if you think this ushers in some new chapter in our lives.
Maz And more importantly, if you think I will allow my children to be brought up by a man like you, who steals from the disabled and from old men .
and worse.
A man who's been lying to himself for so many years, he doesn't even know what the truth is any more.
I think you could have killed that poor girl .
and you could still sit here opposite me swearing it wasn't you, and actually believe it yourself.
Maria, I did not kill her.
It's finished, Pete.
Maria Get your fucking hand off me! I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
I'm sorry.
I'm not saying that.
You literally just did.
What I said was you've been .
forgetting lots of things recently.
And why not have a test, put your mind at rest? My mind is at rest.
OK, mine, then.
Because it's not that relaxing wondering if .
if today's the day you're going to burn the house down.
Sorry, I meant I think you need to take a bit of a look at yourself, Cass.
Oh, really, is that a dad lecture coming up, is it? Well, you clearly don't want me to be with Jenny.
Not true.
You clearly think she's trying to fleece me.
Er, a little bit.
And I'm guessing suggesting that I have dementia is just another way of trying to scupper the relationship.
But actually the problem is you.
Is it? How's that, then? Well, you don't want me to leave, my love, because you're lonely.
And I understand that.
I really do.
But I probably am going.
And I probably am going to marry her.
Hm And you need to accept that.
DOOR CLOSES And of course Robert, the central male character of your first novel, was a working-class grammar school boy, who became a very successful journalist.
This felt like a very personal story.
Well, er .
the pain that the character of Annie goes through, as she discovers her husband has been serially unfaithful, was something I did feel I understood.
But what I wanted to try and explore, through his multiple liaisons, was what it was in the male psyche that needed this constant sexual validation.
ON RADIO: I mean, was this, in fact, just a normal extension of male sexual identity or did it suggest something darker, something more aberrant? Who got her this? We had a collection, my team.
Obviously, you'll want to, erm .
choose your own for the funeral, but .
bring her here, we all wanted something nice for her.
Thank you.
Thank all your team, please.
I've asked, when we bury her, for them to arrange her .
her bones, properly.
And they're not to leave her anywhere in the dark before then.
She didn't like the dark.
I miss you, my darling sister.
I love you.
I paid you your settlement, Derran, in full, 15 years ago.
So you say.
No, so the court says.
I want the rest of it.
Or you will regret it.
And why will I regret it? Because I have evidence of what you did to me and I don't think you want them to see that, do you, the police? Not right now.
Oh, right, so you're blackmailing me now, are you? I just want what you owe me.
And how much do we think that is, then? 50,000.
You see, if you'd pitched it a little more realistically, you might have got ten grand out of me, just to be rid of you.
But you always were a bit dim.
OK, go to the police, tell them what the fuck you like, but you're not getting anything out of me.
And if you come back here again, I'll call the police for you.
Carol, call me when you get this, please.
I need to talk to you about something.
It's fairly urgent.
TYRES SCREECH And when did you last speak to your father, Miss Lowe? The last contact I had with him was when Mum died, six years ago.
I wrote to him via his friend Tim.
So you haven't actually spoken since? The day Mum threw him out.
So, we spoke to your father and we spoke to his ex-business partner.
And they both offered a slight .
lack of clarity as to why he stood down from his own company and why the marriage then failed.
We wondered if maybe .
you could clarify anything.
The two things were connected.
They split because, in October 1999, police officers arrested him at his office as an early part of the Landmark case.
Basically, he'd used his credit card to visit child abuse websites.
A couple of months later, despite him begging her not to, Helen told Mum.
Is that enough detail? Yes.
Thank you.
Mel! Why would you do that? Why would you go on national radio and talk about him like that? I think you know why.
Because you're lonely and bitter? Because you can't bear to see him happy? I've always liked you, Amy.
I've always thought you were smart, ballsy.
I even admire the fact that you're here right now.
But that interview went out under 24 hours ago and already I have five e-mails from women I knew nothing about, and I knew about a lot, talking about his sexual tastes, his voracious appetite, the things he used to ask them to do.
That stuff online about him and that poor girl scared them.
And it scared me.
And I'm sorry but it should scare you.
What are you going to do with them, the e-mails? Send them to the police, of course.
What else? That's why I did the interview.
So, I've just re-checked and we have no record of a Christopher Lowe on our systems at all.
Could he have changed his name? Well, we know his surname was Lowe because it was in the company name.
But maybe his first name? OK, we'll check.
In the meantime .
Melissa Hollis forwarded these on to me.
They're from various women James Hollis had relationships with whilst married to her and to his current wife.
They detail some of his more exotic exploits.
A penchant for outdoor sex.
One woman talks about a rape fantasy he asked her play out.
Anything illegal? Not so far.
Jake, did you manage to access Derran Finch's medical records? Er, yeah, I did.
And, basically, her ex-husband was telling the truth.
She has been treated for various mental health issues over the years.
Though, I'm not sure if they tip over into the delusional, but OK.
Well, given what we've just learned about Chris Lowe, I think we should prioritise him right now.
Let's get him down here.
Can you tell me why you need to speak to me again? Because I told you everything I know.
Some new information has come to light which we'd like to go over with you.
What new information? Or I can get officers from our Bristol police station to arrest you and bring you down.
You know, my friend made a complaint about your colleague and I just might make one about you.
DI Sunil Khan.
S-U-N-I-L K-H-A-N, Bishop's Street Police Station.
I can send you the right form, if you like.
Well, I suppose I can be there by 12 tomorrow.
See you at midday, Mr Lowe.
SUNNY HANGS UP Then, unfortunately, the police also then spoke to your mum, because she was obviously at the holiday house as well.
As were we, having a lovely time.
Anyway, I don't know specifically what she might have said to them, although I can imagine it was fairly negative about me.
But more importantly, she's now threatened to go to the police with evidence of some wrongdoing I've apparently committed against her .
unless I give her £50,000.
What? No way! Oh, my God, that woman! Dad, I'm so sorry.
And you really don't need this after everything else.
I doubt very much whether she'll go through with it.
Not least because there is nothing, but Yeah, I'll be honest, it's pretty tedious.
And I'm afraid I did rather lose my temper with her.
I don't blame you.
So she drove down today? Yeah.
I pretty much came straight here from talking to her in my surgery.
Jesus And when did they first speak to you, then, the police? Er Monday, I think it was.
Monday? Wow, that was three days ago.
Yeah, I know.
I should have told you before, but to be honest, the whole thing only took a couple of minutes.
And if it hadn't have been for your mother ramping things up, I probably would have forgotten all about it.
And I'm sure they're speaking to hundreds of potential witnesses.
Basically, they're speaking to anyone and everyone who was resident in the town that week.
That poor girl's parents.
I know.
It's just brutal for them.
I can't even begin to imagine.
Right, well, I think a cup of tea is in order.
Good idea.
I'll help you.
You all right, love? Yeah, yeah.
All good.
Is Jake around? Left already, I think.
There's a lady downstairs, says she's Tim Finch's ex-wife and has some photos she would like to show him.
Guv And when were these taken? Mid-to late-'90s.
And who took them? My friend Keera.
She used to live a few doors down from us.
Can we speak to Keera? She died in 2003.
And she never suggested you speak to the police at the time? She did, but she also knew how scared I was of him .
of what he might do if I did, so she knew it had to be my decision.
Did you ever speak to a doctor about the injuries? I was too scared he'd find out.
I have to say, Mrs Finch, we can't really see your face in these pictures and it could be quite hard to prove that this is actually you from over 20 years ago.
Who else would it be? Well, I don't know, but.
Why else would I drive all the way down here? I have nothing to gain from doing this.
I just want to help you catch that poor little girl's killer.
And I want you to understand what he is capable of.
What do you think? I think this was a house fucking full of secrets and lies.
And I think it might be worth speaking to the kids to see what their experience of this marriage was.
Maybe check his professional history.
And then I think I want to sleep for a year.
I have never lied to you, Amy.
I always told you there would be other women that I.
Oh, come on, don't get coy now, other women that you fucked.
But only one I loved.
And liking a shag in the woods doesn't make me a murderer.
DOORBELL RINGS Jesus! These journalists! Pete! She's kicked me out, Jamie.
Can I kip at yours for a bit? I'm sorry you feel let down, mate, but I have issues of my own at the moment and I need to spend some time alone with Amy.
Mate, I've nowhere to stay tonight.
Then find a hotel, like a normal person.
With what? I gave you three grand two days ago.
Just throw that back in my face.
I'm not throwing it back in your face.
I'm just reminding you that I have helped you innumerable times over the years, and the one time I say no, you get arsy.
Grow up.
You might just want to consider something, though.
I know stuff, Jamie, about your boy that night.
Stuff I've never mentioned before.
You might just want to bear that in mind.
Get the fuck out of my house.
Oh Well, call data records show that James Hollis rang Tim Finch about an hour after we interviewed him.
Oh, OK.
And he also spoke to Pete Carr, but not to Chris Lowe.
Did any of the others ring Lowe? No, but Lowe rang Finch just after I called him yesterday.
But the call length suggested it went straight to voice mail.
So the most vulnerable of the four is left the most isolated.
Which might be coincidence.
Yeah, or it might not be.
Dr Finch, it turns out, has just been involved in a professional misconduct case.
I mean, I should point out he was completely exonerated.
But the allegation was, "He was verbally abusive to an elderly patient, "including an alleged threat to overdose her on morphine.
" Wow.
Violent to her? Jesus, God, no! No, we never saw any evidence of that.
I mean, Em was 11, I was 9 when they separated.
So we weren't babies.
If there'd been anything like that, we'd have had some sense of it.
I know we would.
But we just didn't, did we? Although you, erm, said earlier .
you were both at boarding school from 7 till 18.
Yeah, but we were home holidays, lots of weekends.
We saw a lot of our parents.
We know who our father is.
That's not a violent man.
Not to our mother.
Not to anyone.
So .
you think these are fake? Fake or make-up or whatever.
I don't I don't really know or care.
What I do know, and I very much doubt she told you, is that she tried to get Dad to give her 50,000 quid for them.
Sorry, when was this? Yesterday.
I mean, he refused, of course.
Look, our father is not a saint.
He can be controlling and he certainly likes to get his own way, but everything you're implying to do with the Hayley Reid case is It's just not possible.
SHE SIGHS Thank you.
50 grand! Yeah.
Odd the other sister hardly said a word.
Yeah, I clocked that.
Bottom line, I suspect Derran Finch is a bit bonkers, but .
bonkers people tell the truth as well.
Sunny, what time's Lowe here? He should be here now.
Oh, no Shit! Shit! Shit! What? Obviously, I went straight back to the cafe, but they'd had nothing handed in.
I'm so sorry, sir.
So, whose file? Pete Carr's.
Any sensitive stuff inside? Lots.
HE DIALS A NUMBER I feel like I'm slightly losing the plot.
Don't be daft.
My dad, these files They'll turn up.
It'll be fine.
You're just tired.
It just makes everything seem worse.
Come on, then, let's do Chris Lowe.
Ah He didn't turn up.
Did he call? No.
I left a message on his mobile, left it at his work, nothing.
Boss? Have you got two minutes? Sure, yeah.
What's up? Er, I was doing a bit of a dig on Hollis, following the e-mails.
I've found something I think we've all missed.
So the way the fathers all spoke about the kids, kind of days out and bedtimes, I think we just assumed they were all little ones.
And three of the four were.
Emma Finch was ten, her sister was eight and Maya Lowe was six.
But Eliot Hollis, it turns out he was about to turn 16.
And 16 with some issues.
Two arrests already for possession.
One for drunk and disorderly.
And this is a real stinger Erm, one for stealing his dad's car a month before the Millennium.
Call the father back in now.
Where are you? Yeah, erm on my way in.
Sorry, I was chasing down a I've had all your stuff boxed up.
I'll leave it at reception.
Sorry? You stole from the disabled, never mind the Hayley Reid connections.
I don't want you anywhere near my business.
Mark, listen to me.
No matter what Maria's told you Maria hasn't told me anything.
Have you not been online? Online? No, why? Google your name.
MARK HANGS UP Jesus, there's one site here that's found a photo of him.
OK, I need to make a statement.
And we need to shut these websites down fast.
The press are going to slaughter us.
If you need to take me off the case, I'll understand completely.
For the record, I very much want to stay and make good my mistake.
I need to find Pete Carr.
I didn't do it, Tim.
I want you to know that.
Pete, you really don't need to convince me.
I've made mistakes.
I've done some pretty shabby things, I'll accept that.
But I'd never hurt anyone.
I never even saw Hayley Reid that night.
Yeah, I believe you.
Well, the police clearly don't.
And I'm not sure they believe a word I say now.
So I want to tell you something and I want you to tell the police.
OK, but I'm not sure they want to speak to me again.
But if they do It's about Jamie's boy Eliot.
About something I saw that night.
Have you tried the arts centre? Yeah, but they said that he wouldn't be in today.
Right, well, that's where he told me he was going.
Well, I'll try his mobile again.
Is he in trouble? I can't tell you any more, I'm afraid.
He's a very vulnerable man, DI Khan.
Tell me if I should be worried.
You have a son, I think.
Er, yes.
Jamila, is there anywhere that you and Asif can go and stay for the next few days that Christopher doesn't know about? PRESS CAMERAS CLICK On behalf of the Metropolitan Police, I wish to apologise to Mr Carr and his family and indeed to Hayley Reid's family for any distress that has been caused by my mistake.
I wish to reiterate that no arrests have been made.
No-one has been charged with anything.
And that Mr Carr is just one of many people who are helping us with our enquiries.
I would like to remind people that publication of these documents online is illegal .
and we will take action against anyone who does so.
I would also remind members of the public that we will be seeking prosecution for any online activity that seeks to incite violence against Mr Carr.
And lastly, I would urge whoever found this document to take it to their nearest police station and hand it in as soon as possible.
Thank you.
Peter Carr? Urgh!