Unicorn Academy (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[magical tinkling]
[Wildstar neighs]
Follow your heart
Straight to the stars ♪
Your bond already shows
The magic glows, our friendship grows ♪
Chase your dreams
Run wild and free ♪
Wild and free ♪
Trust in your destiny ♪
Follow your heart
Straight to the stars ♪
Your bond already shows
The magic glows, our friendship grows ♪
-So follow your heart ♪
-Follow your heart ♪
-Straight to the stars ♪
-Straight to the stars ♪
So follow your heart ♪
-[stones crumble]
-[magical tinkling]
[unicorns neigh]
[suspenseful music plays]
[Sophia yelps] This place is coming down.
The door was here, wasn't it?
Why is it suddenly not here?
Look out!
[Wildstar snorts]
Oh, I'm never going
into another mysterious temple ever again,
no matter how pretty it is.
We're not gonna do anything ever again
if we don't get out of here.
-[Rory] Oh man. Oh jeez. What do we do?
-Let's think of a plan and hero it up.
Excuse you. If anyone here
is going to be a hero, it's obviously me.
[laughs] Is that a challenge?
What? No. That's the challenge.
Saving our friends
from being smooshed is the challenge.
Layla, as the only voice of reason left,
any idea how to save our friends
from being smooshed?
[Layla] Uh, okay. Um
Oh, oh, oh! I know.
This temple is made of rainbow sandstone.
Neat fact. It's still collapsing though.
[Glacier snorts]
Sandstone is a highly
porous rock, Valentina.
Once it's frozen, it'll break apart.
Show 'em the science, Glacier.
[Glacier neighs loudly]
[magical music plays]
This can't be the end. Leaf just made us
these awesome friendship bracelets,
and I haven't even gotten
to journal about them yet.
[gasps] Ava, look!
[magical chiming]
[Leaf neighs]
Come on.
[Sophia] It's coming down!
Jumping juniper.
Yeah! You made it!
You guys should've seen Layla and Glacier.
They were like,
"Boosh! Ba-kow, ba-kow, blam!" [laughs]
[sighs] Okay, it was more like, "Mm, hm,"
and then science,
and then blam!
[Storm neighs]
Thanks, Layla. We owe you one.
And you too, guys.
Thanks for keeping Wildstar and me
from falling off that cliff.
[giggles] That's just what BFFFFs do.
[both laugh]
[unicorn neighs]
-[Leaf snorts]
-[Ava gasps]
Those poor plants.
The grim magic, it flew by us.
Yeah, we saw it too.
But we beat Ravenzella.
[Wildstar neighs]
So how is her grim magic still here?
I don't know.
But we have to tell Ms. Primrose.
[Glacier neighs]
[tense music plays]
[Ms. Primrose] Students, I have bad news.
Grim magic has been spotted
once more on Unicorn Island.
-I knew it.
-[girl] Oh no.
[magical tinkling]
[Ms. Primrose] When Ravenzella was
defeated, we thought her magic was gone.
But it appears some of it still lingers.
But rest assured,
wherever grim magic is hiding,
we will root it out.
Until then,
you are all to remain vigilant.
Grim magic has immense power.
It's a threat to us,
to the unicorns, and to the island itself.
[sinister whooshing]
[Ava] Good night, Leaf.
Try not to have any nightmares
about, uh, you-know-what magic.
[Valentina] Grim magic? Big deal.
We've gone up against it before and won.
We just need to do it again.
[clearing throat]
A Furi never
lets her guard down, Valentina.
Grim magic is an unpredictable force.
What you've seen it do before,
you might not necessarily see it do again.
-Yes, Auntie.
-[Isabel laughs]
That is why Ms. Primrose has decided
to accelerate everyone's training.
Get your rest.
Tomorrow, Sapphire Dorm
will ride the Proving Course.
-[Glacier neighs]
Did she say the Proving Course? Already?
I think Layla's having
one of her brain overloads.
Luckily, I have no idea
what Furi's talking about, so I'm good.
What is the Proving Course anyway?
It's an obstacle course
over some of the most challenging terrain
on Unicorn Island.
Aw, man. Now I know.
It's supposed to be
for advanced riders only.
Hm, advanced riders, huh?
Sounds like my kind of party.
[scoffs] Yeah, the kind of party
where you come in second.
[Sophia groans]
[scoffs] You think
you're gonna beat me on a course?
'Cause I got a stack
of show jumping trophies
that says that's not happening.
I know you're used to being a big fish
in your cute little pony pond,
but you'll never match a Furi
when it comes to unicorn riding.
Ha! Excited to see the look on your face
tomorrow when that's wrong.
[River neighs]
Come on, River.
Let's get in some late-night training.
Prepare to eat
our unicorn dust, Valentina.
[Wildstar snorts]
Nice job, buddy.
We're killing it out there.
Let's just get a few more laps in.
[River whinnies]
Come on, boy. I know you've got it in you.
[River snorts]
[River neighs]
[jaunty music plays]
There. Perfect.
[Glacier snorts]
Oh, wait. No, no, no.
Now it's perfect. I think. Maybe.
[Glacier whinnies]
[laughs] Don't worry, Layla.
We'll take the course together as a team.
Then I guess Cinder and I will be waiting
for all of you at the finish line.
As a team.
[River groans]
If River even makes it that far.
He's looking a little haggard.
[scoffs] This guy? He's fine.
That's just his game face. Right, River?
[River neighs]
Morning, unicorn riders.
What do you say we get this rodeo running?
Ethera, if you please.
[magical tinkling]
This is the Proving Course.
A harrowing trial indeed.
First, you must conquer
the dizzying heights
of Floating Boulder Ridge,
then traverse the often
surprising Flowering Fields.
Last, you'll test your balance and bravery
at the bridge over the Starglow Rapids.
Remember what you've learned.
Trust yourselves and trust your unicorns.
Easy to say when you're not the one
scaling a floating boulder over a cliff
while trying not to go, "Whee."
[blows raspberry]
I've run the Proving Course tons of times
without going, "Eeee." [blows raspberry]
Really? Respect.
Students, it is time to begin.
[unicorns neigh]
[Ms. Primrose] We will be waiting for you
at the finish.
[tense music plays]
[unicorns neigh]
-Hyah! That's it, Cinder.
[Ava] Come on, Leaf. Let's go.
Saddle? Check. Reins? Check. Stirrups?
Hey, where did everyone go?
-[Glacier neighs]
-No, Glacier! No, Glacier, wait!
[Layla screams]
[laughs] Would you look at that?
I'm winning. No surprise.
Ha. And now you're losing.
Also no surprise.
Come on, Cinder.
I'm not letting them beat us. Faster. Ha!
[sinister whooshing]
[Valentina gasps] Grim magic.
What if we win the Proving Course
and save the island at the same time?
No way Isabel can compete with that.
After it, Cinder! Hyah!
[dramatic music plays]
[Cinder squeals]
Come out, you coward.
Cinder, try forcing it out.
[Cinder snorts]
We don't get any glory if the grim magic
hides in a puddle all day.
[Cinder snorts]
[tense music plays]
[Cinder grunts]
[Cinder grunts and snorts]
[screams] Cinder! Are you okay?
-[Cinder squeals]
How are you going so fast?
[suspenseful music plays]
This This could work.
Don't worry. We'll crush the grim magic
once we're done with it.
But first, come on!
[music fades]
Huh. This isn't so bad. I can deal with
this kind of obstacle course.
Catch, Storm.
Don't get sloppy, Rory.
You heard Ms. Furi.
With grim magic loose,
we've gotta be ready for anything.
[Valentina] Yes! [laughs]
-[Sophia] Whoa!
-[Ava] Agh!
-You're right. I was not ready for that.
Did you see how fast Cinder was going?
Someone's extra speedy this morning.
Personally, I think slow and steady
is the way to go.
We're totally winning this. Ha! Told ya
all that extra training would pay off.
Sleep is for the weak anyway. [laughs]
Haha! So long, loser!
Let's go, River.
We've gotta catch 'em. Let's go, go, go!
-[Cinder grunts]
-Now, how to get up these?
-[Cinder squeals]
-[Valentina] Oh, whoa!
Ho! Cinder, be careful!
[dramatic music plays]
Actually, keep it up.
[exhales] Right. You can totally do that.
[dramatic music continues]
Whoa! [gasps]
[exhales] Oh.
Haha! See? I knew you had it in you.
[dramatic music continues]
Good boy.
Whoa! Whoa.
That's what I'm talking about. Ha!
Come on, River.
Don't give up. You can do it.
Yes! River, you totally rocked that.
[River whinnies]
Just hold on a little longer.
We're almost there.
[suspenseful music plays]
Whoa! Slow down a sec, will ya?
Oh, not good! [whimpers]
-[Cinder neighs]
-[Valentina gasps]
[Valentina] Wait. Biting flowers?
What are these things?
[suspenseful music continues]
Trees and flowers?
Does that even count as an obstacle?
Okay, maybe flowers are an obstacle.
Charge it, Cinder!
[Valentina yells]
[Valentina grunts]
I gotta say,
grim magic's got its perks. [yelps]
[Layla] Uh, yep, those are
definitely advanced jumps.
Okay. Back straight, 90 degrees.
Wait. Or is it 45?
Nope. Too many numbers already.
We got this. Storm!
[wind howls]
Work smarter, not harder. Am I right?
It's just like we practiced in class.
Uh, we'd better hurry!
Oh, I can help! Glacier.
[magical tinkling]
[Sophia laughs] Nice job, guys.
[Rory] That's how you do it.
-[Ava] Yeah! That's my girl.
-[Layla sighs]
Huh. Guess we're getting the hang of this.
-[Glacier whinnies]
-[Layla sighs]
[Isabel] Whew.
Ha. All right.
One challenge down, two to go.
[dramatic music plays]
[River squeals]
-Whoa! Bad! Bad flowers!
-[River neighs]
We won't let some lame plants stop us.
Push through. Ha!
[Isabel grunts]
-[River squeals]
-Blast it!
[River neighs wearily]
[dramatic music plays]
River, now's our chance. Go!
[dramatic music continues]
[laughs] Dominated it!
Come on. Keep the intensity.
We're almost there.
We can rest once we win.
We can ditch the grim magic now.
There's no way Isabel can catch us.
Nothing feels as good as victory.
Whoa! Cinder, just, like, scrape it off
or something. We have to slow down.
[Cinder whinnies]
You can't get it off? For real?
-[Cinder squeals]
-[Valentina gasps]
-[Valentina screams]
-[Cinder squeals]
[suspenseful music plays]
[Cinder squeals]
I really hope nobody saw that.
[Cinder grunts]
Ugh. Thanks for nothing, you jerk!
[scoffs] Yeah, you'd better run.
[sinister whooshing]
Oh, now you wanna fight?
Let's end this. Fireball!
[Cinder neighs]
[dramatic music plays]
[Cinder neighs]
[dramatic music continues]
[sinister whooshing]
Okay. So maybe
we should've left it in that puddle.
[Cinder snorts]
[jaunty music plays]
[tense music plays]
[yelps and sighs]
Ooh, snapping vines? They latch
onto anything they can find for food,
then they wrap it up,
swallow it, and digest it for 30 days.
What? It's important to know that nature
is both beautiful and dangerous.
Yeah, I'm more worried
about the dangerous part. [gasps]
People-eating plants? This is why
this course is for advanced riders.
Don't worry.
I know the perfect unicorn for the job.
Ready, Leaf?
[Leaf neighs]
[magical chiming]
-Yes! All right, Leaf!
-[Rory] Go, Leaf!
[plants squeak]
Aw! And you made them cute?
Good job, girl.
I just wanna put one in my pocket
and take it home with me.
What? I'm not gonna.
[Leaf snorts]
[Sophia] Come on! This way!
[exciting music plays]
[gasps] Whoa!
-[Sophia screams]
-[Wildstar neighs]
Uh, what way?
[dramatic music plays]
Come on, River. Dig deep.
We're not quitters.
We're winners, remember?
Almost there. Push it.
Wait. Actually, stop! [yells]
[Isabel grunts]
-[Valentina] Great.
-[River grunts]
-Just who I didn't wanna see.
-[Isabel] Dude!
Did you seriously burn the bridge down?
Talk about cheating.
Obviously it was an accident,
or I wouldn't be stuck down here with you.
And before you go full aggro on me,
just know we're both going to fail unless
we call a truce to find a way out of here.
-[Cinder neighs]
-[Isabel sighs]
Right. Guess I better think
of a plan and hero it up.
River, use your water magic
to lift us out of here.
[River grunts]
[magical tinkling]
[River grunts wearily]
[Isabel] River? What What happened?
Why are you like this?
[gasps] Oh my gosh.
You don't think maybe your crazy
all-night training's made your unicorn
super exhausted, do ya?
This was my fault?
You said it, not me.
[River groans]
Oh, River.
-[Wildstar neighs]
-[Sophia yells]
Quit it!
We're too pretty to be digested.
[Leaf neighs]
[suspenseful music plays]
-This thing is strong.
-I got this one. Wildstar!
[magical tinkling]
-[Isabel] There you go, buddy.
-[River snorts]
As touching as this is,
we're still in trouble, remember?
-Ugh! This could not get any worse.
-[Rory] Look out!
[all scream]
[thudding and groaning]
I was wrong. This is worse.
Uh, I'm no rocket surgeon,
but shouldn't there be a bridge up there?
[Cinder grunts]
Yeah, well, the bridge
may have burned down.
-Long story. Don't have to talk about it.
-We are definitely gonna talk about that.
First, we have to talk
about getting out of here.
-Hold me. Whoa! [groans]
Uh, the Starglow Rapids
look a lot bigger from down in them.
[groans] And a lot more wavy.
Wait, duh. Waves. River, can't you
just psh, psh, psh, psh, psh?
Unfortunately, our only water unicorn
currently needs a nap.
[River grunts]
Hey! This is my fault, not his.
I'm sorry, River.
I never should have pushed you this hard.
I just got so caught up
in wanting to win some dumb race.
But we don't have to.
You're already a winner to me.
-Sorry. River needs to rest.
-Well, we can't just sit around.
We're supposed to be showing the teachers
that we can handle this.
Storm could raise the temperature
and evaporate the water.
-She's gonna need a minute though.
-Is moss a plant?
-How about a light bridge? Whoa!
-[Ava yelps]
[dramatic music plays]
[River snorts]
River, y-you don't have to.
[River neighs]
All right. I got your back.
[magical tinkling]
-[Isabel] Ha!
-[Sophia] Yeah! Go, River!
[laughs] Good boy.
[Sophia] Oh no!
You're doing amazing, River.
I know you've got this in you.
[River neighs]
[River neighs wearily]
Good job, buddy!
-[River neighs]
-[Valentina] Yeah!
-[Ava] Woo-hoo!
-[Rory] Woo-hoo!
[uplifting music plays]
[laughs] That was awesome, River.
[giggles] What can I say? He's the best.
[River whinnies]
Woo-hoo. Go, team. Okay, truce over.
This race is back on. Bye.
[Valentina laughs]
Yeah, that's on-brand.
But we do need
to make it to the finish line.
[unicorns neigh]
-Let's walk back. You've earned a break.
-[River whinnies]
[Ethera neighs]
[uplifting music plays]
Congratulations on successfully
navigating the Proving Course.
-But it seems we're missing one pair.
-[unicorn neighs]
Isabel and River bringing up the rear.
That's a surprise.
Only because they saved us all
from the Starglow Rapids.
[Isabel laughs]
What's the point of winning
if we can't gloat?
They are ruining this for us.
-Victory is its own reward.
-I'll have a trophy made later.
[Cinder neighs]
Well, I'd say this exercise was a success.
Hopefully, it prepares you students
for what may come.
-[Wildstar neighs]
-[sinister whooshing]
[foreboding music plays]
[Isabel gasps] Grim magic!
Back to harass us again, huh?
[sinister whooshing]
So it brought friends.
-[unicorns neigh]
-[Rory] Where did they come from?
-[River squeals]
What have I done?
[sinister whooshing]
Follow your heart
Straight to the stars ♪
Your bond already shows
The magic glows, our friendship grows ♪
-So follow your heart ♪
-Follow your heart ♪
-Straight to the stars ♪
-The magic glows, our friendship grows ♪
So follow your heart ♪
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