Unicorn Academy (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

[magical tinkling]
[Wildstar neighs]
Follow your heart
Straight to the stars ♪
Your bond already shows
The magic glows, our friendship grows ♪
Chase your dreams
Run wild and free ♪
Wild and free ♪
Trust in your destiny ♪
Follow your heart
Straight to the stars ♪
Your bond already shows
The magic glows, our friendship grows ♪
-So follow your heart ♪
-Follow your heart ♪
-Straight to the stars ♪
-Straight to the stars ♪
So follow your heart ♪
Hey! Get back!
[Isabel gasps]
[sinister music plays]
-Stay back.
Grim magic? Uh, okay, okay.
Uh, what did I read about this?
[Layla squeals]
[River neighs]
It's okay. I got you, River.
[Isabel grunts]
[dramatic music plays]
Don't worry, River.
I'll think of something.
You got us out of the canyon,
so we'll get you out of this.
Time to bring the heat, Cinder.
[magical music plays]
Yes! Nailed it.
[Cinder snorts]
Okay, judgy. Just because
we messed with the grim magic earlier
doesn't mean I can't savor this now.
[Cinder grunts]
[laughs] Nice job, Valentina. Ha!
[Storm whinnies]
[Ava] Are you okay?
Whoa! Valentina, I can't believe
you just ran in there like that
without any thought or a workable plan
or input from anyone else.
Don't make a big deal
out of it or anything.
[gentle music plays]
It's much worse
than we thought, Ms. Primrose.
I could never have imagined Ravenzella
could leave so much grim magic behind.
It's a threat to the entire island.
That settles it.
Everyone, return to campus at once,
and stay there until further notice.
[foreboding music plays]
I can't believe this. Unicorn riders don't
sit around waiting for further notice.
My dad definitely didn't.
I guess unicorn riders in training
have different rules.
Like, "No, Ava. Your unicorn can't sleep
in the bed with you. She won't fit."
Don't tell me who fits where.
I don't know about you, but when I saw
all that grim magic [shudders]
Ms. Primrose is just
trying to keep us safe.
But the sooner we get rid
of the grim magic, the sooner we are safe.
Excellent point.
But the fear is still there.
[Sophia groans]
I mean, we're at the academy
to protect the island.
We can't protect anything
hiding in here with Mr. Glitterhooves.
-No offense, Ava.
-None taken.
But what are we supposed to do?
We don't know anything about grim magic
except that it's majorly creepy.
Well, there is a book
in the library that could help us.
Or make us more afraid.
Or both. Yeah, probably both.
[Sophia] W what kind of book?
It's called The Gathering Book,
and it's totally amazing.
And kind of restricted. But if we use it,
we could learn more about grim magic
and maybe how to defeat it.
Then this slumber party's officially over.
Let's go.
But we're not supposed to leave.
Oh, Ms. Primrose told us
specifically to stay on campus.
The library is on campus,
so no rules broken.
Uh, running into danger? Not my speed.
But research? I'm so there.
[jaunty music plays]
[gentle suspenseful music plays]
[Leviora neighs]
The library is
technically closed right now,
but luckily Mr. Tansy's
a really heavy sleeper.
The books are too loud.
Yeah, he won't be a problem.
[suspenseful music plays]
[snores] Filbin, uh, Rory,
uh, watch out for the ducklings.
[gentle suspenseful music plays]
The coast is clear.
I'm no library expert,
but there are a lot of books in here.
Centuries' worth, to be precise.
It'll take forever
to find the one we need.
Or a few seconds if you know
what you're looking for, which I do.
Meet The Gathering Book.
All books are magical,
but this one is special.
It can gather all the information
the library has on any subject.
[hinge squeaks]
[snores and sputters]
You just place your hand firmly
on the cover and say, "Grim magic."
[magical whooshing]
[exciting music plays]
[sputters and coughs]
Wow. He is a heavy sleeper.
[Sophia] No way!
[Ava] That is so awesome!
[exciting music continues]
[music stops]
Okay. Grab it and let's go.
Go? We're not supposed to take
advanced magic books out of the library.
And The Gathering Book?
Way advanced. We shouldn't even
be using it without supervision.
Technically, we're not taking it, Layla.
We're borrowing it.
That's what libraries are for, right?
[Mr. Tansy snores]
[Layla] Again, excellent point.
But again, the fear is still there.
It'll be fine.
Besides, we both know
the perfect reading spot.
This is way better
than my unicorn night-light.
[chuckles] Yep. Wildstar's the best.
[exhales] Okay. Let's see. As we know,
"Grim magic can take many forms,
from single menacing swaths
to giant shadow monsters."
"And the only known being
who can control it is Ravenzella,
the Queen of Grimoria."
It might be kinda mean to say this,
but I'm so glad you and Wildstar
turned her to stone, Sophia.
-[Ava shudders]
-[Leaf neighs]
What else does it say, Layla?
"There are other
dangerous grim magic creatures that exist,
like grimlins."
[shudders] Yeah. No, thank you.
"And raterpillars."
Part rat, part caterpillar?
That could be kinda cute.
[gasps] Oh, no. I was wrong.
-[Ava gasps]
-Whoa! What is that?
[Layla] A Grimorian ice dragon.
Looks like he has ice magic
just like you, Glacier.
-[Glacier snorts]
-Uh, not quite.
The dragon's icy breath is so cold
it can turn whatever it touches
into a frozen oblivion.
What's "a frozen oblivion" even mean?
No idea. But I do know that
I don't wanna meet any of these things.
You okay, Soph?
Uh, I I thought I heard something.
[birds chirp]
[Ava] Oh my gosh.
We've been up all night.
Oh, Mr. Tansy will flip
if he finds out we took this book.
He'll ban me from the library for life.
[Sophia] Now you make an excellent point.
Let's ride.
Uh, yeah.
Give me that waffle, uh, Leviora.
[tense music plays]
-[Leaf whinnies]
-[Ava giggles]
Ava, hug quieter.
Sorry. I just love her so much.
Thank you, Gathering Book.
You were everything I dreamed of.
Did you just kiss the book?
Uh, no?
Uh, Layla? Is The Gathering Book
supposed to glow like that?
Uh, maybe that's how it un-gathers?
[sinister whooshing]
[Ava gasps]
-Grim magic!
-How did it get in the book?
[sinister whooshing]
-[sinister whooshing]
-[grimlin squeaks]
No, no, no! I knew we shouldn't
have taken it out of the library.
Maybe they're actually nice?
-[raterpillar roars]
-[Ava yelps]
[dramatic music plays]
[Ava] No! Get away from me!
No! Stop!
[unicorns neigh]
This is all my fault.
Okay. We just need to read more books
to find out what to do when books go bad.
We'll deal with it, just like
the unicorn riders who came before us.
Yeah. We're all in this together.
I'm sorry, Gathering Book.
This wasn't your fault.
But you can still save the day.
[Sophia] Layla! Quit smooching the book
and come on!
[Glacier snorts]
Ugh, morning is so morning.
[yawns] Valentina, how do you
already look so perky?
My morning routine has 14 steps.
And they start the night before.
Step one
-[Isabel laughs]
-Really, Isabel?
Your jealousy is not only sad,
but also way petty.
Wasn't me.
I'm just enjoying the aftermath.
[Valentina screams]
-[boy] Oh no!
-[girl 1] No, no, no, no!
-[girl 2] Hey!
[grimlin gulps]
-[grimlin squeaks]
-[boy screams]
[screaming continues]
Ew! That ugly little
whatever it is totally ruined my style.
I don't know.
I don't hate this look for ya.
-[grimlin shrieks]
-[both gasp]
[bowl smashes]
-[grimlin shrieks]
-Has anyone seen a grimlin?
-[grimlin squeaks]
-Never mind. Found it.
Yeah, long story.
[Wildstar neighs]
You get the grimlin.
I've got the research.
The Gathering Book says that even though
grimlins are small, they're quite vicious.
-So you might wanna step back.
I'm a Furi. I'm not afraid of some
-[Valentina screams]
-[grimlin squeaks]
Whoa! Don't like the sound
of Valentina's voice, huh? Relatable.
Oh, it says here that grimlins
hate loud noises.
Loud, huh?
I hate to ruin such a pretty chandelier,
but let's make some noise, Leaf.
[Leaf neighs]
[magical tinkling]
[chandelier crashes]
[grimlin shrieks]
[Valentina] Get lost, glam hater!
-Awesome move, Leaf.
-[Leaf whinnies]
One down. Now we just
gotta find that raterpillar.
On it. You guys search that way.
I'll go this way.
-First one to find it wins.
-Wins what?
Life, obviously.
Uh, excuse me.
Did you just say raterpillar?
Hey, no fair on the head start!
[dwerpin whistles]
[dwerpin groans]
[lively music plays]
I know I haven't handed in my last
three assignments. I have a great excuse.
My unicorn ate my homework?
Mr. Carmichael,
I have far more pressing issues
to deal with at the moment.
Grim magic could already
be outside the academy.
[gasps] Or inside the academy.
[suspenseful music plays]
-[Rory] What is that? A wiener dog?
That is why you need
to do your magical creatures homework.
Quickly. In here.
[raterpillar snorts]
[gentle music plays]
No way. The secret rooms are real?
Lucky for us.
Unless that thing
claws its way through the door, then
Unlucky. [screams]
-[Ava] Was that Valentina again?
It kinda sounded like Rory.
[unicorns neigh]
[dramatic music plays]
[raterpillar snarls]
Bad. Bad cursed wiener dog.
Does that count as an excuse?
[both yell]
-[Sophia] Yeah!
Girls, get to safety.
-What? No. Get here and get us to safety.
-[raterpillar growls]
-The cocoon is tightening.
-Okay, okay.
Oh! The book says that raterpillars
are easily disoriented by bright lights.
Then let's light this place up.
[magical chiming]
[Layla yelps]
[uplifting music plays]
That was so cool. Sapphires to the rescue.
And probably Sapphires
that caused all this in the first place.
Is that true?
-Um [chuckles nervously]
Well, Ms. Primrose, last night, we were
We wanted to learn more
about grim magic and stop it.
So we used The Gathering Book.
But we didn't wanna wake Mr. Tansy,
so we took it to the stables,
and then actual grim magic got into it
and made those creatures come to life.
We stopped them
Boom! We stepped up, did our thing,
and saved the day,
like unicorn riders are supposed to.
But we're super sorry
for putting the academy in danger.
And for leaving a food-fight
chandelier mess in the grand hall.
While I don't exactly
approve of your methods,
I do accept that your motives were noble.
And I'm just relieved everyone is okay.
In fact, I should see to it
that everyone is okay.
And I should see to my homework.
[laughs] Just kidding. I'm totally
gonna go find more secret rooms.
[Rory strains]
Whew, I am glad that's over.
Me too. Good thing we had
The Gathering Book to help us.
[sinister whooshing]
-[Glacier neighs]
-[Layla yelps]
[sinister whooshing]
[gasps] Oh my grim.
Oh no!
[ice dragon roars]
[dramatic music plays]
Oh no, no, no, no, no.
This can't be happening.
I'm not ready for a frozen oblivion,
whatever that is.
No time for spiraling. Let's go!
What exactly are you planning to do
if you find this rat thing
without your unicorn?
It's a tiny rat, Valentina. So I'm
probably just gonna kick its grim butt.
[both scream]
[ice dragon roars]
[both scream]
-[ice dragon roars]
-[both scream]
[dramatic music continues]
Oh, oh! Please don't eat me.
Uh, eat Isabel instead.
What? No, no. I'm all muscle.
E-Eat Valentina.
She's she's weak and delicious.
-[girls grunt]
-[Valentina] Come on.
[ice dragon grunts and roars]
[Isabel and Valentina scream]
[dramatic music continues]
[ice dragon roars]
[both strain]
[Wildstar neighs]
Hello? A little help here?
These are not cold-weather boots.
Oh! We will be with you as soon as we can,
which is not right now.
But definitely later. Okay, bye.
[both huff]
[ice dragon roars]
[unicorns neigh]
Not gonna lie. I so wanna
hug Mr. Glitterhooves right now.
No judgment here, Ava.
[ice dragon roars]
Okay. This is fine. All we have to do
is read about its weakness and
[Layla screams]
Oh! Oh no.
[dramatic music plays]
[Sophia gasps]
-[Sophia] Hyah!
-[Layla] Hyah!
Double oh no. Icy oblivion, here we come.
-It was nice knowing you all.
-Calm down, Layla. We got this.
We have something it doesn't.
Unicorn magic.
[Leaf neighs]
-[Ava] Go!
-[Sophia] Charge!
[dramatic music continues]
[magical tinkling]
[Leaf neighs]
[Ava] Oh, it's not gonna reach.
[magical tinkling]
Oh, yes, it will.
[dramatic music continues]
[Ava] Oh, Leaf. Leaf, look out!
Oh! Oh no, no.
-[Sophia] No, no, no!
-[Ava] What's happeni
I'm all out of oh nos.
-[Glacier neighs]
-[Glacier squeals]
Are you kidding, Glacier? There's no way
I'm taking that thing on all by myself.
-[Glacier whinnies]
-Sorry. I didn't mean myself myself.
I know we're a team.
It's just I'm the researcher.
How am I supposed to help
without the book?
-[ice dragon roars]
-[Layla gasps]
[dramatic music plays]
-[ice dragon roars]
-Glacier, look out!
[Glacier neighs]
Maybe I don't need the book.
[ice dragon roars]
You froze my school,
my friends, and my book.
But messing with my unicorn?
Way past the line, buddy.
[dramatic music continues]
[ice dragon roars]
It's go time.
You ready, girl?
[Glacier neighs]
[Glacier neighs]
[triumphant music plays]
[music fades]
We We did it!
Glacier, I'm so proud of you.
[Glacier whinnies]
Proud of us.
Whoo! That adrenaline is a rush, right?
[magical tinkling]
-[Ava] Yay, Layla, you did it!
-[Sophia] Yes!
[all laugh]
Soph, Ava, you're okay!
[laughs] Yeah, because you saved us.
You saved everyone.
And you did it without the book.
It was so brave. I'm seriously impressed.
Don't make a big deal
out of it or anything.
But I couldn't have done it
without Glacier. Her ice shield was epic.
[Glacier neighs]
-Whoo-hoo, we're free!
-[Ms. Primrose coughs]
I trust that was the last surprise
we'll be encountering today?
Definitely, Ms. Primrose.
Very well. Then you're all
to return to your dorms.
But what about the grim magic?
For the moment, it appears
to have dispersed. And so should you.
[groans] Finally, I can take a shower.
Though, this oatmeal has definitely
made my skin super silky smooth.
[all yawn]
-You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?
-Uh, sleep forever?
Yay! Second slumber party.
Emphasis on the slumber this time.
But first, I have to return something.
Bye, Gathering Book.
It's been educational.
[Mr. Tansy snores]
Oh. [chuckles]
Good morning, Layla.
-Oh, hi, Mr. Tansy.
Is it freezing in here, or is it just me?
Hmm, not just you.
[tranquil music plays]
[foreboding music plays]
[sinister whooshing]
[music fades]
Follow your heart
Straight to the stars ♪
Your bond already shows
The magic glows, our friendship grows ♪
-So follow your heart ♪
-Follow your heart ♪
-Straight to the stars ♪
-The magic glows, our friendship grows ♪
So follow your heart ♪
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