Unicorn Academy (2023) s02e07 Episode Script

The Wrong Crowd

[magical tinkling]
[Wildstar neighs]
Follow your heart ♪
Straight to the stars ♪
Your bond already shows ♪
The magic glows
Our friendship grows ♪
Chase your dreams ♪
-Run wild and free ♪
-Wild and free ♪
Trust in your destiny ♪
Follow your heart ♪
Straight to the stars ♪
Your bond already shows ♪
The magic glows
Our friendship grows ♪
-So follow your heart ♪
-Follow your heart ♪
-Straight to the stars ♪
-Straight to the stars ♪
So follow your heart ♪
[ethereal music playing]
[Sophia] Okay, I've got another.
Would you rather play fetch
with a raterpillar
or ride the Skyberry Trail with Ms. Furi?
[Ava] Mmm.
[both laugh]
[sighs] Thanks for helping me
keep an eye on the last crown star, Ava.
-It goes a lot faster with a friend.
-No problem. Stargazing with my BFFFF?
Best night ever!
[Rory groans]
-[Rory] Worst night ever.
-Studying can be fun, Rory.
Try thinking of it as a game.
Race you to the end of this chapter.
Even I'm not taking that bait.
Hey, dude, where you been?
Uh, nowhere.
Where's Sophia?
She and Ava are watching
in case the last crown star falls.
I thought tonight we were
going to be focusing on school work,
as in prepping for the final test
that could affect
our whole lives as unicorn riders.
Half the reason
I came to a unicorn academy
was to not have homework.
I mean, what is this "meteorology"?
Why do I have to study this stuff?
Maybe because your unicorn
has weather powers?
Fine, sure, but does Storm
have number powers I don't know about?
How will math ever help me
in the real world?
Come on, Rory. You're smart.
You know the equations.
You're just not following through.
Yes, because math is boring and I hate it.
Okay, then what about that fizz bomb
you dropped in the toilets last week?
[Valentina groans]
It was crude, but it showed
a real understanding of chemistry.
Well, yeah. Pranks I'm good at.
School not so much.
Rory, I'm gonna tell you
what my old coach told me
when I got stressed out
about competitions.
[blows whistle]
Buck up! Yeah, this is hard.
And sure, if you try, you might fail.
This is not helping.
But you can only get better
if you face the hard stuff head-on.
So quit running away. Woman up,
and get back on the saddle, blondie!
Feels like this doesn't all apply to me.
You'd better get it together
before our final test.
Sophia's already distracting everyone
with this star stuff
-[Sophia] The crown star is falling!
-[Layla] The crown star!
-[Rory] All right!
-[Sophia giggles]
You just missed it. A star fell that way,
towards Starglow Lake.
It's the last I need to bring Dad back.
Need I remind you what happened
the last time we went after a star?
Between the volcano and the Star Snatcher,
we barely made it out alive.
[sighs] I get that you wanna play hero,
but do you not care
about the danger you're putting us in?
I can't stop now. I'm so close.
[sighs] But this is my fight. I won't
force anyone else to be a part of it.
Are you kidding? We're so in.
Yeah, the finish line's in sight.
Glad to know where your priorities are.
Sounds like we have a mission to go on.
[blows whistle] Your only mission
is to finish your homework.
Don't worry, I've got him.
How are you gonna sneak away
without teachers catching you?
Good question.
Ms. Primrose is already suspicious.
She knows more than you think, Mendoza.
Sounds like you need a distraction.
Time for a little chemistry homework.
[suspenseful music playing]
[yawns] I know, I know. I should have got
more sleep before dawn patrol.
But Dwerpin book club was so rousing.
-[Rush whinnies]
[fanfare playing]
What was that?
-[suspenseful music playing]
-[Ms. Wildwood yelps]
That's our cue.
Ugh. Please no. Not bubbles. My phobia.
Ugh. There's too many bubbles!
-[Rory laughs]
-[Ms. Wildwood] Oh no.
-No, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no.
-[Rory laughs]
[sighs] Okay, I had my fun.
Now I guess I'd better, ugh, study.
[Storm whinnies]
-[Rory groans]
-[Storm snorts]
-[Rory] What do you think?
-[Storm snorts]
Is the mane pointy enough?
-[Rory yelps]
-[Storm snorts]
Everyone's a critic.
[Storm grumbles]
[Storm neighs]
-[whoopee cushion blows]
-[gasps and chuckles]
[laughs] Classic!
Huh? "Meet us at Emerald Dorm."
"Come alone."
Oh, intrigue. Well, this could be
a matter of life and death.
-It would be irresponsible not to go.
-[Storm grumbles]
Sorry, girl. They said come alone.
[light suspenseful music playing]
[suspenseful music playing]
Uh, hello?
-[girl] Hello, freshman.
[suspenseful music continues]
Welcome to the first day
of the rest of your life.
[exciting music playing]
[exciting music continues]
Sophia, I've been thinking.
What if using the crown stars
to bring your dad back
brings Grimoria back too?
Whoa, that would not be good.
[sighs] Honestly, I've been worrying
about that too. But this is my dad.
I know, and I'm not trying to stop you.
I just want us to consider the outcome
so we're prepared.
-Yeah. We've got your back no matter what.
-[Leaf whinnies]
Listen, if this is getting too dangerous,
I understand.
-[twig snaps]
-Wait. Did you hear that?
[Wildstar whinnies]
I I'm sure it was nothing.
But we should keep moving.
[ominous music playing]
Come on, rookie!
Time to drop and give me ten equations.
[Storm neighs]
[Storm whinnies]
Where is he?
Jamie and I have been watching you.
Your pranks are impressive,
you know, for a freshman.
We've decided to invite you
to join our secret society of pranksters.
A secret pranking society?
[whispers] A secret pranking society?
Oh man, this is the coolest thing
that's ever happened to me.
We know. Aseda, tell him.
Eons ago, a dark force
attacked Unicorn Island.
All hope was lost until a rider,
and his trusty unicorn, Court Jester,
saved the day.
Now they had the power of laughter,
and they used this magic
to unite the riders
against the dark force.
Now, we honor the memory of these heroes
by bringing laughter to all.
And you want me to join?
Finally, people who understand me.
Yes! Yes! A million times, yes!
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up, freshman.
You'll have to prove yourself
if you want to join the Laughingstocks.
Yeah. First, we've got to see
if you can make us laugh.
[lively music playing]
[Mr. Tansy yells]
[Rory laughs]
[magical tinkling]
[lively music playing]
[Rory laughs]
[Jamie yawns]
[blows whistle]
[lively music playing]
-She really can't see us?
-[unicorn snorts]
Y'all may have giddyap in your gallop,
but the most important lesson
a rider's gotta learn is
[thunder crashes]
Huh. Sounds like a storm's coming.
But like I was saying,
the most important lesson I can give you
[thunder crashes]
Uh, the important thing is to be calm
[thunder crashes]
[students chuckle]
Calm in the face
[thunder crashes]
Be calm in the face of danger!
[thunder crashes]
-[Ms. Wildwood] Forget it!
[Rory groans]
Come on, girl.
I know it's not our usual shtick.
We gotta try something fresh
to make 'em laugh.
[Storm snorts]
[clears throat] Hey, buddies. It's been
way too long. How the heck are you?
Do we know you?
[Rory laughs awkwardly]
Oh, Delia or Jacinta,
you crack me up. [laughs]
He's in Sapphire with Valentina.
You're like Sophia's sidekick, right?
Uh, pretty sure she's my sidekick.
Hear how I saved her from a raterpillar?
So there was this, like,
huge, gross raterpillar, right?
And Sophia was like, "Ew, help me,"
and I'm like, "Yeah, I guess I can help,
'cause I'm just that great
at figuring these things out."
And then [gasps] There's one now!
False alarm. Okay, bye!
That was a bad story.
[ominous music playing]
-Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew!
-[Delia screaming]
[Storm neighs]
[gentle music playing]
The star must be really close.
Um, sort of.
[groans] You've gotta be kidding me.
-Should we go back for Isabel and River?
-But it's right there.
We can't leave it for the Star Snatcher.
Not when we're this close.
[Glacier neighs]
We've got this.
[dramatic music playing]
[Glacier neighs]
[Sophia gasps]
There it is. The last crown star.
Ha! Come on, girl!
[Wildstar neighs]
[tense music playing]
[Leaf neighs]
[gasps] Uh, guys?
[tense music playing]
-[Leaf neighs]
No more running!
This is really important to my BFFFF,
and I am not gonna let
some very spooky Star Snatcher
ruin things anymore!
This ends now!
Come on, then. Together!
[unicorns neigh]
[tense music continues]
[music fades]
[Valentina] Hey!
What was that at lunch?
You mean first lunch or second lunch?
Uh, first brunch?
You know us growing boys. Always hungry.
I know you love pranks,
but that slug thing was low.
[Storm neighs]
[sighs] Okay.
The thing is,
I'm trying to get
into this secret pranking society
called the Laughingstocks.
First, you're a terrible secret keeper.
Second, that's a dumb name.
Third, you blew off studying
just to try and impress some jerks?
Yeah. I'm never gonna be
a math genius or whatever,
but I could be a master prankster.
That's not a thing.
Am I the only one
taking things seriously around here?
-You don't get it. I
-Of course we do.
You're afraid of failure.
It's easier to fall back on your fun guy
thing than it is to face the hard stuff.
But you're only hurting yourself.
[Storm snorts]
[Jamie] Freshman?
-[Storm snorts]
-Let's go.
We just want what's best for you, man.
Come back to the dorm.
Sorry, guys.
Fine! I hope you have fun
with your little club!
Because if you ruin my school standing,
you're going to need their protection.
[Rory gulps]
[Jamie and Aseda laugh]
Man. Think the others are having
better luck staying out of trouble?
[dramatic music playing]
[Glacier neighs]
[dramatic music continues]
[dramatic music continues]
[Leaf neighs]
[dramatic music continues]
[unicorns neigh]
[dramatic music continues]
[Wildstar neighs]
[dramatic music continues]
[Sophia gasps]
-Oh, I didn't know they could do that!
-We can't let them get that star!
[dramatic music continues]
[dramatic music continues]
Jumping Juniper. Did they just
How did What were they?
I don't know, but they're gone now.
[Sophia gasps]
Thank you. You saved the star.
Wait, something feels off.
We don't even know what just happened.
Off? We should be celebrating.
We beat the Star Snatcher
and we got all three crowns stars.
Yeah! [giggles]
You've proven yourself
to be a true Laughingstock.
Yes! Is there a secret handshake or
But there's one last thing we need
before you can join us.
It's simple.
You just have to retrieve the emerald vase
from Ms. Primrose's office.
Cool, cool, cool.
Breaking and entering, such a good prank.
I'll just go and do that.
I mean, it's not stealing.
It's more like borrowing, right?
And I have to do it if I wanna join
the Laughingstocks, which I do.
Right? Right.
But what if I get caught?
What if I get expelled again?
What if I get everyone expelled?
Val will kill me!
-[Rory sighs]
But I won't get caught 'cause I'll have
my best girl as a lookout.
[Storm neighs]
-[Storm neighs]
Fine. I'll do it alone.
Ms. Primrose, you in here?
Okay, emerald vase. Emerald vase.
"Vaz"? Uh, vase.
[light suspenseful music playing]
[gasps] Wo-ow-ow.
How very supervillain.
Focus, Rory.
The emerald vase, I presume.
Huh. I wonder why they want this.
-[creature squeals]
-[yelps] Stupid fluffy fluffhopper!
-[lively music playing]
-[fluffhopper squeals]
[fluffhopper squeaks]
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait!
[fluffhopper squeals]
-[both laugh]
Was this a prank?
[giggles] Yay. He's all caught up.
But this isn't funny.
I could get in trouble. This isn't
what the Laughingstocks are about.
The Laughingstocks were never real.
We made it up.
What? Why?
To put you in your place.
We're the best pranksters
at Unicorn Academy.
Have fun getting expelled. Again.
[Jamie and Aseda laugh]
Oh man.
Is this how people feel when I prank 'em?
I hate it.
Self-reflect later, Rory.
-[lively music playing]
-[fluffhopper squeaks]
Come back here! [grunts]
Hey, we saw your new best friends
running out and thought
-[fluffhopper squeaks]
-[Rory grunts]
Oh yeah. This looks about right.
I want it to be acknowledged
that none of this would have happened
if you had just listened to me
and done your homework!
That's it!
If it maintains velocity
bouncing at 45 degrees
[exhales] I got this.
It's all about the angles, right?
-[fluffhopper squeaks]
Yes! Who said
you could never use math in real life?
You did. You also said and did
a bunch of other dumb things.
Yeah. Sorry. You were right.
I was just stressed about studying,
and I made every excuse to avoid it.
I promise I'll take
our final more seriously.
I won't let you down.
You've made your coach proud, Rory.
Aw. Isn't that sweet?
Now let's get out of here
before someone catches us!
I've gotta face the hard stuff.
I need to apologize to Ms. Primrose.
And Ms. Wildwood, and Jacinta,
and Delia, and Storm, and my mom and
Remember, Mr. Carmichael,
this was only part one of your punishment.
I think I'm going to get creative
with parts two through 20.
I understand, Ms. Primrose.
I take full responsibility.
Good man.
You know, Rory, it's not always easy
doing the right thing.
Sometimes, people won't understand.
They'll even fight you.
But at the end of the day,
you must always stand up for what's right.
Thanks, Ms. Primrose.
Put the whistle away. I'm gonna study.
Good old Rory
is staying out of trouble from now on.
About that, Sophia's back.
Well, I stayed outta trouble
for almost an entire hour.
So you found the third star.
We did! And now we can bring
Sophia's dad back.
There's not much time.
The Unicorn Constellation is fading.
The star's magic won't last long.
I know, but I've been thinking.
You were right to worry about Grimoria.
Activating the stars could bring it back
and that'd be dangerous for all of us.
[Wildstar neighs]
So I won't go through with this
unless you're all on board.
[necklace tinkles]
-We're with you.
-We can't be afraid of tough stuff, right?
Yeah. Whatever happens,
we'll face it together.
I'm still in.
Like I care. Do whatever you want.
You always do anyway.
I think that's Valentina for, "Go for it"?
Wildstar, where do we need to go?
[magical tinkling]
This is where it happened.
Uh-oh. We've got company.
[suspenseful music playing]
You told on us? I trusted you.
Someone had to.
Ms. Primrose, I don't know
what she said, but I
Ms. Mendoza,
please don't lie to me any further.
I'm disappointed
that you've chosen to disobey me,
but I'm not here to stop you.
What? What do you mean?
I'm here to help.
Wait a minute. Is this reverse psychology?
No, it's concern.
This is a dangerous, foolhardy plan,
but clearly,
you won't stop until you try it.
You'll need supervision.
Despite what you may think,
I cared for Miles too.
[gentle music playing]
[Sophia exhales]
Then I guess it's time.
[gentle music playing]
[Sophia] See you soon, Dad.
[gentle music continues]
[Wildstar neighs]
[uplifting music soars]
[music fades]
Follow your heart ♪
Straight to the stars ♪
Your bond already shows ♪
The magic glows
Our friendship grows ♪
-So follow your heart ♪
-Follow your heart ♪
Straight to the stars ♪
The magic glows
Our friendship grows ♪
So follow your heart ♪
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