Unicorn Academy (2023) s02e08 Episode Script

The Final Test Part 1

[magical tinkling]
[Wildstar neighs]
Follow your heart ♪
Straight to the stars ♪
Your bond already shows ♪
The magic glows
Our friendship grows ♪
Chase your dreams ♪
-Run wild and free ♪
-Wild and free ♪
Trust in your destiny ♪
Follow your heart ♪
Straight to the stars ♪
Your bond already shows ♪
The magic glows
Our friendship grows ♪
-So follow your heart ♪
-Follow your heart ♪
-Straight to the stars ♪
-Straight to the stars ♪
So follow your heart ♪
[magical tinkling]
[gentle music playing]
What happened? Did did we miss?
Try again. He'll be back.
[Wildstar whinnies]
Come on, please. Just one more.
[Wildstar sighs]
It can't be over.
[somber music playing]
I'm sorry, Sophia.
I can't imagine how you're feeling.
Rest knowing
that your father sacrificed himself
for the good of Unicorn Island.
He saved us all.
But now he's gone.
[somber music continues]
It's late.
We should get her back to the academy.
[somber music continues]
[Wildstar whinnies]
[Cinder whinnies]
[somber music continues]
[music fades]
What if we try
to turn 'em off and on again?
I don't think that's how stars work, Rory.
Oh, but they work as souvenirs?
Now who's being silly?
[ominous music playing]
[Lazul groans]
[Miles chuckles]
Looks like your plan failed.
No. It should have worked.
Something's not right.
[ominous music continues]
[magical tinkling]
I thought you might need help sleeping.
It's lavender.
Put this under your pillow
and you'll drift right off to dreamland.
Do you wanna talk about it?
What is there to talk about?
I thought it would work.
[sighs] I risked so much because
I believed it would bring him back.
[sighs] I was so stupid.
It just feels like
I'm losing him all over again. [cries]
You'll never lose him, Sophia.
He'll always be a part of you.
And I know he'd be so proud of you
becoming a unicorn rider like him.
[scoffs] For now.
I don't know how I'm supposed to focus
on the final test.
But if we don't pass,
I won't be a unicorn rider for long.
Don't worry about that, 'kay?
We've got a few days.
Right now,
all you need to do is get some sleep.
[gentle music playing]
[gentle music continues]
There's an emergency!
Mount up! Ms. Primrose is waiting.
[foreboding music playing]
Students, grim forces
have invaded Unicorn Island!
-Oh no!
[foreboding music continues]
[Ms. Primrose] The Grimorians
had the element of surprise.
They've taken a rider prisoner.
They pose a grave threat
to the hostage and to the island.
And you called us?
I mean, Sapphire Dorm,
rah, rah, rah, and all that,
but we're just kids.
And you will be evaluated as so.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no!
[Ms. Primrose] We'll be watching to see
what you've learned about yourselves,
your unicorns, and each other.
It's here. Our final test!
[groans] We're gonna be graded?
-I'd rather fight actual grim creatures.
-[Storm whinnies]
You won't be graded.
This will be a pass or fail test.
It's our job to train unicorn riders
who can protect magic.
If you pass,
you'll continue at the academy.
If you fail,
you'll leave Unicorn Island immediately.
I'm gonna be sick.
Everyone, pull yourselves together!
As you were saying, Ms. Primrose?
[magical tinkling]
[Ms. Primrose] This is the magic map,
an important resource
for the unicorn riders.
And this is Kimblewick Ruins.
-Ava, it's not real.
I know. But ogres?
Immediate expulsion? It's all too much.
[Ms. Primrose] You must
get into the ruins,
clear the area, free the captured rider,
and return to the academy before sunset.
Three bells will ring during your test.
When the third bell rings,
your time is up.
At sunset? So we've got all day.
Piece of cake.
Kimblewick Ruins
are on the other side of the island.
Getting there is gonna take forever.
Luckily, unicorn riders on a mission
are granted use of the map's magic.
Whoa. Bet you and my dad
have been through this, huh?
-We're wasting time. Let's go!
-Remember, this is a team mission.
You all must work together
in order to succeed.
If you fail to return as a team,
you'll all fail.
-Time to get fired up!
-Let's get 'em!
[dramatic music playing]
[Rory] Whoa.
So pretty.
[dramatic music continues]
Think I could use portal magic at home?
Definitely beats carpooling with my mom.
[Sophia sighs]
Listen up. There's a lot riding on this.
Everyone better get their heads
in the game.
-[River neighs]
Today, you're all Furis,
and Furis don't fail.
Man, I don't wanna be a Furi.
[Cinder snorts]
Uh, I mean,
let us go assess the situation.
[Layla] That must be the way in.
Then that's where
the captured rider will be.
[ogre grumbles]
[suspenseful music playing]
Keep your cool. Let it pass.
-[twig snaps]
-[Sophia gasps]
[tense music playing]
-[Sophia exhales]
-What was that, Mendoza?
Valentina, they've been through a lot.
I get that, but it's over.
This is the only thing that matters now.
I need to know you can handle this.
We'll be fine.
We don't know the number of guards.
We should monitor this ogre,
see how long his patrols are,
calculate an opening
That's going to take time
that we don't have. Just follow my lead.
[dramatic music playing]
Stay close.
We don't have time for a fight.
We have to be stealthy.
[dramatic music continues]
[music fades]
Why would you think
we know what that means?
[dramatic music resumes]
[tense music playing]
[Rory groans]
[suspenseful music playing]
We're close.
We just have to get around that guy.
Oh, I read about ogres!
They're distracted by bright objects.
Nice, Layla.
Leaf, give me something flammable.
[Leaf neighs]
[squeals] Sorry, little tumbleweed.
Storm, blow this around
to distract the ogre.
[ogre grunting]
-[Wildstar whinnies]
[ogre growls]
Whoa! Cool! You see that?
Guess Ms. Primrose
has Ethera running illusions on us.
You okay, dude?
Yeah. Looks like
the other ogres didn't hear it.
[chuckles] Thanks to the dream team.
[groans] Come on.
Our fearless leader is waiting.
Sorry. Didn't realize you'd left.
You didn't realize the team,
which you're supposed to be a part of,
left without you?
Hey, she said she was sorry.
[bell tolls]
We have two more bells
and then we're out of time.
Let's stay together and stay alert.
We can't afford any more mistakes.
[Rory flatly] Yay. Go team.
These ogres have cucumbers for brains.
Where could they be hiding
the captured rider?
Uh, have we seen this wall before?
-I think we're
-Don't you dare say lost!
We're not.
I've been using snacks to leave a trail.
Nuts are great brain fuel.
[Storm whinnies]
[nuts crunch]
We're lost.
Maybe we should split up.
No. We have to finish this as a team.
Which means I can't let
any of you out of my sight.
-Who made you the boss of everybody?
-[Ava] Look! A clue!
I recognize this.
[Rory] Hey! Over here!
[Storm whinnies]
[gasps] Th-These are my aunt's things.
Ms. Furi must be the captured rider.
She's leaving us a trail.
Of course she is.
Furis always think ahead.
[Ava] That must be
where they're keeping your aunt.
Uh, I mean, the captured unicorn rider.
Gotta be professional about this.
Let's go.
Through the front door? Rookie mistake.
There'll be ogres all over it.
She's right. We'd be riding in unprepared.
We could be ambushed.
Unprepared? That's rich coming from you.
Cool, yeah, snippy, snappy,
we get the point. But look.
How about sneaking in through here?
Watch our backs.
We will not be getting cornered
by anyone today.
We're on it!
[light suspenseful music playing]
Try staying out of our way.
[Wildstar snorts]
What? There's no arguing with her
when she's like this.
Real-life booby traps? Cool.
Where does this thing start?
We can't even see what's in here.
If you want ogres
sneaking up and attacking you,
this is the spot.
-Sophia, no!
-[gears tumble]
-[tense music playing]
[tense music continues]
-[Valentina] We don't have time for this
-[all yell]
What just happened?
Did one of you touch something?
Val, come on.
What did we learn from the ogres?
It's all just an illu Ow!
I'm gonna fail. I've never failed.
I didn't know I could fail.
And I definitely never thought I could
get kicked out of school. [whimpers]
Not funny, guys! I'm actually
incredibly afraid of the dark. [strains]
Rory, get a hold of yourself!
Yes, ma'am.
You and Storm are going to get us out.
We are?
Yes. Shake it loose
with some thunder. Simple.
[Storm neighs]
[lightning crackles]
[thunder crashes]
[rocks rumbling]
Stop! You're gonna make
the whole tunnel collapse.
We'll be buried, left to haunt the island
as ghosts of failed students.
[bell tolls]
No, no, no! We're over halfway done,
and we're trapped!
[Glacier whinnies]
Just let me think this out.
We can find a safe way out of here.
You think. We're getting a move on.
W what about the others?
We need to find a way out. Let's go.
[suspenseful music playing]
-[Ava] It's not budging.
[Leaf snorts]
[magical tinkling]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Leaf snorts]
[suspenseful music continues]
[Ava gasps]
[Leaf neighs]
[music stops]
Oh, it's too heavy,
even for unicorn magic.
Hello? You there?
Knock twice if you're not there.
Wait. I think they left.
[sighs] Looks like
we're going through the front door.
[tense music playing]
It's my fault. Again.
Val's a lot, but she's right.
I need to get my head in the game.
Glad to hear it,
'cause that wasn't the only trap.
[tense music playing]
I think I speak for all of us
when I say, "Meep."
Ancient architecture
from the early age of Unicorn Island.
So cool.
Unless they're indicating an exit,
this is not the time to nerd
[echoing] Out!
[laughs] Did you guys hear that echo?
[Storm neighs]
Rory, the ogres will hear us.
But it makes me feel better in the dark.
It's almost like
there are a lot of people around!
Stop now.
[echoing] Okay!
-[whispering] Last one, I swear.
-[Storm neighs]
[whimpers] This place is really old.
I think Storm's magic
caused some structural damage.
[tense music playing]
Wait. Is that light up ahead?
[dramatic music playing]
[Valentina gasps] There's Auntie!
Uh, I mean, Ms. Furi.
That's a lot of ogres.
We should find the rest of the team first.
We've got a clear shot.
We'll find the others after.
-[Rory] But
-[Cinder neighs]
[Sophia] So we see traps
here, here, and here.
[Ava] And the ogres
are here, here, here, and here.
Uh, guys? We've got a problem.
-They're gonna trigger the traps!
-[Sophia] Not if I can help it.
[magical tinkling]
[dramatic music playing]
That's right. Who's next?
Valentina! Stop!
Come on, Cinder.
She's not gonna steal our moment.
You have to stop before
[both yell]
[both neigh]
[magical tinkling]
[Valentina strains]
Come on!
This is why I was trying to stop you!
[somber music playing]
Come on. They're gonna
need help with those ogres.
Oh, but it'll be impossible to get
up there without setting off the traps.
[gasps] Then that's exactly
what we're gonna do.
[River neighs]
-Let's go. They need our help.
-[Glacier neighs]
[suspenseful music playing]
-You here for the rescue party too?
-Oh yeah! Let's clear the deck.
For someone who ragged on me
for rushing into things
What was I supposed to do?
Wait for you to figure it out?
I can't be the first Furi
to flunk out of Unicorn Academy.
Yeah, we get it.
You only care about success.
Which I would have achieved
if it weren't for you!
How is this my fault?
We would have been prepared
if we hadn't wasted time
on your pointless star quest.
Now we're going to fail out of the academy
just like you failed
at finding your father!
[dramatic music playing]
[Isabel] Aim for the red spots!
[ogre roars]
-[Isabel] Yes!
-[Rory] Yeah!
I'm not gonna feel bad,
even if it didn't work.
I did everything I could to help my dad.
That's what matters. Not winning.
[dramatic music playing]
[ogre grunts]
-[ogre grunts]
-[Isabel grunts]
[ogre grunts]
[dramatic music continues]
[Ava] Woo!
You guys done here?
'Cause we got a rider to rescue.
Giddyap, let's go!
[dramatic music continues]
-[rocks crumble]
-[music fades]
-[ogre grunts]
-[Ava] Yes!
-[ogres grunting]
-[Rory gasps]
-[magical tinkling]
-[ogre grunts]
[Rory] Yeah!
[dramatic music continues]
We've got this! Go free your aunt!
Don't worry, Auntie. We're here.
[dramatic music continues]
Cutting it close, Valentina.
We did it! Somehow, we did it!
Why are you so surprised?
-Of course we did it. We're the Sapphires.
-Way to go, Sapphires!
You're wasting time.
You still need to return to the academy
before the third bell.
Take this to Ms. Primrose
as proof of your completion.
And Valentina?
I would ride quickly if I were you.
[tense music playing]
[Wildstar neighs]
[magical tinkling]
[Isabel] Pick it up!
[tense music continues]
Let's go, Cinder. Ha!
-What was that?
[rocks crumble]
No. Auntie.
Hey! Get that to the academy!
Val, where are you going?
Come on. Faster, faster!
Come on, boy!
Valentina, what are you
[dramatic music playing]
[Ms. Furi groans]
[Ms. Furi strains]
[Valentina grunts]
[Ms. Furi yells]
Follow your heart ♪
Straight to the stars ♪
Your bond already shows ♪
The magic glows
Our friendship grows ♪
-So follow your heart ♪
-Follow your heart ♪
Straight to the stars ♪
The magic glows
Our friendship grows ♪
So follow your heart ♪
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