Unstoppable (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

I want to get the f** away

1 [Vera.]
Motherfucker! Motherfucker! I mean you shot him! What the fuck, you shot him, goddammit! Are you serious? I killed him?! [panting.]
They're following us! [Carlota.]
We gotta do something! Holy shit! What're we gonna do? - Oh, watch out.
Watch out! - [screaming.]
Vera, stop! Oh! [pants.]
- Where's my brother? - Sorry! It's all my fault! I'm sorry! They're coming.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [music theme playing.]
Nervous system.
Lower-bottom section cut.
Next step? [Rocío.]
The nervous system must be isolated.
Check vital signs.
Glands connected successfully.
Brain mapping in progress.
Your daughter's our best student.
She's doing an impeccable job.
But I wonder if what happened to her sister Rocío has what it takes, Dr.
Meningioma diagnosed.
Very good, Rocío.
You passed your final exam.
- [man 1.]
Congratulations, doctor.
- [Rocío Thanks a lot.
OPERATION ROOMS You did a great job.
Thank you, Dr.
You doubted, Rocío.
You should never allow your emotions to get in the way.
You must remain level-headed.
If you doubt even one second It's enough to potentially lead to death.
VERA CALLING But you did great.
[dance music playing.]
Ro, baby.
You're out of the bed already? That's a miracle.
- [Vera.]
I need you to do me a favor.
- [Rocío.]
Another one? - [man 2.]
Miss? - Come to me to Oaxaca.
- How, Vera, are you crazy? - [man 2.]
Excuse me.
- What is it? - You parked in the wrong spot.
- Can I have the keys to move it? - [sighs.]
We don't want it to be towed.
Okay, sorry, it's just See? This man.
What was I saying? Yes, dude, come with me this weekend to Oaxaca.
Impossible, I have a million things to do.
You're moving to Sweden in a week.
I want to throw you a goodbye party.
As if I didn't know you.
What? Chris is playing in Oaxaca and you don't have anyone to go with, right? Not at all.
Chris is gone.
- [woman 1.]
Good morning.
- Hi.
[in English.]
I'm a strong and independent woman, baby.
What if I just want to be a good friend? Even if I wanted to, I can't.
I have the ceremony at the University, remember? Of course.
What do you think? [Rocío.]
I'm pretty nervous.
I understand.
This wage-earner routine is killing me.
That's what you say, but you love it.
I will when I become fashion editor.
There are the dresses for tomorrow's shoot.
Let's see, Andrea.
What did I tell you? Do I have to do everything myself? - Oh, sorry.
- Put them in my car.
Yes, sorry.
"Oh, sorry.
" I swear my assis-dumb reached her learning limit.
This dumb fuck.
What, they already made you editor? [Vera.]
I have a meeting at 11.
That's why I came in early.
But it's obvious.
I'm ready.
That's great.
The first thing I'm going to do is fire that stupid Yunuen.
Oh, Vera, why do you say that? What did she do to you? Nothing.
She's useless, whatever.
What time will I see you to celebrate? There's a party at the Bunker.
You know I don't like those things.
But if you guys want, you can come to the ceremony.
Oh, you're so boring.
Just so you know, I'll be very hungover.
If you guys can't come, it's fine.
It's just a speech.
Hey, and how are you doing about Sofía? Well, it's nothing.
Life goes on.
I'm not going to stay down.
Listen, I'm gonna get ready for my meeting.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Love you.
[in English.]
Bye, baby.
[cell phone chimes.]
[slow music playing.]
[muffled woman's voice.]
[gasping moans.]
[cell phone beeps.]
[cell phone beeps.]
[cell phone chimes.]
I just wanted to remind you that you abandoned me.
Seriously, I don't know how I can be your friend.
I won't forgive you if you don't come with me tonight, okay? Too bad I'm not Chris, because you forgive him everything.
[slow sexy music playing.]
[gasping moans.]
- [cell phone beeps.]
- [sighs.]
[slow sexy music playing.]
How come you're not answering? Are you with your cyber fuck-boy? [door knocking.]
It's late.
It's stuffy in here, isn't it? Open the window, let the air come in.
Didn't you have a poetry reading today? Come on, go do what you like, right? I'm decaying in this materialistic and misogynistic world.
No excuses, okay? Come on, get dressed - and go to the reading.
- Mom! - What I wrote isn't even good.
- Carlota.
You will never find your voice if you don't get the courage to speak.
And tomorrow, we have to go to your sister's, okay? Of course, it's Yom Kippur.
Don't count on me.
I don't share her sudden religiosity.
Come with me, come on.
Okay? [grunts.]
Yunuen? Seriously? [Zoe.]
Vera, of course you know it's not personal, right? I mean, you're very valuable for the magazine.
I wanted you to get it, but the board was looking for some things and Hey! Are you listening to me? Are you okay? Perfect.
Look, don't be disappointed.
I mean, the truth is we make a great team.
And I don't just say it for me, okay? I also say it for Yunuen.
As the new fashion editor, she's thrilled to have you in the team.
And what else can I ask for, baby? I mean, best team ever.
It's perfect.
- Everything is ready for tomorrow's shoot.
- Thanks, I didn't expect any less.
[dramatic instrumental music playing.]
- Hello? - [Carlota.]
Ro! I need you.
I have stage fright.
DELICIOUS HOT SANDWICHES I'm on my way to the reading and I feel everything I wrote is a big pile of shit.
No, don't worry, Carli, everything's going to be fine.
- It's just poetry.
- No, it's not just a poem.
They are all super-prepared with mega-articulate speeches.
Carli, don't worry, you have to believe in what you're going to say.
You have to think you're the best when you walk onstage.
No, I'm not the best.
Why would I have to be the best? [Rocío.]
Then tighten your fists.
And when you walk onstage, look at someone you trust, - and don't look away, that never fails.
- Forget it, I'm more nervous now.
You won't achieve anything if you let your emotions interfere.
Right, right.
How are you? Fine, very busy.
I'll see you tomorrow at your ceremony.
It's not necessary, to be honest.
You'll get bored.
Don't be silly.
Of course I'm coming.
- I love you.
- [bells ringing.]
Listen, Vera, everything's ready for the shoot - For tomorrow's shoot - Andrea, get me a green tea.
Obviously, you know if there's any problem, we'll figure it out.
Dude, you should've seen her face, I mean [Yunuen.]
I feel bad.
She's gonna hate me.
But I'm excited, I won't deny it.
Of course.
You earned it.
Now get to work, go.
Wait, the people from Glu are calling.
All right.
Hello? Well this has to be a mistake.
[man 3.]
only ten pesos.
[man 4.]
My love.
- You must shit chocolates with that ass.
- How much for filling my thing with shit? Do you really think that's going to make me horny? That's disgusting.
Do you know how terrible it is what you're saying? It's insulting.
You two should be at school.
Why are you so angry, baby? Jerks.
Someday you will realize what you do.
So, baby, will you let your little one play with my brat? [chuckles.]
Tell me what you think: "What a few years ago seemed impossible, today is hopeful.
My father, to whom I owe my vocation, has researched relentlessly for brain transplant to" So what? Aren't you going to thank your future husband? Juan Pablo, I'm busy.
You already memorized it.
What's wrong? Don't you want to? No, no, no.
Yes, but Come on.
What are you doing? No.
Hey, no, Juan Pablo! Can't you understand how important this is for me? All the professors and my dad's colleagues are going to be there.
No, I can't.
I'm not as smart as you are, so I'm never going to understand it.
Oh, no.
Stop it, Juan Pablo.
I wasn't talking about that and you know it.
All right.
At least suck it a little.
I said no! It's just not normal.
What's not normal? That we never do it anymore.
Take it easy, all right? Abstinence victim.
It's normal in any relationship.
Besides my parents are downstairs, we're not going to fuck right now, okay? Help me a little and then we'll see.
But I can't help it.
You're so beautiful.
Just a little, okay? Come on.
All right, when we are married you have to blow me, okay? If you keep bothering me, I'm going to rip it off.
Vera, what the hell? I just got a call saying we lost Glu's sponsorship for the September Issue party.
They say that the venue is not available those days, but I swear it was confirmed.
What should I do? Vera, don't fuck with me, do you know about this? - About what? - What do you mean about what? - They're friends, call them.
- They're not friends, they're acquaintances, and I already did what I had to do.
Seriously, girl, do something.
You do something.
You are the fashion editor, aren't you? Fix it, that's your job.
You are so selfish.
You want everything for yourself.
You know what? Nothing.
Good luck, bye.
You told them to cancel it? Me? You're a psycho, my friend.
What did you do? You are a horrible person.
That's why nobody likes you in this fucking office.
[suspensful music playing.]
You know what? You would've never been editor.
If your daddy didn't pay for printing, I wouldn't bother to explain it to you.
I don't give a shit! I don't give a shit about all of you! [dogs barking.]
We cry on the outside.
But inside we know this damned sadness is false.
And all for those fucking behavior rules OVARIAN POETRY with which we were educated Did you bring it? And? Is it fucking amazing? [woman 2.]
With each tear we feel again this damned pain in our chest, because since we were little they taught us to long for what we don't have anymore, and to desire what we will never be able to have.
- [all women.]
Yeah, yeah! - [clapping.]
I believe you.
I believe you, I believe you.
- [all women.]
Yeah! - I trust.
I trust, I trust.
[woman 2 muffled.]
We are women.
We are life.
Each one of us here, anybody.
Whoever dares to belittle a woman, is going to find a pair of ovaries.
- [all women.]
Come on! - [cheering.]
All right, sisters, to continue with this beautiful open mic, full of ovaries - [all women.]
Yeah! - [cheering.]
I want you to cheer like that for Carlota Edelberg.
[all women.]
Bravo! Carlota.
Carlota, are you there? She has chicken eggs instead of ovaries! No, no, no.
We women support each other.
She'll read when she's ready, because all of us here have ovaries.
[all women.]
Yeah! [sad Spanish music playing.]
[cell phone chimes.]
I will come to your party.
Where should we meet? [Ignacio.]
Paula, everything was very good.
Oh, my girl, but you haven't eaten anything.
Paula These were Sofía's favorites.
How was the game? - Madrid won 3-0.
- That's the way it should be, man.
Oh, son, please, it's not the time to talk about that.
Well, I want to make a toast, then.
To our dear Sofía.
No, Mom, no.
I want to make a toast to Rocío.
No, Dad, no.
Why not, honey? Because Don't.
But you achieved what very few people achieve, honey.
Does anybody want more croquettes? I'm sure Juan Pablo and you are going to start a beautiful family.
And this scholarship is going to open many doors for you.
Tomorrow is a very important day for all of us.
Especially for you.
Only five students in the world have access to this scholarship.
I suppose you know what this means.
Yes, thanks, Dad.
For what, honey? You're just like your daddy.
He was always studying when he was your age.
- [Ema.]
Yes, exactly the same.
- And besides, he's always been proud of you.
He was proud of both of them.
- Because Sofía also had - Sofía is not with us anymore, Eva.
But you are, Rocío.
I will never get tired of telling you how proud I am of you.
Thanks, Dad.
Don't you want more croquettes? - No, Mom, I don't want any.
- Eat the croquettes, sure Fuck, nobody wants croquettes.
- But they're very good.
- I said I don't want any croquettes.
Okay, that's it.
You eat it, damn it.
What are you laughing about? [Carlota.]
I don't understand why you like these places.
Baby, expand your horizons.
Who says you won't find the philosopher of your dreams here? I doubt it, dude.
I hope they don't let me in.
Impossible, you're with me.
Besides, savor it.
Not everybody is allowed in for sure.
- Darling! - [Pepe.]
Baby, you look gorgeous! Love, I need your hat right now.
Come on, I wouldn't be myself without this hat, eh? Go on.
I'll look for you later, I have a voracious medicine.
Oh, hey, she is with me.
Come, baby.
- Hi.
- Hi.
[in English.]
Have fun, girls! [Vera.]
Dude, seriously, is this the place? Baby, it's a speakeasy.
Like in the '20s, when alcohol was forbidden and they had to do illegal bars.
And what's forbidden now, thinking? [dance music playing.]
Wow! Freaking garage 2001.
It's fucking awesome, isn't it? I'm not even dressed for the occasion.
Shut up, there's Chris.
What's up, Barbie? Hell, you made it.
Hey, I've been rolling for a bit.
I had to play and Well, anyway, I'll send you a popper.
[mimics explosion.]
Shut up, asshole.
What? I still can't believe you're getting married.
- Who? - What? Who asked you? Chill out, I say it in a good way.
I'm just saying, for starters, you're a little girl, you're 24 years old.
So what, Sofi? My mom got married at 19, that doesn't have anything to do with it.
Oh, yeah, we all know that wedding was incredible.
Well, whatever.
It's my life, isn't it? [Sofía.]
I mean, it's terrible that you're marrying the only guy you've ever fucked.
Besides, I swear Juanpi is like Dad's mini-me.
So, I should have 14 boyfriends per year like you, right? Oh, come on, Rocío.
- What? - Not all the guys I date are boyfriends.
- Oh, no.
- You knew that, right? [Sofía.]
Look, I'm only asking you not to marry the first guy that proposes.
I mean, get to know others and then you'll decide, there's no rush.
Well, fuck others, and then you'll decide.
Okay, Sofía, fine.
[dance music playing.]
[cell phoe chimes.]
ZOE WHAT'S UP? WHAT HAPPENED TODAY??? YOU BROKE YUNUEN'S LAPTOP!!! Dude, I don't get why you like this place so much.
Nobody's having fun.
Let's go.
Oh, you're so annoying! Please, back me up with Chris.
Dude, you mean shit to him.
Come on, Carli, I don't mean shit to him.
That's the way musicians are.
Dude, he's not a musician, he is a DJ.
And he's an asshole.
I'm even paying for your drinks Okay, give me your card.
- Hi.
- Hi, how are you? [in English.]
Better than ever.
[in Spanish.]
And you? - Us, too.
That's unreal! - Unreal.
I also love this.
Hey, did you hear what Yunuen is saying about you? She is crazy.
She is saying you broke her laptop.
Seriously, poor girl.
She is super jealous.
- Dude, she's a show-off.
- A show-off.
All right, I need a gin and tonic.
I'll see you soon.
Here's your dress for tomorrow.
It wasn't necessary, but thank you.
I hadn't seen this one in a while.
How pretty, my little one.
That year she decided she wanted to practice figure skating.
Every year she had some new crazy idea.
What? Did you ever want to do something different? Different than what? I don't know.
When was the last time you did something crazy? What we need is for peace to come back to this house.
It's normal that you're nervous.
I'm not talking about that.
Don't let an opportunity like this slip.
Look at your friends.
It's too bad those girls didn't grow up well.
They didn't have normal families.
I think the pill is kicking in, honey.
- Ma.
- What? Don't abuse it.
[sad instrumental music playing.]
Just don't become Mom, please.
That's horrible.
Mom is a homemaker, no way.
Well, you know what I mean.
Excuse me.
Excuse me! Hey, can I order something? Oh, Jimmy, two gins, please.
Anyway, yeah, poor thing, she is burnt out for sure.
I know.
Did you know she buys followers? Seriously? Fucking Vera, that's embarrassing.
I know.
Dude, I told Chris to be careful.
It's disgusting to get on with a girl that's been with everybody.
- Who knows what bugs she has.
- Obviously.
You shouldn't care about that, should you? Excuse me? If she's been with everybody, what the fuck do you care? Excuse me.
You're butting in someone else's conversation.
You're talking shit about my friend, of course I'm butting in.
Aren't you ashamed to talk like that about another woman? Typical.
Dude, dude, dude.
I'm leaving.
Can you call me an Uber? Come on, Grinch, stay! I don't want to stay, I hate this place.
Don't you want molly? I don't want anything.
Tomorrow is Rocío's ceremony.
I love this song! [Spanish dance music playing.]
You know what this society needs? Where's Chris? The only thing this society needs, the only thing we need is a fucking revolution to lead us - Chris? - to all social limits Have you seen Chris? No.
Baby, have you seen Chris? RESTROOMS [gasping and panting.]
[man 3.]
Yeah, Barbie.
Where's Chris? What? He left ages ago.
He's playing tomorrow in Oaxaca.
Didn't you know, baby? Of course, I knew.
Of course, I knew.
[cell phone rings.]
You abandoned me.
No, dude.
You abandoned yourself.
Don't be an asshole.
You don't know what a relationship this intense is like.
Dude, he left without saying goodbye.
I'm no expert in love, but something tells me that if this guy makes you cry every day, he's not exactly your other half.
Hey, don't scold me, okay? [Vera.]
I mean, Chris is crazy and I love him that way.
- What are you doing up? - [grunts.]
I'm going to Rocío's ceremony.
She is your friend, the one that's going through a rough time, remember? [Vera.]
In fact, I'm on my way.
Wait for me, asshole.
Sweden's Karolinska University MEXICAN DOCTORS' ASSOCIATION accepts five doctors per year for its neurosurgery specialty.
And this year, it has honored us by choosing a member of our community.
She not only has been an excellent student, but is the daughter of one of the most prestigious scientists in the country.
Let's welcome Rocío Alcázar.
Thank you very much, Dr.
We owe to science the possibility of saving lives by using other people's organs.
What seemed impossible a few years ago, today is a reality thanks to the relentless work of my father, Ignacio Alcázar in the study of the nervous system and spinal paralysis.
During the next six years, I'll be studying a curriculum led by him for the investigation of the enzyme Of the enzyme that will make the first brain transplant possible.
[cell phone chimes.]
The pressure There are great sacrifices and not a few risks.
However, as doctors, we have the responsibility of turning loss into The loss of a loved one into hope.
Because saving lives is Saving lives is a real responsibility.
Thank you very much.
- Ro, are you okay? - Ro, baby.
What was that? - What happened? - Nothing.
Hello, girls.
Rocío, get in the car.
We're going home.
I'm going with my friends.
I want you there in 30 minutes.
Don't smoke, Vera.
Thank you, sir.
To hell with everything.
What? That I want to go to hell.
Wow, Rocío, calm down.
I've had it, I feel like I'm suffocating.
Well, baby, if you want to leave, let's go.
I want to leave.
Let's go now.
Let's go to Oaxaca.
Didn't you want to go? Yeah.
You're fucking kidding me.
For real? I have no money.
Vera, didn't you have a photo shoot? Whatever.
I can miss it.
And Ro Dude, you're leaving in less than a week.
You have to get everything ready.
Your dad's going to kill you.
Stop it, Carlota.
Stop the bad vibe.
The three of us can easily leave for two days, like in the old times, - and come back on Sunday.
- Sweetheart, what happened? You knew it by heart.
Did you get nervous or what? Where are you going? I need to think.
Rocío! Bye, lover boy! [car alarm beeps.]
Okay, I love Oaxaca, but I can't leave like this, without clothes or anything.
Besides, tomorrow is Yom Kippur.
I have to go to my sister's.
Isn't that the day for forgiveness? They will forgive you, baby.
Oh, Vera, dear, Judaism doesn't work that way.
Come on, it's two days of our lives.
What can go wrong? Let's go, bunny.
That guy's not going to forgive me.
You're an idiot.
You always tell me the same thing.
I won't do it, no more.
But you always go back to playing and you lose, asshole.
I didn't lose it, it disappeared, damn it.
What can I do? Don't fuck with me.
It just left, right? Admit it, man.
Fucking things don't just disappear.
Someone stole it.
What if it was Mike, bunny? The good thing is my dad got along well with Sapo.
And I'll have to fix your mess.
Our mess.
Are you going to risk it or what? What? I'm talking to you.
Are you going to risk it? I always risk it, asshole.
Do it for me, bunny.
For us.
Yes? Yes? - Let's do it, you idiot.
- Let's do it.
Hey, I love you, you idiot.
Yeah! The three of us together again.
It's going to be awesome.
Carli, stop that.
You are annoying.
Dude, you'll see how getting out will make you feel completely new and fresh.
Sure, as if that trip could change what I feel, right? Dude, obviously.
[door knocking.]
I'm coming for Joshua.
I'm not asking you to forgive him.
Just to give us more time.
He's like family.
Didn't your guy tell you? You're going to start working for me.
I already work for you.
You know what I mean.
Come closer.
Would you forgive us for this? [laughs.]
Do you think you're worth that much? You will have to work very hard, little one.
Until I recover everything you owe me.
What do you think? [grunts.]
Or Gael García, did you hear that? - [Rocío.]
Seriously? Or Gael García.
- [Carlota.]
I don't have a man, or Gael.
- [Rocío.]
Oh, no - [Vera.]
You know what? [Carlota.]
I said - [Rocío.]
I always said "cafeteria.
" - [Carlota.]
I used to say, - In fact - "my name in the CIA.
" Or something like that.
Something about that CIA.
I thought it said something about the CIA.
[cheerful music playing.]
I'm such an idiot.
In year 2000 I look for men from Paris A smart brain That does not get drunk on Friday Or a crazy annoying fool Not some animal instinct That's crazy about sex In Year 2000, women wear gray Clear straps, more open and the mind Drives us crazy, a little stupid If they see Ricky Martin in a magazine They cut him up But the planet turns and turns right And the night is warmer every time And it gets cold without love I don't have a man or Gael García I feel so empty, come on, come on What happens the next day? [music keeps playing.]

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