Unstoppable (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Check your privilege

Do you see the coincidence? He died the same day I was born.
It's awesome.
Oh, that's why you feel that connection with him! - Do you realize how stupid that sounds? - [Vera.]
What? Did you hear Vera's theory? That because she was born the same day Kurt Cobain died, he reincarnated in her.
I'll give you some literature about past lives so you learn a little.
Wikipedia is not literature, baby.
Ro, please! DAD: WHERE ARE YOU, HONEY? I need backup.
Make her come to her senses.
- Ro! - Ro! [cell phone beeping.]
Ro, change that face.
- [Vera.]
You wanted to come, didn't you? - [Ro.]
Then let's have a good time.
TOSHI: I WANT TO SEE YOUR NIPPLES NOW You can't back out now.
I'm not going to back out.
Hey, how much farther? [Spanish calm music.]
[cars honking.]
Fucking shit.
NO LITTERRING Oh, fuck! [gasps.]
Fucking shit! [man 1.]
Hey! Hey, honey! Do you want a beer? I have some in the truck.
- Fucker! - Hey! Don't get mad, honey.
Oh, what a temper! [Carlota.]
How much further? Fucking shit, Carlota.
You asked half an hour ago.
I'm peeing myself.
Don't be cruel.
All right, don't argue.
Stop here, Vera.
You can have some coffee.
Okay, but go quickly, I don't want to drive at night.
Really quick.
I'll quickly empty the tank.
You have a thousand spots - and you park in the handicap space? - What's with that? Hey, we are with Carlota.
See how she treats me, dude? All the time.
You're fucking kidding me.
- [Vera.]
What? - [Carlota.]
Dude, you're putting makeup on to go to the store.
- Of course.
- How absurd.
It's not absurd.
I'm documenting our trip.
That's not documenting, that's fictionalizing.
- Come on! This one goes for Instagram.
- Oh, no, don't post my picture.
- You're such a selfie pooper.
- I'll see you in a minute.
Hashtag "Oaxaca mon amour.
" Hashtag "Love my life.
" [opening music starts to play.]
AN ORIGINAL NETFLIX SERIES UNSTOPABBLE [opening music keeps playing.]
Can you get me some Pedialyte? Are you going to talk about it? Or you are not talking the whole weekend? I won't talk the whole weekend.
Stop playing the dark girl.
It doesn't suit you.
I'm the dark one here.
Damn you.
Besides, we are in Oaxaca.
Vera, don't dance like that.
- Motherfucker.
- Excuse me, miss.
Look at this.
What's up, Ma? Listen, Rocío is still feeling bad about her sister, so I decided to bring her to Oaxaca.
I won't make it to the dinner.
I swear, I swear it's not an excuse.
I love you.
[cell phone beeps.]
Oh, and some cinnamon ones, please.
No, not cinnamon.
Can you please give me the purple ones? - How can you like the purple ones? - The cinnamon ones are horrible.
The purple ones taste like dentistry.
Give me one of both.
One of each.
- Okay.
- How generous.
Everything for my baby.
- [grunts.]
- [chuckles.]
Dude, amazing.
Why did you buy that? - For you to stick it in.
- No, Vera, that's horrible.
Joshua, why the fuck are you not answering? What happened? I'm not your whore, you hear me? You were going to sell me.
Have you been drinking, dude? Do you think it's a good time to get drunk? I'm sober, asshole, don't change the subject.
Do you think I don't know you? You say you're fucking sober, but your brother is gone, dude.
- What the fuck are you going to do? - I told you I would fix it.
Or are you so stupid that you don't understand? [Joshua grunts.]
I don't see you fixing it, eh? I may be stupid, but I didn't want us to get fucked.
If the fucking money doesn't appear by fucking 9, we're all fucked.
Is that what you want? For me to get my fucking hand cut? Where's the money, Marcela? I don't know.
Well, I don't know, but you better figure it out, dude.
You fucked up, bunny, really.
Joshua? Asshole! Fucking asshole! Motherfucker! [slow music playing.]
The paella is getting cold.
Where's Rocío? Did she answer? No, it sends me to voicemail.
It's not the same cold.
You should've left with her.
Yes, but she said she was coming with her friends.
What if something happened to her? She was acting strange at the ceremony.
Please, Eva.
There's nothing wrong.
Oh, that girl.
She's a time bomb.
Carlota! I'm driving, okay? How long has it been since you slept? I slept.
I'm perfectly fine.
Trust me.
ZOE (2 MESSAGES) - VERA ANSWER YUNUEN (1 MESSAGE) - YOU FUCKED UP Carlota! Carla-ia! What's wrong? Idiot.
You didn't even worry about me, son of a bitch.
Because I saw you fine.
Give me my surprise.
Yummy! - Excuse me.
- Don't fucking Are you going to Oaxaca? No, thank you.
Please, I really need to get to the closest town.
- Sorry.
- My brother is sick.
We're going somewhere else.
Let's go.
- Is that for real? - Excuse me? - About your brother.
- Yes, I swear.
I hope he gets better.
Dude, why did you answer like that? Do you know how many times I have been fooled at the airport? [Carlota.]
What if this time it's true? Well, she can blame the fakes.
Besides, Rocío already gave her 200 pesos.
- So what? - Dude, you fell for it.
Of course not, why? That's a lot.
That's why she needs it more than I do.
- [Rocío.]
What's that? - Fucking ugly dresses.
Shut up, Carlota.
You don't understand anything.
What's there to understand? Nothing.
These are designer dresses for fashion week.
Your fucking designer dresses were made by slave children.
Who do you think assembled the phone that you use to send nude pictures to Toshi? I'll never tell you anything again.
Won't you get in trouble for that? Oh, of course not, I can take whatever I want.
Okay, what happened with Vera? I swear she asked me to put the dresses in her trunk.
Yunuen, can you fix it or not? We're looking everywhere and they're gone.
I mean, I don't know what to do.
- I need you to call her nonstop, okay? - Okay.
Sorry, what's this mess? This is not the vibe I asked for.
I asked for more Courtney, more trashy.
Fix it, please.
Yunuen, we need the dresses now, okay? Fucking Vera is going to ruin the production.
What should I do? Should I cancel? Of course not, Yunuen, what are you talking about? I gave you one task and you can't figure it out.
I'm really disappointed in you, Yunuen.
I can't believe it.
Do I have to do everything myself? [phone ringing.]
[man over phone.]
No [car alarm rings.]
[car beeping.]
What is this idiot doing? [car beeping.]
Vera, please, we have to help her.
How hard can it be? Dude, what kind of girl gets into some stranger's car? You, every time you get drunk at the Bunker.
Shut up, I'm not letting in someone I don't know, okay? Why not? - Motherfucker.
- What the hell, girls? You should lock the fucking doors.
Who do you think you are? Get out.
There's no space for you.
I need to get to town for my brother.
What part didn't you understand, you fucking doll? Come on! Lock the fucking doors and get driving.
Don't you have her friends' phone numbers? No.
I have Vera on Facebook.
I sent her a message, but she's not answering.
Those girls are a bad influence.
I told you.
Check your phone.
Maybe she answered already.
How rude.
With everything Teté and I cooked.
Please don't do anything to us.
I swear we're good people.
We have cell phones and we have clothes.
- I don't care.
I just want to get there.
- Vera, calm down, please, calm down.
Calm down, what? Let's go to Oaxaca, now.
Yes, let's go, but please, put the gun down.
She won't be able to drive like this.
We are only here because her sister died.
- No, shut up, Vera.
- We are trying to comfort our friend.
Shut up, shut up, motherfucker! All right! All right, all right, girl, all right! All right, calm down.
You make me get like this.
I beg you, just Just let us go.
Look, shut up, fucker.
It's unloaded, okay? Stop it.
Girl, girl.
Calm down.
It's unloaded.
Okay? I just need to get there.
I won't hurt you.
[gun cocking.]
[Vera crying.]
What? I can't believe Carlota isn't coming.
I told you it was important for her to be here.
The whole family is here.
Your sister is a free adult.
Morán, Idan, sit upright or you won't eat.
But we have to fast tomorrow.
I told you I want to introduce her to Salo.
She will never find a good candidate like this.
This is the 21st century.
Women can fend for themselves.
[clears throath.]
[praying in Hebrew.]
- Amen.
- Amen.
Thanks for the ride.
And sorry about the gun, but it was an emergency.
Yeah, don't worry.
I'm Rocío, she's Vera, and Carlota.
What happened to your brother? I need a cell phone, can I borrow one? Sure.
Hell, yeah.
Here, go on, drink.
No, thank you.
Come on.
Drink, drink.
You look like you need it.
Shit, you have a ton of messages.
- Pass the poison, no? - Hey![grunts.]
Joshua, I think I know where it could be.
I'm going to the town of the selfie.
Call me at this number.
It's good, huh? Yeah, right? - Put some music on! - [yells.]
This looks like a fucking funeral.
I don't have a radio, sorry.
Come on, open your window.
Open it.
We are officially canceling, guys.
- How so? - Stop crying.
Seriously, please forgive us.
Please send me a message tomorrow to go forward with the cancellation and your payment.
I mean, the bitch read my message and didn't answer.
I can't believe it.
I mean, she broke your laptop, stole $30,000 in clothes, and read my message and didn't answer.
It's unbelievable, really.
[Spanish lounge music playing.]
Hey, do you always hitchhike when you travel? Aren't you scared? That's what you have to do when you have no dough.
You have no choice, right? It's a bitch for a woman to travel by herself through Mexico.
No wonder you have a gun.
Can I answer? Well, yes, it's your car.
Just don't do anything stupid.
Hi, baby.
How's my vanilla girl? Hey, it turns out I'm coming to your place.
- [Alvaro.]
That's so exciting.
- Can you put us on the list? We are three.
Of course, girl.
At 10 at the Azul.
Chris plays at 1:00.
Whoo! Okay, I love you.
I'm dying to see you.
[cell phone chimes.]
That was a surprise, Ro.
For you or for me? See? I was right.
You were coming after Chris.
That's why you said yes so quickly.
Shut up, dude.
Ro, it's fucked up you can't believe I want to do something good for you.
You two always think the worst of me, that's fucked up.
Take it easy, okay? Don't get worked up.
I'm trying to do something nice for my friend Rocío.
Sweetheart, it's me.
Please answer.
Did I say something wrong? Your parents are worried, I don't want to pressure you, but you should call them.
If you don't want to talk to me, at least talk to them.
Go on, girl, speed up.
I don't want to get a fine.
Hey, I'm scared! [sighs.]
Oh, fuck! - [Marcela.]
What? - [Carlota.]
What? What? I think we got a flat.
Shit, I don't know how to change a tire.
Don't fuck with me, girl.
It doesn't look like this one's flat.
- Dude, what are you doing? - Fucker! No, Vera, stop, stop.
Oh, fuck! Shit, shit, shit! That woman was going to kidnap us, fuck, fuck, fuck.
- [Carlota.]
Holy shit.
- [Vera.]
We just saved our asses.
- Oh, no.
- Holy shit.
- Oh, that's crazy.
- That's crazy.
[Spanish music playing.]
Do you think that crazy woman will find us here? No way, dude.
You left her in the middle of nowhere.
Of course not.
Dude, my heart's still pounding.
Feel my heart.
- I have no hands.
- Baby, feel my heart.
Yeah, it's true.
It's crazy.
Are you fucking kidding me? What? We got Room 13.
- And? - It's really bad luck.
You're fucking kidding me, old lady.
Dude, for real, some hotels don't have a room 13 - because it brings bad luck.
- You're fucking kidding me.
Holy shit.
Pain in the ass.
Always, dude.
Go fuck yourself.
Poor girl, it was obvious she was in trouble.
Dude, help me with this, it's heavy.
Hey, what about this backpack? Oh, what a fucking nightmare, dude.
Burn it, throw it away.
No, Vera.
Don't you see she was following us because of this? Seriously, pain in the ass.
Dude, free shampoo! Do you think they'll notice if I steal it? [Vera.]
Of course not, take it.
[Reading in French.]
What's this? [Vera.]
What? This? Holy shit.
Holy shit.
Dude, can you use these? I don't know.
- Can I please borrow your cell phone? - No, I can't, girl, no.
- Please, I just got mugged.
- No.
- Can I borrow your cell phone? - Oh, no.
[woman 1.]
Oh [marching band playing.]
[in English.]
Pardon me, excuse me, you Sorry, I don't speak Spanish.
I can't help you, sorry.
[In Spanish.]
Your cell phone.
[in English.]
Please, please! [people cheering.]
[marching band playing.]
- [Carlota.]
This one.
- [Vera.]
He is a nerd.
Oh Fuck, dude.
They look delicious.
- I think he has a sock in his dick.
- [chuckles.]
I'm calling the number Marcela called, but they won't answer.
Holy shit.
What are you doing? [Vera.]
Looking at candidates for the party.
What about Chris? You're not going with him? Rocío, Chris and I have an open relationship.
The BeenThere in Oaxaca is very sad.
I know, I mean Oh, this one.
This one.
- No way, dude.
- [phone ringing.]
This one's not bad.
"Gonzalo de la O.
" [Carlota.]
"An Americanist from the heart", dude.
- [laughs.]
- Holy shit, dude.
He's probably a jerk.
Whatever, I'm not going to fuck him, it's just for talking.
Dude, what's wrong with you two, seriously? We have this girl's backpack and you don't mind.
I mean, Rocío, what do you want us to do? Should we post on Facebook that we found an awful backpack with a tacky thong full of stolen credit cards? You don't know if they're stolen.
I agree with Ro.
Poor girl.
Poor girl? She's a thief.
You wouldn't say the same if she were white.
Are you fucking kidding me? She had a gun and she was drunk! Don't come at me with your white guilt.
We left her in her town like she wanted to.
Dude, you have no idea about what most women go through in this country.
Oh, and you do? Tell me about it.
Guys, stop it, will you shut up? For a second? Really, I don't know why I came on this trip with you.
Hey, Ro, you're with your friends that love you.
I know exactly what you need.
Dude, we have a whole collection of dresses to choose from.
Don't even look at me, okay? Dude, forget it.
I'll get a rash with those dresses.
Come on, I have an awesome, supercool, post-punk, feminazi look for charmpits.
Don't say that word.
For a hairy armpit.
Don't say it.
It's awesome.
[cheerful song playing.]
Where are you meeting him? Here.
I wonder if that's our dumpling.
Carlota, saying dumpling is as horrible as saying hick.
- How do I look? - Great.
I can't believe you're going to do that douchebag.
Shut up, you idiot.
You wish.
He's cute.
I'm sure he has a rosary around his neck, dude.
Hi, Gonzalo? Hi, Vera.
Hi, yes.
- This is Rocío, and Carlota.
- [both.]
- Hi.
- Hi.
I like that thing.
- Thanks.
- [laughs.]
Listen, we're going to a party some friends from here are having.
- Sure.
Let's go.
- Let's go.
[dance music playing.]
Bottoms up! [Carlota.]
Whoo! [crowd.]
Whoo! - Cheers.
- Cheers.
- What? Why don't you finish it, princess? - I don't like mescal.
It's super hipster.
I like tequila.
Come on, Vera.
We're in Oaxaca, don't be rude.
It's okay.
Tequila? I thought it smelled like vanilla.
- Baby! - Yeah.
I'm so excited! Ro, Vera told me what happened to your sister, and I'm really sorry.
Anything, whatever you need, a beer, I am here for you, for real.
She is Ro.
Anything, whatever you need, a drink, anything, for real.
Thanks, I don't drink.
Whatever she doesn't drink, I'll have it, okay? Oh, my Verité, you're so naughty.
That hottie Chris is playing now.
Tequila, tequila! And you? Are you asking me to dance or what? All right.
Let's go over there, it looks better.
Yeah, right.
This isn't reggaeton.
You're delicious, princess.
Shut up and kiss me.
Take this off, dude.
Dude, I can't believe Vera dragged us here just to see Chris.
I know, she's awful.
It's funny how Chris arrives, and her little man-killer act falls apart, right? Dude, that's because she's in love, poor thing.
In love my ovaries, dude.
That's a fucking codependent relationship of twisted egos.
Will you get me another one? I'll be right back.
- What's up, Vera? - Chris! What are you doing here? Well, I'm spinning.
You saw me, didn't you? Yeah, what a coincidence.
Too much of a coincidence.
What are you doing in Oaxaca? Does it bother you? [Heh.]
Dude, I want to go to the bathroom.
Will you come with me? Don't you think it's stupid for women to go to the bathroom together? Dude, I didn't want to leave you alone.
But you can stay where you are.
What the hell? Why aren't we moving? - I think they're fucking.
- What? - They're fucking.
- No fucking way.
Hey! [banging at the door.]
Hey! PUSH - I'm going to the men's restroom.
- That's disgusting.
It's disgusting that we have separate restrooms.
Men and women are the same.
We are obviously not the same.
Enjoy your line for sexist girls.
[knocking on the door.]
It's empty, you know? Are you still awake, honey? - Mm-hm.
- The pill is kicking in.
What time is it? - It's 2:00 in the morning.
- [moaning.]
I'm calling the police.
Hm? [phone ringing.]
Ordóñez? - [Ordóñez.]
Yes, doctor? - I'm sorry for calling this late.
Don't worry.
What's up, beautiful? What's your name? Anais.
Where are you from? France.
And what's such a beautiful French girl doing in Oaxaca? [dance music playing.]
Yeah, Barbie.
Chris, don't call me Barbie.
I'm not one of your groupies.
Okay, honey, beautiful, just don't stop, okay? [groaning.]
Do you prefer peeing in the men's bathroom or what? It's my fetish.
The smell of urine and masculinity.
Wow, that's great.
Believe it or not, yours is cleaner.
Well, it looks like hygiene is your thing.
No, I'm actually doing a study about the patriarchal configuration of the party as a means for dominance.
No shit.
How funny.
I'm researching a way to get rid of this patriarchy chip.
Have you found anything interesting yet? That everybody's trying to find the right person, but nobody bothers to be it.
It's great that you say that, because I have a blog, I mean, nothing extraordinary, but I post things about that subject.
What's it called? Boring-dot-com.
I love to read boring stuff.
Nihilistic feminist.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
- I'll check it out.
- Right.
[watery sound.]
[grunting and panting.]
Oh! [panting.]
I have to play.
It was about time.
Friend, you got a stain on your dress.
[cell phone beeping.]
- [man 2.]
 Can I talk to Marcela? - Hello? [man 2.]
a fucking lot Hey, I can't hear you.
Are you looking for Marcela? [man 2.]
Your brother is still missing.
Hey - [man 2.]
I don't understand - No, I can't hear you.
- Can you tell her I have her backpack? - [man 2.]
Holy shit - Ro, let's go.
Let's go now.
- We're leaving.
[Carlota screaming.]
I love Oaxaca, this is the best place in the world! Carli, stop it, you're seriously going too far.
- [chuckles.]
- [Gaspar.]
Hey, nihilistic girl! Listen.
There's an exhibit of women artists tomorrow.
It's in a very nice patio, there will be music and poetry.
I think you would like it.
We'll see if I can make it.
See you.
Now I understand, little slut.
No, dude.
It's because someone finally paid attention to my voice - instead of my ass.
- Dude, really, you may feel very liberal, but you can't forget you're in Mexico where all men are jerks.
Dude, the fact that you like jerks doesn't mean all guys are like that.
Besides you're wrong to think that my happiness depends on that.
Poor thing.
Keep dreaming.
And here is Princess Miserable.
Carli, stop it.
Stop that shit.
That's enough, dude, seriously.
Vera, why are you so miserable now? Dude, I'm not miserable.
I'm being realistic, the world is a shitty place.
Dude, being realistic is one thing, another thing is being so fucking selfish that you can't accept the fact that your friend had a good night.
Selfish, you asshole? Who paid for your beers tonight? Dude, paying for the beer with your dad's credit card doesn't make you a better person.
Better person than whom? Stop it, Vera, don't start.
- This is the Azul? - You always get together against me.
That's fucked up.
Oh, dude, I really don't feel like explaining to you how privileged you are.
The thing is your such a commie that you will never admit I'm right.
You want to be right, dude? You are right.
It's obvious you need that more than I do.
What the fuck, girls! Didn't I tell you to lock the fucking doors? How the fuck did you find us? Dude, what's up with your celebratory posts? Get out, we are seriously not in the mood.
What? Shut up, you fucking doll! Now it's really loaded.
[closing music playing.]

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