Unstoppable (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

What clashes with you keeps you in check

1 Dude, stop it, please.
We'll give you whatever you want.
I want my backpack, where is it? Sorry.
It was a mistake, we didn't know.
- What? I want my backpack! - No Dude, we brought you to Oaxaca, that's what you wanted.
And this is how you thank us? Seriously, this is fucked up.
I trusted you girls.
You abandoned me like a fucking bitch.
Sorry, Marcela.
Put yourself in our shoes, we were scared.
Well, you were right to be scared, you know? Fucking traitors.
Start the car.
AN ORIGINAL NETFLIX SERIES UNSTOPABBLE Come on, where's my backpack? Shit, the whole room is spinning.
Come on, girl! Fucking shit, it's too late.
It wasn't worth shit! Here, you dropped this.
Calm down, Marcela.
It's going to be okay.
Nothing's going to be okay! Nothing's going to be okay! Don't you get it? Forgive us.
You should go, now that you have your backpack.
- No, Marcela.
- Rocío, stop it! What? Don't you see she's in trouble, Vera? - You're worse! Are you crazy? - No! Wait, Marcela! I saw what's in your backpack.
Why are you looking into my shit? Because I wanted to see how to find you.
Fucking Joshua, I'm sure they fucked him up.
Who's Joshua? Your brother? He's my boyfriend.
But wasn't your brother sick? Wait! Yeah.
And they stole the money for his fucking medicine.
Why don't you call him? Here.
I already tried, and he won't answer.
Have you tried calling the police? Are you fucking kidding me? So they fuck me up, too? You don't understand a thing, you know? Then get to the point and make me understand.
I want to help you.
Shit, poor girl.
Poor girl, my ass.
My ovaries, Vera.
My ovaries.
Carlota! What? - You're snoring.
- Oh.
May I have the stew enchiladas and two coffees, please? Thank you.
JUANPI: HONEY, ANSWER! ARE YOU WITH VERA? JUANPI WHAT DID I DO? WTF! Rocío, what happened? What happened? Dude, I thought you were with that lunatic.
No, go to sleep, I'll be right there.
Dude, it would be horrible if she knew where we live.
Vera, we are in a hotel.
There's security.
I'm so tired.
Come here, I want to kiss you.
I need you to do me a favor.
No shit, again? This is too fucking much, asshole.
Come on, Marcela.
I haven't said anything yet and you're making a scene? Well, it's always the same.
Who paid for all this, dude? - Hey! - Give me some.
Who? Your fucking brother is too expensive, Marcela.
Oh, there's no better team than you and me, dude.
You move your little ass and I clean them out.
All right, dude? Come on, it's a lot of dough, girl.
You just have to dance.
What's the problem? What, should I get them horny like I do with you, asshole? - Idiot.
- All right? - Idiot! - All right? Persuade me, persuade me! Thank you.
Oh, no, over there, please.
Marcela, come here.
Eat something.
Are you going to tell me? I promise it will stay between us.
Why do you want to help me? If I pointed a gun at you and everything.
Because you have to help your brother.
Ro, what the fuck? What? Nothing, go to sleep.
I don't understand.
- Where, here? Okay.
- Here, here, here.
Yeah, yeah.
Good morning.
Is Mike here by any chance? I don't know anything, I don't want any trouble.
Ma'am, I need to find my brother.
What do you mean 72 hours? We can't wait that long.
That's the protocol for me to take the case.
Issue an amber alert.
She may be in danger.
Doctor, Rocío is not underage.
Okay, so she could be in a ditch and you don't do anything? No wonder the country is like it is.
We've known each other for so long Have you? Have you checked her social media? Sir, she doesn't have any.
Although her friend Vera just posted a selfie in Oaxaca.
We'll start there.
Oh, Mr.
You're such a gentleman.
- Oh, Mother, please.
- And so handsome.
Oh, Mom.
I'm telling you, I don't know what all these girls do out there.
Girls come and go.
- What girls? - That boy and his dad.
They are on the wrong path.
He is not his dad.
What was in that box that Joshua was so happy about? Nothing.
We have a plan.
What plan? How to get fucking high again? You don't give a shit, do you? You're fucking ungrateful.
Come on, you can't even make a fucking egg.
Hurry up.
You're going to school, okay? I won't go to school anymore.
What, you want to be like your friend Selfie, or what? Well, he's doing okay.
He has money, he does what he wants One of these days, I'm going to leave with him, okay? Ohhh.
You better hurry, okay? Fucking Mike! What's up with Rocío, where is she? I texted her saying we're going to the market.
Do you think the android went for a run? No fucking way, she's crazy.
Doctors are programmed to have 48-hour days.
Hasn't she been acting strange lately? It was about time.
She needs to start letting something out.
I haven't seen her cry once since her sister's death.
Shit, dude.
I look horrible.
Being hangover is not my thing, babe.
What are you doing? I'm drawing you.
It's a very reliable portrait of your soul.
I'm back.
What happened, what did she say? Nothing.
She knows nothing.
Well, here.
Keep it until you find him.
Good afternoon, ladies.
The barbecue broth? - For me.
- Do you have a vegan option? Guacamole or an avocado.
- Well, thank you.
- Yeah, okay.
You do know that grasshoppers are meat, don't you? They're insects, they're not neat.
Dude, they are animals, like a cow.
Only many people eat with one cow, and you just ate a whole colony - of grasshoppers.
- Shut up, stop it! And now a grasshopper army will follow you in your dreams.
You look very happy.
What's that? I want to go.
But I don't know What's the problem? I don't know, I can't believe someone so perfect noticed me.
- Excuse me.
- I'm sure he's a serial killer.
Thank you.
Dude, we have to work on that self-esteem.
I mean, you could start by not giving a shit about what people say.
It's easy.
Yun, you know I didn't want to do it, right? - But Vera crossed the line.
- Of course.
She basically made us do it.
VERA DOESN'T WORK FOR STRIKE Tag her and link it to her blog.
It's Never Mind Vera.
Everybody needs to know she's a psychotic bitch.
Let me call Memelas to widen it.
Hmm? Thank you.
Did you know grapes make you super fat? It would be great if people had a movie trailer so you could see what to expect.
News flash: it's called Insta, baby.
Dude, come on.
Instagram is the opposite, dude.
That's people's mask, dude.
- Exactly.
- Exactly.
What do you think movie trailers are? Duh, genius! What, dude? Come on.
Son of a bitch! Dude, no! - What happened? - No, this can't be happening! No! - She burned me! - Shoot, Vera.
What did you do? She burned me! What do you mean? Dude, don't watch it again, don't press play, asshole.
Yeah, Emilio, of course we're going to take legal action.
We have evidence.
Oh, no.
You're the best, that's why I love you.
Fashion Week is back.
We have a venue.
That's being an influencer, boss.
Oh, focus, guys.
It's still Saturday and we have a ton of things to do, okay? Tell me, how many shares does the post have? It has 1448 and more than 5000 likes on Instagram.
Okay, guys, I need each one of your contacts to share the post, all right? Okay, go back to work.
No, it was all a misunderstanding.
I didn't even know they were in my car.
And now everybody hates me and I don't know what to do.
Well, you are here with your friends that love you, dude.
Didn't you say self-esteem was super important and all that? Carli, this goes way beyond self-esteem.
Everybody, the whole scene saw the post.
Oh, look, how pretty.
Buy yourself something.
You can get some therapy.
It's good.
A blouse, a dress.
- Don't be so obvious.
Let me bargain.
- Very good.
- Hello, how much is it? - Hello, miss.
Two hundred pesos, miss.
Oh, it's very expensive.
- Because of the work, miss.
- That's the lowest you can go? - Come on! - That's the lowest.
You pay thousands for horrible dresses, and you can't pay 200 pesos for this beautiful craftwork? - All right.
Let her try it on.
- Yes, miss.
- Yay! Where can I try it on? - Over there.
- Thank you.
- This one's pretty too.
It also has cross-stitch.
Look, it's very pretty.
What a beautiful color! - Oh, I love this one.
- Vera.
Rocío, we need to talk.
Dude, it's amazing, Vera.
It's totally my color.
Hi, Marcela.
Another triumphal entry.
What are you doing here? Where are you going? - Rocío, what the fuck? - That girl has nowhere to go.
- That's not my problem or yours.
- We have to do something, Vera.
Well, send her away, my friend, because you already did enough.
Besides, I have too many problems to be thinking about this.
Dude, you won't believe what happened to me.
That's fine, if you don't care, that's it.
I am doing something.
Do whatever you want.
Did you get in? Let's see.
It's now or never.
Call all the sponsors and tell them what happened.
We are going to burn her.
Oh, I don't know, Yunuen.
I feel bad.
Poor Vera.
What? I mean, you forgot about how she treated you? Look, you have an opportunity here, Andrea.
Don't disappoint me.
Let's go.
Don't you need to go to the exhibit? Where were you? What? Carli, do you know how many people have sucked that flute? - I don't give a shit.
- Where's Marcela? No.
She ran that way.
That said, problem fixed.
Bye, thief! Dude, let's not talk about thieves.
Where are you going? She has my cell phone.
What, did you lose something? Come on! How much further? It's right here, we're very close.
Come on, how awesome.
All the art is made by women.
This is paradise.
It's hell! Dude, they burned me everywhere.
Well, you're crazy, Vera.
How could you take those dresses? How could you give your cell phone to a crazy woman? I don't know, I don't understand what could've happened.
Dude, I do.
She stole it.
It's obvious.
I don't know what more proof you need.
Of course not.
It's very strange.
What's strange is that you don't have Find my Phone on.
Look at this one, I love it! PHILATELY MUSEUM OF DE OAXACA Excuse me, may I take a picture? So you made it, nihilistic.
You scared me.
Dude, this is amazing.
I'm not too amateur for a professional feminist? Equity has no hierarchies.
- Let's see ones on this side.
- Yeah.
Vera, can I borrow your cell phone? Quickly? Ugh.
With love, beautiful.
You kiss mescal, you don't drink it.
I don't believe in love.
Thank you.
You're starting so early? Here.
Dude, even Memelas posted something.
I mean I'm officially ruined.
You know what? I'm calling stupid Zoe.
That bitch is going to hear me.
Take it easy.
Talk to your friends.
Tell them you will be there tomorrow.
I'm empowered.
Hi, Zoe, this is Vera.
I know, you idiot.
I'm calling you because there was a huge misunderstanding.
I mean, I swear No, I can't talk, okay? Our lawyers should talk.
What? What are you talking about? I mean, dude, it was a mistake.
A mistake? I mean, you should've thought about it before.
- Zoe, please.
I can't believe - You know what, baby? I can't believe it.
After everything I did for you? Mother Earth! Forgive our sins! I gave you life! Mother! Your womb is my home! Give voice to those that cannot speak anymore! Mother! Forgive our sins! I gave you life! Mother! Your womb is my home.
Give voice to those that cannot speak anymore! What? You're not from around here? Nice to meet you.
I am a flight attendant and I never know where I'll wake up the following day.
Dude, I will never listen to you again.
Hey, I was reading your blog.
Lots of blood, man.
I liked "Vaginas of the World, Unite" a lot.
Did you write it? I actually only share articles that I like.
I don't share my poetry.
Oh, also a poet.
I write, but I don't publish.
- Xochi! - Hi! How are you? Listen This is the nihilistic girl I told you about the other day.
The blogger from the bathroom.
- Your huipil is great.
It's not typical.
- It isn't.
Xochi is my girlfriend, and she's the great creator of today's vibe.
- Cool.
- Not everything.
Just the performance.
- I mean, the best.
- That's great.
- You should write about her in your blog.
- Yeah, yeah, super.
I'll do it, for sure.
- Well - All right Well, I'll see you soon.
- Okay.
- Cool.
- Look, Penélope.
- Hmm? This is Mother Cuishe.
More exotic.
From the Karwinskii family.
- Wow.
- Come on, Pene, all the way.
Let's go.
This place sucks.
- Why, what happened? Wait! - I hate everybody.
Why? I mean, I hate them more, believe me.
I can't take it anymore.
No, wait.
We can't leave.
I just sent Marcela our location.
Dude, come on.
That's a material thing, okay? All three of us are fucked up, as always.
- Yeah.
- Remember how we met? We are joined by tragedy.
What was our pact? Rule number eight: if your glass is half-full, fucking drink it.
Okay, let's get shit-faced.
- Yeah! - With a capital S.
Like shit! Another one! I want to scream! To the bottom! - Asshole.
- Lazy.
Lazy, yeah.
- I would notice you.
- Yeah, yeah.
And I would marry Rocío.
Hi, princess.
I finally found you.
My small-town dumpling! You disappeared on me yesterday.
But are you following us or what? You just sent me a WhatsApp message.
Oh! What? Oh, no! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.
No wonder you called me Chris.
No! Listen, but What a beautiful mistake.
Stop, obsessive.
You're not fun.
Give me my phone! - No, Carlota.
Ouch! - Boring crazy woman! That's pure heart, let it out, vomit.
Get out of your shell.
I hope she gets fucked by a donkey so the asshole ends up limping.
Control your anger, darling! Don't run off, darling! Hey, what's up? You disappeared.
I saw you were busy.
Hey, what did you think? I'm sure you see way cooler things in Mexico City, but honestly, what do you think? I don't judge art.
Art judges itself.
I'll be right back, Carlota.
I'm glad you answered, fucking Joshua.
What's wrong with you? So the princess showed up.
Where's Mike? I had heard you were stubborn, little mare.
Just like your mother.
Don't hurt him, please.
Let's be clear.
You were never grateful to me.
So, since you don't want to give your little ass up, I'll have to take Joshua's or Mike's.
That's more tender.
What did she say, boss? Women are easy.
Just listen to me.
I learned from the best, from Sapo.
Listen, but you went too far with that about my ass, didn't you? It wasn't a joke.
I liked the performance.
It was intense.
Have you done this for a long time? Gaspar, my boyfriend? He's super friendly, all right? - What? - Yeah.
I'm telling you this so you don't get confused.
I know what may go through your little head, and believe me, not in your wildest dreams, sister.
Wow, girlfriend, what's your problem? My problem is I have an amazing sense of smell.
And I smell a slut miles away.
That's my problem.
Look, I don't know if you have jealousy issues or if your boyfriend doesn't give you the confidence you need, but I respect women above all.
It's so funny, really.
What's funny? That our speech already resonates with preppy girls from the capital like you.
But let me tell you something: even if a preppy girl wears a huipil, she's still preppy.
Listen, if you don't disappear right now, you are going to see an angry preppy girl.
Wow! I take it back, don't control your anger.
I'm going to the restroom.
What about you, boy? You're in or you're out? I'm always in.
I'll forgive you this time.
We are family here.
But there's no second chance.
You are going to pay me with work.
Laugh, asshole.
Ro! Ro, open the door! Ro, open the door, don't be an asshole! What the fuck? I'm peeing myself.
Why didn't you open? The farther you get from your life, the more you find yourself.
Are you okay? Dude, Yunuen Yu? Yunuen? Yuma, I mean I'm sure she calls herself that way to seem exotic.
Yun What the hell? Yun Yunuen.
And her fucking dresses made by slaves.
No, the ones we wore were cool, because Oh, come on now! Come on.
Come on, someone needs some air! All right.
Someone needs some air.
Let's go.
I have to let my friends know.
They already left for the after party.
We'll go there soon.
Oh I didn't take the dresses.
What are you doing? Nothing that you won't like.
No! I had heard that girls from Mexico City were horny.
No! Get off me! Stop! Don't scream.
Shut up, shut up! - Shut up.
- No.
No! Please.
Can you feel how horny you make me? - No! - Can you feel how horny you make me? Eh? Calm Calm down! - No! - Can you feel how horny you make me? Leave her, son of a bitch! Don't touch this girl, huh, asshole? Get down, fucking pig.
Get down! Vera.
Tell her we were just having a good time.
- Vera! - She was having a good time, you asshole! - Vera, tell her.
- No means no, get that into your head! No, no, Marcela.
No, no, no.
No, no, no, Marcela, no! No! No, please! No! Don't do anything stupid.
Don't do anything stupid.
Don't do anything stupid.
Fucking woman.
- What did you say? - Nothing.
Say it again, asshole.
Have some balls, say it again! - Fucking asshole! Say it again! - No, no, no! No! Let's go, let's go, Marcela, now! Idiot!
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