Unstoppable (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Stormy ladies

In the meantime, the further we get from the coast, the further we are from the storm.
Are you a sixth-grade dropout? Nobody can outrun a hurricane.
We’re out of range for the GPS.
- Here, try mine.
- Bastards are following us.
[car horn honking.]
Vera, wait.
I think they wanna talk to us.
I knew it was a mistake to take these back roads.
So I get kidnapped, and then you’re all gonna say that it’s my fault? Relax.
I’ll smoke those assholes.
Marcela, no.
Put it down.
- Don’t tell me we have a flat.
Fuck! - What was that? - [Rocío.]
What happened? - [Carlota.]
Come on, faster! Back it out of here! - [Marcela.]
Chill out.
Chill out! - Go away, asshole! He’s coming towards us! He's a thief! I can’t believe this! - Cut the engine.
- What do they want? - Just be cool and cut the engine.
- [Vera.]
No! [Marcela.]
Trust me.
I got this.
Are you lost? No, we’re fine.
Why are you out here? There’s a storm about to hit.
We’re going to a hotel nearby.
- Yeah.
Where can we find one? - [man.]
Nothing but dirt farms around here.
Come with me now.
It’s startin' to come down.
- No way I leave Courtney here! - [Rocío.]
Leave what? Her car.
What do we do? [rain and wind pick up.]
The National Weather Service has posted a bulletin at six o’clock this afternoon about what is now designated as Tropical Storm Stephanie [baby babbles.]
- with 160 miles an hour gusts, south, southeast of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca.
- Some coffee? - [Rocío.]
Oh, thank you.
- Nice and hot to warm you up.
- Thanks.
- Here you are.
- Great.
How could you think my Genaro would just leave you there, abandon you on the road? Could I hold the baby? [woman.]
Of course.
Go right ahead.
He’s my grandson.
We’ll see if he lets you.
He won’t go with just anyone.
[baby babbling.]
Sh, sh, sh, sh.
Whoa, look at that.
He likes you.
This is delicious.
- [woman.]
How wonderful.
- Got any unsweetened? No, I’m sorry.
- [thunder rumbles.]
- Oh, my God.
This is going to get really bad.
Genaro! [Genaro.]
[baby babbling.]
It’s time.
I’m going to have to board up all the windows, I think.
[thunder rumbles.]
- [electrical crackle.]
- [Carlota.]
Oh, shit.
Power's down.
Honey quick, go unplug the stove and the refrigerator.
- [baby babbles.]
- [Genaro.]
Let’s go.
Let’s go! - Girls, help me with this, would you? - [Carlota.]
- [Vera.]
- [Rocío.]
Of course.
[thumping at door.]
Oh, honey.
Close the door.
The rain is getting inside.
Look at you.
Take that shirt off.
- You’ll catch your death.
- [boy exhales.]
It’s raining so hard, son.
Right here.
- Don’t know how.
- [boy.]
Who covered that? [woman.]
Who knows.
- This is my son, my youngest.
- [boy sighs.]
- [Rocío.]
- How are you? - Hello.
- I got caught up in the downpour.
[boy sighs.]
- I’m Vicente.
- Hi.
Nice to meet you.
- [Genaro.]
Son, take care of the window.
- Hi.
- Coming, Dad.
- Put a shirt on first.
- Okay.
I’m doing it.
- Give me the towel.
How can we help? [Genaro.]
Would you mind helping me move the sofa over there? [Marcela.]
We’ll help you.
Okay, help me with this.
All right.
Honey, don’t put the baby down.
Might wake him up.
- Okay.
- [woman.]
He’ll get scared.
- Yes, all right.
- Where are you, baby? Oh.
Storm is blowing harder now.
- Pass me one of those boards, please.
- [knocking at door.]
Jeremías? Come in.
Come in.
Jeremías, what are you doing? What? Why are you here with all this rain? [Jeremías.]
Ma’am, I think it’s Jessy’s time.
Her water broke half an hour ago.
Oh, can’t believe it.
Listen, Vicente, let’s go.
Help me out to the truck.
Okay, right away.
Listen, which of you girls is gonna help me out? - Rocío.
- She’s a doctor.
- Yeah.
- Fine, hurry! I’ll come, too.
Let me grab my camera.
- Come on, Carly.
It's not reality TV.
- Your camera? - It’s not a reality show.
- You can’t be serious.
It’s a documentary.
Oh, my, my jacket.
Let’s go.
- Come on.
Come on.
We have to hurry.
- [Rocío shrieks.]
- Get the door, Dad! - [Rocío screams.]
Hold tight! It’s gonna be a rough one! [grunts.]
[engine starting.]
All right, girls.
You sterilize the scissors here.
Juana, dear, you have no idea how grateful I am.
Don’t worry.
Just give me a hand.
- [Jeremías.]
Of course.
- Let’s go.
- Light a fire, Vicente.
Boil some water.
- Yeah.
I’m looking for a pot.
This one’s good.
Could you fill it, please? [Vicente sighs.]
- [indistinct chatter.]
- [Jessy grunting.]
[water running.]
[Jessy grunting.]
[indistinct chatter.]
Here you are.
I need matches.
A lighter? Here you go.
- Hey, relax.
- What? My mom’s brought so many kids into this world, can’t even count ‘em anymore.
Not going to a hospital? You gotta be kidding.
- [laughs.]
- [Jessy screams.]
She’s the midwife for our town.
Her mother taught her.
But she can’t give birth here.
I’m a doctor.
Trust me.
[Vicente laughs.]
No, you trust her.
She can do it.
She knows what she’s doing.
They say the Virgin Mary teaches her in her visions.
So the Virgin Mary had medical training, huh? [scoffs.]
Maybe not medical training, but life training, yeah? [Vicente chuckles.]
You know there’s a higher mortality rate with hospital births than with midwives? That’s an obvious misrepresentation.
It is? That statistic is based on two incomparable sets of facts.
I see.
Hey, girls! Help me move this.
Yes, sir.
I’m going up.
The water tower fell.
You’re in charge.
Come on, girl.
Help me.
Holy fuck.
Hang on.
Hang on! I can’t do it! Of course you can.
You’re a warrior.
- Let’s go! - Quit it, Marcela.
I’m useless, okay? Cut the shit and help me! [grunts.]
I think that’s good.
I told you you could.
I’m totally useless.
Why are you sitting on the floor? What is it? Nothing.
Uh-huh, sure.
And I was born yesterday.
What is it? Nothing.
I don’t know what to do with my life.
So adopt a dog or a cat.
Or get married.
[both laugh.]
I think you mixed me up with Rocío, you fuck.
[both laugh.]
I don’t know.
Learn to read tarot cards, the moon, the stars, or palms, or whatever.
- [Jessy groaning.]
- [chuckles.]
What? It’s taking forever to boil, isn’t it? [Jessy groaning.]
[Jessy groans.]
- [Jessy groaning.]
- There it is.
That’s the heartbeat.
Ooh, but I think this little thing is sleeping.
Let’s do something.
What’s your name, dear? - Carlota.
- Carlota.
You keep holding her.
Okay, I’m going to swing her over on one side so we can get the little thing to move so he'll react because he’s not helping us at all.
Here we go.
- Like this.
Like this.
- [Jessy groaning.]
Feel him move? - No.
- No? Let’s rock from side to side.
Ready? Here we go.
- [Jessy groans.]
- There.
- What are you doing? - There.
This is what’s called spinning, trying to get the baby to react because he’s asleep, and he’s not helping us.
Did he move? Let's see.
Here, honey.
Put that [Jessy groaning.]
Let’s see now.
Is he all right? Hey, would it be all right if I filmed the birth? - [Juana.]
That’s up to the mother, dear.
- You’ll feel a little pressure, okay? I’ll send you a copy you can keep as a souvenir.
- Yes, all right.
- [Juana.]
Got a reading? Not yet.
Here we are.
So that Pepe can watch.
Oh, did he get caught in the rain? - No.
- [Juana.]
How high is it? - One second.
One second.
- No, he crossed to the north.
Pressure’s 120/80.
[Jessy groaning.]
Know what, darling? We’re going to turn again on the other side.
Okay? - Let’s get this off.
- That’s it.
There we are.
Move this leg here.
That’s good.
Now, I’m going to massage you like so.
- [Jessy.]
No more.
- Juana, we better bring her to This woman needs anesthesia.
[Jessy groaning.]
- There.
Very good.
That’s it! - [Jessy groaning.]
Now we got [Juana laughs.]
When it’s over, you won’t remember any of this.
- Ready? - [Jessy groans.]
Here are some dry clothes for you girls.
Thank you, sir.
You really shouldn’t have.
- Here, Blondie.
 Take this.
- [Genaro.]
Get some rest.
Your shirt’s right over here.
What are you looking at? You are pretty ugly.
[ring rattles.]
What do we have here? You’re a sly motherfucker.
Am I right? Strange.
Don’t ask me how it got there.
Yeah, the ring jumped in there by itself.
[Jessy grunting.]
And breathe.
That’s it.
- [Jessy groaning.]
- That's it.
Rest your stomach.
That’s it.
That's it! - You see? Good, now push and push! - [Jessy groaning.]
Good! - Very good! Very good! Very good.
- [Jessy groaning.]
All right.
It’s over.
Now rest.
Rest your head.
Move over there so you can hold her hands.
Stay with her a while.
- If she has another contraction - Okay.
Okay, Jessy.
- help her with the breathing.
- I’m here now.
Jessy, give me your hand.
Give me your hand.
Hold my hand like this, okay? Breathe.
You're doing good.
A little faster.
So it won’t hurt as much.
And breathe, breathe, breathe.
- Yes, yes, yes, yes.
- [Carlota.]
Come on.
Keep breathing.
Don’t stop, Jessy.
Don’t coach her breathing so much, dear.
Let her do what her body wants, whatever she feels like doing.
Otherwise, she’ll tense up.
And then she’ll get tired out from all that oxygen.
All right? Why don’t you get more towels? Doctor, please.
[Jessy groaning.]
Stop lying, Rocío.
You don’t know what you’re doing.
[Jessy groans, screams.]
That's it.
[water dripping.]
So who’s the thief now, asshole? The sentimental value of that ring is huge, for your information.
Well, that bitch kept swearing and swearing it was hers.
How am I to explain it to you? Don’t bother explaining nothing.
You were supposed to get it, and now you got it.
Don’t know why I attach this importance to it.
My grandmother’s ring, one of my only good childhood memories.
She promised it to me.
Then that prick, who calls himself my dad, sees a piece of ass and all of a sudden, he gives it to her.
Dudes are all alike.
I ain’t kidding.
It’s like their mission is to make us hate them.
Yeah, well, I absolutely hate all those hipster freaks.
With their blonde hair and their fancy cars who always steal things.
- [chuckles.]
- [laughs.]
You idiot.
Come on, girl.
I think it’s flat out cool that we ripped off that ring, off that big ass slut.
- Huh? - Yeah, totally.
And besides, it goes with your new look farm girl.
[both laughing.]
There's something wrong with my baby.
- No, honey.
- Something with my baby.
No, no, no, no.
Don’t you talk like that.
Your baby is just fine.
[Jessy groans.]
The little one is completely sideways, and the mama can already sense it.
We'd better get her to a hospital now.
In the middle of a storm, are you out of your mind? And the nearest clinic is 40 miles away.
The umbilical cord is wrapped too tight.
We can’t section it here.
We need a hospital.
I’m afraid we’re gonna have to risk it.
Will you help me? Sure? Here.
Let’s go.
- [groans.]
- [Juana.]
All right.
Now we’re gonna get you on your feet, dear.
I need to use gravity to help move your baby down.
Help me stand her up.
- One second.
Let’s get rid of this.
- [Jessy groans.]
Let’s see.
Here we are.
Like this.
Take this off.
Here we go.
- Ready, Rocío? - Yes.
Okay, let’s do it.
Let’s see, dear.
Yes, right up to the edge here.
That’s it.
When the contraction comes, it will hurt.
Okay? For the baby to get out, we’re going to need to push until the baby’s out.
Okay, gently.
Now spread your legs a little.
There we are.
Rocío look how she’s crowning already.
You see it? This will be the last contraction, Jessy.
Okay, darling.
- [fast breaths.]
- Here it is.
- [Jessy grunting.]
- [Juana.]
Push, now! Push, push, push! - [Juana.]
Keep it up! Let’s get it out.
- [screaming.]
Come on, dear.
Here he comes.
[fluid splashing.]
Here we are.
That’s it! [gasping.]
Spread this blanket out.
Spread the blanket.
We’re going to need to wrap it up.
- There we go.
See? - Oh, my God.
Welcome to the world.
Say hi to your daughter.
- [baby crying.]
- Just look.
[Jessy crying.]
See that? I knew you could do it.
See that? [crying happily.]
How is my daughter? - I’m sorry? - How is my daughter? Oh, she’s fine.
It’s a girl.
You can go see her now.
Thank you.
- [door slams shut.]
- Where are you going? Haven’t you looked outside? You can’t go out there.
[baby crying.]
You all right? [sighs.]
Ro! [thunder rumbling.]
Sometimes you got to die to be reborn.
So sorry, Sophie.
If you want to save lives I’m such a hypocrite.
start by saving your own.
[thunder rumbling.]
You feeling better? Yes.
Sorry about that.
- [pouring liquid.]
- I don’t know what happened.
Pretty crazy to bring kids into this world, huh? Huh.
Yeah, sort of.
It’s a pretty ugly world.
Thank you.
You won’t tell the girls I took the ring, will you? I’m used to keeping all your secrets now.
I just opened up to you.
I don’t know why.
Nothing bad will happen with us.
You helped me out, all right? I got your back now.
That’s how it is.
Then you tell me a secret now.
If I tell you, I’d have to kill you.
No, hey.
I’m joking.
What do you think? [both laughing.]
And tell me, what about your childhood? I was a pest as a little girl.
A pain in the ass.
Always joking around, Daddy’s little girl.
Mom was a hot-blooded Mixteca woman.
My grandfather had a lot of land, but then he went bankrupt.
And that’s when the whole thing just went to hell, you know? My mom got sick.
She died a few months afterward.
And Joshua? Well, Joshua moved in with us after my dad disappeared.
Joshua was my dad’s former employee, but we were actually fucking then.
[both laughing.]
That’s the first time you fell in love? What love, girl? I was just doing him.
Have you done it with a lot of boys? Honestly, I lost count.
But come on.
I’m sure you had more.
Not many, if you want to know the truth.
I think I’m not that into sex.
I’m so into sex.
I think I’m addicted to it.
I don’t think I ever had an orgasm.
- Seriously? - Well, I don’t know.
If you had one, you would know it, girl.
Often, I just want to be held.
[thunder rumbling.]
[birds chirping.]
[song in Spanish playing.]
Hey, it's time to go.
- I got the subject of my documentary.
- What? It’s about all of this.
All this empowerment.
This amazing fucking empowerment of women like Juana in their community.
It’s just so - [both laughing.]
- [approaching footsteps.]
- Morning.
- Good morning.
- Ready? - Hi.
Time to go then.
Seriously, Juana, I can’t believe the energy that was in there.
You could feel it? [scoffs.]
That energy is what we, as midwives, need to get our job done.
Right? Because you can’t read that in books.
That’s something you acquire by actual contact, handling, massaging, moving around.
And that’s what doctors don’t appreciate.
- [Carlota.]
Of course.
- But hey, that’s their problem.
Yeah, so many doctors are so insensitive when it comes to birth.
They prefer to do a quick cesarean before dashing away to play a round of golf.
Carly, that’s not true.
- Hey, no, it really is.
- [Rocío.]
That's a myth.
Yes, that’s reality.
And it’s not only about the round of golf either.
- They make more money that way.
- Of course.
No, it’s true.
Some things can’t be learned from books, my dears.
You know them already.
See that, Ro? Certain things you just know.
Climb in.
This one’s hungry.
Let’s go.
Let’s go.
[engine starting.]
[revving engine.]
[song in Spanish continues playing.]
- [Genaro.]
- [Vicente.]
Huh? [Genaro I’m gonna get the tools so we can fix their tire.
Could you bring the wheel barrel out front? Thanks.
You’re pretty lucky to live in such a beautiful area.
Yeah, I don’t mind it.
- Even with the hurricanes.
- [chuckles.]
My brothers are all about how soon they can go to the States.
But I’m fine right here with my family.
How old you are, Vicente? [laughs.]
What? You about to tell me I’m too old to be living with my parents? [chuckles.]
Hey, listen.
I’m really in no position, you know? And the baby is yours? No.
It’s my sister’s.
She just works up in Huatulco for some rich people.
And she comes home on the weekends.
What’s that? A gift from nature.
Teonanacatl, the meat of the gods.
We call them tramplers because these babies will trample your ego.
That would be my first one.
Well, you don’t have to take them right away.
But now you can.
So you got to leave today? I think so, yeah.
But who knows? Because on this trip, it’s like nothing has panned out exactly the way we planned it.
Maybe that’s a blessing.
There are times you just got to go with the flow.
What’s this? I don’t know.
Yeah, well, I think I do.
Yo, this is so cool.
What is it? You have no idea what you’re missing.
It’s awesome, dude.
What? I have never experienced something like that in my whole life.
I’m not kidding.
I mean, because home birthing gives you a new perspective on this whole thing.
You don’t know the power that was generated in there.
Let me see.
- [camera beeps.]
- [Jesse groaning.]
- Watch the whole thing.
- Holy shit.
Come on.
You filmed this? [Juana.]
Keep pushing.
Push! Let's go, honey.
Well, I got a gift for the star cinematographer right here.
Oh, I’m dreaming.
No way! - Where did you get this anyway? - Hey, I got my connections.
- [Carlota.]
So dope.
- That’s some good, good shit.
- Hmm.
- Where’s Ro? No idea.
But let’s get moving, all right? Because I gotta put something in my stomach.
Yeah, cool.
Hey, film this.
[both laughing.]
Hang on.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
I think this is the wrong thing to do.
That’s all right.
Don’t worry.
[Vicente clears throat.]
[Rocío laughs.]
- It’ll go down in a minute.
- [laughs.]
Thank you.
Well, let’s start eating, girls, because we’re all mighty hungry here.
I’m so hungry.
Yeah, me, too.
- [Genaro.]
All right.
- [Juana.]
And you, dear? You’re not going to eat something? You’re skin and bones.
Oh, thank you.
She doesn’t eat meat.
Or cheese or eggs.
To sum it up, nothing that makes life worth living.
Ha! No cheese, no meat? Ha! What do you eat? Sorry.
I know it’s not gracious.
You can have these, though.
- [Genaro.]
Beans and tortillas.
- [Vero.]
Here, honey.
- [door opens.]
- Thank you.
- [Rocío.]
Hey, everyone.
Smells good.
- [Genaro.]
Close the door behind you.
Oh, glad you're here.
Have some food.
You need to get your strength back, son.
Both need to get their strength back.
Please pass the cheese, Carly.
Did you clean up? - [Carlota.]
Ha, ha, ha.
- Yeah, all clean, Dad.
Had a real scare last night, right? - Did you see that? - [both laughing.]
Thanks so much, Juana.
- Aw, it’s my pleasure.
- And I’m sorry if I was rude.
It really wasn’t my intention.
It’s nothing really, Rocío.
You might say the path you’ve taken is a very complicated one.
But have no doubt, you will find what you need.
The things we lose might just be a reminder that we are still here, still alive.
You don’t know me.
No, I don’t, but I see you.
You got all that you need.
It's all right here.
In your heart.
Here, take this to remember me by.
And for protection, my dear.
- Well, thank you, Juana.
- [chuckles.]
- Ah! [laughing.]
- Thanks so much, Juana.
You changed my life.
No, don’t say that.
This place is seriously magical.
Her eyes are like wild.
So much knowledge and wisdom all in one person.
I haven’t felt this peaceful in ages.
You ever imagine having children? - [scoffs.]
- [Vera.]
No way, not with my life.
I don’t know, but giving birth is a total trip.
What’s up with that look he gave you? - [Carlota.]
Ooh! - You had a pretty good vibe there, girl.
Oh, shut up.
What is this? Seventh grade? [Vera.]
Seriously? You’re the one who’s blushing like a little middle school girl, baby.
What’s that there? [chuckles.]
Hey, she’s got shrooms.
No fucking way! - Damn, Rocío.
- [Vera.]
Where did you get them? [Rocío.]
Vicente gave them to me.
Holy shit! He said that it puts you in touch with nature.
First-class accommodations and something you can take home.
- [Vera.]
Wait, hang on.
- [laughing.]
Did I miss something? Come on! [phone chiming.]
- Back to reality now, I guess.
- [phone chiming.]
Twenty-three missed calls? My father, my father, my father, Juanpi.
Joshua? [song in Spanish playing.]
[music fades out.]

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