Unstoppable (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

First world problems

1 Take one.
Let's go! Aloha! Welcome! I thought for a second you weren't coming.
I told Albert to prepare the airplane to come, and here we are.
You look beautiful.
I love it! Let me look at you.
Very Carmen Electra.
- Gorgeous, Pau! Cheers.
- Beautiful.
- Hi, how are you? How are you? - Hey, Charlie! Charlie, how are you? - Look, honey, this is Charlie.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
Drink this juice, Vera, you haven't eaten anything.
Chucho! More tequila for my guests.
- Pleased to meet you.
- Honey, go inside, you will get wet.
- There won't be any more kids coming? - No, not today.
Today is a grown-up party.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
What a great party.
What a great house! Thank you.
- Bottoms up.
- Bottoms up, okay? Bottoms up, all the way.
Oh, and this is Vera.
The real queen of the house.
Are you ready for New Year's Eve? - Say hello, honey.
- Is this champagne? I knew girls from Mexico City were very horny.
LET'S GO, AMERICA! What's up, Chris? All right, Little Vera Cobain! So you stole the whole Fashion Week collection? Those girls are crazy, okay? It makes me horny when you get all punk.
I hate them.
You are one of mine, Barbie.
That's cool.
Chris What's up? What happened? Do you love me? Wait a second, Barbie.
- Chris? - No, sure, Barbie, of course.
You are getting me really fucking hard.
Nothing, forget it.
Hey, don't you want to come here and have a quickie before my rehearsal? I can't, I'm in Huatulco.
Oh, too bad, I'll have to do this alone or what? Shit, bye.
Yes, Barbie, come on.
Yeah, baby.
Poor Vera.
There's nothing poor about that girl.
I know, dude.
But she has a ton of issues.
She has what? Nothing, dude, that she wanted to die when she saw her stepmom.
Ouch! We are the club of dysfunctional families.
Even Rocío is really lost.
That girl knows well what she wants.
She just plays dumb.
It was about time.
You girls were missing the sun.
And my friends? I only saw Rocío.
She left early.
What about that girl? - What girl? - The dark one.
- I didn't know her.
- Oh, Marcela.
She's a model from the magazine.
You know, indigenous beauty.
It's trendy right now.
Those trends.
I don't get it.
I brought her here to take some pictures.
Very casual.
Not your thing at all.
Where's Chucho? I'm hungry.
- Chucho is not here anymore.
- How come? - I fired him.
He was a fool.
- What? Every time I asked for something, he'd make such a face He thought he owned the house.
Mariel, Chucho was here since I was born.
Yes, but he was really bad at his job.
- My dad is going to be furious.
- Your father already knows, dear.
He respects everything I tell him.
We need to renew the energy.
We need to get rid of all toxic people, love.
What's that face? Sir, I found different flights.
Well, buy it.
Yes, but there are two flights that leave tomorrow.
Well, buy the first one.
And what should I tell her? What do you mean? You are the one who is going to marry her.
Why do I have to tell you what to tell your wife? Go and get her and bring her here.
Excuse me Can I have your credit card number? I don't have mine.
You can't even do that.
Thank you.
I won't be in Sweden telling you what you should do, eh? What did your father say? I don't want to talk about that.
Okay, but don't get mad.
Dude, it would be cool if you also listened to me.
I can give good advice, eh? Why do you think I'm always angry? JUANPI CALLING Don't move.
- Rocío - Hey, give her some space, dude.
Stop it.
She will talk to you when she feels like it.
- need to see Rocío.
Where's she? - Bye.
What did you do, Vera? I did you a favor.
Otherwise, what are you doing here? It's not that.
Marcela is more important.
We have to figure out what to do.
Right, a stranger is more important.
Okay, what? You are the one who seems angry.
These people, they don't want to work.
Then they complain 'cause they have it badly.
What are you talking about? I asked the neighbor to send me a maid, and she hasn't arrived yet.
Oh, honey, I don't know what we are going to eat.
Oh, finally, she's here! Shit.
She should cook, do something useful.
What's wrong? What did she do to you? Is this about your mom? Come on, my mom was a terrible wife.
Vera! Don't throw things into the pool.
Chucho, please! Hey, the new partner is really cute.
- Oh, I know.
- I would fuck him.
Shut up, you slut! I saw him first.
Oh, come on, slut.
- Hey, how are you? Cheers, honey.
- Honey! Cheers.
You won't believe how difficult the shareholders were.
Fucking savages.
They don't know what's good for them.
Well, but everybody has a price.
This is going to increase a lot with the road from Huatulco to Oaxaca.
- Hey, hey.
Cheers, partner! - Cheers.
Are you ready for New Year's Eve? Stop checking yourself out.
You look great.
Rationally, I know I shouldn't mind.
But I don't know, dude.
I hate that I was born into a society that is so violent and unfair in the fact that, just because you're born with a vagina, society gives you a role in which you have to be super hot, or you're not worth it, you know? Same old thing.
Exactly, dude.
Same old thing.
It's annoying, we have to change that.
Fucking hetero-patriarchy.
Us women need to be united.
Until a guy crosses your path.
Tell me what's up with that Joshua guy.
Don't be so suspicious.
Some men are like a drug, you know? You have to leave him.
It's not that easy.
I have my brother.
Your parents? I have no parents.
Carli, what are you wearing? Your fucking bathing suits don't fit me.
Wait, I'm going to take a picture for my blog.
Dude, don't dare use me to get likes.
You wish.
What's that camera? I found it in the closet.
It probably doesn't work.
You can have it.
Really? Where's Marcela? Dude, I'm worried about Marcela.
What if that guy comes looking for her? Oh, Carli, how will he know where we are? He could trace the cell phone.
Oh, stop watching TV.
You are forgetting how she came into our lives, baby.
I told her we should call the police and she didn't want to.
Of course not.
In this country, women are guilty of everything.
What should we do, then? I don't know.
I feel bad.
She's like a puppy.
Good morning, honey.
You don't know how horrible that sounded.
Did you know I was a model, too? In Colombia.
Runway or magazines? Marcela! Come lay in the sun, you have to be radiant for the pictures.
What's up with that ring? Oh.
Your father gave it to me.
It was my grandmother's.
Yes, it's a beautiful jewel.
Isn't it? Honey, you're getting the whole floor wet.
- I'm not your honey.
- Conchita, please clean up that mess.
- Conchita.
- My name is Mary, ma'am.
Oh, Mary, Conchita Okay, Mary.
- And please cut the fruit in cubes.
- Okay.
And no carbs.
We need to watch our figures.
MARINE FOR YOU JUANPI: I WANT US TO BE TOGETHER WHERE ARE YOU? Listen, girls! Who's thirsty? Why those faces? Let's put some music on, let's dance! No, thank you.
Marcela, we need to talk.
What about? Shit, you're so intense! Can't you relax for a second? Who wants to play? Oh, mojitos, yummy! Do you want to play? I don't know how.
I'll teach you, it's super easy.
Shit, it's so obvious you just talked to your cyber boyfriend.
You're so obvious.
Dude, so what? You know how crazy I am for him.
Who? Toshi.
We met in a chat room about a year ago.
And he asks me for videos.
Kind of dares.
What kind of videos? Sexual.
He has some crazy fantasies.
In fact, I just did one.
It's a bit extreme, I don't know if I should send it.
Shut up, Carlota.
She's going to hear you.
It's not like she's going to be scared.
Dude, you don't even know him.
What, you have never seen him? They do it through a webcam.
Oh, Sister Rocío.
We "do it.
" And no, we don't do it through a webcam.
We just sext each other.
It's like fucking, only instead of sharing fluids, you share images and words.
How stupid, fucking without fucking? You're sick.
I don't know how you're not embarrassed of sending nude pictures.
Dude, I also have pictures from him.
He has a very beautiful dick.
- Oh, no, no, no! Carlota, no! - Look.
Carlota, that's disgusting, no! What's disgusting? Don't you have naked pictures of Juanpi? Of course not.
Why do I need pictures of Juanpi when I have him in front of me? Hey, tell us, tell us, tell us.
How's his dick? Long? Curved? With a Nazi helmet? Why do you think they call him Juanpi? Why? - Juan Pistolón, "big gun.
" - No shit! Of course, he looks like he has a big one.
Happy vagina for seven years La-la-la You think it's true that at midnight all computers will be deleted? I have no idea, but I don't care about the world while we are here.
You're right, let everything explode! Let it explode! Yes! Happy New Year! Idiot! Dude, what's wrong with you? Fuck you.
We place too much importance on genitalia, when there are more ways of connecting.
Oh, I think it's wonderful at that age.
You have to try everything.
I saw my parents fucking in this pool when I was little.
Oh, no! That's embarrassing.
I can't imagine my parents doing it.
That's gross.
Why? Parents are people.
As time goes by, they become more expert and passionate.
Oh, no! Thank God my mom doesn't fuck.
Although it wouldn't be bad for her.
And for you, baby.
Shut up, you idiot.
For your information, I have a much more spiritual relationship than anything you could have with Chris.
- Oh, yeah, and literary orgasms.
- Oh, my God, so horny! Even if you act like a liberated woman, we all know what you really want is a good catch - with a house in Valle de Bravo.
- Fuck him first, and then we'll talk.
- What's wrong with you, Vera? - Dude, what's wrong with you? What the fuck are you doing here if you're leaving for Sweden in a few days? What does that have to do with anything? You know what I am doing here.
You don't have to be so aggressive.
Shit, stop playing the martyr, seriously, it's boring.
Who's playing the martyr? I'm sick of you guys feeling sorry for me.
No one thinks that, you know? Seriously, just you.
And for your information, you can still be on time - for your little trip with Juan Pistolón.
- Stop, Vera! I can't breathe.
I can't be here anymore.
Let's go, we have to choose the outfit for Marce's pictures.
What pictures? I'm going to look for Chio.
Ayala, Rocío won't be able to go today, but she will be there tomorrow for sure.
She is nervous, but she is very well-prepared.
Don't put so much pressure on Rocío.
We will be very grateful to you.
Thank you.
Eva, please don't interfere.
I know what I'm doing.
Okay, I was just saying Why don't you go to the kitchen to help my mother with dinner, please? I should do what Rocío is doing, and leave this place.
Relax, girl, you're going to spill your guts.
Are you going to tell me what happened in Oaxaca? It's not my problem.
Listen, can I borrow your cell phone? Thank you.
Hello, Nando? Marcela, where are you? What do you care? Where's Mike? It's okay, dude.
Show your face, they won't do anything to you.
Why? Where's Mike? They say your little brother is a fucking demon.
He's even working for Sapo.
You know, to keep the enemy close.
Marce, what are you doing in here? We are at the beach! Come! - I'll be right there.
I'll be right there! - Are you okay? I'll be right there, really.
Nando, tell me.
Tell me where Joshua is.
Do you know anything else? She's at the beach.
Nando! You better not be protecting her.
Really, Sapo? What do I get by lying to you, dude? It wouldn't be the first time, man.
Your little mare is making me waste a lot of time.
I hope you make her come to her senses.
Or what? You don't have the balls? "Meanwhile, I remain in my immense depths, what light never enters".
What? Are you listening to me? About what? Nothing, this woman is a genius.
What's up with Marcela, is she coming or what? Do you hate me? I'll go look for her.
Let's go now! This store always has super nice things.
You're crazy.
This costs as much as my food for a whole month.
Dude, look at this! PRETTY No shit, dude! Look at these jewels.
I mean, this is gift from life.
Okay, okay, okay.
I'm ready! Order! Girl - Okay.
- You are going to wear this.
Ro? What's that? A gift from God.
And No shit, they look like a wrestler's panties, dude.
And don't think you're going to save yourself.
You will see the best way to forget about everything is doing a reset.
I want you to wear this.
I'm very excited about this project! It's so pretty, Carli.
I love it.
I have to feed my fans, baby.
Let me take a "selfish.
" Let's see.
Wow! See how you can even look hot if you dress up? - Oh.
- You really said that, dude? - Dude, it's a compliment! - No, that was an insulting compliment.
Oh, even when I try to do you a favor? - Stop, stop.
- Dude, come on.
What favor are you talking about? Are you saying I need to wear a costume for someone to like me? - I never said that.
- So? You don't think someone can like me if I am myself? Carli, it's very easy.
If you want to seduce, you fix yourself up.
There's no mystery behind that.
Dude, get it into your head: I don't have to be like you for someone to like me.
Don't give me your speech that we are all perfect, because that's not true.
Listen, I'm not saying I'm perfect.
In fact, it's the opposite.
At least I accept myself the way I am.
I don't go around parading my depressed sexy persona so predators can make me feel I'm worth it.
Hey, Carlota, don't be so hurtful.
Hurtful my ass, dude.
She treats you like shit, and you're all gloomy because you're afraid to argue.
Calm down! I don't like to argue! Stop it, girls, stop it! What the fuck is wrong with you? You have everything and you don't see it.
Friends, fucking houses.
And you are always throwing shit at each other.
What's the problem? - Jesus! - It's just they It's just nothing, Vera! You want to know about problems? Do you really want to know about problems? Get home one day when you're 15 years old, and find out your dad disappeared and no one knows where the hell he is.
Take care of a 6-year-old boy, and bring home an idiot that tells you he's going to look after you, and he's going to protect you.
And soon, he asks you to clone a credit card.
To give your ass up so he doesn't get hit.
And try not to think about all that.
And every day, you think it's your fault that your brother's gonna become a son of a bitch like all the assholes around you.
You're crazy, assholes! - Dinner? - Where will you take me? - Wherever you want.
- Really? Miss.
The clothes.
Oh, yes, yes.
I don't want to talk right now.
Wait for me! Shit.
Let me know if you are going to start stealing.
What? All the clothes on! No! Wait for me! And your stepmother, Cinderella? She went out.
Feeling better? I'll have to put some music on.
This looks like an after at the Ceremonial.
What now? Why do you say yes to music so quickly? I'm tired.
[crickets chirping Years go by and we are still the same.
Equally lost.
We are lost, lost, lost! What do you do to be okay? Like Marcela says, we have each other.
What are you doing here, honey? I don't want to sleep.
But this is a grown-up party, I told you.
But it's New Year's Eve! Yes, honey, but it's time for you to go to bed.
I don't want to.
Don't be difficult, honey.
Go to bed, come on.
Come on, let's go.
Vera! Go to bed.
Put Mike on.
He is not here.
Come on, Joshua.
Do you think I don't know you made him start working with Sapo? I didn't do anything, dude.
The little guy is macho now.
You should be proud he has lots of balls.
He's 14 years old, Joshua.
Don't be an ass.
Don't be so dramatic, Marcela.
Why does everything have to be so fucked up? Don't put everything on me.
Your fucking life is also shit, dude.
If your brother hadn't stolen the money, they wouldn't have fucked me up.
And then you go and break the fucking bottle on Sapo's head.
What did you want me to do? I'm the one selling my ass.
You do it.
Marcela, we have no choice, dude.
Do you think I like to see another idiot fucking my girl? No shit, dude.
I'm a fucking laughingstock here.
Come on, bunny.
I miss you, dude.
I need to fuck you hard.
Come back now, I'll take care of you.
You can't even take care of yourself.
Don't be so unfair, asshole.
I have nothing.
I gave everything to Sapo, we still owe him money.
You, okay? First person.
No, darling.
We both owe him.
Your brother lost fucking half of the money.
He says Selfie stole it from him and that little fool is gone.
- What are we going to do? - Right.
What else? Don't believe me, dude! Don't you think I know you're on vacation with some fucking preppy girls? Fuck you, dude, stay there.
Who the hell do you think is going to get killed first, Marcela? Me or Mike? Idiot.
Mm? Have you ever felt like you regret something that wasn't your fault? The last thing I said to Sofí was that I was busy.
She called me to ask me to pick her up, and I said no.
No one could have known.
You know that, don't you? I know, but she's not here anymore.
I wish life were like video games.
If you fuck it up, you have more lives to start over.
Why so lonely? I want to go to the party.
And your mom won't let you? Where is your room? Come, I'll take you.
Come here.
- This way? - Yes.
Look at all those stuffed animals! You have lots of toys! Lie down.
Let's get those shoes off.
There you go.
All right, get in bed.
Oh, that's it.
There you are.
There you are.
Do you like tickles? Yes.
Your skin is so soft.
Yes, like that.
I'm not so soft, look.
Lots of hair.
Shh Shh That's right.
Shh Shh Hey, there's a huge storm coming.
Really? Okay, girls.
My ring disappeared.
Give it to me right now.
Excuse me.
Who do you think you are, - talking to my guests like that? - Don't stick your nose in, Vera.
You already did enough by bringing these people to your father's house.
Eh? Did you hear me? Give me my ring right now or I'll call the police.
Take it down two notches.
You're offending us.
You probably lost it at your party.
Don't get cocky, Vera.
Your father told me how you were, but I didn't think you would be like this.
You thought? Dude, congratulations.
What did my father say or what? That you are a little girl, a spoiled brat that Stop calling me girl, 'cause you're about five years older than I am, okay? Then stop behaving like a little girl! Then stop pretending you have class, because you don't.
Enough! I won't allow you to insult me in my own house.
Who do you think you are? And that ring was my grandmother's, so you better find it, because it belongs to me.
I don't know what I did for this brat to treat me like this.
Goodbye! I'm leaving! You can stay by yourself as always, but know I'm leaving because I don't want to see you because this house is mine! You are not leaving! Give me my ring right now! Now what? What the fuck is wrong with her? Fucking third-rate hostess, motherfucker.
- Who the fuck does she think she is? - Okay, okay, Vera, calm down.
What are we doing? Where are we going? I don't know, but if we don't move, we are going to get fucked up.
This storm looks huge.
She can keep her fucking house and her fucking everything.

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