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Dinner Party

1 Thank you.
Come on.
What? This is you.
Oh Mmm.
Mmm! Mmm.
Ah water.
So quenching.
That was pretty good.
- I was shooting an ad for this ax.
- Mm-hmm.
It was, like, a whole campaign to make wood sexy.
But you just ruined it.
Once again, my apologies.
I thought we were actually gonna take a schvitz.
I wish I could, man.
I-I need to relax.
Everything is just not good and - I need to accept that she's gone.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Your life is 100% fubar.
Nora's gone, your murderer is on the loose, and if they ever find out that you got your memories back, they're gonna come after you again.
Meanwhile, you're trapped living with Ingrid, who is No comment.
Ingrid's not so bad.
It helps to pretend it's only a play about your life, and she's the star.
Wasn't she in on the plot to have you killed? She barely knew anything.
It was like 96% her dad.
I'm flawed, too.
Okay, I sold my code behind my partner's back.
That's why this is all happening.
You are not seriously blaming yourself for your own murder? No, no.
Okay, it's just Ingrid and I, I don't know, maybe we deserve each other.
You know, I did love her once.
And she's on my side.
She uploaded for me.
Well, give it the old college try.
I mean, I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but if she's anything like her grandmother, she's a freaky fun ride.
I know I've asked you this before: what's wrong with you? Everything, man.
Just everything.
Tribal taupe, cheddar satin, and Miami hotel.
- What do we think? - These are all the options? Okay.
Let me see them all again.
Of course.
Eighth time's a charm.
Uh, what's going on here, babe? We're throwing a dinner party.
Ooh! Now, I know they're not really your thing, but just listen to my arguments, okay? Number one, it's an opportunity for us to look hot together - in front of lots of other less-hot people.
- Mm-hmm.
- Two, I think this - I'm in.
- Wow.
Really? - Mm-hmm.
I-I had, like, 40 more of those.
I was planning on wearing you down.
Nope, nope, nope.
I'm in.
My girl wants a dinner party, my girl gets a dinner party.
Who's coming? Well, David Choak, for one.
I figure we live across the hall from a billionaire; we may as well take advantage.
For sure, for sure.
It's just he's so gross, babe.
- Because he has an age-accurate avatar? - No.
Just imagine how cool he would be with his money if he decided to look like a young Tom Cruise.
You know I'm four inches taller than Tom Cruise? Yes, you've told me before.
Well, it's very important to me.
Who else is coming? Um, some friends I made in line at the complaints desk.
Very discriminating people.
Well, they sound great.
Can I invite some friends, too? Sure, just not - Luke.
- Ugh.
You know he should be in jail for what he's doing to my grandmother.
They're dating.
Mm, it still should be illegal.
Actually, fine.
Maybe Mr.
Choak will fall for Granny.
And my friend Yang.
She's cool.
- Yang? - Yeah.
From 2Gig.
So that means we're gonna need more place settings.
Okay, I'll go invite them, get Yang a day pass.
It's gonna be great.
Whatever happens, this is gonna be, uh, awesome.
Bye, Boo-Boo.
He took that quite well.
And you'll be using standard AI catering? Um, are there any other options? You can have live angels serving, for an upcharge.
Ma'am, I will try my best to do a good job.
Okay, "good job" won't be enough.
This party better be fucking flawless.
Don't you worry, it will be.
Greatest party ever! Greatest party ever! Greatest party ever Okay, give me two angels on standby, please.
Uploads live a life of comfort.
But what do they lack? Manners.
Something that makes death worth living.
So we've created Proto-Tykes by Horizen.
Oh, uh This is just the baseline face.
But the more you spend we will always offer our uploads.
Yes, what is it? I'm in a meeting.
Ingrid Kannerman in 10556 wants a couple angels on standby for cater-waiter this evening.
- Go away.
- Oh, yeah.
The next level baby merges the faces of two parents.
- Hey, how's the new temp? - Uh, clueless.
- But eager, and motivated by food.
- Hmm.
I think I might get her a clicker trainer, like the one you get for dogs.
Oh, you should.
Does the new temp have her own avatar? She hasn't been on the system yet.
Give her an old one, 'cause I need you two on standby for an important client.
- Nora, did you make this dip? - Yeah.
My mom's recipe.
Careful, it's spicy.
It's good.
It's not so bad.
What's the secret ingredient? Is it fire? Needs more chiles.
That was a good one, Dad.
Dave, tell your daughter that it's not all fun and games here.
People are sacrificing while she's eating chips and dip and playing grab-ass.
- Hey, look, Pastor - I work in the garden.
These people stuck their necks out for you, Nora Antony.
How will you return the favor? I'm sure she'll find a way to pull her weight.
I'm sure of it.
- It's gonna be great.
- Okay.
Oh, uh, I didn't know you were bringing a guest.
She's a Prefera.
She's not a person.
Programmed to look like my ex-wife, but, uh, make an effort to learn my preferences.
I pay attention to what Mr.
Choak likes, and give it to him forever.
How, um, lovely.
Would you like a drink? Mr.
Choak likes Bloody Marys and the rollback of environmental laws.
Well, we can handle one of those.
For you, sir.
And champagne for the lovely sex doll.
Okay Mm.
Gotta make rent, right? What he uses her for in the privacy of his own suite is none of our concern.
I'm just trying to be friendly, ma'am.
Get out of my sight.
Right away.
Whoa - Ha ha! - What up, bro? - What's up? - What up, AI Guy? - He's not here.
- I'm not here.
Um, is this a-a keg? Be rude to arrive empty-handed.
Okay, let me just Luke, you shouldn't have.
Excuse me.
I feel like she meant that.
A keg.
So generous.
I know, right? Nathaniel.
- She's drunk.
- Great.
Good luck today.
Little Xerox, I'm gonna need a pizza in real life.
I-I mean a-a pizza, extra cheese cartridge, half-inch margins.
Could you get me a dirty martini? I don't work here.
Welcome, friends.
Thank you so much for coming to our little luxury suite.
Luxury, and yet there are no hors d'oeuvres.
Feed them ASAP.
Yes, ma'am.
No, no, not like that.
Make it classy.
Do over.
Oh, wow.
I'm, I'm sure they're, they're still fine.
We Oh, no, that is so damp.
Maybe we'll just put these in a little to-go box for Yang.
- What do you think? - Thanks.
Okay, everyone, please.
Let's all sit, all right? - Yikes.
- Boo-Boo? Mr.
Choak, this is my grandmother Mildred.
You probably have a lot in common.
Oh, are you a child of the '50s, like me? Howdy Doody on the TV? Actually, the '30s.
Amos 'n' Andy on the radio.
I remember Amos 'n' Andy.
They were very racist, as I recall.
Oh, things aren't as funny today, are they? Well, those things aren't.
Thanks, babe.
Everyone for the first course, they've programmed - a delightful seafood bisque.
- Mmm.
I hope you like it.
Choak prefers to eat intelligent - or endangered species.
- Really? Well, it's socially acceptable to eat octopus, and they're more intelligent than a six-year-old child.
But you don't eat kids, right? Nobody eats kids.
No, but I'm just saying it's a contradiction.
We don't eat kids, but we eat octopus or dolphin or gorilla.
Do we, though? Okay, so who wants to tell us their favorite part of the Update now? Oh, I'll go.
Can I go? - Yes, please.
- I can go? Okay.
You know that feeling when you try to crack your knuckle, and it's straining, and you're not sure if the knuckle's gonna pop, but then it does in, like, a really satisfying way? It's 25 cents, and it's just, it's so worth it.
This, uh, this bisque I think they forgot to program the scent.
Oh, my God.
Make the smell of the food more enticing.
Okay, I will try, but I just want you to know, AI system's still practicing sense of smell.
- We're not great - I don't care.
- Smells up.
- Okay.
That is fishy.
In-in a, in a it's actually in a really nice way.
Like low tide in Nantucket.
That's it.
You're fired.
All of you, now, out.
Go! Go, go, go, go, go.
Everyone, crack your knuckles.
It's on us.
Babe Sorry.
Oh, my God.
It's so cute.
Yo, Leeshy, time to send in the varsity team.
Does your avatar have any party clothes? - My avatar is a fucking knockout.
- Great.
Okay Ooh, we got Berlin nightclub, Cairo disco.
Drinks on a boat? - Or maid in an old movie.
- How about you? You ready to roll? - Uh, this is my second day.
- Uh-huh.
Still not exactly sure what it is that we do here, but So, so current events.
You know, anybody got a hot take on the upcoming election or Ugh, I stopped caring about that stuff after I uploaded.
I mean, what's even the point? We can't vote.
Nothing good ever came from voting.
Women got the right to vote, and ten years later, blammo! The Great Depression.
Nathan, I'm curious to know your thoughts about the recent attack on Freeyond.
Um, actually, I wasn't aware.
The Ludds are out of control.
You knew about that? Yeah.
I like to stay informed, babe.
The Ludds scare me.
That Pastor Rob.
They hate our kind and are capable of anything.
Pastor Rob is a hypocrite.
My dad played racquetball with him a few years ago, before he went off the grid, and he always cheated.
Freeyond sounded good to me.
Ha! I'd never upload to Freeyond.
There have to be winners and losers in life.
If Yang didn't exist, how would I know how good my life is? That's why she's here, right? Wait, what? That's ridiculous.
We're talking about human beings.
Mm Yeah, I agree with Nathan.
Freeyond's a good idea.
I mean, why not let everyone have a shot? Give the poor people even a smidgen of what we enjoy here.
A reward to those who toil their whole lives.
Freeyond has a kind of pioneer spirit that I admire.
People building their own afterlives.
Exactly, Mr.
You see, babe? Nathan, didn't you tell me that you, uh, you worked on a, on a project similar to Freeyond? Oh, uh, funny story - Uh, project? This guy? - Yeah.
No, he's never talked about that, ever.
Right, right.
Honestly, everybody, Nathan barely remembers anything from his past.
His-his memories were pretty damaged when he uploaded.
Yeah, yeah, you know, sometimes I can't even remember my own name.
- It's Nathan Brown.
- Oh Thank you.
Oh, my.
Chicken nuggets.
Ingrid said we could order whatever we wanted.
You're a child.
You look spicy in that bow tie.
I mean it.
It's an inside joke.
Oh how many of these you think I can fit in my mouth? Could you use a fork? Bitch three's low on water, and I need more bread.
Okay, um water.
So, Yang, how does it work with 2Gig? They pay you to test things out for us or, or what? Actually, we have to pay, and it's quite a lot for most of us.
Oh, shit.
Where are you taking me? It's a surprise.
Well, watch out it's not anything fun, or Pastor Rob will put me in the stocks.
Don't worry about him.
Okay? He and his followers are just a loud minority.
Well, this is private.
Close your eyes.
What is it? I'll give you a hint.
It's somebody from your old life, who you probably miss a lot.
Okay, open 'em.
AI Guy? No, not AI Guy.
My name is Boris.
Boris Netherlands.
That is my name.
Wait, I'm s-sorry, but and not to be rude who the fuck is Boris Netherlands? - He's an unemployed actor.
- You could just say "actor.
" - Sorry, sorry.
- I was paid $1,200 total to use my face and likeness forever.
1,200 bucks.
- And I recruited him to the Ludds.
- Yes.
It's just so weird to see him sit and be.
Normally he's just so, like Oh, ha ha! Yeah, it's not my only work.
My face was also the face of Manana Bread.
I don't know It's banana bread for men.
It was considered problematic.
They took it off the shelves.
So we're gonna LIDAR him and make an avatar I can use to sneak into Lakeview from the Grey Zone.
It's smart, right? No one's gonna notice an extra one of this guy.
Well, what do the Ludds want with Lakeview? Over here.
Pastor Rob and his wing hate all upload, right? The rest of us hate upload for the rich.
Fucking with Lakeview is it's very unifying.
- Look, I don't know.
- They taught you design, right? Well, yeah.
So maybe you could help us out with this.
You were looking for a way to earn your spot, right? We have to keep an eye on them.
Just to see what's going on up there.
- All right, I guess.
- Yeah? I mean, not to brag or anything, but it's kind of my specialty.
That's mine, by the way.
You ready? One, two, three.
All right, Boris, hop in.
You guys got a theater troupe? No.
Do you want one? We're all set.
We could do Did you like Waitress? Don't move.
- Um, please don't linger.
- S-S-Sorry.
She's just doing her job, Ingrid.
Yeah, I'll help you get that.
What are you doing here? Uh, picking up the fork that you dropped.
I've been looking everywhere for you.
Did you need me? 'Cause I've just been at my desk.
What are you talking about? That doesn't make any sense.
Aleesha said you were missing.
Shit! I was so worried about you.
Please just let me do my job, okay? What? Nora.
Oh! Oh, oh, oh, that's where we know you from.
You're the girl that came out to L.
to check up on us.
That's right.
That was very kind of you.
Oh, no.
Oh, no, I'm-I'm actually not.
- Um - Oh, oh, mm, ah.
I don't need to hear your life story.
Let her finish.
We shouldn't silence women.
I'm-I'm not her.
I'm, uh just a temp using her avatar.
How interesting.
Would you by chance happen to know where that angel might be? Why does it matter? It mattered to me.
You know, I-I, uh I liked her.
She was really good at her job.
They sent me a temp? I'm so sorry.
It's never easy Baby, don't you cry Hold me close What? Look at the sky, powder blue You've got a flair for this.
Yeah, I always liked this part of the job.
There's only you Why are you so anti-tech? Not tech, just tech that makes inequality worse.
Like, why should you have to make rent catering to a bunch of rich old pigs? It wasn't all bad.
I mean, there's something satisfying about bringing a dead person back to life.
Oh, how Frankenstein of you.
I "vant" to suck your blood.
That's Dracula.
- Just let me concentrate, please.
- Mm.
So, I've had some beers and some time.
I'm connecting the dots.
Do you think Kannerman's partner could be the Ludds? Hmm? Didn't you hear Ingrid? Her dad used to play racquetball with Pastor Rob.
He's the numero uno head Ludd honcho.
She carries herself differently.
You know, like, not graceful.
Are you gonna finish that? - You go, girl.
- Thanks.
Ingrid, the food was exquisite.
Thank you.
I'm so glad everyone is full and happy Oh.
Um, excuse me, I just need to go and wash my hands.
I never wash my hands.
Oh, my God.
- Fuck! - No tip? What were the $15 in service fees for? Hey.
Thanks for standing up for me back there.
That was way dope.
Way dope.
You don't sound anything like her.
I'm sorry, I I don't know how I'm supposed to sound.
Why are you using her avatar? It's, it's just really fucked-up.
I'm just doing my job.
For every moment Done.
Of every day I was Awesome.
Doing something It was nice to feel useful to the, you know cause.
Oh, heaven seemed Love me To come down to me And tell me that she loves you And if I, oh, if I fail To prove my love Heaven knows That I have tried, my love So tell me that she loves me Luke.
- Just thank you so much for coming.
- Mm-hmm.
My pleasure, Ingrid.
- Oh.
- Okay.
Get a room, you two.
Come here.
Thanks for having me, man.
I really appreciate it.
Always so great to hang out.
Hey, uh, not huge, but you, uh, you might want to apologize to that server.
She's not AI.
She's got feelings.
All right, Millie, come on.
- Let's get drunk and fool around.
- Coming.
And I will see you later.
- Mm, no.
- Mm-hmm.
It was awesome meeting you.
Thanks for tonight.
Thank you.
Later, Yang.
Thanks for the day pass.
You know? If it's for the movement, - I mean, we have no choice.
- You sure? What? People were really impressed by the job you did on the avatar.
So we're all cool here? So impressed that we want you to go back to Horizen as an undercover agent.
What? Who's "we"? The leadership.
We talked and we all agreed you'd be you'd be a huge asset, Nora.
Is that what you want? For me to go home? No, but, uh what I want is irrelevant.
It's what's best for the movement.
Okay, the last time I was in New York, people tried to kill me.
That's true, but this time you'll be safe.
We can protect you.
New burner phone, new ISP number, untraceable place to live, but look, look.
You'll be working closely with one of our best agents in the field Agent Cheetoh.
Chee-Cheetah? Cheetoh.
He's a He's a character, but he's He's in camp right now.
I'll introduce you.
So, Matteo.
- Oh, my God.
- Seems cool.
Good, good guy.
Nora, I'd like you to meet Agent Cheetoh.
What's up, playa?! Oh, fuck no.
Listen, I really need this gig, and I haven't had any work in a year.
Okay, I'm-I'm sorry that I hurt your feelings earlier.
You just You weren't who I was hoping you'd be.
What I mean is, the way I acted that was a me thing, not a you thing.
And I'm just, I'm just dealing with some stuff.
You did a fine job.
Really? Well, I mean, it depends on who you ask, but if you ask me, yeah, I'd rate you tops.
- You would? - Definitely.
Could you actually do the rating? 'Cause that would really help me.
Thank you.
That was my first five stars.
What? Oh, nothing.
Brown just, uh, apologized, and then he hugged me.
It was really, really nice.
Oh, my God.
What? Okay, first of all, you do not need to call him Mr.
Really? Did he say that? Is that something that he said to you - specifically about me? - I meant to me.
Oh, I can't do this again.
I mean, I don't know what it is that they see in this human bowl of oatmeal everybody keeps falling for.
I mean, what am I not seeing? He ain't even that tall.

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