Upload (2020) s02e06 Episode Script

The Outing

1 I always felt lucky I outlived you, but maybe I should be jealous.
You have quite the spread here.
Well, you're the older brother now, so that's some consolation.
So, to what do I owe this visit? The board is voting today.
Want to give me your proxy? I'll cast my own vote, thanks.
You know the rules.
You have to be there in person.
Oh, I intend to be.
Father always said to check up on important things yourself.
Well, not that I don't trust you, but Father also said not to trust you.
David Choak is downloading off the system to Baskin Robots in Manhattan.
2552 West 43rd Street, New York City, 10036.
Call Nathan.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Um, hey, what are you up to today? Not much.
Uh, want to go on a field trip with me? To New York City? Yes.
Yeah I mean, you know, if you want.
It'd be cool.
Also, how exactly would I do that? Uh, you would buy a Reality Private Tour and ask for me as your guide.
It's just one long FaceTime call, uh, but it's fun, and, um, I-I could, I could use a break.
Yeah, I could use a little vacation, too.
Your life is a vacation.
I know, and it's exhausting.
I could use a vacation from it.
You want to take a day trip to Manhattan? Oh, hell yeah.
I've always wanted to see the infamous Bean.
That's Chicago.
Then the, uh, bridge.
- Which one? - Hamilton? Close enough.
Yeah, this is gonna be great.
The girls will be pumped.
Girls? Really? I'm Papoose-loading Luke? I thought you'd be happy.
Oh, wait, is it weird now between you guys 'cause of the whole sex dream thing? Uh, nuh-uh.
I do not do weird.
Uh, surf's up, dude.
What the fuck? All right, let's go.
Check this out.
Help us! They're kidnapping us! - Somebody! - Help! You know we can mute these fools at any time.
Aleesha, don't forget to buy your chlamydia pill.
I'm clean, y'all.
Oh, if this is a singing telegram, I'm not interested.
Oh, Ms.
Kannerman, we're here for an in-home inspection.
For what? Oh, bugs? Are you still interested in a digital baby? If so, then we need to look around and make sure you can properly care for one.
If not, and I feel like that would be a good call, we'll be out of your hair.
Uh, why would that be a good call? You set the record for the practice AI.
Birth to death in under 24 hours.
What were you doing with it? - Excuse me? - Ms.
Kannerman tried her best, and babies can be very demanding.
And I can imagine, uh, it can be really frustrating to deal with demanding, entitled babies all day, every day.
Okay, okay, I am sorry, but how is it that you three are fit to judge me? The-the brainless scarecrow, the tin man and and the cowardly incel? - Am I the incel? - Well I think that what she meant to say was that you're single and, um, and lonely.
Which, so am I, so big deal.
- Sure.
- I, too, am programmed for celibacy.
I am not programmed for celibacy! - Okay.
- Don't touch me! - Sorry.
- I'm in a relationship.
Kannerman, we have to grade you on a sliding scale of six characteristics to determine if you'll be a good mom.
And Oh! Look at the first one.
" Zero.
Okay, uh, you know what? Why don't you come on in? Okay? - Oh.
- And you can help yourself to the bar.
- Oh, thank you.
- You make yourselves at home.
All right? Upload and beyond for free.
Back and better than ever.
Open in five days.
Upload and beyond for free.
Back and better than ever.
No sitting, I want to look out the window.
Where are we going? Is there a plan? Yeah, yeah, I was thinking we could start at, um, 43rd and 11th.
Hell's Kitchen? Look, we'll just get all the touristy stuff out of the way.
I got food poisoning from that place.
Next stop, the Brooklyn Bridge.
Aleesha, turn towards the window, I want to see it.
Oh, wait, Aleesha.
Oh, oh.
You see? You happy now? #RobotofGreed spotted in Midtown Manhattan.
What an asshole.
Nora, what's going on? Can, uh, can Luke hear us? No, he has other things on his mind.
So, Choak downloaded into a robot body this morning.
I think he may be up to something.
And I may have posted #RobotofGreed, which is now trending, so we can follow him all day.
Oh, my God, I love you.
Yeah, I know.
I heard your thoughts with MindFrisk, remember? - Uh, no, that that was from - No, I know.
- I'm not hitting on you.
- Oh, I I know.
I I didn't, - I didn't think you - I just mean that you're brilliant.
We can finally follow this old fuck and find out why he had me killed.
Uh, change of plans.
Look, we-we're gonna get off at the next stop.
What's at the next stop? Oh, uh, well, Nathan wanted to see Choak Tower - for some reason.
- Uh yeah, yep.
Yeah, you know, uh, he asked me to check in on it.
You know? Give it a little peek.
A boo.
A peekaboo.
Someone else talk.
Oh, my God.
You could drown in all these clothes.
I like shoes, okay? What's it like to feel your body in silk and cashmere? What's it like to feel your body? - What's it like to feel? - Oh, my God, okay.
So, I'm sorry, what is this stage of the adoption process where you-you touch all of my belongings? This is the personal vanity sliding scale.
On one end we have "materialistic" and on the other we have "compassionate.
" Well, that's not fair.
You can be compassionate and materialistic.
So what if I love shoes more than anything? If I love a child half as much, that's still a lot of love.
I'm gonna give you a one.
- Out of two? - Out of ten.
What? - Oh - Oh, my God.
- Oh, honey.
- Can someone ? Oh, no, no, no No.
Well, this is humble.
I expected no less.
No, no, no, no.
This is This is super cool.
I mean, it's not every day that you're neighbors with a guy who owns his own building.
I had to come check it out, really.
And I also lost my virginity here, so Okay.
Next stop, Empire State Building, huh? Aleesha, giddyap.
This is the longest day of my life.
Freeyond? In Choak's tower? That's fucking ironic.
I mean, do you think it's a coincidence? It's Choak's tower.
Why would he be leasing space to Freeyond? Good optics, maybe? You know, makes him look like a good guy to have a cool nonprofit in his building? Right, what if Kannerman and Choak bought your code and then sold it to Freeyond? - I mean, they're so similar.
- Doesn't make sense, though.
Freeyond doesn't have the money to buy anything.
What if they gave them the code? Then why have me murdered? To cover up their one good deed? Yo, the observation deck at the Empire State Building is 150 bucks per person.
- Nuh-uh.
- But it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing.
Or in your case, a never-in-a-lifetime thing.
Rub it in, why don't you? Aleesha, jump up on that bench, be the Jack to my Rose.
Uh, I'm good.
Come on, just hold me up, over the prow.
Oh! I'm flying, Jack.
I'm flying.
I'll never let go, Jack.
No, no, no, I'm Rose.
You're dead.
You got to be Jack.
Hey, get down from there! This ain't a damn playground! Shit.
Well, he's headed to Uh, hey, hey, guys, let's go to the High Line.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, the High Line.
Love a good stroll.
It's a great stroll.
Awesome stroll.
You guys want to go for a stroll? I'm hungry and my feet hurt.
- Let's sit and eat.
- Yeah.
Let's stroll.
I love a good stroll.
Down to stroll.
Come on.
What are you doing in NYC? You're dead.
Oh, hey, Jerry.
You left your shampoo and conditioner by the sink again.
Everything okay at home? If everything was okay at home, I wouldn't be conditioning my balls in the work sink.
Jesus Christ, I just washed my face there.
That's really fucking disturbing.
It's not pleasant, but it's not corpsey.
You must have smelled a number of corpses in your line of work.
What's your opinion? No.
Thank you.
Ingrid? "Ability to nurture.
" Hmm.
Half a point.
Oh, God.
Oh, see, that's a nice smile.
That wouldn't make me uncomfortable if I was a baby.
Hello? Looks like she's having some me time and ignoring us.
So much privilege.
All right, come on.
Out of the tub.
You can't tell me what to do.
I'm a grown woman.
You can't get clean with your clothes on.
Okay, sweetie, listen, whatever is going on here, we can work it out.
What do you care? You're just embarrassed.
Yes, quite.
Why can't you have a normal addiction to, like, cocaine or bath salts, instead of pretending to be dead? This is humiliating.
- Oh - Les Abats.
This looks really nice.
You guys want to check it out? - You got to be kidding me.
- No, you said you were hungry.
For bankruptcy? No, thanks.
I know a place where we can fill up for cheap.
What's he even having? Motor oil? Okay, you got what you wanted.
I am out of the tub, and now I need you two to leave.
Why? You have places to be? Good one, Mommy.
- I do, actually.
- Ingrid, there's not a living soul waiting for you anywhere.
Unless you mean the you-know-who that your father you-know-whatted.
And he doesn't count.
You know I'm gonna have a family of my own one day? Yeah.
And I'm gonna be the mother that I never had.
I'm gonna be kind, nurturing, supportive.
And, oh, you know what? It might be too ambitious, but I'm not gonna make my child feel like they were the worst thing that ever happened to me.
Such a flair for drama.
You weren't the worst thing.
What's happening? All your eyes keep moving around.
You get the company credit card, you go to Falafel Halal for fried chickpea balls? Uh, dead guy, you've never had these fried chickpea balls.
Plus, we saved enough for some classy rosé-all-day shit, since I get the employee discount.
You work there, too? Four nights a week, graveyard shift.
I'm the nighttime manager now.
Falafel cutlets, gentlemen, digital baba ghanoush, sparkling Prosecco.
- Okay, got it.
- Bon appétit.
Wow, that is a lot of onion.
I'm not kissing anybody.
That's the real world, isn't it? Look at the color.
The richness of the design.
- Okay, that'll do it.
- Okay, thank you.
We're done now.
You can leave.
Can you imagine? "Floor to ceiling windows, a kitchen island.
" - Windows and a kitchen.
- Yeah.
That place is, if I was gonna guess a number, out of your price range.
If I got promoted, I could swing it.
Yeah, but do you really want that? A bedroom bigger than my torso? Uh, yeah.
Sign me up.
The place I'm in now is an old shipping container, and I still need roommates.
Yeah, well, the higher up you go at Horizen, the sketchier shit they'll ask you to do.
That's just how capitalism works.
- I thought you liked Lakeview.
- Yeah, but Lakeview should be more like this.
You know? Central Park, where people come and go as they please.
It's just You don't have to pay to exist.
Yeah, people would get behind that.
But Horizen already owns Lakeview.
Yeah, but their tech was developed with public money and they get subsidized power.
Well, not all of us can make money being community organizers.
No, but Hey, I got an idea.
Why don't we go to Queens? You know, see how real New Yorkers live? Your guys' life.
- No.
- Yeah, man, let's do it.
Love it.
My heart is filled with love and care Not an ounce of gas, I would get up there Hey, guys, check it, those kids go to my old high school.
Mighty Mighty Maspeth! What were you like in high school? Uh I had a 94 average.
What, so, okay, what, I mean, basically, I was a genius.
I miss high school.
The basketball team, my dance troupe.
The sewing club.
Wait, you did all those things? I was athletic and crafty as hell.
I bet we all would have been friends.
Oh, uh I got to take this.
One sec.
Choak's stopped about a mile away.
12300 Jamaica Parkway.
Okay, let's go.
Okay, so this was my senior recital dance.
Kick ball change, double pirouette, row the boat, now take the boat back, flip that boat, dip it low, pick it up slow.
I think I missed the boat part of the dance.
Maybe just, maybe run it back, start from the top.
Uh, where's Judgy and Dopey? They went to check your settings, but it seems like you're working again.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
I I don't really know what that was.
It must have been some kind of glitch or something.
Can I ask you one last question to finish the vetting process? Okay.
Why are you pretending to be uploaded? What um How do you - I thought so.
- No.
Look, look, look, look.
I am paying gigantic amounts for this to be kept private.
I am literally blocked from telling anyone.
But if you're alive, and you could be roaming around the real world doing anything you wanted, why are you here? Because Because I love him.
And when you love someone, you will do anything just to be close to them.
It's an emotion.
I don't really expect you to understand.
I understand that you have spent a long time, with no end in sight, doing something uncomfortable out of love.
Approved, for one digital baby.
I think that we're gonna Thank you so much.
Thank you so much.
- We did it.
- I'm gonna be a mom.
I'm gonna be a good mom.
It should be on this block.
There he is.
And there he goes.
But what was he doing in this part of town? Freeyond.
Why this location in Queens? Yeah, it's weird.
Wait, there is only one Freeyond retail store in New York.
That can't be right.
How many locations in the United States? Looks like about 650.
And only one in New York City? How many in Los Angeles? Only one.
Where the fuck are they, then? I mean, you want to help poor people, why not go where there are lots of poor people? Wow.
There are a hundred Freeyond stores in Pennsylvania.
96 in Wisconsin.
75 in Michigan.
180 in Florida.
I mean, only one in L.
and almost 200 in Florida? Maybe this isn't about money, maybe it's about political power.
Freeyond is almost entirely in swing states.
- And uploads can't vote.
- You get enough poor people to upload - In the right precinct - You can tip an election.
Oh, fuck me.
That's why we've been doing boring shit all day? - Aleesha - Some invitation.
"We're gonna tour New York on an expense account, have fun out of the office.
" I guess you didn't think we'd come on some crazy stalk through your weird murder obsession.
Okay, we were doing something else all day, but something important, all right? Choak's disenfranchising the poor.
Oh, naughty.
So maybe you had a boring day, but it was for a good cause, Aleesha.
Well, I didn't volunteer.
You volunteered me.
There's a difference.
And maybe I would have if you asked, instead of pretending today was about friendship.
Well, maybe I didn't think you would say yes if there was nothing in it for you.
I'm selfish? That's what you're saying? Fuck you.
Maybe you should go.
Okay, hey, let's maybe slow it down a little bit.
- I'm getting dizzy here.
- And she has the nerve to guilt-trip me about working at Horizen when she's the one that's been using me and lying to me this whole damn day.
Hey, you have nothing to feel guilty about.
You have to try to better yourself, however you can.
- That's why I joined the Army.
- Damn right.
You work multiple jobs in order to live in a shipping container? Of course you want to move up.
Nobody can judge you who hasn't walked a mile in your shoes.
I'm certainly not going to.
That actually makes me feel better.
Although you don't judge anybody.
Mildred straight-up said that ugly people should be sterilized, and you keep fucking her.
It's just so awful.
I don't know how much more of this I can take.
These poor people never catch a break.
We'll figure something out, all right? You keep hoping and you keep fighting, and one day you win.
- What if you don't? - You know, even if you don't, I want to be one of the ones who keeps fighting.
Because something ugly happens to you when you when you stop fighting and you stop hoping.
Come on, I'll walk you home.
Hi, Ms.
I hear things are coming along, should be ready soon.
Uh, sorry it's taken so long, but we can only speed things and she's gone.
Well, that's one way to treat people.
To be honest, it wasn't easy.
But I kept my eye on the prize and got the approval.
And one day one day, I swear, I am not gonna fuck up a little kid.
The cycle ends with me.
Okay? I promise.
What do you think of the name Noah? Yeah, it's been growing on me.
Everything is going to be perfect, Nathan.
Just perfect.

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